Saturday, December 31, 2022

Happy New Year!


Dave Pack's Disheartening Year Full Of Disappointments


Year of Disappointments


The good news for those inside The Restored Church of God is that tonight will be the last time David C. Pack fails in 2022. The Year of Disappointments will finally be over.


The bad news is Dave's learning disability, combined with prophetic hubris, ensures 2023 will be a repeat. He must continue to prove to the members that nobody on the face of the earth or who has ever lived knows prophecy as he does. Because he doodies in the toilet, not in his pants.


At 5 PM EDT tonight, Jesus Christ will return to merge the Roman year with the Hebrew month of Tevet, resetting the calendar to a 30-day cycle so that the 1260 days of Revelation match 42 months. Tevet 8 begins at sunset in Jerusalem, but midnight starts January 1. God will roll back the Hebrew calendar to repeat Tevet 1 and begin a ten-day Day of the Lord. Nebuchadnezzar will be resurrected as the Man of Sin, the Seventh Head of Daniel. Elijah the Prophet will rise to be an opposing voice, so the entire world will know that David C. Pack was right.


You can understand the challenge of making that as simple as possible.


At 5 PM EDT, some on the east coast will be settling down for the after-Services meal, frequently checking their watches and looking out the windows. On the west coast, others will wonder if they will make it to services. A few will be formulating their exit letters in their heads.


After midnight passes in each region of the United States and Canada, members of The Restored Church of God should reflect on the immortal words of their Pester General.


Part 412 – December 27, 2022

@ 1:01:44 In a way, we were right. In fact, we were right twice.

@ 1:04:25 I was right twice, but not in either way that I thought.


Their human idol twice proclaimed his double-accuracy using the past tense. In Part 413, will he twice mention his double-failure that rang in the new year?


The website launched on June 24, 2022. The dates set by David C. Pack have been listed on the main page. Far from complete, it is missing his failures from January 1 to June 29 (Sivan 30).


As of this morning, documents 35 failed biblical dates for only the second half of 2022. If tonight is included, that reaches 36.


David C. Pack has over 36 failed prophetic dates in 2022.


If anyone has documentation regarding his failures from January 1 to June 29, please send them to, and they will be added to the list. Please provide sermon numbers.



The confusion and turmoil current RCG members are experiencing breaks my heart. They have stories of mental and emotional distress but choose to endure this trial as a test of faith, holding on to the idea that God is behind this and that He will “do something” about it.


I encourage everyone on the fence or harboring deep confusion to re-read "Is 'That Prophet' Alive Today?” and re-listen to “90 Reasons to Follow the Truth.” In your current frame of mind, you may find the content enlightening and, perhaps, an answered prayer.


Let David C. Pack warn you about David C. Pack. His words will have more weight than an unordained non-prophet/non-psychic.



Each person has their own line in the sand. Some do not know it is there until it is crossed.


One major red flag that helped me see RCG was not God’s church any longer was when it was first taught that you cannot be anointed in the name of Jesus Christ.


According to David C. Pack in Part 276 and Part 277, James 5:14, "…anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord," refers to the Father. I realized I could never be anointed again. Some in the church today have to struggle with this.


This is one example of know-it-all-Dave doing severe damage to the doctrinal integrity of RCG and cracking the foundation of our belief. He meddled with God and misidentified where Jesus Christ was throughout the Bible.


It was not just about prophecy anymore. It became about which God I served. False apostle David C. Pack ushered in the era of The Restored Church of Another god. He is aided by compromised, cowardly, and neglectful hirelings who surrender their integrity for a cup of beans. Shame on the lot of them.


Edward L. Winkfield's horrific sermon, "Stay Immune to Heresy," was the line in the sand for me. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. After the last song, I put my hymnal down and said, "I don't belong here anymore."



