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Why Fundamentalists Cling to Genesis 1:1

Why Fundamentalists Cling to Genesis 1:1

Believers and nonbelievers alike often come to this site to ridicule and/or condemn writers they disagree with. If the scoffers on both extremes of the spectrum hang around long enough, they can see that among us there is a solid core of commenters who cordially accept other views than our own. We do try to reach out to the confused, and we often recommend our own viewpoints. We just don’t insist that everyone else should adopt them. We acknowledge that the important thing is for each of us to find a place to stand on solid philosophical and psychological ground, a place that provides a perspective for viewing the physical and social universe that makes sense to the viewer.

To me a literal interpretation of Genesis makes no sense at all. The world looks all jumbled and surreal if I view it from there. However, I do not believe that people who see the world comfortably from that spot should be dragged away from it—only that they should be prevented from forcing our legal and educational systems to operate from their literalist perspective.

This short essay illustrates my thinking. It is expanded and edited from a comment I posted to another blog, The Sensuous Curmudgeon. 

Retired Prof 

Milton W. Howard, pastor of Kitchens Creek Baptist Church in Ball, LA, avers “The person who denies that ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth’ must deny everything else in the Word of God. . . .”

This is the pithiest and most straightforward expression I have seen of why the scientific study of origins (tagged as “evolutionism,” “scientism,” “naturalism,” or “Darwinism”) terrifies fundamentalists so much. Genesis 1:1 is their fixed landmark, their homing beacon. It organizes existence for them.

While attending a [non-ACOG] religious college I had a few dates with a fundamentalist. When she found out I was skeptical about the existence of her god, the first question she asked was “How do you explain that tree over there?” The next one was “How can you ever love anybody?” It was about that time when we each began to find other people more attractive.
Mr. Howard’s foundational scripture serves the function Wallace Stevens claimed for a physical artifact:

I placed a jar in Tennessee,
And round it was, upon a hill.
It made the slovenly wilderness
Surround that hill.

Having been lost in the woods occasionally, I know the terror of having no bearings. Once when a snowstorm hid distant landmarks and made my immediate surroundings unrecognizable, I got completely turned around. I had to trust my compass to point me back toward my hunting companions. The route led across thin ice on a pond choked with button-brush. It was either struggle straight across and dread falling through, or veer off course and risk wandering for hours through terrain that had become grotesquely unfamiliar. I finally spied my friends in their blaze orange coats and made my way over to them. They seemed to be facing the wrong way. I said, “I don’t know where I am.”

One of them said, “You’re right here, at the beaver dam deer stand.”

I said, “I know that, but I still can’t recognize it. It’s like I’ve never been here before.” They led me to the river channel where we had left our canoe. Immediately the slovenly wilderness
surrounded that spot and everything made sense again.

So it’s not hard for me to see how fundamentalists would fear to abandon a comforting fixed reference point—the TRUTH of Genesis 1:1—considering that life in general can be way more bewildering than a river bottom in a snowstorm.

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Living Church of God Smacks Down Bob Thiel, James Malm, and David C. Pack-- Again!

Poor Bob, James and Dave.  No matter how hard they try they just cannot poach members from the various COG's.  Dave's Great Reunification turned into the largest failure ever in Church of God history, right after William Millers numerous failed prophecies.  Bob Thiel's little personalty cult can't seem to move out  of his home spare bedroom studio with it's crooked bookcase. James Malm's legalistic mumbo-jumbo is the ultimate bastardization of the law which no one is interested in.

Now, Rod Meredith and LCG's staff are hitting back at Dave pack and Thiel warning members of deceitful men in their midst.
To Whom Do You Listen?
The Apostle Paul pointedly asked the Corinthian brethren, “Is Christ divided?” (1 Corinthians 1:13). Already in Paul’s day, the Church was being pulled apart by factionalism and personality worship or dislike. People were more interested in following their favorite minister, rather than maintaining a spirit of godly unity.

As the years went by, self-appointed leaders began to stray further and further from the foundation, as laid down by Christ and the apostles. Paul warned the ministers of his day to be careful of outsiders who would worm their way in to pervert the truth. The ministers were also to guard against deceiving themselves into thinking that they should be the focus of attention, rather than humble servants of God’s people.
Humbleness is certainly NOT a trait of any Church of God leader.  Never has been and never will be. Thiel and Pack do not have a humble bone in their bodies.

