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This is what you get..... Demon Infestation!

Anonymous said...

"This is what you get when you surround yourself with items of pagans. All those Indian artifacts carry the demons of the pagan gods they worshipped. That is why God had the Israelites destroy the idols of those around them. Bad mojo all the way."



And the all time classic Acheulean Hand Axe at 1.6 million to 200,000 years

Demon in the Mud along the WIllamette

Demons in a Glass Jug

Yesterday's Demonic Find
My first hint to dig it up

LCG: Many Members Are Struggling Financially, But Remember Your First Responsibility - Tithing


For a church that claims it is practicing pure first-century Christianity, it sure does not know how to treat its members well. Knowing full well that members are struggling Gerald Weston felt the need to point out to those members their responsibility to tithe regardless of financial struggle. Even though the church is bankrupting some people it is still important to send them that money. What are a few weeks without heat or some food? Beans and biscuits will do for a while. The elite in Charlotte never has to worry financially and are completely out of touch with members' issues. Sadly, this has always been the case even in every single Church of God out there.

I know we are all pretty aware of how food and gas costs (and increasing rents and property taxes) are starting to be more than just a “nuisance” for some of our local members. There are now more than a few people in my area who are starting to really struggle to pay basic bills. Every area has poorer brethren, and the Church is, of course, assisting with a few people, but it’s starting to go beyond that. Even for some of our local members who have decent paying jobs, they are starting to have to cut back in ways that they didn’t used to have to. I know this is nothing compared to what is in the future, as overall we’re still pretty blessed here in the USA, because again, it’s getting a little “different” than months or years past.

This winter may be very difficult for many as heating costs are expected to increase significantly. Wherever we are, let us look out for our neighbors and friends. God is clear about our responsibilities to Him (Malachi 3:8-10), but also about caring for the truly needy, as many scriptures admonish us. So let us pray for one another and care for one another by our actions (James 2:15-16).

Thank you, once again, dear brethren and co-workers, for what you have done these past two years. Let us pray that God will multiply our efforts abundantly.

Sincerely, in Christ’s service,
Gerald E. Weston

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"And I saw Satan fall as lightening from Heaven. He got all tangled up in the power lines before falling right into the Nave"

The story of Satan's Fall is an Astro theological explanation of the Planet Venus and the puzzling rise and fall it, as an inner planet, experiences in all it's pre-sunrise brilliance that puzzled the minds of those determined to explain it theologically. Back in the day, the stars were considered spirits. Venus has always been the "Lucifer" or "Light Bringer", i.e., the morning Sun. It was not generally realized that the planet Venus in the post sunset sky was the same thing. If it was, it was considered "The Morning Star" escorting Lucifer, the Lightbringer back to the darkness of the Underworld, i.e night.


Leave it to an artist!

Holy Trinity Church, in MaryleboneWestminster, London, is a Grade I listed former Anglican church, built in 1828 and designed by John Soane. In 1818 Parliament passed an act setting aside one million pounds to celebrate the defeat of Napoleon. This is one of the so-called "Waterloo churches" that were built with the money. 

The first burial took place in the vault of the church in 1829, and the last was that of Sir Jonathan Wathen Waller in 1853.[2]

By the 1930s, the use of the church had declined, and from 1936 it was used as a book warehouse by the newly founded Penguin Books. A children's slide was used to deliver books from the street into the large crypt. 

The Holy Trinity Church in Marylebone, Westminster, built specifically to celebrate the defeat of Napoleon, hasn’t been used as a place of worship since the 30’s, but that didn’t stop artist Paul Fryer from making a religious statement by hanging this terrifying statue of Satan inside.

The piece, titled “Lucifer (Morningstar)” is a wax sculpture depicting the devil snared in a set of power lines. The statue is equal parts grotesque and beautiful, showing Lucifer as an oily, black creature with immense white wings (created from real feathers). Even creepier in the fact that it’s lit via the church’s stained glass windows, an ironic juxtaposition that won’t be lost on many.

"Well, that didn't work..."

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LCG: We Are Sighing And Crying For The Starving Children Around The World But Not Enough To Help Them


LCG sends each week The World Ahead Ministerial Publication with items they think are related to prophecy happening before their eyes.

