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Dave Pack and His Dismal Swamp

Dismal Swamp


David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God prides himself on creating colorful analogies and “catchy” phrases to “help” the brethren understand his latest prophetic monstrosities. He strains through repetition, hoping his audience will accept and incorporate those ideas into The Restored Church of God's biblical nomenclature.


As a disruptor, he pulls prophetic wire from a wall to jolt the brethren with his Golden Document super-metric, which proves the stone-cold math of the Trumpets Solar System as part of the trial and error process for cascade learning that is really just telling, not foretelling about the Mount Everest Firewall which happens to be the hill he will die on. Or you can call Jesus a liar because this is taking too long, and you do not appreciate his rushing to call it out to end the Mystery of God that nobody else ever saw.


With the lamest of labels, “a David-Solomon-Jedidiah moment,” “the Tough Kingdom,” and “a Tale of Four Pictures,” I wonder how many of these one-off ideas came from his two ghostwriters bleeding their lives away in the Third Floor Executive Imaginarium. Whether or not Coffee Kid and Pepper Boy came up with the idea, Dave will adopt them as his own.


His inner child narcissist longs to imprint the specialness of his teaching skills and dazzle the brethren with his well-thought, creative, and clever metaphors.


The problem is David C. Pack is not clever.



quick to understand, learn, and devise or apply ideas; intelligent; skilled at doing or achieving something; talented; showing skill; ingenious; sensible; well-advised


Putting aside the other problems of being a hypocritical blaspheming liar perpetuating antichrist theology, David C. Pack has the most astonishingly piss-poor reading comprehension skills of anyone I have ever known.


The root cause lies in his failure to understand basic English, making him the Vizzini of the Churches of God. That is not so inconceivable.


“The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 495 and 496)” on March 2, 2024, and Part 497 on March 9 provided plenty of content for brethren to skip.


The Kingdom Plan changed from 7-100-1000 to 7-1000

April 8 at 12:03 PM ET holds

Dave still has no idea there is a total eclipse


Be sure to write any notes in pencil. Lightly.



After convincing the brethren that God's Plan was absolutely 7-100-1000 a week earlier, Dave opened by soft-prepping his worshippers for more exciting, better adjustments.


Part 495 – March 2, 2024

@ 00:33 Other huge things have remained hidden. Not just the seven years. Today, sets them up. Again, only one subject which will be cleared up, but it serves also as a set-up for the other one. First, the seven years must start and end on Abib 1 [April 8, 2024]. That goes without saying now. You already know many proofs. We have only about 36-plus days. 


There are always huge things that are hidden until AFTER he teaches them. Dave's god has an awful sense of timing when it comes to revealed knowledge. Those two cannot seem to coordinate getting all the information accurate before ruining everyone’s Sabbath.


@ 01:23 The dismal swamp is (we'll say) is clearing up. I use that now all the time and everybody just, “Boy, you’re not kidding.” It has been a dismal swamp. It’s something that Mr. Armstrong was never allowed to sort through.




While explaining the complexities of understanding Bible prophecy, David C. Pack refers to the process as “a dismal swamp.” Those who are fluent in Packinese can measure how proud he is of his metaphor by the frequency with which he repeats it. The dismal swamp is mentioned throughout Parts 495, 496, and 497.


“I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Inigo Montoya


Someone needs to buy David C. Pack a dictionary for Christmas. His parents should have provided him with books to read while he spent all that time sitting in the bathroom, learning to doodie in the toilet and not in his pants.



causing a mood of gloom or depression; depressing; dreary; gloomy; pitifully or disgracefully bad

Dave is never clear on what precisely the dismal swamp is. Is the hidden nature of God’s Word a dismal swamp? Is the process of receiving divine knowledge a dismal swamp? Is understanding Bible prophecy a dismal swamp? Dunno.


A self-proclaimed apostle, Elijah the Prophet, who is That Prophet, the Seventh Angel of Revelation, the Righteous from the East, the Branch, and Joshua the High Priest, calls the process of understanding prophecy a dismal swamp. Just as you would want from your end-time “Christian minister.”


@ 25:55 Now, tell me how the sheep, who are the nations, did not inherit the kingdom of [chuckles] inherited the Kingdom of God while they remained flesh. That’s a problem. But it’s a problem you never get to if you don’t understand the seven years. God kept that swamp dismal because it was never to be understood until the Mystery of God cleared up and things were made plain. Now, that’s plain.


According to David C. Pack, God kept His mystery depressing, gloomy, dreary, pitiful, and disgracefully bad. You must either accept he meant it that way, or he has an embarrassingly inept English vocabulary.


@ 33:07 …or nondescript “they” say “Peace and safety.” Then, sudden destruction. They're destroyed. Comes on them as travail on a woman with child, and they shall not escape. But, you can think, “Well, maybe they’re coming back for the next Kingdom” because of things we’ve understood that the dismal swamp clears up. But that’s powerful.


His choice of "dismal" was intentional and should concern the brethren of The Restored Church of God.



After the Sabbath meal, Dave had time to reflect on his word choice and adjust accordingly.


Part 496 – March 2, 2024

@ 33:15 The Bible is the story of this giant kingdom followed by an eternal Kingdom of God. Increase of no end. But nobody saw the one that kicks off all the others. And that’s why Christ said, “If you don’t get this kingdom, how are you gonna understand anything?” to the disciples. And we didn’t. It was a dismal swamp. Not anymore. But it was.


According to the mouth of David C. Pack, what Jesus Christ said to the disciples about the Kingdom of God was part of the gloomy and depressing quality of God’s understanding.


Due to the Campus-sparing budget cuts, none of the weak enablers at Headquarters can afford a thesaurus to leave on Dave’s table at the back of the Main Hall. Strategically placing a Post-it note on the page “dismal” is found would ensure an “unemployed” status before the end of the hour.


Shiny Yes-Man Edward Winkfield must keep a strip of thick leather in his briefcase to bite down on whenever Dave uses that word while he pretends it does not stab him in the gut. Even this former critical thinker knows what the word dismal means. But he dares not to utter a peep to Dave.