Next, the LCG staff and Rod call the message of Thiel and Pack "perversion."  OUCH!
...the problem of false ministers has been around since almost the very beginning. Even ancient Israel had false teachers who tried to deceive the people of God. The Creator sent true servants to prophesy against the religious perversions being taught, and to point the sons of Jacob toward the true worship of their God. “And when they say to you, ‘Seek those who are mediums and wizards, who whisper and mutter,’ should not a people seek their God? Should they seek the dead on behalf of the living? To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.” (Isaiah 8:19–20).
What's Rod's god going to do to Dave, Bob and James?
And what is the ultimate fruit of that selfish approach? God will spew such self-interested Christians out of His mouth! “I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot. So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth. Because you say, `I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing’—and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked”
 Then they slap the unrighteous trinity dudes with this:
Today, there are men who call themselves “prophets” and “apostles” and claim leadership in the Church of God, yet by their words and deeds we can see they have forgotten Who it is that can cause water to flow from solid rock. Instead of humbly yielding to God’s word and to those whom God has placed in authority, they presumptuously modify God’s instructions and seek to draw a following.
 The threesome have "strayed wildly from the truths of HWA...." Ouch!
In this “Internet age,” it is easy to find dozens and hundreds of teachers proclaiming their own messages, claiming to follow Mr. Armstrong but in fact straying wildly from the truths Mr. Armstrong taught from the Bible. Some would have you believe that the Work is finished.   Yet Christ made it plain that He expects His followers to be doing what He did—preaching the true gospel of the coming Kingdom of God (Matthew 24:46). Others have corrupted the gospel by teaching a message “about” Mr. Armstrong, while distorting Mr. Armstrong’s actual message—thus mimicking the same error that took first-century Christianity off the track!
LCG warns members to not listen to these self-appointed guru's and their asinine messages:
We live in a world where self-appointed teachers are free to say and publish what they want, contrary to God’s word. But we have a job to do. What should our approach be? Solomon said it well: “And further, my son, be admonished by these. Of making many books there is no end, and much study is wearisome to the flesh. Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: fear God and keep His commandments, for this is man’s all. For God will bring every work into judgment, including every secret thing, whether good or evil” (Ecclesiastes 12:12–14). Let us keep our eyes on the goal as we carry out our responsibilities, listening obediently to the true Shepherd, Jesus Christ!

Bob Thiel Says: The Tribulation Cannot Start Until World Events Align With 32 of My CORRECT Predictions

Bob Thiel, the on-ordained self-appointed prophet, chief revelator, Mayan authority and world renown authority on prophecy says that the tribulation now cannot start until 32 things he has prophesied  happen first.

Now, while Armageddon itself is a term used in the Bible for the location where armies in the end time will gather for battle, what the astronomer is trying to say is that comets, if large enough, could end civilized life of earth.  Some believe that a comet incident will do something in November and/or December this year, and it very well might.  It should be noted that it is well know that solar flares and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons could do that, or at least eliminate computers from many parts of the earth.

Of course, in the future, there are real electrical risks for the USA, Canada, UK, and other nations. But most ignore warning signs.

That being said, the ‘great tribulation’ itself will not start on December 16, 2013.  Perhaps I should mention that world events also aligned with at least 32 predictions in my book 2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect (a list can be found at the beginning of the old article End of Mayan Calendar 2012–Might 2012 Mean Something?).  And yes, I do believe my biblically-understood prophetic views about the start of the ‘great tribulation’ will also be correct.

David C. Pack Says Larry Salyer Called Me 'A Rude Brat!" Bwaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!

Here is Dave Pack's knee-jerk reaction to the men and members of Global Church of God when they held him accountable for his despicable actions.  Larry Salyer is 100% correct!  Pack is a "RUDE BRAT!"

May 5, 1999

Greetings Brethren, 

I have wrestled with and prayed about what to say in this letter.  What I predicted would happen in earnest is happening in earnest.  I wrote that I would be attacked and destroyed and I suspected that I would be unrecognizable by the time the process was over.  That has and will continue to happen.  I have decided to list as many accusations against me as I could possibly think of and then make a concluding statement before going on to other matters that are much more edifying, encouraging and exciting.  I intend to try as hard as possible to make the following statement my last word on the vilification/persecution/dis-information campaign against me designed to scare people continuing to stay in Global while frightening them away from me. 

On Monday night I was fired and disfellowshipped from the Global Church of God.  I, of course, expected this.  I was told by e-mail late Monday night. No one ever called me. The irony of this action was that a deacon from the West told me Rex Sexton had told him fully 24 hours earlier that this would happen.  How unethical!  I was also told Monday night by a member of another Church organization that Larry Salyer told him 2 1/2 weeks ago that I would be a problem that "took care of itself soon".  It's obvious a trap was being laid for me.  Many perceptive brethren have discerned this from the events of recent days.  Jack Hendren told one of his members on Sunday night that his "testimony" was not the real issue in the judgment of the Council against me.  After Dr. Charles Jahrsdorfer's  letter and David Medici's letter describing the falsehoods of Jack Hendren's testimony purporting to represent them in my trial, should we not have expected them to say as much?  Once their case was blown apart in public for the fraud that it was, they now say they had me on "other" issues.  It is against this backdrop that I now will list as many accusations as I am aware of to show that desperate men take desperate action. This will draw further attacks, no doubt. This is why I will no longer respond. However, I felt the need to illustrate why this cycle must be broken now. 


