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E. W. King Says: "Behold, the Rose of Sharon amongst the brutish pastors"

Dave Pack's wimpish little ministry is nothing compared to the one and only TRUE Church of God left on earth today.  That church is the original Worldwide Church of God run by E.W.  No harlot daughter of the great mother church (WCG) carries the mantle of God's true church.

King writes:

Dear people who find themselves in any one of the current WCG offshoot groups; it is time to truly “study to shew yourselves approved unto God”. Do you really understand what the true Church of God is? What is all of this? These different groups all are claiming to be the “one true church of God”? Shouldn’t we have the Biblical understanding of the differing church eras? How do we know where we stand in prophetic history without the right understanding of our own times?
Jesus Christ is the one who gave the original COG the name Radio Church of God.  Then Jesus Christ realized how stupid that name sounded and gave it a new name, the Worldwide Church of God."  Jesus Christ was very pleased. He is so pleased now that the name WCG cannot be replaced by any splinter group out there.  These are all apostate whores of the mother church.

First and foremost you must have the correct name of the 6th epoch church era and that is the Philadelphian Church Era. Most all COG groups believe that Mr. H.W.Armstrong ushered in the Philadelphia Era of church time. The counsel to this church which was given by Jesus Christ Himself states of that church: “You have not denied my name.” [Revelation 3:8] What name was that? Jesus says that the name belongs to Him. He gave the Philadelphia church the name; “Worldwide Church of God”. At first, God began to organize His children through the “Radio Church of God”. For the first time the gospel of the Kingdom was being spread with great force worldwide through God’s end time Apostle. The 6th church era came full force in 1968 when Christ gave it the official Philadelphian name, “The Worldwide Church of God”….this cannot be changed!

Jesus Christ had a previous name for the COG prior to calling it Radio Church of God.

[Note: Prior to Mr. H.W.Armstrong ushering in the WCG 6th era, the church under the 5th era was known as; “Church of God, Seventh Day”.]

You would think an all powerful god such as the one King follows could have come up with an original name for the church millennia ago and stuck with it.  But noooooooooooooo he has to come up with a new name ever few decades.

We have all heard for many decades that the "door Jesus Christ opened can never be shut."  That is still true today, that is why WCG still exists.  It can not be shut down.

Jesus also promised this 6th church that He [Jesus Christ] “opened a door which no man can shut”. [Revelation 3:8. So the door to the true Philadelphian church shall be open all the way into and through the Great Tribulation. What all of the offshoot groups have ignored is this very fact!  This means that the NAME OF THIS CHURCH CANNOT BE CHANGED!
All of the harlot daughters of he WCG out there have all turned their backs on their god.  Only one man has had the courage and faith to step out and stand up for the truth.  When E.W. King resurrected the WCG it began the start of the Laodicean era.  Because of that, Dave Pack, Gerald Flurry, Rod Meredith, Bob Thiel and all the other COG have become harlot daughters with none of them doing a "work."

Now we have studied the fact that during the sixth church era, the Philadelphian, God chose an apostle to direct this organization. We must understand that this true restored church government cannot be changed! During the Philadelphian era God called His church, “The Worldwide Church of God” and promised that this very church would go right into and through the 7th church time, that of Laodicea.
As many of you who have studied now know, we began entering the typical Laodicean era right before the death of Mr. H.W.Armstrong because of the apostasy of his son. Then, the Laodicean era became even more pronounced after the death of Mr. Armstrong. We officially entered the Typical Laodicean era, the seventh church time (era or epoch) on October 7th 2011 due to the “resurrection” of WCG and the revealing of the Hidden Doctrine of Mr. H.W.Armstrong.
We maintain the original title; “Worldwide Church of God”. This cannot be changed! Many “splinter”, offshoots, groups and corporations through men have tried to change this first important fact.  Apostasy began in the 70's. It rose in 1978 and still continues today. The true Church is still “The Worldwide Church of God”. Some have tried to buy this name, some have tried to hijack this name...and most all have tried to change this name! This cannot be done!

Satan is really pissed at the Church of God.  He is out to destroy it.  I think as we all know that Satan had no hand in destroying the church .  Our own men in charge did that quit well without any help from Satan.

