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Gerald Flurry And PCG Have Blood On Their Hands AGAIN Because Of Another Suicide Of A Member

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We have all heard over the last few years the disgusting policy that Gerald Flurry has forced upon his members telling them to cut off all contact with ex-members whether they be family or friends.  It has had a devastating impact on the lives of many people, none more so than the following story of a suicide that happened recently in PCG due to its no contact policy.

PCG is deliberately LYING to members about this.

From Exit and Support website: Letters of those impacted by PCG:

Suicide in PCG Due to No Contact Ruling:

(Notice: Certain details have been changed in this letter due to further clarification.)

July 28, 2014
Janet C. Privratsky, age 30, a member of PCG, committed suicide on July 20 because she had to cut off her parents and only brother due to the no contact rule. She became depressed and then killed herself. Her husband's name is David. Someone I know (ex-PCG) attended the funeral and said it was heart rending to see the parents' grief. Not one person from PCG was in attendance. PCG is truly a sick organization. --[name withheld]

Members Being Told Death of Janet Privratsky Was Due to Heart Failure:
July 29, 2014

Just read on your site this morning about Janet's death being a suicide. Those in the PCG are being told it was "heart failure." People have been so saddened and shocked!

Believe me, I know how this will be kept on the "down low!" They will not want this out there, for many reasons. One of them being, PCG is in the process of purchasing property in the UK, raising up another college. This would not go over well at all. I am shocked--not once did this enter my mind.
It sickens me. Here it is in a nutshell: You obey the PCG rules because those laws, rules, judgments, anything that comes down from the "government" (which, believe me, members strongly and devoutly believe comes from God); if you go along with all this, you will get along just fine in the PCG, and love it there. But if you disobey and voice any disapproval, and do not agree, and do not give in, you cannot stay in the PCG; cannot be among the people.

Janet's parents and brother, for whatever reasons, were suspended from PCG. I do not know when. David and Janet would, of course, be told they could no longer see her mom and dad and her brother, since the ones who leave are considered to be "Laodiceans."

In their hearts, to whatever degree, David and Janet felt God (down through His "government") was telling them to do this. David, most likely still does, no matter how much he hurts. He'll just suck it up and draw closer to all his PCG family, with all their "love and support."

Everyone in PCG just hopes and prays no one in their family leaves. They don't want to go down the same path as Janet or want that for anyone in their family.

I can tell you right now, many in PCG do not agree with that ruling! But if you choose to leave and your family's in, you just cut yourself off from your own family! They'll turn it around and say, "We did not cut you off, you cut us off when you left us!" They believe firmly, Satan now has you.

If you have any more details or proof about this, let us know. I do know for sure that it was a PCG minister that officiated at the funeral.
Thank you. --Anonymous

Gerald Flurry's Disgusting "No Contact" Edict That Has Destroyed Families

Below is the official statement by Gerald Flurry, leader of the Philadelphia Church of God cult.
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Monday, July 28, 2014

Are Philadelphia Church of God Elite Children Now Dancing to Honor the Sun - Their Lord and Father?

Ever on the quest to spend more tithe money and to gain favor in the eyes of the world, the Philadelphia Church of God resorts to all kinds of tricks to accomplish that.  Because it is mocked and ridiculed in the various Churches of God for its horrendous treatment of members and their families it is constantly scrambling to make itself look good.  Its horrendous reputation for not allowing medical treatment that can save lives, its breaking up of families, marriages, friendships and for causing the suicides of members, it will never have a positive light in the COG or the world.

Because its image is so tarnished in the COG's it has to go out to the world to find favor.  Flurry had to build his mini-me auditorium that was totally unnecessary and without worth in the Edmond area.  Millions of dollars went into it and now the PCG is suffering mightily because of the financial drain.  Flurry is trying to bring in first class concerts and is courting the rich in Edmond to income partners in his "musical" endeavor, just as Herbert Armstrong did with the Ambassador Auditorium.  Just like the Ambassador Auditorium, the Herbert W Armstrong Auditorium has became a white elephant sitting in the midst of the cult compound as a reminder that money was foolishly spent.

