Saturday, September 13, 2014

How Ambassador College Used One of Satan's Greatest Books


The mind of an Armstrrongite is a terrbile thing to waste....or make fun of:

From a conservative Yahoo Group that worships HWA:

I blame lots of this confusion on the way people hang onto the teachings of Books like. “How to win friends and influence people.” 
It is all about selling by manipulation. Starting on commonly held idea’s. Leading people to lower their guard. Then when fully mesmerised, to throw in the deceitful selling pitch. Then get out quick.  Before the people realize they just bought something they never wanted.
Compare that to how Mr Armstrong advertised and sold things. He gave the facts, explaining in detail.

 My wife was talking to a Protestant Minister a few years ago and he asked what Church did she attend. She answered something like a part of the Old WCG. Now this is where the story gets interesting.
He said that at the Ministers college  they taught from his books. Etc.
So this would mean that they learn how to twist what he taught. How to bamboozle people’s minds. Of truth and error to confuse.
Quite a few years ago, I started to studied many books like. “How to win friends and influence people.” Just to learn how people (and Church Ministers) use mind control tricks to sell ideas.
I have heard how one WCG Evangelist said. “That after Ambassador College started to use the Book. “How to win friends and influence people.” That he was never able to tell if anyone was telling the truth or lying”.

 I believe that those types of sales book are based on the spirit as stated in. (especially the words I have underlined below) Gal 5:20  idolatry, sorcery, hatred, contentions, jealousies, outbursts of wrath, selfish ambitions, dissensions, heresies,
One of Satan’s greatest Books was taught in Ambassador College.  Everyone needs to get those idea’s completely out of their minds.
Christ talked lots about the Truth. We need to get back to Yes is Yes.  Not the “Yes” of those Selling Books that means. “Tricking you. Sending you to sleep”.
Everyone should read these. “How to lie and manipulate People”. Books to find out how to be on guard to the methods of the power of the air.  
In short. Confusion comes from Satanic idea’s.

Friday, September 12, 2014

UCG's Epic "Why Were You Born" Media Failure

UCG went into hyper-drive recently touting a new lecture series featuring Gary Petty.  The topic they picked has been a favorite one that has occupied Armstrongites for decades.  Why Were You Born?  Only Armstrongites seem invested in this and that is tied directly into HWA's obsession with it in the 1940-50's.  Coming out of the War people were asking this question in light of the atrocities and millions of lives lost.  Today, hardly anyone even worries about this, yet UCG claims it is the most asked question in all of humanity.

UCG released the facts about this wondrous campaign the other day including numbers of attendees.

Attendance at the event was over 200, including some local United Church of God members and Ambassador Bible College students. (Due to space limitations, the majority of local church members were not able to attend.) In addition, almost 400 webcast connections watched the event live online—representing more than a 1,000 people.

Particularly encouraging, was that the seminar drew 74 new guests, most having reserved tickets ahead of time, with a few showing up at the door for the event. Everybody who attended received a free seminar-themed notebook with pen and a copy of the United Church of God booklet Why Were You Born? (which was previously titled What Is Your Destiny?).

Notice what was said above:  attendance was around 200, 126 attendees were UCG members, employees and ABC students.  74 people were non-COG.   With an urban population of 2.2 million,  74 people is a horrendous payoff for the amount of money dumped into this failed campaign.

Billboards in the Cincinnati area through Lamar cost around $2,500 each for a four week period.  Their impact is the number of vehicles that drive by in a given period of time times the number of occupants in the vehicle.  UCG bought  eight of these billboards. Other costs were to rent the hotel room at the Holiday Inn for the meeting and for the free pens and notebooks given to the attendees.

Pandora radio ads were paid for, 746 ads were paid to run on Time Warner Cable in the Cincinnati area.  UCG had to pay for over 1,000 Google click-through ads.  5,400 letters were mailed by the USPS to household in the Cincinnati area.  This does not include the employee cost that it used to run Facebook and Twitter accounts or to plan the event.

Only in Armstrongism can it be declared a success they 74 people out of 2.2 million show up. It just goes to show that all the millions they are dumping into booklets, magazines and television shows is having a negligible impact worldwide.  No one knows who UCG is or what kind of silly message they are promoting.  It still plays mainly to a COG base that is constantly shape shifting from one group to the next.

Read the glowing report by UCG here:  “Why Were You Born?” Event Draws 74 New People in Cincinnati

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lawrence Mumme: COG Weddings Are Heathen Celebrations of the Incestuous Relationship Between Isis and Tammuz

The latest Journal is out, issue 165 (pg.10).  One of the advertisements this time is from Lawrence Mumme on weddings.  Like any good Armstrongite he has to find something pagan about weddings.  Anything that is enjoyable in the world and daily life seems to lead directly back to paganism.  Nothing can be simple in Armstrongism.

