Saturday, September 17, 2022

LCG Tells Members To Stay Healthy For The Feast So The Can Partake Of The Powerful Spiritual Food Being Offered

LCG members are in for a major treat this year at the Feast of Tabernacles. "Powerful spiritual food" awaits them! That's a pretty tall order to feed members with considering the current list of speakers, with many of them causing members to zone out at the 45-minute mark. Plus, they all repeat things Rod Meredith said or predicted that have ever come to pass. For 5-6 decades we hear, "Brethren, we have not more than 5-10 years left".

LCG members will be celebrating a festival that they claim is a foretaste of the Kingdom of God and yet there will spend 8 days hearing about the law, commandments, and keeping so-called holy days, with very little about Jesus being discussed (except that he is angry and pissed off and is coming back in fury to destroy people outside LCG).

I wonder how many Feast sites will be doing community charity work for one afternoon to show the local communities a foretaste of the kingdom to come.

Staying Healthy—2022 Feast General Health Guidelines
With the Feast of Tabernacles just a few weeks away, it is not too early to think about health as we prepare for this annual highlight of the year. It’s vital that we don’t push ourselves too hard and compromise sleep and diet in the busyness of preparations. Taking measures to stay healthy and even improve our health before the Feast will mean we are more likely to be able to partake of the powerful spiritual food and fellowship that God is preparing for us.

Also, at the present time, the pandemic has been easing and in most places restrictions are lifting. Accordingly, our guidelines for Sabbath services and Feast services have changed as well. However, this does not mean anyone should approach sickness in a cavalier or careless manner! As Mr. Gerald Weston’s Sabbath services guidance from The World Ahead, February 10, 2022, says: “Those with underlying conditions should feel free to continue wearing masks, but we recommend that they be properly fitting masks of the type (such as the N95) that offer real protection. If someone feels he or she needs to continue wearing a mask for any reason, no explanation is needed. We must not judge one another!”

With that in mind, please take note of our 2022 Feast General Health Guidelines: If you have symptoms of any potentially contagious illness, such as coughing, sore throat, or fever, you should not attend any FOT services or activities until your symptoms are significantly improved and you are fever-free for 24 hours without use of medication.

Friday, September 16, 2022

Crackpot Prophet, While Facing Intense Persecution, Expects You To Believe His Message Has Reached 1/2 Billion People Already


Our favorite wounded martyr of the Church of God movement is back again claiming religious persecution. Never has the church had such a great man leading the church than what Bwana Beto Bob is doing. Because he is so great there is now a vast conspiracy conspiring against him. Google and Facebook are personally working to shut him if that would be a bad thing,

In spite of the constant whining about Google trying to silence him, he relies heavily upon them to justify the "numbers" that he claims to be reaching.

Beto made this comment the other day:

Let me add it is not just Facebook. Google is threatening us with religious ad restriction. Although my contact with Google this week said we were still okay, I have my doubts and am concerned that this will change. 
Our successful Google campaign has had 418,000,000 computer impressions around the world–yes, close to a half a billion.

For the computer illiterate, that sounds impressive and a sure sign God is performing powerful work in assisting Beto to get the law message out to the world. But, it is not. It's a wild 1/2 truth meant to deceive those with no knowledge of computer/internet terminology.

Here is what a "reach vs impression" is: 

Reach is the total number of people who see your content. Impressions are the number of times your content is displayed, no matter if it was clicked or not. 
Think of reach as the number of unique people who see your content. In a perfect world, every one of your followers would see every piece of content you posted.

Unfortunately, that’s not how things work on social, and not all of your followers will see every single post you publish. For instance, Groupon has 17 million followers, but their organic content doesn’t come close to getting that number of engagements because only a fraction of their audience sees it. 
However, an impression means that content was delivered to someone’s feed. A viewer doesn’t have to engage with the post in order for it to count as an impression. Also, one person could have multiple impressions for a single piece of content.  Reach vs. impressions: What’s the difference in terms?

Another view on "reach vs impressions:"

To put it simply, reach shows the number of unique users that were exposed to your content, while impressions show the number of times your content was displayed to these users. 
Theoretically, the people that follow you should see each piece of content you publish on social media, right?

