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Fleecing the Flock - The One Thing COG's Are Good At


TITHING: The fleecing of the flock!

Unfortunately, many Christian leaders have appropriated the Old Testament principle of tithing to support their ministries. The reasons for this misappropriation of the flock's resources are obvious: 1) it provides them with a substantial and reliable source of income, and 2) by grounding it in Scripture, they can claim that it is a Divine requirement - not something which they have instituted in their own self-interest! In other words, church leaders can claim with a straight face that anyone who fails to tithe is actually robbing God and hurting themselves, not the folks who are actually collecting and spending the money! In this way, these ministers have quite cleverly imposed a self-policing mental straitjacket on their parishioners.

In the now-defunct Worldwide Church of God (and in many of its descendants), the tithing principle was probably exploited more effectively than in any of the other Christian groups which have employed it! In addition to demanding that their members give one-tenth of their gross income to the church, they also expected members to set aside a "second" tithe (to be used in attending their annual eight-day celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles referenced in the Torah), and a third ten percent every third year (ostensibly designated to help their poorer members). "How do you convince folks to devote such a large percentage of their incomes to the practice of their faith?" you may be wondering. They accomplished this in part by claiming that God would more than makeup for what they were sacrificing financially. In this regard, one of their favorite quotations was from the Old Testament book of Malachi: "Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it." (Malachi 3:10, KJV)

In exploring this topic, one of the very first things that we need to point out is that the designation of a "first, second, and third" tithe does NOT appear in the Judeo-Christian canon. That's right - modern religionists use those designations to describe what actually appears in the Torah. In other words, Scripture talks about A tithe that was to be used in a number of different ways by the Israelites. Why would religionists describe them thus? Do you think it's possible that it might have something to do with the fact that having ONE tithe employed in three different ways would naturally reduce the amount of money flowing into the coffers of the church?

Next, one of the most important things that these Christian groups often fail to mention is the context of the tithing mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. Not only was tithing clearly identified with the tenets of the OLD Covenant as outlined in the Torah, but it is also very clear that the principle was intimately associated with the AGRICULTURAL economy of ancient Israel! In the book of Leviticus, we read: "And all the tithe of the land (Hebrew "eres" or earth), whether of the seed of the land, or of the fruit of the tree, is the Lord's: it is holy unto the Lord." (27:30) In addition to crops, we read in the same book: "And concerning the tithe of the herd, or of the flock, even of whatsoever passeth under the rod, the tenth shall be holy unto the Lord." (27:32) In other words, the tithe was figured on crops and livestock - It was NOT figured on wages derived from labor! Notice too, that the context also takes for granted the farmer's ownership of the land, the planting of a crop, and the preexistence of a flock or herd! This is made even plainer by the insistence in the book of Deuteronomy that the Israelites tithe on their INCREASE (Hebrew "tebua" or product, yield, crops, gain, revenue) - what was produced THAT year! (See Deuteronomy 14:22, 23 and 28). In other words, ancient Israelites were NOT tithing on their gross income - they were tithing on their NET income from their crops and livestock!

It should also be noted that there is absolutely NO MENTION of using tithing as a means to support the New Testament Church in Scripture! Now, it is true that Jesus Christ pointed out the hypocrisy of the scribes and Pharisees relative to their attitudes towards tithing (see Matthew 23:23 and Luke 11:42). Jesus underscored the fact that they had neglected the more important aspects of their faith by focusing too much attention on getting tithing right. Christ taught his followers to "Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away." (Matthew 5:42) Indeed, throughout most of the New Testament, we find the principle expressed that Christians should be motivated to willingly give of themselves and their resources (see Mark 12:41-44, Luke 6:38, Acts 20:35, I Corinthians 16:1-2, II Corinthians 9:7, and Hebrews 13:16). In other words, there is NOTHING in the New Testament to suggest that Christians are under any obligation to tithe on their income and present it to the Church! Moreover, anyone who would suggest that this is a requirement for Christians is almost certainly motivated by self-interest! Christians are clearly obligated to be generous and to be looking to help those who are in need, but there clearly isn't any formula prescribed by Scripture for accomplishing that end!

by Miller Jones/Lonnie C Hendrix

Ex-RCG Member John Wilson: To My Regret, But RCG's Shame


John Wilson: To My Regret, But RCG's Shame



I was in The Restored Church of God splinter, and yes, it's a splinter, too. I had what I call a "crisis of conscience" in 2008, which I won't go into. Anyway, it caused me to turn to the Church of God community for meaning.


I first turned to the Living Church of God but never attended a congregation. For some unexplained reason, I was disinvited by the Milwaukee minister. This was in the spring of 2009. So, I turned to RCG because they reminded me of the old Worldwide Church of God with the amount of literature available and the preaching of the gospel. I began attending in May 2009, believing it was the "true church," which I no longer now believe as no one can lock God into a physical organization.


I believed that I had found my "home" in RCG. As I used to put it, “Being there was like having a sunny, clear blue sky overhead.” In other words, it was "perfect.” And it was this way for years and years. Then, the "The Greatest Untold Story!” series began in November 2015. “Wow, that was amazing,” is what we all thought. Especially as it lasted longer than the “1,335 Days of the Son of Man” Series of eight parts in 2011. And at the time, learning about prophecy reinforced my belief that it was the "true church" and that David C. Pack was an apostle. How could one not? It was thrilling to learn that we were “so close to the end" as God revealed so much.