David C. Pack is not a man of his word. David C. Pack tells lies. He spends hours preaching about himself. He tells you everything you need to hear to know if he is true or not. He cannot be trusted with the little things and cannot be trusted with the big things. His reading comprehension skills are spectacularly piss-poor. He has no problem skipping Holy Day or Sabbath services but never misses a meal. He takes Common from brethren and threatens their eternal life, but then buys a $500,000 property because the unkempt lawn was an eyesore. He will set a date for your salvation but plots his own escape days in advance. He is wrong continuously but finds a way he is actually right. And he is a false prophet by his own definition.


Brad, did I lie in any of those statements? If so, please let me know. Dr. Ranney has my number.


One statement Dave made a few parts back struck a nerve.


Part 410 – December 17, 2022

@ 1:44:47 There wouldn’t be a 411 explaining something. I’ve done all I can possibly do.


Like much of what Dave says, this is not true. This is what David C. Pack CAN possibly do:


He could step down as the Pastor General of The Restored Church of God. In a final message, he could tell the brethren:


“After 412 Parts of this Series, I still have no clue what God is doing. I have gotten everything I have ever preached about timing 100% wrong. This solidifies that I am not qualified to lead God's people. 


“I am an incompetent teacher. I change the words in the Bible while I read, so they fit my current narrative. I ignore the warnings in Revelation and love adding to and taking away from the words of the prophecy of the book. I skip words I dislike and add words I need as a crutch to sell my point.


“I told you I was Elijah and then set multiple dates that did not come to pass. And still, you kept sitting there. I am an inept prophet. I am a false prophet. If this were Old Testament times, I would be taken outside and stoned. And you would be justified in doing so. The original Elijah the Prophet would take me down to the brook Kishon and deal with me there. But you fine people kept giving me a pass, accepting what your field ministers repeated, ‘He is only guilty of being overzealous.’


“I have told you fables that you swallowed hook, line, and sinker. These conjured fantasies strained the imagination of plausibility. I have proved myself to be wrong at every step, and yet, you suffer me to continue. I have told you exactly who and what I am, but you would not hear it. The words of my own condemnation have fallen from my very lips, but you continue to accept me.


“I have blasphemed God. I have accused God. I have blamed God’s word. And quietly you sat, bearing with it.


“I said your dead relatives would live again within days. They are still dead, and I never apologized, even privately.


"If I did not stand up here and voluntarily quit, what would it take, brethren? What would it take for you to accept the plain words of my mouth so that you take action? Are some of you so invested in the lie that RCG has become that you willingly choose terminal blindness to hold on to the comfort of what this organization once was?


"If you were expecting the Headquarters ministers to step up, guess again. They are broken men only concerned with serving their own interests and preserving the status quo. They care not for the sheep. The Board of Directors could have voted me out of the corporation but lacked the spine to do so.


“For those waiting for God’s intervention, what are you expecting Him to do? Strike me with lightning at the lectern? Melt me in front of an entire Feast site? Perhaps take me gently in my sleep with a heart attack? You are waiting for Him, brethren, but did you consider He may be waiting for you?


“I have already admitted God blinded me, and I have repeatedly spoken presumptuously. Must I smear my own feces on my face to prove that I have lost my mind? Even then, some of you would stay.


“Due to all of this, the most merciful thing I could do in my entire life is resign from being your Pastor General and admit God has not sent me to teach you any of this. The whole Series is a sham. It is a combination of psychosis and demonic influence that enablers knowingly supported. Burn your notebooks from the past seven years. Burn your note-filled Bible and buy new ones. That is the only way to purge the doctrinal fraud you have been subjected to.


“Go home and tell your family, ‘Wow, I just followed a false prophet for seven years.’ You will be met with hugs and tears of joy.


“Now, after I step down, I will try to repair my marriage and spend real quality time with my wonderful wife. I will continue the rest of my years on my knees, begging for God's forgiveness.


"Brethren of The Restored Church of God. I am wrong. I have been wrong. Please forgive me."



