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Apostle Malm on Fallen Angels, Sacrifices and Losing Jesus

Apparently God really screwed up when he created the angelic hosts because I guess he was too dumb to see that Lucifer was going to eventually rebel causing God to cast him to earth.  Because of that screw up, God then created mortal human beings that would die in order that they could not eternally be in rebellion.  Humans were created in order to suffer for their sinfulness and then die instead of destroying the worlds in eternal fist fights throughout the cosmos.

GOD DOES NOT WANT ANOTHER SUCH CONFLICT. Therefore, God has made men of flesh, so that they could learn the wages and consequences of sin; without destroying the universe!  And so that men, made of flesh would not have the power of angels or spirits; the power to destroy.  Man and his destructive abilities have been limited to the earth, until man learns the ways to peace.

According to Malm, Satan had destroyed the earth to the point it looked like the moon and other planets which are desolate places.  Then God had to step in and recreate the earth with his remaining angels in order to create a planet livable for humans. 

Armstrongism has long believed that the cosmic battle between God and Lucifer had thoroughly decimated the earth and left it lifeless.  That's why all the dinosaurs and cave men had died.  They were the original creation done by Lucifer and his angels. The creatures and plants they created were imperfect because sin was already starting to enter into Lucifer and his gang of angels. Thus the reason they had to be all wiped out and recreated with perfect Caucasians once Lucifer turned into The Big Bad Boy Satan.  There is even a small group of wacky Armstrongites that believe that Satan and Jesus are brothers.  That is another story left for another time.

So why is the Apostle on this kick today?  The Apostle wants to beat into you foolish idiots that  the law is  REQUIRED as are Sacrifices!

Read the silliness he writes:

God’s law reveals the way to peace, harmony and prosperity.  Breaking the principles revealed by that law; leads to decay, destruction, violence and death.  Man MUST learn that lesson. He MUST learn through the bitter crucible of experience the TRUTH of what God is trying to teach us. (Translation: You stupid idiot humans were created to suffer and be miserable.  You must suffer for your mistakes so that God can beat you into submission.)

To teach us these things: God have given us the way to peace; his law.  He is now allowing us to experience the other side, so that in future we can make an intelligent, informed decision concerning our future behaviour. The Sacrificial System is the third part of the lesson. (Translation: To teach you the way of peace God made one big huge dumbass mistake by having Jesus accomplish what he did. Screw that!  The law is your foundation and is the ONLY thing you must be following.)

The purpose of the sacrificial System is to demonstrate; over and over again, that sin brings death. That to avoid death; WE MUST STOP SINNING: WE MUST FOLLOW THE PRINCIPLES THAT LEAD TO LIFE [GOD’S LAW].  God does not have to kill you for breaking his law.  The very act of doing what leads to death will do that.  God’s law, leads to life; breaking that law results in death.  We MUST LEARN THAT LESSON.

 The Apostle then goes on to write:

Is the Sacrificial System done away?
If that is true, there is no more sacrifice for sin!  This system IS NOT DONE AWAY!  Every single aspect of this system is a direct allegory to an aspect of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

When we repent and ask that the sacrifice of Christ be applied to us and that our sins be atoned for, we are offering: a sin offering, a trespass offering, a burnt offering, a peace offering, a drink offering, a meal offering, and a freewill offering.

This little man just does not get it at all. He still feels the need to beat Jesus to death every Passover in some high school  gym or Masonic Lodge.  Break those matzo's so you can hear Jesus bones breaking and his flesh tearing.  The trouble is, according to scripture no bones were broken despite Armstrongisms' stupid process of putting a microphone next to the matzo tray so the amplified sound of breaking can make you as a church member feel like worthless piles of shit.  It is still necessary to kill the guy year after year so your slate is wiped clean once a year.  The problem that feel good sensation only happens momentarily after the COG Passover service.  As soon as you get in the car and get pissed off at a driver that cuts in front of you, you have already started to rack up sins that will be held against you for the next year.  Each month that goes by that list keeps getting bigger and bigger till you are a groveling worthless pile of human garbage as you walk into a COG Passover service again.  The "once and for all" understanding is totally missing from the Apostle's mindset.

We have a Special reminder of this annually at the Passover.  But, it is true that Christ fulfills the role of our sacrifice and High Priest EVERY TIME, we repent of sin and ask for the application of his sacrifice.
To repent means: To STOP SINNING, however we may occasionally slip in our learning process, and all humanity does not repent at once, therefore the Law of sacrifice needs to be in place throughout history to be available for ALL humanity!

You also need to beware on how you do that sacrifice each year.  Almost all of you are grievous sinners when it comes to the matzos you are buying.  How many of you buy the unclean WHITE matzo's?  You are sinners for doing so!  Why do you mock and humiliate Jesus with white matzo's?

The grain is always the complete kernel of grain, stone ground fine; which in its perfection and purity is an appropriate symbol of the Bread of Life!

That is why it is so wrong and even sinful to use a white flour matzoth, devoid of nutritional value, purity and wholesomeness; as a symbol of Christ at Passover.  It is just an improper and false empty symbol devoid of anything Christlike in its make up.
 A DRINK OFFERING of wine is poured out, picturing shed blood, showing Christ giving His life in service to God; but still no thought of sin.  This set of Offerings shows the perfection of Jesus Christ being Offered; TO BE ACCEPTED FOR US Lev 23:11.  There is ABSOLUTELY; NO HINT OF SIN.
 The bread and wine of Passover were NOT new symbols by any means.  They were basic symbols of the sacrificial system all along.  Christ did not add new symbols at all, he merely brought to our attention the meaning of those symbols already codified in the law.

The Apostle is positively sure that the beginning of the end will be happening within the next year or so.  Then once his chosen frozen have received their final training in Petra we will be given worlds to rule over with rods of iron where we will be beating people into submission as they  are forced to come and offer sacrifices for their sins.

NOTE:  A new physical Temple will be built at Jerusalem during the millennial Kingdom;and this sacrificial system will be re started, Ezek 40-48.
These things will be school lessons to reveal the fullness of the service of the Father and Christ for their people!
At that time the meaning and spirit behind the various sacrifices will be explained to the people.  That will be OUR job!

Did you know that Jesus has been busy in heaven for the last 2,000 some years offering daily sacrifices on the altar of God in order to redeem all of you worthless sinners! The Apostle wants you to know that Jesus is starting to get pissed!  I mean come on!  For 2,000 years Jesus has been having to do daily sacrifices  for all of you idiot sinners out there. Jesus is ready to spit all of you out!