That’s why they became your followers, after all – to stay up to date with what you are posting!
Sadly, that’s not the way things work on social media.

Social media platforms use complex algorithms to determine which content to show to which users, and as a result, only a fraction of your following is made aware of your activity every time you publish something. 
In fact, this fraction is quite small – especially after the algorithm changes and the much talked about decline of organic reach across leading social media platforms in the course of the last couple of years. 
Lower overall reach means fewer people seeing your posts, which ultimately leads to a drop in engagement and fewer conversations with potential customers. Reach vs Impression: What’s The Difference and Why Is It Important?

Of that 1/2 billion people Beto has claimed to have gotten his message across to, the actuality is that his real reach has been negligible. Caucasians, in all of what he calls "British Israelite" nations, have refused to follow him. Beto's ads and articles are getting flashed all over computer screens and no one is clicking. 

Beto Bob has become the King of Half-Truths, taking the crown away from Dave Pack.

Always the bridesmaid and never the bride.

LCG: Why aren't you more humble and teachable?


You LCG members who read here had better start being humble and teachable or things are not going to go so well for you. You had also better take advantage of all that "wise council" the ministry has to offer you. Do it now!

Seek God’s Guidance: In the world today, it is common to want to “do your own thing.” However, the Bible records the tragic results of this approach (Judges 21:25; Jeremiah 9:12–16). In the Scriptures we are admonished, “Seek the LORD while He may be found” (Isaiah 55:6). We are also told that God looks on those who are humble and teachable and “trembles at My word” (Isaiah 66:2). King David modeled the attitude that God is looking for when he wrote, “Teach me, O LORD, the way of Your statutes... Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” (Psalm 119:33, 105). Jesus Christ instructed His disciples to “live by... every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4). We are also advised to seek wise counsel to avoid making bad decisions (Proverbs 11:14). An important lesson in life is that to succeed in any endeavor, we must seek God’s guidance and get wise counsel when we make decisions—because that leads to lasting rewards.
Have a profitable Sabbath, Douglas S. Winnail

LCG: The Fields Are All White Ready To Harvest, Again


Living Church of God has been on a roll lately in its outreach to various cities around the United States and Canada. The potential audience to draw from is in the multiple millions of people, yet hardly anyone shows up.

This past week they had 5 presentations with potential audiences to draw from of over 8,622,406 people. From that great field ripe for harvest and with millions filled with the deep desire for the "gospel" LCG (it is attempting tp promote), they were able to draw in 120 people. That's right, 120 people. Of which at least 60 - 90 were LCG members in attendance to pad the audience. Other than Bob Thiel, there has never been a COG with such massive outreach. Jesus is pleased.

Last week, we held five initial Tomorrow’s World Presentations: two in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (one for French-speaking subscribers and one for English-speaking subscribers); Albuquerque, New Mexico; Louisville, Kentucky; and Cincinnati, Ohio. These presentations had a combined total of 120 guests. This week we have eight presentations scheduled. Two initial presentations, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada; and Kansas City, Missouri; and six follow-up presentations, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (combined English and French); Albuquerque, New Mexico; Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom; Fargo, North Dakota; Louisville, Kentucky; and Cincinnati, Ohio. Thank you all for your continued prayers for these presentations.

Montreal, Quebec (French speaking). 1,472,055
Montreal, Quebec (English speaking). 286,280
Total Montreal population: 4,053,360

Albuquerque, New Mexico. 916,528

Louisville, Kentucky. 1,395,634

Cincinnati, Ohio. 2,256,884

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Dave Pack: Excuses, Excuses


Excuses, Excuses


You know that guy that promises to help you move? The one who tells you ten times over that you can count on him and he will be there when you need him the most?


But then the day comes, and he does not show up. When you finally get a hold of him after the work is all done, there is nothing but endless excuses. No reasons. Just excuses.


That guy is David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God.


Elul 20 has barely begun here on the East Coast, and Dave is already spinning in circles to create enough force to suck all the logic out of the air in the room. There will always be another explanation for why XYZ did not happen as WE thought.


For those just tuning in, the prophetic “backstop” for the 10-day Kingdom of God failed to appear beginning at sunset tonight. I cannot help but wonder if the Feast of Trumpets is now in jeopardy.


