Saturday, July 30, 2016

Philadelphia Church of God: "... most of these ministers had a copy of Hitler's book, Mein Kampf in plain view on their desks or in their bookcase."

This not so shocking statement was on Exit and Support:

July 28, 2016
The recent letters concerning Gerald Flurry's new ruling about the no-contact with unbaptized children should be a serious warning to all families that have any idea of joining the PCG or any other offshoot of the WCG. During the many years my family and I were in the PCG we were invited on numerous occasions to dine with ministers at their homes. It was horrifying to note that most of these ministers had a copy of Hitler's book, Mein Kampf in plain view on their desks or in their bookcase. [Note from ESN: Read letter: HWA Used Mein Kampf as a Guide in Controlling People]
Flurry claims to be preaching the Gospel to the world which is full of unbaptized people. What gospel is he preaching? Has anyone ever heard Flurry, or any minister in the PCG, preach a sermon on the Gospel of Grace or the New Covenant? 
Flurry, to the best of my knowledge, has never referred to Deuteronomy 4:13; 44-45; 5:22 & 31. The Old Covenant is completed, and Christ Himself introduced the New Covenant and the New Commandments. John 13:34; 14:15; 14:21 & 23; 15:12.& 17.
It is amazing how so many people who have left the PCG and other offshoots continue to keep Saturday as the Sabbath and all the holy days throughout the year.
Be warned, stay away from the PCG and all other offshoots preaching the gospel of Herbert Armstrong, and which continue to demand tithe after tithe, and all the holy day offerings. --Former PCG member

These PCG ministers are emulating Herbert Armstrong.  He had a copy that was kept in the safe in the basement of his house along with books on Mormons, Adventists, JW's and other subjects.   Since Gerald Flurry is incapable of ever having an original thought, he yet again has to imitate his idol.

Friday, July 29, 2016

End of the World Happened July 29. Are You Still Here?

Leave it to another American cult to declare the end of the world.  This one claims sit is to happen by the end of the day.  These fools are just as big liars as the lying Church of God prophets are.  From Thiel to Malm to Pack, not a single one of these lying false propehts know what they are talkiing about.

Chief Pharisee/Lying False Prophet Declares: "Brethren, the writing is on the wall!"

God's most favorite false prophet and end time witless witness has declared that in the fall of 2017 the Beast power will arise and the proverbial crap that Armstrongism has been preaching about will hit the fan.

You now have been warned!  You now have one year left to party hearty!  

What is the point of following Malm's ridiculous teachings if you are going to fry anyway? So as Martin Luther says: 

 "Be a sinner and sin strongly, but more strongly have faith and rejoice in Christ.”

Woo Hoo! 2017 is going to be a fun year!!!!!  Keep your TV's tuned to Jerusalem so you can watch Malm and Constance preach the warning as the two witnesses.  

Provided the Calendar data is correct the highly probable year of the coming of Christ and the cleansing of the sanctuary is:  
Coming forward 2300 years from 280 BC and adding 1 for year zero, arrives at spring 2021 AD,  when the sanctuary shall be cleansed by the coming of Jesus Christ.
Now subtracting 42 months (1260 days) shows that this final beast emperor  will occupy Jerusalem, beginning at the end of 2017.
Given the historical difficulties of the Greek struggles it is possible that this date might be in error by a year or two, but one thing is certain; IT IS VERY CLOSE INDEED!
These are indications of the nearness of the times; they are not dates certain until proved by the appearance of ALL of the Biblical signs.
At the present time the British people have been  promised a referendum on continued EU membership before the end of 2017 with French and German elections scheduled for Sep / Oct 2017. 
Britain is highly likely to leave the EU, but exactly how long that process takes is unclear; and certain other countries are likely to follow, creating a crisis in the EU and opening the way for the setting up of the miracle working deceiver in the Vatican in late 2017, who will immediately call for and bring about the  rise of a New Europe; the seventh revival of the Scarlet Beast of the Holy Roman Empire. 
This man of sin will then go to the Holy Place [Temple Mount] 75 days after being set up in the Vatican and the great tribulation of Mat 24:15 will begin. 
Along with this is the coming defeat of radical Islam and a move towards a Mideast peace deal (1 Thess 5:3).
These events are right in line with a date of late 2017 for the start of the tribulation; followed by the coming of Messiah 42 months later; in 2021 AD!
 Brethren, the writing is on the wall!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

David Hulme Cancels Print Rag Because He Cannot Get Funding

Things continue to spiral down for the Hulmerous Church of God.  I guess all the two decades of rebellion have finally caught up with him.  He has had his own rebellions in his group with countless ministers and members leaving his flock. Money is shrinking as membership declines.  He still has his million dollar HQ house on South Madison that he could mortgage, if he hasn't already.  Or maybe he could sell his precious Jaguar's.  That won't happen though as it is important to impress the "dignitaries and leaders" he meets.  God's chosen would not be driving a  Honda van!

