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The Church of God/Jehovahs Witness/Millerite Millennium

The typical Armstrongite/Jehovah's Witness/Millerite version of the millennium

Our littlest crackpot prophet is back again mocking Christians for doing things he does not consider Christian, even though most of the stuff he does no 1st-century follower of Christ would ever recognize, but that's another subject.

He copied and pasted a list of things that Church of God Outreach Ministries posted about so-called Christians keeping things not in the Bible. One of the topics is concerning heaven. They state:

No—the saved do not go there. They remain in God’s care (as inert spirits) until Jesus returns, when they reign with him firmly on Earth. In the end, the Father comes from heaven to reside on Earth.

In the myths and legends of Armstrngism, Christ returns to earth where he reigns assisted by loyal Church of God ministers and members who persevered to the end when they are all turned into gods and goddesses, just like Jesus. God will return in a golden cube that plops down where Jersuelam once stood and all people will flow to it. 1,500 mile high and square. Why would anyone want to live elsewhere if you can live in a golden cube with God? That is a post all by itself!

In that magical kingdom, the world will be made right and children will play in parks with lions, tigers, and bears. People will be out hiking in the mountains and enjoying nature as it was meant to be. Various Church of God headquarters campuses will be museums of truth and beauty that will amaze people for centuries. It will be the epitome of the peaceable kingdom. There will be no war, no crime, no arguing, no guns, and nothing negative will ever see the light of day. The lion will dwell with the lamb and all will be glorious.

And then there is this version that COG excuse makers quickly gloss over:

When Christ returns the elements of the earth will melt. The heavens and planets will be destroyed with "fervent heat". Everything will be consumed by fire. 

10 But when the Day of God’s Judgment does come, it will be unannounced, like a thief. The sky will collapse with a thunderous bang, everything disintegrating in a raging inferno, earth and all its works exposed to the scrutiny of Judgment.

11-13 Since everything here today might well be gone tomorrow, do you see how essential it is to live a holy life? Daily expect the Day of God, eager for its arrival. The galaxies will burn up and the elements melt down that day—but we’ll hardly notice. We’ll be looking the other way, ready for the promised new heavens and the promised new earth, all landscaped with righteousness. The Message Bible

10 But the day of the Lord will come like a thief, and then the heavens will pass away with a loud noise, and the elements will be destroyed with fire, and the earth and everything that is done on it will be disclosed.[a]
11 Since all these things are to be destroyed in this way, what sort of persons ought you to be in leading lives of holiness and godliness, 12 waiting for and hastening[b] the coming of the day of God, because of which the heavens will be set ablaze and destroyed and the elements will melt with fire? 13 But, in accordance with his promise, we wait for new heavens and a new earth, where righteousness is at home. NRSVUE

Perhaps Basil Wolverton got it right, after all!

I can hear it now though, "You are wrong"! This is all post-millennium when Satan is allowed to roam the earth again and deceive people. God will be so pissed by that point he burns it all up. What a cruel trick to be played upon humanity to live in glorious peace and harmony while lingering in God's mind the upcoming return of Satan deliberately sent to wreck the peaceful world and deceive many so they can be slaughtered.


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Crackpot Prophet Claiming Apostolic Succession


Our most highly favored end-time prophet of the Church of God is back with his annual missive on how the Walldensians were Sabbath keepers and had apostolic succession.

The Great Bwana to Africa would claim apostolic succession considering he believes himself the greatest Church of God leader in human history. The problem lies in the fact that the Great Bwana Bob Mzungu Thiel was never ordained by anyone over him in ANY of the Church of God's he attended. This also leads to the myth that true apostolic succession is only available in the COG movement inherited over the centuries from other Sabbatarian leaders.

If that were true, which it is not, then how can the Great Bwana claim such nonsense? Herbert Armstrong never ordained him. Dibar Apartian and Rod Meredith never ordained him. Gaylyn Bonjour never ordained him. Heck, even Joe Tkach never ordained him when he was part of the Worldwide Church of God!  The Great Bwana just adds this to the growing list of lies he tries to con his African members with. 

The true Christian Church of God, and all of its true ministers, have laying on of hands succession from the original apostles to present. 
And yes, we believe all who held succession did keep the seventh-day Sabbath, including Peter Waldo.

