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When a certain COG Youtuber/leader overextended himself, God sent bedbugs to wake him up


If you thought bouncing flouncing Bob Thiel was bad...

Holy Hanna! What a train wreck. 

Stephen Gilbreath talks about his home has been infested with bedbugs and how he used
diatomaceous earth to kill them. He said god designed DE to kill only the bad bugs and not the good bugs.

If you have a pool you most likely will be using it in your pool filter. 

I prefer that God designed DE to take care of our pools!

Even though he preaches the truth, God apparently was not happy with him.

Apparently, he overextended himself and this is God's wake-up call to him. Bedbugs...

People wonder why no one can take Armstrongism seriously anymore!

Also, check out his Jewish hat

ht to a reader here: 
"Another Stephen Lloyd Gilbreath classic. It would be a shame for this to slip by unnoticed. I don't seem to remember a plague of bedbugs (or diatomaceous earth) in Exodus..."

Gerald Flurry Seems to Think The Church Is Fighting A Satanic War Over Church Government


How proper government works in the Churches of God

Nothing infuriates self-appointed COG leaders more than someone daring to question them, their teachings, and their asinine prophecies. In their eyes, this is a blatant satanic rebellion against the government of God.

While several COG groups stress the importance of members submitting to the government of their god, one group surpasses them all in its idolatry of that government. Gerald Flurry takes church government and places it right up there next to Mystery of the Ages in its importance.

Flurry has a new article up today for his dwindling followers that they had better be submitting because when they do not, it creates tohu and bohu. Of course, these standards never apply to COG splinter leaders who started new groups in fits of rebellion against those over them. They can get their feelings hurt, lash out and when they feel they have not been heard start their own little group where they continue to be abusive to their followers.

The King of the Church of God and future right-hand man of Jesus Christ has this to say:

Throughout the history of the true Church of God, Satan has been on the attack. He continually wars against God’s government. We have witnessed this dramatically in these last two eras of God’s Church and will see more in the time just ahead. 
When God created the universe, it was beautiful (Genesis 1:1). As long as Lucifer and the angels administered the government of God, everything was unified and peaceful. 
But that changed radically: “And the earth was [or became, it should read] without form, and void [Hebrew tohu and bohu] …” (verse 2). Satan warred against God’s government, and created tohu and bohu—waste and emptiness. That is Satan’s legacy. And it has carried on that way ever since, even throughout the age of man. 
The Prophet Jeremiah had a vision of how the age of man would culminate, and it made him physically sick! (Jeremiah 4:19-20). He wrote, “I beheld the earth, and, lo, it was without form, and void; and the heavens, and they had no light” (verse 23). Earth is going to become tohu and bohu again!

We in God’s Church must beware this satanic war against God’s government, or we too will create tohu and bohu rather than producing the beautiful fruits that only God’s government yields. But what wonders happen when we administer that government properly. If you have God’s government, you have God’s law, and God’s law of love makes God’s true Church, His Work and His college so special. God’s headquarters produces peace and godly fruit like no place else on Earth! It is all about the law and the government that administers that law. And you are part of that.

When has the Church of God, ANY Church of God, EVER produced beautiful fruits with the administration of church government? The Worldwide Church of God never did under Herbert Armstrong. The current splinter groups do not produce beautiful fruits. Good government does not cause people to leave. It does not cause them to get divorced. It does not cause them to turn their backs on children, grandparents, siblings, parents, etc. as the PCG currently teaches. It doesn't cause suicides.  It doesn't cause church divisions. It doesn't create self-appointed prophets and apostles that lie through their teeth.

So what happens to those who rebel?

What will happen to those who despise God’s government? The Apostle Peter reminds us about the fate of the angels that rebelled: “God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell [tartaros—the lowest places], and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment” (2 Peter 2:4). Lucifer, who became Satan, convinced all those angels to rebel against God’s government. Now, they will be bound in chains of darkness forever!

...Any other government besides God’s is the government of the devil! God’s government implements the law, and when you start experimenting with another government, you are rejecting the law of God!

After rebelling against God’s government, the Laodicean churches are producing tohu and bohu. That is what their rebellion yields.

What does Flurry think he did? He is too blind to see he did the very thing he just condemned. 