Jesus Christ will STOP interceding for his people as a group and spue them OUT of his body!
That is the stopping of the Daily Intersessional Offering of the Daily Sacrifice; applying of the Sacrifice of Christ and his intercession for us with the Father, because of all of our abominations.
I have worked so hard to warn of these sins which are coming between the COG and the Eternal, for they will result in our REJECTION by CHRIST and the Father!
Dan 9:27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.
 The Apostle also closes with this absurd belief: Jesus is lost to us.  I guess that's kind of like the gospel being "lost" for 1,900 years till Herb came along. Now we have been told we have lost Jesus.  How STUPID can Armstrongism get?
This world is full of abominations, and we are to be the salt of this earth,  making it worth preserving by our God.  We have LOST our savour to our God! 

Guest Article: Van Robison: "Creating God in the Image of Herbert W. Armstrong"

Creating God in the Image of Herbert W. Armstrong

Years ago as a member of the original Worldwide Church of God, and as an employee for twelve years at Ambassador College in Pasadena, I can well remember Herbert W. stating that "I think I have the mind of God."

Human vanity in some human beings is enormous.  Herbert thinking he had the mind of God, naturally was implying that only he had the mind of God.  This was to imply that Herbert and God were on the same level,
same playing field and thought alike.  Whatever Herbert did then, was God doing it, because God and Herbert were pals.  Spending millions of dollars of tithe payers money on college buildings, jet airplanes, homes, mansions (for the ruling elite), traveling around the world and presenting $20,000 pieces of Steuben Crystal to "Royalty", was then an "act" of God, because God thought the "same" as Herbert W. Armstrong.

"I have the mind of God", so then no matter what Herbert W. Armstrong did, it was the mind of God.  The world is overrun with religious groups founded by individuals with very colorful personalities, who see themselves as equal to God, and as representing God on earth to mankind.  What is overwhelming is how the sheeple can be so hoodwinked into following these individuals.  I also am guilty.  I did it in my youth and in my lack of knowing.

I well remember how paranoid we were in the Worldwide Church of God, and any opposition was considered "persecution."  I use to be one of the individuals who walked about the Ambassador College campus in Pasadena during the Sabbath church services with walkie talkie and watched the grounds.  If anyone just innocently walked across the campus, he or she was viewed with suspicion, as if someone is "out to get us."  Since there was more than one of us doing this, we would communicate via walkie talkie and tell each other "keep a look out, there is someone walking across the grounds at such and such a location" as if they were out to "get us." This is typical of the mind and mentality of cults.

Herbert W. Armstrong created God in his own image.  I learned long ago that God IS NOT a member of the Worldwide Church of God, or any of its splinter groups.  And for everyone else, God IS NOT a member of the Southern Baptist organization, the Jehovah Witnesses, the Mormon empire, the Roman Catholic Church, the Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church, the Greek Orthodox, the Russian Orthodox, the Mennonite group, the Amish, the Seventh Day Adventist, the "Sacred" Name groups, nor a member of any other man-made religious group on earth.  God IS NOT even an atheist or agnostic.  What Herbert W. Armstrong did in his religious career, is to create God in his own image.  So then, the followers of Herbert W., were following the mind of a man whose personal opinions persuaded a multitude of people that Herbert W. Armstrong had "the mind of God."  And the millions of dollars flowed into his bank account like a river.

Van Robison

Friday, February 3, 2012

Do You Believe?

Our buddies on Yahoo love to talk about weird things.  How about UFO's coming to earth and stealing entire villages!  SPOOKY! (as the COGers say).  No Jesus talk but lots of law keeping and UFO's.

Village In China Disappears On October 13, 2010

Latest October 13 UFO news is coming from China according to yahoo News

"Qinling mountain village disappeared overnight on Oct 13, 2010". Now the
army  has blocked the site. According to eyewitness, they had seen the UFO over the village before it was start disappearing.

A devotee responds:  "They don't know what happened to an entire village, other than a UFO was seen over it? That is spooky."

I think I could sell these folk Gerald Waterhouse's tardis that he used to sit in and dream up his stupid revelations since they would believe anything out of the normal.

On second thought, that may be Gerald's outhouse since everything he spoke over the decades was a load of crap.

Obama, The Last Pope and the Yahoo COGers

No one has ever discredited the conservative Armstrongites more than they do themselves with their stupid end times conspiracy theories and false prophecies.  In line with the racist mindset of the far right in the COG here is another tidbit from our buddies on Yahoo.

Things to keep in mind:
A final troubling disclosure at the conclusion of this entry may cast light on why Obama seemed fascinated with such anti-Christian symbolism in the lead-up to his election victory.  A Hadith (tradition) sacred to Shiite Islam from the 17th century contains a prophecy from Ali ibn Abi-Talib, which predicts that just before the return of the Mahdi (the end-times redeemer of Islam), a “tall black man will assume the reins of government in the West.”  This leader will command “the strongest army on earth” and will bear “a clear sign” from the third imam, Hussein.  The prophecy concludes that: “Shiites should have no doubt that he is with us.”
Does this Islamic prophecy identify Obama as the “promised warrior” who comes to help the savior of Shiite Muslims conquer the world?  Amir Taheri asked this very question for Forbes Magazine in October, 2008, pointing out how “Obama’s first and second names—Barack Hussein—mean ‘the blessing of Hussein’ in Arabic and Persian” while his “family name, Obama, written in the Persian alphabet, reads O Ba Ma, which means ‘he is with us,’ the magic formula in Majlisi’s tradition.”

From a book by Tom Horn, "Apollyon Rising"

In another book, he suggests the Last Pope is "already here" and finds evidence that the last pope will not take the name of Peter (altho called "Peter the Roman") but will call himself Pius. He is supposed to be an "authoritarian" like the last Pius... but did not give away which cardinal he thinks it could be.

Voices In Her Head

Our conservative COGer buddies on Yahoo are always entertaining.  They had this little bit tonight about that magical god that stops nasty little kids from splashing water on the godly COGers:

Some Church of God people were spending a weekend at the Beach, After Sunset Saturday night with a near full Moon, they decide to walk to the beach, passing a wooden skate ring, a 14 year old girl goes running around in it. Hearing a loud BANG, we all turn our torches on. This girl was crouched with her knees bent; we see this big hole behind her, with 6” x 4” wooden joists crisscrossing it. With her being only inches away from death or major harm. We all said. “You were lucky you never jumped into this dark bit.”
She replied. “I thought it was a puddle of water and I did a big jump to splash you all, then I heard this load voice in my brain, “Do not jump in the black bit.” So I lifted up my legs and just managed to land heavily on the bit with the moon shining on it.”
The next day with the sun up we had another look. We all agreed that this should have been, more the likely death.
We were very thankful for this protection. 

UCG First COG to Admit There Are Rampant Mental Health Problems With Its Members?