Waldensian Apostolic Succession
Jesus said that the true church would continue to the end of the age. Did any in the groups called Waldensians (or Waldenses), Vaudois, or Moravians have apostolic succession? Were there such claims over 500 years ago? Did any group claim to have an actual apostolic succession list of bishops? Was such a list at least partially accepted by the British Parliament in the 18th century or the Greek Orthodox Church in the 15th century or others centuries ago? Could the Waldenses have came from the true church in Antioch or Asia Minor in the 3rd or 4th centuries? Do modern American Waldensians claim to have such a list? What about the ones associated with that church or its Archivo Della Tavola Valdese in Italy? Did Dr. Thiel put together such a list and share it with them? Can such a list be seen today? Dr. Thiel goes over that and some of his research into this topic, while also asking for others to help fill in the gaps or assist in improving the list in this video. Dr. Thiel also discusses its symbol with a candle on a lampstand pointing to the fourth star and Jesus words in Revelation.


Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Restored Church of God Exit Letter by Steve Bell From England


The following Restored Church of God Exit Letter by Steve Bell in England was given to with permission to share publicly.



January 14, 2024


My Dearest Brethren,


Greetings from the Northwest. I hope this email finds you all doing well and keeping warm.

Thankfully, spring will be here before we know it, which means warmer weather.

For 14 years, my family and I have been blessed with the ability to have broken bread and have fellowship with you. We thoroughly enjoyed all the time that God has allowed us to share together on the various Holy Days, and we long for that fellowship daily.

I know I don't write to you very often and haven't emailed you all in a long time. I suppose life gets in the way. Being in my mid-forties with a little one who keeps my wife and me on our toes and exhausted at the end of each day, a lot of time passes without noticing it. It seems like only yesterday that we were at our first Feast of Tabernacles, where we met most of you for the first time. It’s funny how time passes so quickly the older one gets.

I write to you from a place of genuine love and concern because we all are being deceived, and for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, I'm certain that most, if not all, of you have at least thought about this yourselves. We have been listening to a great heresy for many years. We have been hearing incredibly confusing messages, and yet Scripture tells us that “God is not the author of confusion but of peace and a sound mind.”

We have been given failed prophecy time and time again by Mr. David C. Pack. From March 2022 to today, we have been given 78 false dates for the return of Christ/God's Kingdom, and each one of those dates has come and gone without consequence.

I don't know how many more dates were given before then, but I know there were many.

Deuteronomy 18:21-22

And if you say in your heart, How shall we know the word which the Lord has not spoken? When a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord has not spoken, but the prophet has spoken it presumptuously: you shall not be afraid of him.

The word “afraid” in the Hebrew means “to sojourn or abide with.”

2 Peter 1:20

Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the Scripture is of any private interpretation.

“Private interpretation” in the Greek means “one's own solution or explanation.” And yet, the men at Headquarters sit behind closed doors and privately interpret them, and they fail. God's prophecies NEVER fail.

Another recent heretical teaching is that Christ will take the Passover on the 15th of Abib when Scripture clearly states time and again that the Passover is the 14th of Abib. Ask yourselves, would our Saviour “unlawfully” take the Passover a day late?

Also, we have learned that Christ isn’t the Branch, although YOU KNOW HE IS!!! This is absolute wickedness and heresy. Scripture is being perverted to mean what it doesn’t mean!

God admonishes us to trust NO MAN, put your trust not in mortals, TRUST GOD!!!!

Also, consider the new “new moon” doctrine, which is absolutely unscriptural. The ONLY new moon that is to be observed is The Feast of Trumpets.

Isaiah 1:14

Your new moons and your appointed feasts my soul hates: they are a trouble unto me; I am weary to bear them.

Scripture also tells us:

1 Thessalonians 5:21

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

Yet, I remember four or five years ago, a letter was sent to Headquarters regarding the prophecy series from a brethren stating this verse to which this response was given:

“You’ve already proven all things, you’re in the Church, that’s all you need to prove.”

The word ALL in 1 Thessalonians 5:21 is “pas” in the Greek. It means literally “everything, the whole, every kind of, all things.”


We have all been betrayed and lied to. You should not abide with that false prophet any longer.

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that my family and I are leaving the organization of The Restored Church of God. I know that you will be told we have left “the Church” or “the Truth.” We are not leaving the Church or the Truth. We are leaving an organization where lies and wickedness abound.

