Friday, April 19, 2013

Thiel Writes Letter About Himself To His Members But Can't Bring Himself To Mention Boston or Texas In It

The non-ordained self-appointed false prophet Thiel has sent out a letter to his congregation today.  You would think that in light of what has transpired in Boston and West, Texas,  that the prophet  would have asked for prayers for these people.  Not a word was said.  Since all of the people involved are worldly people and in Thiel's eyes they are the pawns of Satan and not worthy of our prayers.

Here is what he discussed:

We in Arroyo Grande, California hope and pray that you are all doing well.  We keep trying to put together the videos, articles, and magazines to work towards the mission of fulfilling Matthew 24:14 and Matthew 28:19-20.

i.e., Me, my wife and my kids.

He next writes about three Feast sites for 2013:

In Kenya, it appears that the site will be in Ndhiwa.  This is an area in eastern Kenya and takes about four hours to drive from Nairobi.  If you are not from Africa and decide to attend here, please realize that this is not a wealthy area and is not a site for those who expect various Western comforts. 

However, this is likely to be the largest CCOG-affiliated site, and will be a unique experience for any who do decide to attend here.

In New Zealand, the city of Whangarei has been chosen. Whangarei  is the northernmost city in New Zealand and the regional capital of Northland Region.  It is surrounded by some of the region’s most spectacular beaches and scenery, and is a relatively short drive from Auckland.

In North America, we are considering locations in either Orange County, Ventura County, or the Danish city of Solvang in Santa Barbara County.

He then writes about going to South America to poach members from the Church of God 7th Day.  I am sure that the COG7 would not appreciate knowing that a WCG related splinter cult is trying to recruit members from their group.

Thiel writes that he gave out copies of his poorly researched books and warned them of the following:

As a visitor, I was asked to speak before his congregation of about fifty, and decided to tell about the coming persecution of Sabbath-keepers, as well as information about the Kingdom of God.  After their services ended, I was invited to have lunch with the pastor and his extended family (about a dozen or so people).  We discussed doctrine and prophecy, as well as information related to the probable impact of Pope Francis and his devotion to Mary.  I was able to distribute a couple of books as well as a couple of copies of the current edition of Bible News Prophecy magazine.  They also were interested in Fatima Shock!, so I sent the pastor an electronic copy of it.  This group was in a fairly dangerous location, and while I was leaving, the pastor explained that the crack gangs were basically in charge of his neighborhood.

He then talks about "world news" and refers to Iran.  Yet again, nothing about Boston or Texas.

Then he lays down the law on what is supposed to happen in his house churches this weekend:

It's still all about him.  No one has the educational training that he has to be able to speak.  Can you imagine sitting for 2 -2 1/2 hours listening to his BAD videos?

Still no mention about Boston or Texas.  Such a loving Christian attitude, Bob.  Really!


Leonardo said...

"It's still all about him. No one has the educational training that he has to be able to speak. Can you imagine sitting for 2 -2 1/2 hours listening to his BAD videos?"

Well, at least that will pretty much guarantee that Thiel's small-fry little group will remain just a handful of folks. I mean, you have to admit, during the "Golden Years" of the WCG at least most of the pastors were trained at AC and in Spokesman Clubs to speak fairly well. I trace back my passionate interest in human communication to all the training in writing and speaking we all got at AC. This really was one of the more positive benefits of being associated with the WCG. But this ability has been terribly diminished in the modern day COG's, as the quality of speaking is nothing compared to what it once was many years ago. I've noted this decline in effective speaking for at least the past 15-20 years. And you have to give it to HWA and GTA, both of them were extremely effective, forceful and convincing communicators over the airways and in person. Give credit where credit is due. No COG leader these days even comes remotely close to the kind of rhetoric the WCG used to be known for.

Anonymous said...

I agree that AC did help many of us to be more effective public speakers and HWA and GTA were very effective. But, I also thought that many of the other leaders at AC were very effective. But today, when I see some of them on the internet, I am not as impressed with their presentation skills. Perhaps I was more impressed because I was young and had been told how great they all were. Today I sometimes think, "I can't believe I accepted all that nonsense and from such mediocre speakers."

Unknown said...

I vote for SOLVANG for the FOT site.

Great little town with the best and most fattening pastries, chocolates, fudge and the like. Cute little village that looks like a Danish town, complete with windmills and the like and people dressed in Danish costumes. Lots of little gift stores and homegrown wines.

Wife and I spent an anniversary there as a matter of fact. A very mellow and delightful place. Too bad Thiel will hurt the ambiance if he shows up.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Unknown said...