This would be a beautiful thing to see. David C. Pack repenting would be earth-shaking. But that is as much a fantasy as Jesus Christ returning on Christmas.


Part 413 will come. Maybe even today.


David C. Pack cannot stop because that is not only who he is but what he is.


2022 has been a year of disappointments. Without miraculous lightning or flesh-melting, 2023 will be more of the same. But expect it to get even worse.


It is all up to you, brethren of The Restored Church of God. Get out while you still can.


Marc Cebrian

See: Year of Disappointments


Pathetic Little Self-Appointed COG Prophet Releases His 23 Prophecies For 2023

As the end of 2022 rapidly approaches self-appointed prophets of doom, both in and out of the church, are releasing their prophecies for 2023. In COGland today many see themselves at the tipping point of ushering in the end times, a time so many of them gleefully look forward to so they can be proven right for the first time in their pathetic little lives.

The Grande Dame of COG prophecy utterances is our very own Great Bwana to Africa and 150 Caucasians, the esteemed and most highly sought after theological on the planet, the only man preordained at the beginning of creation to arise in the end times and lead the COG into glory, Dr. Robert Thiel Piled Higher and Deeper.

The Great Bwana has released his top 23 prophecies the wishes will happen in 2023.

In Mark 13:37 and Luke 21:36, Jesus tells His followers to watch world events that will precede His coming. In this sermon, Dr. Thiel goes over 23 items to watch in 2023 and points out events that were related to many of them in 2023:

1. Scoffers in the Last Days

2. Morality Prophecies Being Fulfilled

3. Media, Internet, and Other Censorship

4. Weather Sorrows and Troubles

5. Earthquakes

6. The White Horse of the Apocalypse

7. Strife and the Red Horse of War

8. Trade

9. The Deal of Daniel 9:27

10. Knowledge Increasing

11. Debt

12. US Dollar Dominance will Decrease

13. CBCGs and 666

14. Gold

15. Unrest, Terror, and the Dividing of the USA

16. Europe Will Work to Reorganize

17. Europe Will Have a Great Army

18. Steps Towards the Formation of the King of the South Will Occur

19. The Time of the Gentiles will Lead to Armageddon

20. Jews Ready to Sacrifice

21. Totalitarian Steps

22. Preparation for the Short Work

23. Fulfillment of Matthew 24:14 and 28:19-20 

Dr. Thiel goes over prophetic scriptures (in 2 Timothy, Habakkuk, Amos, Daniel, Matthew, Mark, Romans, Revelation, Isaiah, 2 Corinthians, Psalms), including those that must be fulfilled before the start of the Great Tribulation as well as others that also need to be fulfilled before Jesus returns. When are some prophetic events expected and not expected to be fulfilled? Dr. Thiel goes over many biblical items and ties them in with world events that happened and are in the process of happening.

Friday, December 30, 2022

Gerald Flurry: Your Prayers Are So Pathetic Jesus Has To Repackage Them Before God Can Hear Them


We have been watching the mental meltdown of Dave Pack over the last few months as he sinks further and further into spiritual depravity. Still, lest we forget, the church has other men like Bob Thiel, Ron Weinland, and Gerald Flurry who are as equally disturbing, in their own ways.

As his mind deteriorates from old age and a spate of falls resulting in head injuries, Gerald Flurry handed in an article the other day to his son to be published about prayer, and it's as crazy as you can imagine.

Flurry writes about the Church of God's version of the prosperity gospel.

God wants you to be bold when entering His throne room in prayer. Cry out to Him. God isn’t kidding—pray boldly! Don’t just sit back and wait for God to help you; go get help. Let God know all about your thoughts, concerns, worries, cares, hopes and dreams. Ask Him for the things you need and the things you want. Hold Him to His promises in His Word. Take action through fervent prayer to change your life. He will fill you with the mind of Christ (Philippians 2:5)—with hope, faith and holy, righteous character.

