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The Fifth Trumpet Has Sounded! Many Will Now Commit Suicide....WUT?

The Church of God Baloney Factory

As any good Church of God leader knows, it is always wise to take advantage of any current problem in the world to bolster our "prophetic" utterances. The Church of God has been doing this for 8 decades now.  So many crazy prophecies have been uttered over the decades by self-appointed men that it is impossible to keep track of them all any more.

Even in 2020, we have an endless supply of crazy men who say some of the most idiotic stuff imaginable.  That brings us to Wade Cox, the self-appointed leader of the so-called "Christian" Churches of God. This harlot daughter of Armstrongism is being run by a leader that thrives on conspiracy theories and end-times junk prediction-addiction.

According to Cox, we are in the time of the 5th Seal of Revelation, all thanks to COVID-19. The craziness this baloney factory dishes out is below:
This pope, the Red Black, is supposedly the Last Pope and is referred to in Malachy's prophecy as Peter the Roman. However, this pope was not canonically elected and hence his reign may be invalid, but for the present he is doing all that is required for this last officer of the system of the Whore. We are in the last days and the Beast and little horn will emerge under the blue beret or turban of the UN in this last empire of Satan.
The Fifth Trumpet has already been opened with this Corona Virus and in this war men will seek to die but will not be able to do so and hence many suicides will emerge. The part played in the development of the Globalist system by the Billionaires and the UN and WHO with China and the release from Wuhan in end September 2019, although denied by the Chinese and the WHO and the agents of the Globalists, will nevertheless be acted on.  A French athlete went to Wuhan in October and became sick there and was later tested positive for the Corona Virus. It will escalate and the Sixth Trumpet will emerge and destroy one third of the world and then a further quarter in the pestilence and then result in the destruction of the entire UN and Globalist Beast System by Christ and the Host.  The Rabbinical, Sardis and Laodicean systems (cf. Rev, chapter 3) will be smashed and scattered along with the Hillel Calendar (No. 195C) and Ditheist (076B) systems. 

Philadelphia Church of God Continues To Segregate Its Black Members

For many decades the Church of God had strict policies on segregating African American church members from the rest of the church.  From sending them to certain Feast sites to forbidding them dating other church members.  Racial purity of the white race needed to be kept secure.

While many church areas had fully integrated churches, dating across the racial definitions was still usually prohibited. Even in Pasadena, situated in the midst of liberal Los Angeles, the church still strictly controlled interracial dating up into the mid to late 70's.

Today, the two main groups that strictly enforce this is the Restored Church of God with Dave Pack's edicts and the Philadelphia Church of God and Gerald Flurry's perverse edicts.

Imagine their surprise if they make it to the kingdom and find Jesus is not as lily white as they thought.

RCG: Whenever 10 or more are gathered....

except when you are an RCG member...

One thing the Restored Church of God has always been good at is controlling members' lives. The RCG has now told its few remaining followers that during this coronavirus pandemic if they gather together with friends on social media and 10 or more are present then a minister must be involved.

God forbid if they ever discussed the Bible amongst themselves! After all, church members are too stupid to understand the Bible so Dave or a minister must tell them what to believe.

Friday, May 8, 2020

UCG: Shod your feet boys! With all this dispensing about to happen its going to be a bumpy night!

For 25-years now the United Church of God has been clicking along wondering what they should be doing and how to do it better.  Year after year, conference after conference, and this is what they come up with. 25 years later and they STILL are trying to figure out why they are here.
Address from the Chairman 
Dr. Donald Ward’s was presented virtually. His address covered the Church’s raison d’être, our reason for being. He noted that this is the same as asking, “why were you born?” He also encouraged listeners to encourage each member to take his or her ownership of the truth and become a dispenser—one who is ready and willing with his or her feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace.
UCG cannot even be unified in peace in its own organization where it was fractured so bad that 2/3's of the ministry walked away and started a new group.