  1. I am a "rude brat". (Larry Salyer)
  2. I am "a sad chapter in a long, sad book". (Larry Salyer)
  3. I "attempt to deflect the attention from myself by claiming the higher ground as 'a
      defender of the faith'." (Larry Salyer)
  4. I never "went to Bill Swanson or Harold Smith about my doctrinal concerns with  them". (Larry Salyer)
  5. I am a "railer". (Raymond McNair) [Incidentally, did Christ rail when he called the
      Pharisees or others  by various names?]
  6. I did not "hear the Church" or allow the Matt. 18:15 process to work.(Raymond
      McNair/Larry Salyer who signed my termination/disfellowship letter) [I did not "hear the  Church" in 1993 either nor did I "hear the Church" when Rod Meredith accused me
  7. I did not "notify the Council before my noncompliance" and thereby "broke my word" to the Council -- I apparently "told the Akron Church before the Council heard".  (Brian Hoselton/Rex Sexton) [It is unfortunate that the document sent to them BEFORE THE AKRON CHURCH HEARD could not be properly formatted after downloading it by those who received it.  It was a computer glitch that I still cannot explain.  But, BEFORE GOD I sent it before I said a single word to the Akron Church about what happened to me and the issues that I could not comply with.  I will certainly admit that I timed it to get ahead of the spinmasters in San Diego who I KNEW would attempt to destroy me, AS THEY HAVE, by exposing their deeds before they could write more wholesale lies to the poor brethren in Global who are trying to figure out who to believe.  My heart goes out to them.]
  8. I "lack faith because I predict bankruptcy for Global" (various people). [When Rod
      Meredith overspent and mismanaged the Churches finances many of the same people who accuse me of lacking faith went to him trying to stop him - - explaining to him that it was fiscally dangerous.  He told them that THEY lacked faith.  They now say the same thing of me for the same reasons.]
  9. I want "control". (Brian Hoselton) 

10. I used a "4-day interval" to smite the Church like RCM.(Brian Hoselton) 

11. I taught "born again" in Worldwide but claimed to hold to the exact doctrines of Mr.
      Armstrong. (Brian Hoselton) [ Brian quotes my apology letter of 6 years ago to prove that I compromise now.  I know of no ministers who wrote any letters of apology who taught MANY false doctrines and stayed in the WCG far longer than I.] 

12. I am guilty of "division and discord" in the Church.(Brian Hoselton) [By the standard that Joe Tkach and Rod Meredith used, I acknowledge I am absolutely guilty.  I would not go along with false teachings among us that were not minor by any stretch.  Mr. Armstrong said repeatedly to deal with both heresy and heretics.] 

13. I "limit God's powers" by saying we cannot repay the loans. (Brian Hoselton) 

14. I have "supported Global's new government as recently as 3 months ago while now calling it 'unscriptural'. (Brian Hoselton) [I was led to believe that Mr. McNair was making the decisions guiding Global by the end of January when I said this.  I was trying to be supportive.  It was not until April 13 that I realized WHY our government was so bogged down with inaction, indifference, indecision and incompetence.  It was on this date that I learned we had no Chief Executive Officer!!!!!  Do you comprehend what I just said? This is a HUGE statement.  It reflects the deliberate position of not having a
      decision-maker in the wake of the Rod Meredith break-up.  I have always felt that God's form of government should have been since the death of Mr. Armstrong one-man
      LEADERship. This is as opposed to one-man RULERship which occured we had when we had a living Apostle who outranked everyone.] 

15. "Dave Medici is only supporting me because he is going by what I reported Jack Hendren's report to be.  Dave Medici got his report 'second hand'". (Brian Hoselton) [This is not true. Dave Medici got the report of Jack Hendren's falsehoods FIRSTHAND. My attorney tells me that I may tell you that I taped the entire proceeding. Call Dave Medici and ask him if his pastor told falsehoods. I have never tape recorded anyone in my life before and will never have to do it again. I knew what I was getting into in this unique situation.]

16. I want to "promote myself and gather a following". (Rex Sexton) 

17. I'm "belligerent, arrogant and accusatory". (Rex Sexton) 

18. I did not "deny the charges" against me. (Rex Sexton) [I did deny the characterization of the charges.] 

19. I told one lady that "she should not tithe and then lied about it". (Rex Sexton) [The many people that have asked me if they should tithe to Global because of circumstances there seem not to be confused. Tithing is a matter between them and God.] 

20. I told Mr. Sexton "not to accept a 30% pay cut". (Rex Sexton) [He knows there were
      qualifications to this and that I immediately reversed my position right in the discussion when he explained that his wife was employing him part-time.] 

21. I accused Mr. Sexton of "not believing Mr. Armstrong was Elijah". (Rex Sexton) [Reality is that he believes that Mr. Armstrong and probably one of the two witnesses will probably BOTH be a form/type of Elijah.] 