Flurry goes on to say that the PCG possesses the spiritual ark and all the contents in it, including the manna, which is church government

And within the ark were the Ten Commandments—the law of God. The law was in the holiest object on Earth in the holiest place in the universe! The law is the way God thinks.

Later they also placed within the ark a pot of manna—a symbol of God’s revelation, our spiritual food today, which God will feed us if we are guarding the law—and Aaron’s rod, a symbol of God’s government. Numbers 16 and 17 record how God resolved a dispute over government among the Israelites by miraculously causing Aaron’s rod to bud, blossom and produce almonds so everybody knew where God was working. He then told the tribes if they didn’t stop murmuring against His government, they would die (Numbers 17:10). The ark of the covenant is all about God ruling man.

God’s Church is His temple today (1 Corinthians 6:19; Ephesians 2:21). We possess a spiritual ark today, and the contents are the same. The Israelites had the letter of the law; we have the spirit of the law. We have God’s government and the spiritual manna. God expects us to strive to unify as the Family of God, full of love and doing all we can to administer and guard God’s law.

The Churches of God will never be unified as the Family of God. Not one COG leader will ever accomplish this

Christianity has since its inception understands the focus is upon Jesus Christ, not the law. Bowing down at the altar of the law invalidates everything Christ said, did, or accomplished.

The tabernacle was at the center of Israel because God wants the focus on Him. If you’re going to have the government of God, everybody must focus on God. Nothing else will work.
When Joshua led the Israelites into the Promised Land, he instructed the people to follow the ark. 
He had the priests tell them, “When ye see the ark of the covenant of the Lord your God, and the priests the Levites bearing it, then ye shall remove from your place, and go after it” (Joshua 3:1-3). That is the approach we need toward the spiritual ark—and toward the government of God.

Talk about a steaming pile of bullshit! Oy! The PCG is NOT the ark, it does not possess a spiritual ark. PCG members need to be looking at Christ, not some apostate thing called "church government".

Flurry continues his blasphemous screed by attacking Ernest Martin and why he left the church and what Martin taught about Simon Magus. Flurryahs the truth, Marin did not. Anytime a COG leader says something about Simon Magus or Nimrod, your alarm should go off immediately. Flurry condemns Maritn for his rebellion, as Flurry calls it. Martin and others are in rebellion but Flurry, Pack, and Thiel are not in rebellion. What a joke! Everyone else is always carnal-minded, but not our fearless COG leaders today!

This carnal-minded man was in extreme rebellion against God, yet he saw that the Holy Spirit really was the Spirit of power, and he wanted to buy it, as well as the office of an apostle! Peter told him, “Thy money perish with thee, because thou hast thought that the gift of God may be purchased with money. Thou hast neither part nor lot in this matter: for thy heart is not right in the sight of God. Repent therefore of this thy wickedness, and pray God, if perhaps the thought of thine heart may be forgiven thee. For I perceive that thou art in the gall of bitterness, and in the bond of iniquity [lawlessness]” (Acts 8:20-23). Simon Magus was in the gall of bitterness and bound up in lawlessness!

Those men who leave the true Church cannot give up their gall of bitterness. Rebellion makes people bitter! Satan the devil is behind that. Hewallows in bitterness. He intensely hates God and anybody associated with and knowledgeable of God. (You even see this in many people in politicsthese days. Nothing makes them happy—they just want to destroy like the devil.)

Have you ever noticed how bitter the guys are that are leading so many COG's today are? Thiel got upset that Meredith refused to listen to him so he threw a hissy fit and left in a spirit of rebellion. Flurry rebelled against the Worldwide Church of God after he threw his little hissy fit. Dave Pack rebelled twice by getting all pissy with the WCG so he went with Meredith, then got his bloomers in a knot and went into rebellion again. UCG rebelled against WCG as they plotted and schemed to take as many members and as much money as they could with them while still on the payroll.

The current Church of God movement is built upon bitterness.

You can read his screed here: Fight to Uphold God’s Government (notice the illustration with the article with the man holding the Scottish rampant lion flag. FLurry is doing all he can to try and picture himself as a king and royalty.

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Dave Pack: Is he strapped for cash? He is selling one of his properties

Restored Church of God compound

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Is RCG Strapped For Cash?