Then March 2019 rolled around. And DCP stated that Christ would return during the night. It caused me doubts. Why? Simple reason: What did Jesus say (the name Jesus seems to be a name the COGs fear to utter, as they all say Christ instead)? “No one knows the day or hour," and “no one knows the times or seasons.” That was enough for me. No human can possibly know, not now nor ever. It's simply impossible. To quote David C. Pack, "...just believe the verse." But I, too, fell into thinking the church could know the year or month, as DCP taught. Talk about being literal!


This is known inside The Restored Church of God as “The Night Watch.” Members of the church across the globe were instructed to stay up all night waiting for Jesus Christ to return. The exact hour was unknown, but we could not be found physically asleep like the foolish virgins in the Matthew 25 parable. DCP speculated that angels on chariots would take members to a gathering place, most likely, to the RCG Headquarters campus in Wadsworth, Ohio. It would then “make plain” the reason for the Campus being built.


So while brethren were in their suits and dresses staying up all night, I was blissfully asleep. And, of course, it didn't happen.


DCP started setting dates regularly after that. He was fixated with it. We went through every calendar month, whether Jewish or Roman, every holy day season, and every equinox and solstice.


I probably would have stayed if he had dropped it in 2019 or 2020. Then, more date settings came during the Feast of Tabernacles in 2019, but this time he spoke about us not going home because the kingdom would arrive before we went home.


I didn't believe it. I relied on Jesus's words in Matthew 24:36, Mark 13:32, and Acts 1:7. I also don't believe in church eras and that we are in the end times. Acts 1:7 proves it. So, why the Olivet prophecies? I don't know, but wars, famines, diseases, and earthquakes have existed for millennia. That doesn't prove a thing.


So, 2020 came around, and "The Greatest Untold Story!" was going on and on and on, even though DCP periodically stated, "I have no more to give." Until he did. Then the Series just became boring, and the church became prophecy-focused. Obsessively so. More and more, DCP gave a new date and never apologized. So much for humility.


When the weekly Sabbath services came around, some brethren were very heartbroken. I went through that a time or two because I really wanted to believe that Jesus was returning. Terrible heartbreak from genuine people who just wanted their Savior and God to return so we could be with them forever and help the world. Who wouldn't? Anyone could see it on the brethren's faces. They were crushed!


At one point, I asked our local minister to say something to our congregation because people were a dragging anchor with emotional turmoil. Here is the reaction I received: a shrug of the shoulders and an "Oh well, the apostles got it wrong. Daniel got it wrong. Mr. Armstrong got it wrong, too." That was it. Parroting what Pack himself stated more than once.


Oh, well. How stupid of us to actually believe what we are being taught in the one true church by the last apostle. Silly us. That was a downright cold-hearted response given by my minister. Just buck up, kids, and press on! What a disservice to folks. Just uncaring.


I became very disillusioned in the spring of 2020. Unknown to anyone else (unless they now read this), I stopped listening to Pack's unending series of confusion as he quit giving them on the Sabbath. A pet verse of the COGs is 1 Corinthians 14:33. Hmmm. God is not the author of confusion or disorder. Okay, the series changed from one part to another. Pack is an apostle. This is the true church, but we are drowning in confusion. Who is the author, then? BECAUSE IT'S CONFUSING! I don't say it's the devil or demons, and I won't go there. I believe it's his own delusional mind. DCP is the author of confusion in this ridiculous sermon series.


Then, I would catch up on the series after about ten or so to listen while not believing. This happened a couple of times, then I just completely stopped in the summer of 2020. I gave up. He became obsessed with date-setting. Still is, I see.


I wanted to leave. There is no way…no way that God is leading this man. This is what I thought then. I was troubled because I couldn't understand (and still don't) how God allowed this person to remain in power. And cause His children to go astray, quit Christianity, become an atheist, go into Churchianity, etc. Where is the love? It befuddles me. How many tests must one endure? With all the date failures, when is enough? Perhaps it is a cult, after all. I didn't want to go to the Feast in 2020. I was sick of being in the church by then. But couldn't leave as I was already booked for the housing and would lose money, and I had five others with me in our rented accommodations. 


Someone in the house turned me in because of my attitude toward Pack. I had soured so badly I could not hide it. He saw it and told our minister. I don't blame him. He did the right thing. No one wants divisiveness in their organization. So, I got suspended for three weeks after the Feast for speaking against Pack.


I got COVID in Missouri, as well. Thankfully, I was recovering toward the time to leave. So much for God's protection that Pack stated we wouldn't get it. During my suspension, I did feel cut off from the group, I wanted to do what was right, so I self-corrected and was brought back. But it didn't last.