The Apostle Paul showed the Hebrews—and us today—how to avoid the big mistake of limiting God and Christ. They want us to be bold the way they are!

Fill your mind with Christ? In a COG? A church that rarely ever discuss the dude and takes great pleasure in killing him year after year in a school gym or a highfalutin concert hall where they leave him till next year because everything about the guy damages the teachings of the PCG.

Flurry continues with three points:

1) That you may enter the holy of holies where God the Father dwells.As baptized, converted Christians, our citizenship is not on Earth but in heaven (Philippians 3:20). That is why we do not vote in local or national elections: We are ambassadors for Jesus Christ and for a spiritual nation (2 Corinthians 5:20). We are citizens of new Jerusalem. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says; the Bible says we are God’s very elect because we stay loyal to God and the throne of David.

There has never been COG yet who has remained loyal to the God they claim to follow. Division after  division has decimated the church just so vain men can build their little empires. COG members' citizenship is no more in heaven right now than they are ambassadors for Jesus Christ. How can they represent a guy they know nothing about and that church leaders deny?

We need boldness to operate in this scary world. Noah spent a century faithfully building an ark for God even though there were no physical signs that a worldwide flood would ever come. By displaying the faith of Christ, Noah condemned the world for mocking him (Hebrews 11:7). By doing God’s Work today, we also condemn the whole world. Sure, the Philadelphia Church of God is a small loyal remnant, but God commands us not to despise the day of small beginnings (Zechariah 4:10).

What "boldness" is any COG doing right now in the world. 99.99 % of the people in the world even know who these guys are. No one cares for messages devoid of the man they claim to represent. they don't condemn the world but wallow in it trying to impress it with concerts, expensive video productions, beautiful buildings, and archeological digs.

2) Because Christ can now live in you. You want to be able to say, like Paul, “I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me” (Galatians 2:20). With Christ in you, you can have the very faith that sustained Christ throughout His physical life. With this kind of faith, you can impact the whole world. You could stand alone against a massive army and, in terms of power, still be in the majority!

This was the case when the Prophet Elisha boldly confronted the Syrians (2 Kings 6). Physically, the situation seemed dire. But God’s army of fiery, invisible angels had the Syrian army surrounded! (verse 17).

A Christ they mock by denying grace, justification, sanctification, and mercy as they whore themselves to the law, their real god. Basic Christian beliefs about Jesus are totally absent in the COG movement, particularly in the Philadelphia Church of God.

They only need their "christ" to gather up their "bold prayers" and reprocess them into something that just "might" impress their god since the intimate words of PCG members are top profane to bypass Christ's ears before God hears them. His purpose is to intercede before a pissed-off god eager to destroy humanity, which includes church members.

Also, in their spare time, they sit around discussing you and your pathetic little lives. Your future husband wants to know everything about you. Being the powerless gods they are, they need to figure out how they can help you.

3) Because Christ now intercedes for us. He is a living Savior. He actively works as the middleman between the Father and us, repackaging our prayers to be more presentable to God. God and Christ have discussions about you. Your Father and your future Husband want to know everything about you. They are working to know exactly how to help you.

If you tried to explain this astounding truth to those in the world, they would laugh at you! It is impossible to explain this to a mind not opened by God. No one can come to God unless the Father calls him (John 6:44). Because you are reading this message, you are either called by God already, or else God is probably working to call you. “For many are called, but feware chosen” (Matthew 22:14). We must come boldly before the throne of God to be chosen. We must let Christ lead us to proclaim God’s message to this world, or God will not choose us today!

It is pretty evident in COGland that God has not chosen most of them to do any work or even speak on his behalf. Not all COG's are like this, a few small local churches are doing good in their communities helping youth and families, but there is not a COG with a current official headquarters that speaks for God. Not a single one!

Instead of following the one who breaks the chains of condemnation from the law, they prostrate themselves in front of the law and hope it intercedes for them.

Forbidden. For What? by Elizabeth O’Leary-Noble


Forbidden. For What?

