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UCG: Dutch and Canadians Seem To Not Be Very Interested In UCG's Message


It seems like all the Churches of God are struggling to make their messages relevant to the people in the world they are trying to impress. While some directly blame this struggle on Satan, the most powerful god of the church, others make hints of persecution from a variety of sources without directly blaming Satan. None of them ever seem to stop and take a look at the message they are attempting to deliver.

Given the state of the world right now with so many conflicts and tragedies unfolding, people are not looking to walk into a lecture or presentation to sit there for an hour listening to doom and gloom scenarios. Instead of talking about the peace and rest found in following Christ, which Christians have understood for 2,000 years, they harp on following the law and preparing for a massive war, destruction, disease, and death. Who wants to hear that crap day in and day out when you are surrounded by it?

People who live in third-world nations, strife-torn areas, and living with REAL religious persecution, find rest in the One they believe in and of which rarely is ever spoken of in UCG publications, or in the broader COG community. Most of what is served up as "truth" is nothing more than crap theology or various topics that have no real interest to people in 2022. Most COG's still are trying to operate on Herbert's advertising strategies pre-1986. And of course, since this is the COG we are discussing with membership small in number, the immediate excuse that is used is, "The harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few".

Perhaps it is time they stop and really looked at their message to see WHY the laborers are few. It can't be blamed upon Satan as the reason. Perhaps they might want to look at that Jesus dude, you know, that guy who is always in the shadows knocking on the door that no one seems to want to open.

Netherlands Update:

“In November last year we asked for prayers for God to bless our new website so that many Dutch-speaking people who are searching for the truth would be able to find it on the Internet. We are still in the process of collecting data in order to determine the results of that effort. Meanwhile, we are exploring ways to attract even more people to our website by posting short teaser texts on our Facebook account—inviting them to visit our website for information on various subjects. 
“Although we have many more ideas about reaching people with the gospel message, our team of dedicated volunteers is small. Therefore, we have an additional prayer request for our fellow brethren around the world. Please pray that God would call more laborers for His work in the Netherlands and Flanders.”

Canadian Update 

“Canada has a population of 38.6 million people living in the second largest country in the world with a land mass of nearly 10 million square kilometers (about 3.85 million square miles). The Church has congregations in 9 of the 10 most-populated cities in the country. There are 10 pastors and 16 elders serving 24 congregations in eight provinces. If a person were to drive across Canada to visit all the congregations, he or she would travel about 9,900 kilometers (over 6,100 miles) from coast to coast and would have to make two ferry crossings. An increasing number of pastors use Internet technologies to reach members who are unable to attend Sabbath services in person. 
One of our greatest challenges continues to be manpower—laborers for the harvest. Canada has been impacted recently by the deaths of a pastor and an elder. In addition, there are many policies in place to provide compliance with federal and provincial laws that apply to UCG-Canada as a federally registered charity. UCG-Canada must be especially careful of anything that might be considered ‘hate speech’ against any identifiable group. There are also very strict privacy laws, which limit what personal information we can collect and share. Considering the above-mentioned challenges, your prayers would be very much appreciated that the Word of God may continue effectively reaching the nation. In Part 2 of this report we will cover current media efforts to spread the message of God’s coming Kingdom.”

Canadian Update 2 

“Our media team continues working on ways to optimize our websites in order to promote and enhance visitor experience. The team has been writing introductory articles on topics covered by longer articles in The Good News and Beyond Today magazines. The shorter intros are meant to pique curiosity and then direct interested website visitors to previously posted material. Besides this, Beyond Today television programs air each week on cable television. However, Canada has limited print methods available for economical advertising. Those that are available, that we have been able to try, have not produced cost-effective results. 
“Regardless of these limitations and having very strict government restrictions during COVID-19, congregations across the country have had some new people begin attending Sabbath services which has been very encouraging to the members. Once again, we would be grateful for your prayers for your fellow brethren throughout Canada and that the gospel will continue reaching many people across the nation.”

Friday, September 30, 2022

UPDATED: You have been WARNED about this blog!!!!!!


A love letter from a reader:

WARNING: The continuation of verbal attack and condemnation of the Church of God or any group for that matter, is biblically unsound, sinful and destructive. I advise everyone who reads this site to check up on the information that is provided and research before concluding on any matter presented. The people who run this site are dead set on ruining the image of the Church of God. They are very bitter and hostile. It is very sad and I pray that they will have eyes that see someday. If you believe that God exists and hold to the Bible, if you believe God is a necessity for a meaningful and moral life, please heed me. Do not believe everything you read on this site. Take everything you read with a grain of salt. Their track record is not good. They are biased, very opinionated and not always honest. This site and other bashing sites will long be forgotten in the millennial Kingdom of God. Before then we must endure brethren. Persecution will continue to grow and increase from those outside the church. May Jesus Christ and God the Father be with you and may we love our enemies.

UPDATE:  One of our loyal readers made this comment:

"What a joke to compare Ambassador Report to this fake pretence of a blog. Ambassador Report was put together by students. 
This blog is neither run by church students or church members but by two faced rebels from within the ministry. Who love the benefits of being part of the elite whilst running this blog. 
This blog claims honesty whilst being dishonest."

