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Thanks To Rod Meredith Readership Increased by 10,000+ Hits This Week

Thanks to Rod Meredith's rant in his sermon last Saturday the viewership on this blog has increased this week by well over 10,000 hits.  That is NOT a few disgruntled people in LCG checking us out.  Its a LOT of people looking into what is said here. People are waking up!

Thanks Spanky and Lil'Jimmy!!!!!!

Friday, March 27, 2015

How's That Conversion Thing Working For Ya?

Check out the latest article by Douglas over at the Painful Truth on Conversion:


"Herbert Armstrong spoke of conversion. We’ve had an opportunity to have observed his behavior. We’re a bit confused. After seeing what he did and how he acted, we’re not really sure what conversion is."
"It would seem that if the process of conversion worked properly, this is what we would see and we would not expect to see this:
Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.
Galations 5:19-21
This is where things get really dicey: We have seen over decades the behavior of the founders, leaders and ministers of the Armstrongist Churches of God. We have especially noticed Roderick Meredith, David Pack, Gerald Flurry, Ronald Weinland, those fun guys at United and the CoGWA, along with the minor sects which barely exist but seem to have attracted undo attention from their bizarre and extreme behavior. As we examine the ‘fruit’ so to speak, we seem to see more of the ‘works of the flesh’ than ‘fruit of the spirit’"

"It just seems that this conversion thing isn’t working with the Armstrongist Churches of God. People are unhappy. There’s quite a lot of power politics. There’s a lot of cruelty and abuse. People are being simultaneously abused and neglected. The leaders seem to get more greedy and DEMAND more money every week that goes by. There are complaints from the congregants (some just grumble). Those who complain are then accosted and accused of being disloyal. Many are disfellowshipped. We’re thinking that this sort of thing just doesn’t happen in the joyous spirit filled congregations of the converted faithful."

Meredith Thought His Mother Pushed Him Into "Borderline Immorality" When He Was 12 And She Made Him Dance With A Girl!

Rod Meredith is well known in all Church of God circles cor his over the top obsession with sex.  Every article he writes, every sermon he preaches and every commentary he makes, sex is brought up. Fornication, adultery, gay sex, bestiality, etc., you name it and he knows about it.

What contributed to his obsession?  Was it a trauma in childhood? Overly strict parents?  Health education in high school? Stolen glances at porn?  Something has pushed Meredith off the deep end when it comes to sex.

Back in 2007 Gavin Rumney had a little ditty about Meredith on the Ambassador Watch on how disgusted Meredith was with his mother concerning how she forced him into borderline "sexual immorality" when she made him dance with a girl.  He was 12 years old and repulsed at the idea of touching a female.


Violence against women is a serious issue, and it's good to see Presiding Evangelist Meredith addressing it, however hamfistedly, in a TW editorial. But what does one make of this little tirade?

"Even back in the 1940s, my mother and her friends - no doubt like millions of mothers all across the United States - had pushed me and dozens of my classmates to attend "dancing school" - where we were taught to dance face to face and chest to chest with young girls barely entering puberty. We were just little children who wanted to play baseball and "kick the can." God does not forbid dancing, of course, but He does command us to "flee sexual immorality" (1 Corinthians 6:18). Why did our mothers push us into the kind of semi-romantic, semi-sexual behavior involved in that kind of dancing when we were only twelve years old?"


"We were so embarrassed at holding these girls in our arms that we simply took off running - not knowing what else to do with ourselves. It would be several years before we were truly ready for such "romantic" involvements even in an innocent way. Why were our mothers pressuring us into this kind of precocious behavior?"


Rod's childhood was traumatised by dancing lessons at age twelve? Rod - now a septuagenarian - still has unresolved issues with his mother?

As they say, "who'd have thunk it?"

How Rod Meredith Betrayed Married Couples By Asking Them To Reveal Intimate Aspects Of Their Marriages And Then Forcing Them To Divorce

For many years when Roderick C Meredith was over the Church Administration Department he was the main agent of enforcing Herbert Armstrong's perverse Divorce and Remarriage "doctrine."  I remember in my church area watching families and good marriages being ripped apart by this disgusting and vile teaching.

In July 1969 Rod Meredith wrote a letter to the ministry giving them instructions on what he expected them to do.

One of the first things he wanted the ministers to do was to gain the married couples trust and to have them spill the beans on every aspect of their married lives, particularly when it came to sex.  The perverse preoccupation that Rod Meredith has for sex is just mind boggling.  It ran his mind back then and still does to this very day.