Now the story gets more complicated.  Due to the history of British Israelism in the Church of God, Flurry has had to embrace it even more wholeheartedly.  Without the myth of British Israelism the PCG would have no reason to exist.  PCG's version of BI's goal is to promote white exclusionary exceptionalsim.  That exceptionalisn dates back centuries as the  supposed lost 12 tribes made their trek northwards trough Europe into Britain and Ireland.  Its to those Irish "roots" that the PCG now has prostituted itself with its members money.

Like in the Worldwide Church of God, the elite of the organization lives lives of excess and luxury.  That same trend is carried over into the PCG.  Flurry, his family members, and the upper echelon of the PCG are reaping those rewards as their lives are pampered and upheld by the tithes of the lower class members of the church.

Tremendous amounts of money have been spent over the last several years by Gerald Flurry and Wayne Turgeon bringing Irish dance to the chosen people of God.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent on bringing in teachers, building dance studios, paying for costumes, putting on dance performances, travel, etc.  Many members are totally disgusted by this enormous waste of money.

Most of Flurry's grand kids and nearly every child in his Imperial Academy are now being taught Irish dance, all paid for by tithe money of the gullible sheeple.  The PCG has even flown in teachers from Muggivan School of Irish Dance to train their kids.

PCG's most famous Irish dancer is Gerald Flurry's grandson, Jude Flurry.
Jude Flurry is only eleven years old, but he’s already an accomplished Irish Dancer. Having danced since he was six years old, he placed 9th in this year’s world championships. My Outlook, Jude Flurry
Shane Granger of Armstrong Auditorium talks about the pagan roots of Irish dance and how the PCG celebrates the paganism:
Riverdance is based on the story of the Irish people. The beginning of the show deals with the first settlers coming to Ireland and realizing the power of the land. This part of the show incorporates symbolic elements representing the sun, the moon, thunder, lightning and water. The stories and themes are heavily influenced by Celtic mythology. The second half of the show deals with the Irish people’s emigration to America. Scenes depicting Irish immigrants and African-Americans sharing dance and song illustrate the unifying power of these human experiences. The Riverdance finale shows how the Irish people have joined the various communities of the world while retaining their heritage through music and dance.
Nothing like a little sun, moon and nature worship to go along with the worship of Herbert Armstrong in the PCG!  The PCG talks about Riverdance in all its promotion when it comes to promoting its Irish dancing members.  The show has always had a great following regardless of the countries it has played in.  Its a fascinating evening of dance all filled with one pagan reference after another.

Some of the lyrics of Riverdance include this in its opening act:

Out of the dark we came
Out of the sea
Where the long wave broke on the shore
As the day broke and the night rolled back
There we stood
On the land we would call home
Out of the dark we came
Out of the night,
The first of many mornings in this new place
When the sun rolled back the mist
We rose like a strong wave on land
Now we were the people of this place
What burns through through the mist?
What banishes rain and dark?
What makes the children straight and bright?
What makes the mountain sharp?
The sun is our lord and father
Bright face at the gate of day
Comfort of home, cattle, and crop
Lord of the morning, lord of the day
Lifting our hearts we sing his praise
Dance in his healing rays
Blessed Beltaine
Celtic Sun Worship

There is no doubt that Jude is a highly accomplished dancer and I think it is great he can accomplish this while still being part of a cult.  It is sad to see a such a talented kid have his life wasted by being part of such a sick cult that has such a damaging history behind it.

Stevie Flurry had this to tweet out:

Here's another tidbit that an exPCG member sent me:

Do you remember how the church used to teach that God lived in the northern heavens?  One would think that when HWA and Flurry built their auditoriums they would have the membership facing the throne of God while worshiping.  Ambassador Auditorium faced East so that all worship was done towards the rising sun.  Flurry's auditorium faces Southeast AWAY from the Northern skies.  The PCG has turned their backs towards God!