UCG is the first COG I have seen to openly admit that there are serious mental health issues with it's members.  I think that is a good thing to admit that its members are just like the rest of the society instead of being a  "special called out group" who is immune to life issues.  You will never see Davie Pack or Gerald Flurry's cults ever admit such a thing.  "True COG members can never have mental health issues because they are True followers of God."

Mental health issues have been a tremendous problem in Armstrongism over the decades and it was always swept under the carpet.  If the Church had met those issues head on we would not have the rampant alcoholism problem plaguing ALL of the COG's today.  We would not have the rapists, stalkers, child molesters, murders and suicides that have plagued the Church.

When a person grows up in a sect that isolates it's self from society, imposes strict rules and regulations, demands high use of members time, prohibits everything under the sun it starts to mess with peoples minds.  You hear the same familiar strain over the decades.  "If only I can graduate from High School," followed by "If only I could graduate from college," then "If only I could get married before the end times," "If only I I could have kids before we have to flee," "If only we could have our first home a few years before we have to sell it for the final push."  The list could go on and on.

There is even more anxiety if you are a rebel rouser and make waves.  Your eternal salvation is at risk if the Church kicks you out and disfellowships you. Being marked and shunned was equivalent to a death.

We are placing more focus on educational issues such as addictions, anxieties, self-injury, depression, abuse and other relevant maladies that afflict many in our congregations.
We would like to form a team of “experts” who might be able to write or bring presentations to educate others on the seriousness of abnormal behavior. With that knowledge our brethren will be able to get the affected person the necessary help and encouragement needed to overcome one’s difficulties.
If you have special skills or have experience in focused education issues, please send me an e-mail explaining your credentials. Once I have that information, we will form a team who will be able to write and/or present relevant information for the edification of the brethren.

Much remains to be seen how this "new" focus of UCG will accomplish. As it attempts to break all ties from the past will they eventually dump Armstrongism?

With UCG's income down it has decided to put the brakes on the proposed new facility in Cincinnati. That is unless the Council of Elders decide to be idiots and build it anyway.  That is how so much of Armstrongism operates anymore.

We have received many responses to our building proposal survey. Most responses have been positive, to step out on faith, but with concerns about financing so much of it. The members responding mention they are glad to be included in this decision. We are family and this exercise has helped to increase unity.  Although the determination will be up to the Council of Elders, with the needs of our church areas and members, I don’t see at the present time how we as an administration would suggest adding this expansion into the upcoming budget. That being said, I believe we should have a contingency that would allow us to move forward with building it IF our Texas property sells or enough money is raised during the year to make it viable. We want what is best for the church, as God shows us, and at the moment we do not plan to put these building expansion plans into the May budget. We will not cut our service to God’s people to force an agenda.

Armstrongism and UCG has always had a convoluted way of manipulating numbers to make things look different than they really are:

We anticipate positive income comparisons each month for the rest of the year, even though our year-to-date income will remain negative.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Guest Writer: Van Robison: "The Collapse of Armstrongism"

The Collapse of Armstrongism

Strong arm Herbert was a master deceiver.  Throughout history there have been many charismatic personalities that have masqueraded as the source of "light" and "truth."  The world has never lacked for sheep like human beings who have demonstrated an inability to think or reason for themselves.  The world is overrun with human beings snared by a religious fish hook.  It is not that God Almighty has come down and presented Himself to anyone on earth, at least in our current day and age, but you would think that these "spiritual" gurus who stand in pulpits are personal pals with God, in a form that no one else is.  It is pure nonsense, but the gullible overwhelm the world.  If it were not for the gullible and the naive, there would be no religious organizations or institutions.

Every religious organization is headed by some man or woman who thinks of themselves in terms of "Godhood", but who in reality are only human as are all other human beings on earth.  They are NOT God, and not even close.  That so many would give their lives, time, energies and money to such false religious leaders is astonishing.  Herbert W. Armstrong was NOT God.  He was NOT even an "apostle" of Jesus Christ.  He was a self-appointed, self-deceived human being with an enormous ego.  Words that come from the mouths of persuasive public speakers is often magnetic and attracts the listener.  In the world of religion and the world of politics, there is not really much difference.  The goal is persuasion!  If the speaker can persuade you to follow them, then you have been hooked.

The greatest defense against being deceived by anyone is to QUESTION.  Question everything and assume nothing is true just because someone in a pulpit says it is true.  Fear, is a tool of those who want to control
the minds and thinking of their naive followers.  What gave Herbert W. Armstrong the "right" to know "truth" as an exclusion from others, unless they learned it from him?  This is such a common type of situation in the world of religion that it is ludicrous (totally ridiculous).  Who can enter the mind and thinking of Herbert W. Armstrong and understand what made him tick?  How did he arrive at all his pretended and supposed religious convictions? No matter, he was off the deep end, as are many others, such as those in Scientology, Mormonism, Jehovah Witnesses and countless others, including the splinter groups of the Worldwide Church of God.

The many people involved in the Worldwide Church of God splinter groups have no concept of Jesus Christ and that He came to SET THE CAPTIVES FREE (from all man-made religious bondage).  Life itself is NOT about keeping the Saturday Sabbath, "Feasts" of the "Old" Testament, or legalistic religious ideas, but about LOVE towards others, which is also by its expression love towards God.  The simplicity in Jesus Christ is that He taught LOVE, COMPASSION, MERCY, EMPATHY and HUMILITY and NOT rituals, like keeping the Saturday Sabbath.  The Sabbath has not one iota of anything to do with righteousness.  The Sabbath will NOT garner favor to anyone because they observe it.  In reality no one keeps the Sabbath, because it is NOT possible, based upon the conditions of what one reads in the Old Testament ( and I suggest the website of Robert K. Sanders an ex-Seventh Day Adventist who penned "Renouncing the Sabbath after 47 years as of 2002" and although directed toward Seventh Day Adventists, it applies to anyone who thinks they keep the Sabbath (THEY DON'T), see

Under the weight of TRUTH, Armstrongism collapses into the dust and dirt of the earth, as do all other false religious beliefs the world over.  Those who follow leaders of the Worldwide Church of God splinter groups need to get a real life.  Wake up people!  These self-appointed religious nuts are NOT God.  Neither was Herbert or Garner Ted.  Can't you think for yourselves???

Van Robison

The Manure Pile

Best comment ever on leaving Armstrongism.  Found on Facebook "Worldwide Church of God I Can't Wait For Sundown! And Other WCG Musings"

"I was born on the pile of barn manure and found the pitchfork and wheel barrow to get out in 1995"

For me it started with the infamous Christmas sermon by Joe Tkach Sr. in the Auditorium.  Understood it completely.  Knew exactly where he was coming from. Though the process of implementing it was flawed and poorly thought out.  Attended off and on and then took a clean break in 1999 and have no intention of ever setting foot in one again!