Church of God News writes:
Church of God an International CommunityThe Church has been unable to continue financing the print version of its quarterly magazine Vision. The Internet version has been re-designed, entailing a complete overhaul of the website, which now embodies every issue - from 1999 to 2016 - in English, French, German and Spanish. 
Its development is continuing, with a bible study course soon to be added.The August 2016 issue of its Church of God News is now available on-line.

The Hulmerous Church of God is one of the most secretive COG's out there.  Very little will be found online about them.  Their web pages are usually password protected for he exclusive use of their frozen chosen members.

In Pasadena and the surrounding area he is an unknown presence.  As legalistic as he is, its for the best.

Gerald Flurry: Follow MY government and God will grant you miracles

Ron Fraser has an article up on the PCG web site that discusses "miracles."   Like any good COG leader Fraser and Flurry declare that miracles will ONLY happen in their specific COG.  Miracles never occur outside any church that does not declare its self "Philadelphian."
By contrast, Gerald Flurry declares of the Philadelphians, comparing them to Elisha’s students who witnessed God’s many miracles, “God has given this Church so many miracles! I believe that with our increased understanding, God holds us more accountable than He did those students of Elisha. They didn’t have near the truth that we have. God has opened so many doors for this work!” (The Former Prophets). 
Mr. Flurry then clearly articulates the reason why the Philadelphians are the recipients of God’s miracles: “Realize, if you’re loyal to God and submit to His government, He will perform miracles for you—great and small. … Any place where you find God’s family government, you will find many inspiring miracles! … If you’re backing God’s Work, you can expect miracles, because they will happen!” (ibid).
So there you have it.  If you are LOYAL to Flurry then God will bless you.  Blessings only come if you are following church government.  Jesus nowhere mentions that, but that has never been an issue in the COG.

Of course it must be taken into account that most church members will NOT experience many miracles.  Most of that is reserved for the ministry.  They are to EXPECT miracles due to the fact they are a minister in the one and only true church.
God knows His creation. He knows we need a clear vision as to the direction we should follow to fulfill our reason for being—our incredible human potential. To this end He declares, “Where there is no vision the people perish.” Knowing this, God gives enlightened vision to His true ministers. As our pastor general has taught, “Philadelphia ministers must expect miracles(Malachi’s Message).

Any minister of God truly worth his salt lives in daily expectation of miracles! Such a minister is not occupied with snooping around people’s lives seeking to dig up their sins. He lives to teach, counsel and instruct God’s precious sheep in how to overcome their sins and then fully expects the miracle of conversion that comes to any truly repentant sinner! 
Since when has the PCG NOT snooped in peoples lives?  Just look at the miscreant Cal Culpepper.  He is a prime example of a snoop that is so nasty that he has led people to commit suicide!
Jesus Christ’s method of ministry is one in which ministers serve “those who obey God (and the world, through God’s Work). God’s family government doesn’t go around looking for people’s faults and sins. God’s leaders search for ways to serve the people! That is God’s law of love” (Gerald Flurry, God’s Family Government). 
Apparently serving members is telling them to cut off contact with their adult children who are not part of the PCG.  That is really serving God!

Fraser is delusional if he believes the ministry of the PCG is not be snooping around members lives.

Graceless religion cannot and will not produce any miracles.  Death and destruction is its only reward.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Letter to the Members of LCG

Guest article by John AC Forster 

To members of the LCG.

I am one of the commenters on this site. I consider myself part of the body of Christ, being baptized in 1976. I spent about 15 years with WCG before waking up and seeing the truth about the sinfulness of the organization. I then spent a year with CGI until they as well proved that their organization was just a business like WCG. Since that time I have studied and read many an article from several cogs. In each of them I have found bits of truth mixed with a lot of error. With due diligence I discovered that HWA was not all he was put out to be.