My response:

"This blog is neither run by church students or church members but by two faced rebels from within the ministry. Who love the benefits of being part of the elite whilst running this blog."

I just have to laugh every time you get your self-righteous pants in a knot claiming this. No ministers started this blog, though both of us were ordained in some capacity within the church. Both left the church over 2 decades or more ago. There have been ordained contributors here from other groups, but they do not maintain this blog. They deserve their anonymity just like you, even more so.

It is typical for people to lash out like this when their cherished traditions are under fire. If we are wrong, then prove us wrong. The problem is you seldom can. 

If you were firmly rooted in your beliefs as the church taught you then you would have nothing to worry about from us. The problem is, you are not grounded and are grappling with endless questions and therefore get easily offended instead of taking stock of those beliefs and making good decisions. It was ingrained in us that our beliefs were God-given, sacrosanct, and immutable. Three decades of endless church splinters and idiot self-appointed prophets have debased the church far more than anything ever written on this blog.

There would be nothing to write about on this blog if COG leaders kept their stupid mouths shut and stopped making outlandish predictions. If they are dumb enough to say it then we are dumb enough to post it. 

People take this blog FAAAAAAAAR to seriously. How can ANYONE be serious about the COG movement when there are such incredibly STUPID things being said and done in 2022?

Who would have ever dreamed we would have people like Bob Thiel, Dave Pack, Gerald Flurry, Ron Weinland, and Gerald Weston leading COG's? No one could have ever imagined this in the years after HWA's death and yet here we are with these guys saying some of the most STUPID things ever imaginable. 

None of them speak for God nor represent him in any way. Absolutely NONE of them are receiving revelations from God. NOT ONE SINGLE ONE OF THEM! 

None of us have anything to fear when we reject their lies and call them out. They are powerless, weak, and impotent leaders at their core. They are theological empty, devoid of God's Spirit working with them

Like I said before, if they would SHUT UP, we would have nothing to do here and you would have nothing to complain about.


Be Seen, Not Heard

God's greatest prophet to ever exist in human history posted a 1962 article by Leroy Neff the other day, Do Unconverted People Know That You Are A Christian? It is a pretty bold move for Bwana Beto Bob to post this considering how badly he represents Christianity, especially from what the last few paragraphs have to say:

If we are the light of the world, the people will see it, even though they may not comprehend it now, or recognize why, now; but later they will remember that we were different, that there were no others like us. They will then remember that in addition to our living example of love, we did obey the living God. They will realize that our “fruits” came from our relationship with God and because we had God’s Holy Spirit. They will then cry out to God in repentance and receive the same Holy Spirit that we have received. 
We must let our light shine. Our light is our good works (Matthew 5:16), that light is SEEN of men.
By this way people may know that we are Christ’s disciples and that we are true Christians. There is no other way now for the world and for our unconverted friends and relatives to know. 
Don’t falsely assume that Sabbath-keeping, discipline in the home, obedience, or rejection of pagan customs are signs to the unbeliever. Let us have love and kindness that bring forth GOOD WORKS which others can see as Christian attributes in our daily lives. 
“Let your light so shine before men. that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven” (Matthew 5:16). 
Editor’s note: While in times of persecution we will need to be more discrete, yes, Christians should be diligent and live differently enough from the world, that we will be a proper example.

Never has the church had a splinter leader that CANNOT shut up about himself than what we have today with Beto Thiel. The endless rushing wind of his self-congratulatory nature keeps blowing out that candle he needs to let others see shining brightly. His vanity and narcissism overshadow any positive thing he has to say, which is not much.

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Perpetually Butt-hurt COG Crackpot Prophet Claims Most COG's Are Too Stupid To Understand Prophecy And Signs Of The End Times

Never in the history of Christianity has the church been so blessed to have in its midst the most intelligent man to ever lead a Church of God. No one in the last 2,000 years understands the Bible better than the Almost-arrested, Perpetually-butt-hurt, Beto Bwana Bob Thiel.

Today the Great Bwana lashed out at the other Churches of God by telling them that they were too stupid to understand the Bible like he does. Only the Great Beto has true biblical knowledge.

The Churches of God are wrong on so many things just because Beto Bob says so and is so irritated that he has compiled a list of 50 things COG groups are too stupid to understand. Of course, it all boils down to one big glaring issue, the COG groups REFUSE to support Beto Bob and his sad little ministry.

Beto writes:

"One thing that I have noticed is that the Laodiceans, as well as those of the remnants of the Sardis Church, misunderstand many aspects of end time prophecy. 
"Most Laodiceans do not accept that God has been doing that in the 21st century."

Beto claims Herbert Armstrong wrote about  his emergence in the end times 

Those with at least a partial WCG background should consider that the late Pastor General of the old Worldwide Church of God, Herbert W. Armstrong, taught that Acts 2:17-18 had a future application in a 1981 sermon: 
Joel 2:28-29 And your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: (29) And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit. 
So there is a time coming when God will start pouring out His spirit on human beings. ... Day of Pentecost, 3000 were baptized. Peter preached a sermon. They were pricked in their hearts.