Satan has tried to destroy this church over and over again. While Mr. H.W. Armstrong was alive Satan came in through Garner Ted Armstrong and tried to destroy the true doctrine of Christian marriage. He failed! Mr. H.W. Armstrong said that if Satan triumphed over the true doctrine of marriage that, “The Worldwide Church of God would be spewed out of Christ’s mouth.” It is true that the WCG experienced a partial “death” but it was resurrected! [Please read: The Resurrection of Mr. H.W. Armstrong to understand].

King then contradicts Dave Pack with the following.  Dave Pack obviously is a lair.  No one is going to be flocking  into the Restored Church of God.  Everyone is heading over to E.W. Kings group.

“For the pastors are become brutish, and have not sought the LORD: therefore they shall not prosper, and all their flocks shall be scattered.” [Jeremiah 10:21] Only those who have left and heed the counsel that Jesus Christ gave to the Laodicean church can come into [return] to the true Worldwide Church of God. God is calling new converts and old back into His one true Church, the church the Jesus Christ built!

So this Spirit of Truth, this comforter is our assurance or down payment from God in our minds that we , the COGSR, the only true church, are the sons of God. God has given us the ability to understand the mystery of his will clearly. The apostle Paul gives a very clear description of his coming to understand God's will while addressing the Galatians, In Gal 1:11 he says "But I certify (guarantee) unto you brethren, that the gospel that was preached of me is not after (according)  men. vs12 "For I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it (by man) BUT BY THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST", or by the Spirit of Truth. Paul is clearly explaining that Jesus Christ made known unto him the mystery of God's will through Revelation, or just put it in his mind.”

Poor silly Dave Pack must be shivering in his boots  in Wadsworth at this news.  I bet his mind cannot handle the fact that the tens of thousands of returning members he is expecting are all heading over to King's group.  What a waste all those new buildings will be in Wadsworth.

There you have it folks.  The real truth only resides in King's group.  Dave and his group are nothing.  Meredith and Flurry are nothing.  They are all hot air. Salvation can only be through E.W.King now.

Alton Billingsley: Your Salvation Is At Risk If You Do Not Reread The Orginal Mystery of the Ages

Billingsley thinks your salivation is at risk unless you reread HWA's ORIGINAL copy of The Mystery of the Ages.  Billinglsey and Flurry both have placed HWA's book on par with the Bible.  YOU cannot have one without the other.  Salvation only comes by reading both. The bastardized version that Gerald Flurry is pawning off on gullible COG members does not count.  Lord Six Pack has edited out references that invalidates his self-appointed status as leader and the rightful heir of HWA.

Billinglsey writes:

As we draw closer to the fulfillment of the end-time prophecies of Jesus Christ, I have great concern for the thousands of members who were once of us; many of whom I have known personally over the 58 years as a member of God’s true Church; and a minister for 53 years.

Over seven years, I have been writing letters in the Journal News Paper (Based in Big Sandy, Texas) trying very hard to get the members who read my writings to re-read the original unedited MYSTERY OF THE AGES, the last book Mr. Armstrong wrote, in the last year of his life, to aid all— “. . . to contend earnestly for the FAITH which was ONCE FOR ALL DELIVERED to the saints” (Jude 3-4; II Peter 2:1-3).

Hardly anyone even responds. Sadly, the day will soon come when many will wish they had returned to the fullness of the Faith of Jesus Christ with belief and their whole heart. It is enough to make a person want to cry for them as did Jeremiah for Judah knowing what was going to take place with them, and no one would listen to him (Jeremiah 8:2122; 9:1). Instead they placed him in prison.

Thankfully, COG members have realized that Billingsley is a nut job and are not flocking to him.  When a COG minister says "hardly" it means NO ONE is responding.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Dave Pack: STOP THE PRESSES!!!!!! My TV Show Will Soon Be the Most Watched TV Show In the ENTIRE World!

IMPORTANT NEWS ALERT from Mr. Dave Pack!!  