Anonymous above makes some valid points about "mediocre speakers" in the past.

Frankly, if we look at things historically, we see just how primitive things were just 40 years ago. Television programs seem very cheaply produced , with lame plot lines from that era. The original Star Trek seems soooo hokey and lame now. When I first watched in the late 60s as a kid, I couldnt even fall asleep after watching it, I was so turned on by it!

NFL or NBA sports seem like they are in slow motion 40 years ago and the size of the players and their skill sets are much lower. I doubt guys like Johnny Unitas or Jerry West would be Hall of Famers in todays environment.

Cars were crap, like the Vega or Pinto etc. Even the Mustang or Camaros are primitive compared to cars today.

Singers could have buck teeth, or be fat etc. Not so anymore, it is a "total package" image today.

Politicians must have tremendous sex appeal and charisma today in order to cut it. Nixon and LBJ just would not have the pizzazz in todays market.

No, everything has moved up in quality and professionalism, and in EXPECTATION of such.

We were impressed because we were young, and were not over exposed to media, internet and the like today. "Relative" to their era, the Armstrongs presentation skills were impressive. However, in todays marketplace, GTA and HWA would not be nearly as impressive. There is much dilution and thinning in the marketplace. Heck, anyone can have a blog, You Tube Channel, or Blog Talk Radio.

The idea of a a magazine, once novel, is passe' and obsolete in many ways as well.

In fact, GTA still is broadcast on the air in some markets, and it is received with a yawn.

You cannot be a time traveler, and you must realize reality in the present. Our reality in the present in 1972 was different.

This shows us that the COG of the future, in order to "evolve", cannot go back to 1967 techniques. Too many leaders of the COG think that by somehow restoring things back to 1967 that this will make "everything good again".

The Amish are quaint. However, by not being socially relevant, and changing, they are totally irrelevant to the marketplace. Any organization, business , church, must allow for new ideas, creative destruction, and generational remodeling, or they will find themselves divorced from the marketplace.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

Bob needs to humble his sincere ass, if it is sincere, and go to the Feast in Kenya. Have a few words of encouragement with the drug gangs and maybe wash their feet. Go to the largest site Bob where you have the most support. Or maybe he just likes pastries and can put the Kenyans in Komas from Solvang by sending tapes!


Leonardo said...

Anonymous 3:51 wrote: "I also thought that many of the other leaders at AC were very effective. But today, when I see some of them on the internet, I am not as impressed with their presentation skills. Perhaps I was more impressed because I was young and had been told how great they all were."

Yeah, I hear what you're saying, Anon. There were indeed many wonderful speakers in the wider WCG. Hearing many of them in person week after week as a 20-year-old freshman out at AC was a very heady experience for me, I can tell you. But we were young and foolish then, and mostly ignorant of so many things that we now have some basic knowledge on. And I also very much agree with you that the ones who still are alive and speaking today are only hollow shells of what they once were. It's true that the "rock star" aura many of them projected added to the overall impression they made.

Even so, many very educated and cultured people were mesmerized by the speaking acumen of Adolph Hitler as he rose up through the early years of the Nazi Party. I did a fairly extensive study once of Hitler's speaking style, since I knew from history what an incredibly effective orator he was, and must tell you I learned a lot from the guy. Hitler always said you can write all you want - books, articles, etc. - but in his view nothing would ever replace the effect of people hearing the spoken word impressively delivered. (I think HWA and GTA instinctively knew that as well.) That's why those carefully choreographed (by Hitler's architect Albert Speer) Midnight Rallies were so astoundingly effective in stirring the German populace, capped off by a rousing address by the Fuehrer himself. I've heard people who witnessed them in person describe the overall environment, and they said there was no way to express in words alone how exciting these kinds of events were. The Midnight Rallies just stirred and filled the audiences with an incredible sense of nationalistic pride and purpose. Hitler was an evil man who caused untold amounts of human suffering, but he was an effective leader during the early days of the Third Reich, and one of the best public speakers of all time.

Leonardo said...

Joe, I liked tremendously your comments above. So very true, we live in an extremely different world than that which was around during the heyday of the WCG, HWA, GTA and even Captain Kirk! Anyone wanting to convey a message these days, and expecting it to be even remotely received, must use a very different approach than what worked in the old days.

Anonymous said...

If he had mentioned Boston or Texas you would have been critical even of that; you are merely a professional scoffer; your are just like those crazy people, with your own pathetic followers.