22. I have been planning to "split" for some time because I said "I may not be in Global by the Feast". (Rex Sexton) [The latter part of this statement is absolutely true. This is only because of the impending financial collapse that I anticipated.] 

23. I "reduced my offerings to the Church after the split in November." (Rex Sexton) [False] 

24. I told Warren Zehrung's wife that "I would have a budget of $200,000 and that Warren could get a piece of it". (Rex Sexton)  [Mr. Zehrung's wife does not remember the gist of this story very well at all and why this subject might have been under discussion.] 

25. "I inherited $1 million dollars and two health food stores". (Rex Sexton) [This is
      preposterous regarding the money.  I had NO MONEY left after settling my father's estate-- only the net worth of my company.] 

The above list of accusations represent things that are true but incomplete or a grain of truth but twisted and outright falsehoods that include inventions.  It is amazing to me that 5 months ago I was accused of saying "I would destroy Rod Meredith".  I now marvel at the zeal with which people try to destroy me while showing so little zeal for the Truth -- which is the real issue at hand here.  Other than the brief comments I included on a few of the above accusations, should I attempt to deflect and explain these and all the subsequent ones that will flow endlessly at me?  Would Mr. Armstrong? Would Christ? What would be gained? How often should I do it? How much time would it take? Is it really going to edify you? Will it help you achieve the Kingdom of God?  I want it to be said here that I am going to strive to overcome the temptation to answer back the endless charges against me that are sure to flow from here on out. Exceptions to this rule will be few. I am part of a wonderful new organization that is going to hold to the precision of God's Truth as we received it from His servant.  I am excited beyond words.  I want to share that excitement.  I do not want to remain bogged down by events moving deeper into our rear view mirror. 

It is on the above basis that we are moving to incorporate a new church.  It will be called THE RESTORED CHURCH OF GOD (based on Matt. 17:11).  This name will make clear for all just EXACTLY where those of us that are part of it do stand!  Once again, many many people are responding and want to know the address.  It is: 

Box 23295
Wadsworth, OH 44282 

On Friday I will begin a series of updates to appear each Monday, Wednesday and Friday on my website. It will also be sent to any who wish to be included on an email list. Eventually we  will reduce the frequency of these letters. I will be announcing many exciting plans on Friday and keeping you updated as things develop.  There will be some introductory explanation about what we are doing and a little more about my background.  My entire pastorate (OH, PA, IN, NY and MI) appears to be standing  with God in this effort. 

In conclusion, there is a reason we should expect attacks for standing on the many scriptures that say we should not compromise.  How can we expect people to understand those who love, are zealous for, and demonstrate the courage to protect and defend ALL of God's Truth when they do not feel this way themselves?  On what basis can they understand us?  How do they relate to us?  We seem strange to them -- rigid -- intolerant -- stuck in the past -- unable to grow, etc.  Their spiritual value system will not allow them to see us as otherwise.  Those of Philadelphian zeal must accept that their tribulation is NOW not later. 

Remember David said, "The Lord is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me?"
Psa. 118:6. 

In Christ's Name,
David C. Pack 

P.S. If you have not yet heard the three sermons proving that Mr. Armstrong was the Elijah to
       come, please listen to them as found on this website:   (link is no longer working.)

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David C. Pack Has Never Taken Responsibility For Any Of His Actions. It Is Always The Fault Of Everyone Else.

Here is a letter that David C. Pack wrote when he stabbed Global Church of God in the back in 1999.  Dave is still the same arrogant narcissist today as he was back then.  He assumes no responsibility for anything.  He and he alone is the correct one standing up for the "truth".

May 1, 1999

To the Council of Elders and all Global ministers: 

On Wednesday, April 28, 1999, the Council of Elders of the Global Church of God took actions against me because of charges brought by Jack Hendren, the Global Pastor in New England.  After putting me formally on trial and subsequent jury deliberation, my sentence, as I understood it, was the following: 

1.  Unilateral removal from the Council of Elders
2.  Put on probation as a minister over Akron and Michigan only.
3.  Removal of Ontario, Canada, from my pastorate and assigning it for an undetermined period of time to the man who brought the charges against me, Jack Hendren.
4.  A requirement that I apologize to Jack Hendren for statements made to him during various stages of my trial.  It was also suggested that I apologize to the men in Global who I have felt to be teaching numerous false doctrines.  To call them false doctrines or heresies or the men themselves, heretics, is just too harsh and is a railing accusation, etc.
5.  Be more supportive of Global headquarters when people call me about doctrines being taught by ministers in Global that are different than what Mr. Armstrong taught.  In essence, play it down, go along more, calm people, sort of spread a cover over issues, don't tell people that the teachings are wrong or that they are heresy, describe them as alternative views, say that Mr. Armstrong often tolerated alternative views, etc. etc. etc.
6.  Be more encouraging to people to send offerings and money to San Diego (when they come to me troubled about matters in point five --  which often occurs in a discussion of this type). 