God began to draw them. God was now ... Remember He said, “I will pour out of my spirit on all flesh.” All right, there’s a duality of that. (Armstrong HW. Building The Temple. Sermon, February 14, 1981) 
Herbert W. Armstrong said the time was coming when God would pour out His Spirit. There was a duality to what Peter preached in Acts 2 — and that duality is for the last days — our current time! His old correspondence department also taught that God would again use dreams. 
Yet, those of Sardis and Laodicea have discounted how God’s Spirit has been poured out in ways such as dreams as well as through a prophet.

HWA was no more predicting Bwana Bob than he would be in acknowledging Dave Pack as a real servant of God. HWA would have kicked Bob Thiel out so fast he wouldn't even have time to say "Ghastly days!"

Here is an abbreviated version of the 50 things Bwana Bob claims he is 100% accurate on and which the various COG's refuse to follow.

Here is an abbreviated list of misunderstandings in various claimed COG groups that I have personally denounced:

1)    Many COG groups (ICG, CGI, UCG, COGaIC, CG7-D, CGG, CEM, etc.) do not officially teach and/or do not believe in the idea of Church eras. Because of that they do not teach certain prophetic aspects of this, most do not see their own problems and will have to go through the Great Tribulation.

2)    Several COG groups do not believe that the Gospel of the Kingdom of God still needs to be preached to the world...hence do not have the real Philadelphian work.

3)    At least three groups misunderstand the Gospel and COG doctrines so much (PCG, CGPFK, and RCG) that I question if their top leaders are actually converted members of the COG. The leaders of those groups have had major predictions been proven to be false (CGPFK, PCG, and RCG).

4)    Many, if not most, COG groups do not realize that the Great Tribulation begins with the King of the North invading the USA, UK, and/or their Anglo-Saxon descended allies (Daniel 11:39).

5)    Many COG groups misunderstand the identity of the King of the South (Daniel 11:40-43), and some have the wrong prophetic sequence regarding the King of the South...those who hold to a differing view will not know when the Great Tribulation will begin until after it has started.

6)    Some (CEG, GCG-UK) teach that there is no biblically-required King of the South,

7)    Those who insist that the final King of the South must be Ethiopia will not possibly realize that the Great Tribulation will begin until it is too late 

8)    Several COG groups (like CGG, RCG, PCG, COGWA) clearly misunderstand Daniel 9:27...Those who misunderstand it will not have a proper pre- warning of what is happening nor likely know when the Great Tribulation will begin.

9)    Various COG groups (UCG, COGWA, COGaIC, RCG, and CGOM, come to immediate mind, but they are not the only ones) have so many areas of undefined prophecy that they will not know what certain events will mean.

10)    A couple of groups, such as CGPFK and TPM, have been repeatedly proven wrong about their dates for the start of the Great Tribulation and (like RCG) the return of Jesus Christ. Those who rely on teachers of those groups really do not understand biblical prophecy.

12)    Most COG groups fail to understand Habakkuk 2:2-8...Many do not realize that Habakkuk 2:2-8 is related to fleeing and the start of the Great Tribulation,

14)    Many COG groups have various ‘Elijah heresies’ (most CGI-derived groups as well as RCG come to mind). Because of this, they will not be able to recognize the final Elijah.   

24)    At least one COG group (CG7-D) basically teaches that most of the events of Revelation have already taken place and no one needs to be concerned about coming persecution as none supposedly is coming

29)    At least two groups teach that the ‘man of sin’ is (or could be) Joseph Tkach, Jr. (PCG, COG-FF). This absurd position also partially leads to many other misunderstandings.

30)    At least one group (RCG) has improperly declared Satan will enter a COG leader to make him the man of sin. (since this refers to Bob Thiel I can see why this upsets him) 

31)    A few teach that a massive Jewish temple in Jerusalem must be rebuilt before Jesus returns

34)    None of the Laodicean or Sardis COGs seem to teach that the “strongest fortresses” in Daniel 11:39 refers to the USA — but it does.

38)    At least one group has publicly claimed that God has no prophets today and will not have any until the two witnesses are empowered. (in this same point the Great Bwaana makes this idiotic comment: Does anyone think God provided no possible warning related to the coronavirus which impacted the feeling of peace of the world more than almost anything since WWII? Yet, this author did in 2013 and 2014.)

43)    One group erroneously taught (PCG) that half of the Laodiceans would die before April 30, 2021.

47)    Many groups do not teach much about prophecy

48)    Nearly all COG groups and independents do not accept that God has been fulfilling prophecies. (The comple list of 50 can be found here in his online rag: Bible News Propehcy (sic)

The Great Bwana, the most misunderstood prophet in human history makes another asinine observation claiming that a COG minister told him that HWA would have agreed with some of his (Bwana Bob's) teachings. It just frosts Bob's sanctimonious butt that other COG's do not agree with him.