Mumme writes:

"Heathenism Is Still With Us
We have cast off the pagan holidays,such as Easter sunrise services, Christmas with its exchanging of gifts, Halloween and its evil. But how about the other paganism?  From the very most ancient times, the heathens have followed the “Queen of Heaven” by doing what she did:having weddings. She came down the aisle (in her temple, dressed in white with a white veil; “here comes the bride”). The glory went to her,not to God. All eyes were upon her. This was an incestuous union—with her son.The two were known as Isis and Osiris, or Easter and Tam-muz, or Inauna and Damuzi (Tammuz). This was very sinful. The righteous people had no such thing."
"One of hte ways of the devil's church that we of the Church of God still observe is that of having weddings."
"Every day, thousands of women march down the aisle dressed like the Queen of Heaven. Is this Christian? Invoking the name of Christ at a wedding ceremony does not make it Christian any more than placing the name of Christ on the Saturnalia, calling it Christ- mas,makes it a Christian holy day"
If you read his article you will quickly see that the entire thing is focused upon the women.  They are the sinners that wear white.  They parade down the aisle like "the queen of heaven" and they file for divorce.  Its all their fault.  Men seem to be hapless bystanders sucked into the deception of the vile satanic women.  Only men can file for divorce and it is the disruptive women of society that have caused the divorce rates to skyrocket.  Apparently the woman must remain in the abusive or failed marriage and if that fails must remain single the rest of her life.

At least 50 percent of husband-wife unions fail, along with the backing by the government that upholds the wife with alimony and property. This is the scourge of this nation:the breakup of the home.

Jesus gives only one exception to divorce, and that is to the man:“except for fornication”(Matthew 19:9).
 If he finds out she was not a virgin,fraud.
 If she afterwards fornicates.
 If she withholds herself from him so that he is tempted to fornicate (1 Corinthians 7:5).
 Adultery is the classification for all sexual sins. Women have no biblical authority for divorce.1 Corinthians 7:1-5 is very important. Romans 7:1-3:
 Here she has no way out, except possibly to remain single. (See 1 Corinthians 7:10-11.)
Its all the fault of those damn Catholics!  They had to go and ruin everything for those in Armstrongism.

“By the authority of Jesus Christ, I now pronounce you man and wife.”

These words are heard every day.Yet,without authorization from the state,such a ceremony is illegal and will not hold up in a court of law. There is no right of inheritance for the children either.

This ceremony is a mockery to Jesus Christ and is not found in the Bible, either in an example nor any words to that effect.

A woman does not become a wife till the union is consummated.

Isaac took Rebekah to his mother’s tent and she became his wife (and not till then) (Genesis 24:67; see also Song of Solomon 3:4).

The ceremony called “the wedding”came down through the centuries from heathen religions to Rome and the Catholic Church,which uses it and did use it to control people and exert authority. If you do not go through their ceremony by one of their priests,it is considered a sin and your children are considered illegitimate,so they say.

It has erroneously been said that “God performed a ceremony for Adam and Eve”(Genesis 1:28). This was a command from God, not a ceremony. Adam and Eve had no choice in the matter.

If you are a minister, you have authority only from the state in these matters,and not from Jesus Christ

The Queen of Heaven had her incestuous union stamped with approval by the rite we now call the “marriage ceremony.”

God’s Word shows no rite whatsoever. It is not the taking of vows that I am writing about. It is that heathen rite where the bride enters, dressed and veiled as the Queen of Heaven, and the audience rises in homage.The groom comes in silently from the side (based on a quote from HWA in 1957).
I guess the pagan origins of wedding rings, wearing white are not as bad as wearing white and walking down the aisle with a veil.  Damn women!  Its all YOUR fault...and Isis, and Tammuz, and Herbert Armstrong, and SATAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gerald Flurry Gives Aaron Eagles Wife A Job To Further Drive A Wedge In Their Marriage

It was recently revealed that Gerald Flurry had kicked Aaron Eagle out of the PCG and was actively encouraging his wife to divorce him.  Aaron Eagle was once a high ranking minister in the PCG splinter personality cult. Aaron butted heads with Flurry's latest boytoy Cal Culpepper, and lost.  Culpepper has a long history of treating PCG members like dirt and recently was partially responsible for the suicide of Janet De Gennaro.  Eagle tried to take a stand against Culpepper's abuse and failed.   Armstrongism has a long history of protecting the abuses in its midst. as well s meddling in the marriages of church members.

Now to further broadened the divide in the Eagles marriage Flurry has hired Corinne Eagle to teach at his cult compound's elementary "school."