Despite "how well" The Restored Church of God is reportedly doing per recent comments by both David C. Pack and Bradford G. Schleifer, there could be some cause for major doubts.


You now have a limited time to gain a piece of church history.


For the first time since the Campus was built, the Restored Church of God is selling one of the homes. This one is located at 799 Hartman Road in Wadsworth for $269, 900.



I want to stress that this is 8 out of 10 on the Shocker Scale for a turn of events for The Restored Church of God. They have never sold a property before. I cannot help but wonder if this is just the first.


If you would like to see the listing, visit the M. C. Real Estate website. (No, that is not my side business in case you were wondering.) You can also find it on Zillow.



For our first interview back in May, Dawn Blue researched public records and compiled a list of all the properties that The Restored Church of God owns. You can link to that document here.


Public records show that the house was first purchased in 2014 for $117, 500 and sits on 1.72 acres. It is a very nice place. I have been inside many times. You might want to purchase it just for the rich history and cocktail party conversations you would have about it.


Dennis, do you have $270k lying around?


This is a total reversal of the Manifest Destiny trajectory David C. Pack has been going on since 2011 when the first lot across from Giant Eagle was purchased.


This raises a host of questions, but I have no answers. What is the motivation behind this? What is going on inside RCG? Are they planning to sell off more?


Dave, since you are a fan of either/or, here is a binary question for you:


Do you WANT to sell the property or do you NEED to?


Listing this on the market now is a faithless act since Jesus Christ needs to return by Sunday to get to your “not-really-a-50-day-count to Trumpets.”


And we are all still waiting to hear about the “slight change” to your epic craptacular.

Marc Cebrian

See:   Is RCG Strapped for Cash?

LCG: Attracts 44 people out of a field white for harvest of over 14 million people

Recent and Upcoming Tomorrow’s World Presentations
Last week, we held three Tomorrow’s World Presentations—one initial presentation in Morristown, Tennessee; and two follow-ups, in London, England; and Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. These presentations had a combined total of 44 guests. This weekend we have three initial presentations, in Little Rock, Arkansas; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Peoria, Illinois;and one follow-up in Morristown, Tennessee. Thank you all for your continued prayers for these presentations.

The work of God marches forward in amazing power and glory!   44 people's lives have been touched by the amazing ministry of the LCG, mind you this is 44 people out of a potential field white for the harvest of 14,346.069 million people! Woo Hoo and pass the offering plate! Never have we seen such amazing work that is touching the lives of so many!

Morristown TN 29,887

London: 8.982 million 
Metropolitan London 14,257,962 million

Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. 58,220

Thursday, August 4, 2022

LCG: Be more like Jesus


Doug Winnail exhorts members to value the word of older and wiser people, i.e., the current leadership of the church. After all, these are the wisest men on earth who are filled with the knowledge of God and by listening to them you will become more like Jesus!

The Value of Wisdom: We live in an increasingly secular and materialistic world where people strive to gain many physical things—money, homes, cars, and fame. Yet Solomon wrote that of all we acquire in life, “wisdom is the principal thing” and it is worth more that gold (Proverbs 4:7; 16:16). Jesus stressed the importance of wisdom, and we are told that as He grew up, “Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men” (Luke 2:52). The Apostle Paul urged Christians to use wisdom in dealing with others (Colossians 4:5). The Bible reveals that the key to gaining wisdom is learning to fear God and live by every word of God (Proverbs 1:7; 9:10). We are told to ask God for wisdom (James 1:5) and to seek wisdom by studying the Scriptures (Deuteronomy 4:1–10; 2 Timothy 3:15), and to listen to older and wiser people (Proverbs10:1; 15:7; 18:15). If we follow these instructions, we can become more like Jesus Christ and the wise God whom we worship (Romans 16:27; Philippians 2:5).
Have a profitable Sabbath, Douglas S. Winnail

Dave Pack: A Craptacular Addendum To His Latest Announcement


A Craptacular Addendum


The sun has set in Jerusalem as of 12:30 P.M. Eastern time which means I have thus far survived David C. Pack’s Av 7 preamble to the “not-really-a-50-day-count to Trumpets” epic craptacular.