They try and come up with cute words that make their lack of initiative into something amazing to soon happen.  If they really cared about a gospel, then why have they not figured out what it is and why have they not been "dispensing" it for the last 25 years?
Address from the President 
Mr. Kubik remarked that the theme of the 2020 GCE, “Moving Forward with Conviction, Commitment and Courage” is a perfect theme for the 25thanniversary of UCG as we commemorate our conversion, commitment, convictions and the ability to show courage to the world. He also covered the strategic plan for 2020-2021, spending time on each of the three sections: congregational care, organizational stewardship and public proclamation.
When has ANY Church of God EVER moved forward with "conviction, commitment, and courage" in the last 25 years since they all apostatized from the mother church? How have any of them ever been courageous? All of them look BACKWARDS to the "glory days" of the church and think that by appealing to their aging members they can recapture that feeling.  They cannot and never will.

Communicating "conversion"?  Seriously? You should be doing that in your everyday life already by setting an example for our neighbors and your community on what real love, mercy, justice, and grace is.  Sadly, these are all godly qualities totally lacking in most COG's today.
Address from Ministerial and Member Services 
Operation Manager Mark Welch presented a PowerPoint covering average U.S.attendance, the 36 baptisms so far in 2020, two ordinations since the February Council meeting and one recredentialed elder, with two full-time ministerial trainees. He also gave updates to the nine goals presented at the GCE last year.
That magnanimous commitment has resulted in 36 new baptisms. Seriously?  This is the amazing work of UCG? How courageous that out 7.5 billion people worldwide and 328 million in the U.S. they were able to con 36 people!  So courageous! Such commitment!

The work of God is truly amazing!

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The Real History of the True Church...Were we fed a false narrative?

My last six posts have included excerpts from historical documents (without commentary or embellishment from me) related to the history of Christianity. For the benefit of those who may not have read those posts, a brief summary of them for the purposes of this post are in order:

1. Worship Among Early Christians - An eyewitness account of a Christian worship service during the first half of the Second Century AD/CE. In that account, we find Christians meeting on Sunday and reading the "memoirs of the apostles" and the writings of the prophets (as they didn't have access to what we now refer to as the New Testament). It is also interesting to note that a simple communion service is observed, and that members with the financial resources to do so made voluntary contributions that were used to help those members who were in need.

2. Martin Luther's Preface to the Book of Revelation - The founder of the Protestant Reformation in Sixteenth Century Europe gives his opinion that the last book of our New Testament doesn't belong in the canon of Scripture!

3. From Book 3 of Eusebius' Church History - The man who was largely responsible for pulling together the New Testament in the Fourth Century states that II Peter, II & III John, Jude, James, Hebrews and Revelation had not been universally accepted by the Christians of the first three centuries of the Church. In other words, Christians had not been able to agree on which books should be included in the canon for three hundred years!

4. First Century Christianity - This Late First Century manuscript gives us the earliest take on a Christian Statement of Beliefs that we know of (once again, prior to any compilation of a New Testament). This simple statement stands in stark contrast to the elaborate Statements of Beliefs put out by today's churches. It begins with a focus on Christ's two great commandments as the foundational principles on which all else follows. Christians are enjoined not to engage in sinful behaviors, and it provides brief treatises on baptism and the Eucharist.

5. Ignatius of Antioch on Christians Keeping the Jewish Law - In excerpts from the bishop's letters to the Philadelphians and Magnesians, we read that Christians of the Late First Century and Early Second Century were not expected to follow Jewish traditions or religious practices.

6. 70 A.D. - A First Century Jewish historian (Flavius Josephus) gives a graphic account of the destruction of the Temple by the Romans.


Because they present some very inconvenient truths for Fundamentalist/Literalist Christians - especially for Armstrongites!

In his booklet, Where Is The True Church?, Herbert Armstrong wrote: "So it was, that before A.D. 50 (the Church had been founded in A.D. 31) a fierce controversy arose as to whether the gospel to be proclaimed was the gospel OF Christ, or a gospel ABOUT Christ. Soon the curtain was wrung down on historic records of the Church. It evidenced the fact that a vigorous cooperative and systematic effort was made to destroy historic records of church happenings of the next hundred years. It was the LOST CENTURY in church history. When the curtain of history is raised about A.D. 150, it reveals a church calling itself 'Christian,' but one totally different from the Church Jesus founded through his apostles in A.D. 31."