The date setting continued. There would be announcements in Member Services, “Everything is still on track. Keep watching.” This meant keep watching Pack fail. I had counted over twenty times from March 2019 to when I left. I quit song-leading, being a host, giving opening and closing prayers, and reading announcements. I was sick of RCG. I just couldn't do it anymore and believed my punishment should have consequences. Then, I gave up taking notes in the long, boring sermons being given weekly. I wanted out. But I couldn't decide on when. Eventually, I had enough when we heard that DCP was giving another part, which would be posted after Sabbath. The next day, I sent in my resignation letter. This was December 2020.



December 20, 2020


Mr. [Minister],


I hereby resign my membership in The Restored Church of God, Inc., effective immediately. 


John Wilson



I felt the pain of separation. After all, it was a break-up. However, I know I made the correct decision. Just look at the mess RCG is still in nearly two years after I left. Incredible. People still listen to him despite all the date failures. I suppose I can't be too hard on them. I stayed for a while, too.


Good riddance to that false prophet. He is officially worse than Gerald Flurry, Ronald Weinland, and Bob Thiel. Interestingly, Thiel believes Pack, Flurry, and Weinland aren't converted. And that Pack always has coveted money. People can read it for themselves on his website.


Deuteronomy 18:22 and Jeremiah 14:14 are applied to these false prophets that have arisen. Just because Pack states he isn't a prophet but explains them doesn't mean he isn't one. Why set dates, then? Once was enough to be discredited. Why not apologize and never do it again?


To those still in RCG and are confused emotionally and mentally and are reading this not knowing what to do: the common refrain is "...but there's nowhere else to go." Yes, there is! Get away from Pack, now! Don't believe that the other groups (except PCG, COG-PKG, CCOG) aren't true if you want to stay in the Churches of God organization. Get the mold of RCG out of your heads. Lose the narrative they inculcate you with. Do you honestly think that the only true Christians on the whole globe are only…only in RCG? Do you? Nonsense. (I am speaking of Church of God groups.) Go to one who isn't so obsessed with prophecy. You'll be fine. Don't be afraid of counseling with a professional, either. There is nothing wrong with psychology.


For me, The Restored Church of God started as the church but turned into a cult. Authoritarian, obsessed with news and prophecy, led by a narcissistic false prophet.


Nearly two years out, I'm better off than in it. I gave Common more than once. But, I gave it to God. Not to RCG or Pack.


Regardless of what one does regarding one's beliefs, stay with the Armstrong groups. Stay home. Or go to a Sunday church. Go to another religion. The point is that you'll recover and be fine.


Ask yourself: Who is in control of your salvation? God, David Pack, or any other physical church?


Does God HAVE to work through RCG only? Are you limiting God to RCG?


There is life and sunshine outside of a shriveling little cult in eastern Ohio.



In accordance with Romans 16:17, which is for brethren to do, I mark David Crowl Pack for causing division and offences, as Paul stated, in the body of Christ and Church of God. He is to be avoided at all costs for lying, coveting, and promoting brethren to leave fellowshipping with God and Jesus.

See: To My Regret, But RCG's Shame

The Root Problem With David C Pack


The Root Problem of David C. Pack


David C Pack, the Pester General of The Restored Church of Another god, teaches biblical nonsense on the Scoville scale equal to a Trinidad Moruga Scorpion (2,009,231 SHU).


His biblical self-ordinations began with declaring himself an apostle in 2005. Then, he was Joshua the High Priest of Zechariah 3 in 2009. Since he was not met with resistance by the ministers or the members of RCG, it left the bathroom door cracked open for more wild assertions.


In 2015, he self-assigned the title of Elijah, who also later became That Prophet. He got away with that one, too. As the years rolled on, so did the frequency of David C. Pack seeing himself in the Bible. He is now mentioned almost as much as Jesus Christ, but do not get too excited because some Old Testament passages are really talking about the Father. Jesus Christ was the “Old Testament Spokesman” Who did not get to say a whole lot.


Just this week, Dave announced another false-start appearance of the imperceptible 1335 of Daniel and that his speaking on the wrong day of Tishrei 30, indeed, fulfilled prophecy.


The man can throw the Bible on the floor, let it flop open, then toss a dart from across the room, and it will land on a passage that is referencing him. Why would God need anyone else alive today to do anything for His Work when David C. Pack can handle it himself?



What is the origin of David C. Pack's belief that he is throughout the Bible? How does he convince himself that his verbal flatulating fulfills prophecy?


He has admitted that neither God nor an angel has told him thus. And yet, it is so self-evident that proving his words to anyone is a waste of time. The members "just gotta believe" because once he “proved” he was God’s Apostle, the sky’s the limit. (5% of Herbert W. Armstrong’s corpse is praising God that there was no internet in his day.)


I have a theory as to where his mindset comes from.


To avoid a choking hazard, readers are encouraged to stop drinking for just a moment.


We are all products of our childhood. Our parents had a tremendous influence on who we became. Some had to overcome severe abuse, while others were instilled with strong moral values and an emphasis on character.


A plausible theory is postulated:


David C. Pack was overly encouraged during his potty training.


You may resume drinking. With caution.


Positive reinforcement is a vital teaching tool to motivate children to doodie into the toilet instead of their pants. Maybe his parents went too far.


His dad would have been a critical element in sculpting a future prophecy know-it-all. He told him that only real men doodie in the toilet, not in their pants. Pack men were known for having brilliant doodies, and someday, he will doodie as wonderfully as his ancestors who fought in the Civil War. Those were strong men of courage. And they could doodie on their own.


