Wednesday, April 24, 2013

E.W. King Says: I Am God's Seventh Epoch Messenger With A 100% Accurate Prophecy Rate

This is the last true ministry of the original Worldwide Church of God. This ministry came forth and has appeared in this present epoch of time, the Typical Laodicean Era, through one of God’s Seventh Epoch messengers, Mr. E.W.King.  

This ministry was officially founded by Mr. E.W.King on October 7th of 2011. Since the public appearance of this Last Day ministry many have come to the pure understanding of the true Gospel of the Kingdom. Only at this online location can one receive pure Crystal Clear teachings of True Christianity.

Basic and advanced theological understandings can be found on this site. The true teachings also include the Science of Christian Thought. This ministry [COGSR] does not deviate from the original teachings of the Latter Day Apostle, Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong.

COGSR also offers Prophecy Forecasts that always come True!

This Last Day ministry was prophesied to come forth in this Seventh Epoch. We invite all who have been called to this website to take time out to study our writings and order our study guide books. We also offer, on this site, Audio Messages that you can listen to right now given by Mr. E.W.King.


Joe Moeller said...

I think King meant that he is the "Seventh EPCOT Messenger " for this guy is truly living in DISNEYLAND!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

"Banned Owner", Heads up on a slight headline error on the word prophecy on this post :)

On this topic: Blah-de-Blah-de-Blah, Blah, BLAH..... BLAH.

I really have no concern over the vain, self-promoting, grandeur-driven mumblings of these Armstrong followers any longer. I see the entire field of Armstrongism collapsing before our very eyes, and all this shows to me is a blogger with extreme ego pretending to be leading the "Worldwide Church of God". On top of this, his prophecies are vague and unspecific, and these ramblings are in my thoughts theologically laughable.

This BLOGGER (and that is all he is to me, just a BLOGGER) we are talking about (I will not call him a "Mr." or even as one running a "real church") is as much God's Seventh Epoch Messenger as Bob Thiel is the Chief Correspondent for CNN Television with his own prime time show. (can you imagine???) However, looking into this kind of mind is quite a journey in Armstrongism thought processes... as out of reality as it all seems to me to be. Just like all of Armstrongism, I pay this "ministry" no attention or mind. In fact, I give that 70s show more attention and legitimacy then this ;)

I seriously doubt anybody pays this "Mr. Blogger" epoch guy any mind at all.

Anonymous said...

This is mental illness standing on the shoulders of insanity.

Painful Truth said...

Someone call in the shrinks.

Maricar Gomez said...

I love to read this..

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Anonymous said...

The photo that accompanied the article (a laughing donkey) is apt. He cannot be Seventh Epoch Messenger because he does not live by Old Testament Law 100%. For instance, he definitely has light on his house during the Sabbath Day. He does not keep New Moons. While he doesn't eat pork and other unclean meat, there is no guarantee that the utensils and plates of those restaurants where he ate hasn't touched pork and anything unclean. In short, he is just as unclean as the rest of mankind is. Conclusion: another legend in his own mind that deserves to have a suite in a mental asylum.

Anonymous said...

Richard Stallman calls the US an Empire! King should be called Emperor. What have I been trying to tell ya? Emperor King. Emperor Obama. Emperor Bush. Emperor Pack. Emperor Herb. Emperors, every one.

Anonymous said...

First, I'd probably take a Louisville Slugger to that Louisville Church. But back on topic, if King sticks to all of HWA's teachings, then I assume that means a Monday Pentecost for him?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the COGSR has a Monday Pentecost on their calendar. King prefers the younger HWA, as did HWA.

Anonymous said...

I believe we are in an interesting "epoch" when it comes to the ACOGs.

By that, I mean the epoch we are in now, is that of the ACOGs fading away, slowly but surely.
Some are dying faster than others- case in point, the UCG recently losing half of it's ministers and one-third of it's members over a silly incident involving some cows.

And Pack's church and Rod's church and Gerald's church are succumbing to the natural effects of attrition as their members age and die.
This goes on and is unstoppable, even as they proclaim the "wonderful work" they're doing, and sink some money into TV programs to delude members into thinking they're "preaching the end-time gospel in a MIGHTY way", and some give small amounts to charitable causes to make members believe to make members believe they're doing something super-duper.