As you can see from the primary documents I cited (and there are others besides them), there was no "lost century" in terms of the history of Christianity. Yet, the folks who are familiar with Armstrongism will recognize this as a central tenet of his theology (and of those who have followed him). The problem is that, in attempting to explain the emergence of a Christian Church that has abandoned the Sabbath and embraced Sunday, Armstrong and his minions have had to avoid/ignore a whole lot of REAL history!

Yes, Jesus and his disciples kept the Sabbath and observed the Holy Days - THEY WERE JEWS! Yes, the very first Christians were Jewish and observed Jewish traditions and met with other Jews. In fact, we are told in Scripture (see the book of Acts) that this insular attitude of early Christians prevented them from fulfilling the commission which Christ had given to his apostles and church (see Matthew 28:19-20). Indeed, when we continue to read in Acts, we see that Christ had to give Peter a special vision in order to convince him that he should carry the gospel to the Gentiles! Moreover, we know that Christ later raised up Paul as an apostle to the Gentiles, because the twelve simply were not getting it done! Jewish Christians continued to observe the religious traditions which they had been in the habit of observing for their entire lives - until the destruction of the temple in 70 AD/CE made that impossible (remember, there was only ONE place that was a legitimate feast site according to Scripture - see Deuteronomy 16).

Gentiles, however, had no such traditions. Gentiles were never a part of the Old Covenant. They had NEVER observed the Sabbath or the Holy Days. Moreover, the great council of Jerusalem decided that Gentile Christians would not be forced to adopt those features of the Old Covenant - with the exception of a few tenets which everyone agreed should be universal in applicability (see Acts 15). The above history, in combination with Scripture, leads one to the inescapable conclusion that MOST Christians were observing Sunday and didn't have access to any New Testament by the close of the First Century!

The notion that God had handed the Church a completed New Testament and commanded them to observe the tenets of the Old Covenant is made absurd by this history! There simply wasn't any great Roman Catholic or Satanic conspiracy to do away with God's Sabbath during a hundred year period shrouded in mystery!

And Mr. Armstrong was not alone in concocting this false narrative about Church History. There was Herman Hoeh's A True History of the True Church. The United Church of God has its The Church Jesus Built. There is David Pack's Where is the True Church? - and Its Incredible History! We have Gerald Flurry's The True History of God's True Church. There is the Church of God International's documentary, The Chronicles of the New Testament Church. For Armstrongites, this is an essential part of the narrative that makes them superior to the rest of Christianity. They have to tell the story about the rise of a counterfeit Christianity. Never mind that history debunks their false narrative and consigns their efforts to the bin of historical fiction!

I know it feels really good to be so sure and settled about what you believe; but, if your narrative is built on a foundation of sand, how settled can it really be? Rather than read a church booklet on church history, why not do a little digging of your own?

by Lonnie Hendricks

A Look Inside The Restored Church of God

This is not for those easily offended....

You can check out more of Dee Bunkers' videos here.

Wade Cox: You Had Better Follow His Creature "messiah" Or You WIll Be Toast In 2027

It has been a while since we have had anything here from the raving lunatic Wade Cox and his so-called "christian" Churches of God cult, or in layman's terms...The Islamic Church of God.

Like his equally crazy brother in deception, Bob Thiel, Cox is claiming his creature "messiah" will be here in 2026.  If you do not heed the words of Cox and his creature "messiah" then you will be toast in 2027.

Actually, no one needs to worry much about this creature he calls "messiah".  It is not Jesus of Scripture, but a man-made fantasy of Wade's deluded mind.  Wade's "christ" is not God or even the son of God, just some creature "thing" which keeps delaying its coming because Wade and half the continent of Africa are not ready yet.

Cox is like Bob Thiel.  His message does not appeal to whites in the so-called Anglo Saxon nations, Latins, and others due to the absolute craziness of it.  He only has been able to hit up disgruntled Sabbatarians in Africa that have already bled dry the Seventh Day Adventists and other Church of God groups. Wade's African members are just like Bob Thiels: professional church-hopping seed and computer desperados. Wade illogically believes that half of the African continent are now members of his cult.