Little Davey took it to heart.


The child David C. Pack took that inspiration and was so successful at enduring what the Klingons call "The Rite of MajQa," that he understood from then on that he was destined for greatness.


His mother praised him that he was “such a good boy” for making the doodie in the toilet and not in his pants. A Revelation Anvil fell out of the sky and pounded a notion into little Davey’s head that he possessed special abilities.


Perhaps that process lingered on for longer than it should have since Dave still thirsts for accolades today. Maybe he even pretended to need training longer than was necessary just so he could hear more of his mother telling him how strong and amazing his doodies were.


Adolescent David C. Pack became proud. Even of his own doodies. Encouraged by his smiling mother. Inspired by his approving father. But they were just doing what all parents do with all their children: Train your child to doodie in the toilet and not in their pants.


We cannot blame Randall or “Grammar” Pack for what would become of their son. He took a process that every person goes through and found uniqueness in his own existence inside the grand scheme of Creation.



If only this enlightening philosophical expose was in print at the time of David C. Pack’s childhood! First published in Japan in 1981, the book written by Taro Gomi rose to be an international sensation.

Had little boy Davey understood what he was accomplishing upon the porcelain throne was not greatness, but a common bodily function that even snails perform, maybe he would not see himself as an apostle today.


That book could have spared thousands of individuals years of suffering if published forty years earlier. "People person" David C. Pack would have learned how to doodie in the toilet and not in his pants and that it was not a sign of biblical significance.


Empowered by his magnificent doodies, the adult David C. Pack has constructed the mindset that if his doodies are this important, undoubtedly, his words must be doubly so. Add religion into the mix, and you have a doodie cocktail ready to explode. What do you know? David C. Pack is all throughout the Bible!


For those stuck inside RCG, the next time David C. Pack explains how he is the “David” in the Old Testament, imagine your Pester General sitting upon this throne, and it will bring a smile to your ungrateful, sullen face.

When you are tempted to be awed by his mere presence, remember that Pester General David C. Pack sits on that very spot (at least) once a day. If “all is well” gastronomically speaking and his fiber and coffee intake are “right on track.”

Remember that his words are not dipped in gold. His doodies are not dipped in gold. His doodies are not apostolic. His doodies are not Elijahn. His doodies are not foretold.

He is just another man with goofy ideas that figured out a creative way to swindle your retirement savings so he could buy more trees. The only profound doodie is resting between his ears.



The heart-breaking tragedy of this story is that David C. Pack was ahead of his time. It took almost seventy years for his superior doodie-making talents to be fully appreciated by the general masses due to the advent of the interwebs, where he now shines as bright as that artificial sun the Chinese launched into the atmosphere this week.


Yet, he continues to brag how he has passed more doodies than anyone who has ever lived. He has studied doodies more than anyone in The Worldwide Church of God. He can doodie in his sleep and never even needs to pick up the toilet paper. He can compose a list of the types of doodies he has produced without stopping because the memories come to him faster than he can write them down.


He is an idiot-savant when remembering every doodie by name, with dates to boot. That is not arrogance. He is just built that way, brethren. If it were not for the tireless efforts of his talented and experienced assistants, The Coffee Kid and Pepper Boy, his doodies could not have been made so plain to the brethren inside RCG in just seven years.


All the toilets he ever knew or even heard of have nothing but wonderful things to say about his outstanding doodies. They were privileged and honored to accept his doodies. They are prime examples of his power, authority, and clarity. No one else on the face of the earth can doodie as David C. Pack can. It is just a fact.


Standard RCG protocol when in the presence of the Chief Doodie Maker includes:


·      You must refer to him as "Mr. Pack" because he doodies in the toilet, not in his pants.

·      You must wait for him to initiate a handshake because he doodies in the toilet, not in his pants.

·      You must stop speaking when he is talking because he doodies in the toilet, not in his pants.

·      You must not take a picture of him wearing a short-sleeved shirt because he doodies in the toilet, not in his pants.

·      You must be grateful for the knowledge he blesses you with because he doodies in the toilet, not in his pants.


A “Leadership and Protocol” class in Ambassador Center is required if you work at Headquarters that teach you such things. Because he doodies in the toilet, not in his pants.


David C. Pack is such an exceptional person, it is hard to fathom that he EVER doodied in his pants and NOT in the toilet. He will turn 74 this December. Has the process he once mastered begun to reverse? Accounts from reliable sources are inconsistent and, therefore, inconclusive.


It is better to think of him the way he was in his prime. Making doodies in the toilet and not in his pants. After all, that will be his true legacy.



You may think this is complete satire. It is not. This would answer many questions regarding, "What is wrong with this man?”


He was trained as a child to doodie in the toilet and not in his pants. Interestingly enough, what comes out of both his ends today are equally pleasing and have the same value.


What is the actual origin of the ranting of a biblical fraud? Hard to say for sure.


My David C. Pack doodie theory will hold until proven otherwise.


Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.


I know this because I doodie in the toilet, not my pants.