Brethren, we genuinely love and care for you all. We hope and pray that at least some of you will not cut us out of your lives. You are our family and friends, and we are thankful for that. Never in my life have I known such genuine and kind people.

May God continue to guide and bless you all for all your days. I look forward to the day when we all see each other again.

All Our Love,

Steve Bell & Family


Courtesy of marc Cebrian

See: RCG Exit Letter: Steve Bell

Dave Pack: Inarguable, Impossible, Immutable...


Tuesday, January 23, 2024

LCG: The Old Covenant Is NOT Obsolete!

Doug writes:

Is the Old Testament Obsolete? Jesus said that Christians are to live “by every word of God” (Luke 4:4). The Apostle Paul wrote, “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God” (2 Timothy 3:16–17). When these words were spoken and written, the primary Scriptures in existence were the books of the Old Testament. Today, many have been told that the Old Testament has been superseded by the New Covenant and the New Testament. Yet, when Paul cited Old Testament passages to Christians in Corinth, he said, “Now all these things happened to them as examples, and they were written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the ages have come” (1 Corinthians 10:1–11). When Jesus and the Apostles quoted Scripture, they quoted from the Old Testament. King David wrote in Psalm 119:160 “The entirety of Your word is truth.” The Old Testament is not obsolete. The truth of God contained in the Scriptures will eventually fill the earth (Isaiah 11:9)—which is why we study the whole Bible today.
Have a profitable Sabbath,
Douglas S. Winnail

One needs to remember that the words "Old Testament" and "'New Testament" were added by Bible publishers and were never any part of the canon. If you really want to be accurate then it should be Old Covenant and New Covenant.

The old covenant is a covenant made with the children of Israel as a people and a nation. It involved no one else - other than those who wished to be part of the system who then had to take on that identity through circumcision and other rules. It never involved anyone else outside Israel nor anyone hundreds or thousands of years later. That covenant is found in Exodus 19-22. Those writings are still intact and never passed away. They are still there, but the covenant is a totally different story.

The Old Covenant was contingent upon the people's obedience to the Law of Moses, not for salvation, but upon blessings and cursing depending upon performance.

Prior to the delivery of the law to Moses, God made a covenant with Abraham:

Galatians 3:16-18  NRSVUE
16 Now the promises were made to Abraham and to his offspring;[a] it does not say, “And to offsprings,”[b] as of many, but it says, “And to your offspring,”[c] that is, to one person, who is Christ. 17 My point is this: the law, which came four hundred thirty years later, does not annul a covenant previously ratified by God, so as to nullify the promise. 18 For if the inheritance comes from the law, it no longer comes from the promise, but God granted it to Abraham through the promise.

God never changed his mind about his promises to Abraham but made a new covenant which was needed, and which was the plan all along. The law was added because people no longer trusted in God. Their transgressions needed to be pointed out to them through blessings and cursings.

And yet, old covenant writings, as a freshman in seminary learns, portray a shadow of something to come. Something bigger and better. That old covenant was completed and replaced by something NEW. What had lost its glory took on a new glory.

2 Corinthians 3:10-15. NRSVUE
10 Indeed, what once had glory has in this respect lost its glory because of the greater glory, 
11 for if what was set aside came through glory, much more has the permanent come in glory! 
12 Since, then, we have such a hope, we act with complete frankness, 13 not like Moses, who put a veil over his face to keep the people of Israel from gazing at the end of the glory that[a] was being set aside. 14 But their minds were hardened. Indeed, to this very day, when they hear the reading of the old covenant, the same veil is still there; it is not unveiled since in Christ it is set aside. 15 Indeed, to this very day whenever Moses is read, a veil lies over their minds,[b]

Hebrews 8:7-9. NRSVUE
7 For if that first covenant had been faultless, there would have been no need to look for a second one. 
8 God[a] finds fault with them when he says:

The days are surely coming, says the Lord, when I will establish a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah, 
9 not like the covenant that I made with their ancestors on the day when I took them by the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt,for they did not continue in my covenant, and so I had no concern for them, says the Lord.

Jeremiah 31:31-32. NRSVUE
A New Covenant
31 The days are surely coming, says the Lord, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and the house of Judah. 32 It will not be like the covenant that I made with their ancestors when I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt—a covenant that they broke, though I was their husband, says the Lord. 
Hebrews 10:9-10 NRSVUE
9 then he added, “See, I have come to do your will.” He abolishes the first in order to establish the second. 10 And it is by God’s will[a] that we have been sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.