I promised the Council last Wednesday during my sentencing that I would not do anything before I notified them whether or not I could comply.  I stated I would not use some kind of "four-day interval" in the same manner we so recently observed.  That was patently dishonest and I would not do it.  I have, in fact, reached the point where I cannot comply with the above points.  This is all summarized in a single sentence written by Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong in Mystery of The Ages, page 262.  "It is the duty of Christ's true ministers (and how few today), to protect the begotten but yet unborn saints from false doctrines and from false ministers".  The reason he said this is wonderfully summarized in a second quote from Mr. Armstrong from the Personal,  Good News, December, 1976. "I have frequently been pressured to compromise - - 'just a little' - - with God's Truth."
"Nevertheless, if we begin to compromise with God's TRUTH, even in smallest, slightest manner, we have allowed Satan to get a foot into the door of the Church, and soon he will push open the door (for he is stronger than we) and take over the whole Church."
"A little leaven leavens the WHOLE LUMP!"

I could add far more quotes and scriptures to back up this position and, in fact, the whole issue of doctrine is only one of many reasons why I stated so strongly in recent days and weeks that I believe that the Global Church of God has taken its position among the various other corporate segments of the Laodecian world.

One other specific I wish to add here.  You all realize that I have said quite plainly and repeatedly that Global is headed for bankruptcy.  Many experienced businessmen, accountants and related professionals agree.  Owning a good-sized corporation gives me some experience in cash management which many ministers cannot be privy to.  We are not taking the action we should.  I warned five months ago today (December 1, 1998) that this would soon be upon us.  The brethren are being systematically kept in the dark as catastrophe looms before us.  The ministry are told little more.  I have asked for expense information as a member of the Council and heard nothing over and over.  I have been asked repeatedly to not talk about this, to play it down, to have more faith, to put the best face on it because too much information will "panic" the brethren, etc.  The brethren are not dumb sheep and ought not be treated as such.  I Cor. 4:2 makes it plain that stewards/treasurers (Greek) must be found faithful.  Perhaps you have recently dealt with the budget this week but I would not know that having been recently removed from the Council the very day before we were all set to discuss it - - FINALLY.

I am formally resubmitting to the Council this letter (in very, very brief detail) and including the ministry with the same issues attached from previous discussions and memos from me.

I consider myself released from any obligation that I may not speak freely to any of God's people or ministers who ask me for a forthright explanation of doctrine, events, finances, etc.  I repeat in writing what I said before.  I will never again cover for, vouch for, account for, explain, or otherwise support actions, decisions, teachings or conduct by people far away over which I have no control.

[At this point in this letter it is Friday afternoon, April 30, and I have just learned about the special announcement to be read in all churches this Sabbath.  Once again I've been blind- sided.  The announcement is utterly false when it says that I said I would "comply".  I'll explain shortly.  It is also false to say that I "accepted" the terms.  I'll explain shortly.  The balance of this now much longer letter will take into account the massive dis/misinformation this announcement creates.  Once again the dynamics of corruption wish to control the spin machine.  This is so that, once again, the brethren will believe a spoon-fed rendition that I could never agree with.  It is truly fascinating that there seems to be an urgent need (it says get this "to all Hosts in your area as soon as possible") to spread this account while nothing is said of the tremendously important issues that drove Jack Hendren to prosecute me in front of a jury of the Council.  Also accompanying this letter you will be able to access two additional letters from the "witnesses" that Mr. Hendren purports to represent.  Four adults in his pastorate will tell you in their own words how terribly he misrepresented them in his zeal to suppress my voice from protecting God's sheep from many many heresies all through Global.  These four members will tell you how they feel about being used as "witnesses" when they were not asked to appear in person or told that Jack Hendren's spin on their doctrinal concerns within Global would be presented without their permission.  Their letters will speak eloquently for themselves.]


I "accepted" some of the judgments of the Council because I was not offered a choice.  I "accepted" being thrown from the Council because I had offered to resign anyway (see resignation letter).  I accepted having probation and reduction of my pastorate only for the short period I wanted to consider what to do.  I absolutely did NOT accept the terms of point 4, 5 and 6.  I told them I would not take any action without notifying them first and that I would temporarily comply for days, or more, until I could not any longer. 

I said I would try to be careful during this period.  I said I would not ask for a "four day interval" and use it to hurt the church.  However, I had repeatedly made it clear during the many many hours of my two-day trial that I considered the entire proceeding to be a kangaroo court, a sham, a blind-siding by cowardly, feckless men who had deceived me Tuesday night into believing the matter was at rest.  Once I had agreed to go to Bill Swanson and Harold Smith and tell them their teachings were shot full of nearly endless heresies,  I was clearly assured that if they did not "hear me" that, in fact, I could bring two witnesses as Jack Hendren had done with me and THEY would be addressed for their heresies rather than me being "addressed" and silenced in my attempt to protect many sheep from them.  There was no doubt that this attempt to silence me followed a pattern that leaders in the church over many years have used against me. 
Dave has been in trouble all his "ministry" because he treats people like dirt.