When was your wake up call and ow long did it take to leave?  Or, are you still part of a group?

Messianic Kabbalist Armstrongites? Who Knew!


If you think people tied into Armstrongism can't get any crazier then check this guy out.  His name is Lope Columna from the Philippines. Was this guy a follower or just influenced by HWA's writings? In going thorough his incredibly SILLY web site there are a lot of things that Armstrongism promoted. HWA quotes abound.

One thing that has particular pissed off this guy is women and make up! Three guesses on who he uses as a standard for the evils of painted women?  Our pal HWA!

He starts out with Kabbalahist mumbo-jumbo about the Nephillim coming to earth and copulating with women. These fallen angels once impregnating women with their evil seed then produced generations of rebellious women who rebel against their husbands by their use of make-up.

Do you know that the use of make-up or cosmetics by women has a major connection to their rebellion to their own husbands? Today, in this world, the beautification of women results in the rebellion of the wives to their husbands, or to their usurpation of the authority of their husbands. These women's beautification are in direct contradiction to the BEAUTY STANDARDS OF GOD ALMIGHTY! This means that those worldly women using the modern beauty products are actually VERY UGLY IN GOD'S SIGHT!

Mr. Herbert Amrstrong said that the issue of makeup is "may be somewhat of a minor question, yet it was used by Satan to help derail the Church!" Yes, the issue of the use of make-up by women may be a minor issue, but if allowed to enter, it will create major problems!
So all of you hussy's out there had better wake up to the fact that you are the cause of all the evils in this church and the world, particularly in the matter of GOVERNMENT!

Did you know that HWA's failure to eradicate make-up from all the rebellious women in the COG is what caused the ultimate downfall and disintegration of the WCG and the legacy of HWA?  Uh, women destroyed the Church of God? That's a new one......

And these do not spare the members of God's true Churches, such that they even influence their husbands-pastors to produce doctrines that allow make-up use in their Churches. This is what happened to the Worldwide Church of God (WCG) as mourned by its Pastor General, Herbert W. Armstrong (HWA)! Mr. Armstrong failed to eradicate the use of make-up by women in the WCG, which he knew is Satanic! So the WCG he founded, and everything that he taught and strove for, were all destroyed, including himself! This is a grave warning to all the Churches, and their religious leaders and members!

So who really was the mastermind behind all these copulating fallen angels that set out to destroy the Church of God? Azazel.  Not the goat, but the angel!

According to the Holy Zohar, it was the fallen angel named AZAZEL, that introduced and taught women the use of make-up and other beauty products. 

Who is this AZAZEL? This AZAZEL is a high-ranking Angel that formerly resided in Heaven with God. But because of his rebellious attitude toward God, especially about God's Plan about Man, God threw him down to planet Earth. So, this Azazel, together with the other fallen angels and demonic forces, are now residing here on Earth. AZAZEL is the chief of those fallen angels called "sons of God" in Genesis 6:2.
 The Sons of God saw that the daughters of man were beautiful, and they took any they chose as wives for themselves. (Gen 6:2)

The Nephilim were on the earth both in those days and afterwards, when the sons of God came to the daughters of man, who bore children to them. They were the powerful men of old, the famous men. (Gen 6:4)

With the above brief explanation, we can have the idea that whoever uses make-up will be rejected from Heaven, unless they repent of it now, before it's too late! 

It's always you rebellious women causing problems!  When will you ever stop?  First it was your sister Eve and that damn apple, then it was haughty Sarah laughing at God, then it was Jezebel and on to whiny Martha.  If you would only learn your place in the scheme of things and stay in the kitchen then the men of this world could do great things.

In his comments section, he says the following,

"...Yes, you can have women's liberty now. But in the afterlife, all liberty and Free Choice are forfeited"  

Wow, doesn't that want to make you jump on the Kingdom Train right now!  Especially to the world/planets that will be governed by COG members wielding rods of iron as they beat people into submission!  They will get the painted women down and scrub that make-up off with scouring pads.  I can see the gleam already in their eyes of many COG men and women at the prospect of doing this.  They would be just like the "morality police" in Iran that harass and beat women and young men into submission. 

More articles from this imbecile include these wonderful highlights:

"The impure humanistic understanding of Ephesians 5:22-24 is carried and adopted by the hundreds of the daughter churches that came out of WCG after HWA's death.This is the very reason why the marriage problem is the number 1 problem in the Churches. The Churches allowed the polluted marriage doctrines from the world to mix with Ephesians 5:22-24."

"The WCG then, even today, believed that the husband and wife are of equal footing in the marriage and family relationship, the same belief as in the world. The world calls it 50-50, or "Give and Take." But this is NOT what the Bible describes it."

"Because of the Jews' low morality, and their inability to comply with the strictness of the original law, Moses, with the permission of God, allowed a relaxation of the strictness of the marriage bond -- not as approving of it, but to prevent greater evils."

"There, in the Garden of Eden started man's woes and problems. Here, Satan got to the man-husband through the woman-wife. How and why did Satan succeed in getting to the husband through the wife?

The situation that happened in the issue of makeup use by women in the Worldwide Church of God (WCG) is exactly the same as that of what happened to the first couple in the Garden of Eden.

God showed here in the Garden the root-cause of the problem of mankind, and the proper way on how to deal with such a problem. God wanted Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong (HWA) and all pastors, all marriage counselors, and all lawmakers to do the same. "  

"Here, in the Garden of Eden, is the recorded method of how God deal with a marriage problem. This primordial marriage problem resulted in the eating of the forbidden fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, that resulted in the first human sin, that resulted in the forced ejection of man from the blessed Garden to the harsh and cursed world outside.

If man will learn the reason or cause of the first marriage problem here, then man can solve ALL the marriage problems in the world, that will solve ALL the problems of the world and ALL the created universe!

More From the Darkside of Restored Church of God

William Behrer has a warning tonight for all COG members in ALL the various splinter cults.  You have been warned!  You are deceived!  You are being lead astray by "evil men and seducers..." who are out to steal your crown!  These "serpents and vipers" are out to deceive all.

This task is increasingly important today. A list of end-time conditions in II Timothy 3 begins with, “in the last days perilous times shall come” (vs. 1). Verse 13 summarizes one of these trends: “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.” Put simply, the Bible warns of a massive increase of false teachers and deception—today! Look around in the WCG offshoots to confirm this reality is upon us.