Galatians 4:30. NRSVUE
30 But what does the scripture say? “Drive out the enslaved woman and her child, for the child of the enslaved woman will not share the inheritance with the child of the free woman.”

2 Corinthians 3. NRSVUE
Ministers of the New Covenant
3 Are we beginning to commend ourselves again? Surely we do not need, as some do, letters of recommendation to you or from you, do we? 2 You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, known and read by all, 3 and you show that you are a letter of Christ, prepared by us, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets that are human hearts.[a
4 Such is the confidence that we have through Christ toward God. 5 Not that we are qualified of ourselves to claim anything as coming from us; our qualification is from God, 6 who has made us qualified to be ministers of a new covenant, not of letter but of spirit, for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life. 
7 Now if the ministry of death, chiseled in letters on stone tablets,[b] came in glory so that the people of Israel could not gaze at Moses’s face because of the glory of his face, a glory now set aside, 8 how much more will the ministry of the Spirit come in glory? 9 For if there was glory in the ministry of condemnation,[c]much more does the ministry of justification abound in glory! 10 Indeed, what once had glory has in this respect lost its glory because of the greater glory, 11 for if what was set aside came through glory, much more has the permanent come in glory! 
12 Since, then, we have such a hope, we act with complete frankness, 13 not like Moses, who put a veil over his face to keep the people of Israel from gazing at the end of the glory that[d] was being set aside. 14 But their minds were hardened. Indeed, to this very day, when they hear the reading of the old covenant, the same veil is still there; it is not unveiled since in Christ it is set aside. 15 Indeed, to this very day whenever Moses is read, a veil lies over their minds,[e] 16 but when one turns to the Lord, the veil is removed. 17 Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. 18 And all of us, with unveiled faces, seeing the glory of the Lord as though reflected in a mirror, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another, for this comes from the Lord, the Spirit.

It is amazing to watch as LCG still tries to cling to something that is no longer in effect. The thing whose glory was long ago tarnished. The thing that killed and could never give life. The thing that was old, worn out, and obsolete.

No scripture can be more effective in stating that than this:

Hebrews 8:13 NRSVUE
13 In speaking of a new covenant, he has made the first one obsolete, and what is obsolete and growing old will soon disappear.

Stating it is obsolete does not mean what is written there, its historical narrative, and its wisdom are no longer useful, but that it points to something bigger and better to come, who Jesus is and God's story with us. Again, basic Christian understanding.

The Old Covenant made exclusively with Israel was laid to rest and made obsolete with the crucifixion and resurrection.

Hebrews 8:10-13. NRSVUE
10 This is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, says the Lord: 
I will put my laws in their minds
and write them on their hearts,
and I will be their God,
and they shall be my people.
11 And they shall not teach one another
or say to each other,[a] ‘Know the Lord,’
for they shall all know me,
from the least of them to the greatest.
12 For I will be merciful toward their iniquities,
and I will remember their sins[b] no more.” 
13 In speaking of a new covenant, he has made the first one obsolete, and what is obsolete and growing old will soon disappear.

What Doug and most in LCG fail to understand is that the covenant was made obsolete, not a collection of books. The writings prior to Jesus are NOT the Old Testament. Even Jesus referred to these writings of the prophets and the law.

The law of Moses was part of the Old Covenant and we today are not part of that covenant. We have been invited into a New Covenant. Something bigger, better, and more glorious where condemnation and cursings no longer have power. It is time to break those shackles and be free.



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Crackpot Prophet On How To Claim You Are Elijah And One Of The Two Witless Witnesses Without Actually Saying You Are


The stormy weather is moving out of California as gloomy weather weather turns into sunshine and warmth. The stormy weather seems to have had an impact on the mental fragility of our highly favorite self-appointed prophet who resides in the Arroyo Grande/Grover Beach area of the Central Coast. Ever since our favorite self-appointed prophet discovered that God had preordained his end time coming as the best Church of God leader in human history, the Great Bwana to Africa and the occasional Cuacaisan has been searching long and hard through Scripture to determine how it speaks about his awesomeness and how we should all be trembling at the mere sight of him. As he is in the second decade of his rebellion against Rod Meredith and the Living Church of God, this mighty prophet has deemed it necessary to take on more and more biblical mantles to prove how important he is in his own mind.