Marc Cebrian

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Melvin Rhodes: " pork and other biblical unclean meats are most likely just as clean as biblical clean meat"

From a reader:

Hi, I have a bit of a story about Melvin Rhodes giving a sermon that was hypocritical and I'm not sure if he knew it or not. 

I was a teenager in the early 90's when this sermon was given because I'm still friends with his daughter,  Alex and she's on my Facebook list. I went to Flint/Lansing,  MI. Although I think it's BS that he collected pay while he made plans to start UCG I did like the guy. He was easy going unlike the asshole he replaced, Gerald Whittie. I'm sure you've heard stories about him.

One of the very few times I paid attention to a sermon Melvin was talking about clean/unclean meat. He said that today pork and other biblical unclean meats are most likely just as clean as biblical clean meat so they aren't as dangerous as they were in ancient times due to technological advances. 

But the unclean meats are still a no, no because the only person who could change that rule was Jesus and he didn't, so we are bound by those dietary rules. 

Now even though I left WCG in 95 and I love a big ham sandwich I didn't think of the hypocrisy in what he said till years later. (Also I'm not the brightest color in the ol' crayola box) but the COG's don't pay or collect tithe under the directions in the Bible. Therefore tithes shouldn't be collected. 



having some more fun....

Who were the poor of the flock?

By COG Critic

Thursday, October 27, 2022

LCG Says Pay Attention To Prophecy


LCG wants its members to pay attention to prophecy, but considering the track record of prophetic failures in LCG through Rod Meredith and their mother church, the Worldwide Church of God, should you TRUST the Living Church of God telling you what prophecy means? 

No one in any of the COG's has ever gotten anything right in the last 80 some years. Meredith never did. Bob Thiel still does not. Dave Pack has proven to be an epic failure. Gerald Flurry has not. Ron Weinland has not. John Rittengacugh has not. Alton Billingsley has not. Herman Hoeh did not. Dean Blackwell did not. Gerald Waterhouse most certainly did not.

There is not a man in any of the COG's that has gotten prophecy right, yet you must believe LCG as they are the only source of truth right now.

Pay Attention to Prophecy: Today, our world is filled with reports of violence, corruption, and other ominous events, and our daily lives are filled with multiple distractions—computers, emails, iPods, family, jobs, and other concerns. Yet, the Scriptures warn that Christians must be alert and watch for the convergence of specific events that will mark the end of this age and the imminent return of Jesus Christ. The New Testament is filled with these warnings—see Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, and more. We are watching the prophesied decline of the Israelite nations (Jeremiah 30) at the same time we are witnessing the rise of a more politically active Europe (Revelation 17), and we are hearing warnings from global observers and the Scriptures about potential triggers of a catastrophic nuclear war (Matthew 24:21–22). The convergence of these prophesied events should motivate us to grow spiritually, focus on finishing the Work, and prepare for roles we will play in the soon-coming Kingdom of God... so let’s watch and prepare to be ready! 
Have a profitable Sabbath, 
Douglas S. Winnail

Ah yes, the potential to become gods and goddesses. 

David C. Pack: The Mystery of God is over. There’s nothing else to tell you. Translation: I Have No Idea


David C. Pack: I Have No Idea


This came to me “hot off the skillet” from Wadsworth, Ohio. ;)


Professional Blasphemer David C. Pack, The Pester General of The Restored Church of Another god, spent 90 minutes breathing sounds that comprise "The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 402)” on Tuesday, October 25.


The fact this exists is mind-blowing, considering that Part 401 from three days earlier was the final message which brought the seven-year Series to an unbreakable, conclusive end.


Memberberries for breakfast go well with morning coffee.


Part 401 – October 22, 2022

@ 1:01:48 The Mystery of God is over. There’s nothing else to tell you.


It is sad to watch a grown man pointlessly rush like a hamster on a wheel seven days a week, only to be equally as productive. Even a rodent knows when it is time to stop. At least on Gilligan’s Island, Dave could be using his rushing in circles to generate power for Lovey’s air conditioner.


What could be mistaken for learning from past mistakes, Dave did not set a new specific date. Instead, he said it is One Month, and it is Cheshvan. That wrecks havoc on trying to create a countdown clock.


“…the hour, whatever it is. And whichever day it is…”


That will be hard for the plastic-smile lemmings in RCG to be atwitter about on social media. In essence, Dave threw his hands in the air and admitted he knows squat.


“I have no idea.”


Read until the end to witness for yourself.



@ 00:11 We’re back again. I didn’t expect this to be the case, but here we are.


Those following on Facebook and on the website expected it. VoilĂ !


Since becoming the David C. Pack scribe and archivist, one aspect of how he operates has become more apparent over time. I can easily quote him making declarative statements when he sets a date and says things are done or something will never change.


Not so much when he moonwalks his own ideas. He was so sure of the day and time during the Feast. He was sure of the day and time on Saturday. But then reality drops a banana peel in front of him, and he face-plants on that new $500,000 lawn. The light bulb pops on when it is too late. Every. Time.


Pay attention to how he undoes salvation for RCG at 10:56am on Tuesday, October 25.