This excuse-rich text was posted in Member Services on the evening of September 15, 2022.



Prophecy Update


With now 10 days before Trumpets, do we end our hope tonight? Or could the day when everyone seems to be watching actually be tomorrow (Friday) night? Here are a very few questions and comments to ponder as we wait a little longer:


- Would the 10 days of tribulation (Rev. 2:10) really exclude the day of the Lord, so filled with tribulation itself? Put another way, could the “dayS of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled” (Luke 21:22) really exclude the ultimate “day of the Lord’s vengeance” (Isa. 34:8)? No!


- Job asked God to “hide me in the grave…until your wrath be past” (Job 14:13). How could he be raised to begin Trumpets, with the “the great day of His wrath” (Rev. 6:17) still ahead?


- The dead (including Job) are raised “at the last trump” (1 Cor. 15:52). How clear that this must be deep into the Day of Trumpets, which involves many trumpet blasts—before Trumpets is extended into the wonderful day it becomes when the veil is removed over all nations and all tears are wiped away at the time of the great feast of wine on the lees!


- Much, much more could be added that has come clear…


Put plainly, the tenth day of tribulation IS the first and bad part of the day of the Lord/Trumpets. Thus, our wait extends one more night—and does in fact involve the Sabbath exactly as we have long suspected!


This means the Headquarters congregation can look forward to ANOTHER excruciating Sabbath where they are expected to waste their time after the meal watching Dave squirm while he shreds the Bible. The folks in the front row have gotten pretty good at feigning interest.


While at The Restored Church of God, if I was as bad at my job as David C. Pack is at his…I would have been fired. I am beginning to think the wrong one quit.



To alleviate the disappointment of the brethren, Dave stepped into the Main Hall to record this brief little ditty about his prophetic teaching skills. It was done in the spirit of "having a little fun."

Marc Cebrian

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Who are holding up false COG leaders?

It's time to step off of the plank.

UCG Trained Select Members On How To Practice Agape Love...


Fun times were had in CIniniatti recently as it trained a select few UCG members on how to defend the faith and who also learned to practice agape love.

From all reports and feedback, the leadership workshop we held this past weekend was especially enjoyable, rewarding and productive. The theme was “A Leader is First a Disciple” and we welcomed 33 UCG members from the United States, two from Canada and one from the United Kingdom. 
Our last such workshop was in 2019, so it was great to resume this valuable resource for those who were recommended by their pastors to attend this educational opportunity. The workshop is designed to equip and inspire the participants to become even more effective in their service to the Church. All of the presentations, blended together throughout the weekend, served toward this purpose. 
Sessions throughout the weekend were presented by Darris McNeely, Gary Petty, Steve Myers, Rick Shabi and myself. One of the highlights for the participants was the opportunity to collaborate together to “defend the faith” on a variety of issues and scenarios. 
Mr. Shabi focused on the need for all of us to be growing in and building our faith and trust in God, and in becoming one as we practice agape with one another. He pointed out that God is working with all of us in a “training program” so we may learn to better serve in His Kingdom and that God will illuminate our walk with Him as we strive to live by His every word.

Let's see how long this lasts. The track record has not been too good for the past 28 years.

Tribute Site Honoring David Meredith

There is a great photo montage here.

Why Do COG Leaders Despise Galatians As Much As They do?


Anyone who has spent any length of time in the Worldwide Church of God and in most of the splinter groups knows very little about the Book of Galatians because the church has never discussed those books at length or in depth. The focus has always been on the law and Galatians is a book of freedom. Nothing ticks off COG leaders more than having members who know they are free. Actually, they do not have members who know they are free because those that know have already left!

When you do hear a COG minister discussing Galatians it is always to say that it was mistranslated by evil men over the centuries to invalidate the law. The COG needs the law to function properly. Galatians is a big bitch slap across the face to most of them. Galatians invalidate almost all COG leaders as apostate preachers.

Our tiniest little prophet got his hands and arms in a major flap-fest the other day when he chose to write about the mistranslation of the Bible as he sees it.

The Great Beto Bwana Thiel writes:

Since Jesus and the Apostles kept the Sabbaths and the Holy Days, why do most who profess Christ not observe them? 
While social pressure, tradition, and twisted interpretation of scripture all play a role, one role that is overlooked by many is the fact that there are a few passages in the New Testament that have often been intentionally mistranslated. 