This week they have two items:

Eroding American-European Relations: The relationship between the United States and Europe has been suffering, especially since 2016, and contrary to what many hoped, it has not improved with the arrival of a new American administration in 2021. As the U.S. continues to pivot toward Asia, it also pivots away from Europe (Politico, January 10, 2022). Actions like America’s unilateral withdrawal from Afghanistan and the creation of the AUKUS security pact among Australia, the UK, and the U.S. have kept Europe on the outside. 2022 will put increasing pressure on the transatlantic partnership, as will the added stresses generated by Russia and China. 
Many Europeans are worried about the tenuous nature of American democracy. According to the Pew Research Center, “a median of only 18 percent of the publics in nine European nations believes that American democracy is a good example for other countries to follow.” A concerned New York-based foreign policy expert recently noted, it is no longer the sick man in Europe people are talking about, “it’s America that is the sick man.” 
It should be no surprise to see the eroding relationship between Europe and America and the rapid decline in respect for the U.S. Bible prophecy has long foretold that as we approach the end of the age, the influence of and respect for the Israelite-descended nations (such as the U.S., Britain, several western European nations, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and others) will dramatically fall, as their allies turn against them (Jeremiah 4:30) and they become the “tail” instead of the head (Deuteronomy 28:42–44)—events that will happen very suddenly (Deuteronomy 28:20; Isaiah 30:13). To learn more about what lies ahead for these nations, be sure to read “Sudden Calamities Ahead!” 

No news here. News publications around the world know this, but let's take Bible verses and assign them to stories we think fit our doom and gloom scenario. It works every time! Many fall for it.

Hunger Producing Premature Babies in Afghanistan: Since the U.S. and coalition forces pulled out of Afghanistan and the Taliban regained control, hunger has dramatically increased in that nation (Wall Street Journal, January 28, 2022). Half the country’s population—about 20 million people—are facing conditions of acute hunger as the economy continues to collapse following the Taliban takeover and the Western sanctions that have followed. While Taliban officials blame drought from God for the famine, there are additional challenges. Relief efforts are complicated by the sanctions and the government’s lack of international recognition, and the Taliban has focused most of its resources toward military control rather than relief efforts. Food prices are soaring, and many must choose between food, fuel, or medicine. 
Extreme hunger has many consequences. Pregnant mothers are giving birth prematurely to babies with very low birth weights. “The Wardak provincial hospital’s director in Maidan Shahr, Muhammad Nadir Rahmani, said the hospital is seeing the birth weight of babies reduce alarmingly, as the bodies of malnourished mothers are unable to carry their children to full term.” Many of these little ones are too premature to live. Breastfeeding mothers who lack food lose their milk supply and cannot feed their own infants. As one mother said, “We have always been poor, but things have gotten so bad I don’t have words to describe it. 
Many other nations around the globe, especially in the horn of Africa, are also experiencing extreme hunger (UN News, February 8, 2022). Sadly, it is often the youngest who are hardest hit. While many in the Western world suffer from “first-world problems”—such as not having their favorite brand available at the grocery store—those in developing nations are far worse off. Such conditions should move us to “sigh and cry” for the suffering we see in the world around us and pray that God will hasten the return of Jesus Christ to set up the Kingdom of God that will bring peace and abundance—and an end to hunger. To learn more about signs of the end of the age, be sure to read “The Black Horse of Famine.”—Scott Winnail and Francine Prater

LCG could give some of their precious tithe money to relief organizations that can help these starving children, but no, let's tell them that Jesus is coming to fix the problem.

LCG could send money to relief organizations that deliver dried milk and water to feed these children, but no, let's tell them about how Jesus is coming to fix it at some point in the future.

LCG could send money to deliver rice, corn, and other dried food staples to these people, but no, let's tell them about our Jesus, whom we rarely talk about, that will be coming to fix this all at some point in the distant future.

All of those starving children will appreciate this news so much!

What LCG should be doing, if they truly believed in that glorious kingdom to come they long for, is to share that excitement and help that kingdom break forth in a hurting world and help others. But it cannot and will not because it only looks inward seeking to draw in co-workers with money to fund their lackluster tv programs and youtube videos. Giving hurting people a foretaste of that glorious kingdom is not a priority. Never has been.

Well, I do have to admit, they DID mention Jesus in the next to last sentence. Priorities matter.

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Are You Anxious About The Future? Let LCG Fix That For You Because THEY Have The Sure Word Of Prophecy!!!!! Woo Hoo!


Living Church of God still is claiming to have the sure word of prophecy, Bwana Bob begs to differ as he and he alone has the only true interpretation of prophecy. What a crap fest this is all turning into when NONE of them have any sure word but are just trundling forward on their own speculations that have no basis in reality with none of them winning the argument.