I wonder if Dave went to bed feeling “uncomfortable” again last night. Oh, wait, yes he did. Part 387 is being delivered TODAY.


Boy oh boy. And here I thought “Tammuz” was going to be the biggest display at the Lima, Ohio, “David C. Pack Craptacular Hall of Failure.” Dave is the busy beaver making sure that “Av” greets people as they walk in the door.


I listened to Parts 385 and 386 and have to admit, I'm still unclear as to the "Elijahn period" and how that is counted since I thought Dave went searching for a missing "4 days" that would make his 50-day math work. But Daniel 12 does say, “…none of the wicked shall understand.”


No one needs to fully understand Dave. Just smile and nod your head, “Clear and powerful, sir,” if he ever asks you in the hallway.


The last article was ridiculously long. If you reached the end, then bless your heart. Dave rambled for 103 minutes and it was so “nonsense rich” that there is more to report on.



I have a few more notable quotes from “The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 386)” delivered this past Tuesday.


@ 1:42:52 I’m committed absolutely to this year. Or we’ve had an enormous coincidence. I figured this out right on Av 5. I just lucked out. Man, I just I won the lottery without buying a ticket. I figured this out right on time. What do you know? What a coincidence. You believe that? I can’t believe that. So, truly this time, time alone, the schedule, and dates, and your church calendar alone tell you this is the end of the series.



a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection


Dave imagines a connection to dates in the Bible. He uses all his Precise Speculation skills to build a case of smoke and mirrors that "prove" his Nothing-burger. He throws his thought menagerie hastily at the membership, then gives them two options: 1) either; 2) or.


Either God is behind it all. Or it is simply a coincidence.


The invisible third option is that Dave is making it all up. It is not of God. It is not even a real event, so coincidence cannot apply here.


One of his “metrics” for this week was found in the book of Amos.


Amos 3:7

Surely  the Lord  GOD will do nothing, but  he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.


@ 1:39:35 It’s possible that revealing it to me now is God sort of saying, “You get this after all these years. You get this now. You get it and you told everybody.” I’m revealing it to you and maybe I’m supposed to realize it’s the beginning of being this prophet. I’m not sure, but it does say, “Who can but prophesy?” So, it’s been revealed to me and He does reveal it to prophets. Whether I am or I’m not now, “Who can but prophesy?” would suggest it’s close.


But you do not “get it,” Dave. I am certain I will be able to quote this in another article. Prepare to be tweaked in the future.


I never understood why he cannot read that verse and see that all we need to know to prepare for the Kingdom of God is right there in the scriptures. God revealed His plan ALREADY to everyone inside the pages of the Bible. That verse does not apply to a future-tense fulfillment for David “Passover” Pack.


Talk about over-reading. Sheesh.


One of  the “epic” points to the message was found in Daniel 12:4, “…knowledge shall be increased.” Would you like to know what that really means? Ready?


More people hear will hear this knowledge when it all happens! More people = increase.


Boy, that was certainly worth waiting 77 minutes to hear. Dave could have saved a lot of time by just opening a dictionary.



become or make greater in size, amount, intensity, or degree


Dave read Isaiah 41:2, “Who raised up the righteous from the east…” and repeats that is him functioning as Elijah. 


Does Isaiah 41 mention Elijah by name? No.

How does Dave conclude that “the righteous from the east” is Elijah? Because he says so.

How does Dave know he is that Elijah? Because he says so.


This is what Dave does. This is how The Restored Church of God operates.



This is a true, factual statement: "Nowhere in the Bible does God command anyone to count 50 days before The Feast of Trumpets." Dave spotted something in the Bible but did not realize it was just a fly that landed on the page.


This is a true, factual statement: “David C. Pack never found 4 days in the scriptures.” He had to round up from “time, times, and an half” by taking cotton balls and duct tape to pad the triangle so it would fit nicely inside the circle.


Both of those are pure imagination.


Brad, Ed, Jaco, Ryan, Ken, Tim, Carl, Jim, Andy, Salasi, Frank: You did not create the monster, but you play a role in feeding it kidnapped virgins. The monster only has power because you LET it. Maybe you can sleep at night because you wash the blood off your conscience as Pilate did.