@ 33:46 They never saw the Kingdom to Israel. This because God wasn’t ready to reveal the solution in Mr. Armstrong’s time to the dismal swamp. I love the name.


I gladly fill the gap left vacant by the cowardly hirelings at Headquarters by providing alternatives for Dave to continue to love his “dismal swamp” theology.


“dismal” synonyms provided by

cheerless, sad, melancholy, dark, miserable, disconsolate, mournful, bleak, doleful, grim, unhappy, lugubrious, sorrowful, desolate, somber, dejected, murky, and dispirited


There are dozens more. Does anything still cling to the idea that David C. Pack is clever or even literate?


David C. Pack LOVES referring to Bible prophecy, God’s Word, the nature of the truth, the Mystery of God, understanding of the Kingdom of God, and by association, the Gospel as a cheerless, sad, melancholy, dark, miserable, disconsolate, mournful, bleak, doleful, grim, unhappy, lugubrious, sorrowful, desolate, somber, dejected, murky, and dispirited swamp.


“I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Inigo Montoya



One week later, he continued milking the dismal swamp analogy, screaming to all the brethren of The Restored Church of God how ignorant and uninformed he really is. David C. Pack misuses basic English words and is still unaware that there will be a total solar eclipse in Wadsworth on the new moon of April 8, while it is Abib 1 in Jerusalem.


Part 497 – March 9, 2024

@ 16:11 And God help all of us to see it, and God help me to teach it to you correctly in a clear and concise way so that all the mystery of Daniel and Revelation, which ties all the theologians and all the prophets and prophecy experts in knots and [chuckles] and they [laughs] it helps them make the dismal swamp a lot more dismal and a lot bigger swamp. So, we’re gonna clear all of it out.


David C. Pack’s job is to clear up his god’s miserable, dark, and depressing doctrines. The All-Believing Zealots must be in awe of such revelations.


@ 54:00 My job is to make the seven years plain. The Day of the Lord follows it. It was a dismal swamp. But I think we'd all agree it's clearing up. Whether you call it seven years, seven times, 84 months split into 42 and 42, or whether you call it 1,260 days and 1,260 days, or you call it 2,520 days, it’s the same… And it’s impossible to argue with it now. It’s impossible.


@ 1:03:09 I’m trying to repeat it as many times. You get this in your head. We’ve got this right. Nobody doubts this [Table Glass 1000]. It’s the dismal swamp that we hafta clear up.


“I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Inigo Montoya



God has a sense of humor and is a fan of irony.


David C. Pack preaches dismal swamp doctrines from a whited sepulcher dismal swamp in Wadsworth, Ohio. The Greatest Unending Series is a depressing and futile eight-year exercise of bleak confusion and doleful ideas taught by a dark man surrounded by dejected people.


The Pastor General loves the name "dismal swamp," and rightly so. Exposing his mental genitals of ignorance, David C. Pack credits God with keeping the dismal swamp secrets locked away until it was time for him to reveal them for the brethren.


Nothing has been unlocked. David C. Pack is a false teacher, false apostle, and false prophet. He cannot and will not ever get prophetic timing correct. If you cannot trust him to understand the definition of a simple English word, how can anyone expect him to be a trusted steward with the truths of God?



causing a mood of gloom or depression; depressing; dreary; gloomy; pitifully or disgracefully bad; cheerless, sad, melancholy, dark, miserable, disconsolate, mournful, bleak, doleful, grim, unhappy, lugubrious, sorrowful, desolate, somber, dejected, murky, and dispirited


The mind of David C. Pack is a dismal swamp.


The Restored Church of Another god operates in a dismal swamp.


The brethren are supporting the dismal swamp.


Dismal is a perfect description. But I do not love that.

Marc Cebrian


Apostle David C Passover: "If I ever....and I hope you'll remember it well enough to quote it right back to me..."


OK...can do. 

Marc Cebrian's remarkable compilation of The Beautiful Mind of David C "Passover" as told by the Beautiful Mind of David C "Passover" itself.

(P262 23:46)

  “This is critical. Don’t just see it as him or or ‘Mr. Pack’s talking about himself.’

Uh, I’m not.” (Psalm 89:22)

Yes you are....

“Nobody else understands any of this...” “You probably never noticed this...” “I broke a code...”

“I’ve lived in Ohio probably more than most off you.” “I taught what I think the Bible says.”

“I’m seeing things in the scripture no one has ever seen, I’m quite certain of that.”

“I discovered some powerful information.” “I can picture it. You can’t.”

“I can now tell you what none else know.” “No one’s ever been able to explain that.”

“Nobody’s ever put these verses together either.”

(P002 81:39) “One called Elijah is also called, by God for reasons I have wrestled with for a long

time, Joshua the High Priest. Wow Father, I guess I’m the High Priest because I’m the leader

of a royal priesthood. I don’t the Jews aren’t gonna accept me as a High Priest. But, if they

understand symbolically that role, they know somebody’s Joshua. They will and if they

believe I’m Elijah and I explain, ‘but I’m also this person,’ try to imagine this temple’s gonna

be built...”

(P003 48:40) “I’ve been studying God’s word for almost 50 years. And I’ve studied prophecy, I know

this, like no man who’s ever lived. And I’m gonna tell you things over the next several weeks

that are so awesome, so mind-bending, even before today.”

(P015 133:16 “I’m telling you, brethren, I understand this. I’m equipped. I am trained to understand.

I know what war is, I’ve studied it all my life.”

(P163 39:50) “I’ve studied prophecy, I am sure, by far, more than anybody who ever lived.”

(P172 82:40) “I’m not the Apostle Paul, but I am one and I understand what he’s thinking. I’m sure

I’ve pastored more people than he did. He probably traveled more in many ways. Maybe

raised up more congregations, although I raised up almost fifty, but I don’t know...”

(P173 48:50) “This is a profound understanding and nobody ever put it together and it was my task

to do that and begin to explain it to the church. I’m going to tell you, I think there probably

are still a few flaws in what I’ve said, but very few.”