Importance of Prophecy: 

Today, many are anxious about the future. People are told that no one can accurately predict the future and that the Bible is just a collection of myths and stories. Yet, the Bible actually reveals the future. The Bible plainly states that “All scripture is given by inspiration of God” (2 Timothy 3:16)—and that includes nearly one-third of the Bible that is prophecy. We also read that only God can predict the future and bring it to pass (Isaiah 46:8–11). The Apostle Peter writes to the Church, “We have also a more sure word of prophecy” that needs to be recognized, especially as we approach the end of the age (2 Peter 1:16–21, KJV). God has given His servants an understanding of prophecy so they can warn this world of coming events and offer hope for the future (Isaiah 58:1; Revelation 1:1; 10:7; 22:6). However, the Scriptures also reveal that the people and leaders of Israel will be blind to what lies ahead because they have turned away from God (Isaiah 56:10; Jeremiah 2:17–19; 5:20–21). Let’s be thankful for what God has opened our minds to understand about the future (Matthew 13:10, 16–17), and let’s use this knowledge to fulfill our mission of warning the world and preaching the Gospel of the coming Kingdom of God!

Have a profitable Sabbath, Douglas S. Winnail

At least this wasn't the usual Friday Night Smackdown with LCG members being accused of doing something else wrong. 

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LCG's Mario Hernandez Claims To Know Why So Many Are Getting Sick


The Living Church of God has produced a lot of crazy ministers over the decades and some of them we make fun of here, like Bobby Thiel. There is another crazy LCG minister running loose in LCG, Mario Hernandez. He had a poor reputation when he was in WCG so it is only natural that he jumped ship into LCG. He recently lectured students at the most astounding COG college ever to exist, Living University Education, on why people get sick.

Read this in awe and wonder at the magnificent thinking of Mario. You will be astounded!

Mr. Mario Hernandez opened his recent lecture by commenting on why he thinks so many people are getting sick.

He believes that God might be foreshadowing what is to come. He spoke about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, reminding the students of what each horseman symbolizes and the order in which they appear. He stressed the importance of knowing and understanding these things, since these horses will begin galloping in the future. We are to take the illnesses occurring around us as a warning, especially considering that the first horseman, symbolizing deceptive religion, has not yet intensified his ride. 

Now admit it, that made a lot of sense, right?  

He strongly urged us that we need to take the opportunities that are provided at Living Education seriously, because God will require more from us than He will from those who have not had these opportunities. We cannot allow the distractions of the world to keep us from doing what God wants us to do. We must have zeal to do the work of God. He mentioned that we live in a world filled with perversion, and that these sins are spreading like wildfire. He stated that God is being provoked by humans and that He will bring punishments once the children are completely corrupted. 

The god of LCG is such a weak impotent god that it is getting provoked, ignoring the fact that they believe that same god knew from before the foundations of the world that people would be rebellious and thus had to make a plan of redemption through killing Jesus Christ. If that god knew people would be doing these things in this age, why is it being provoked now?

Developing Integrity and Character 
Mr. Hernandez encouraged the students by stating, “Your future is bright.” If we are able to resist the temptation around us, we will be protected from what is coming. He mentioned that no society has been exposed to so much evil, in such concentrated amounts, and in such a short period of time, as our society today. We must have integrity and character, which are defined by what we do when no one is looking at us.

Mr. Hernandez pointed to Ezekiel 14:12–23 to show that God will punish the nations for their perversions and sins. In the days of Noah, God preserved him along with his wife, sons, and sons’ wives. Yet, in our generation, a father will not be able to save his son by his righteousness, but only himself. But, as Mr. Hernandez also noted, God does offer protection. 
Overcoming the Dragon 
Mr. Hernandez read 1 John 2:12–14, reminding the students of the importance of overcoming Satan, the dragon. He stated that even in many stories written for younger audiences, the dragon is slain with a sword, and this case is no different—we need our sword, the word of God, in order to overcome the adversary. Mr. Hernandez stressed the importance of “putting oil in our lamps” daily: “Do you know who the foolish virgin is? The one who does not read his or her Bible every day.” He urged the students that if we do not read our Bibles daily, our lights will be so dim that they will not be useful to us. 

Satan,  the devil, the dragon, etc, is the most powerful god of Armstrongism. Way more powerful than that guy they call Jesus Christ.  

We must offer our spiritual incense daily as well, by praying to God. Aaron physically offered incense to God in ancient Israel, and we are given the same duties as the priesthood on a spiritual level. He also encouraged the students to quickly go to the Scriptures whenever we enter temptation. He closed his lecture with this inspiring sentence: “The key to enjoying life is to obey God.”

Never once does Mario even mention finding rest in Jesus, that inconvenient dude that the LCG dislikes talking about. Resting in confidence in the one that redeemed humanity should be something that the LCG and Mario encourage the students at Living Education to be doing instead of living in fear. That is the belief of Christians around the world, down through the centuries, have consistently understood, but not LCG.