This announcement is the most MIND-BOGGLING announcement that the 
Church of God has EVER experienced!  
There has been NO OTHER announcement such as this in the 6,000 years of human HISTORY!  
This is the most important thing to happen in the world since the PRINTING PRESS
was created for the express use of the Church of God.  
Not since the birth of Mr. Dave Pack has the earth experienced ANYTHING this earth shattering. 
Satan and his demons will be trembling at the SHOCKING announcement
 that I, Mr. Dave Pack, am about to make!  
The impotent Churches of God, particularly Living Church of God, United Church of God, Continuing Church of God, and the Philadelphia Church of God will be HUMILIATED beyond recovery with this news.
 Untold thousands will SOON leave the apostate Churches of God 
to return to the truth once delivered.   
Nothing more EARTH-SHATTERING than this announcement has been made since 
Mr. Armstrong found the truth that had been lost for 1,900 years. 
Share with us in the awesome miraculous POWER of God as he THRUSTS Mr. Dave Pack
 and the Restored Church of God to the FOREFRONT in the nations around the world! 
 God has richly blessed the work of Mr. Dave Pack who's presence is causing such a worldwide stir on television that we cannot keep up with the mail coming in. 
So much mail is coming in with donations that we have had to hire temporary workers 
just to open the MILLIONS of letters arriving every day.  
The demand for Mr. Dave Pack's videos has reached such an EARTH-SHATTERING magnitude that God has DIRECTED that Mr. Dave Pack
  build a THIRD building!

Yours in Jesus Christ,
Mr. Dave Pack

Sorry, I couldn't resist......

Dave writes:

The World to Come broadcast will soon be among the most watched religious programs in the world. Eventually it will be number one! To keep pace with its continuing rapid expansion, we are pleased to introduce the construction of a third building to be added to our Headquarters Campus—a Media Center. (It joins the almost completed Hall of Administration and the recently announced Mail Processing Center.) With The World to Come now reaching millions across the world, this tremendous media growth is causing us to outgrow our current television studio. More space, equipment and manpower is required. (For those who missed past announcements detailing our dramatic television expansion, be sure to read them.)
This over 4,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility will house three studios of different size, as well as our growing Media Production Services Department (MPS). These vitally important studios will contain various beautiful set designs, coupled with the very latest technology. More workspace will also be available for our media team to assemble the professional graphics, news footage, powerful statistics, music and other elements that make up The World to Come program. Besides regular broadcasts, MPS also produces extensive annual “Behind the Work” films, along with the Church’s many other video and audio productions.


Brethren, this is the facility that God has brought to us because of the weak impotent pussy-boys in the LCG, UCG, CCG, and PCG that God has turned his back on. 

The Living Church of God recently lost its Canadian television stations and God has made it possible that we bought them all up.  These impotent little pussy-boys cower at the mere mention of my name now.

Dave continues to humiliate Rod Meredith:

The Media Center will include a much expanded main recording studio—double the size of our current one. It will also have a cutting edge video editing suite, a photography studio, conference space, video machine room and expanded workspace for the graphic designers and video editors, both current and future. The building will be treated with state-of-the-art soundproofing, which creates the best possible recording conditions.

In an image-driven “video” world, a separate media building becomes a necessity. The constantly evolving television and Internet landscape of today’s media environment mean we must be ready to adjust accordingly, and sometimes quickly. The future will make clear in what ways television and video production will be further used within the final Work of God, but the Media Center puts us in a position to suddenly shift as the industry does.

Notice that Dave plans on building a concert hall too.

Dave then gives us a foretaste of what to expect with his next earth-shattering announcement.  He is still under the delusion that tens of thousands of exCOG members will soon be returning to his church (along with their money).

Next Friday I will start bringing the scriptural details of the prophecy revealing that all of God’s people will soon be back together. In time this will include exactly HOW and WHEN this will occur. The first elements of this “explaining” process will take three or four Friday announcements.

Consider this. Enough time has passed that an irony is developing regarding this prophecy. Having read the announcements, a great many people, apparently throughout the splinters, are growing in excitement about the “idea” of soon being back together in one organization. This much is good, and wonderful to hear. Strangely, some or maybe many of these people are at the same time known to resent me because I have said that their organization will disappear. Think just at the most basic level. Assume for a moment that what I am announcing is true—and it IS TRUE! So obviously, for God’s people to be together, ALL organizations but ONE must “go away,” meaning everyone must leave them to enter that ONE organization—the ONE Church that Christ built. Continue thinking at the most basic level. EVERY splinter leader would support this, but of course only if HE led that one organization.

Notice that he says that ALL of the 600 some splinter groups must ALL disappear and shut their doors so that ALL the COG members can come to the ONE TRUE CHURCH located in Wadsworth, Ohio.

This belief by Dave is about as stupid as his claim that he invented the Plain Truth Newsstand program.