(P178 21:37) “What we learned on Thursday night, nobody on earth knows! Nobody knows it. My

whole life I’ve dug into these things. I know prophecy better than any man alive. I’ve said it

before, if you think I’m arrogant saying it, as I like to say, ‘Then, pray for me.’ But I’m gonna

tell you I’ve dug and dug and dug like nobody I ever knew...and now a thousand wise men

could not convince me I’m wrong.”

(P180 77:17) “These are mysteries. Nobody understood any of this. I didn’t and took me a while to

put it together. I mean, I feel like I could write a new King James Bible better, with the Greek

and Hebrew. They were fine, I’m not I’m not trying to brag, but I’ve had to. That’s where I got

up to and I do estimate it’s about 9000 hours of study on this.”

(P193 104:44) “My responsibility before God is to prepare the Church regarding the mysteries of

God for what happens.”

(P194 108:09) “Look, maybe there’re people who know New Testament Church history better than I,

but I but I I’ll bet there aren’t three in the last two thousand years, partly because I live at the

end of it and I’ve studied it and written long books on it and studied it...”

(P195 59:13) “Probably not one of you has ever thought, I hadn’t. I’m not condemning you in any

way. Not one of us has ever thought a single time maybe we have, maybe one person or

three people once have thought about the fact that, ‘I wonder if Trumpets will play a part in

all of this.’”

(P196 76:51) “I pulled out a pencil and I started writing with a yellow pad and I didn’t stop until I had

seventy-five questions and I had zero when I started and never cracked the Bible ‘cause I I

I’ve come to the point where as I’ve explained, I’m encyclopedic on the Bible, I can just study

it in my mind, I can call up these verses and I just then I just said, ‘I’m not gonna stop.’ Then I

took a pause and by nightfall I was over a hundred and eventually over a hundred and ten.”

(P197 11:15) “It just never happened. I’ve studied Church history like no one I’ve ever known,

maybe there’re some who know it better than I do, but I wrote a lot about it, I’ve talked about

it, and I’ve I’ve harkened to this point.”

(P197 128:59) “This is an inquisition. That’s what’s coming. Nobody else will say it. I will ‘cause I

know I’m right.”

(P198 50:19) “These are absolute mysteries of the Kingdom of God, by the way, that nobody ever


(P198 120:21) “And you can throw me into Revelation, and I went through this with the ministers,

you can throw me into the book of Revelation, spin me around three times, blindfold me, then

I go to bed, get up, don’t have coffee, and you point at a person place in Revelation, I’ll tell

you what it means.”

(P200 152:59) “But, I’m pretty sure I can walk you through every verse that’s on your mind and

clear them up the way we can clear this one up at the end of the Bible.”

(P202 109:52) “I know literally, literally everything that happens from the time Christ drops outta

that cloud ’til this things rolls into the box. I’ve got the whole picture ’til there’s no more

earth. So, I know what God is gonna do and you know what God’s gonna do.”

(P203 132:09) “Mark 13:34 commands a Watchman to watch. I didn’t hafta hear God’s voice to

know that I am commanded to do that. I know who that guy is.”

(P204 146:06) “So, what I’m teaching you is the doctrine of God from Christ and that’s my my task.”

(P214 08:20) “I broke a code and in breaking this code, I discovered something else that is really

wonderful. And I don’t think anybody knew it and I gonna prove to you even the translators

didn’t know what they were seeing and, therefore, rendered it a a a little different way.”

[John 5:24]

(P219 87:24) “I don't care the prophet you wanna name, brethren, I understand these things and

I didn't for a long time and neither did anybody else because I was shown them. You're

gonna send a messenger, it takes a long time, you know.”

(P219 103:20) “I know more about Christmas than anybody who’s ever lived. Period.”

(P220 54:22) “I I maybe there’s somebody who knows more about [Christmas] than I do,

but I doubt it.”

(P224 137:03) “I’m gonna tell you some fascinating things no one has ever understood

and I am sure of it!”

(P227 138:36) “I’ve seen more people fall away, I’m sure, than any apostle who’s ever lived,

by far the first century couldn’t couldn’t begin to match what I saw.”

(P228 30:25) “Took a long time, but uh but I’m thrilled, honored really to tell the very first people

who have ever lived and it’ll be today, you’ll be the first group since the Garden who have

ever had a full picture all the way through the thousand years of how and the stages of the

arrival of God’s renovation of earth in three phases.”

(P228 64:52) “You know, brethren, it’s a wonderful thing now. God I I’m so familiar with the

scriptures in a way, I I always thought I was. My Bible’s collapsing up here again as I’m as

I’m talking to you, I’ve studied it so much. But now I can do a one-hour study because I’ve

done these or an hour and a half study and and prepare an entire prepare an entire sermon

or two hours and never reach for my Bible. I I just can do it. I’m sure it’s a gift of God, too.

I’m not Mr. Wonderful, but I’ve got a memory and I just know the book and God guides me

and helps me. So, I can now go I can explode through subjects very fast now.”

(P229 95:17) “Boy, I just didn’t understand this. [Luke 14:17] Nobody ever has. You are the first

people, in this room. I’ll say it again, the first people ever to understand all of these events

correctly with Revelation as a backdrop. I think the disciples understood quite a bit of it,

maybe much of it. In some in some areas, all of it. But the things they didn’t put together.”

(P231 60:31) “But again, what I’d give to have a Bible study with Mr. Armstrong or the other

apostles, but I kind of it’s me, myself and I and I talk to certain of our good, really we good

ministers around, but they don’t have that that senior experience. Uh it’s not like talking to

a let’s say, eleven other apostles and so sometimes I’d I I could wish I could bounce

questions off of him. Uh I was spoiled when I got to do it, marveled that others didn’t seem

to be that interested.”

(P231 72:04) “...if we only knew that Christ came on the Sabbath, I can tell you which one it is.”

(P231 83:03) “Nobody ever understood what I just told you.”

(P233 39:21) “I’m gonna to reveal a great prophecy is ending. A great prophecy no one ever saw

in the Bible is ending right now, and you know nothing of it, and the church didn’t, and

every historian and theologian who’s ever lived never knew anything about it.”

(P237 84:24) “This stuff’s called the Mystery of God. Nobody ever put this together.”