Wade's mind is drawn to the wild conspiracy theories floating around right now. Unable to find any comfort in Jesus or sound doctrine, Wade searches high and low to find some new crazy conspiracy theory to "prove he is right.

Wade's weekly "sermons" start off crazy like Zerubbabel's:
This is the New Moon of the Second Month of the 43rd year of the 120th Jubilee. This is the twelfth day of the Omer Count
The myths and fantasies that occupy Wade's mind are just as frightening as Bob Thiel's wild fantasies. The entire world is a conspiracy to silence the one true church and themselves.

The UN and the NWO is preparing to control the world in the Ten Toes or Economic Regions as foretold in Daniel chapter 2. They will rule the world for 42 months and at the end of that period they will kill the Witnesses and then face the Messiah after four days for the final 43rd month and then the 40 days of the Wrath of God. Messiah and the Loyal Host will kill the entire force and administration of the NWO that does not repent. That includes the Kings of the East that will have their armies brought down to Megiddo for destruction.
We should see that we are in the final phase when the Vatican and the Roman Curia turn the Colosseum, which it owns, over to an exhibition of the Satanic gods headed by Moloch (sometimes also Remphan or Chiun). The Vatican enthroned Satan as God in the reign of Paul VI termed the “Availing Time”. Permission must have come from the pope himself or the heads of the Curia at the least for this exhibition. The six pointed star is portrayed on the breast of the god Moloch or Remphan or Chiun. See also the flag of Israel. It is the symbol of human sacrifice.  It symbolises that Satan rules and that the world is about to be destroyed. This system will be destroyed completely as outlined in the work The Last Pope (No. 288). See also WWIII: Empire of the Beast (No. 299A) and The Whore and the Beast (No. 299B).
Only those of the elect that keep the Commandments of God and the Faith and Testimony of Jesus Christ (Rev. 12:17; 14:12), in accordance with God’s Calendar (No. 156), will survive and go into the First Resurrection (No. 143A). The rest will either be allowed to live as humans into the Millennium, or be killed before the Millennium and consigned to the Second Resurrection and the Great White Throne Judgment (No. 143B).  Those who refuse to repent and continue to state that they will go to heaven at the return of Messiah will be slaughtered on the spot, with their idolatrous priests, and they will be re-educated in the Second Resurrection from 3028. Nothing of that system will be allowed to survive past 2027. The Sardis and Laodicean systems and Judah and the whole world will be forced to keep the Sabbaths, New Moons and Feasts and Holy Days of God, in accordance with the Laws of God (L1) or they will die (Isa. 66:23 ff, and Zech. 14:16-19).
Messiah will not allow any false religion after his advent and the world will be corrected and reorganised by 2027. Those who disobey will die. 
Wade Cox
Coordinator General.

Wade likes to brag one of his greatest accomplishments is being featured in Marquis Who's Who publications. The Who's Who is considered one of the biggest scams in the world today. I know of several former Ambassador College employees who submitted wild biographies to Who's Who and had their names added to it. People pay to have their names listed in it. Others pay money to have their names added.