Elizabeth O’Leary-Noble


I attended The Restored Church of God from 2017 to 2022. Being on the outside now looking in has granted me deeper insights as I reflect, still trying to make sense of it all. There have been many “ah ha” moments as I connect the dots, putting together puzzle pieces that come to mind. This is a continuous daily process.


I guess it's a religious PTSD of some sort. The only way to get through this has been to allow myself to review my thoughts and journal them.


Maybe not everyone experiences this. Or perhaps they do and are afraid to share. I hope that by opening up about my experiences, others can relate and see they are not alone. Many are going through this.


I am willing to be a public voice for others who cannot speak up for themselves. These are personal RCG experiences and observations. Some of which I look back on in shame.


RCG illustrates man-made practices, unfair treatment, and emotional and mental abuse that continues to happen to numerous families.


The RCG ministry is very much like the Pharisees with its legalistic policies. They display cultish practices and behaviors, watching your every move. It is hard to see this while inside, but it becomes glaringly obvious once you leave and can gain some perspective.


See if any of this sounds familiar to you.



Dress Code—I understand why there needs to be dress code standards since not everyone will understand how to dress appropriately for Sabbath services. Some few will come dressed inappropriately and offend others, so I get it.


But, for months before leaving, I took mental notes and did research. I would ask myself, “If God were standing next to me would He approve or disapprove of what was currently taking place?"


I'd like for you to do the same as you read.


Women are told not to wear heels higher than 3 inches, skirts must be below the knee, no pants, no sandals, no slits on skirts above the knee, and no "loud” colors. Hair cannot be too short or too long (past the midback). Ladies aren't allowed to wear make-up or dye their hair. Even though those things are NOT in the Bible.


Men can only wear 3 types of colored suits: navy blue, black, and gray. Shirts can only be white, light blue, or gray. Ties cannot be thin, “boujee,” or feminine.


Anything outside of these parameters is called “worldly.”


RCG has a laughable “education” program called Ambassador Center, which is REQUIRED for all Headquarters employees. The “Leadership and Protocol” class (taught by a man who left RCG in 2019) explains how you are expected to dress. THEIR standards of dress. And you must abide.


I can't help but think back to Jesus Christ's day when everyone was probably wearing whatever rags they could throw on just so they could gather and listen to the teachings of God. Yes, clothing has changed drastically today, but ask yourself if this policy is burdensome to incoming brethren who just want to be spiritually fed. There is a strong emphasis and pressure to "appear godly." When coming into RCG, you are made aware of these policies and are expected to go shopping for "appropriate" attire.


My husband and I had to leave our home one year because of an approaching hurricane. We drove north for hours to stay with brethren who invited us and other members. On Sabbath morning, I discovered we would have services in her home. I wanted my husband (who was not a member) to attend with us, so I asked him to sit with me. I was excited for him to hear what I had been learning.


The local minister told me my husband could not sit in the living room with me to attend services since he did not bring a suit. Huh? We had just fled a hurricane, and it never crossed our minds to pack a suit for him.


Not only was he unable to sit with us, but he was also instructed to leave the house.


I was mortified! And embarrassed! My husband couldn’t sit with us to hear the words of God because he could not meet the dress code? (Imagine the apostles turning away villagers from hearing the words of Jesus because they did not have the right garments. That’s ridiculous to consider.)


I'm confident that if God were standing there, a lot of people would have been chastised for turning away His child who wanted to hear His word.


One of the brethren told me I would never appear dressed down in court or in front of kings and queens, so why would I think it's okay to do that in front of God? So much for mercy over judgment. They didn't seem interested in "letting their lights shine." Instead, they cast my husband out. And sadly, I let them.


That rote answer about courts and kings was repeated over and over whenever I heard about someone "dressing inappropriately." It was drilled into our heads, and some regurgitated it when needed. It's like the circumstances didn’t matter. The RCG policy had to be enforced no matter how it would make my husband feel.