(P239 46:22) “It looks like it probably is Elijah, but you know, it doesn’t look like it’s a description of

Christ. I’ve gone back and forth, doesn’t make any difference. But, if it’s the little kingdom,

then it almost has to be Elijah because Christ said, ‘I’m gonna stay in the background. I’m

not gonna sit on the throne of My glory yet. You’re gonna restore all things.’ So, you know

all the verses that say it’s almost certainly Elijah.

(P248 02:14) “I’m I’m, you know, I know the subject of Passover thoroughly. You know, remember,

my name is David Passover, and then so I guess my wife would be her name is Vernia, that

means Spring. Her name is Spring Passover. So, if you got the name Passover, and I learned

that as a freshman in college, then, you know, I I know what Passover means.”

(P253 35:27) “‘One shepherd over them. He shall feed them, even my servant David.’ Now look,

I’m sorry, but I have to read that. If there’s some other David, then then God bless him, you

know, because some David is gonna do this day one.”

(P254 Edited Out 06:26) “Now, I still believe that Christ is returning today. If you think I shouldn’t

know the day, then uh and if I’m wrong, then we’re waiting a year. I know way more than I

have time to talk about. And I know some of you sit out there and you’re smug because you

think I shouldn’t know the day...So I I mean I I understand the Scriptures, but if I suggest

maybe we’d know a little bit in advance, like maybe I am an apostle and maybe God would

reveal the truth through me, ‘Oh no!’ you know, you see these smug faces or sullen faces.

I see them. I’m well-aware. When you’ve talked to as many hundreds of thousands of people

from the pulpit, as I have, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands. If you

pastored 11,000 and gave 10 servants sermons, that’s 110,000. So I‘ve seen lots and lots of

faces in crowds. I know how to read people. People don’t hide their their their views very

very well.”

(P254 28:29) “Now, these things are complicated, but it shows you how they and nobody else ever

even investigated any of this. No one ever talked about the mountain city that would exist in

the Millennium, but when it doesn’t, by the way. No one ever noticed the hill city.”

(P255 21:20) “You hafta get into the Last Days before you’ll be able to see it. But that’s obviously

talking to {me} God’s servant because it’s {my} his job to explain it.”

(P256 04:09) “But I actually think, at this point, I I don’t know if I’m stump-able. In terms of

a [Bible] question.”

(P256 80:35) “Nobody ever put these verses together to my knowledge.”

(P256 87:26) “No one ever understood any of this. And I wouldn’t either. If I wuddn't shown it. But

God says He will not do anything, whatever secret He has, He will not do it until He ‘show it

to His servant, the prophets.’ They see it first.”

(P257 107:34) “And now you understand what no one understands. They just don’t. And that’s why

it dudn’t make any difference how long we wait, brethren. I don’t care. I couldn’t care less.

I mean, of course I care. I want it to be, you know, in the next minute, but I I I I don’t care if

it’s another year. I understand the picture. I won’t have to come and clarify this. And I’m not

gonna say if time went on, I wouldn’t give more sermons, but I wouldn’t uh on prophecy...”

(P258 97:04) “Brethren, you’re in the right Church! I’m just telling you, nobody else knows these

great mysteries.”

(P258 125:19) “Not one person ever a single time that I ever heard even in private conversations

said, ‘you can’t know the day or the hour.’ I’m the one who first taught the Church that...”

(P258 126:56) “I know the hour when Christ comes to Elijah, and if you’ve been paying attention,

you do, too.”

(P258 127:30) “And maybe Elijah would need to know that and maybe, just maybe, Elijah knows

the day. Maybe he doesn’t. If I see him, I’ll ask him.”

(P258 128:01) “And I’m the first servant I’ve ever heard that ever even talked about that, never mind

distinguished there’s one in front of it where you can at least know the hour, maybe not the

day but maybe the day. Maybe the day.” [Mark 13:32

(P259 84:33) “I’m gonna give you a great truth today about the day that Christ arrives.”

(P260 143:54) “Then this knowledge fell on me like an anvil outta the sky.”

(P260 145:44) “Now again, if you wanna set these things aside and say, ‘I just don’t know.’

Well, here’s what I would say to you, here’s what I would say, ‘I I I don’t know Mr. Pack.

If you’re not sure that salvation is eminent,’ my honestly answer to you is, ‘Well, I wouldn’t

worry about it, ‘cause for you it isn’t.’”

(P262 23:46) “This is critical. Don’t just see it as him or or ‘Mr. Pack’s talking about himself.’

Uh, I’m not.” [Psalm 89:22

(P262 41:25) “Nobody ever knew how to apply these things and I didn’t either. Took a long time,

but I’ve got it now.”

(P262 81:09) “They know nothing of what you’ve heard for the last 530, you know, what is it,

532 hours, I think we’re up to. I’ve preached up here in this series for 32,000 minutes. Almost

five years. And each sermon, those two hundred and what, sixty-two parts? It’s two hours

and two minutes, there’s a lot of twos in there. So, the exact, say 532 hours when I end today.

So, uh that’s an astonishing amount of knowledge, but you have to remember, they don’t

know anything.”

(P262 85:08) “Look, if I’m the Messenger to the Seventh Era, unless I’m deceived for the last,

you know, half of my adult life, uh then I know the condition over there. I’ve pastored more

people far far far and away than any man who’s ever lived and I know that, and I haven’t

pastored much in the last 15 years, since the early years of Global. And they’re in a hideous

mess and a lot of and they’re gonna prove it. You won’t have to believe me.”

(P262 118:38) “No other prophet is ever called a messenger in the same way. Elijah is called a


(P263 55:28) “Hopefully I’m a good man. Um, you know, you’re called ‘good and faithful.’ I’m called

‘wise and faithful.’ Hopefully, I’m good and wise and faithful. And hopefully all of you have

some wisdom.”

(P263 56:07) “I’m the leader of the of the of the of the last. Christ is the ‘Master of the house’, I’m

the leader under Him of the last part of that house, the 11th-hour folks. And that’s my job...”

(P264 12:17) “Now, nobody ever thought about these things.”