Who's Who scam is a fraudulent Who's Who-like biographical directory.[1] Who's Who scams involve the selling of "memberships" in fraudulent directories that are created online or through instant publishing services.[1] These fraudulent directories represent thinly veiled moneymaking scams.
A scam may begin with a telephone interview or online questionnaire to validate a potential target's personal information. This information can be included in the fraudulent directory, sold to other marketing firms, or used in future attacks such as phishing emails. Once the personal information has been gathered, the target is congratulated as having passed the interview and is asked to provide a credit card number to finalize the process. Upon further inquiry, the target may be told that a credit card payment is required to receive a certificate and copy of the directory.
Recently incorporated companies are often behind these scams. The few individuals listed in such directories often have themselves included as a marketing tactic. The result is that these directories become a simple form of vanity publishing. One known problem is that people's credentials sometimes list their online directory memberships long after such fraudulent directories disappear from the web.
There are numerous variations of these practices. In former European monarchies, publishers compile volumes listing "noblemen" (such as dukes, counts and barons) who are often little more than fantasists who paid large sums to have their names inscribed in these books. Even high school students are not immune to such ploys; for many years a now-defunct company published a Who's Who Among American High School Students which justified its activities by offering (at random) a few scholarships, usually for $200.
Who's Who publications are not all of questionable value, but publishers that select truly notable people and provide trustworthy information on them are hard to identify. A & C Black's Who's Who is the canonical example of a legitimate Who's Who reference work, being the first to use the name and establish the approach in print, publishing annually since 1849. However, the longevity of a publication is not in itself a guarantee. In 1999 Tucker Carlson said in Forbes magazine that Marquis Who's Who, founded in 1898 but no longer an independent company, had adopted practices of address harvesting as a revenue stream, undermining its claim to legitimacy as a reference work listing people of merit.[2] For a time, Forbes based 10 percent of the methodology for its America's Best Colleges list on alumni listings in Who's Who in America, the flagship title of Marquis Who's Who.[3] However, they ceased to do so by 2013, instead relying upon other lists to identify successful alumni. According to Forbes, Marquis Who's Who sells its list of biographees, optionally broken down by profession, sex, political affiliation or religion, to direct mail marketers.

"Cox may be able in his human cleverness to bamboozle you with intellectual meanderings and semantic arguments, but the FOUNDATION of his theological thesis is sand, not rock. And Jesus commands you not to build your spiritual house on the shifting sands of misguided human teachings, but on the immovable rock of the sure Word of God." Wade Cox and his so-called Christian Churches of God

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Dave Pack's All Time Greatest Financial Hits 2007

Just a reminder, in Dave's own words,  of the way he makes his money and what he expects of the gullible as they gyrate in their seats amazed at his powerful, inspired meaningless sermons and calling. 

"If you hold those riches, I'm telling you, you trust in them"

"Go get a big chunk out of your home. And put your money where your mouth is and send it here. And I'm not talking about one, two, three thousand either. How about ten, twenty, thirty, fifty, or one hundred thousand dollars? Go do it."

"Wives, you can be independent in this. You have 1/2 the worth of whatever you have in your house.

I'm officially telling you this...Wives, legally you have the 1/2 the funds. What are you going to do about it?...Husbands...'well, my wife is not in the church'...tell her...'you don't have a voice woman' "

"Go get those assets and get them here"

"Don't sit on vast resources that we can use now"

"We are not a splinter"

"I do not covet your silver or gold...the gold and silver is God's and He will get it someway"

"We do not have the funds...plans...bookstores...We need to redesign our web site...We need many hundreds of thousands of dollars to arrive at God's headquarters soon...the timing is now"

"This is different...ask Him for the faith to liquidate certain assets and give it to the work"

"I'll say it again, we are talking about liquidating existing all belongs to God and the brethren"

"We have a lot of plans so big going on in this office it would cause just this room to to rock and gyrate if you knew what was going on. We just need a lot of money and we need it post haste...I would give more if I had it"

"Herbert Armstrong wrote an article...'Prepare to greatly reduce your standard of living'...What he wrote by far, is more for us now than it was then... its all going to be taken away from us anyway brethren"

"There will be follow-up sermons. Time to bring in related points"

"Let us know how much you plan to send and when you plan to send it...You must be willing to communicate... If you do need to counsel, please do that...If you are not ready to distribute what you don't believe the flow of prophecy"

(Comment:  It's NEVER the LAST BLAST with Dave. Just the next one.) 

"This is announcing the last blast, the clarion call as it were, to finish the work...Whether it is 4,5,7, 9 years to go, God knows...This is liquidating assets...I have the authority to tell you to do it... I have the moral and spiritual, and ecclesiastical authority to tell you to do what I have also done"
"Get it now when it requires faith... when you are dead you don't need it... if you named us in your wills, it can take us months or years to get it"

"The wives in the faith will say give everything you can...We don't have the luxury of waiting, leaving everything in your will simply doesn't work"
(Comment:  A Personal favorite and one I'm sure would make his lenders nervous. He may need lenders that go by the rules and they may just be his naïve church members and ministers.)