I have been in trouble most of my ministry because people of compromise cannot bow or break me in my adherence to the exact doctrines of Mr. Armstrong.  Matthew 10:16-18 tells God's servants they ought to expect to be "called before the Councils" and "scourged in the synagogues".  Believe me, I was.  This is the second time this has happened in six months and the reason is PRECISELY the same as last November - - true doctrine vs. heresy!!  Only the names of the prosecutors have changed.  The mindset driving the prosecution has not.  Matthew 24:10 says we live in a time of betrayal, hatred, and many offenses.   I plainly told the Council I would get back to them when I could not comply.  The early part of this letter made that non-compliance intention clear.  God's people ought to have a place to meet where they need not fear being threatened by heretics and false doctrines while meeting in peace and brotherly love.  They are being betrayed and sold out for money - - the tithe money of people we would lose if we silenced the heretics.  I told them over and over again that they could fire me but they could not break me.  Trials, demotions, terminations and persecutions merely strengthen and empower me.  I have been tried so many times that it is almost comfortable for me now.  I'm stronger today than I was before 10 men tried to bow me on Wednesday.  God sustained me and always does. 

It seems that the lesson of not only the last 10 years but of the last 2000 years is that men continue to sell out over and over again, in this case because of a need for and desire for more uninterrupted money from God's flock while the corporation continues to crash toward bankruptcy.  If God's True sheep in Global are not warned sufficiently in advance to be prepared to unfasten their corporate seat belts, many of them will be as blind-sided then as I've been now in these matters and will get "killed" in great numbers.  Many will conclude that because men deceived them again they no longer have to obey God. 

Remember, I run a corporation.  I've watched 11 companies built within my family by very successful businessmen.  Being a minister does not make one a businessman as many of you know so very well.  I cannot sit back and watch further betrayal of God's people.  In conclusion, I stated very clearly after my "sentencing" that I did not wish to agree to any conditions I could not meet.  I intended to act honorably.  I told them plainly that I knew they would try to "catch me in words" and that James 3:1-2 says that "in many words we offend all".  I told them I knew they would catch me in something. 
I told them they would have to find me guilty of division and discord which they did.  I repeatedly told them that they could not get me for heresy because I'll compromise NOTHING. . .  that they could not get me for sins such as lying, cheating, stealing or adultery, etc. etc.. . .  or for having a financial motive of some kind because my circumstances preclude that.  The only way they could claim I "erred" was that when brethren called me, I acknowledged false teachings and heresies for what they were. 

Since headquarters will not obey Romans 16:17, Titus 1:11 and 3:10-11, II Thes. 3:6 and Proverbs 22:10, among others (please reread all these verses Mr. Armstrong taught us) I am left with the choice of being a good "company man" or to "obey God rather than man" and to obey the instructions Mr. Armstrong gave us all and gave me personally.  The epilogue of my book "Except There Come a Falling Away" includes a section of 21 quotes from Mr. Armstrong on these matters.  These are powerful, strong, clear quotes that leave no room for compromise - - something our previous or the current leaders simply do not and WILL NOT comprehend. 

Not one reference to Mr. Armstrong was made in my trial.  I quoted him verbatim repeatedly as I did early in this letter.  The quotes were ignored and explained away.  The Bible was rarely cited except at the outset by Mr. Hendren.  I cited it frequently.  I went through the above 5 verses and they were ignored as irrelevant.  This was, after all, deemed to be a Matt. 18:15 matter by Jack Hendren.  He purported that I was causing offense by identifying heresies and protecting people (who sought me out) rather than that the false teachings/ers were causing offense.  I have gone to headquarters and these men through the years about their false teachings.  They are ignored.  God's people cry out.  They are also ignored.  What is a person of courage to do?  I will not abandon God's people but I do expect the multiple heresies to still be tolerated and the foolish decision-making and cover-up of the looming financial catastrophe to be tolerated as well.  Even if I am fired, which will almost certainly happen now, I still want to see Global survive for those who want to be part of an organization that mirrors the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that is so typical of the other major corporate segments of the Laodecian era that is upon us.  United was just days from insolvancy a year ago.  They made cuts.  They now have $2.4 million in the bank.  We all know they do not have many doctrines correct but they are surviving for those that want the kind of mix that they offer.


I have been accused of telling people to bank their tithes.  I have not done this.  One lady misunderstood an explanation I gave her.  Many many people have asked me (in light of the doctrinal confusion in Global) if they should bank their tithes?  Some ask whether they should give or withhold extra offerings?  Sometimes this is asked in conjunction with concerns about an unwillingness to make necessary cuts to save the organization, per se.  If a perception of indifference toward proper financial management exists in Global, some wonder if they are tithing to a place that will not survive in the end.  I have told people what we have always said.  Tithes belong to God.  We've been taught to give them to the place where they believe that He is working.  We are all responsible for making our own judgment in this matter.  Absolutely false leaders have presented us with this decision  twice in this decade.  I explain to people that I am tithing because I am paid by Global.  They ought make their own decision.  Only one person seems to have misunderstood this explanation.  Incidentally, there are those who have heard my comments and who continue giving and others who hear it and are now banking their tithes.  I understand it's their call and they should make it.