The actual fact of the matter is, COG leaders have INTENTIONALLY MISTRANSLATED Galatians to fit their sophomoric Bible interpretations.

Beto Bob then says this:

Sadly, because of tradition and a lack of real love for the truth, most people who profess Christ do not care.

Seriously, how incredibly stupid can this guy be? Saying things like this demonstrates how Biblically illiterate the man is. He has never had any REAL theological education in his entire life. Taking a few courses here and there, getting a mail-order degree from an Indian "university", reading COG booklets, and groveling at Rod Meredith's feet for a decade or so does not make one a Bible scholar. 

Beto Bob is also ticked off at the translators of the book of Colossians  As that book also condemns the Juadiazers who demanded followers of Christ should be keeping the law, COG leaders like Beto Bob meltdown over this and claim it is a mistranslation:

Beto Bob has determined how it SHOULD be written, in order to justify his bastardization of the law to fit his legalistic existence:

Therefore, if all the translators were simply consistent with themselves, they would have translated Colossians 2:16-17 to state:

16 Therefore let NO MAN JUDGE YOU in eating and drinking or in respect of a festival or of an observance of the new moon or of a sabbath; 17 for those things are a shadow of the things to come, BUT THE BODY OF CHRIST. 
Or in other words, do not let those outside the body of Christ (the church, Colossians 1:18) judge you regarding holy days, but only the church itself. Colossians 2:16-17 is not saying that the holy days are done away. 
It is sad, but most in the Protestant and Catholic worlds have misunderstood Colossians 2:16-17 because translators who know better MISTRANSLATED it.


Beto Bob writes:

Believing and relying on mistranslations instead of the actual word of God is consistent with loving and practicing a lie. True Christians would not want to do that.

True Christians would NEVER believe or follow self-appointed apostates like Bob Thiel, Dave Pack, or Gerald Flurry. To do so means you are relying on their mistranslations of the Bible and their own interpretations, including dreams and visions from various creatures that infect their minds. 

Why would anyone want to remain shackled to the law when freedom is so precious and joyful?

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Dave Pack: A Point Too Sharp


A Point Too Sharp


While reporting on David C. Pack’s “The Greatest Untold Story! (Part 392),” some serious thoughts came to mind. These concepts are too sharp to be skimmed past or inserted into a longer article.


No tongue-in-cheek. No satire. No winking.


I preface all this with, “I do not dare place God’s fingerprints on my motivations.” I cannot and do not tell anyone that God is behind what I have been doing since April 15 this year.


The website. The articles. The Facebook Page.


Marc Cebrian is not standing up for the truth. I am not a pillar of virtue. I do not have the answer to, “Where do we go if we leave RCG?”


My goal is to report facts, apply critical thinking, present experienced analysis, and spice it all with humor. I do not hate anyone, and I do not “look forward” to the death of anyone.


That is enough about me.



David C. Pack is not a man of his word, and he tells you everything you need to hear to prove that.


The Pastor General of the Restored Church of God believes he is mentioned within the page of the Bible and takes upon himself those titles accordingly. He fully believes he is the last Apostle of God. He believes his "The Greatest Untold Story!" series is a direct product of God's guidance revealing “The Mystery of God.” He believes part of his commission is to “unseal Daniel” and “unseal Revelation.”


Part 1—November 14, 2015   •   Part 392—September 10, 2022


It would take the determination and patience of someone much greater to go back and count all the times David C. Pack set a date starting with Elul 24 (August 30) 2013 up until Elul 20 (September 16) 2022. That is nine years of failed date-setting. And yet, God is leading him? The Bible states that if you declare “a sign or a wonder” even once and are proven wrong, you are not sent by God. Period.


The members inside RCG know their Bibles well. Some verses address this type of thing, but people "give him a pass" for "reasons." All the ministers in the field and at Headquarters are unified “in agreement” about Mr. Pack and all his teachings, no matter how often or wildly they change.


Members have watched their fellow brethren be suspended or disfellowshipped when they bring up certain Bible passages. Can you imagine? Getting thrown out of a Christian church because you quote the Bible? That is horrific.