"Now you just have a second mortgage... and frankly we flee before most of it ever becomes due"

"...some may think that they want to tap their 401k--maybe you want to let us know that... why would you want to tell us? We are starting to prepare a budget now, the needs are would be nice to know now"

"Think big...Pull big triggers"

"There is only two positions you can take regarding all that I have mentioned, only two, there is no middle ground. You're either going to yield, to submit and to follow, the clarion call that the time is now or you're not. And postponing a decision is deciding not to do it...It's saying I'm going to wait until it gets closer because it is not there yet...Don't say that I'm going to wait until it gets closer, when I can see...The decision is that my treasure stays on earth or I goes to heaven. Period. I will not lay up for times to come or I will. And this is the real test of Laodicea... either hold on to your assets... or give it... God is in this decision, no question. Testing the church's faith"

"We live in the most materialistic age in the history of the world. People trust in physical things. They trust in bank accounts...If you have excess and don't need it, those verses mean you...That's the Laodicean attitude...Put your money where your mouth is...Empty your assets"

"There is only one place He works...Where is...that's where God is elder commented here at headquarters, if people can't be motivated by a clarion call to finish the work such as this, why will those same people somehow believe the internal signal given to the church of the 1335? Why would they believe it?"

"This is the Laodicean age...Be careful that you don't tell us how to spend your assets... It belongs to God.. You don't tell God or His servants how to spend it"

"Your faith is being tested. Think about that"

"We will all fast on November 17th...I have to...ask you for a very special financial sacrifice for God's work"

"The purposes of the fast...(a). To fast for God's intervention...(b).Fast for personal faith and courage to follow what I am asking you to do...(c). Fast for personal strength...(d)...Fast for faith and courage in others with more than you to give...Go get a big chunk out of your house...their assets, IRAs, and pension funds...(e). Ask God to move specific properties...that they have told us they want to sell. Pray that these properties move...that is part of what this fast is about"
David C Pack-The Clarion Call-November 3, 2007

Monday, May 4, 2020

Dave Pack and his "fundraising" con game

From an RCG source:

Not content with conning his members to mortgage their homes, turn over IRA and retirement accounts and send in multiple tithes and offerings, David C Pack has also required his members to do regular fundraising in order to raise money to fund his utopian pipe dream in Wadsworth, Ohio.

Dave dreamed up "fundraising" in order to supplement the 1st tithe, 2nd tithe, 3rd tithe, tithe of the tithe, holy day offerings, special offerings, member/co-worker letter appeals, summer camp funds, and his "common" doctrine that everything everyone has belongs to God and therefore as God's only true representative, it all belongs to him.

Members have drained themselves dry and yet Dave is still not happy. He has required them to do all kinds of fundraising activities in order to send to him. He claims this is exactly what the children of Israel did during the Exodus.  They fundraised!

Over 3,500 years ago, the Work of God centered on the “work of the tabernacle” (Ex. 35:21).
Back then, God’s people were expected to be involved in a unique way. You might say they were to raise offerings, as it states in Exodus 35: “This is the thing which the Lord commanded, saying, Take you [bring] from among you an offering unto the Lord; whosoever is of a willing heart, let him bring it” (vs. 4-5).
The people heeded God’s command and became doers of the Work: “And they came, both men and women, as many as were willing hearted…” (vs. 22).
The word willing is quite telling. One of its definitions is “magnanimous,” which means charitable, selfless and unselfish. During the time of the Israelites’ work, the people were focused and “all in” on bringing what they valued to the Work.
God’s people today are no different!
This is what RCG members are encouraged to do:
During the past year, once again, those in the Church who have had a willing heart have been magnanimous, to say the least. Consider what we accomplished this past year just through this partial list of fundraisers:
  • Popcorn sales
  • Honey sales
  • Movie nights
  • Sausage sizzles
  • Concert nights
  • Cakewalks
  • Barbecues
  • Formal dinners
  • Egg sales
  • Entertainment nights
  • Sewing shirts
  • Loose change collections
  • Recycling drives
  • Bake sales
  • Pen sales
  • Theatrical skits
  • Origami displays
  • Woodburning art
According to Dave, God has always used fundraising as a test of the faithful to see if they were worthy of God's love and mercy. Dave calls some of this work "cunning."  