Straitway Life Ministry: Another Splinter Group Claiming To Have ALL The Answers

In the first few seconds of Brother Dawid's video you will immediately see that he places his significance upon the law by having illustrations of the temple and the ark.  Like most in Armstrongism the law trumps everything.  Just another confused dude spouting hot air.   At least he has a straight backdrop unlike Bob Thiel.  Why do all these know-it-alls always look and sound batshit crazy?

New Book: Walking From Lockney To Jerusalem: My Life In The Worldwide Church of God

For those interested:

From Amazon:

It’s a walk of faith--and it also involves a “faith of inconvienence”...Join Coy Reece Holley as he takes you through a "walking tour" of his life in this unique "memoir with a twist in ”Walking From Lockney To Jerusalem: My Life In The Worldwide Church of God". This book will help you see evangelical Christianity through totally different eyes and will provoke you to explore issues not only in religion, but also in society that you may not have otherwise considered. He also recounts his own unique journey as a member of the Worldwide Church of God originally founded by Herbert W. Armstrong (now called Grace Communion International) through an insider's perspective of what happened in the years shortly before Joseph W. Tkach, Sr.'s 1994 "Christmas Eve" sermon as well as the aftermath of "the changes" within WCG/GCI that followed. Mr. Holley tells the story of how those "changes" have impacted both past and present WCG/GCI members even to this day.

News article here: Plainview resident to release online books

From Authonomy:

Come join me on a TRUE "walk of faith" by reading "Walking From Lockney To Jerusalem"!
Second Corinthians 5:7 reminds us that we "...walk by faith, not by sight." For most people in evangelical Christianity, this particular verse is a hard passage to put into practice. But my own life has proved to be an continued practical lab experiment that my God has used to put abstract spiritual concepts on the bottom shelf and make them more easily understandable. "Walking From Lockney To Jerusalem: My Life In The Worldwide Church of God" serves as an autobiographical account of not only my own personal life story, but also particularly emphasizing the personal journey I underwent in becoming a member of a church that just 25 years ago was once called a "cult" by many in orthodox Christianity, but which has since renounced previous unBiblical teachings for the cause of Christ. In "Walking...", I recount from an insider's perspective both the positive experiences as well as the trail of tears that myself and many other WCG members experienced after "...the changes". I also use some of my own stories as a way to give voice to other WCG brethren who still to this day have problems in expressing how they feel about what has happened in WCG/GCI.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Gerald Flurry Still Looking To Establish A "College" In An Area Known For Nudism and Wicca

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Gerald Flurry seems to be having some issues in finding a suitable estate in the UK to start a satellite version of his idolatrous Herbert W Armstrong "college" based in Edmond Oklahoma.  Flurry originally had his sights set on buying parts of the old Bricket Wood campus that the Worldwide Church of God owned in the 1960's and 70's.

Most COG members never knew that Bricket Wood held some dark secrets that most would never have appraoved of in the church: nudism and wicca.

During the 1930s the area became popular with naturists after Charles Macaskie set up a naturist camp on the outskirts of the village. Naturists bought up plots of land on the edge of the village and built their own communities, which at first didn't have electricity or running water. The village also began to attract Wiccans after Gerald Gardner set up Bricket Wood coven.


The village of Bricket Wood has been host to at least six naturist clubs: Fiveacres Country Club, Spielplatz, The Sun-Folk Society, Gardenia (originally named Silverbirch), Diogenes Sunlight Society (also known as The Phoenix Recreational Society), and The Suncampers. Of these, Gardenia has now closed and been built on, Diogenes became the Diogenes Sun Club when it moved to near Maple Cross. The Suncampers have gone but the three remaining clubs are all still open.
The clubs have been there for many years. Fiveacres Country Club was founded in 1927 off Oakwood Road and is the UK's oldest naturist club on the same site. Spielplatz was founded by the Mackaskies in 1929 after visiting Fiveacres and they purchased their own site in the village in Lye Lane , The Sun-Folk Society started in 1931.


In 1954 Gerald Gardner published his book "Witchcraft Today" to advance his own practice of Wicca as a modern religion. He established his first coven at Bricket Wood. Gerald Gardner operated his coven from Fiveacre Country Club in Bricket Wood.[1]