Your continual enabling is not helping God’s people.


Every single one of you knows there is no “50-day count to Trumpets” and he never found “4 days” to even make the math work.


Please explain how that is "inspired preaching" and NOT lying.

Please explain how that is "God revealing to His servant" and NOT lying.

Please explain how that is "Bible truth" and NOT lying.


Write me. Call me. I want to know from any one of you. Help me to understand.


The Av 7 deadline has passed. By the time this is posted, Part 387 will already be underway.


Will you all continue “to agree with Mr. Pack” when he declares whatever else the next thing that “God led him to see?”

Marc Cebrian

See: A Craptacular Addendum

Can We Stop Gyrating in Our Seats Now?


 "Dear brethren, 

Please note that Mr. Pack plans to deliver a Bible Study tomorrow, Thursday, August 4 in the afternoon. There’s a SLIGHT change to what we learned in Part 386 that will be explained in a short message tomorrow. ALL IS WELL! We will let you know once the message is available in Member Services. 

Warm regards" - RCG Admin

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Dave Pack: August 4 Is The Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


David C. Pack’s Epic Craptacular


Guess who set a new “all or nothing” date for tomorrow, August 4, 2022, which is Av 7? It either happens or everyone waits a year. By the time some read this, it will already be too late. Ponder that.


David C. Pack is the most desperate I have ever heard him be.


I have been listening to him preach since 2010 and I was on staff starting in December of 2012. I have heard him say things that never left the room. I also heard him speak frankly (and sometimes brutally) during the Ministerial Conferences. With all that background, understand: David C. Pack has never been this desperate to prove something that is not there.


We all seem to be watching a downward spiral in action. Where it leads…I have no idea.


David C. Pack tells you everything you need to hear to make a judgment call if he is true or not.



On Tuesday, August 2nd, he pulled the staff away from being productive so they could marvel at the sound of his voice for another 1 hour and 43 minutes but called it, “The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 386).” He opened with one of his favorite topics: About how right he is.


@ 00:27 By the way, I knew almost immediately that we would be here today. And that’s why I said it the other day. I doubted seriously this morning would be the start of things.


Look who gets a cookie for disbelieving a Dave Pack theory. If I actually ate a cookie every time I disbelieved Dave, I would look like an adult Cartman about now.


If he “doubted seriously,” then why say it in the first place? BECAUSE he was covering his bases. Just in case the Kingdom of God / Kingdom to Israel / Jesus Christ / The Father arrived on Tuesday morning, he could then tell everyone walking by for the rest of eternity how RIGHT he was about the date.


He will be insufferable during the millennium.


Dave donned his Chicken Little Halloween mask and then commented about the news.


@ 00:56 Nancy Pelosi, kind of a semi-senile old lady who wants to have her legacy remembered has put America on the edge of a nuclear war by deciding to go to Taiwan.


This is the type of comment during my tenure that was stricken from the record and not distributed to the church. Wiser thinking of times gone by was that if a quote was “leaked out,” it could potentially get back to that politician that Dave was ridiculing them. But since RCG is so close to the return of Jesus Christ, who cares who Dave pisses off?


Psychological Projection

In its malignant forms, it is a defense mechanism in which the ego defends itself against disowned and highly negative parts of the self by denying their existence in themselves and attributing them to others, breeding misunderstanding and causing untold interpersonal damage.

                                                            Wikipedia – Sigmund Freud, Case Histories II (PFL 9) p. 132



@ 02:40 We will gain knowledge today. That simple statement will grow to epic proportion by sermon’s end.


Dave’s epic craptacular begins.


@ 03:27 If there were 4 days before the 45 days that are bad in a period called “The Kingdom to Israel” that start the 49 days, would those 4 days count against the 10 [days of the Tribulation]?”


This one comment summarizes why David C. Pack fascinates me. I was no mathlete in high school but I now appreciate the significance of the number 4.


This is the type of statement that drives me to continue the website. This is what motivates me to do a 5thinterview with Dawn Blue. This is the technique that makes me angry at the weak, cowardly enablers at Headquarters who sold their spines for a bowl of beans.