How more vile can this man get?

Home School Teacher Joins Imperial Academy

Gerald Flurry Demands That Aaron Eagle's Wife Divorce Him When He Tried To Expose Cal Culpeppers Abuse

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Gerald Flurry: We Are Here To Be Imperialists! The Two Top Nations In The World Tomorrow Will Be the US and England

Gerald Flurry was lecturing to his 73 students at the most important college ever built in the world recently.  It was the opening session for his new class year of Herbert W Armstrong "college". For some reason Flurry now seems to think he is an authority William Shakespeare.  If it wasn't for Shakespeare the world would not know about Imperialism and British Israelism..........say what?

During Mr. Flurry’s orientation lecture on Monday, he encouraged students to continue watching world events, and to think deeply about them. He focused on William Shakespeare as an example of one of history’s deepest thinkers.
Gerald Flurry cannot talk about Jesus Christ or anything he actually taught, but will now use William Shakespeare as an inspiring addition to his Old Testament prophets and heros.
Shakespeare was a perfectionist, Mr. Flurry said, and he lived in the era when the British Empire was beginning to rise. Mr. Flurry said he believed God influenced Shakespeare to enhance the education and vocabulary of the British people, emphasizing that students can learn a lot from this poet who was heavily influenced by the Bible.

“We are not confined to Oklahoma,” Mr. Flurry said. “God has commissioned us to go to the whole world. ‘Our island is too small.’ This is about the whole world, the whole universe, and the whole Family of God.”

The Chancellor On the Bard

After his orientation lecture on poet William Shakespeare, Herbert W. Armstrong College chancellor Gerald Flurry shared more of his thoughts:

On how he hoped the students would be impacted by the lecture:
“What I was hoping for the students to take from it is: You’ve got the greatest scholar who ever lived, and he really was an empire-builder. I think God influenced his development so it would give the British people every opportunity to deliver the message about David’s throne. It’s not just about education. It’s about building an empire. If you want to be in that business, you need a great education in vocabulary and communication.”

On Shakespeare’s impact:
“Everyone knows Shakespeare. We can tie it in to when Britain was a superpower. If you were talking about the Bible and empire, it wouldn’t mean nearly as much to the British people. They can relate to Shakespeare.”

On America and Britain:
“The two chief nations in the World Tomorrow will be Britain and America. What’s coming isn’t bad news when you think about that.”

On imperialism:
“The students need to think, We’re here to be imperialist. How do we do that? We need to get educated. That’s critical.”

On the importance of education:
“I was hoping this would make them realize how important this education is. If they want to fulfill their goals and ambitions, they have to be serious about education.”

Once again American exceptionalism is trumpeted as the cure all for the worlds problems.  It is only through the US and Britian that godly knowledge flows forth (from Edmond Oklahoma and a future UK campus)  All rulers in the world tomorrow will be PCG members from these two countries. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Apocalyptic Views of Armstrongism

The Late Great Planet Earth had its apocalyptic predecessors, but with a big-name evangelical publisher behind the book, its breezy novel-like writing style, and the instability of world events, American Christians were ready for an end-time scenario that would offer some hopeful sign of what the future might bring for them before 1988.

Herbert W. Armstrong’s 1975 in Prophecy!, written in 1956 and illustrated by Basil Wolverton, who also did work for MAD Magazine, is almost indistinguishable from Lindsey’s foray into prophetic sensationalism. Monte Wolverton offers this brief perspective on the apocalyptic views of Armstrong, the Worldwide Church of God, and his late father:

Armstrong thought he had discovered the heretofore lost key to all biblical prophecy, and that the Tribulation spoken of in the book of Revelation would shortly fall on the United States and the nations of the British Commonwealth. Not unlike many evangelical preachers of the early 1930’s, Armstrong adopted a dispensationalist paradigm, with a pre-millennialist, literal interpretation of the apocalyptic sections of scripture — albeit with his own particular spin. The Bible, he taught, predicted imminent worldwide calamities, followed by the return of Christ and a happy Millennium, followed by the destruction of the wicked, followed by the advent of new heavens and earth. . . . As Armstrong’s following grew, so did the threat of a second world war. He believed this was it—the Beast, the Antichrist, and the whole end-time enchilada. Armstrong, of course, was wrong — and this would not be the last time.[5]

Similar to Armstrong, who miscalculated the timing of the “Great Tribulation,” Lindsey was wrong about his prediction that a “rapture of the church” would occur 40 years after the 1948 founding of the modern state of Israel with a near certain claim that the end would take place by the year 2000.[6] Unlike the Worldwide Church of God which abandoned its end-time speculative theology, Lindsey is as convinced as ever that the rapture is just around the corner. Even after most of his predictions did not come to pass as they were outlined in The Late Great Planet Earth, this has not stopped him from creating his own prophecy empire that includes books, articles, CDs, DVDs, and a weekly prophecy update.