@ 04:33 Now, here we are. It is Cheshvan 1. You’re gonna understand it in a way you didn’t before. Some things I've long wondered about kinda came home to roost, and I'll explain them. But now I better understandwhy Zechariah opens mentioning the eighth month but says nothing of a date. It omits which day that we might speculate on that the Kingdom begins in Cheshvan. Well, it obviously isn’t the first.


Besides admitting he had the date wrong without actually saying that, there is another blazing problem with this quote.


If you follow the Hebrew Calendar, you will know TODAY (October 26) is Cheshvan 1. Not yesterday, on October 25, when Dave gave the message. Throughout the entire 90 minutes of verbal flatulence, he refers back to the significance of Cheshvan 1. He even fulfilled prophecy!


But a fact of physical reality is that David C. Pack gave Part 402 on Tishrei 30 despite what he tells you. The premise of what happened further exposes the confused, delusional thinking that occupies his blinded mind.


Let me explain. The skimmers will not care for this next part.



In the past, I have used the phrase, “Dave painted himself into a corner.” That analogy is not strong enough, as he does not care about a painty mess. He gets it all over himself, leaves footprints on the carpet, and then plops down on the leather sofa with his heels up on the oak coffee table.


This time, Dave created his own logic problem that sealed himself behind a brick wall. The mortar has hardened, and the only way to get out is with a sledgehammer. That he left on the other side of the wall.


I now present the logic problem and provide a sledgehammer. The brick wall is “Jerusalem time.”


Throughout the message, he kept referring to yesterday being Cheshvan 1. The 1335 began on Cheshvan 1 at 10:56am Tuesday. The One Month began on Cheshvan 1, which he repeated was Tuesday.


None of that is accurate unless he was physically in Jerusalem, Israel. TODAY is Cheshvan 1 in the United States. October 26 on every Hebrew Calendar is Cheshvan 1, beginning at sunset the night before. At the moment this is being typed, Jerusalem is enjoying Cheshvan 2.


Why does that matter? So, he reckoned the start of the One Month and the 1335 to Jerusalem time. Big deal.


Is it now RCG doctrine that ALL Holy Days observed in the United States be reckoned by Jerusalem time, too? Or does each time zone across the world observe sunset and sunrise like all the other Sabbath-keepers on the planet? Why is Cheshvan 1 different than every other day in the Hebrew Calendar?


Is it the only exception? He does not say that, but it leaves a gaping unanswered question. If Cheshvan 1 and the 1335 are according to Jerusalem time, no matter where you physically are in the world, what about the Sabbath?


Sabbath begins on Friday at 10:53 am Wadsworth time per Jerusalem Sabbath sunset. Is the staff being sent home, so they do not break the Sabbath? What about at the end? Can people head off to work at 10:52 am Saturday morning? If Services start at 3pm, that is Sunday in Jerusalem. RCG would then be switching to Sunday Worship Services.


David C. Pack cannot see three inches past his nose. (Unless you put your hand on the wood wall, touch the brass in the elevator, or scorch the lawn while mowing.) He does not think ahead. He does not think through the loony nonsense that falls out of his mouth. His words have implications, and those are the fiery darts he throws at himself.


With his logic, God began a special biblical event based on the time in Jerusalem. It does not say that in the Bible. An angel did not whisper that in his ear. He presumed, assumed, figured, thought, supposed, and guessed. For 90 minutes, he speaks as if it is a fact.


That may seem like a ludicrous and whacky premise. However, the question should be asked. No, the question MUST be asked if you attend The Restored Church of God. It would be like he was preaching on the Sabbath, but it was 2pm Friday afternoon, calling it the Sabbath. Same logic.


Did David C. Pack “reset” the Hebrew Calendar for the entire Church since the 1335 began in the morning the day before Cheshvan 1 in the United States? For the Headquarters of God’s Church on earth, their “blessing” from the 1335 happened on Tishrei 30, not Cheshvan 1.


We know he did not reset the calendar. I do not think that is what he meant. However, if you seriously take him at face value, it is foolish to not follow the logic and ask the question.


That is a lengthy, complicated exposition to point out that David C. Pack did NOT speak on Cheshvan 1. He was in Wadsworth, Ohio, when he said it. If he had spoken Part 402 TODAY, it would line up with reality, and the "prophecy has been fulfilled" he wants to sell you. Instead, he has to say, "Prophecy was fulfilled on Cheshvan 1*."


This proves his premise is not from the mind of God. Talk about creating problems and confusion for God's people. It is either always Jerusalem time, or it is always the time zone you are in. The "sometimes is, sometimes is not" is open for interpretation by a man with an abysmal track record of being accurate and/or consistent.



@ 07:20 If the 1335 is as we explained, I absolutely believe that it is and that it starts a month. I don’t argue with anything and wouldn’t argue it. I don’t think you can argue with anything I said three days ago than the pledge I thought applied 15 days ago may, in fact, be today. I’m gonna show you some things I never fully understood near the end of the sermon.


I have 12 pages of Dave explaining how “now” he understands what he did not before. The point is: Dave preaches a lot of what he will later admit was misunderstood. The cycle continues today.


Part 172 – April 27, 2019

1:03:45 I wish I had understood that. Now I do.