(P264 26:34) “If I If I haven’t pastored more people than anybody else in New Testament history

and I know I have, then I’ve certainly had the most incredible experience that nobody else

has had...”

(P264 36:21) “If there is some other way to explain it, nobody I ever heard, ever heard in the

Worldwide Church of God, not one of the 2000 nearly ministers that I knew ever addressed

these verses, yet Matthew, Mark, and Luke all talk about them.”

(P264 38:00) “It’s just, I’m telling you nobody ever talked about this, that’s all. That’s all. Not at all.

Nobody ever.”

(P265 105:59) “You can envy me, brethren. I get to tell you these things. I love to I know your joy.

I mean, I I love to see your human joy full coming away ‘cause you can bank on this.”

(P265 127:41) “But that’s been that secret’s been revealed to me, suggesting He’s about to do

something. All right? ‘Cause I know I’ve got this now. Nobody you couldn’t dynamite this

outta me.”

(P265 129:34) “...if we even if we had to wait a year. There’re just problems. We’re hemmed in,

folks. We’re hemmed in. You can’t get out. And a loving God did it and may it ever be so.

Let’s hear it for straitjackets and handcuffs and and manacles and everything else, you see.

I’m glad to be in that position...”

(P266 03:39) “A wise and faithful servant would give the message that I’m giving today. I’m

described that way, and I better be that way. And if the emphasis on faithful, he’s gonna be

faithful, then he would give this message. Uh, he has a charge, not a choice about such


(P266 103:05) “I I I could I I put this entire list together I’m reading to ya, I didn’t open the Bible,

I just know it well enough. I literally never opened the Bible to put the list together. Because

I can once I get the thread and that’s just yet you we either believe the Holy Spirit leads us

into all truth or it doesn’t. But ‘member, Christ said that to the apostles. And you can oh yeah

every member everywhere, every part of the body, the Holy Spirit will lead you into your own

independent view of truth because you have veto power. And this is a democracy. No, he

said, ‘The Holy Spirit will lead you,’ he was talking to apostles. And I’m in trouble, you’ve got

only one instead of twelve, you have big trouble if the Holy Spirit doesn’t lead me. Whatever

mistakes I make, which as I said, I I make plenty.”

(P270 98:08) “I’ve worked with more ministers by far, than anybody ever. Just trust me on that. And

like I like to say, if you think I’m bragging, pray for me. God gave me experiences that I that

are just unique. That little the couple of stories I told on the opening day about Gary and

things like that, you press a button, you press me anywhere and I’ll pour out stories that will

go on and on forever and ever. Things that you can’t fathom I would have seen in my years.”

(P272 19:38) “...and I pretty sure I’ve learned some other powerful things here at the last minute.”

(P273 09:05) “I carry the Bible in my head, in many ways that probably the average person who’s

newer in the faith and dudn’t deal with it as much as I do, maybe couldn’t understand.

Uh but I the Bible actually slows me down. I can explode through long strings of scriptures

uh in my mind and put things together without the Bible.”

(P273 108:24) “So now, who and what is this twig [Isaiah 11:1]? Tiny. It’s obviously not not uh

Eli-it’s it’s clearly Elijah, but it’s obviously not Elijah in glory. It’s not Elijah with great power

or maybe much power at all.”

(P273 128:48) “If every sermon I gave in this series where it was a standard 75 minutes, 75 minutes,

alright that’s just like you normally hear and like I used to give, 75 minutes, it would have

taken me nine full years without a Sabbath off to deliver 33,500 minutes. So it’s a long

preparation. 272 or now what? Three or three? I guess this would be 273 or four, however

they count it, parts. Five years and one month.”

(P273 149:02) “You revealed this secret to a prophet, that prophet has to talk about it. If it’s not me,

brethren, then you better go looking for him. It’s somebody or God lied in so many verses.

You understand I’m speaking rhetorically, of course. There’s a twig somewhere else, some

other group and we’re all deceived and yet there’s nobody else who understands any of this,

never mind all of it. There no way out of it.”

(P273 162:52) “So now we know God’s messenger that comes as a prophet is the seventh


(P273 164:35) “I mean, if you were gonna be Elijah, would he know he is? If he’s gonna be the twig,

would he know he is? If he gives a final message, would he know that he does? Would I

know I became Elijah? When John got an utterance from heaven and went in, he knew he

was Elijah. He headed outta the desert.”

(P274 49:27) “My question was, were they a day apart? That’s the only thing I could come up with

after years of study, but nobody else ever got that far, so I kept myself encouraged.”

(P275 18:11) “So, if God has sent me to prophesy, which can also just mean ‘inspired preaching’

frankly, then it would be after He revealed His secret to His servants, the prophets. He would

have me first speak to believers and that’s what I’ve been doing and I’m doing now.”

(P275 84:45) “But my job was to seek out the Book of the Lord to figure these things out.

Somebody had to do it. You got tapped. I got tapped for our different roles.”

(P282 104:19) “...because I can see the day approaching.”

(P283 22:05) “No one could ever make it [1335 days] work. I’m gonna make it work before today is

out. I’m gonna show you perhaps the greatest metric in the entire Bible that will simply and I,

you know, you use words and you at times, you wish you didn’t use them so you could use

them when they’re appropriate. It is truly mind-blowing what I’m gonna tell you. Just mind-


(P283 117:03) “I discovered this Monday night and almost collapsed in front of my wife.”

(P283 118:26) “Now, we’re just we’re we’re we’re dealing with something that is a staggering

coincidence or the greatest mystery that I’ve ever wrestled with in my entire life since most

of you were before most of you were born. That number is what it is [1335]. However, there’s

a few caveats...”

(P283 119:16) “And I was just sitting in the den Monday night talking with her [wife], and I all of a

sudden it struck me, ‘Wait a minute!’ I I I I did some quick calculations, snatched up my

calculator, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, and I got 1335.

(P285 69:09) “Perfect! Fifty-three time cycles. Meaning that the Millennium ends on the Last Day of

Unleavened Bread, it’s impossible to argue with it unless the sun and moon go away. That’s

why I said it’s math and science. You can’t argue with it. If you wanna know the date that the

Millennium ends, I’ll tell you what it is. It’s April 3rd, 3028. Dead on. Dead on.”

