Thursday, October 30, 2014

JC Returning in 2020! In The Meantime Pleeeeeeeease Send Me Money!

 Detail from a Puck magazine cartoon, "Superstition Has Always Ruled the World," April 19, 1901. Satirizes the Millerites, followers of William Miller, who predicted the return of Jesus in the 1840s.

 "The salamander safe." A millerite preparing for the 23rd of April." A playful caricature of a Millerite, an adherent of the Adventist preacher William Miller who predicted that the world would end on April 23, 1844.

Ever since William Miller's epic prophetic failure the Church of God has  been filled with so  many prophets that its hard to keep track on who is actually a real one.  We've all seen how that worked with Herbert Armstrong...not one thing he prophesied came true. Dave Pack has been an epic failure these past several years with his prophecy that three COG leaders would be struck down by his god and all their followers would flock to his group.  Not one thing Gerald Flurry prophesied has come true.  UCG and COGWA are just plain impotent in that department.  That leaves only one TRUE prophet out there...James Malm!

His prophecy today is:

This post is about prophecy and personal plans for this work in the coming months.

The 2,300 day prophecy reveals that the sanctuary will be cleansed 2,300 years after the empire of Alexander is divided into four parts; cleansed by the coming of Christ.  The difficulty lies in determining the date that the empire became four parts and the start of the prophecy.  

The year of the division of Alexander’s empire into only four parts has now finally become clear and the coming of Christ is to be expected according to the Prophecy of God in 2020.  
No one in 1,900 years has ever been able to understand this till James came on the scene!
The fact that no one knew this during the life of Christ does not contradict Revelation 4-5 where Jesus is found qualified to UNSEAL these things AFTER his resurrection!   “No one knows” does not mean that no one will ever know!  

As Dan 12 tells us these things were sealed until the end time and at that time Jesus Christ will unseal [As per Rev 4-5 and Daniel 12] these things and reveal them in a large increase of spiritual knowledge.  

There is an extremely high probability [at least 90%] that Christ will come in early  2020 and that the abomination will be set up in the Vatican in early Oct 2016 with the tribulation beginning by the end of 2016. 

Being a prophet is a HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARD work brethren!  Devoting sixteen hours EVVVVVVVVVVERY day is taxing on the wallet!  Having a real job apparently does not play into this picture of being a prophet.  This huge financial drain on Malm is cutting into his time writing his book and other articles.

As we get close to Passover if necessary I will leave the book I am working on, to return to it after Passover, as I want to cover John right before Passover.  
Then during the summer I want to complete the Gospels and also the Epistles leading up to the fall Feast.  At the same time I want to keep up with world and COG news and I also want to do studies on specific doctrinal matters and issues such as child rearing, marriage physical and spiritual  etc.  

To apply myself about 16 hours a day  seven days a week in composing articles for posting [remember that nearly every post takes hours of study, thought and preparation], and also in personal counseling; I need your prayers and financial support to complete this work
It is also time for this true followers to cut back on their standard of living in order to send it in for the final push.  That loyalty to the prophet with their finances will earn them high favor with Malm's god.

As we see God’s correction coming into sight; this work must be redoubled; and we must all awake and run to our Mighty God and to a zeal for his Word.  In that way true unity with God will come for the called out.  
 How can one not support a prophet with the following mission?

  • Brethren I am come  NOT to sow division from God, but to HEAL THE DIVISION of the brethren FROM GOD;  by calling all to sincere repentance and a wholehearted relatiuonship with Almighty God! 
  • I have come as a healer of the divisions between the brethren and God!  If that means that I must call the brethren to divide themselves from sin;  I will do so without compromise or hint of holding back!   
  • Yes, I AM dividing the faithful brethren from following idols of men and false traditions to turn to an intense zeal to learn and to keep the whole Word of God!  I am wielding the sharp two edged sword of truth, dividing the holy from the profane; according to the Word of Almighty God!  
  • In order to reconcile with God, it is essential to divide ourselves from our idols and false traditions: Yes in that sense I am causing division:  Division from idolatry and sin, and reconciliation to God!  
  • Brethren the time of our judgment for following men blindly and without question is at hand, within the next months.  
  • I can proclaim zeal for God, but the choice is yours. 

The question now needs to be asked....when will all of you reprobates return to the this slop?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

God's Most Highly Favored Prophet INCENSED That Some LCG Members Celebrate Birthdays

God's most favorite end-time prophet to ever exist (sorry Davie Pack-it's not you) is getting bent all out of shape over some Living Church of God members who DARED to think for themselves and voice the opinion that it is not wrong to celebrate birthdays.  HOW DARE THEY!  Don't those heathen laodiceans know that the minute they cut into the cake they allow Satan a portal into their mind?