Throughout the history of God working with human beings, He has always used some form of fundraising, as we call it today. He has always been interested in watching how committed His people are to His Work when it comes to bringing what they possess or are able to produce.
Back in Exodus 35, He actually gave His Spirit “to devise cunning works” in the building of the Tabernacle (vs. 3235). Some of the above-mentioned projects certainly qualify as cunning works! God has not changed. He will do the same for us today—if we ask Him for it! Praying about what you can do is an indispensable part of being a true servant of God. We must get on our knees and beseech the Creator of creativity to give us the ability to devise cunning works for Him. 
"Cunning" is an appropriate word for Dave Pack and his empire.  Notice what the online dictionary defines cunning as:

Deceitful is a perfect description of everything that revolves around Dave and his ministers.

Even though the creature Jesus "christ" Dave claims is ready to come to Wadsworth and walk the hallowed grounds, church members are expected to keep fundraising.  Even if the work is short, they still need to fundraise.  They need the practice now because when Dave's "creature "christ" returns, they will be fundraising in the kingdom to come.

And it does not matter how much time remains. Do you realize that fundraising will continue in some form after Christ returns? Believe it because it is a proven barometer of where a heart is positioned.
Whatever time remains until Jesus Christ returns to begin His next phase of the Work is precious time and opportunity for all of us to do something. For those who are involved, we must not stop until we are told to do so, as were the Israelites: “Moses gave commandment…saying, Let neither man nor woman make any more work for the offering of the sanctuary. So, the people were restrained from bringing” (Ex. 36:6).
That day is coming—but it is not here yet. Inspired by the historical account, continue to have a willing heart to fundraise, and keep up the creativity to make it happen!
The sad thing is that his shrinking membership follows these commands and do this kind of stuff in order to send it to Dave.  After all, it all belongs to his god.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

PCG: STOP COMPLAINING!!!!!!!!! You murmur against God when you complain about the ministry!

Joel Hilliker from the Philadelphia Church of God cannot stand people who complain, or at least that is what he wants to make you think you are doing. For anyone who dares to question, it is thrown back in their face that they are complainers. Nothing infuriates a Church of God leader more than to be questioned or have someone complain about them.

Lil'Joel writes:

Are you a complainer? If so, you have company.
Our predecessors, the ancient Israelites, were masters at murmuring. Remember, God was personally, directly guiding their lives. He sent Moses to liberate them from soul-crushing slavery. He wrought miraculous plagues, delivered freedom, parted the sea, destroyed the pursuing army, and led the way in a supernatural pillar of cloud by day and fire by night.
But when the water supply ran low after three days, what happened? (Exodus 15:24). And when they were wearied from their travel a few days later? And when they ran low on water again? And when they craved meat? (Exodus 16:2-3; 17:2-3). And when they were staging to enter the Promised Land itself? There, under the cloud of God’s presence, eating miraculous manna from heaven, even overlooking the Promised Land, “the people were as complainers” (Numbers 11:1; Companion Bible).
What was the reaction of the God who was giving them all these blessings? He told Moses, “How long shall I bear with this evil congregation, which murmur against me? I have heard the murmurings of the children of Israel, which they murmur against me” (Numbers 14:27).
The spies who had scouted the Promised Land doubted God, slandered the land, and “made all the congregation to murmur against him” (verse 36). Their murmuring depressed the morale of the whole nation, and an entire generation missed the opportunity to enter the land God was presenting them. What a tragedy!
That same God is working in your life. Do you murmur against Him?
In order to keep its members under control, and to never question the ministry or Gerald himself, it is important to make sure they think they are murmuring against God when they dare complain.
In 1 Corinthians 10:10, New Testament Christians are warned, “Neither murmur ye, as some of them also murmured, and were destroyed of the destroyer.” Those Israelites died physically, but Christians are in danger of being destroyed by Satan, spiritually!
Christians have the responsibility to hold their leaders responsible when they become abusive and actively destroy members' lives, both spiritually and mentally.
Murmuring is often subtle and half-suppressed, but it is always muttered with discontent and hostility. And it is embarrassingly common.
It is common in the Church of God because of the many debased leaders it currently has destroying lives and stealing members money for their own grandiose schemes.
As in Old Testament Israel, living God’s way in the New Testament Church requires waiting, enduring, suffering and correction. You sometimes run low on resources. You sometimes miss the things you had to give up. You sometimes don’t know what lies ahead. And it is so tempting and so easy to quietly complain or ungratefully grumble.
No Church of God member EVER needs to suffer because of degenerate leadership. This is just a sick excuse that abusive ministers in the church scare their members with.
But God hears. And He considers that criticism not truly against the minister who instructed or corrected you, or that policy that inconvenienced you, but against Him! (Exodus 16:7-8). Realizing this should stop us in our tracks.
This is not true at all.  This thinking is a sick result of the "government" doctrine that some of the COG's use to control members.
God commands us, “Do all things without murmurings [complaining] and disputings [arguing]” (Philippians 2:14).
If a minister was actually doing what Jesus taught and practiced grace and mercy in all aspects of his or her ministry then there is seldom room for complaining.
Murmuring is a leaven: It spreads—within you and to others. It discourages families and congregations as readily as it did ancient Israel. It demoralizes and endangers your spiritual fellow soldiers.
In spiritual war, we need high morale. “If you really have the spirit God wants you to have, the high morale, you are going to win three battles where you would normally win one,” Gerald Flurry writes (How to Be an Overcomer).
The only spiritual war going on in the church right now is due to the abusive ministry and the sick doctrines and teachings they are imprisoning members with.
Replace the leaven of murmuring with the unleavened attitude of “[g]iving thanks always for all things (Ephesians 5:20). “[B]e content with what you have; for he has said, ‘I will never fail you nor forsake you’” (Hebrews 13:5; Revised Standard Version). Be like Paul, who said, “I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content” (Philippians 4:11).
So, let's get this straight.  Members are to rejoice and give thanks for the PCG forcing them to abandon family and friends. They need to give thanks for being bled financially dry to fund a private jet for the exclusive use of the Flurry family and to fund a money-draining concert series and for having to live lives in poverty. Let's all be content doing that.
Yes, sometimes we suffer. But this must drive us not away from God but closer to Him, His ministers and His Family, with an attitude not of complaining or accusation, but gratefulness and humble supplication. As with the Israelites, God will put us through trials, but He also will miraculously deliver us out of them all!
God is not producing the trials that COG embers are suffering under when they follow Flurry, Pack, Weinland, Theil, Malm, and many of the other despots.  These sick men are causing the trials, not God.
Don’t make a trial worse by succumbing to murmuring. When someone else with drooping morale murmurs to you, seek to energize that fellow soldier. “Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2); “[S]o labouring ye ought to support the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). Respond with positivity toward God, His government and His Family.
The only thing members need to do is to encourage one another to LEAVE these sick men and their personality cult empires. If they truly love and bear each other burdens, they will walk together and walk out of these churches.
Shine the light of a godly attitude to the Church and to the world by focusing on the joy of living God’s way, by God’s law under God’s government. In John’s Gospel—The Love of God, Mr. Flurry writes, “[T]oday, we should shine with a certain glory. Our faces should shine with happiness! Isaiah 3:9 describes how, because of Israel’s sins, ‘The shew of their countenance doth witness against them ….’ Look around, and you see many unhappy people in this world—people in the bonds of sin. We in God’s Church should radiate something entirely different! I believe that, in a general way, we may be able to determine how much star quality and brightness we will have in the future by how much our face shines today in happiness and joy. God wants to make you happy. He has commanded that you be happy! And He has instructed us in exactly how to achieve that: ‘If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them.’ Conducting your life God’s way makes you happy!”
Living God's way is living in grace, surrounded by justice, mercy, and love. Four things that none of these church leaders understands or practices.
Avoid murmuring, and keep morale high in spiritual Israel. Follow this command of God, and your future will be bright.
Church of God members, especially those in the  Philadelphia Church of God and Restored Church of God will only have a bright future once they leave. It will NEVER happen while remaining as a member.