Dave continues with more nonsense:

The question is not what I or any other leader thinks about who will lead God’s Church, but rather what GOD thinks—whom HE has decided is its leader. Think further. No leader, including ME, would ever have any “voice” in this. There is one great clue, however, that can be offered for brethren who believe we will one day be together and who are thinking even a little below the surface about HOW this would be. This includes the obvious steps that must precede the coming together.

First, God has to REVEAL that this coming together will happen—and that HE is going to bring it about. And He must use SOMEONE to announce it. Whom do you think GOD would use to make clear His plan? The answer is obvious: whoever is His CHOSEN LEADER. THIS becomes really the only major point necessary at this time to comprehend the way God would reveal His SUPREME PURPOSE for His Church. Think still further. Would He reveal His plans through a particular man in one organization, and then turn and put all of His people under another man in another organization? OF COURSE NOT. That would make God the author of confusion. Think a final time. Why do no other leaders understand ANY of the awesome and incredibly detailed prophecy that I am about to present—the what, when, where and how this reunification will occur?

Lastly, expect the top leaders of at least the bigger organizations (including YOURS) to resent and attack what they were not shown—and to be angry that I am declaring that they (the top men) will soon be OUT OF BUSINESS and REMOVED FROM POWER—EVERY ONE OF THEM! Repentant ministers and many faithful splinter employees will carry on, serving solely in God’s Church. (A growing number are already contacting us.) All declarations of “support” for and “loyalty” to the top leaders coming from ministers and members in the wake of these announcements will be meaningless, of absolutely no value. This is because they cannot stop what GOD is doing, and will do! By now, you should at least want to know what will be explained. The announcements of coming weeks and months will shock you beyond imagination!

Make no mistake. The last three paragraphs are TRUE! Read them again, this time more carefully.

Alton Billingsley: Interracial Marriage Was One Reason For the Flood

More racist wit and wisdom from the little flock:

Interracial Dating and Marriage: Mr. Armstrong also taught against interracial marriages in articles and sermons to the membership. (See Mystery of the Ages, pages 166-170.)  The Church supports this teaching. This was a major problem, among others, that brought about the Flood during Noah’s time that destroyed all of humanity during that time except Noah and his immediate family (Genesis 6:1-22 and Genesis 7:1-24; Luke 17:26-27).  God loves dearly all races but wants them to remain in their own culture.

At the same time, the Church in this era has always accepted mixed marriages that were in place before coming to be members and still do without discrimination.

Alton Billingsley

Alton Billingsley: HWA Reappeared in 2006 Though He Was Still Dead

One of the crazier splinter cults of Armstrongism is another California based group called The Church of God Faithful Flock, lead by Alton Billingsley.

According to Billingsley, Herbert Armstrong reappeared on earth - though still dead - in 2006 when Billingsley had old radio programs added to his web site.  There is little talk about Jesus on the COGFF site but countless things about HWA.  Even their opening page has Herbert Armstrong plastered all over it.  No Jesus, no cross, no grace, no new covenant, just Herbert Armstrong. The idolatry is on par with Gerald Flurry's addiction.

Alton Billingsly

Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong died January 16, 1986. And with his death, Christ placed a hold on the preaching of the Gospel at that particular time for He would not use an apostate who replaced him to continue with it. In 2006, Mr. Armstrong reappeared, though dead, via of his Restored Works—with the last ditch-warning 20 years, 2 X 10, after his death by the use of websites made possible by satellites.

A Few Thoughts From Van Robison

A Few Thoughts From Van Robison

In four months I will be 71 years of age.   In my short life span I have come to believe that human leaders of men, have no more comprehension of what the truth about God is, than a jackrabbit.   After many years of church attendance, which not only included 12-years at Ambassador College in Pasadena, but also charismatic, pentecostal, Baptist and other groups,  I have to conclude that all churches are man-made institutions.   Churches are very divided as to what "truth" is and every group sees "truth" from a different perspective.   Anyone whose shallow and extremely narrow religious experience, only includes the Worldwide Church of God or any one of its many splinter groups, has very limited thinking and perspective.   The same of course applies to all Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses and all other groups, where the church goer has never spent years attending other groups.

It is a shame that so many people limit themselves, probably because of FEAR, more than any other reason.   How often I have read of personal accounts of various church goers, who lived in fear and only with great struggle were able to be set free from years of some church cult.   There is no greater feeling of freedom, than to be free from the indoctrination of church cults.   While being sincere is a good quality, at the same time sincerity is no guarantee of truth.