This being said, some will come up with their preferred rational as why not to agree with the position of the Continuing Church of God (CCOG) on these matters. Yet not only are they biblical, on most of those points, the old WCG taught what I believe that the Bible teaches on them (on the few that it did not, one is consistent with a November 1979 HWA writing and on the others, a former adviser to HWA told me that HWA would have agreed with me on those as well, as one HWA had not investigated and some others were not issues when he was alive — and, of course, the Bible, and not HWA’s opinion, is the standard). 

The bald-faced lies just keep getting deeper and deeper as Bwana Bob makes more allegations:

It should be noted that leaders while in the Living Church of God and/or the United Church of God confirmed to me personally that I was biblically correct on pretty much all the above points.

It is an established fact that LCG never said any such things and numerous postings by LCG Ministers over the years prove that. 

All of the Churches of God have placed their lives in peril for failing to acknowledge Bwana Bob as the anointed Elijah to come:

There are also more prophetic differences that other COG groups have from the Bible. The reality is that without the right emphasis on the final phase of the work, holding the Bible in sufficiently high regard, practicing Philadelphian love, and ignoring one anointed like Elisha, the COG groups that ignore prophetic warnings are doing so to their peril.

Unless the Church of God groups repent and turn to the one true COG leader, their salvation is in peril and WILL NOT be protected in the tribulation. What a steaming pile of bullshit!

Without repentance, those who hold to certain of the listed errors will NOT be protected from the coming Great Tribulation (Matthew 24:21) as they will not even know when it will begin until it has already started.

The current lies being promulgated by Dave Pack and Gerald Flurry are right on par with Bwana Bob's lies. No Christian needs to be following Beto Bob. Their salvation is not at risk if they refuse to follow and support him. They will have no condemnation for refusing to do so and will not be left out in the cold during some tribulation that is the figment of Bwana Bob's tortured mind. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Restored Church of God Makes Up More Excuses As To Why Christ Failed To Return


A Most Pathetic Update


Yesterday was not a good day at the Headquarters of The Restored Church of God, especially on the third floor of the Hall of Administration. The mood there was as somber as a morgue because Jesus Christ did not return on The Feast of Trumpets as Pastor General David C. Pack had been "rushing to call it out" for several weeks.


Dave must have been wandering around with a shell-shocked, blank expression. Maybe it was because all his prophetic theories faded as the sun set across the international date line, or, more likely, it was due to the initial Holy Day Offerings Reports trickling in from the field ministers.


It was a bad day for Headquarters. It was a bad day for all the members of The Restored Church of God. They really do have to cancel their lunch plans for October 5.


A “Pathetic Update” (formerly known as Prophecy Update) was posted in Member Services yesterday. By far, this is the most “we do not know what is going on” announcement the ministry has ever made.


David C. Pack is more confused, desperate, and utterly “beside himself” than ever before. The walls are closing in; you can feel it in this short posting.


If I highlighted the “interesting” parts of this, the whole block of text would shine like the noonday sun. Oops. Nobody should utter "noon" around Mr. Pack for the foreseeable future. Add that to the list, including (but not limited to) Tammuz, Av, Elul, Trumpets, Jerusalem, Habakkuk, Zechariah, and shade.


All the Dave Pack-enthusiasts out there might want to read this text slowly.



Dear brethren,


A few important words of encouragement. Sometimes stark choices are helpful in galvanizing the mind. So then—either the year 2022 is wrong, or a Trumpets start is wrong because it has passed and 2022 is correct. They can no longer both be true! Our choices are: (1) break off our watching, except for every Feast of Trumpets, or (2) continue watching on a daily/hourly basis knowing we are “in the window” of a first Kingdom that many verses say must come in harvest. Know this!


It appears impossible for many reasons to “break” the metrics that point to 2022. Believe us, we have tried! (Just think of the queen’s death or that the Kingdom comes in a year after summer ended—or even now with Hurricane Ian that there may be no Safety Harbor, FL, Feast site, what does this mean?) However, Trumpets can remain a useful guide—as the Col. 2:16 “shadow”—in front of an imminent Kingdom.


It is important to note that the days of the first Kingdom—those days, the last days, days of the Son of Man—now become literal days, not parts of a single long day, which returns to its place as the day of the Lord. You may have fun trying to think of all the clues about how long we have suspected this Kingdom may be and where the Sabbath and Atonement and the 8 days of the Feast of Tabernacles and Last Great Day all fit “in one month.”


David C. Pack



The Last go First. The last point is worth examining first.


…and where the Sabbath and Atonement

and the 8 days of the Feast of Tabernacles

and Last Great Day all fit “in one month.”


He is already planting the seeds of preparation for the “meat” of Part 395.


This non-prophet/non-psychic will let you in on a little secret: I do not have “special” insight into the mind of David C. Pack. The members who have left know Dave will circle around after Trumpets and look at the rest of the fall Holy Days. This is an annual occurrence.


Only the still-blind inside RCG will be surprised by this. Sadly, some members are still experiencing medical-grade denial by willfully riding the RCG Nonsense Rollercoaster. These people get angry if you express your concerns, take you to the biblical woodshed, and then snitch you out to the nearest “minister.”