Certainly it would be easier and safer for me to give the good "company" answers that San Diego asks of me.  Since I wrote the books which collate  Mr. Armstrong's teachings in great detail, I am often the one that is called when people are threatened by heresy.  I am in harm's way.  Many don't go to headquarters because they know headquarters does not care as they should.  If I speak forthrightly to people as though they are not "dumb sheep", people like Jack Hendren (who has some doctrinal differences with Mr. Armstrong himself) feel uncomfortable and seek to prosecute the minister doing his duty as Mr. Armstrong instructed.  It should be noted, by the way, that I sent the four people to Jack Hendren after they came to me because he was their pastor.  I did the correct thing.  He knows this.  I shall not send anyone to him ever again.  Considering what happened, would you?


I was asked to apologize to Harold Smith, Bill Swanson and Jack Hendren.  There seemed not to be ANY way to comply and I knew it.  I needed time to figure out how to address this ludicrous request.  Harold Smith is on the Council and actually voted on all the above measures that comprised my "sentencing".  Incredible!  However, I would like to now apologize FOR these men TO God's people.  Their teachings and Mr. Hendren's actions against me certainly require apology for the harm both have now done to God's church.  If only I could just go along with the heretics. . .if only I would just pipe down. . .if only I could learn to back off . . . relax. . .take it easy. . .not be so protective of the details of doctrine. . .get away from being hung up on Herbert Armstrong or that he was Elijah that restored all things. . ."holding fast WHAT WE HAVE that no man take our crown". . . "continuing in the Apostle's doctrine and fellowship". . . "holding fast the faithful Word AS I HAVE BEEN TAUGHT". . ."continue you in the things which you have learned and have been assured of KNOWING OF WHOM YOU LEARNED THEM". . ."proving ALL things and hold fast". . . and so many other verses.  If only I could be less "extremist  ". . .less reactionary. . .less ultra conservative. . .less right wing. . .if only, if only. . .but I can't and wasn't.  For this I will be hated by many.  I have recently sent out two tapes that conclusively prove that Mr. Armstrong was the Elijah of Malachi 4:5-6!  Part III will be given Sabbath to conclude it.  This doctrine is far far more important than you could ever imagine.  The tapes can be found on my website which is: Perhaps half the Council or more either does not believe this understanding at all or does so without understanding the tremendous implication of this teaching which Part III will explain.  Any who think I would ever compromise this teaching or its implications on ANY other teaching simply do not know me or the suffering I have done for 28 years as a minister.  It has galvanized my determination and will more than you can know.


It would be tragic if discouragement drove some back to LCG where they not only do not teach that Mr. Armstrong was Elijah, but are also shot full of their own heresies.  Daniel 11:32-34 says that "but the people that do know their God shall be strong and do great works".  And "they that UNDERSTAND among the people shall INSTRUCT MANY: yet they shall fall by sword, and by flame, by captivity, and by spoil, many days.  Now when they shall fall they shall be helped with a little help: but many shall cleave to them with flatteries. . . even to the time of the end:"  Do you believe this?  Do you believe Gal. 6:1-2?  Do you believe James 5:19-20?  Do you believe Hebrews 10:23-26?  If you do, then you have to be out helping people.  You cannot sit back and ignore people being wounded by heresies that must come among us for reasons explained in I Cor. 11:19.  Individual people of the Era known for brotherly love simply must try to help people who are being captured by one heresy after another all around us.  When "good words and fair speeches are deceiving the hearts of the innocent" (Rom. 16:18) one must act and I did.  When a minister gives a series of sermons outlining a horribly wrong understanding of many important end-time  prophetic events and says he teaches "massively different" from Mr. Armstrong and then sends them all over, you must strive to protect people from these false ideas.  They are not just "alternative views" and harmless.  Paul said heresy is like cancer and leaven.  Cancer always spreads and kills its host.  Leaven always spreads and fills its host.  A little leaven leavens the whole lump.  I'm stuck on that, brethren and ministers.  I know that many brethren hear the voice of Christ in these words.  Since this is the tepid, lukewarm age, I know that most will not.  They'll say that we need only "speak the same things" (I Cor. 1:10) on doctrines that are "core", "basic", "fundamental", "major", or "essential for salvation".  There are two problems with this and both are BIG.  Everybody defines these doctrines differently and everything else is "up for grabs" depending upon what changes people want or need to make to accommodate their own thinking.  If people want  to make a change, they simply declare it to beneath the threshold of "core".  The problem is that this will not cut it before the judgment seat of Christ.  I fear God and will not please men.  Perhaps the above  condition is why a senior San Diego minister has recently reapproached United's Council to quietly reopen a dialogue with them (unbeknownst to the Global Council) to see where it may lead.