Like many others, I too have struggled with my own thinking and I don't pretend to have all the answers.   All I have are my own personal convictions based upon all my own experiences in life.  For whatever reason it would seem that God is not the Person that the church world thinks He is.  God has not intervened and stopped all the insane and diabolical wars, nor has He intervened and stopped all the sicknesses, diseases, accidents, trauma and horrors that human beings experience in life on earth.

God has never stopped the religious fraud in His name, nor the endless parade of propaganda that inundates the world.   God has not taken down the wolves in sheep's clothing who stand in pulpits and pretend to speak for God. God has never put a stop to all the confusion in the world of religious beliefs.   God has not even answered prayer for many who died or suffered in spite of zealous and very emotional prayer.   Why???   No human answer ever satisfies the deep down desire to know the reason for the agonies of life.

Human suffering is the ultimate question and no one really understands why it is or must be.  It is easy to understand why many turn to atheism and the church world is in part responsible for causing many to turn away from belief in God, all the while the supposed purpose of church, is to turn people to God.    Human beings are creatures of habit and it is a habit to "go to church" and to stop thinking.   Church goers don't think because the whole concept of church going, is that the pastors of the churches do the thinking, while the church goers simply nod approval.

I am sure that I will continue to question as long as I live and I have learned from life, that to trust pastors, preachers or church rulers with "truth" is a major and serious mistake.   Nor do I believe that God/Jesus Christ expected human being to blindly submit to religious rulers of men, as if they speak for God.   And that is also why I question the validity of the Bible itself, because after all it was compiled by men, edited endless times,  "translated" from other languages, interpreted by human reasoning, and made to appear as if God authored it.

Perhaps some day and it most likely will not be in this life time, we may know the truth, which seems to be very flexible in the human realm.

Van Robison

Rod Meredith: The Cumulative Old Ages Of Our Ministers Makes Us Better Suitable To Run The True Church Than Snot-nosed Upstarts Like Thiel and Pack

Does the fact that you have a group of old men at the top of your hierarchy who trained at the feet of Herbert Armstrong make you a legitimate true church?  Rod Meredith thinks it does when it comes to the men in charge at his problem wracked group. 

Having old men in charge, without bringing in new blood with new ideas and ways of looking at things and then doing it differently, is bad business practice.  That is what the COG's are, businesses.  Its all about money.  The members have heard the same doctrines for decades.  They have heard the same shouting and bellowing from the pulpit.  Nothing new is discussed.  Nothing revitalized is brought forth.  21st century ideas and research are not used.  It's just the view points of old men rehashing the worn out words from the 1960's, 70's and 80's.  None have been to a seminary outside of Armstrongism.  None have dared to critically look at the book the claim to follow.  None have dared to question the teachings of their idol they bow down to.

In an effort to stop defections to Dave Pack's cult and to non-ordained self-appointed prophet Thiel's cult, they toss out the fact that they have so many old men in charge.  You are supposed to be impressed by these guys because the snort-nosed upstarts like Dave Pack and Thiel have never trained with HWA.

In the Living Church of God, we are doing all we can to strengthen our brethren, and help them understand “the whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27). Frankly, we are far better equipped to do this because most of the older ministers and those who worked directly with Mr. Herbert Armstrong came with us near the beginning of this Work! Men like Messrs. Dibar Apartian, Raymond McNair, Syd Hegvold, Carl McNair, Richard Ames—and others—were older, experienced ministers who worked with Mr. Armstrong or, as in Mr. Ames’ case, were even placed on the World Tomorrow telecast directly by Mr. Armstrong. We have had, collectively, thousands of hours of experience in meetings with Mr. Armstrong and the other leaders in God’s Work over a period of decades. We knew Mr. Armstrong, and we knew what he wanted for the Work. We deeply respect what Christ did through Mr. Armstrong and do not in any way intend to change—and will not change—any of the basic truths Christ revealed through him, such as the Sabbath, Holy Days, etc. Sadly, there are some former Worldwide members and ministers who, in order to advance their own particular agendas, have tried to portray a “different” Mr. Armstrong than the real one.
Sitting for thousands of hours in meetings does not make one a leader.  Worshiping the words of HWA does not make you a leader either.

We are grateful to have had a Council that has included a significant number of men who directly knew better than these self-appointed critics!