When we warn of doctrinal error, sometimes we use strong language intended to stir readers to action—which can, again, make some feel we are “attacking” others. Recall, however, Jesus Christ’s sharp words to the scribes and Pharisees in Matthew 23, where He called them “hypocrites,” “fools and blind,” “full of hypocrisy and iniquity,” “blind guides,” “serpents” and a “generation of vipers.” How many would accuse CHRIST of being “too harsh” or “unloving” in these verses? Yet God’s Church is blasted for using language that hardly approaches His choice of words. Combating False Doctrine

Reading the above it sounds like a perfect description of the putrid mess that is Packism and the Restored Church of God. Vile vermin out to destroy the lives of over 2,000 members.

Behrer also has a warning to me and all the others that mock this absurd little cult called Restored Church of God:

Internet critics continue to ridicule and mock the clear command of Jesus Christ to “anoint your eyes” (Rev. 3:18). They do so at their peril.

At what peril?  It is certainly not from RCG's little impotent god that was so weak he lost his message for 1,900 years and had to wait for Davie to find it after HWA dug it up.   I have no need to fear Behrer's god or the Baals that Pack bows down to.  Nor should anyone else!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Apostle Malm: It's All Norman Smith's Fault!

The Apostle is still on his tirade against United Church of God and it's new focus on "love."  Love obviously is a four letter word in the field of right wing Armstrongism.

UCG has recently come out with several points in leading the church into a new direction.  Two of them are:

1)   A godly environment that promotes Christ-like service, spiritual growth, humility, love and unity.
2)    Open communication channels and administrative policies and practices that enhance effectiveness, unity and godly relationships among the employees and elders.

I know, aren't those the most appalling things you have ever read!  Imagine having that kind of love in a Church of God!  Disgusting!

Apostle Malm feels that when people have "love" towards one another they tend to cover up a multitude of sins.  The Apostle cannot stand sinners in his midst!  So be forewarned...when you attend his Feast this coming you you had better NOT be a sinner!

Apostle Malm lays the blame at this at Norman Smith's feet:

The truth is that way back in the sixties a man, Norman Smith fell for the pop psychology approach of justifying sin, by teaching  that we are not responsible for our own actions; “it is your upbringing”;  “you have an issue because of what your father did”  or “what someone else did”;  “Its in your genes”;  “its your formative environment”.

I am all about personal responsibility before God, these folks are all about justifying sin by blaming others, and tolerance for that sin in the name of a false “love”.

I know that there are still some good elders in UCG who do not buy into this  apostasy.  These things will become clear over the summer after this New Strategic Plan is approved.

This man and his two disciples, Denny Luker and John Elliot, caused enormous harm to the brethren by this attitude of tolerance for sin and encouraging brethren to blame others for our own conduct, avoidingh personal responsibility; and eventually HWA heard about it and went off on a rant about pop psychology and acted to correct this situation.

In their personal friendships and especially after the death of HWA; with the very similar changes made by Joe T; this pop psychology took deep root in many.

Today the New UCG is filled with this very attitude which is so close to the evangelical persuasion that it is almost indistinguishable.

What perturbs the Apostle even more is that UCG does not have a 100 point list on things you are NOT allowed to do on the "sabbath."  According to the Apostle, the more rules and regulations in place for the "sabbath" observance the better!

Today the New UCG is filled with this very attitude which is so close to the evangelical persuasion that it is almost indistinguishable.

Oh, they may say that the seventh day is Holy and in that way be different, but they will then wink at whatever people want to do on that Holy Day; being the same towards Sabbath as others are in their Sunday observance.

Here are some of the "goals" that UCG is claiming to strive for which have upset the Apostle so grievously. Most of these do not sound all that bad for an Armstrongite group. It will be interesting to see if they actually can implement these without getting heavy handed again with more rules and regulations down the line.
• Goal: A godly environment that promotes Christ-like service, spiritual growth, humility, love and unity.
• Objectives:
o Improve the quality and effectiveness of pastoral care in congregations.
o Increase positive member involvement in their congregations and the larger work of God.
o Promote members spiritual growth through educational programs.
o Increase percentage of youth retained in the church.
o Improve the Feast of Tabernacles experience for all participants.
• Goal: Open communication channels and administrative policies and practices that enhance effectiveness, unity and godly relationships among the employees and elders.
• Objectives:
o Increase satisfaction levels among home office employees and elders.
o Improve internal communications.
o Improve teamwork.
o Improve efficiency among employees and administration.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Malm and Thiel: "Mine is Bigger Than Yours!"

What can I say?

Bob Thiel recently posted that he had done a much greater work of warning then I;  and perhaps that’s true; I will not debate numbers etc with him.  The real issue is not numbers but quality of content.

While Bob has been presenting falsehood and error I have been presenting the truth;  The King of the South will not be any Islamic alliance which will join with Europe and destroy America before they have a falling out.  That is completely false as I have proved many times and in many ways. How Satan Will Ensnare The Lukewarm Saints

Monday, January 30, 2012

New COG Splinter Cult: Church of God Speaking to the Remnant


            Christian Reality....the spin stops here!” 

Here is a crazy Armstrongite splinter cult I have not heard of.  It is run by E. W. King. King is spokesman for the Church of God Speaking To The Remnant splinter cult.  Below are just a few of the silly things King has written.  All revealed knowledge learned at the feet of Herbert W Armstrong.

There is also the false idea of so called “Christian Psychology”. Did Jesus teach this? I think not. There is a place for medical doctors but not a place for fake philosophy and so called, “Psycho-therapy”. Many have left the true teachings of the Church of God to follow the 500 plus psychotherapeutic myths. Can true Christian teachers [counselors] help people who need direction in life? Absolutely! If these people who need help have some chemical imbalance then science can indeed help. But to dismiss God's perfect moral law and the influence of the true Holy Spirit is blasphemy!

Kings recipe for healing lays in following Herbert W Armstrong and keeping the law.

Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong stated: “Education in the civilized world today has become entirely materialistic. Education has become a combination of the agnosticism of evolution, the politics and economics of Karl Marx and the morals and social patterns of Sigmund Freud. Higher education remains in utter ignorance of the mystery of mankind and of human civilization.” [from Mystery of the Ages, ch.3 “The Mystery of man”]

I have hope that many who have been confused by false teachers will begin to listen to God. I would like to help point you to God's word. Only in God's word will you find true answers. Mr. E.W.King gives warning of a Dangerous False Teaching

In another article Kings rails against cults...First of all, he wants you to know that those that have left Armstrong ism were actually kicked out for being grievous sinners.  It is people like you and me that killed all the Apostles and Jesus because we criticize Armstrongism.