Today the Great One is talking about Elijah and the Two witless Witnesses and how he carries the heavy burden of those mantles never actually claiming he does so in a forthright manner. He expects people to be too stupid to see through his charade.

The Great Bwana Mzungu writes criticizing Churches of God, UK, and Church of God Outreach Ministries for their Elijah/prophecy stance. Remember, this is the Great Bwana who is NEVER wrong about anything while everyone else out there in COGland are poor deceived schmucks.

Although people, like the discredited Ron Weinland and David Pack have claimed to be ‘Elijah,’ neither of them are. 
Yet, the Bible does show that there will be an ‘Elijah’ who is alive before Jesus returns and that it is likely that he will be one of the two witnesses. And as Jesus is likely to return within the next couple of decades, it is reasonable to consider that he must be alive today.

So, Elijah is alive today channeling himself in a Church of God man. The complete arrogance and idiocy of this belief is shocking.

As we inch closer and closer to these perilous end times there has to be some indication of just who this man might be. No one outside Church of Godland is smart enough or converted enough to carry on this role. 

So who might this man be? One guess as to who this is being described below:

Could he be one who has restored information on church history, doctrine, prophecy, and the reason that God created anything? Could he be one reaching people around the world with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God in over 1,000 different languages? Or has God not chosen to have him do much at this stage?

Any guesses? This is who it is NOT talking about:

Was it Herbert W. Armstrong?

BUT...a BIG BUT, Herb thought he might be and because he thought he might be this also gives the end-time prophet justification for thinking that he is Elijah and one of the two witless witnesses:

Did Herbert W. Armstrong ever think he might be Elijah? 
Most definitely. 
The late evangelist Raymond McNair admitted:

However, on occasion, Mr. Armstrong may have expressed some doubt in regard to his calling and ministry, concerning himself being the end-time “Elijah,” (McNair, Raymond. Was Mr. Armstrong Who He Said He Was? Ad in Connection’s section of The Journal, June 30, 2004).
Yes, HWA expressed some doubt–not simply may have. Herbert W. Armstrong admitted to Aaron Dean, his long-time personal aide (and Aaron Dean told me this personally on several occasions for over the past two+ decades) that he might not have understood the biblical passages on the Elijah correctly before he died, and that God could raise someone else up to fulfill the Elijah role. Furthermore, HWA specifically expressed doubt to the late evangelist Dibar Apartian (and who also told me). Dibar Apartian did not believe that HWA was the Elijah when we discussed this several times and he agreed with me about this.

Using Raymond McNair and Dibar Apartian as sources of truth is ludicrous. These are two of the worst false teachers in the church.

Our crackpot prophet continues:

Those with a WCG background might find the following quote from Herbert W. Armstrong of some assistance here as he wrote:

Those called into the Church were called not merely for salvation and eternal life, but to learn the way of God’s government and develop the divine character during this mortal life in the Church age …   
Also Malachi 4:5-6 pictures the Elijah to come at the very end of the Church age (Mystery of the Ages. 1985, pp. 201, 349). 
And when was the “Church age” supposed to end according to Herbert Armstrong’s old church? Notice:

God has set before us an open door and no MAN can shut it. God can shut it, and He will when the work is finished and the Philadelphia Church goes to a place of safety. …The Laodicean Church is not going to be worthy to escape to a place of safety. When it is too late, they will find that the Church of Philadelphia has gone to safety (What Is the “LAODICEAN CHURCH”? Good News August 1959 Vol. VIII, Number 8). 
Now since the Church age has not ended, and the Day of the Lord has not yet come, then it follows that Elijah was to come on the scene publicly after this was written.