 Take that you snot-nosed buffoons at Continuing Church of God and Restored Church of God!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Warren Zehrung: Strong Youth of Israelite Nations Will Form A New Country After Release From Slave Labor Camps

Zehrung runs one of the many groups that broke off of Global Church of God when Rod Meredith took all of its money and ran leaving Raymond McNair up the creek.  Global's implosion was just like most of the other COG implosions.  Greedy self-serving men bent on having their own following and money making empire.  These men always knew more about God, the Bible and "truth'" than the ones in charge they were splitting from.  Each one claimed the other was now apostate and they alone were "preserving the truth once delivered."

Zehrung runs a small little sect out of Little Rock Arkansas called The Sabbath Church of God.  He also has a radio program.  No shock there. What legitimate holder of the truth can get by without a radio program? If Herb did it, so should I!

In one of his articles from Countdown To The Return of Jesus Christ, he has this to say:

We are given an example in the Old Testament of a people who were spared from annihilation when a terrible destruction came upon all Israel because of the abominations of the nation.  “The Lord said unto him, Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof.”  (Ezekiel 9:4)
True believers will be spared from WWIII, most likely in Petra.  It's going to be a messy place when all of the hundreds of competing COG's all show up there and start claiming they are in charge.

The mark, or sealing signature, on the forehead of those who were mourning and weeping over the idolatrous conduct of the nation was reminiscent of the blood on the doorposts and lintel of the homes of those who were safe and out of danger when the death-angel passed over the Children of Israel.  The sealing on their foreheads afforded them protection – and their lives were spared.

I have never yet seen a single COG member or group "weep and mourn" for the nation/s.  I have never seen them in fervent prayer asking for God to forgive the nation/s.  I have never seen them asking God to spare the nations/s as long as there was 10 righteous to be found.  Nothing.  All we do hear is spitting and shouting that death, damnation and doom are soon coming.  They pound the pulpit, scream and bellow about all the vile things they want to see happen to this country and others   Its concentration camps, meat hooks, slavery, invading Germans, Chinese, Muslims, or the latest enemy. I have never seen Dave Pack, Rod Meredith, Gerald Flurry or any other COG minister ever humble themselves as they prayed for, mourned for, or weeped for their country.  Instead their eyes glaze in orgasmic delight as they preach death and destruction. They want to see it happen!

Of course only TRUE Church of God members will be protected.  Of the hundreds and hundreds of splinter groups out there, which one is true?  Warren's group?  Pack's? Flurry's?
When the trumpet plagues come upon the entire earth, the faithful converted saints will be protected by God because they will have already been sealed in their foreheads....But how will a physical remnant of Israel survive the tribulation to live-over into the world tomorrow?
They want to see all the young men and women carried off to slave labor camps in Germany - as Rod Meredith believes, to Muslim nations as Thiel believes or to China as other COG ministers believe.  Before we know it WWIV will break out as nations start fighting over who gets all the prisoners of war.

The survivors will be the physical remnant of Jacob/Israel.  They will mostly be strong young men and women who had been carried into the captivity of slave labor camps of enemy nations.  “It shall come to pass in that day that the remnant of Israel, and such as have escaped of the house of Jacob [USA, England, etc.], will never again depend on him who defeated them, but will depend on the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, in truth.  The remnant will return, the remnant of Jacob, to the Mighty God.  For though your people, O Israel [USA and the UK etc.], be as the sand of the sea, [only] a remnant of them will return; the destruction decreed [The USA and UK are to be utterly destroyed) shall overflow with righteousness.”  (Isaiah 10:20-22)

How and when will this emphasized physical remnant be sealed so that they may be afforded protection from the destruction which will come upon all the earth?  Perhaps we are given a clue, if not the answer, in Revelation Chapter 7.  “Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed [mark of preservation] the [slaves] of our God in their foreheads.  And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the Children of Israel.”  (Revelation 7:3-4)

Are you among the select few in the Church of God who will be sealed?  God apparently does not give a rats ass about the Innocent little children or elderly he is about to fry. His only concern is abut a little group of Church of God members in Petra.

In order to support their malarkey they have to fall back on British Israelism as their foundational belief.  They are more special than any other nation on earth. God cares more for them because they speak English than he does the Chinese, the Hindu's, the Buddhists, and the so-called Christians of Thieldumb.