Even members of the Headquarters congregation no longer talk about the prophecy series. Their expressions tell the tale. The only ones who want to talk and continue to be “excited” are not the ones you want to open your mouth around. Any expressed concern would scratch the bubble of their perfect little reality.


The pod people are not just in the ministry. They sit next to you. They made their famous au gratin potatoes for the meal. They spread mulch in the garden beside you. They ask how your mom is doing. They put their green envelope in the basket Monday with a heart full of joy.


Do not fall asleep around them, or they will pull a Donald Sutherland on you.


The Restored Church of God is not the same place I left in March of 2021. I hear stories from people leaving…wow…it is getting worse there.


A few important words of encouragement.


I will call “tom foolery” on that one. The words in the text are neither important nor encouraging.


…either the year 2022 is wrong,

or a Trumpets start is wrong because it has passed and 2022 is correct.

They can no longer both be true!


Why am I still amazed when the passage of time makes the truth evident, yet they announce that as if it is an unusual phenomenon? “They can no longer both be true!” Duh. A big fat DUH.


So much for the God-inspired preaching of David C. Pack not so long ago.


Part 394 – September 24

@ 00:22 Time has grown serious. It’s become now or wait a year.

@ 13:05 It’s now or never. Time is serious.

@ 18:01 So, is it a coincidence we’re learning this right now?


The only “coincidences” that occurred are inside the corrupted mind of a false prophet and false apostle. A deluded, desperate man clawing his way to a legitimacy that will never be.


@ 07:25 Well, how come nobody who’s ever lived ever saw it before?


Because it is pure fantasy.


@ 37:23 …and waiting to the 1335, which, on God's authority, has to be Trumpets…


David C. Pack. Pastor General of The Restored Church of God. Professional Blasphemer. This one statement shows this man's contempt for God's name. God's name has no value to him; remember when he invokes it.


What does the Bible say the origin is when someone goes beyond a “yes” or a “no?”


@ 39:17 At 11:33 tomorrow, you’ve made it.


The history books can now add the entirety of Parts 393 and 394 to the "God never intended" this “ridiculous” content that “never made sense” taught by a “presuming” prophetic fraud.


It appears impossible for many reasons

to “break” the metrics that point to 2022.

Believe us, we have tried!


I volunteer to take a crack at this. The “metrics” are more worthless than the paper they are written on. That is not my opinion, but an undeniable fact.


Since 2013, all the metrics and all the math and all the proofs over the years have led to one thing: Failure. The Feast of Trumpets on Monday is only the latest in a long series of “Hey, God is not with us!” statements.


…Trumpets can remain a useful guide…


I giggled like Kevin on The Office when I read that. The “useful guide” is what NOT TO DO.


David C. Pack is determined to prove to the world that he is special and right. He will continue to burn through cash and people to do that. And it is a goal he will never achieve. God will not allow it.


It is important to note that the days of the first Kingdom—

those days, the last days, days of the Son of Man—

now become literal days, not parts of a single long day,

which returns to its place as the day of the Lord.


In other words, “Just go ahead and ignore what I said in Part 394 and, please also ignore that embarrassing Member Services posting from Friday. Those of us at Headquarters have no idea what is going on and accidentally clued you in on that.”


It isn't. It is. It isn't. It is. It isn't. That is the RCG way. And we are supposed to trust these same people when they say, "Jesus Christ is the Mighty Angel of Revelation 10," or "the Father is the God of the Old Testament," or “Elijah is just a title?” No thank you.


Brad, Ed, Jaco, Ryan, Ken, Tim, Carl, Andrew, Jim, Salasi, Frank, Mike, and Raymond…please rate from 1 to 10 the current Panic Level inside The Restored Church of God. Just leave a number in the comments section.


You may have fun trying to think of all the clues

about how long we have suspected this Kingdom may be…


That does not sound like fun at all. None of this is fun for those still inside The Restored Church of God. None of this is fun for those with family and friends trapped inside The Restored Church of God.


This latest announcement screams desperation and disorder emanating from the RCG leadership. The enablers at Headquarters know David C. Pack is a false prophet and false apostle but lack the strength and courage to do anything about it.


All we can do is hope that the brethren take action.

Marc Cebrian

Feast of Tabernacles Sites: Did God Choose That Site Or Did Men?


It is that time of year as COG members are scurrying about preparing to head off to various Feast of Tabernacle sites around the world. Excitement is in the air as foreign destinations promise exciting adventures. Children fret about being pulled from school for 10-12 days, missing loads of lessons and homework. Parents have to take off work, sometimes using vacation pay and other times with no pay at all. Some have built up sizable 2nd tithe funds for grand adventures as others struggle to have enough money for gas and accommodations at some Feast sites. 

Ministers receive their large Feast stipend checks from HQ as they make reservations at resorts that provide them free rooms where they get to pull out old Feast sermons from years before and recycle their message. Seriously ask yourself when have you EVER heard an original sermon at the Feast that was unique and truly memorable? We can all probably write out ahead of time the seven points that will be delivered and check them off one by one as you are bored out of your mind. If you are listening to Bob Thiel you will get to hear his 45+ speaking points during each sermon. Imagine how fun that checklist would be!