Read more at:  Is It Time For Doomsday or for Building A City on a Hill? 

Philadelphia Church of God Mantra: Pay Any Price, Sacrifice Any Person, and OBEY Us

 A letter on Exit and Support about the Cal Culpepper/Aaron Eagle, Gerald Flurry Controversy:

September 2, 2014

I guess reading about the De Gennaro's daughter and Aaron Eagle prompted my email. I had originally written you Read: PCG Wanted to Make All My Decisions for Me] and explained how I had been told I wouldn't be able to take the Passover because I took money from my second tithe to fix my car. (It appears I wouldn't have done it in a worthy manner.) Aaron Eagle was the one who called me after Cal Culpepper and Gerald Flurry had their confab. I knew by Eagle's tone and hesitation that he had a problem with those instructions, but he made the call.

I left 5 months later, although I had been having thoughts for the past 3 years that things were terribly wrong. Personally, I never saw Eagle as the kind of minister like Culpepper. He was in a league along with the Barkeis and other older ministers who minded their business and didn't pry or ask embarrassing questions. You went to them if you had a problem, or needed advice, and it was your decision if you took it or not. As long as you didn't break "church doctrine" you were good. If you were suspended, it was with the understanding that you could reach out to your minister "at any time" and talk, and he would also be in touch with you. You were also expected to be brought back, never to be left out in the cold and alone.

I ask myself how long is this going to go on, before people realize their fear should be on things outside the church, not in it? Men like Cal Culpepper cannot possibly have God's spirit. How can Christ be living in a man that does the things he does and says the things he says? The abuses to these "sheep" are abominable. Families turning on each other out of fear of retribution from their leaders, the very ones that are suppose to be protecting them.

I knew the De Ganneros from the times I would go to Milton, Canada for services. They were a nice couple who seemed truly dedicated to God. To lose a child, especially this way is more than a tragedy. I would also believe they would not be the first in this church to experience it. The "truth" that comes from the pulpit seems not to be the whole truth, which is funny, since they consider an omission to be the same as a lie. Their reasoning would be she had "emotional problems and wasn't close enough to God." Their mission is simple: pay any price, sacrifice any person, and obey us.
I know brethren that are still in there, I haven't had contact with them since I left 3 years ago. but because of these recent events, I will be emailing them these testimonies and letters, whether they believe or not. I hope they will start to question. --Eileen Graves, New York

The Restored Church of God Song from the "Behind the Work" Film

Secret recording of the new Feast of Tabernacles song that David C Pack
will be playing at his cult Feast this year.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Why Do You Ignore God Telling You To Send Me Your Money When I Am Doing The Most Important Work In The World??????

There's one that about Armstrongism that all the splinter personalty cults have in common.  Its not doctrine, church government, or even prophecy predictions.  Those all are as varied as the hundreds of splinter personality cults.  The one thing they still all have in common is the lust for money.

Now the leader of the one and only true work of God on earth that restoring the truth to former members is now wanting you to send all of your money to him.  He can't work a real job because he feels he needs to write and do commentary on the Bible.  Therefore, he relies on handouts of the people that follow his malarkey.

Apostle James Malm writes:

It is regrettably necessary that I inform you that this past year has been very difficult in terms of income and that we are barely scraping by.  We are now in a very difficult situation; yet of course God will provide.   (i.e. you gullible sheep that will send me money)

Each one of our visitors has an opportunity to be a part of the only work, warning and turning the brethren back to God, restoring the truth that has been lost, revealing the new understanding promised to come in the last days, Dan 12; and expounding the prophecies and true sound doctrine of his Word.  In these historically critical times, you can be a part of this vital work of preparing the bride for her Husband.  Please use the Paypal on the sidebar or visit the Donations page.

As you prepare for the Feast, please think of this work and remember us in your prayers and with your financial support. As you see these things being fulfilled, please do seriously study the prophecy and doctrine and be zealous to learn and to keep the whole Word of God.

Lest you be like the miscreants in David Packs cult that refused to give him their savings account money, God will be watching you to see if you give Malm your money too.  If you do not send in money God will put some more black marks in your salvation records that will count against you on judgment day.
An acolyte writes:
I hope James lets this go on the reply. We should back the one that is doing Gods work for his people in these end times. I am sure that a lot of the ones that are studying on the TSL can support not only God but James also. We give to the COGs more then God asks for but we can’t seem give our True tithe to help God’s real work. God is watching. Thank you James for all you do and have to go through. We all know it is your love for God and his called out that you do this.