Sadly, many who know anything about the true “Worldwide Church of God” have gotten their information off of websites or out of books by people who no longer even believe in God. Many of these misfits were told to leave the Church because they abused their wife, practiced homosexuality, taught false doctrine, etc. After refusing to admit their sins and become clean in God's eyes, they instead chose the path of sin and began to make false accusations against the true Church. Anger consumes them! “For their heart studieth destruction, and their lips talk of mischief.” [Proverbs 24:2]
Most of the hateful information found on these websites and books is arrogant jargon. They make claims that all true members of the Church are “evil”, “confused”, “lost”, etc. The fact is, these people should be testing all claims based on what the Bible says, not what any man says. I challenge all people who visit this website and read my articles to test it all against the Word of God. The fact is, these people just do not want to live the Christian life. Thats okay but why so much anger against the truth? This should not surprise us. These types killed almost all the apostles and hung Jesus from a stake. Making a clean break from false worship may not be very fun. Jesus warned that one's relatives may oppose such a course. But if we are called of God this should make no difference in our decision. [Matthew 10:32-37] If we truly love God we will run to Him. We will throw away all of our false doctrines and cherish the TRUTH!

It is true that after the first latter day apostle's death many broke away from the true Worldwide Church of God and started cults. Many of these groups have leaders who use scare tactics, power tactics and even pay people to help them control others. This also should not surprise the true Christian. The apostle Paul from the Bible warned: “For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock. Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them.” [Acts 20:29,30] Paul must have only understood ONE TRUTH if he was warning others not to follow a “false truth”. 

According to King, all 600 some of these splinter groups are cults, but the Church of God Speaking to the Remnant is not. As usual it is the only group preaching the restored truth.

Then King goes on and makes this incredibly absurd comment:

Many so called “christian” teachers go by titles such as “prophet” and or “apostle” but of course they do not meet the Biblical test.  How can we expose a cult? By seeing if what the group claims to be true agrees with the Bible. Let us look at one of the most powerful cults that all so called “protestant” groups are connected with. If I told you that I belonged to a church that used to kill people. But not just kill people, this church would cut babies out of their mothers wombs, they would burn people alive very slowly. They would stick pulls up peoples back end as far as it would go. And then I told you: “But my church doesn't do that anymore. Now we just pray to a lady named Mary and some other dudes whom we have pictures and statues of. Oh, we also have the main guy of our church who stands in the place of Jesus Christ [Vicar of Christ]. He lives in a big fancy castle where only he and other special men can go. There are no women allowed.”

King goes on to write:

Now if I told you something this shocking would you still want to join my church? Hhhmm This is very interesting. The church which I just described is the Roman Catholic church. Many people I know who are members of this sick fallen apostate Harlot continue to tell me that the Church of God is a cult. Hhhhmmm The Church of God has never killed people. The Church of God doesn't worship idols or a man. The Church of God follows the Bible.

I have news for King, people HAVE died because of Armstrongism.  They have died because they were not allowed to get medical treatment.  They have died from shootings. They have died from suicides because people found no hope left after being immersed in Armstrongite thought.  Thousands HAVE died because of the teachings of the Church.  That is a documented FACT!

King then moves on to more characteristics of cults:

Another aspect of cults is the fact that they use fear to try and control their people. Now we must remember that there is such a thing as “healthy fear”. We should be afraid of those trying to hurt us and then follow what God's word says to stay protected. Now Jesus only had 12 apostles and He told them that He was the Messiah, the King of the coming Kingdom, He told them that He was GOD in the flesh, He warned them about the coming destruction of this planet. He warned them about evil spirits and “seducers of men”. Jesus did say a lot of astonishing things and made a lot of astonishing claims. There is no doubt about this. During the Christian Pentecost mentioned in the book of Acts only 120 disciples made up the first church. Remember, the true “flock” of Christ has always been small. My point is, from a true Biblical perspective it is okay to warn people about the Great Tribulation. It is okay to warn people about “false doctrine” and “false teachers”. As a matter of fact, true Christians are commanded to do such things.

For those who have the true Gospel be prepared for hard times! We [true Christians] have the TRUTH, not “a truth”. When we fail sometimes to live up to the truth we find many around us begin to swarm in like flies to begin the “breaking down” process. These are nothing but demonic attacks to try and discourage you and make you turn from God's truth. Just because a Christian fails sometimes to live a perfect life it does not change the fact that Saturday is Sabbath, Jesus is Lord, and His one true church is the one and only Worldwide Church of God.

Sadly, many who do not want the true Christian message will continue to call God and His ONE TRUE CHURCH, the church Jesus built, a cult.
Exposing Christian Cults
 I find it hard to believe that there are still nutjobs out there that think the Worldwide Church of God STILL is a "True" church!  Give it a rest!  It should be obvious by now that it NEVER was.

These are the qualifications that are required for his followers:

How this ministry works and operates is outlined in the following:
1-Those who have studied Mr. E.W.King’s messages and believe what they say to be true and have been members of the original Worldwide Church of God or who have come out of any one of the false splinter or offshoot groups may join and participate in this ministry.
2-Those who have come out of false denominations or are coming into the truth for the first time may also join and participate.
3-Our members meet in their personal homes to keep the Sabbath. They receive Mr. E.W.King’s CD messages and Bible studies. These should be used in Bible study. Members also get an occasional news letter.
4-All home churches must operate under true Church Government. People who feel called to a specific office may operate under that office. Speaker Elders are given authority to baptize members and lay hands on them for the gift of the Holy Spirit.
5-Tithes and offerings are used by local members to promote the teachings of Mr. Herbert Armstrong as God call’s them to do so. No tithes or offerings are required to be given to this ministry directly [Church of God ~ Speaking to the Remnant].
6-Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong is understood to be the only last living authoritative apostle of this ministry. Jesus Christ is the only living head of this ministry. COGSR sees itself as the only ministry that truly holds to the truth as taught in the original Worldwide Church of God.
7-The book “Mystery of the Ages” is required reading by all members and is used as the central study text next to the Bible. Members may put together their own study materials that can be used in their home church. If you have nobody to fellowship with you may still keep the Sabbath and follow the rules as listed in this document.
8-Members should contact Mr. E.W.King and let them know how their local home churches are doing. All home churches are to encourage one another and help when and where they can.
9-There are no other obligations. Members who start their home churches receive membership status and official certificates of membership. Members are encouraged to write articles that can be shared amongst fellow members. Speaker elders may also record their messages to be used in the church.

Restored Church of God Receives Partial Approval To Build Monument to Dave Pack

Davie Pack has received partial approval to build his monument to himself in the middle of Ohio. The Post has an article describing what Pack wants to build and the city ordinances he has to pass. Perhaps people can write in and let the City Planning Commission know what kind of cult is in their midst.  You have until February 13th to let them know the monstrosity in their midst. Entire article is here: Church planning campus, world headquarters Commission approves plat, tables site plan approval

"I'd recommend that the commission grant the variances to subdivision regulations for the sidewalks on the south side of Ambassador Drive and also allow the right of way width of Ambassador Drive to taper from 80 feet to 60 feet and also to allow the roadway to taper down to 28 feet. And I think at the point that the right of way and street width begins to narrow is best determined with the city engineer ... and then I'd recommend that the commission approve the preliminary plat that would extend Ambassador Drive and split city lot 9679 into two lots subject to the three conditions listed in the staff report," Kaiser said.