Then, add to that the expectation that you will be dumping hundreds of dollars into offering baskets during this time, and suddenly the fun is a little less. But it has been ingrained in all that we must sacrifice and be tested so this is a test, one of an endless stream of tests COG members are subjected to in the church. 

But never mind those trials, God has personally picked out this Feast site for you to attend at. God sent his angels, unbeknownst to the various resort owners, to scout out locations for a celebration focused upon old covenant teachings. The angels scoured the surrounding area for hotels and fun activities for members to engage in, or better yet, skip services and go and really have fun at. Never once should you imagine a team of men sitting around a table discussing Feast site locations and which would offer the most opportunities for members. That NEVER happens! But, if it did, then God personally impregnated their minds with those specific locations where members can have fun.

Every COG makes this claim, so the one below from Rick Schabi represents them all:

We embrace that vision of God’s Kingdom and show Him our desire and faith in Him by leaving our homes to go to the place where He has put His name. We stay there all seven days of the Feast, plus the Eighth Day, living in temporary dwellings. And our focus while there is on that Kingdom and living in the “zone” with each other apart from the world.

Apart from the world? Yeah, right. You picked convention centers or locations in some of the busiest towns and/or some of the best resorts. Members are no more apart from the world than they are at Winter Family Weekends held at resorts decked out to the nines with Christmas decorations.

There will be few sermons at the Feast discussing Jesus, and if he is mentioned it is that he is really ticked off and so angry that he is coming back to punish people, kill a whole bunch and THEN usher in peace and glory of his Dad's kingdom.

Chag Sameach!

An Open Letter to the RCG Ministry


An Open Letter to the RCG Ministry

Guest – September 26, 2022


The following was written by a Guest in the comments section of the website.



Dear "Brad, Ed, Jaco, Ryan, Ken, Tim, Carl, Andrew, Jim, Salasi, Frank, Mike, and Raymond,"

I'll address this to the Wadsworth Collective, but it's for the one who grew up in the Philadelphia Church of God.


The move from PCG and its sphere of splinters to the Restored Church of God truly was a step forward in your spiritual life. I have no doubt that God guided you in that. But we both know that spiritual growth within RCG has been stagnate these many years. We must endure to the end (which wasn't today apparently), and you know that you can't stay in Restored. So what are you going to do?


Reflect upon why you left Fluffy in the first place. Did he take a number of Biblical/historical/divine titles to himself? Did you think that he was effectively teaching the gospel? Was there spiritual growth in your own personal life, and in the lives of those that you were close with? Did his prophetic teachings make sense to you? Could you effectively explain them to others (could you effectively explain Mr. Pack's prophecy doctrines/timeline in your role as a minister?). How did Mr. Pack's book on "That Prophet" help you in coming out of PCG? Well, at least Mr. Pack has never claimed to be That Prophet, I'll give him that......(sarcasm alert)


You're about to go and keep the Feast of Tabernacles. I truly hope that you have a special time there. Take the time to go out with a group of people for dinner, and do so several times. I know that you will look out for the widow, orphan, and poor among the brethren because that is the type of person that you are. Realize that most people can be a little awkward and shy around ministers from HQers, but you are a sincere and humble person in my estimate. Softly "push"/guide others to talk about the sermons that they've been hearing during the Feast. No doubt Mr. Pack will continue the prophecy series on a daily basis, rushing to call out the final message several times. Get those people to talk about the prophecy sermon, and analyze what you hear. Listen to them, don't dominate the conversation. Listen to them, listen to what you hear, and what you DO NOT hear. Many will not say a word, or will make comments like "wow," or will do their best to dodge the subject. Those people mostly will jump at the opportunity to change the subject, or the chance to let a "talker" take over. People no longer talk about the Millennium during the lunch hour. It was not so when we were younger and breaking bread at the Feast!


Then listen to those who are eager to talk about prophecy. Can they correctly summarize what Mr. Pack is currently teaching (i.e. within the last few hours, not an outdated sermon from yesterday)? Or does it come across as a mangled mess of prophetic teaching, one that painfully demonstrates confusion? As people are talking look into their eyes; also take time to observed the eyes of those who are not talking. Be polite and encouraging the whole time, but notice the eyes of the others. How many are confused, bewildered, zoned out, or sad? And for those who truly are excited by Mr. Pack's latest prophecy, do they strike you as balanced people? I'm not asking you to do this as some kind of judgmental jerk, but as one who truly cares for the people of God. Know the state of your flock. Listen to what is being said, and not said.


Other points to analyze while listening to people:


-Were they baptized after the prophetic nonsense started? What is their depth of understanding, application of God's way, and spiritual maturity? How confused are they, specifically? Because yes, those are the people who sadly have not been fed the basics.


-Are they old WCGers? How comfortable are they with series? And did they strive all these years to stay close to God by constantly trying to find the "correct" splinter group? Or did they just stay home for these past 30 years? I've noticed some interesting trends there.