Part 174 – May 15, 2019

@ 43:59 I’m gonna clear up some other things we didn’t understand because the Bible often is mistranslated…


It was the translators’ fault.


Part 259 – August 21, 2020

@ 55:22 It's amazing when you go slowly, and you have time, and I’ve, you know, read the Bible slowly but without understanding, until God wanted it understood, here near the very end.


It was God’s fault.


Part 206 - September 30, 2019

@ 1:12:34 We didn't have enough knowledge. Now we do. I understand exactly what that’s saying.


WE was to blame.


Note the date of this little gem and tell me Prophetic Groundhog Day is not still in full effect.


Part 269 – October 3, 2020

@ 52:52 I thought over the past two years about the Kingdom coming on a feast day. I thought Pentecost is it. Is it a couple of years ago? Is it Passover? Is it Unleavened Bread? I could see feast tones here and there. Last year, I thought it might be on the Sabbath during the Feast. And then I thought it might be the Last Great Day last year, but there was so much I didn’t know.


Today, he would say he “misunderstood” because a Feast day had NOTHING to do with the return of Jesus Christ bringing the Kingdom of God with salvation. He misunderstood Tammuz, Av, Elul… pick one.


Rather than setting an exact date and time as he has up until Saturday night, he has now opted for the "I dunno" posture again.


@ 08:54 There is time. I don’t know if it’s one day or five days that we could have left. But we're right on time. Nothing’s gonna change. Don’t set aside what we said Sabbath because we’re here today. We may be completing a prophecy. That’s all we’re doing.


So, Dave, if you do not know when something will occur, how can you know you are right on time? If God has not yet blessed you with knowledge revealing exactly when the next part of His plan is, how can you declare that nothing will change?


You cannot have it both ways, Dave. You were adamant it was the second day of the Feast. You were adamant it was the Tuesday after the Last Great Day. You told the entire church they would receive salvation at 10:56am yesterday. Now, you have the arrogant gall to say to people they are on time and nothing is going to change.


I noticed you did not tell them the picture is better during Part 402. That would have been too plain a lie, even for you. During the 90 minutes, there was no hint of remorse for tricking the brethren into thinking their salvation was coming yesterday morning.


The Monday night Pathetic Update could have told them what you admitted during this message. But you and the enablers left them hanging.


It is not just about marking a calendar. It is the psychological torture of convincing people they will see their Lord and Savior to then brush away the failure. That is biblical fraud of the highest order.


That is not of God. That is evil. That is wicked. That is cruel. Call me into your office, and I will tell you to your face. Dr. Ranney has my number.


What vile behavior, devoid of even brotherly love. The wolf slaughters the sheep.


By their fruits, you shall know them.


There is an unexpected side effect of closely examining the words of David C. Pack month after month. Sometimes he reads a verse or makes a statement that I cannot help but think applies directly to him and The Restored Church of God. Especially when he talks about the Man of Sin or the Foolish Shepherd. Wow, that sometimes really gives me pause.


@ 36:45 These are servants of the Destroyer. And they were sent strong delusion. They wouldn’t change. And they wound up believing a lie because they wanted to.


I am no minister, and I am not qualified to make biblical declarations. But when the Bible is examined against the backdrop of reality, it does make me wonder. I know other former RCG members think the same thing. “Sits in the temple of God.” Nobody sits more than David C. Pack. Just a thought. Not preaching.


@ 55:41 So, the Mystery of God, brethren, is supposed to expire today…It's supposed to be fulfilled and finished and ended…I mean, I wanted salvation at 10:56 this morning, but I was suspiciousand I just didn’t have time to put it together until God said, “Alright, now we got through all that. Now, there’s a 402. You didn’t think so, but I do.”


It was God’s fault again. Did you catch that, members of The Restored Church of God? Dave’s god played a cruel trick on you by making his servant say you would receive salvation on Tuesday morning when he had no intention of doing that. Giving all that Common as a requirement for salvation really paid off.


@ 56:11 I’m gonna actually prove to you that message was to be delivered on Cheshvan 1. I’ll prove it to you.


As explained earlier, it was only Cheshvan 1 in his mind. And in Israel. He spoke on Tishrei 30.


So, by Dave speaking, it fulfilled prophecy again. I have 4 ½ pages of Dave explaining how he was fulfilling prophecy.


Part 170 – April 10, 2019

@ 1:11:18 A prophecy was fulfilled last night…I tell you, on God's authority, it happened.


Part 260 – August 22, 2020

@2:15:40 Now we have Malachi 3:1, I believe, being fulfilled in a way we never understood, nobody’s ever understood before being fulfilled.


Part 269 – October 3, 2020

@ 37:26 So, if this great prophecy had occurred, wouldn’t you know it happened? Just like the Gateway Prophecy that will be fulfilled today.


Not one of those 4 ½ pages turned out to be true. Near the end of the message, he emphasized prophecy fulfillment again.


@ 1:29:53 It looks like I just fulfilled the last message exactly as the last place in the Bible describes. I opened up the key things in Revelation.


The “key things” were not worth mentioning. Not to me. Not to the members of The Restored Church of God. They did not fulfill anything except Dave’s ego.