Here are some excerpts from the letter that is on the Living Armstrongism blog:

World Headquarters
Pasadena, California
Herbert W. Armstrong
President and Pastor
Office of
Roderick C. Meredith Second Vice-President

July 18, 1969

Special instructions: SAVE!

Dear Fellow Ministers:

This is a special letter of instruction regarding the handling of divorce and marriage cases. I hope all of you will read it very carefully and follow these instructions in handling these cases/

Appeal to them to be open-minded and candid about any pertinent information or intimate details of their past marriages. Let them know that you have gone into intimate details of dozens of cases and that you are not going to to be shocked at all. They should not hold back anything about any pertinent romantic or sex relationships before marriage. Tell them--if these factors apply--that you are God's minister and are married, have children and know about sex. Also, that you are bound as God's minister not to divulge any of it to anyone, and that, in fact, you forget most details anyway as you go through more and more cases.

Notice how Meredith demanded that members share every intimate detail of their sex lives,, both before an during their marriages.  The claim that Meredith makes that minsters do not share this information is a total lie.  That is the ideal that they should have had and that many ministers in Christian domination's actually practice, but it was NEVER practiced in the Radio/Worldwide Church of God.  The ministry wrote down all the juicy details and sent them off to Pasadena where they were read by numerous people.  Ministers regularly talked about the sex lives of their members with other ministers and LAUGHED about them.

I will never forget the time when Church Administration was located in the Hall of Administration lobby on the first floor down the hallway from the Security Department.  Will in the Security Department one day talking to the receptionist we could hear Robin Webber and another man laughing about a counseling that he had just had.  We could hear the intimate details of the conversation that should have been private.  He would talk and then they would laugh, share more details and more laughter.  Not only could we hear it all, but the office clerical staff and other people in CAD could hear it too.

One of the functions of the huge main frame computer system the church had in Pasadena was the ability to keep member files on every single member.  Every letter a person write in, how much tithe money there were paying, how many offerings they made, every question asked, every counseling they had and every comment a  deacon, elder or minister ever made was stored in these files.  There was no privacy then and certainly still is not today.

Meredith made full used of this stored information and it was used over and over to break families and marriages up.

Meredith had a large list of questions that he expected these members to answer.  Many of them were sex related.

1. Has either party been married before? How many times? If so, go through each marriage in chronological order covering the following points to finally determine their present status. Remember to ask about any "common-law" situations or "arrangements" while the man was overseas in the service, etc.

2. When did the original couple become acquainted? (Approximate date and their ages.) Ask the family background, religion, etc., of their parents.

3. How long and what type of courtship did they have? Did they have formal dates? Was petting involved? Fornication?

4. Did they discuss home, family, children?
Meredith was particularity interested in what type of sexual relations they were having.  The more juicy it was the better Meredith loved it.  What did Meredith consider "normal" sex to be considering how preoccupied he was with what he called "abnormal" sex.  That is the sex that has always titillated him.

9. What fruits of point #4 above were evident? Did they buy furniture and dishes, rent an apartment, set up housekeeping, or live with their parents, etc.? Did he properly support her or at least try to be a husband in this regard? Did they make a home and perform the duties of a husband and wife? Did he provide for the home? Did she cook, sew and keep house? Did they have normal sex relations?

10. Was there previous fornication with anyone else or fraud of any kind involved?
 He also had more to his list of things he wanted to know about:

We must judge the spirit of fraud as well--lesbian or homosexual, absolute alcoholic, dope addict, demonism, etc. These are matters affecting the character and being of the individual.

Then to really scare the members into revealing the most intimate details, Meredith make this asinine claim:

Tell the people that what they told us is the basis of our decision. If they have not told us the truth, then they are sternly accountable to God Himself as were Ananias and Sapphira!

Meridith then makes the following comment which shows how manipulative and devious his mind works.  He makes the claim that the church has NEVER asked couples to separate.  However, if they want their salvation assured then they will do it because of that.  They must do it on their own though.   When salvation is threaten to be taken away, what is a COG member going to do?  They are going to do what the minister expects them to do.  Fear is the greatest tool that Meredith had in his arsenal.

Then Meredith tells the ministers to explain to unconverted mates that "just like any other club, the church has its own rules."  Club?  The church is a "club?"

If one of the mates is not interested in the Church, just explain to him or her that just as any club has its own membership rules, God has set down certain requirements that must be met before a person can become a member of the Church of God. It is our responsibility as His ministers to explain these requirements, but what the individual does about it is his own private and personal business.