Dave never explained where the “4 days” were in the Bible during Part 385. He spent 8 minutes talking about 4 days but NEVER PROVED IT. This was his hallmark verse:


Luke 12:49

I am come  to send   fire  on   the  earth;  and  what  will  I, if  it be already  kindled? 


For the next hour and eighteen minutes of Part 386, he mentions the “4 days” over and over again as if it were a previously proven fact. It is a foregone conclusion, just like how God commands His people to count 50 days before Trumpets. Those are both no-brainers to him.


This is what Dave does. This is how they do things in The Restored Church of God now.


Dave will talk and talk and talk and talk and talk. He fills your ears with words until your cup runneth over and it becomes white noise. Like when the leaf blower outside your window for 45 minutes suddenly goes quiet. You breathe a sigh of relief.


When Dave stops talking, everyone in the Main Hall breathes a sigh of relief.


David C. Pack made “4 days” out of thin air on the Sabbath. He pulled it out of his hat. He had it hidden up his sleeve. He bought it off the Dark Web. He slipped, hit his head on the toilet rim, and when he woke up he had a vision, a picture in his head. The 4 days. But unlike Doc Brown, this vision will never be a reality.


I suppose I should not be surprised as he has been making things up and calling it doctrine for years.


I’m Elijah. Elijah is That Prophet. That is not the ancient David. The days of my voice. I’m rushing to call it out.


Fabrication. Imagination. Biblical sleight of hand. Prophetic nonsense. Fraud. Wickedness.


@ 03:44 Now, if so and they do and that will be clear. If so, then the Kingdom of God, the First Kingdom of God, would not be 35 days followed by 10 days of Tribulation, but rather 39 days, 4 days longer, and followed by 6 days of Tribulation.

If you think hearing it is easier than reading it, I invite you to listen to the longer version.

Kingdom to Israel

@ 04:32 Here’s another point that proves we’re absolutely on track. In effect, as the old saying goes, “We’ve got this!”


He went on to thoroughly not prove that at all.


Dave coined a new adjective that I had to play back at ½ speed three times to confirm. He added “n” to the end of “Elijah.” Depending on how in love he is with the term “Elijahn period,” we may never hear it again or he will repeat it until we start accidentally incorporating it into our daily vocabulary.


@ 13:22 “I’m gonna show you the smoking gun after I prove to you there is an Elijahn period because we walked outta here, I wasn’t sure. I’m gonna absolutely prove there is an Elijahn period and I’m gonna tell you exactly how long it is so you’ll be able to know when it comes. Because we have to see Christ by next Sunday.


This is a strange quote to revisit after hearing the entire message. Dave later places all the chips on Thursday, August 4. That’s Av 7. That’s tomorrow. If tomorrow does not happen, then Sunday is moot. Maybe he figured this out over the next 90 minutes while at the Tammuz Cooking Table.


As a non-prophet/non-psychic, I declare as fact that Jesus Christ will not return by Sunday, August 7th. He will not return on Thursday, August 4th, either.


Which one of us is God going to back up, Dave?


For those inside The Restored Church of God, when you get ready for work next Monday morning, reflect on the reality that God’s Apostle—David C. Pack (who is here “in the spirit and power of Elijah”) was wrong and that a deceived antichrist serpent was right. Again. Twice in one week.


I am not saying God is behind what I am doing. I do not dare to put God’s fingerprints on my actions or motivations, but it should give anyone still buying Dave’s fraud some pause when it is “business as usual” all the way to Monday, August 8th.


The “4 days” is there because Dave NEEDS them to be there. One of the weapons in Dave’s Precise Speculation arsenal is Inductive Reasoning. It has served him well over the years and he continues to hone his craft.


The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy explains the difference between Deductive Reasoning and Inductive Reasoning.


deductive argument is an argument that is intended…to provide a guarantee of the truth of the conclusion provided that the argument’s premises are true.


An inductive argument is an argument that is intended…to be strong enough that, if the premises were to be true, then it would be unlikely that the conclusion is false. So, an inductive argument’s success or strength is a matter of degree, unlike with deductive arguments.


Think of “deductive” as presenting fact and “inductive” as presenting theory.


It is quite a surreal experience to listen to the entire message from beginning to end and see how clearly he is making it all up. The 50-count to Trumpets and the “4 days” are made up. A deluge of words that eat time. There is no substance. No foundation. No biblical proof. Only speculation.