(P286 03:20) “I can now tell you what no one else knows. I know the year of creation.”

Friday, March 15, 2024

Dawn Blue: The Restored Church of God RCG Financial Difficulties Part 13

The Restored Church of God
RCG Financial Difficulties

Part 13

Dawn Blue interviews Marc Cebrian for WCTV How It's Done program

If you are getting sound but no video feed then try this link:
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Dawn Blue: The Restored Church of God Failed Prophecies & Death Threats 3/15/24 Part 12

The Restored Church of God Failed Prophecies & Death Threats 3/15/24 
Part 12

Dawn Blue interviews Marc Cebrian for WCTV How It's Done program

If you are getting sound with no video feed then try this link: 
if this still does not work then switch to a different browser...Safari seems to be having an issue but works in Chrome

Terry Nelson rips Thiel a New One, major Butthurt for the Great Bwana


Bob is trying to look concerned, but we know he feels relieved, so he can tell his few dwindling Caucasians, that Sasha was warned not to go against the Great Prophet Bwana Bob and his Philadelphia Governence. As you know from Bobby Thiels recently Lies to the Brethren letters , he admitted the Dry-spell of income dropping, Bwana knows banned is having a impact on reducing his Satan CultIt's been a while since I commented on here-.

First thing id like to say is Sasha does need our Prayers, as this is one of those moments where God's intervention is necessary. I'm sure the stress of Sasha knowing the truth of the Evil that Bob Thiel is supporting definitely was a contributing factor in his current condition, I know it hasn't been easy for me and my Family either. Some of our former friends in CCOG and the one we thought we could trust did turn against us and have accused of telling lies and trying to destroy the Work; we thought we knew Bob Thiel, but we only know in this last year realize his claims of being a prophet of God are false, especially all the evidence, including pictures, Facebook chats and even official Kenyan Documents and scores of witnesses, show he is only worried about saving his reputation and his obsessed idea of being a prophet of God and his claims of the fastest growing COG in this 21 st century. 

So I'm not surprised that this hasn't caused Sasha to experience a Stroke and other stress related illnesses. Sasha and me also realize the abusive so called Philadelphia loving Government of Bob Thiel and yes even in Worldwide and other Churches of God. His message has always included an Apology for the Abusive treatment that I'm sure thousands endured during the Worldwide days and Current times; that's why Banned exists, if it wasn't for the Abusive treatment and Cultish Control in Current and Past times, most likely Banned wouldn't be. 

Yes, I've been betrayed, Yes Sasha has been betrayed, Betrayed and told to remain silent and turn a blind eye to the Abused innocent by a Man that claims to be a Prophet of God, to put up with in your face Satanists and ungodly Men, to be told to follow his Philadelphia Government or lose our Crown - same old story- Abuse Control - Hope of Israel wont tolerate abuse. 

Yes I was hurt, yes I said things out of Anger and disbelief, because a Man I trusted and Sasha trusted betrayed our trust and expected to remain silent and obedient to his Philadelphia Government. So please pray for Sasha to recover, so he can serve the Brethren in Love and Pray for the abused and innocent in the CCOG and other churches of God- It's really only about Love- you can claim to know all truth and all knowledge and all Prophecy, but if you have not Love- it is nothing.

Cry aloud Spare not- Terry A Nelson

Thursday, March 14, 2024

UCG on the weighty responsibility to shepherd, oversee and lead God’s people

Those busy boys from Cincinnati recently held a Southwest Region Pastoral Conference in Phoenix, AZ where many topics were discussed.

One that may be of particular interest is how United Church of God ministers and elders are held accountable by their members and the church. Though I imagine in their minds they think they are only accountable to God and no one else. We have seen how well that has worked out over the decades.

Emphasizing the instructions found in 1 Peter 5 and the weighty responsibility to shepherd, oversee and lead God’s people by example, Steve Myers presented the topic of “Accountable Elders.” He emphasized a minister’s God-given duties and that ministers are “those who must give account” (Hebrews 13:17).

Many UCG members are asking, "just WHO are these guys giving account to?" 

The other thing they all do is, speak the same thing...seriously?

“Speak the same thing,” taken from 1 Corinthians 1:10, was the overall theme of the conference. The conference began with a presentation from our president, Rick Shabi. He focused on the ministry’s first responsibility to be a disciple of Christ and the importance of speaking, teaching and living by God’s Truth

They are also pastors of vision! Woo Hoo! However, they just admitted last month that after 29 years they "Now we must get to work." Talk about a lack of vision!

In COGspeak, when these topics start coming up there is bound to be a church split somewhere down the line.

LCG Expects Its Members To Be Peacemakers, But What About The Ministry And Its Leaders?


The Living Church of God is encouraging its members to be peacemakers and to go to their brother or sister to work out any problems.

"Peacemakers go to their brother or sister in a spirit of meekness to resolve issues ..."

Seriously? LCG and Winnail can say that with a straight face? 

Rod Meredith, when he was in the Radio/Worldwide Church of God never went to the brethren as a peacemaker or even talked to people when things arose. Instead, his pen was swift in writing disfellowshipment letters and marking people from the pulpit. That nastiness carried over into the Global Church of God and later into the Living Church of God when he left Global in a fit of rebellion as he smeared and maligned people at every turn.

This is not something Meredith was guilty of but the majority of COG leadership and ministry are also guilty of. Reconciliation has never been a focus of any COG. Rather, it has been busy grinding people up and spitting them out.

Peacemakers also do not post prayer requests on public bulletin boards in the HQ office builing so they can be mocked.