Meredith also expected his gestapo agents to go to family and friends to dig up more information:

If an antagonistic mate simply will not divulge information on previous marriages, try to find out the basic details from the converted mate--or other relatives or friends--and you may be able to be sure from that. 

Then to further emphasis his deviousness he says:

Do not, under ANY circumstance, put the decision in writing! It could be used against us in court, as occurred in one case that all of you are familiar with.
While he was more than willing to break up marriages an families he did not want the courts to every know what he was up to.

Once Meridith's rules have been enforced and a couple agree to separate Meredith expected them to move long distances apart, preferably to another state!

If they both agree to the separation, we should offer help and advice in carrying out their decision. They should separate geographically--at least a state away in most instances, and in every case should be in different Church areas.

Then Meredith makes a shocking statement.  Apparently incest has been quit common in the Church of God, so much so that the church has even approved it at times!  Of course they did, they had the highest example set for them when they knew about Herbert Armstrong's incestuous relationship with his daughter!
Only in very rare circumstances--perhaps when one or both are senile and when one or the other is crippled or severely disabled--might a brother-sister relationship be approved. In no case, however, should you hold out this hope until this arrangement has been approved by Headquarters! We have found that brother-sister relationships just do not work--even though they might, and I say might, be able to remain sexually separate. They are still living in a husband-wife relationship in their minds. Only in very unusual and extreme circumstances would this arrangement be approved. We have learned some hard lessons on this through the years!

 You can read this entire disgusting letter here:  Roderick C Meredith's Shameful Role in "Divorce and Remarriage " Policy

Thursday, March 26, 2015

LCG HQ On Lock-down Damage Control Mode To Prevent Further Persecution By Satan Through This Blog

Received this today in a comment:

LCG Headquarters is in crisis lockdown mode over the truths being publicized on this website!

The panic button has officially been pushed and the alarm has been sounded. The troops have been assembled for a damage control conference.

My money is on the "it's right before the spring holy days and we are God's only true church, so Satan is attacking us more powerfully than ever" excuse. It's an oldy but a goody and it completely negates the possibility that LCG leadership might actually be bring this on themselves by their un-Godly behavior.

LCG is not happy that members of the group are not too happy with the state of affairs in the church.  How dare these members express an opinion contrary to the happy-clappy-never-more-unified church that LCG attempts to portray.

Alas, it is Passover season which Satan HATES!  It is his attempt to cause the LCG persecution at this time of year.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fed Up Living Church of God Member Says: "All the Church of God ministry live in luxury on the backs of the people. "

Fed up LCG Member said...

All the Church of God ministry live in luxury on the backs of the people. They suck off the church and live high on the hog. I recall helping a minister to move. He had a semi-ranch with horses and stables and a 6 bedroom home in a very upscale neighborhood. I soon learned that all the ministry lived in upscale homes that most of us could never dream of owning. It made me sick as I was driving a second hand car and there were 5 of us in a 3 bedroom , one bath 1000 sq ft home badly in need of repairs. Paul and Peter etc worked for a living. These ministers suck off the congregation and then as the bible says feed the swill to the people. They don't seek the lost or help the wounded, they simply blame the people for all the damage the ministry has done. They even blame God for scattering the church when it was they themselves who did exactly that. These guys are as phoney as can be. March 25, 2015 at 1:06 PM

Real Christians Will Not Eat Matzo's Blessed By Christ Rejecting Rabbi's...Say What????

The Chief Pharisee of the Churches of God is now ragging on matzo's.  According to him, REAL Christians would never dream of putting a matzo that has been blessed by a Christ-rejecting rabbi into their righteous and holy mouths.  Why would a REAL Christian defile their temple of a body with this Jewish filth?

How incredibly STUPID can this man get?  Since the Chief Pharisee rejects almost everything in the New Testament he conveniently IGNORES the following scriptures

Mark 7:13

"He said to them, “Are you also stupid? Do you not know that nothing entering from outside a man can defile him?”  Aramaic Bible In Plain English

"And He said to them, "Are you so lacking in understanding also? Do you not understand that whatever goes into the man from outside cannot defile him..."  New American Standard Bible

"Are you so dull?" he asked. "Don't you see that nothing that enters a person from the outside can defile them?" NIV

"He asked them, "Are you so ignorant? Don't you know that nothing that goes into a person from the outside can make him unclean?" ISV
"Jesus said, “Are you being willfully stupid? Don’t you see that what you swallow can’t contaminate you? It doesn’t enter your heart but your stomach, works its way through the intestines, and is finally flushed.” The Message
Here is the Chief Pharisee's warning about ungodly matzo's:
 Matzoth are made with nutrient removed milled flour, that many of us would not normally think of giving to our families as white bread because of its valueless and even toxic nature; also Matzoth is made without salt or oil, and then blessed by a Christ rejecting Rabbi.