I am sending this everywhere because the announcement has been made everywhere.  I had no choice.  I have used no confidential mailing lists and merely wish to help my brothers in Christ.  If you think I am merely misled or very zealous or misinformed, then simply discard this letter.  I know that I will be countered and attacked furiously in days to come.  I cannot help that.  May God give me the grace and the courage to accept what will now happen to me with dignity.  I thank Him in advance.

In Christ's Name,
David C. Pack

P.S.  I have just read Raymond McNair's latest member letter alleging Global's determination to hold fast to the teachings of Mr. Herbert Armstrong.  Several people have already called me expressing shock at how he could say this right after he explains what he considers have been several minor changes in recent years.  Read paragraphs two and three carefully.  They claim the Bible as their authority for making changes.  What does this mean.  So did Joe Tkach.  So did Martin Luther.  So does Billy Graham.   So does Rod Meredith.  So does the Pope.  Can I announce my own changes if I say I got it from the Bible?  On Tuesday night of last week and Tuesday April, 13, Mr. McNair privately told me in nearly 3 ½ hours of conversation that he was deeply concerned about Harold Smith and Bill Swanson's numerous heresies.  He asked me to "be a warrior" and to really "help him" stand strong for doctrines in Global.  Even though Global should not be changing doctrines at all, this is a lesser problem to the one of ministers free lancing through Global with doctrines of every shape, flavor, color and texture known to man.  This member letter is timed to mute my warnings - - clearly - - and Mr. McNair knows it.  It is sad that he will privately speak so clearly to me while writing these things publicly.  At least his own public words betray the falsehood that we are standing fast in Global.  Who decides what is a small change or a large change anyway?  It's all in the eye of the beholder.  Is there not room for Herbert W. Armstrong in Global or one who teaches exactly like him?  It seems not.  Mr. Armstrong ROARED like a bull against heresy.  He "set himself to defend the Gospel" and "was in nothing terrified by his adversaries" (Phillip. 1:17, 28).  It was Mr. McNair who privately urged me several times during the recent split to not mention Mr. Meredith's two plus dozen doctrinal changes.  He kept telling me we'll just look bad because "Rod will just deny them, Dave, and what can we do.  He'll just say we exaggerated or explain them away".  This sounds remarkably like Mr. McNair's latest letter.  Obviously, Mr. McNair did not dissuade me from listing the doctrinal changes of RCM.  I knew that some few would still care though Mr. McNair did not think it important.  He kept telling me that we ought to  stress that this split was about  government.   Incidentally, I believe the government that the Board privately adopted in the days after the split is unscriptural.  I said so repeatedly at the time.  Global rejected having the leadership (not rulership) of one man.  Mr. Salyer was appointed President of the corporation.  Mr. Pope was appointed President of the Executive Committee.  And Mr. McNair Chairman of the Council and Board.  He has often told me that his power is limited to do the things he wants to do that are right.  He cannot deny saying this to me.  Mr. Armstrong many times condemned leadership by a committee.  Sadly, two straight false leader's conduct sparked a pendulum swing too far in the other direction.  I hope the reader will care enough to read the 12-15 quotes from Mr. Armstrong I have reviewed just today to know just how insidious it is to play down all of the changes through Global.  The brethren are being frauded by the happy face coming from San Diego in the last 24 hours since the guy who was warning them of financial and doctrinal problems has been booted from the Council and "check mated" by probation and the assertion that I acquiesced to my sentence and promised to "comply".  What a shame.

P.P.S.  Mr. Salyer's Friday evening letter to the ministry just arrived as well.  It is full of additional spin on why the finances are still good.  His comments are directed, at least partially, at me for sure.  I'm glad a few cuts have finally been enacted.  I'm one of those "businessmen" who will tell you they are not remotely enough to survive.  Once again, I want Global to survive for those who wish to be here.  My being fired will not cause me to say what the LCG people said - - that no Christians remained behind.  Maybe these statements will spur more cuts.  There is absolutely not a sliver of chance to repay the loans because Global will LONG since have run out of money before the payments are ever due November 1 - - let alone have the money to repay them.  Fellow ministers, please look at the budget projections you received in February.  Study what the offerings were SUPPOSED to be.  They were $89,000 not $124,000.  The April income was well under $120,000 not over $150,000 as projected.  March was up due to the special offerings but February looked like April.  The bank balance April 30 was supposed to be $251,000 plus not $100,000 plus.  An offering in late May will buy much of June.  That is good.  What happens after that will not be good.  This is a very rough look at a handful of the many additional reasons why I have written that catastrophe looms.  Again, I'm one of those "businessmen" Mr. Salyer says will be nervous by his report.  I also mentioned that March would end with very little in the bank.  Remember, I could not get people in San Diego to answer a variety of questions pertaining to expenses after mid-February.