The tribes of the Children of Israel are today’s physical citizens of the English speaking nations.  “Sealed,” in the previous verse means that a select number of people will be protected during the tribulation, as they were in Ezekiel’s day, because they worshipped the true God. When our children, the tribes of the Children of Israel, see the destruction of the world taking place, they will sigh, cry, mourn and weep for the abominations that are in the land.
Only a small remnant will be preserved alive - then Zehrung says they will have died.  This is part of the reason Armstrongite scholarship is so foolish.  Every single minister interprets scripture according to how he wants it to work.
When we study the chronology of events surrounding those who have washed their robes, and those who have been protected, we can see that a physical remnant is preserved alive at the last possible moment.   “And I said unto Him, Sir, thou know. And He said to me, these are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.”  (Revelation 7:14) These saints referred to in this verse have died in the persecution of the tribulation, having been previously sealed with God’s Spirit of promise.
All the young people sent off to slave labor camps in into German households as Meredith believes, will return to the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, England, and South Africa where they will build new nations. Just how they do that is not mentioned and is just as illogical as British Israelism  is as a belief.

There will be a new nation, made up of our children, gathered to Palestine to once again grow into a glorious People of the Lord.  “Fear not: for I am with thee: I will bring thy seed [children] from the East, and gather thee from the West;  I will say to the North, Give up; and to the South, Keep not back: bring my sons from far, and my daughters from the ends of the earth; Even every one that is called by my name: for I have created him for My Glory.”  (Isaiah 43:5-7)

COG Member Seeking $100 Billion In Donations From Gullible COG Members To Help Resurrect Pharaoh's Army

Just when I thought Armstrongism could not get any sillier along comes an email today from a reader.  Apparently the guy below sent this letter out  earlier this year trying to get COG members to sign on to his project.

If any logical and scientifically minded man or woman had ever made such a discovery he/she would NOT be keeping it silent.  It would be all over National Geographic, Archeology Today, Christianity Today, and lots of other magazines.  Funding would be in coming from all directions.  

The problem lies in that this is ANOTHER COG money making scheme dreamed up to con already fleeced members out of yet more money. You will notice one of the first things he mentions is that huge dividends will come to those donating to him, it will "...fatten your wallet..."  

This is similar to a woman named Doris Wells in Pasadena who fleeced hundreds of thousands of dollars out of Pasadena area members, many of them elderly.  She talked a good talk and stole money to keep her and her son well taken care of.

If the "Alliance" listed below was a legitimate organization and was being run legitimately, there would be web sites up, magazine articles, etc., yet not a thing exists anywhere on-line about it.

So go ahead brethren, send in your hard earned money to fund yet another money mooching unemployed COG male who has never held a long term job in his COG history.  That's the track record of these moochers.  Get members to take care of them while they do "biblical research."  Hardly a single one of these con-artists  have ever held full time jobs out in the "world." 

Two massive treasures

To fellow COG members and 45-year personal friends and thousands of you worldwide:

Please join a viable plan for the “end-time work” (Matthew 24:14: Revelation 10:11). What I have to say here could fatten your wallets and solve our divisive problems.

As a Christian minister, archaeologist and adventurer, I’m announcing we have found two massive treasures.

Can you imagine several congregations with a common goal? How about a magnificently unifying Reed Sea Alliance biblical project with a dynamic common purpose, plus a fun and exciting lifetime adventure for 30,000 people?

Thirty-five years of research has paid off big. We have located the largest, most valuable biblical treasures in history: (1) Rameses and (2) his army.

We know exactly where that bad boy is. Our job (Romans 9:17) is to raise him and his army up, plus raise $100 billion.

We will reveal and expose to four billion people worldwide an 800,000-man infantry, 70,000 horsemen, 6,000 war chariots, all neatly entombed in the bottom of the Reed Sea.

A worldwide on-site multimedia production and documentary of superior quality are planned.

This is the unparalleled mystery of the ages.

This unprecedented event will blast our credibility on the world stage to monumental heights. This is how we will fulfill the next two projects of destiny (Matthew 24:14; Revelation 10:11).

Tons of Exodus proof demonstrate that our God exists. Serve and prosper, friends, because this is the big one.

Enjoy a great Passover season. That’s when all this began. Please write me and request the free Reed Sea Alliance Info Package.

Ron King
3023 S. University Dr.
Fort Worth, Texas 76109, U.S.A.