Are You a Peacemaker? We are living in an angry age where hate and violence and the talk of war are everywhere. Yet, we have been called out of this world to reign with Jesus Christ when He returns to bring peace to this planet (Isaiah 9:6–7). As Christians, we must strive to “live peaceably with all men” (Romans 12:17–21). We can become peacemakers by not reacting angrily in situations, not seeking to get even, by treating others like we would like to be treated, and by overcoming evil with good. Solomon observed, “A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger” (Proverbs 15:1). Solomon also stated, “He who covers [overlooks and forgives] a transgression seeks love, but he who repeats [or keeps talking about or won’t let go of] a matter separates friends” (Proverbs 17:9). Peacemakers go to their brother or sister in a spirit of meekness to resolve issues (Matthew 18:15; James 3:13–18). King David wrote that peace is the result of learning to love and follow the laws of God (Psalm 119:165). Let’s make that our goal.
Have a profitable Sabbath,
Douglas S. Winnail

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

New Book Series: About three children trapped in and growing up in the Radio Church of God

Official book site here: The Threefold Chord

Despite an indifferent father and a mother who develops a serious mood disorder, young twins Kevin and Robert, and their younger brother Jonah, experience an idyllic early life in rural Manitoba during the 1950s while in the loving care of their grandparents. However, that life comes to an abrupt end after their father converts to the esoteric beliefs of the Radio Church of God, a radical fundamentalist sect that preaches strict discipline in preparation for an anticipated end time worldwide cataclysm. Forced to move back home to live with their parents, the boys are victimized by their father’s extreme religious fanaticism, which for the twins, includes indoctrination sessions, beatings, and confinement in a basement coal cellar.

​Rather than giving in to their father’s brutality and brainwashing efforts, the twins remain strong and find clever ways to survive their circumstances and even thrive within them. Determined to be their younger brother’s keeper, the twins and Jonah form an unbreakable bond – a proverbial threefold cord. It is a bond of mutual support for one another that enables them to better cope with their father’s abusive and controlling behaviour. 
Although fictional, The Threefold Cord explores many of the real-life beliefs and practices of the Radio Church of God and deftly examines the grey area between a cult and a religion, between discipline and abuse, and asks what it takes for a person to decide where those lines should be drawn.

About the Author


JAMES ANDERSON is a retired professional engineer, who was involved in tele-communications for over thirty years. He and his wife, Julie, live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They have three adult children and three grandchildren. An avid amateur radio operator and electronics hobbyist, Anderson turned to writing later in life. He credits this, in part, to his experience as a former member of the Worldwide Church of God (previously known as the Radio Church of God, which is featured in The Threefold Cord).

Anderson says, "I turned to writing to express my frustrations as to how my family and I had been exploited and lied to by that church organization, as well as how the church victimized, abused, and impoverished so many others. Although I am an ardent fan of non-fiction, writing fiction has been where my writing activities have been the most prolific."The Threefold Cord is Anderson's first book and also the first instalment of a story series that explores how children are adversely affected by parents who are willing to follow extreme fundamentalist doctrines.


Crackpot Prophet Offering Tribulation Protection


First we had UCG expecting to be martyrs and now the Great Bwana Bob Mzungu offers true Christians something that only he can grant - tribulation protection. What a great time to be alive in the Church of God!!!!!!!

Remember boys and girls there is NO Church of God out there today that knows WHEN it will be time to flee to Petra or some other hell hole to be trained for 3 1/2 years by the Great Bwana to Africa and the 100 Occasional Caucasians. Unless of course, he is one of the two witless witnesses and will be in Jerusalem witnessing alongside Ronnie Weinerdude Weinland as they give the world its final awning. 

Only the improperly named "'continuing" Church of "god'" knows that date. So if you want to take advantage of tribulation protection under the auspices of the Great Bwana Bob Mzungu, let him know and include a huge check.

Why does any person with a thinking mind believe these fools?

Great Tribulation Protection
Is disaster coming? Do Christians have to have any concerns about what will happen? Does Jesus promise to physically save some or all Christians? If only some, which? As far as a disastrous time coming, did Jesus say it would be the worst time ever? Does the Bible point to something resembling nuclear destruction? What about the opening of the fifth seal of the Apocalypse. Will the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom be subject to the start of the Great Tribulation? Is fleeing to a mountainous part of the USA the answer? Does the Old Testament also warn about that? Does the Bible tell of parents and children eating each other? Why is there no pre-tribulation rapture? Is there any connection between the proclamation of the gospel of the kingdom of God and the end? Why are the Philadelphian Christians promised protection in the Book of Revelation? What about Zephaniah’s prophecies about a decree and gathering together? What about those of Thyatira, Sardis, and Laodicea? Are Christians to pray and watch to be counted worthy to escape? Are Christians going to face deadly persecution? Where could the place in the wilderness to flee be? What about Petra or somewhere else in Jordan? Dr. Thiel addresses these issues and more.

Monday, March 11, 2024

Pathocracy in the Armstrong Churches of God

Pathocracy in the Armstrong Churches of God

A 2019 Psychology Today article by Dr. Steve Taylor titled Pathocracy, unfortunately, offers us some insight into what has happened within the Armstrong Churches of God. According to the article, the concept of "pathocracy" was developed by a Polish psychologist to explain why people with personality disorders so often occupy positions of power. Indeed, the phenomenon is observed within human leadership in both the political and religious realm.

Dr. Taylor observed that "pathocracy is arguably one of the biggest problems in the history of the human race. History has been a saga of constant conflict and brutality, with groups of people fighting against one another over territory and power and possessions, and conquering and killing one another." Nevertheless, he went on to note that "there is an argument that this is not because all human beings are inherently brutal and cruel, but because a small number of people—that is, those with personality disorders—are brutal and cruel, intensely self-centered, and lacking in empathy. This small minority has always held power and managed to order or influence the majority to commit atrocities on their behalf."

Dr. Taylor went on to observe that "people with these disorders feel an insatiable lust for power. People with narcissistic personality disorder desire constant attention and affirmation. They feel that they are superior to others and have the right to dominate them. They also lack empathy, which means that they are able to ruthlessly exploit and abuse others in their lust for power." Likewise, according to him, "psychopaths feel a similar sense of superiority and lack of empathy, but the main difference between them and narcissists is that they don't feel the same impulse for attention and adoration. To an extent, the impulse to be adored acts as a check on the behavior of narcissists. They are reluctant to do anything that might make them too unpopular. But psychopaths have no such qualms."