And what about those "good works" they trumpet, such as UCG people contributing to Lifenets?
Ha! I even read a person's commenting here, multiple times trumpeting for Lifenets while advertising for the pathetic (recently cut in half) UCG, and it makes me think.
I think about the sad fact that churches from Jim Jones's to more popular hokey Christian TV ministries do good works in society. For most, it's a sleazy sales tactic to keep the members believing they're involved in a great church.
But look at the broader picture...Let's pick the UCG as an example...A little of some members' money may go to help the needy via Lifenets projects or giving blankets to the homeless(for example), but THE VAST MAJORITY of members' contributions go toward propping up a dying church and paying toward the retirement and salaries of those at the top of it's pyramid.

And it's a sad shilling for the UCG when someone shills, advertises and trumpets for the UCG in comments on a blog of this nature (claiming humbleness and non-trumpeting of good works done), yet then challenges others to say what they've done for others, as if it's some kind of "help-off" competition!

Douglas Becker said...

He should make a fortune in the stock market then.

Go ahead: Invest -- make our day.

Steve Kisack said...

Anonymous said...

I really have no concern over the vain, self-promoting, grandeur-driven mumblings of these Armstrong followers any longer. Just like all of Armstrongism, I pay this "ministry" no attention or mind. In fact, I give that 70s show more attention and legitimacy then this ;)

I seriously doubt anybody pays this "Mr. Blogger" epoch guy any mind at all.

MY COMMENT: "But, I spend time commenting about it all...for some reason". No attention? No mind? No concern? Hmmm!@

Anonymous said...

Steve, due to my failed attempt at multitasking, I misspoke. What I should have said was that I don't give them any credit or believe a thing they say - especially this E.W. guy. Even though I read this and comment, I don't give them any legitimacy. Completely wrong choice of words, as I said, was doing two things at once at the time and didn't choose my words correctly.

When I say I pay them no attention or mind, what I mean is that I don't give any value to a thing they say. Obviously, I'm here reading it so there is some attention to it but there's no concern to it, if you get what I'm saying. I can sum it up by saying "Armstrongism has no power or authority over me as it once did, so I can wave my hand off and say "Pthh"" - even though the reading is entertaining. Hope that clears up a bit.

Steve Kisack said...

I'll buy that!

Anonymous said...

"While he doesn't eat pork ... there is no guarantee that the utensils and plates of those restaurants where he ate hasn't touched pork and anything unclean."

Maybe he brings his own fork or eats with his fingers (off of the table of course, because the plates are porked also).

Anonymous said...

Anon, all COGs fail the dietary rules in many ways. They are just a bunch of hypocrites who actually lie to God when they say they follow the dietary rules let alone the Mosaic Law. Yet each COG calls itself the only true Church of COG, which is obviously a lie since they can't all be right (and none of them are right). They can't even lie properly.

Steve Kisack said...

If the COGs are following the dietary rules, why are many of them so fat, especially the women? :-)

Anonymous said...

It is very clear that WCG and all the remnant WCG churches are just as selective of verses they want to follow, exactly as what they accuse those Protestant Churches. There is supposed to be no fire lighted on the Sabbath. Tell me who follows just this prohibition alone? Yes, these are bunch of hypocrites pretending to be Sabbath keepers and dietary law keepers. In truth and in fact, they do not follow an iota of the law. Much more the tithing law because tithes are supposed to be paid to Levites and certainly, there are no Levites in those WCG remnant churches. The Bible is very clear as to whom tithes are to be paid. The Bible is clear how Sabbath and dietary laws are to be observed. No one in our modern world, except those orthodox Jews whose homes are very dark on Sabbath Day can possibly obey those Old Testament provisions to the letter.

Anonymous said...

Yes, no one can observe those OT laws like the Sabbath to the letter. Here in the Philippines, we use public transport to go to church services (during those WCG days)since only few have cars. Since we pay fares, this is a form of trade and we are not supposed to trade (receiving a service and paying for it) on the Sabbath day, going to Sabbath service is clearly an act of not hallowing the Sabbath day. Of course, even if we cook in advance, we heat the food for Sabbath dinner and breakfast, and definitely, even if we use microwave oven that automatically lights up when put it on, this is also a prohibition on the Sabbath day that states no fire should be put on during the Sabbath. Those remaining faithful to HWA teachings are not keeping the law as they are made to believe. Far from it. Yes, they are hypocrites to assert they keep the Sabbath and all those other Mosaic laws.