David C. Pack from 2011 would mark and disfellowship David C. Pack from 2022.


In 2015, he announced that he was Elijah. Later that year, he also declared Elijah was “That Prophet” of Acts 3 and Deuteronomy 18. Since the time of Herbert W. Armstrong, the church understood that Jesus Christ was That Prophet.


A small sampling of highlights from the book written by David C. Pack, “Is ‘That Prophet’ Alive Today?” was featured in a previous article. The opening is satire, but the quotes are 100% accurate from his literature.



When David C. Pack needs something in the Bible to be exact, he stacks up the verses to prove that.


When David C. Pack needs something in the Bible to be approximate, he stacks up the verses to prove that.


A full month. A partial month.

A perfect half. About half.

Seven means intensity. Seven means days.

It has to happen on a Sabbath. It cannot happen on a Sabbath.

It has to happen on Passover. It has to happen on Pentecost.

It has to be Elul 15. It cannot be Elul 15.

The Kingdom has to be exactly seven years. The Kingdom cannot be exactly seven years.

The 1335 has begun. The 1335 has not yet begun.


That is the smallest of examples.


Looking at this from the perspective that God raised up David “Passover” to be His end-time Elijah, ordained him an apostle, and designated him as the Messenger to the Seventh Era and as Joshua the High Priest, how long is it reasonable for any true Christian filled with God's Holy Spirit to continue to follow this man when he gets everything wrong every time?


If you are God in heaven and Your chosen vessel that You prepared to relay Your knowledge to Your people so that Your word remains unbroken throughout all existence, keeps repeating for nine years, "That's what I thought" and “I presumed” and gets every single date he declares in Your name wrong to the point of perfection, can You reasonably consider people walking away from The Restored Church of God as committing a sin?


Is it a sin to call David C. Pack a biblical fraud?

Is it a sin to call David C. Pack a false apostle and false prophet?

Is it a sin to say David C. Pack is not a man of his word?

Is it a sin to say David C. Pack is not being led by God?


Do I, Marc Cebrian, commit the unpardonable sin when I say that the Holy Spirit is not guiding David C. Pack to preach what he has been preaching since 2015? The spirit that guides David C. Pack is a liar. That spirit is a cruel deceiver. That spirit is a confused trickster making a fool of the servant who obeys it. That spirit perpetuates a cycle of disappointment for members of The Restored Church of God.


If the Holy Spirit was truly guiding David C. Pack, Jesus Christ would have returned to earth on August 30, 2013, at the Headquarters Campus in Wadsworth, Ohio.


On the other side, if David C. Pack is a true apostle and true prophet of the Living God properly using the authority of Jesus Christ, then we are doomed to a fate as terrible as the Catholic ever-burning hell.


I would rather that my life be taken from me right now and have the memory of me be obliterated throughout all Creation as if I never existed.


David C. Pack cannot be currently preaching from the inspiration of the One True God, or else the Bible is fiction. The Scriptures have been broken. The Bible is only a collection of antiquated Hebrew poetry and allegory that some Greeks thought was interesting enough to keep the tradition going for a few more centuries. It is an organized mass conspiracy taking thousands of years to perpetrate and would prove to be the biggest hoax in all human existence.


Or David C. Pack is just wrong and is a walking, talking prophetic fraud.



I sometimes wonder if I am somehow doing "the devil's work" and "fighting against God." It does not feel that way. My approach does not seem to fit the pattern of the devil. But, the heart is deceitful. The ways that seem right to a man lead to death. The wicked shall not understand. Sent strong delusion to believe the lie. There are many more verses like that.


The point is that I often consider my ways. Does David C. Pack ever consider his ways? He is God's apostle. He is preaching the truth. "We got something wrong" only because God wanted him to. Done.


We cannot judge the heart of another. But even a child is known for his doings. By their fruits, you shall know them. He who is not faithful in little cannot be faithful in much. Let your yes be yes, and your no be no. The Scriptures cannot be broken. If that sign or wonder comes not to pass. 


Weigh the fruits of David C. Pack on the scale and see if they are wanting.


If he is preaching God's truth today, then that means I am headed for the Lake of Fire.


And that is no joke.