I learned that when god revealed a doctrine to him, it meant something totally different to us. To us, it mean that God put it  in his mind, that it came from God personally. In truth, HWA got his truths from the books of other religions while researching at the public library. HWA didn't outright lie about this, but he didn't remove the misconception either. With study on my own, I discovered that the basic truths (Sabbath, Holy Days, Heaven, Hell, etc) were right. Most of the rest were opinions, some of which were minor errors and others were down right wrong. HWA was no prophet. He has over 200 failed prophecies under his belt. So many failed prophecies that he had to run away to California to start all over his church.

As the years went by, the sins of HWA were been revealed one by one. His worse one was having sex with his own daughter for over 10 years. This has been confirmed by many of his family members. All of his family members deserted him. Not what one would expect from one being put forth as the present day Elijah. Overall HWA accomplished the task of preaching the gospel to the world. Yahweh did use his unrelenting ambition to accomplish this task, but HWA was no man OF God. A good study for you all can be gained by studying Zech.Chapters 11 to 13, especially (Zec 11:15 - 17)  

Zec 11:15 And YAHWEH said to me, Again take to yourself the tools of a foolish shepherd.
Zec 11:16  For, lo, I will raise up a shepherd in the land; he shall not visit those who are cut off, nor will he seek the young, nor will he heal that which is broken, nor will he sustain that which stands. But he shall eat the flesh of the fat, and tear off their hoofs.
Zec 11:17  Woe to the worthless shepherd who abandons the flock! The sword shall be against his arm and against his right eye. His arm shall be completely withered, and his right eye shall be totally darkened.

HWA deserted the flock by flying around the world for about a year proclaiming a strong hand from some place, and never the name of Christ. He and his ministers never tried to help those disfellowshiped, neither attended to their needs, but instead lived high off the hog (ate the flesh of the fat), and robbed them blind of their money leaving them with little to stand on (tearing off their hoofs).

Yahweh told us that He would raise up such a man. WHY? Because it would force people to make a decision of whether they would follow Him, or a man. It was a test of character. A brutal test that shook the entire church. A test by fire. Many forsook their duty and decided to wait and let God work it out. They did not realize that Yahweh was expecting them to get off the fence and decide whose side they were on.

Some never made any decision until 1995 when they were confronted up close to bail out of the WCG. Many became scattered as you can read in the above chapters. While you are reading/studying this, note that Yahweh was going to perform yet another test, by removing His sheep/flock from the ministries that sprang up. Yahweh is totally angry by what the hirelings have done to His sheep. The abuse, the high living style and the totally disdained attitude of those that were to be examples to the flock. 

If you are still members of these organizations of men, come out of them, no longer remain a tithe slave to those that are biblical exempt from receiving tithes, as they are NOT Levities. The NT assembly was to exist on offerings and not tithes, especially 3 tithes. Only 1 tithe was expected under the OT, but it had 3 purposes. No wonder so many of you are broke and cannot provide for your families. This is a grave sin unto you.

In conclusion I write the above in love and concern for you lost sheep. Hope that you see your way through this mess.

John AC Forster

Why Are LCG Camp Attendees Being Forced to Fast?

Please ask Rod Meredith why the kids have to suffer because of him...

What kind of a narcissistic monster makes kids, who are psyched about camp, fast to "beg God" for a favorable ruling in the LCG lawsuit? Because we all know that that is what the fast is for.

Many kids... most kids, in LCG wait for camp all year long. It is a highlight for these kids, many of whom are homeschooled and have limited social interaction other than with other LCG kids.

They have nothing to do with the trouble the corrupt LCG leaders have gotten the church into. Why make them fast? Fasting is utterly meaningless unless it's a personal decision. And even then, the goal should be to draw near to God and to relinquish self will and submit to God's will. "Begging God" is silly and futile.

I feel sorry for all those kids who are being forced into this insanity for no purpose. I'm sure it will ultimately drive them away from Armstrongism even faster than they will like go in the first place. Comment from this thread


LCG Fast: Will It Actually "...clean us up and scrub us out, spiritually..."