This has to be one of the single-greatest craptacular ideas David C. Pack has ever come up with.


The more he quotes the Bible, the more he shows he has nothing in his hands. I have never seen Dave so desperate. The man is desperate. It cannot be any type of party to be around him these days.


The members of The Restored Church of God must be so prophetically numb, they must just be hearing a leaf blower when Dave opens his mouth. It is all white noise and they are grateful when it stops.


@ 56:56 “Know this first, that no prophesy of the scriptures of any private interpretation.” ‘Member when Elijah is raised, That Prophet’s raised, false prophets are gonna come and false teachers are gonna push back. So, the emphasis is “Don’t believe people who are bringing different ideas” in verses [2 Peter 1] 20 and 21. A man has to be led of God’s Spirit. Don’t listen to anything else.


Psychological Projection. ‘Nuff said.


@ 1:00:44 One of the questions is: When did the Two Witnesses function? If they are not Moses and Elijah, you oughta at least ask the question. I’ve come to wonder if they are or aren’t. Now that I understand this period more than ever, I wonder, "Are Moses and Elijah brought back to talk to Laodicea?" Hmm. Or do we maybe not quite get that right?


You better hide from Ed and Dr. Vijoen or they will snatch your notes from your lap. Did Brad march upstairs and scrub Part 381 from Member Services? Somebody should check that.


We all need to give Herbert W. Armstrong a little more credit than we have in the past. The man ran a church for 50 years and knew to not create a new doctrine or prophetic framework that would then hamstring the previous doctrine or framework. Dave says how close he was to HWA, but he clearly never learned this lesson.


Dave creates a new web of understanding by stringing together verses that do not actually fit. He spends hour upon hour studying so he can then spend hour upon hour teaching.  The problem becomes that when you build such a heavy, complicated structure out of candy glass, bumping into it or moving it a little causes disaster.


Dave keeps breaking his own theories. Theory B cracks Theory A. Theory C breaks Theory B. Theory D takes Theory A-B-C and chucks them out the window. A year later, he goes dumpster diving and finds Theory A again, presenting it as “something the church never saw.” If only someone recorded these things…


@ 1:05:06 If this went another year, brethren, I can just tell you, a year from now, we’re not gonna be any bigger. We’d continue to “lie waste” for one or three or ten more years. That’s just biblical.


So all you unmarried members in RCG that are looking forward to the Feast so you can find a fresh, single face…forget it. Even Dave admits the pool will not be getting any deeper.


He finishes reading Revelation 10:7.


@ 1:10:08 The whole plan of God, there it is…And that is absolutely the way it is. On God’s authority, that is not wrong. Or math is wrong. So, that Mystery is ended. But that’s talking about a period right before Christ gets here where “the days of his voice” are involved and “He’s about to sound”… 

Revelation 10 Plan of God

It turns out to be that Daniel 12 is the big deal he teased at the beginning of the message. The one chapter that explains the whole plan of God.


Eventually, Dave gets to his unicorn. The desperately-needed “4 days” is found in Daniel 12:7 by stating, “a time, times, and an half” means 3 ½ days, not 3 ½ years as Herbert W. Armstrong so foolishly believed his entire ministry.


Dave puts the kibosh on “the day for a year rule” that even he followed for decades.


He then tells a story to admit something disturbing. When he preached on the Sabbath, he did not yet “see” the 3 ½ days in Daniel 12. Luke 12:49 was all he had in the storehouse. I knew the cupboard was bare or he would have told everyone. The man preached about “4 days” when he KNEW he had not found them in the Bible.


The 3 ½ days of Daniel 12 “struck him like lightning” on Sunday and Monday. Give anyone a Bible and strong motivation, they will find whatever they need to find. God lets people stumble at His word. Dave is pulling a full-blown Chevy Chase down the stairs with all of this.


The tiny little crack in his candy glass theory is still that he never found “4 days.” If someone were so inclined, they could even poke at the idea in Daniel 12:7 that “time, times, and a half” does not mean 3 ½ anything. If HWA was wrong about it being years, could he also have been wrong about the meaning?