Ended up getting some type of a link to a Facebook discussion of claimed (mainly) LCG members who were discussing and basically advocating the celebration of birthdays. This has been a problem in LCG in the past, and apparently this is growing--that is disturbing.  

While I was in LCG, some would complain to me that various ones there were celebrating birthdays and I told them that LCG taught against the celebration of them (which it presumably still does, though not all there realize this).  Bob Thiel

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dave Pack and the "Restored" Church of God Still Assumes Huge Numbers of People Will Soon Be Flocking To It

The Restored Church of God recently posted its Behind the Work 2014 video online that it made for the Feast of Tabernacles. Its a slick piece of propaganda meant to stir the hearts of the fledgling membership to sacrifice more time and money in order to make Dave's "vision" come true.

Dave Pack's vision came to him a few years ago in a nightmare he had.  He likens that nightmare to the one that Loma Armstrong had that spurred on HWA to spend six months day and night in a public library instead of taking care of his family.  Dave's nightmare though is even grander that HWA's.  Dave envisions that three Church of God leaders will be struck dead and their entire group's will turn towards the glorious light of Wadsworth and come with their tithes and financial offerings.

The only problem is,  this prophecy that Dave uttered close to four years ago has FAILED for the last three years.  No COG leader was struck down by Dave's god.  Tens of thousands of COG members and former members have not seen the glorious light of Wadsworth and have NOT come to him with their money and financial offerings.

Membership in the Restored Church of God remains stagnant despite the grandiose building campaign Dave has been on.  Millions have been dumped onto the Wadsworth property in order to impress the world and to give Dave a little credibility in his memberships eyes.  Try as he might in imitating Herbert Armstrong, Dave CANNOT seem to succeed in accomplishing things like HWA did.

His campus is Wadsworth in no way shape or form even comes close to emulating the Pasadena campus.  Even Big Sandy, with it huge acreage and more rural atmosphere was light years ahead of the Wadsworth property.  Being located between a pollution belching highway and a big-box store is NOT a huge accomplishment.  Even buying a large weed patch next to the campus in order to give Dale Schurter a garden to play in is nothing to brag about.  His gardening and farming techniques were a failure in Big Sandy as they will most likely be in Wadsworth.  Millennial farming will NOT be based upon any of the malarkey that Schurter preaches.

I was struck in the early moments of the video on how Dave had to have film of himself stepping off a plane like HWA used to do.  The problem with Dave's narcissistic shot is that it is a LITTLE plane that was way smaller than anything HWA would have ever dreamed of being seen flying in!  Poor Dave just can't quit measure up!

The next thing you will notice about the film is how cold and sterile the offices and campus truly are.  There is no feeling of warmth, compassion or deep Christian love being exuded anywhere.  All of those being interviewed, those filmed working in the offices,  and those in the shipping areas are in starched white shirts and dark blue suits.  Women are in long dresses and make-up free.  Desks are sterile and sparkling clean.  Everything looks like a sterile petri dish and FAKE!  The falseness comes through in most of the interviews.  You have to wonder if some of those men (no women allowed) actually believe the bullshit Dave espouses.  Money speaks loudly though.

The film ends with a telling interview where it is told how the RCG membership has been TRAINED over the last several years in ways of becoming money-streams to finance Dave's vision.  The tithe money alone cannot support Dave any longer so the membership has to hold garage sales, work concessions, sell in flea markets, hold bake sales, and do as much as they can to keep the money stream flowing.

Despite Dave's grand impression of himself, he has always never quite measured up.  He never has quit measured up to any other COG leader. He can't build grand buildings like HWA did.  Even his proposed auditorium is a little scaled down remnant of the Ambassador Auditorium in Pasadena.  His preaching has not garnered hundreds of thousands of followers.  His booklets, three magazines, television show and the worlds most superfantabuolous web site ever to be created, have not brought in or touched the lives of millions of people. World leaders are not impressed by him even though he owns a piece of Steuben glass. Over half a million people passed though the membership rolls of the Worldwide Church of God in its lifetime.  Dave will be lucky to be able to hit the ten thousand member mark.  As members continue to leave because of the horrific abuse they receive at the hands of the RCG task-master ministry, Dave's little empire is going to start rotting at the seams and be sold to another cult or become a Catholic school of higher education.  With any luck it will bulldozed down to expand the parking lot of the big-lot store across the street.

View Dave's propaganda here:  Behind the Work 2014

Monday, October 27, 2014

Joel Hilliker says : Only Those PCG Members Loyal To PCG HQ Will Have Special Access to JC in the Kingdom

Philadelphia Church of God mouthpiece Joel Hilliker wrote an article that was published on the PCG web site during the Feast of Tabernacles.  Joel has a long standing reputation from many who have been in his classes for being many watt's short of a bright light bulb.  He has had no education outside the cult system of Flurry/Armstrongism.  Reading excerpts below from his article will make that painfully obvious.