Is commercial Matzoth really the perfect representation of the Lamb of God, the Bread of Life?

All Unleavened Bread for purposes of Passover and the Feast should be made from stone ground whole wheat flour, or barley flour, or the best whole wheat flour available, organic preferred.  Gluten free flour is acceptable if necessary.
James Malm sinks further and further into idiocy day by day.  It is mind boggling that he has followers that believe his nonsensical Christ rejecting "theology."

Are Pedophiles in Leadership Postions at LCG?

There has been a discussion of a closed Facebook group today about a child molester that was apart of the Worldwide Church of God many years ago.  This person was a deacon at that time and served in the Auditorium PM services.  Rumors were already swirling around at that time about how he had abused boys at Imperial Schools on camping trips to Camp River Glen and other places.  Like almost all indiscretions in the church it was covered up.  Even though it was covered up, the kids talked about it and still do to this day. 

Many years ago I heard first hand accounts from guys he abused.  That's why it was interesting to see it pop up again on a Facebook group.  This time it was brought about by the discovery of an article that the person wrote for the March/April 2008 Tomorrow's World magazine that the Living Church of God publishes.

This person help form Global Church of God so that Meredith could step into it soon after he lost the defamation lawsuit that Leona McNair brought against him.  Meredith stayed in the WCG so that they would pay for and litigate the lawsuit even though he was in total disagreement with the church of God at that time.  In 1992 the Worldwide Church of God finally made an out of court settlement with Leona McNair for $750,000.00.

While this lawsuit was winding down, the pedophile was helping form Global Church of God in the background.  Once it was formed, Meredith with righteous indignation revealed he was leaving WCG to move into the Global Church of God where his salary continue to be paid.

Whether this person went on to continue to abuse boys in Global and Living I have no idea.  Why Meredith kept him in leadership positions when it was well known around Pasadena BEFORE either of Meredith's two splinter groups were formed has always mystified church members.

Meredith started his war on sex while he was still as student in Pasadena.  Later he became overtly preoccupied with homosexuality, so much so that he cannot preach a sermon to this very day with out mentioning homosexuality, fornication, adultery, and any other sexual deviance that he can imagine in his mind.  As we all know, that mind has a VIVID imagination when it comes to sex!

The church has had numerous pedophiles that have been prosecuted over the decades.  Countless adults have told their stories on Facebook and other web sites exposing the church hypocrisy.

A person would think that after all these decades of well know abuse, and witnessing the costly court trials that the Catholic Church and other churches have been drug through, that it would be a wake-up call for the left-over Church of God's.  Sadly, many still cover up and/or ignore what is happened and is STILL happening.

Meredith and others have been screaming for decades about the child molesters in the Catholic Church, yet turn a blind eye to the ones in their own midst.

 How many more lives need to be destroyed?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rod Meredith Publicly Lashes Out At This Blog During His Sermon Saturday Because We Dared To Post A Criticism By An LCG Member About Lil'Jimmy's Life of Excess

Lil'Jimmy's Tar Paper Shack

It has been well know that various office staff and ministers at Living Church of God headquarters in Charlotte regularly monitor this blog.

We have now finally pushed Rod Meredith's buttons big time, so much so that he publicly spoke out against this blog (BY NAME) at church this past Saturday.    Meredith was particularly upset about the recent criticism about Lil'Jimmy Meredith and his life of excess in LCG.

This was sent to me tonight by someone present at the tirade delivered at church.  At a time of the year when Meredith should be talking about God's unconditional grace, Jesus and forgiveness, he lashes out in anger at this very blog for daring to criticize his precious heir apparent. 

This would all be funny if it wasn't so sad. 

Last Sabbath was interesting at the LCG's headquarters congregation in Charlotte, NC.

Tourette's Syndrome Spanky had the sermon which usually puts the audience to sleep. Let's face it he has 2 or 3 sermons that he gives over and over again. Withered arm lady, exiled to Hawaii, homosexuals are ruining the world, etc. It's so boring that many members bring their laptops and do private Bible studies because they know they will get absolutely nothing out of the sermon. This Sabbath was slightly more interesting.