The mere fact that the Great Bwana has to quote Mystery of the Ages nonsense proves right off the bat he does not know what's is talking about. Who in the right mind looks at the MOA as accurate and the word of God? But, this does not stop the Great Bwana from setting himself up as the Elijah to come:

Now since the Church age has not ended, and the Day of the Lord has not yet come, then it follows that Elijah was to come on the scene publicly after this was written.
HWA, himself, wrote:

Jesus shall come, SOON NOW, to RESTORE ALL THINGS! He did NOT restore all things when he first came. John the Baptist did not “restore all things.” But the one who was to “restore all things” just before the “day of the Lord” and preparing the way for Christ’s second coming, was YET to come, in the future, as Jesus said. Now what are the “all things” to be RESTORED? “Restitution” means restore to a former state or condition (Armstrong HW. Brethren & Co-Worker Letter, August 24, 1982). 
Note that HWA states ONE (Elijah) comes just before the day of the Lord—an event that still has not occurred, hence some additional restoration beyond what HWA did is needed–and this has been happening in the Continuing Church of God. CCOG has restored more than any COG in the 21st century and under the human leadership of Bob Thiel it continues to do so. In time, God will make the final Elijah clear to all willing to see (this is NOT saying that he MUST be Bob Thiel–but we believe it will be a leader in CCOG).

I can state here and now with 100% confidence that this so-called Elijah will NEVER be Bob Thie, Steve Dupris, or any other self-appointed man from the improperly named "continuing" Church of God. That is a fact that cannot Bwana Bob can't be refuted. 

The delusional one continues:

Furthermore, it should be noted that a careful reading of another one of HWA’s articles supports the idea that the Philadelphia era will need to have something else be restored. HWA wrote:

This very WORK OF GOD for our day is foretold in the prophecy of Revelation 3:7-13. But there it is revealed that we, today, are a people of but little strength – little power (verse 8)! – within ourselves though we have faithfully KEPT GOD’S WORD! The impact of this WORK OF GOD today is going out only through the power of God! Are you having your part in this very WORK OF GOD? But – let’s face it! – WE DO NOT HAVE WITHIN OURSELVES, AS GOD’S INSTRUMENTS FOR HIS WORK TODAY, ANYWHERE NEAR THE POWER OF GOD THAT ACTIVATED THAT ORIGINAL FIRST-CENTURY CHURCH! For that very reason, the living Christ says (verse 8), He has opened to us the gigantic door of MASS COMMUNICATION! The magnified power of the microphone and the printing press. Yet that is only physical, mechanical power! The REAL POWER that makes God’s Work vital and alive is the Holy Spirit of God! (Armstrong HW. Christians Have Lost Their POWER! Plain Truth, Jun 1958). 
The Greek word translated as strength, dunamis, which HWA refers to as power, is the same Greek word that is normally translated as ‘miracle’ or ‘miracles’. Thus, Revelation 3:8 shows that the Philadelphia Church will have some type of miracles, and although I agree with HWA’s position that the initial power/miracle had to do with electronic media, I also agree with him that the old WCG did not have, “ANYWHERE NEAR THE POWER OF GOD THAT ACTIVATED THAT ORIGINAL FIRST-CENTURY CHURCH.” Thus, HWA acknowledged, howbeit indirectly, that the power of God had not been fully restored to his WCG. And it should be noted that dreams and gifts of prophecy were given to the first-century church (Acts 2:17-18) and thus, according to his own writing, there should be these type of occurrences at the end. One group in the 21st century has that (see Dreams, the Bible, the Radio Church of God, and the ContinuingChurch of God and How To Determine If Someone is a True Prophet of God). (Hyperlinks deliberatly removed)

There you have it, once again, there is NO ONE in the entire Church of God movement who can even be considered as Elijah since every single Church of God is a false church. 

So who does this leave for us to look forward to?

The Great Bwana himself! 

The false prophet and certified liar ends with this:

Sadly, just as many would not hear Elijah’s nor John the Baptist’s messages, relatively few will pay much attention to the end time Elijah as well.

That is not a surprise as most Christians in the end times were to be Laodicean, and Jesus warned the Laodiceans since they would not ‘get with the program,’ that they would be punished (Revelation 3:14-18).

Of course, if you are willing to believe the truth and do what the Bible teaches, that does not have to include you.

Anyone who believes the truth of the truth of the Bible and is a follower of Jesus knows for a FACT that Bob Thiel is NOT Elijah. The improperly named "continuing" Church of God is not a true church, empathically is NOT practicing first-century Christianity, and has no truth worthwhile for humanity to hear. That is a fact. An irrefutable fact! 

The Elijah’s restoring of “all things” means that he is to be restoring information that the true Church of God once understood, but later must have lost or misunderstood. 
The problem is that just as many would not hear Elijah’s or John the Baptist’s messages, relatively few will pay much attention to the end time Elijah as well.