@ 1:05:07 Finally, I can tell you, authoritatively, go to Malachi 3 and verse 1. And I will show you who the Lord who comes to His temple is. Once and for all. Let’s just end this problem.


A problem he created when he started teaching that was not Jesus Christ. He finally figured out that "the Lord whom you seek” is Jesus Christ. Rejoice!


I could have saved him seven years of toil if he had asked me back in 2015. The whole church knew that. Even 5% of Herbert W. Armstrong knew that.


Dave created the problem. Now Dave solved the problem. Without meaning to, David C. Pack admitted he plays doctrinal ping pong. He taught the truth. He taught heresy. He taught the truth. He taught heresy.


He wants you to believe God would imbue a certifiably unstable human being with His authority. I knew it was false then. And Dave finally sees that it is false now. Why can an antichrist see so easily what an apostle struggles with for years?



@ 1:06:10 I had to wrestle. We do. We don’t. We do. We don’t. We do. It looks like the start of Cheshvan. No, I don’t think we do. We never do. We never do know “the day or the hour.” But we get into the month, and we know that. And the Mystery of God is over. We’re not waiting another year to pile on things that aren’t in the Bible so that it would fit next year.


That is quite a bit of settled doctrine inside twenty seconds. No one knows the day and the hour. Finally, he agrees with Jesus Christ. Took him long enough.


Things will not move to next year. It has to be Cheshvan. Dave just bricked up his escape route for the after-supper failure on Thanksgiving on Cheshvan 30. Brethren will say, "Please pass me the yams and my RCG resignation letter.”


The walls of Kislev will close in on him until “settled doctrine” goes into the trash along the coleslaw nobody wants to take home.



@ 1:23:57 Now, the 1335 is still what augments One Month, start to finish with feeding us today. I'm pretty sure all of you know I did not plan a message on Cheshvan 1.


Funny, because it was delivered on Tishrei 30. But that is an insignificant detail.


@ 1:24:09 I thought that, like you, I would look like Christ.


But not by the time the Pathetic Update went out. You could have warned the Church but chose not to. That speaks to where your heart is and the kind of man you are.


@ 1:24:13 Nobody can think I contrived a message for today. I thought we were done at the Feast. And twice. And I’ve thought it many times before.


And many more times to come.


@ 1:27:01 God’s will has been done. You made it to the 1335. The pledge is made on the, dare I say? The correct 1335.


It is still not the correct 1335. They "made it" at the Feast but found out they did not.


Like the problems with all the previous invisible Dave Pack biblical mile-markers, RCG arrived at this moment only because he says so. Without his verbal acknowledgment, no human on earth would know. Says the man who has admitted God blinded him, he does not do miracles, God does not speak to him, he taught what God never intended, and he has a history of being presumptuous. Should we take your word for it?


When the real 1335 of the Bible arrives per God’s will, you will know it. You will not need to call David C. Pack at the old folk's home to get confirmation. God makes things happen in a way you know He means business.


@ 1:27:13 Then, there’s a delay of some time. I have no idea. I could make a case for Tuesday that’s strong. I can make a case for Wednesday.


That does not look so strong from Wednesday’s perspective.


@ 1:27:31 God could come at any hour. Day or night. Anywhere in the world. It’s all bets are off as to when this would be. I can make a case that it's at the end of the Sabbath, which is the fifth, which is a Sunday, and God starts "the marvelous work and wonder" on a Sunday, and we wait all the way ‘til Sunday. Monday night’s Halloween. I have no idea when it is or any hour in there. It's just Bang! He's coming as a thief.


@ 1:28:39 We'll have to see when it is. But I believe we're on the clock. Now, somebody's gonna ask, "Could there be a 403?”


Let me clear all doubt. There will undoubtedly be a Part 403.


@ 1:28:49 I see no way. Now, let me explain why. When would you do it later, and what would I cover? “Well, you didn’t know you’d cover things three days ago.” You can always say that.


As people should because that is true.


@ 1:29:01 But, I know the Bible pretty well…I can practically recite the book of Revelation and whole swaths of the prophets in my sleep. But I don't even have to be awake, and I know them. I can just do that.


So much for “Let another man praise you, and not your own mouth.” There must not be enough of that coming from the murderous, lazy employees that surround him. Dave, once again, has to fill the gap and pick up the slack.


In a twist of irony, a large part of David C. Pack is asleep. The man who preached from before 2012 has fallen into a long slumber. The wicked nightmare that is RCG today can only be interrupted when God so desires. No human has the power to do it.


The power the people have inside RCG is the free will to choose to depart. That is not God’s house. That is not God’s apostle. “The Greatest Untold Story!” is not a message from God to His people. Flee while you can.


Dave ended the sermon with a shrug and his hands in the air. He spoke about “I dunno” with power, authority, and clarity.


@ 1:29:34 I don’t know. Maybe we would go beyond Halloween. I don’t know.


@ 1:30:08 Godspeed the hour, whatever it is. And whichever day it is. And we know neither. Good night.


There you have it.


God’s apostle completes a seven-year prophetic Series that God used to fulfill prophecy so His people can understand the certainty of end-time events.


“I don’t know.”

Marc Cebrian

See: David C. Pack: I Have No Idea