Marc Cebrian

See: A Point Too Sharp

Sunday, September 11, 2022

The Dave Pack Prophecy Clown Show Continues


Presumption Circus


David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God was able to brave his way to the Prophecy Cooking Table without a police escort this past Sabbath to deliver “The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 392).”


He got in front of his own failure again, with only minutes to spare.


That poor Headquarters congregation just cannot get a break. Oh, joy…another after-meal Bible study. How they fight the yawns is a testament to their fortitude.


Part 392 was sold initially as a "just in case" message but turned into a little more. The "backstop" of Elul 20 was pitched at the very end, being the last possible chance for anything to happen this year on the Feast of Trumpets.


Keep watching each day until Thursday at sunset. Or don’t. Because the result will be the same as Thursday turns into Friday. I just got chills down my arm.



@ 01:12 We had an extraordinary meeting on Thursday. The Chamber of Commerce and our vendors, and some who were in both, came to what turned out to be a truly wonderful event. It lasted about three hours or so. Well-attended. Probably a good hundred people came. And to say they were impressed is the all-time, you know, understatement, I guess I would say.


Notice he did not call it an “Open House.” I told you they read my articles.


“Well-attended” is a salt-water taffy comment stretched through the Dave Filter with no measurement basis. I could say my party was "well-attended" when only ten people showed up. That is great if you invited twelve. If you invited fifty, you have a scale on which to compare.


His “good hundred” has to be framed with how he perceives that term. Recall my rainbow story. They have the exact number. Dave had the exact number. As Brad showed him, if the number is not impressive, just be vague and give the impression of it being noteworthy.


If it was “well over a hundred,” he would have said that. The insertion of “probably” gives him a lot of wiggle room with the truth so he can intentionally hide in the fog. That is the RCG way.


The Wadsworth Chamber of Commerce has 1,200+ individuals who were eligible for the RCG UnOpen House invite. That number is in addition to the vendors. Now reread his comment with that in context to see if it feels any different.


Very few at Headquarters will ever know the actual numbers, especially if Dave had to squint and include the staff to get “close” to one hundred bodies on the Campus within a 3-hour period.


When Dave historically crows about people "being impressed," the comment enters his ears because the question is posed, like when a woman asks her husband, "Do I look good in this?" What are you going to say? No?


I stood next to Dave when he did this to visitors. "Impressive, right?" "Oh yes, Mr. Pack. Very impressive." I have heard him do this in my presence. Multiply that by him asking twenty people in the same way. Now reread his comment with that in context to see if it feels any different.


To add a bit more color, I received this Disneyland Map handed out to visitors on Thursday.

Note the absence of the houses inside the Campus. The $1.1 million horse barn also did not make the cut. No, it is not to scale for all your architects out there.



Former Wadsworth Mayor Dr. Caesar Carrino attended the UnOpen House and then wrote a glowing letter to Dave, who was tickled pink to read it to the church. It was complimentary, and I do not doubt that gentleman's sincerity.


Dr. Carrino is also a historian and shared an interesting fact when he spoke with Dave.


@ 02:31 He said, “Did you know what this property used to be used for?... This is where the circus came to town. The circus was on this property for years.”


What a softball pitch, Dave. The circus is still on the property. Dr. Carrino returned to the circus of his youth. The members of The Restored Church of God are trapped inside your spiritual circus.

Be dazzled by the RCG spectacle under their big top of prophetic fraud and feel your logic and critical thinking fade away.


[Shout out to my two buddies who pointed this comment out after I did not catch it.]


Near the end of the letter, Dr. Carrino asks Dave an earnest question:


@ 07:02 “Would you consider making the grounds a destination point for people in Wadsworth? Or from anywhere else, for that matter, to see the Eden on earth that has no parallel anywhere around here that I have seen. I think it would be extremely well-attended.”


Dave does not answer that question because we all know it already:


“A cordial hell-no, sir. Good day.”



@ 28:11 I finally, truly, completely understand what it means that "three shepherds also die in one month.” One lunation. 29 days.


I have been hearing Dave “understand” the three shepherds of Zechariah 11 since December 2012. Dave left out all the names of men who carried that title in the past. One of them is now a high school math teacher in Texas. That does not sound prophetic.


@ 29:15 Now, follow me very carefully. I’m gonna break out the month of Elul in a way we’ve never understood it. And it’ll be impossible to argue with.