This is a bald-faced lie. None of this is true and most certainly Bob Thiel is not and never will be some "Elijah" to come. Bob has been lying to the church since he started his cult in a fit of rebellion in 2012.

Steer clear of this liar and his sick cult!

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Walt Disney Productions Was Not Impressed By Basil Wolverton


From Facebook: Cartoon Research

His submission:

Disruptor Dave - "We’re gonna blow some things up..."


Disruptor Dave


Once David C. Pack hooks on to a goofy analogy or catchphrase, he rubs it in everyone’s face. Much like a toddler seeing another kid play with a different toy, the Pastor General of The Restored Church of God grows bored with his own ideas rather quickly, and we need never suffer hearing them again.


Some in The Restored Church of God might remember how “prophecy is like pulling wire from a wall” when the Worldwide Church of God’s Revelation “Big T” was disavowed. These brethren would have been present when the ever-changing Kingdom W’s were on the projector screen for weeks at a time. Boy, those were long days in Media Production Services.


Since then, the Prophecy Wizards sequestered in the Third Floor Executive Imaginarium must be very impressed by their own talents for conjuring “a jolt,” “super metric,” “the Golden Document,” “trial and error,” “hard reality demanding really hard thinking,” “telling, not foretelling,” “stone-cold math,” “the Trumpets solar system,” “the Mount Everest firewall,” “a Tale of Three Decembers,” “a Tale of Four Pictures,” “a Story of 13s,” “a Tale of 14 months,” “cascade learning,” and my personal favorite, “the move move a rock analogy um.”


During “The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 490)” on January 13, 2024, David C. Pack attempted to soften the edges of embarrassment for un-teaching what he had just taught by introducing a concept that points the finger at the brethren if they try to resist it.


God has a sense of humor and is a fan of irony in 3…2…1…


Part 490 – January 13, 2024

@ 00:36 Well, I'm gonna be a disruptor today, and…


In this perfect moment, David C. Pack takes a drink of water mid-sentence. I laughed out loud. He disrupted his own introductory statement, announcing he was a disruptor.


Wow. The disruptor disrupted himself. Classic.

David C. Pack is a man with a fragmented mind, speaking fragmented words and conducting fragmented actions.


@ 00:44 …I think you’ll find in the in the most wonderful way. But, absolutely a disruptor.


By being a disruptor, Dave means he will radically change the brethren's thinking during Part 490. Thinking that he imposed upon them. He is disrupting ideas they would not even have if he had not rammed it down their throats.


@ 00:51 We’re gonna blow some things up. Put ‘em back together and see a picture that is almost infinitely better than what you now believe between now and the time we break for dinner.


Being a disruptor is just a fancy way of retreading bald tires while the car is still moving.



David C. Pack acts like a greasy politician when faced with something uncomfortable. He simply ignores it. The Mystery of God was finished last week, and the Series was finally over. Yet, the brethren came to the Winter Social just in time to watch their human idol dodge all that.


@ 04:22 Then, I began to think of some things. Go on over to Psalm 89. Talking about Elijah. You know, using his name so we know who the subject is here.


David C. Pack lies as easily as sipping a cup of coffee. It is casual and thoughtless. Lying is such an embedded part of his character foundation now he is not even aware when he does it.


@ 04:47 Psalm 89 verse 29. Speaking of this David. “His seed also will I make to endure forever and his throne as the days of heaven.”


Elijah is not mentioned in Psalm 89. Dave is convinced he is the David God talks to in Psalm 89. His penchant for arrogant presumption keeps him in ignorance.


The brethren of The Restored Church of God assemble on the Sabbath to hear David C. Pack preach about himself. He is calculated enough to avoid first-person pronouns to not alarm anyone.


@ 07:53 So, somebody is on that throne in Psalm 89, continuing to witness (apparently) forever. It's a subtle point, but when you couple it with Revelation 20 and Genesis 8, it’s crucial. Not to be missed.


Disruptor Dave invited Jesus Christ off of David’s throne so he could sit there forever instead. David C. Pack becomes the Vicar of Christ in incremental steps. The more divine knowledge is revealed, the more Christ-like David C. Pack becomes.


He will only worsen as the Series creeps toward Part 500 and beyond.