Gerald Furry and the PCG go to great lengths in ridiculing the Pope and the Catholic church of its power/revelation structure.  Through that haze of theological idiocy Hilliker and the rest of the PCG look upon Gerald Furry in the exact same way the loyal Catholics do the Pope.  
  • All governmental power emanates from God through Gerald Flurry to those below him.   The Pope is the spiritual leader of the church and all under him.   
  • All revealed knowledge and prophetic utterances come through Flurry directly from God.  All revealed knowledge comes through the Pope and is given to the church.
  • As Mary is an intermediary between humans and God, so is Herbert Armstrong an intermediary between humans and the "truth once restored."  That truth cannot be understood without knowing who Herbert Armstrong was and reading his words.
  • The Catholic Church is the true church of God.  The Philadelphia Church of God is the true church of God.
I mention this because Joel Hilliker only writes about what he has been personally taught by Gerald Flurry.  Because Gerald Flurry is the official mouthpiece of God through whom all theological wisdom emanates there is no reason in Hilliker's mind to do any research or to question these assumptions of his leader.

Given that, Hilliker writes to the membership of the PCG telling them about what life will be like in the Kingdom of God, specially for the elite who live on the cult Compound in Edmond, OK. Flurry as taught all these people that since they are the true Church and God is working solely with them, and that they are the true government of God on earth today, it is only natural that the Kingdom of God will include them in its power structure.

Hilliker writes:

God has always been headquarters minded. The temporal headquarters of His Work on Earth points people toward Him, and His dwelling place in the third heaven. It projects our minds forward to the time when God the Father Himself will descend to Earth and govern the universe from here! In truth, God Himself is headquarters!
What an extraordinary vision is wrapped up in headquarters, the place where God dwells. God always wants His headquarters to be a bright beacon of light to the world! He wants people's minds tied in to where the Head is.
 Like Herbert Armstrong, Flurry believes that God wants his cult compound to be the "light of the world" or in Dave Pack's case, the "city upon the hill."  God  has made COG cult compounds God's chosen properties in the world today.
In the days of King David, the headquarters of God's chosen nation was in Jerusalem. David wanted to build God a house there that would be "exceeding magnifical"—so magnificent that its splendor would actually bring people to God.
Flurry likes to use David, just as HWA did, in justifying the construction of opulent money sucking monstrosities dedicated to god.   If the building is dedicated to God then the membership would complain as much about  it as they would if it was called Gerald Flurry Auditorium.
He instructed his son Solomon in that stirring headquarters vision, and Solomon built the temple. When the queen of Sheba visited, she was so impressed that she uttered, "Blessed be the Lord thy God"! (1 Kings 10:9). God's earthly headquarters pointed this queen to God, just as King David and God intended. She was moved to contribute wealth to this glorious project (verse 10). She left God's earthly headquarters inspired and filled with vision!
God apparently inspired Flurry to build his monument to himself just like HWA was inspired to build his monument to himself.  Both worked/work as hard as they can to impress the world around them  Its important to these men to be seen as important.
This same scene played out over and over. People came from all over to witness the magnificence of God's headquarters with their own eyes. Kings gave of their treasure, adding to the treasure the Israelites gave. Verse 14 shows that, in a single year, well over half a billion dollars' worth of gold (in today's value) came in!
This is thee same message HWA forced upon the membership to fund his auditorium and opulent lifestyle. The lowly church members need to see what the finest things are in life in order to be prepared to live in the world tomorrow where riches will be for everyone.  It does not matter that the PCG and other COG's suck the money out of members pockets to the point their live lives of poverty.  They will receive their reward later in life so why worry about now.
Physically, what we have at God's headquarters today isn't nearly so impressive. But spiritually, there is something far more impressive happening here. Visiting the headquarters of God's Church in Edmond, Oklahoma, is a special experience. You can sense God's Spirit here. It is a place of peace and joy. To God's people, it feels like home. And God ties us all in with it directly since we fund it through our offerings and contributions. This campus combines the collective energies of those who work here and our worldwide family of co-workers. We all have our role to play in making this the finest headquarters it can be. That's why it is so moving to God's people when they visit Edmond. We can get a sense of what stirred the queen of Sheba and others.
Hilliker wants all loyal PCG members to know that the Edmond Compound is the most godly place on earth today.  Everyone lives in a state of bliss and enlightenment 24/7:
That feeling of awe, respect, joy and peace we experience in Edmond is exactly the feeling that people the world over will have about God's headquarters on Earth in the World Tomorrow! And, once again, that headquarters will be Jerusalem.
So what is that headquarters going to be like for the world at large?  After God spanks the world with death and destruction, the PCG membership will kick into action.  They will be constructing the kingdom of God where all people will come.
Once people have been humbled, we will begin to build in them a habit of focusing on God—and on God's headquarters. "God will reach into the lives of every repentant person on Earth—from Jerusalem" (ibid).
The most important building in Flurry's kingdom will be the Temple located in Jerusalem:
And the most prominent structure within Jerusalem will be the headquarters temple. The mountain of God's house will be established as the highest of the mountains, and exalted above the hills (Isaiah 2:2; Micah 4:1; Zechariah 8:3). The temple will dominate the landscape at the headquarters city, helping people look to where Christ is!
In the thirteen acre temple where God will have his management office, the membership of the PCG will also be living and having offices.  Since they will be gods as God is now, it is only right that they get to an office next door to God. OF course this will not be any of the rank and file of the PCG, it will only be the elite from the compound in Edmond that will have their offices there.
The Millennial Temple
The Prophet Ezekiel describes that temple in wonderful detail. It will be patterned after God's heavenly temple, the seat of His throne today. It will have a footprint of half a million square feet, occupying about 13 acres. That is where God's Philadelphians of today will live!