After the Feast of Trumpets comes and goes, he will make the impossible possible by arguing with himself and that insolent "we." He seems to be doing a lot of that these past few weeks.


@ 32:34 But here is one whole month that now I understand involves a flock being fed at the last before God does anything. There is no other way to read that.


@ 37:09 I kept asking, Could we go past Elul 15?


@ 38:19 So, there’s no way it’s a 15-day Kingdom. And I knew that a week ago when I told you we would probably be looking at next Saturday night. That’s what I thought. So, I thought we were waiting for the 15th [of Elul].


He reverses his own 15-day Kingdom teaching from last week. He also dis-invites Elul 15 (September 11, 2022) as the day RCG receives salvation.


Let the past go, brethren. Last week IS the past, brethren. Do not let past words confuse us, brethren.


David C. Pack tells you everything you need to hear to make a judgment call if he is true or not.


@ 38:30 But I may have presumed something, and I wanna clear that up, and maybe God knew we would‘cause we’re bounding over all kinds of things. Bounding over mountains. And have to sometimes go back and touch up a few details. So, I wanna do that.


Here are “a few details” from one week ago in Part 391 that need some "touch-up."


Part 391 – September 3, 2022

@ 29:53 …and we’re gonna find we’re right on time in a way we could’ve never guessed.


@ 42:00 We’re gonna bring prophecy and history and math together.


@ 1:11:35 Blessed is when salvation comes. And it looks like it’s attached to 15 days before something. I’m pretty sure it’s Trumpets.


@ 1:13:52 There’s no way the [70th] week would start any other day [Elul 15]. If God’s gonna do it on another day, we could never know that. And I’m just gonna say that to you.


Only David C.raptacular Pack can consider delaying the arrival of salvation for the members of RCG as a “touch up a few details” item. But, the people choose to continue to sit and listen. The enablers choose to continue to support and excuse.


The wise Obi-Wan Kenobi once said, “Who’s the more foolish? The fool or the fool who follows him?”


Amen, Ben.


My heart still goes out to the brethren of The Restored Church of God, but I want to ask them, "Why do you continue to put up with this? Your Pastor General continues to admit to the end of the message that he has been presumptuous. What do you make of that?”


If “presumptuous” were a drinking game, you would need to have the ambulance on speed dial.



@ 39:04 Is this a 15-day Kingdom? Is it a 10-day Kingdom?


In the article Seven Times Fraud from August 16, a certain non-prophet/non-psychic wrote:


Either world events happen tomorrow [August 17] to begin the punishment for all of Israel, or Dave digs back into his Bible to find a 30-day count. Then a 20-day count. Then a 10-day count. Then a 7-day count. Then a 3-day count. Then a “big fat never mind because it was The Last Great Day all along!”


Dave continues his Part 392 “presumption” confessional.


@ 39:50 Nowhere is a definite length for this period listing, and I do not want to presume to say that I knowbecause it is still possible. In fact, probable we don’t know the day.


Whew. He just rolled the clock back on RCG doctrine to a pre-2012 teaching.


@ 40:03 But we know it cannot go more than 4 ½ days. It could go all the way to 10 days. That's a round number.


Never mind. Back to presuming. That is literally the following sentence with a breath in between.


@ 48:14 I’ll explain the 1335 in a minute. We might have made a presumption there.


"We" the fartface is back at it, making the days feel longer than necessary.


For all those stone hearts out there who enjoy watching Dave squirm while admitting how presumptuous he has been, this video is right up your alley. Watch this as if he were a little child you just caught stealing money from your dresser drawer and then asked him to explain himself.

Watch how another prophecy problem “will just work itself out naturally.”


@ 48:39 The 1335. Is this really a known date? Is that really today? Are we in the 1335 today? Or did I presume something coming off of Elul 15 and Artaxerxes’ decree…I presumed Elul 15.


@ 49:32 I presumed off of Elul 15 and the start of 69 weeks of seven years. 2,500 years ago, when they started, I presumed that the seven years, the last week, the 70th week would start on Elul 15. Now, look, I hope it’s tonight. Let me just say that. But that's a presumption, partly because this last week where God “confirms the covenant with many” cannot be exactly seven years. Brethren of God, it's literally not possible. And I knew that last week, but I hadn't sorted it out exactly. It has to weeks and a few days for the first kingdom.