It goes without saying, but this did not give my husband a more favorable impression of The Restored Church of God. That encounter completely turned him off. From then on, he didn't even want to hear about them.


To his credit, he kept quiet about me attending and just wanted me “to be happy.”



Sneezing—If someone sneezes in front of you, you are not allowed to say, “Bless you.”


Those few words are a pagan expression, so it is forbidden in RCG. If you do that in front of a minister or brethren, you will be corrected. If you do it accidentally in public with a stranger just by habit, you will feel guilty after. That is how RCG policies play with your head.


There are historical origins of saying "bless you," but no member of RCG is literally blessing someone so their soul does not leave their body after sneezing. Today, it is seen as a public etiquette and courtesy. We cannot be "like the world" and must avoid that behavior.


Find me one story in scripture about people sneezing and saying "bless you" with a rebuke thereafter. Go ahead. I'll wait.



Heart Symbols—Using heart emojis on social media is not allowed. Having hearts on clothes, jewelry, or art in your house is cause for concern in RCG.


I was told by an older "sister in Christ" that hearts are wrong, they're pagan, and they should be avoided.


My dear friend received a Purple Heart in the Army for saving his friend's life. Since I have always been the "cheerleader" for those I care about, I was his support for getting through an extremely rough time in his life. As a thank you and gesture of appreciation, that friend gave me a beautiful heart necklace with a diamond.


But, I gave that necklace away!


That is how deeply brainwashed I was! I am disgusted over what I allowed to poison my mind and rob me of special momentos that in no way dishonored God.



Birthdays—No celebrating allowed.


RCG teaches that birthdays are bad. It is another pagan practice that supposedly invites demons to watch over you throughout the year. Yeah. That is why anyone would want to observe it.


The Bible examples they tell us that prove it is wrong are:


  • On his birthday, Pharaoh killed the chief baker in Genesis.
  • On his birthday, King Herod beheaded John the Baptist.
  • Job’s children were killed while celebrating a birthday.


They all died, so we cannot celebrate birthdays. This topic has to be proven to each person individually through Bible study. You need to have your own conviction about whether you agree or not.


Remember to prove all things.



Marriage—No interracial marriage. No marrying outside RCG.


My husband and I are of different races. Couples of mixed race can attend RCG. The church is to accept the state in which we are called. They may not split you up, but they will not allow singles to get together once they are in.


Only being able to marry within your race in RCG explains why many brethren are single when they don’t want to be. The dating pool is very shallow, especially for those who aren’t Caucasian or African American.


Age differences are also a factor. Older men can marry younger women, but not often the other way around.


Surprise, surprise. These “judgment calls” are much more “liberal” when it comes to the ministers. Brethren seem to be held to a more rigid standard than the very men who enforce them.



Looking back on these topics, have you noticed anything Pharisaical or cultish? I understand being "set apart" from the world, but many of these policies scream legalism and control.


RCG reminds me of the Pharisees because they were a small subset of the Jewish authority. They were a "sect." That term isn't far removed from the word “cult.”



a system or group of people who practice excessive devotion to a figure, object, or belief system, typically following a charismatic leader


Brethren follow David Pack with unquestioning faith. I did, too, when I was ASLEEP!


One would think exercising discernment and proving all things should result in brethren benefiting by exposing doctrinal errors. But, due to the deception and mental conditioning in RCG, that discernment is rejected and sometimes attacked. You learn quickly to keep your mouth shut if you have "disagreements" in RCG.


For 2 years before my exit, I contemplated these major red flags.



The number-one giveaway that there were serious problems in RCG was by observing the lifestyles of the ministers and leaders. You can't help but see the discrepancy between what is taught and what is practiced. But, you decide.


Is having a barn, horses, lakes, a massive flower garden, over 100 acres of land, and residential houses needed for a church to preach the gospel?