Ol' Roddy Boy decided to go on a tirade against none other than this very website. One would think that with all the stories that can be found about his own perversion and tyranny he would have focused on the site more broadly but his main thrust was the unfair treatment of his beloved successor, NCIS Jim.
In his ignorance and reactionary short-sightedness he likely drew MORE LCG members to check out Banned by HWA. I'm sure there were those in the audience who have never seen Banned. I'll just bet they have now! What kind of moron sends members to a site that exposes his rule as fraudulent and harbors whistle-blowers who share first hand accounts of suffering at the hand of LCG? RCM really is slipping.

The thrust of his anger was directed at the story that exposed Jimmy's arrogant, greedy self assignment of the best possible Feast site and over-spending of tithe payer money.

He tried to convince us that Jim isn't extravagant at all which is laughable to anyone who knows him. As anyone can plainly see, his house is really quite reasonable (4100 sq ft) for two people. What a joke! RCM then proceeded to lie (shocking, I know) by asserting that Jim usually gets that fancy Marriott room in Kauai for free. Unfortunately for RMC many in the audience are smart enough to realize that in Hawaii the meeting hall is an auditorium at a community college; not a Marriott ball room. Why would a community college pay for his room at one of the nicest hotels on the island? It wouldn't of course. Did the Marriott pay for all those plane tickets and all those meals at 5 star restaurants all over the world? Unlikely.

I suppose there are some ignorant members who literally just believe it because RCM says it and many of them have zero experience in business so they have little understanding of how kick-backs like free room nights work.

So please, everyone, please stop picking on Lil' Jimmy. He's really just a humble, serving, giver who would love to be a festival coordinator in a 3rd world, impoverished Feast site but they really need him in Hawaii.

Guess who's home this is....

Guess which COG leader owns this house....
currently worth $448,000.00

And this one:

And this one:

Dude...Wait....... What?????????

I received the following private post this morning.  I guess I need to get out my Strong's Exhaustive Concordance to try and figure out just what this person is trying to say.

What a disgrace you are. Just because a lot of brethren left in 1996 to go to the Feast and thereby 'join' Joe does not mean you can drop your bundle. Where is the LOVE (cf. Mr Armstrong) to those brethren that God had mercy on post-1996? Should you not also exhibit brotherly love? I am ashamed to say I was congregationally fellowshipping with you critics. Thanks for succouring the scattered ones. I AM being sarcastic! Shame. Shame. Shame.

The church left for the Feast in 1996 to join Joe?
Dropping my bundle?
God only loved the pre-1996 "brethren?"

Monday, March 23, 2015

Which Church of God May Prove To Be The Most Deadly?

With all the craziness going on with David Pack, Gerald Flurry,  Rod Meredith and other Church of God splinter personalty cults, it may not be long till something deadly happens again.  Vote in the latest poll to the right on who that might be.

Living Church of God: Home of Big Brother

Things continue to slowly melt down at the Living Church of God headquarters in Charlotte.  Every time one of these stories comes out here, LCG brass start proclaiming that the LCG is more unified than every and that EVERYONE loves each other with so much love that even God is surprised.  It is easy to see why Herbert Armstrong refused to name Rod Meredith as his successor.

Rod Meredith is keenly aware of his beloved source of money crumbling a little more each day as employees and members alike get more and more frustrated with his rhetoric. There are indeed "loose bricks" at LCG headquarters in Charlotte. Its unclear as to whether he continually writes and preaches about the purest ministry ever and the most unity in the history of the church in an effort to convince himself or others; or if he is truly delusional.

Meanwhile there are so many issues and unhappy employees / ministers at LCG headquarters that Meredith has now begun to check private emails of his employees looking for dissenters, negative comments about himself or his soldiers or communication with the ex-communicated. Any emails sent to or from private email accounts is scrutinized by someone in IT for offending statements. Nothing is private. If it goes through their server, it is theirs. Meredith's paranoia is unfathomable.

Of course people are smart enough to send email that they truly want to be private via web-based email such as Hotmail or gmail. Roddy probably hasn't figured that out though since he's stuck in 1957 (when it was widely acceptable to discriminate against blacks and homosexuals).

It is somewhat amusing to imagine that someone gets paid to monitor Facebook accounts and private emails over at LCG. Is there nothing better these people can do with their time?