Dave needed 4 days to get to an even 50-count so he can draw a dotted line from Pentecost (as a type) to The Feast of Trumpets. No matter which way you interpret it, Daniel 12 does not get him to “4 days” but to 3 ½. If you are flexible with the interpretation.


“Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.”


Forget being "exact" with the scriptures. Also, forget that God NOWHERE commands anyone to count 50 days until Trumpets.


You can watch him explain the plan of God presented in Daniel 12 while at the Tammuz Cooking Table.



@ 1:27:21 I never read correctly Daniel 12:7. God smashes the Splinters… “and swore by Him that lives forever that it shall be for a time, times, and a half and when He,” well, the antecedent is God, “shall have to accomplished to shatter and scatter the power of the holy people.” It’s all over. And then comes Christ. “Time no longer.” Now, that’s a stunning thing to understand.


If you have friends in other churches, you better start making phone calls. They only have a few hours left to freak out before absolutely nothing happens tomorrow morning.


@ 1:31:41 Of course, it does say three shepherds are killed and many get an appointment with God’s vengeance in 4 days when they’re gonna weep and gnash their teeth when the Kingdom of God arrives. So, they’re appointed to death and have “a certain, fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation” at the 1335 that will devour them when the Father comes 4 days after Christ does. Which is 3 ½ days after God raised Elijah.


It is tricky to follow him when he works his way backward. But since his thinking is completely backward, that should be no surprise.


@ 1:37:25 If Sabbath and Tuesday were put together [Part 385 & 386], I promise you that’s the picture. You have the picture. It’s inarguable. You have the picture. It will not change, it cannot change if we wait a hundred years.


Like fish in a barrel.


Part 367 – May 14, 2022

@ 1:42:09 But I’d rather just tell you we’re right on track. It looks to me like it’s tomorrow night or we wait a year.


Part 379 – June 25, 2022

@ 18:23 It’s impossible that God doesn’t start to ‘revive His work’ on Tammuz 1 in the year of His choosing.


Part 380 – July 1, 2022

@ 1:26:38 If for some reason, it’s not this picture, I will not bend it, I’ll tell ya that now.



But that was then, this is now.


@ 1:38:26 There’s no question it starts on the 7th of Av in the year God does it and ends on Trumpets. Over and out. Done. Inarguable. Dynamite couldn’t blow that outta my mind. I hope you either. And every time you get confused, pull out Daniel 12.


Dave’s new math lands us on Thursday morning, August 4th. That is less than 12 hours from now. At 11PM Eastern, it will be Av 7 in Jerusalem, so you will soon be able to disregard that as a factor.


@ 1:40:07 This literally is the last time I could either start or end a message with either of these two things. I still believe this year or we’re still on track. There’s no more time for me to ever say that again this year. It’s this Thursday AM or Wednesday night or into Thursday morning, whenever it is. Or it’s the same time next year or the year after or the year after. I can’t believe that because God would be telling us, “Just be ready that your Lord delays His coming and you’re gonna lay waste another year or more.”


@ 1:41:14 All I can tell you absolutely is, “That is right.” And you should be able to see it by math. I’m a very detailed speaker. Mr. Schleifer described my messages as “information rich.” I can get some things wrong, but I try to be very detailed.


Information rich? True. Speculation rich? True. Word rich? True. Truth rich? Well…


As a non-prophet/non-psychic, I predict Dave will speak either Friday afternoon or on the Sabbath. He will not get to Monday without commenting. However, since I love waffles, too…if he is feeling particularly defeated, he will refuse to get in front of an audience and then feverishly compose a bloated “Prophetic Update” in Member Services.


This is not over. Not by any stretch of Dave’s imagination. What an epic craptacular!



For those keeping score after Parts 385 & 386, remove the following from your online pool list:


·      On God’s authority

·      It finally became clear

·      You have the complete picture

·      The Bible suggests

·      Inarguable

·      Impossible

·      I thought I understood

·      Now I understand

·      In the days of his voice

·      Maybe

·      Possibly

·      Coincidence

·      Math

·      Metrics

·      Proofs

·      Coincidence

·      Math

·      We can’t go another year

·      The series is over

·      Tammuz

·      1335

·      We’re right on track

Marc Cebrian

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