I do not envy you your position. Of all the ministers at HQers, you perhaps have the most to lose by doing the right thing. Are you going to be a shepherd who lays down his life for the flock? Will you stand in the gap in order to defend the truth, not only for your own spiritual state before God, but for the sake of others? Redeem the time, old friend. Are you willing to lose your life in order to gain it? Or in order to help someone else who is spiritually dying?


Take the time to analyze yourself. What did you discern in Flurry's voice those many years ago that helped you to see that he was a false prophet? Do you hear the same "voice" from behind the pulpit in Restored? (Or multiple voices? - there's way too many doctrinal storylines going on at the same time in Wadsworth. Good thing Marc has the gift of discerning prophetic gobbledegook). What's disturbing you about being in Restored?


You're in my prayers. Seriously.

See: An Open Letter to the RCG Ministry

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

LCG: Gerald Weston Says Real LCG Members Do Not Slink Back But Put Duty First…Who Knew?


Gerald Weston sent out a letter to the faithful on September 15 using Queen Elizabeth's service to her country as a sign for LCG members to serve to their utmost ability so that they too can be crowned Kings and Queens in the kingdom to come.

Weston claims that LCG members never slink back but put duty first. One would never know that considering how every Friday LCG makes a point of letting members know they are screwing things up and constantly falling sort.

And yes, I am confident of good things from you brethren and co-workers as well. We are not of those who slink back, but of those who put duty first. “‘Now the just shall live by faith; but if anyone draws back, My soul has no pleasure in him.’ But we are not of those who draw back to perdition, but of those who believe to the saving of the soul” (Hebrews 10:38-39). The fact that you have become members or co-workers indicates you recognize this duty and take it seriously. Thank you, and may God reward you greatly!

You take it so seriously that you will turn over 20-30% of your income to us whenever we ask. Remember brethren, the more you give the richer your blessing will be in the kingdom!

We must not deify Queen Elizabeth—after all, she was human and had personal shortcomings—but we can learn from her example of recognizing and embracing her calling. We do not live so much in the public eye, but we live in the eyes of God, and He is looking to us to fulfill our duty. We must put personal desire second to the will of our Savior (Luke 14:26). 

"We must put personal desire second to the will of our Savior" when pray tell, have many of the ministry in LCG ever done this?  

The duty we have been called to involves a personal relationship with our Creator, and that involves heartfelt prayers for His Work and personal giving according to His will and our ability. Though we are small, we are doing a significant Work. As of this letter, along with sending the hardcopy Tomorrow’s World magazine to approximately 600,000 subscribers ten times a year, entirely free of charge, we are also reaching a significantly different audience of nearly 587,000 French, Spanish, and English YouTube subscribers who say, by subscribing, that they want to see more of what we have to give. 

God needs your money! He cannot do his work without your money!  

We also have more than 825,000 combined followers on Facebook in English, Spanish, and French, and our French version of “Three Things Nailed to the Cross” gained 950,000 social media views in less than two months. We also provide literature and have active websites in Dutch, Afrikaans, German, Hindi, Russian, and Chinese. So far this year we have conducted 176 Tomorrow’s World Presentations in the United States—far surpassing our previous record of 89 in 2018 and 2019. Our recent presentation in Sherbrooke, Quebec was successful enough that we have begun a new congregation there.  

All of these efforts—and so many more—are made possible by those of you who understand your calling and duty. As always, thank you for your dedication and zeal to get out this important message before our world sinks into the unimaginable. And may the God who has called you, and desires to add you to His royal team at Christ’s return, bless you even now for your dutiful service.

Church of God International Interview of Mark Cebrain Concerning Restored Church of God


Monday, September 26, 2022

Dave Pack Continues His Desperate Scrambling To Be Right


Desperate Scrambling


It was obvious that Pastor General David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God had a big breakfast this morning because he still had egg all over his face.


Instead of walking up to the lectern, declaring “April fools!” and then stepping down, Dave repeated history with his laughable “Special Comments” which were basically, “There was something WE missed. It happens at sundown somewhere in the world tonight.”




I would like to request that either The Meat Shield or The Coffee Kid please cut out Habakkuk and Zechariah from Dave’s Bible. Those books do absolutely no good for your boss.


I commented this morning on the Banned by HWA website predicting the spin Dave would grasp on to today. He did not disappoint. It is freaky how I have that guy figured out.


For the skimmers: Jesus Christ was supposed to arrive today at sunrise in Jerusalem, which would have been 5:30am eastern time. Dave "discovered" late last night that He will not arrive reckoned by Jerusalem time but by Joseph time (the United States and Canada). It will still be Trumpets in the west when sundown strikes Wadsworth, Ohio, at 7:17pm.



Being more than a blogger now, I feel a particular responsibility as a Restored Church of God chronicler; a whistleblower that gives commentary with a humorous slant, but also fact-based news reporting.


Due to this, I do my best to analyze events in a timely fashion.