Rod Meredith has a letter out, Cry Out and Seek God, that attempts to justify his church-wide fast for the end of this month.  After citing numerous Old Testament men who claim they fasted in order to get right with their God, Meredith has this to say.
Brethren, I have now been full time in the Work of the ministry since my graduation from Ambassador College back on June 4, 1952. After all those decades of experience and “seeing” how God has worked and is working, I tell you urgently: we now are at a time when we need to seek God just as those servants of God did in the past. We are stricken with a kind of a “malaise” that makes us lukewarm and has no doubt kept God from pouring out His Spirit upon us with a power to heal the sick, discern spirits and cast out demons which we ought to have! We need to fully realize this!
Each of us needs to beg Godon our knees—to collectively clean us up and scrub us out, spiritually, so that we may be worthy of the gifts of His Spirit just as the early New Testament Church was. Brethren, we are not asking for something “unusual.” For it is exactly what God did do with the early Church to show His power and help the world understand where He was working, so they would respond and more people would be added to the Church. He worked with them in a powerful way so His Work could grow in power at that time.
Once more it is all the membership's fault.  Meredith and no one at the Charlotte HQ is taking any responsibility for the sorry state of the LCG right now.  Meredith cannot take any responsibility because he is the most loyal man the Church has ever had in it's midst since he graduated. For 64 years now Meredith has been the most sinless leader that God has ever used.  If God has been using him for sooooooo long, and he is sooooooo sinless, then why is the church in suuuuuuuuuuch a mess now?  Why did he run off at the mouth and is now getting sued for it?

Meredith lays the blame at the membership's feet and attempts to guilt them into fasting.  If they do NOT, then the LCG ministry will NEVER witness to the world, bring in new members who will give more money for a final push. That is what it boils down to.

LCG members are physically backed up, reminiscent of HWA blaming members for Loma Armstrong's blocked colon, and need to scrub themselves clean because THEY are dirty.  Not the leadership mind you; for they are righteously clean. They are after all, Levites.

If the membership clean themselves out, scrub themselves up, and get out of their "spiritual malaise" then Rod and crew can go around healing the sick and casting out demons.  It's the members fault they cannot do that now.  You can be guaranteed that no member will be allowed to go around healing the sick and casting out demons.  If they can't even gather together for Bible Study in their own homes how will they be allowed to heal the sick and cast our demons?
Also, as many of us ought to carefully read and meditate on, even before the Spirit-led New Testament Church actually began, Jesus appointed “seventy others also” to go out across Israel and preach the Gospel, heal the sick and cast out demons. Nothing indicates these were converted men—since the Holy Spirit was not even given until the Day of Pentecost. Obviously, they were not the twelve apostles, as they were called “seventy others,” and no mention is given of the apostles. Jesus commanded these men to go out and preach the Truth, “And heal the sick there, and say to them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you’” (Luke 10:9). Later, we find, “Then the seventy returned with joy, saying, ‘Lord, even the demons are subject to us in Your name.’ And He said to them, ‘I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Nevertheless do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rather rejoice because your names are written in heaven’” (vv. 17–20). So they were also able to “cast out demons” in the name of Jesus Christ.
Then Meredith warns LCG members to not doubt or ridicule him or the church, because if they do, they could be struck down just like Ananias and Sepphira.  Meredith just cannot stand rebellion, just as long it is not he himself who is doing it, then its ok.
As the original Church of God—under the apostles’ faithful leadership—began to do the Work, notice how God reacted after He was forced to strike down Ananias and Sapphira for their obvious cynicism and rebellion against His leadership: “So great fear came upon all the church and upon all who heard these things. And through the hands of the apostles many signs and wonders were done among the people. And they were all with one accord in Solomon’s Porch. Yet none of the rest dared join them, but the people esteemed them highly.And believers were increasingly added to the Lord, multitudes of both men and women” (Acts 5:11–14). Notice that it was after God began to intervene with “signs and wonders” that great numbers were added to the body of Christ, “multitudes of both men and women.”
Like Dave Pack, Meredith assumes "multitudes of men and women" will soon be added to his church.  He should learn from Dave Pack's epic failure.  It WON'T happen!

Meredith's world has been falling apart at the seams for decades.  Now it is on the verge of utter collapse and its time for him to cry out.  Of course that cant be done because the members are not doing enough or giving enough for that to happen.  They have no yielded themselves
Do you begin to realize the “signs of the times” in which we are living? Will you then join me in crying out to God so that we in this Work may be given the power of God’s Spirit as never before?
Brethren, I hope that all of you will. For, to the extent that you yield yourself to God and beseech God to send Jesus to live His life within you (Galatians 2:20), you will be part of the body that is going to do a powerful Work before the end of this age and you will be rewarded forever—as we all know—because you have been willing to “turn to God” at a critical time in human history.
How can Meredith and the LCG invite Jesus to "live his life within them" when they ignore him?  Giving him lip service on Passover and a few times a year is not letting Jesus live within them. 