Members of the planning commission then unanimously voted to approve the preliminary plat and grant the requested variances.

Moving onto the site plan, Kaiser presented the submitted plans for developing the complex, which will consist of six buildings. As envisioned, the church would like to construct a 34,000 square -foot administration building, an auditorium with seating for up to 450 people, a 7,200 square-foot office building and training facility, a 5,400 square-foot mail processing center and two dormitories, each with accommodations for 20 people.

"It does appear that all of the usages comply with intent of the C5 district, which is really to provide space for office buildings for business, industry and nonprofit organizations and engage primarily in general office uses and professional services. I'd also point out that churches are conditionally permitted in C5 districts," Kaiser said.
Kaiser said that the development does meet zoning code setback requirements. The commission also reviewed the planned parking facilities, as well as future sites that could be used to expand parking facilities if necessary.
Following the initial site plan presentation, Kaiser said that the applicant is working on completing a traffic study analysis, which could possibly show a need for improvements to Akron Road. In addition, the applicant has been asked to submit a photometric plan and a revised architectural plan indicating the height of several of the complex buildings, including the auditorium. Finally, some additional clarifications regarding the site plan were requested by the city engineer, the fire department and the electric department.

"There are some issues that need to be addressed before approval. I'd recommend that the commission table any action on the site plan approval until the next meeting in order to allow the applicant time to address any questions ... we would also have access to the traffic study results at that time," Kaiser said.
Commissioners, after speaking with the project engineer and Scott Clark, a representative from the Restored Church of God, voted to table action on the site plan review until the commission's next meeting, which is scheduled for Feb. 13 at 7 p.m.

One thing we do learn is that that Dave's Mini-Me group has close to 125 people who attend on Saturdays.  Obviously this has to be the largest congregation because it is the cult HQ.  That means all of the rest of  RCG's churches are less than 100.  Most likely less than 50.  It is no wonder that his little cult has no more than 2,200 people in it!  Even Six Pack Flurry has more members than Pack!

Local Saturday worship services, which are held between 2 and 3 p.m. depending on the season, attract about 125 people. Services are not open to the public, Clark said.

Apostle Malm Says Chances Are High You Are NOT A True Christian

The Apostle does not think too highly of most Church of God members. You are just a bunch of lazy, blinded Laodiceans!  He has this to say about all of you:

It can take many tons of ore to produce one ounce of gold. God is refining his gold. There is always more chaff than wheat. Many are called and FEW are chosen and the Laodiceans are among the chosen when they repent. In God’s plan the remnant is always the much larger group or number; for his faithful are a “little flock”. Do not be deceived by numbers. There are approximately 50,000 who would call themselves Armstrong based COG people; the ppeopele I am writing about [God has others in his flocks]. Of those perhaps only about half or 25,000 are even converted. Of those probably a maximum of half will turn to God in zeal before the trib, and probably far less. Most of the remainder will repent during the trib remembering the warnings. I would expect that there will be a few hundred to a thousand or so pillars who take a stand on God’s word before the trib; the majority will face correction after they have been solidly warned. Then in the trib they will be an example through faithful obedience unto death and many others will also repent from their example. The pillars who are mainly independent minded people will have to learn to work and cooperate together in the widerness. God knows how to save his people! James

Why has Armstrongism created such arrogant impotent little men like this?

Apostle Malm Looking For TRUE COG Members To Coordinate a Feast Site (UPDATED)

The Apostle Malm is looking for any willing MEN who are TRUE Christians, that are new moon keeping, don't eat out in restaurants on the "sabbath", and who have their wives under control, to help organize a Feast site this year.

Apostle Malm instructed his followers to stay in their own churches last year and attend at their regular Feast sites because he did not have the means to organize one. Now he claims, because of thousands who are following his words that there may be a need this year.  The problem is he is not quit sure on how many would come.  Most of his readers are fence sitters who are waiting to see if any of his predictions come true. They agree with his writings but are gun shy in jumping into his ship considering all the other failed Apostles out there.

These fence sitters are perturbing him.  They don't seem to really trust the Apostle.  He blames that on the proven track record of HWA and others making thousands of failed prophecies over the years, for teaching false doctrines and other sundry things that he, The Apostle, has corrected in this end time age.  Perhaps if they could all meet together and learn together then they would start supporting him more financially.

The Apostle writes:

In other words about 6-7 thousand persons are seeing the entire content and are interested enough to continue doing so for almost two year, while thousands of others come when they hear of posts of personal interest.

I have been putting out news of the COG Groups, doctrine and prophecy.

I do know that there are many brethren and elders who do agree with me on most of the doctrine including the Calendar, New Moons etc.  I also know that they are gun shy because of their past experience.

Many people find the doctrine positive and uplifting, but they are afraid of the prophecy and are waiting for the fruits to become evident;  is he right or wrong?

I have also written of doctrinal error and change and many are waiting to see that as well.

In addition I have advised everyone to remain where they are until they are convinced in their
own minds that the fruits warrant a decision.

At this time the situation is that many thousands throughout all the COG Groups; especially the independents. UCG, COGWA and LCG have received a sound witness of these things and are sitting on the fence waiting for the fruits as Jesus Christ has commanded.

A few hundred, widely scattered worldwide are already convinced and want a Feast of Tabernacles.

I cannot organize such a Feast as I have none of the needed resources and these folks are far too widely scattered.

If there are any groups who find that they are in agreement with the doctrine etc at this site and they will hold the Feast on the correct date, which is a day later than the Rabbinic calendar, and who would have space for others; please contact me at jddm3@hotmail .com
All I can say though, as the person taking on this job had better be prepared for the end times to also happen at the tail end of the Feast.  Are they ready for that to happen?  The Apostle has laid out some things that need to happen first.  So any job applicant had better keep these in mind:

1)   A broad regional Mideast war resulting in victory over Islamic Mahdi Extremism and regime change in Iran and Syria.

2)   A governmental change in Israel.

3)   A genuine dialogue for peace in the region.

4)  Most likely the death of Benedict XVI in late Aug.