When these “Special Comments” were posted, I was faced with the reality that if I wanted to get anything posted before the sunset deadline Dave set during the 20-minute excuse-rich blather, I would have to change my evening dinner plans which were made days ago.


I decided that I was not going to alter my schedule due to the erratic (if not predictable) nature of David C. Pack. I spent years in The Restored Church of God changing my plans (along with the whole Headquarters congregation) because “Mr. Pack” whatever. Those days are over.


So, you are reading this well after the sunset deadline because I opted to have dinner with a friend and thumb my nose at Dave's nonsense. Of course, his new idea was going to fail.


The man is destined to fail in all his prophetic endeavors.



Breaking the usual format, here are a string of quotes that tell the story:


"Two choices: It's too late for this year, or WE missed something.”


“Habakkuk 2:3. A truly enigmatic statement…and, suddenly, God gave me that corroboration.


And as I was sitting, and eventually it got toward 2 o'clock, and I was pondering this, not because I any longer believed it was gonna be last night…”


Sounds like Dave was up until at least 2am last night. The man is not getting enough sleep.


“…and I finally figured out…”


“…‘rush that calls it out.’ So, I’m still calling it out, by the way.”


“What is that moad? Well, we now know it’s the Feast of Trumpets.”


That tune will change starting tomorrow.


“There’s a delay.”


“…after I noticed a verse we had never seen before in the light that we will.”


Dave only preaches darkness. His teachings are not of the light.


“…look at something we never saw.”


“But, what we read over and over again, and never saw for what it meant…


Zechariah 14:6-7 bitch-slaps Dave with some new truth.


“…they tell you how and when everything begins.”


Until Tishrei 2. When the prophetic blueprint needs to be redesigned. Oh yeah, that is tomorrow.


“When does that happen? And here’s the plain answer. Impossible to argue with.

And it absolutely qualifies and agrees with Habakkuk 2:3.”


“…at evening time…dusk…sunset…extremity…now, that’s powerful.”


"So, it wouldn't turn on sundown or dusk in Jerusalem. It would have to be some later place."


“Jerusalem saw that the Feast of Trumpets disappear at 11:30 this morning.

And I knew they would.


This contradicts what he told the church on Saturday night. Dave was right about being wrong again. Sad.


“7:17pm…if it’s here.”


“But fortunately, I figured this out late last night.


All the best biblical knowledge manifests around 2am. That is when a sound mind is at its strongest, right Dave?


A few minutes ago, God gave this information to him. But now he figured it out. Interesting.


“Over in Zechariah 1…a series of eight visions that all appeared…

as happening in the shade. I never understood it.


In the winter of 2019, Dave was utterly fixated with darkness and night and winter. He went through the first half of the book of Zechariah line by line because RCG was experiencing winter. Not figuratively, but the actual season.


He revisits those same ideas as if he had never taught that concept before. Maybe if he got more sleep, he would have remembered this is recycled material. The Meat Shield…well, shielded Dave from the embarrassment. The Coffee Kid kept his lips sealed. The Enabler-in-Chief just nodded.


“I do the best I can…maybe God wants this as a record.


That would make me a scribe. And I believe God wants this to be recorded for all to see. These futile and pointless twenty minutes broadcast to all the members of The Restored Church of God that David C. Pack is a prophetic fraud.


“Maybe this is the very last day of my voice when I’m about to sound in four hours.


I am transcribing this quote at 10:17pm. I laughed out loud.


“I do not believe for a split second we’re gonna go next year.”


It's not Jerusalem, and I knew it, and I sat with the ministers this morning. We were all convicted about it. I said, ‘You’re gonna watch 11:30 pass…in Jerusalem…it can’t be.’”


I said that too. What does that say about me? An antichrist serpent more wicked almost than the devil knew Trumpets would come and go in Jerusalem with nothing occurring. A week before “God” revealed it to you. Why does that not fascinate anyone at Headquarters?


If you want to hire me back, Brad, I am willing to negotiate.


Dave fills the rest of his time with a Queen Elizabeth / Queen Victoria story about how they knew they were descended from King David.



Special Comments. The end.


Sunset came to Wadsworth. Sunset came to California. Maybe something biblical will happen on Maui in three more hours.


I will be asleep by then, but I suspect Dave will be pacing a bald spot in his carpet, waiting for inspiration from “God” to come in the wee hours of the night as it did for Nostradamus. You should start staring at a bowl of water, Dave. Maybe then one of your goofy ideas will pan out.


Brad and his wife will be giggling themselves to sleep, coming up with ideas for what excuses Dave will dream up next.


When he walks into your office tomorrow, Brad, just take a deep breath and try not to laugh.


It is a special day when you can wake up to David C. Pack failing before your first cup of coffee and then go to dinner as David C. Pack fails the same day again just in time for dessert. That is a remarkable accomplishment, and we should all take note.


David “Passover” Pack, the Elijah, the Messenger to the Seventh Era, Joshua the High Priest, The Watchman, The Good and Faithful Servant, The Goodman of the House, the Porter who “rushes to call it out” while giving a final ration about the Feast of Trumpets.


The Price Is Right

Marc Cebrian