You are just another loser, just like those people you like to poke fun at. Like them you have nothing better to do than to spew a lot of negative rhetoric. Why don't you just shoot yourself since you are so miserable???

Frank said...

Wow! Such Christian love coming from a COG member! Thanks for reminding me why I no longer attend!

Leonardo said...

I agree, Frank, it's amazing how when fanatic "dudes" like Anonymous 11:55 get their ire up and impulsively take to their keyboards, that their REAL attitudes and intentions reveal themselves for all to see - incorrect grammar and all! Probably some poor, confused teenager theist who worships the god of love, and hence such kind, caring and Christian statements such as "Why don't you just shoot yourself since you are so miserable???"

I've seen it all before hundreds of times out on the Internet.

Anonymous said...

Anon "just shoot yourself" is stuck between not wanting to be here an unable not to be here. The "last day scoffers" now 2000 years past due turned out to actually be right did they not? The writer of Peter, not any disciple or apostle Peter came up with the apologetic for the obvious fact they were right of "a day with God is as a thousand years etc..." It was the author's lame attempt of saying, "God has given us more time. God is never wrong so we just make up new rules as we go."

I would think most on this blog are not so much scoffers as common sense observers drawing conclusions from personal experience and accurate observations.

Anonymous said...

I don't care about false prophets; they are just the opposite side of the same coin; the other wing of the same evil bird. Apparently there will not only be false prophets, scoffers, but also believers who say, and I quote "the lord delays coming" and begin to beat their fellow be livers.

I say they all should just go to hell!

Leonardo said...

"I say they all should just go to hell!"

Hey Frank, there's another expression of that deep Christian love we've all come to expect from believers who post here! I'll tell you, these people are their own worst enemies.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I don't care about false prophets; they are just the opposite side of the same coin; the other wing of the same evil bird. "

Hey hey now!!!! I made all the birds and pronounced them "very good. Back off or I will send the Flying Monkeys which I actually did not make..."

Sincerely in Me

Byker Bob said...

When this Boston thing first began unfolding, one of the first things that came to my mind was that the ACOGs wouldn't be able to use this material very effectively because it didn't involve the Germans, or the Catholic Church.

Also, runners are into a fairly clean lifestyle, involving health and physical fitness, a lifestyle that actually builds the physical body, or New Covenant temple of the Holy Spirit.

In short, no connections whatsoever to the Armstrongite world view! Just a random example of the inhumanity of which man is sometimes capable.

Apparently, the explosion of the fertilizer plant in Tejas was an unfortunate and tragic accident. The small town involved was small town Americana, in the South, where the traditions and beliefs of the Christian founders of our nation are still largely acknowledged, preserved, and respected.

So, what can a poor ACOG prophet-boy do, 'cept to play in a Rock n Roll band?


Leonardo said...

Well, the idea of America being founded specifically as a Christian nation is not real history, just another one of the versions of pseudo-history being peddled by evangelicals that those unfamiliar with the Founders easily buy into. That's why God or Christ were never mentioned or alluded to even once in the Constitution. And I lived in small-town west Texas for awhile, and not all is Godly down there, I can assure you. Yes, they have an outward appearance of religion, but an awful lot of immorality, adultery and divorce in the Lone Star state, as well as elsewhere in the Biblebelt.

Anonymous said...

Today I sometimes think, "I can't believe I accepted all that nonsense and from such mediocre speakers."

Thiel is socially and religiously mediocre at best, if not totally irrelevant, just as are the Armstrongist splinters like the UCG, LCG, and PCG.

However, he doesn't even have near the following that THOSE slimy irrelevant Armstrongist splinters have.

I wonder- Does he REALLY want to get to the slimy level they're at?
Just look at the level of slime in the UCG!
Was his naturopathic business THAT bad, that he'd aspire to a "UCG level of slime"?

Surely, there must be some other religion he could join which could help him better than Armstrongism has. Heck, there must even be something in the Mormon's "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" that would help him to speak better, straighten his bookcase, and eliminate strange background sounds from his strange sermons!

Anonymous said...

"Well, the idea of America being founded specifically as a Christian nation is not real history"

This is correct and easily verifiable, although lying pseudo-historians such as 'Royal Nutcase David Barton' would have people believe otherwise.

Was and is America a predominately Christian nation? Of course!

Was America founded as an officially Christian nation? Of course not!

It's sad, really, that some people give Christianity a bad name by accepting the lies of pseudo-historians(like David Barton) or pseudo-archaeologists(like Ron Wyatt), whose fabrications seem an easier route to "proofs" of their desired worldview than the use of real facts.