5)   The abomination being set up in the papacy on or close to 16 Sep.
 6)   Political and economic crisis which brings on; a solution and call for a New Europe from this final false prophet.
7)  The Feast of Tabernacles will come and the hot topic will be this abomination and the warnings from this Blog; as well as the Bob Thiel false prophecy that a major work must be done; AFTER peace is confirmed and BEFORE the tribnulation begins.  This man has deceived LCG and their friends in UCG who then broke away to do an expected ”Elihah Work”.
8)   After the Feast the two  large remaining COG Groups will meet over the situation and discuss cooperation to do the Elijah work, as they have been deceived into believing they will have to do.

9)   God’s two prophets will be empowered to give a final warning and to take the faithful away to their place,before continuing to work at witnessing and warning the world for their full time.  The real “Elijah Work”.

10)   A peace agreement and the deployment of peace keepers around Jerusalem and Israel.

11)   At about the 75 day mark after he was made Pope, this abomination will go to the Holy Place and an announcement that peace has been achieved will be made; followed by the immediate start of the tribulation.

12)   Failing to get at the faithful, Satan will go out to persecute those who did not believe or act on the warnings, the majority that stayed behind to do the “Elijah Work” as they have been deceived ;  and many will immediately repent when they see their error and their fears come upon them.

Here is what will be happening at the end of the Feast his year (2012):

In 2016, from the time that the resurrection would take place on the 6th day of ULB up to and completeing the day before Pentecost is 45 days.  That will not come again for several more years and along with the imminent war, and the frailty of this pope;  makes this year stand out.

From 16 Sep 2012 to 16 Dep 2015 is three years.  One half year more brings us to spring 2016.

Counting 1,290 days from 16 Sep 2012 brings us to the sixth day on Unleavends on Mar 30 2016, another 45 days ends on Sabbath May 14th with Pentecost the next day.
Dan 12:10   And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, [to allow the abomination to be set up as pope] and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.  Then the resurrection.
12Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh [continues to] to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.
13But go thou thy way till the end be: for thou shalt rest, and stand in thy lot [inheritance] at the end of the days.

Those extra 45 days will see the marriage of the Lamb and the seven last plagues poured out;  Pentecost will be a New Beginning with the establichment of the Kingdom of the New Covenant!

We will get to soon witnesses, once again, another lying Church of God member  proven to be a fool.  How many more lives will be damaged because of this imbecile?

Prophet Thiel: "True" Christians will NOT Be Watching the Super Bowl

Prophet Thiel is on his yearly rant about the evils of American style football. To Prophet Thiel it is another satanic conspiracy to deceive the elect.

With all the truly many evils in the world, that Thiel and the Living Church of God NEVER talk about, he speaks out against football. You never see Prophet Thiel or the LCG doing anything for the homeless and the marginalized.  They hold themselves aloof by saying, "It is not our problem in this age. God is going to correct it soon, and the world will be in true happiness and peace."  They never seem to realize that with the coming of Christ and his many miracles he was already bringing the Kingdom to earth.  While not in it's entirety, it was through small bits and pieces that restore peoples lives.

Anyway, I digress.  Back to the most Holy of the COG Prophets.

Prophet Thiel was incensed by a CNN news program that discussed the injuries received by football players.  Then the Prophet makes an astounding jump to ancient Rome.  Because most American football cames are played in coliseums, the Prophet links to the various activities carried on in Rome's coliseums.

The Prophet writes:

In the time of ancient Rome, violent sports were also popular.
Were they viewed by many of those that professed Christ?
It does not appear so.
The Prophet then has to admit that there is NO information out there that TRUE Church of God members did not watch coliseum sports.  However, he quickly makes this leap of faith:

While we do not seem to have many direct references from those in the Church of God, we do have some written records of those who were at least somewhat familiar with the teachings of Jesus and the practices of the earliest Christians.

Remember folks, there are no TRUE Christians outside the Church of God so these people must have heard SOME of the TRUTH but rejected the rest of it.

The Prophet then quotes an early Christian whom Prophet Thiel thinks was a TRUE Church of God member:

Here is something from Theophilus of Antioch (who probably was part of the Church of God)...
Consider, therefore, whether those who teach such things can possibly live indifferently, and be commingled in unlawful intercourse, or, most impious of all, eat human flesh, especially when we are forbidden so much as to witness shows of gladiators, lest we become partakers and abettors of murders. But neither may we see the other spectacles, lest our eyes and ears be defiled,
So, true Christians did not believe that they were to watch the violent sports so popular in the second century.

Athenagoras, a professing Christian apologist, wrote around 170 A.D.:
What man of sound mind, therefore, will affirm, while such is our character, that we are murderers?…
Who does not reckon among the things of greatest interest the contests of gladiators and wild beasts, especially those which are given by you? But we, deeming that to see a man put to death is much the same as killing him, have abjured such spectacles

Obviously Christians would not go and watch others being tortured and killed in the coliseums.  But you can be guaranteed that they also went along to other festivals where none violent things happened.  Just like hundreds of LCGers will be gathered around television screens to watch the Super Bowl!  Those ancient Christians would have  went to some of these events just to give the impression that they were "normal" Roman citizens.  Kind of like LCGers that have birthday parties in restaurants, go out dancing in dance clubs, play football, and eat in restaurants for a quite Friday night dinner. They have the need to feel "normal" too.

 Prophet Thiel goes on to state that ancient TRUE Christians and even fake Catholic ones had sense to see that violent sports were evil.  But then the Prophet goes on to quote the world's foremost authority on violence in sports:

So, those who professed Christ in the second and third century generally did not feel that viewing or participating in violent sports was appropriate.

In more recent times, the late Herbert W. Armstrong wrote:
Hostility toward the other is sin…Boxing at Ambassador College is definitely banned. God did not create the human brain and head to be pummeled and knocked senseless by an antagonist.
Football (American football) is a violent body-contact sport. It is often played with an attitude of hostility and is dangerous and is fraught with physical injury. (Plain Truth, July-August 1984)

I think the funny thing about this quote is that while HWA said this, the College and Church members were active participants in all the Rose Bowl games and activities.  They raised money for each group by selling pork hot dogs, beer, film, programs, souvenirs. They ushered and took tickets. The College was an active participant in the New Years parade and provided space and use of facilities for parking, band rehearsals, television broadcasts and much more.

The Prophet ends with this:

“Love does no harm to a neighbor” (Romans 13:9), yet what do violent sports like American football and boxing do?  Are those who participate neighbors for Christians?  Should people be encouraged to participate in violent activities which are proven to cause harm?
Which causes more harm.  A game of football, or teaching aberrant doctrines that deceive people spiritually?

I think the Prophet needs to lay off the naturopathic and herbal drugs he has been peddling off to his patients and take a dose of reality.

It just amazes me that the Living Church of God promotes this guy as a theologian in their midst.  All he has done over the last several years is make LCG look like complete fools at times.