It's interesting that Meredith next quotes Galatians 2:20, but very conveniently leaves out Galatians 2:19, 21.
Galatians 2:20-21The Message (MSG)
19-21 What actually took place is this: I tried keeping rules and working my head off to please God, and it didn’t work. So I quit being a “law man” so that I could be God’s man. Christ’s life showed me how, and enabled me to do it. I identified myself completely with him. Indeed, I have been crucified with Christ. My ego is no longer central. It is no longer important that I appear righteous before you or have your good opinion, and I am no longer driven to impress God. Christ lives in me. The life you see me living is not “mine,” but it is lived by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. I am not going to go back on that.
Is it not clear to you that to go back to that old rule-keeping, peer-pleasing religion would be an abandonment of everything personal and free in my relationship with God? I refuse to do that, to repudiate God’s grace. If a living relationship with God could come by rule-keeping, then Christ died unnecessarily. 
Law keeping and peer pleasing religions is all that Armstrongism has been over the decades.  The church abandoned grace and is now paying the price.

The LCG fast will NOT accomplish a single thing other than making a large group of people hungry.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Splits, Splinters and Slivers Business Model...

Nine Traits of Mean Churches
Thom S. Rainer
Growing Healthy Churches Together

“My church is a mean church!”
I received two emails this week from church members who made that very statement. The members are from two different churches in two different states. One of the churches belongs to a denomination; the other is non-denominational. In both cases the church members made the decision to drop out of local church life altogether.
Yes, I tried to reason with the two members. I told them that no church is perfect. If they had any doubt, I wrote, look at the two letters the Apostle Paul wrote to the church at Corinth. I failed in convincing them to stay in their churches. I pray they will become active in other churches later.
I love local churches. But I have to admit, I am hearing more from long-term members who are quitting church life completely. One member wrote me, “The non-Christians I associate with are much nicer people than the members of my church.”
Ouch. That really hurt.
So, after receiving the second email, I began to assimilate all the information I could find where church members had written me about their “mean” churches. They may not have used the word “mean” specifically, but the intent was the same. I then collected characteristics of these churches, and I found nine that were common. I call these the “nine traits of mean churches.”
  1. Too many decisions are made in the cloak of darkness. Only a select few members really know what’s going on. The attitude of those elitists is that the typical member doesn’t really need to know.
  2. The pastor and/or staff are treated poorly. Decisions are made about them without a fair process. Complaints are often numerous and veiled. Many of these churches are known for firing pastors and/or staff with little apparent cause.
  3. Power groups tenaciously hold on to their power. The power group may be a formal group such as a committee, elders, or deacons. But the group can also be informal—no official role but great informal authority. Power groups avoid and detest accountability, which leads to the next point.
  4. There is lack of clear accountability for major decisions and/or expenditures. The church has no clear system in place to make certain that a few outlier members cannot accumulate great power and authority.
  5. Leaders of the power groups have an acrimonious spirit. Though they may make first impressions of kindness and gentleness, the mean streak emerges if you try to cross them.
  6. A number of the members see those outside of the church as “them” or “those people.” Thus the church is at odds with many in the community instead of embracing them with the love of Christ.
  7. Many members have an inward focus; they view the church as a place to get their own preferences and wants fulfilled. They are the opposite of the description of church members in 1 Corinthians 12, where Paul describes them as functioning members for the greater good of the body of Christ.
  8. Many people in the community view these churches negatively. Those on the outside often refer to these churches as “fighting and firing churches.” The community members detect no love for them from these churches.
  9. Most of the members are silent when power plays and bad decisions take place.They don’t want to stand up to the power group. They are afraid to ask questions. Their silence allows the power abuses to continue.
Are mean churches really increasing in number? My anecdotal information would indicate they are.

Monday, July 25, 2016

The Problem With James Malm

James Malm loves to picture himself as the most enlightened converted man to ever grace the Church of God.  Bob Thiel is a theological simpleton compared to Malm. He knows more than Herbert Armstrong, Rod Meredith, Dave Pack, Gerald Flurry and Vic Kubik combined.  His interpretations of the Bible and prophecy is the only correct version that is possible.

James Malm is a professional Judaizer who bastardizes the law to fit his own perverted interpretations.  Like Meredith, Pack and Flurry, Malm spits upon everything Jesus taught or did. The law always trumps.