@ 46:58 In Isaiah 55, there’s this man named David. If your first name was David, [chuckles] you’d be concerned about what this means. He's called a Witness Commander. He's a leader, and he's a commander, and he's in charge, but he's a witness commander, and he's in glory…


If any Davids in The Restored Church of God wrote Headquarters thinking this could be them, they would be immediately disfellowshipped and placed beside me on the Kook List.


Yet, David C. Pack is above reproach.



Disruptor Dave realized that the devil and his demons will be resurrected after being put to death.


@ 08:49 The church long believed that the devil continues to live forever despite all the verses we know. Yet, we know he’s put to death. So, this is gonna invite the question: Is he put to death forever? Or if you can continue to add members of the Family of God forever, don’t you need the devil forever?


So far, Dave covered that, as Elijah, he would sit on David's throne forever. The Family of God grows forever. The devil is killed but resurrected to live forever. This is how summed that up:


@ 10:25 I just thought I’d improve your dinner tonight with my introduction. I told ya I was gonna disrupt you. Your thinking, and I I I know I have. But I said it would be in a wonderful way. Well, we’re nowhere near wonderful things.


David C. Pack unintentionally spoke the absolute truth.


The Restored Church of God

We’re nowhere near wonderful things.™


What the brethren of The Restored Church of God believe is your fault, Dave. Not theirs. Being a disruptor is a thinly-veiled repackaging of reimagining your own fraudulent ideas.


Dave sees himself as a benevolent theological hero rescuing the innocently mistaken brethren from their uneducated thinking. As a disruptor, he shakes them out of their malarkey daze so they can see the pure light of truth raining down like gold from heaven.


Until it is disrupted next week.


@ 11:17 So, could the Acceptable Year that we're waiting for still involve only a year? Not fifteen months, but only a year?


Disruptor Dave blew up the fifteen-months-is-a-year idea that he invented.


@ 47:31 But, if if you were [chuckles] if you were where we were a week ago, you gotta fifteen-month kingdom, then you hafta have us controlling the whole fifteen months till the seven years. 


All brethren must outwardly believe everything that falls from David C. Pack’s lips or face brethren-snitched, hireling-enforced consequences. Of course, they had to accept what he said a week ago.


David C. Pack proves people who believe him to be fools week after week after week. Like dogs returning to vomit, they lap up whatever the man says.



@ 20:52 Midst of the years. It we it very difficult because every year since the Garden has been the same. It’s Passover to Passover.


Last week, Disruptor Dave failed proving Abib 15 began years since Creation. The moon was created on Day 4, not Day 1. God told Moses when a year began.


Dave willfully ignores Bible verses and simple math when they refute his presumptive conclusions. Only he is allowed to do that, brethren. Despite heaping up fraudulent understanding, David C. Pack will continue this narrative until it no longer suits him.


@ 50:59 …every year will start at Passover. That’s why God had to (over these recent weeks) get me to see that.


There is no fear before his eyes. David C. Pack credits God with his ever-changing, corrupted ideas declared immovable one week and disrupted the next. The man preaches in God’s name, swears falsely, and curses himself with the penalty of death.


It is terrifying to consider what shall befall David C. Pack when God reaches the end of His patience.


@ 27:49 So, now, more real disruption. Okay? I said I was gonna be a disruptor. But, so far, so good. But now, I’m gonna bring some some really serious disruption.


Yawn. Skip. Whatever.


@ 1:09:14 I hope I’m disrupting your thinking (again) in the in the most wonderful, marvelous, happy possible way.


He is disrupting THEIR thinking? No. He disrupted his own thinking and was forced to repackage his doctrinal moonwalking. This is just another amateur magic trick. A deceitful gimmick. A cheap illusion. This is more of David C. Pack’s biblical fraud masked by a cutesy label.



@ 45:26 But, I worry about these kinds of things. You should, too. Because you love truth. That’s why you’re here. That’s why we’ve endured all that we have to be here.


If you love the truth, you cannot attend The Restored Church of God.


If you love the truth, you cannot be a "minister" in The Restored Church of God.


If you love the truth, you cannot continue to pay David C. Pack to lie to you.


If you love the truth, you cannot be in the presence of a false apostle, false teacher, false prophet, blaspheming liar, hypocrite, and false christ.


If the brethren loved the truth, believed their Bibles, and held their “ministers” accountable, they would be the real disruptors of The Restored Church of God.

Marc Cebrian

See: Disruptor Dave