He was wrong, but he knew before everyone else. Finding a way to be right about something he was wrong is a classic Dave Pack move.


No matter how big a hat he eats in front of the Headquarters congregation, the "learning opportunity" will soon be forgotten, and the pattern will repeat.


@ 51:10 So, I assumed, “Well, that’s Elul 15. I guess this last week is seven years and fifteen days. And maybe that’s why it’s 1335. Oh, the fifteen days lines up. Presumption complete.


If you go back (and nobody will do this, I know) and listen to Part 391, David C. Pack did a “masterful” job of masking his wild presumptions as biblical fact. As is his custom since 2012.


David C. Pack tells you everything you need to hear to make a judgment call if he is true or not.


He continually exposes himself as untrustworthy to all the “ministers” and all the members inside The Restored Church of God.


How could a human being broadcast more plainly, “DO NOT TRUST ME!” than David C. Pack? Your answers are all before you in his own words.


@ 51:28 But if you think about it…I have no authority. I made an assumption. I have no authority to say that the First Kingdom, the 1335 has to be 15 days…


Last week, if members inside RCG disagreed with this teaching verbally to their minister, they would have been suspended on the spot and shown the door with a spankin' for good measure. Seven days of history prove they were right.


If you disagreed with “God’s apostle” seven days ago, you would have been on the right side of the truth fence. Let that sink in.


Why are all the “ministers” at Headquarters on board with every whim and fancy that Dave conjures week after week and month after month?


Because that is what hirelings do. The only “ministers” left inside The Restored Church of God are hirelings.


@ 52:49 I don’t wanna just sit here now and build a case for 10-days from now, then we all go to sleep. It may be tonight or maybe Monday night or something. I’ll give you an interesting idea here in a moment. But, I made that presumption.


He just admitted repeatedly that he has been "presuming," yet he does it again and continues presuming until the message's conclusion. Nine more minutes of it. Speculation upon speculation upon speculation.


That is pathological. No joke. No snark. He cannot stop what he is doing. He is compelled.


Deuteronomy 18 will get you suspended from RCG these days if you ask your minister about it, but how interesting that Dave sometimes "coincidentally" mirrors God's word.


Deuteronomy 18:20-22 - But the prophet, which  shall presume  to speak  a word  in My name,  which  I have not  commanded  him to speak,  or that  shall speak  in the name  of other  gods,  even that  prophet  shall die. And if thou say  in thine heart,  How  shall we know  the word  which  the LORD  hath not  spoken?  When  a prophet speaketh  in the name  of the LORD,  if the thing  follow  not,  nor  come to pass,  that  is the thing  which  the LORD  hath not  spoken,  the prophet  hath spoken  it presumptuously:  thou shalt not  be afraid  of  him.


The biggest presumption by David C. Pack is that he is right and that God is leading him. The members of RCG are also guilty of the same thing.


David C. Pack is a biblical fraud, and God is not leading him. If He were, Dave would have been perfectly accurate the very first time in 2013. At that point, he was disqualified forever. So says the Bible.


@ 58:38 …we are hearing the final message on the 15th.


More presumption.


@ 58:59 Maybe. See? Maybe. You know it can’t go more than about four and half more days.


More presumption.


@ 1:00:48 So, to conclude, stay alert. Keep your lights burning every day. Cling to the solar system [of Trumpets] as the backstop of Elul 20. Ya have to have 10-days. Can’t go under that, or it means it’s another year away…There are cases for each of the next few days leading up to Thursday, which is the ultimate backstop before we must go another year which, to me, is unthinkable.


Lesson not learned. Does not compute. Presumption to be continued.


When it comes to Bible prophecy, David C. Pack talks up a pretty good game, but when push comes to shove, the man just cannot deliver.


History proves that.


Elul 20 is September 16, which begins at sunset on Thursday night.


The circus is not leaving town any time soon.



Speaking of the circus,…time to have a little fun.


Dave was quizzed on why there was a police vehicle parked at the front gate for Thursday’s UnOpen House. He sang about his plight to the congregation.

Marc Cebrian