Now, most of us are not doctors or psychologists, but we can all read a list of symptoms and have the ability to make connections. According to the Mayo Clinic, the symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder are: Have an unreasonably high sense of self-importance and require constant, excessive admiration. Feel that they deserve privileges and special treatment. Expect to be recognized as superior even without achievements. Make achievements and talents seem bigger than they are. Be preoccupied with fantasies about success, power, brilliance, beauty or the perfect mate. Believe they are superior to others and can only spend time with or be understood by equally special people. Be critical of and look down on people they feel are not important. Expect special favors and expect other people to do what they want without questioning them. Take advantage of others to get what they want. Have an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others. Be envious of others and believe others envy them. Behave in an arrogant way, brag a lot and come across as conceited. Insist on having the best of everything — for instance, the best car or office."

Any of that sound familiar? Anyone with an Armstrong Church of God background should recognize at least some of those traits in Herbert Armstrong, the founder of the Radio and Worldwide Church of God. What about some of the folks who have claimed to be his successors in the movement? What about Garner Ted Armstrong, Roderick Meredith, David Pack, Gerald Flurry, Bob Thiel, Ron Weinland, Jon Brisby, Bill Watson, Adrian Davis, etc.? Indeed, this also explains why so many ACOG folks tend to like and support Donald Trump!

Dr. Taylor went on to note that the phenomenon of pathocracy isn't just confined to personality disorders within the leadership of a group. He noted that "a significant part of the problem is the attraction that many people feel to charismatic demagogues. You can see this in the appeal of President Trump, despite the obvious flaws - his extreme narcissism, lack of empathy and his distorted, delusory view of reality - of his personality disorder. Psychologically, this is very similar to the attraction of spiritual gurus, who often attract the blind devotion of disciples, despite unethical and exploitative behavior. The attraction of gurus and demagogues is a deep-rooted impulse to return to the childhood state of worshipping parents who seem omnipotent and infallible and could take complete responsibility for our lives, and magically solve our problems. At the same time, the paranoia of pathological leaders leads them to demonize other groups and creates an intoxicating sense of group identity with a common purpose."

But why don't the good guys ever seem to end up in leadership? Dr. Taylor noted that "people with a high level of empathy and compassion usually aren’t interested in power. They prefer to be 'on the ground,' interacting and connecting with others. They may even refuse the offer of a high-status position because they’re aware that higher status will disconnect them (although for a non-empathic person, that is part of its appeal). So this leaves positions of power open for people with psychological disorders (or at least with a high level of ambition and ruthlessness, even if not a fully fledged psychological disorder)." In brief, the people who should be in leadership positions don't want to be! Ironically, it is the reluctant ones who are best suited to leadership - the ready and willing are often folks with an agenda or something to prove. In other words, they have little or no concern for the needs of the folks they desire to rule over. They are simply a means to an end.

This is the history and legacy of the Armstrong Churches of God. As I have said before, that isn't always cream rising to the top. Sometimes turds float on the surface too! 

Lonnie Hendrix

UCG: We Are The TRUE Patriots Of The Kingdom


In nations around the world many people are crying out because they see the erosion of  
what has been considered sacred freedoms. In western countries where freedom of speech 
was written in constitutions long ago, it is now coming into question. 
The loss of human rights, and even life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness may not be far behind.
Jim Tuck

Always looking to find something wrong in the world around them, COG splinter groups were taught well by the mother church to hone in on negativity. UCG zeroed in on the political situation in the United States. Nowhere in the world is the political situation being exploited more than here in the US, due to the blithering idiots on both sides of the aisle here in the US. They have succeeded in dividing the country. 

Even in Armstrongism where politics run deep through its veins, they imagine themselves as the authority on what is right and wrong. Sure they mouth off the standard warnings and platitudes on how evil the world is, but none of them are concerned enough to make their voices heard by getting out and voting. All they do is just blab and blab as they thrust out their self-righteous chests in mock authority.

I can feel the spittle flying now... 

Herbert Armstrong told us not to vote and to not get involved in world affairs. Besides, what if we voted for the wrong issue or party? That's why we must rely upon God to appoint the leaders we deserve.

Using that logic the non-voters say to their god that they believe it is incapable of inspiring a person to vote for the candidate/party or referendum it chooses. Armstrongism's god is always so weak.

Anyway, back to UCG patriotic stance and where their loyalty lies. As the TRUE patriots of the church and the world, they are ready to endure being hated, scoffed at, harassed, or even put to death by the magistrates of this world. Armstrongism has always been about pretend patriotism that they never lifted a finger to defend but pretend to be martyrs for their so-called truth.

True patriots of the Kingdom 

Hebrew 11 gives a list of the dedicated matriarchs and patriarchs—many of which gave their lives—as true patriots of the Kingdom. It says in Hebrews 11:13-16: 
“These all died in faith, not having received the promises, but having seen them afar off were assured of them, embraced them and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth. For those who say such things declare plainly that they seek a homeland. And truly if they had called to mind that country from which they had come out, they would have had opportunity to return. But now they desire a better, that is, a heavenly country. Therefore, God is not ashamed to be called their God, for He has prepared a city for them.”

The apostle Paul wrote further: 
“Still others had trial of mockings and scourgings, yes, and of chains and imprisonment. They were stoned, they were sawn in two, were tempted, were slain with the sword. They wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins, being destitute, afflicted, tormented—of whom the world was not worthy. They wandered in deserts and mountains, in dens and caves of the earth. And all these, having obtained a good testimony through faith, did not receive the promise, God having provided something better for us, that they should not be made perfect apart from us” (Hebrews 11:36-40). 
They proved to be loyal ambassadors of a Kingdom not of this world; they envisioned it afar off. These were true patriots of the Kingdom they sought. It is what we seek each day as we prove our loyalty and obedience to God and Jesus Christ. True patriots of that coming Kingdom are willing to endure being hated, scoffed at, harassed or even put to death by the magistrates of this world. We may have opportunity to prove our loyalty to God sooner than we might think! I pray all of us have our eyes so firmly riveted on the goal of the Kingdom we can persevere through whatever hardships come our way.