Should a leader and his “top ministers” be so insulated that they arrogantly preach about inflation, groceries, work life, building character, being kind, selfless, and “sacrificing for the work” while living inside their compound funded by brethren, away from the rest of the world?


Their campus life is nothing compared to the average member's living standards. Those same people who struggle to afford food and gas are paying for every new tree that goes onto the campus. They may say the brethren aren't paying for them, but who is paying off the bank loans? Ultimately, the members are paying for all of it.


What about the brethren living in third-world countries struggling to feed their families? How do you think that makes them feel to see the church leadership living cushy and snug while they're fighting every day to survive? Is that godly love?


How about those who need third tithe assistance and are denied? Some are senior citizens or disabled. I know people who are NOT being taken care of by the ministry. God made sure the money was there for needy members, but Headquarters makes those people jump through hoops. Is that brotherly love?


RCG has collected millions upon millions of dollars under a false doctrine made up by David Pack called “Common.” Members have sold off houses, vehicles, art, jewelry, and land, among other things. Some have surrendered their retirement accounts and inheritances. Some people have given RCG so much that they created financial problems for themselves because "Jesus Christ is coming back soon," so they didn't think they would need it anymore. That is what David Pack told them and is still telling them.


No religious organization should be raking in millions of dollars taken off the backs of hard-working people with zero accountability. No member of RCG knows for sure how any of their money is being spent, whether wisely or foolishly. Even those who send in money as third tithe or Ambassador Youth Camp funds have no control over where it really goes. The minister will tell you, "That is none of your concern."


Do not count on the check you write to go towards helping your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Your money is supposed to help spread the gospel worldwide, but they appear to have stopped doing that. The website just sits there. And The World To Come programs stopped being produced 5 years ago. How exactly are they preaching the gospel now?



Whenever I listened to sermons, I noticed almost every minister had their own little twist to the scripture. The applications were strict, with no wiggle room. A lot of "wordplay" was used. Verses were "cherry-picked" to fit agendas, especially "damage control" sermons designed to protect David Pack after a date failure. Or when a "lesser" minister reinforced a new doctrine David Pack had recently taught. Personal interpretations were used frequently.


False doctrines are commonly established by distorting biblical understanding. 


I read somewhere that tampering with the scriptures requires some basis of authority. Often, a cult leader must resort to the claim of apostolic authority. Dooh! That is why the false teachers of the New Testament are so frequently referred to as “false prophets” and “false apostles.”


The Restored Church of God is headed by such a person.


Here are some Bible verses to keep in mind.


2 Timothy 4:3-4

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.


2 Corinthians 2:17

For we are not, as so many, peddling the word of God; but as of sincerity, but as from God, we speak in the sight of God in Christ.


2 Peter 3:16-17

As also in all his epistles, speaking in them of these things, in which are some things hard to understand, which untaught and unstable people twist to their own destruction, as they do also the rest of the Scriptures. You therefore, beloved, since you know this beforehand, beware lest you also fall from your own steadfastness, being led away with the error of the wicked;


Revelation 22:18-19

For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.


Everyone should read "Is 'That Prophet' Alive Today?—The Rise of False Prophets" to clearly understand who David Pack is and what RCG has become.



For those contemplating joining The Restored Church of God, please be careful. We each have our own spiritual path that God leads us through but be warned. To attend RCG is to agree to disappointment, heartache, and the loss of money and time. You will be entering an abusive relationship.


RCG is a bully. Once you commit, they will force themselves into every aspect of your life and won't ease up. The intimidation and manipulation will come. It will feel like you are being "beat up for your lunch money." They will get you to do things you don’t want to do. Things that you know are wrong.


You will be instructed to believe a man, specifically David Pack. He is a proven false prophet. The ministers will tell you he isn’t. But the Bible DOES.


If you value your mental health and the well-being of your family, stay away from The Restored Church of God.

Elizabeth O’Leary-Noble


Marc Cebrain

See: Forbidden. For What?