The outer precinct around the temple, described in the last nine chapters of Ezekiel, will occupy about one square mile of land. The headquarters city itself will only be about 7½ miles square. Considering that it will be the command center for the whole world's system of governing, that is quite an efficient headquarters facility.
Flurry and his elite can't wait to be married to their HUSBAND where they can rule.
What an exciting future we have to look forward to, living and working with our Husband in that headquarters facility. Being a priest at headquarters is a wonderful thing—even today. It is a great blessing to be stationed right in the middle of all the action. In that future headquarters, surely we will often shake our heads and say, What a privilege!
This "husband" thing starting to sweep through Armstrongism is weird and illogical.  This is what happens when you take things as 100% literal instead of using it as a metaphor for something even deeper in meaning.  Since Armstrongism is a totally superficial belief system, deep meaning cannot be found in it.

Only those loyal to Gerald Flurry and this cult HQ in this present age will be allowed to be in God's HQ.  Then to show how even more illogical Flurry is, he says that ONLY LOYAL PCG members in this age will be able to have special aaccess to Jesus in the world tomorrow.  They will be the ONLY ONES to have special access to come near to God.
Those who remain loyal to God today will inhabit special rooms in the headquarters temple. Our offices will be near God's office. We will have special access to Christ—the only ones who come near to God (Ezekiel 40:45-46; 44:15-16). As His helpmeet, we will serve Him—seeing to His needs, helping Him directly.
PCG members will also be Real Estate agent in the World Tomorrow in Jerusalem.  They will be maiking fortunes off those wanting to move to Jerusalem.  I guess that is part of the reasons Lil'Stevie bought his condo over looking the Mount of Olives.  He will get to see JC return and then be able to run his real estate agency from his condo.
Surely many people will want to live close to headquarters. Jeremiah 32:43-44 show that there will be an active real-estate industry in the areas around Jerusalem—the buying and selling of property. It will be the choicest place to live on Earth.
PCG will also be producing "Envoy's for all the gullible sheep to buy.  More money in their pockets!
Perhaps films or broadcasts will circulate around the world showing the latest developments in the building project. Publications like our college envoys might display beautiful photos of the temple and surrounding structures, the colleges, the entertainment productions, the city life, the people in the streets who are heroes like David. All the emotion and enthusiasm we have for God's headquarters today in Edmond will be multiplied by thousands and millions worldwide!
PCG members are being trained today by being forced to send in tithes, offerings to the Compound.  Members are told to sell homes, businesses and real estate in order to send it to Flurry so the Compound can be built even bigger.  It is a training exercise for the world tomorrow.
We've been trained by God to exhibit that headquarters focus today! Just as our tithes, offerings, labor, building fund contributions and sacrifices enable the construction of the facilities in Edmond today, those offerings in the future are going to build Jerusalem!
Flurry and crew are also going to be running he travel industry in the world tomorrow.  Withal those people flocking to Jerusalem someone needs to get them there and who better to do that than the PCG God's!
Clearly, we are going to need a travel industry in the World Tomorrow! We'll need some forms of rapid transportation to get people from distant continents to Jerusalem.
There is even more silliness that attempts to prove as fact on what he imagines the New Jerusalem to be like.  What more can you expect from a guy who has no real theological training.  Being trained at the feet of a narcissistic man who is also theological bankrupt does not produce wisdom or understanding.

You can read this pile of bullshit here:  A Visit to Millennial Headquarters!