It just irritates the hell of Malm that so many people understand they are no longer bound to a bunch of rules that we set up specifically for a tribe of people centuries ago in order to separate them from the nations around them.  It irritates the hell out of Malm that those who understand the new covenant are free from the law.  Its more important to him to be found doing something than to understand that it has already been done.

Its more important for him to promote a pissed off angry god that is just itching to fry 2/3's of humanity than it is to show love.  Love has no place in the law of Malm.  The law does not produce love, nor does it produce faith.

Paul says, “If by grace, then it cannot be based on works; if it were, grace would no longer be grace” (Romans 11:6). Praise the Lord, “Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery” (Galatians 5:1).

From the comments:

James Malm is just another rebel who did not pay attention in the WCG. James left the WCG in 1985 while HWA was still alive to try to think for himself. His wife got into that sacred names nonsense and divorced him for not going along with it too. James got into calendar confusion. Garbling the gospel probably brought yet another curse on him. James wants to mangle everything that HWA had taught, and then think that he himself must be someone great for messing up everything. 

Some other goofy little rebels who like to defend James Malm and his heresies do not necessarily want to go and actually submit to him in his group. They just like to do their little part to promote rebellion and heresy by claiming that one can learn the odd thing from James (emphasis on odd), but no way will they really trust him enough to actually go with the troublemaker. It seems like they want to do their own little part to help James cause confusion, division, and trouble without actually letting him cause too much trouble for themselves personally.
The most disconcerting thing with Malm is how ability to brainwash his acolytes into believing every single piece of filth that the teaches.  Just like vile Gerald Flurry and Dave Pack, Malm is brainwashing his followers to cut off all contact with family members.  How sick is that?
"Constance" (or whatever she is calling herself these days) is my mother. This along with provocations by Malm to head to Petra to prove that one is a true believer are so disconcerting. These cults are dangerous--not only for the potential Jim Jones ending or the destruction they create in families and personal finances. They create mental illness through emotional dis-regulation. After a number of years, it's like a shell of a person that repeats indoctrination a with no one home. This makes me sad and hopeless feeling. 
Malm is just as big a fraud as Bob Thiel is.  Both of these men have self-appointed themselves to the "positions" they think they have.  Both Malm and Thiel believe they are one of the two witnesses, are apostles, and are the end-time revealers of essential knowledge that God is revealing through them.

Both are liars that have never learned anything from all the previous liars they follow in the Church of God.


LCG lets teens and families break the Sabbath, but forces them to Fast

LCG laid down some rules for their upcoming summer camp in Delaware, Ohio.  Not only will they be "breaking" LCG's version of the sabbath by arriving after 7:00, they will immediately begin fasting in order to provoke God to do the bidding of Rod Meredith.  I wonder how many of those teens know the reason they are fasting.  Do they and their parents know that they have to do this because Meredith and McNair don't have the capacity to say, "I'm sorry!"

7. For those few arriving early at camp: No one is allowed on campus until after 7:00 p.m. on Friday evening, July 29. You will need to eat before arriving as the Church-wide fast begins at sunset. On Saturday evening, dinner will be served after sunset. 
8. Guests are welcome to attend Sabbath Services at camp on the Sabbaths of August 7 and 14. Space is limited so come early. Overflow seating will be available in the dining hall. After services, coffee and snacks will be served in the dining hall for all guests.  Weekly Update

Living Church of God: Women, Muslims and Gays Are All Equally Bad

The Living Church of God has several things it hates, but the three most common topics is women, Muslims and gays.  A gay Muslim woman would be the ultimate blasphemy.

While they critique the world and claim it is falling apart, their own household is a cesspool of abuse, false doctrine, gestapo like techniques, and is totally devoid of love and grace.

It is easier to divert attention away from their own filth than repent of their internalized sin.

July 21, 2016
By Douglas Winnail
Greetings from Charlotte,
It is remarkable how ancient prophecies indicate that as Israelite nations turn away from God, God will remove the supports of their societies and their impulsive leaders will “cause” them to err even as women rule over them (Isaiah 3:1-4, 12). Today, in more and more nations, we see women reaching for power and leaders in religion and government openly ignoring God’s instructions. Recently, the United Methodist Church (USA) elected its first openly gay bishop and the Republican National Convention asked a Muslim to give the benediction at one of its sessions. We will see more of these anti-biblical actions in the days ahead as our nations move further away from God. Here in Charlotte, Dr. Meredith has written a co-worker letter that has been mailed to more than 13,000 people. Mr. Weston began his duties as Chief Operating Officer this week in Charlotte and spoke to the office staff on Thursday.  Mr. Ciesielka reports that in recent weeks, some of our Internet TV platforms are starting to perform better that our big TV stations. This weekend, Mr. and Mrs. Ames will be in Houston, Texas for services and for a Tomorrow’s WorldPresentation in San Antonio on Sunday. My wife and I will be in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for services this Sabbath and an Area Leadership Conference on Sunday. Last weekend, 26 visitors attended two TWPs in Canada. Another TWP is scheduled in Edmonton this weekend. Please pray that God will guide these efforts to reach this world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.—DSW


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Van Robinson: The Passing Of My Beautiful Daughter

Van has been a guest writer on this blog for several years.

My princess daughter Lisa Brown, passed away four days shy of age 32 in her home in North Carolina, after a long hard battle against breast cancer which metastasized to her brain.  Her suffering was horrific and being a highly intelligent young woman and in fact a registered nurse, she fought it with all her might.  She pursed the orthodox medical procedures of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, and ultimately sought alternative possibilities.  The medical system was an abysmal failure, because it destroyed her immune system, which made it impossible for alternative possibilities to work for her.

My wife and I, along with her very supportive and loving husband attended to her during all of her struggles, as well as having her two beautiful children by her side.  Lisa of course suffered immeasurably physically and emotionally, while we all were on a constant roller coaster of emotions of both hope and despair endless times.

My daughter deserved to live, and her passing proved to me beyond a shadow of doubt that God DOES NOT heal or answer prayer.  In fact in my view God abuses human beings by subjecting them to horrible suffering in countless ways and ultimately death, and no human being escapes this fate.

I no longer accept excuses for God or fictional Bible promises about "ask and you shall receive" or "they shall lay hands upon the sick and the sick will be made whole or well".
The fact that the many Bible promises don't work, is proof that the Bible does not speak for God, but it is 100% human imagination.

No human being has a clue who this God is they think they know.  The only thing humans know about their imaginary God, is entirely based upon ink on paper, about a fairytale being no one has seen or heard from directly.

I would suggest from personal experience that God may be a brilliant being in terms of creating an awesome universe, while being an abysmal failure with his experiment called human beings.  He placed humans in an environment of wicked human nature, which tends towards violence, greed, lust and self-centeredness, war and never-ending lies and propaganda.

Pastors prayed for my daughter and none of their prayers resulted in her healing.  Countless Christian friends and family members prayed for my Lisa, and the combined prayers of all met with the same result---God was no where to be found.  Why?  I get sick and tired of Christians and their man-made bible God that not one of them have ever seen or heard his voice.  Are they weird?

I have read on thousands of Internet websites and the voices of bible defenders are deafening.  Not even one of those voices has seen this "God" they worship, except through INK on PAPER.  And that is their God.

Where is the love of God in human suffering and death, and why has God subjected human beings to a hell on earth?  Why did God create the human body to be so weak that it is very fragile and subject to sickness and disease?   What purpose does human suffering serve for God or for humans?  What gain to God is human suffering?  Obviously it makes no sense.

And still, church goers will praise God for human suffering and death,  and act like this is a "victory".  Yeah sure!  And when will God trade places with my Lisa and go through the hell she went through?  How would God like to go through the hell of breast cancer and then the double hell of having that metastasize to his brain, resulting in an agonizing slow death?

Millions believe that Jesus died for their "sins", when their God is totally responsible for this thing called "human nature".  Blood sacrifice makes no sense whatsoever, yet millions will go to their grave believing this fantasy.

Does God "need" to be worshiped, and is the worship of God the only reason for human beings?  So if indeed God only created humans to worship him, is he insecure or is he so vain that he created billions of humans for no other reason than to praise and worship him for all eternity and that is the purpose of human life?

Well folks if God is indeed the most intelligent being in the universe, then why does he sit by and watch humans suffer and die?  Every human ever born will be subjected to death.  Why?   Why did God not create a utopia in the first place?

I would gladly give my life for my beautiful, loving daughter Lisa, if she could be resurrected now in the flesh and be restored to her children and husband, family and friends, but God is not willing.  Why?

Why is God so cruel to human beings?  Oh hell, don't tell me that Jesus "suffered" for humans.  Blood sacrifice is a man-made myth.

The grieving Van Robison