Instead, it is a constant stream of gloom, death, and damnation constantly lurking in the shadows just waiting to destroy people. 

Top Down Power In The Church


Church of God governance chart

We have all watched over the decades as the Worldwide Church of God and all of its hundreds and hundreds of splinter groups placed heavy emphasis on "proper church government" which translates power is at the top and trickles down till nothing is left for the members other than to submit and be treated like dirt.

Exit and Support Network has an interesting letter posted showing how this top-down government the COG has ties to Communism, all thanks to Herbert Armstrong. Dave Pack and Gerald Flurry have taken this power to the extreme end where it is truly communistic in its overreach.

Sickened to Find Out Where GF and HWA Modeled Their Organization After: 
February 16, 2022 
While listening to GF’s latest sermon given at HQ on February 5 (“The Antiochus / Obama Warfare”), I was just sickened when I realized where exactly HWA and subsequently GF modeled their organizations after. 
In the sermon, GF said HWA wrote some powerful articles on communism in the early 50’s and 60’s. Please notice this quote–an exact quote–of GF quoting HWA describing communism: 
“A ruthless totalitarian dictatorship. It is run with absolute power, a few men at the top, all of whom are completely subservient to one man who is dictator absolute. This one man dictatorship is supposed to be necessary because there may be different interpretations of the Marxist philosophy. Therefore, to prevent division they must have a supreme interpreter.” 
The above quote came from an article by Herbert Armstrong in the 1962 Plain Truth
“It is a ruthless, totalitarian dictatorship. It is run with absolute power by a few men at the top–all of whom are completely subservient to one man who is Dictator Absolute! This one-man dictatorship is supposed to be necessary because there may be different interpretations of the Marxist philosophy. Therefore, to prevent division, they must have a Supreme interpreter (“Communism, ‘Christianity’ and Double Talk” by Herbert W. Armstrong, February 1962 Plain Truth, p. 26) 
If this doesn’t describes the PCG “church” government precisely, then nothing does! And just like communism, everyone is required to protect the government structure at all costs. Anyone who questions or stands up against that government and its injustices that the government inflicts, are immediately “dealt” with. 
Upon further research from HWA’s own mouth. (Which I highly recommend everyone do). I came across a co-worker letter from February 1st, 1939. In this letter it shows HWA’s original form of governance–completely different from today. He later changed it when he realized he had to have complete control! [Note by ESN: You can also read it here: Did Christ Reorganize the Church? (February 1939 Good News article showing Herbert Armstrong condemned hierarchal church government in his early years.) [offsite article in PDF]

Then, notice a co-worker letter from November 24, 1967. In here, HWA describes in his own words how he began to study and research communism! Here’s a quote to get you started:

“I knew the Communist purpose and goal. I knew the Communists methods and tactics. I knew their philosophies and teachings. I knew how actual Party members are yielded completely to Communist Party discipline, obedient at any cost–willing to make any sacrifice for it.” (November 24, 1967 Brethren & Co-Worker Letter from Herbert W. Armstrong)

PCG members, did you know this?? Tell me you’re not living this? Prospective members do you know this?? 
HWA also stated in the above referenced co-worker letter that he had arranged to receive regular weekly bulletins, containing inside information in regard to communist’s activities in the USA.

Exact quote: 
“In the early years of The WORLD TOMORROW broadcast, beginning 1934, I had an arrangement with a secret investigator, working in connection with a major city police department, to receive regular weekly bulletins, containing inside information in regard to Communist activities in this country.” (November 24, 1967 Brethren & Co-worker Letter from Herbert W. Armstrong)

You can find these co-worker letters all over the internet, but I like to use this site because I know they are legitimate [Note by ESN: Dates to the co-worker letters are on the left side in the box.] This site has all HWA’s original material) Please do your research. Look into the history! 
PCG government was designed after communism. HWA and GF may claim that communism is the counterfeit of God’s government. Nowhere in the Bible is this form of government described or used.   

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Are You A Laodicean If You Refuse To Believe The Nightmares Of COG Crackpot Prophets?

Our eternally butthurt prophet of the improperly named "continuing" Church of "god" is back ranting today about how important he is and how God sent dreams to his confused mind telling him to apostatize in a fit of rebellion from the Living Church of God because Rod Meredith refused to acknowledge him as some spiritually significant person sent to correct the church. So in his fit of self-righteous anger, he started his own group, trying to poach LCG members and others to join him, which none of them did.

As usual, he trots our Loma Armstrong's dream and now claims that her dream also foretold of him starting a new end time "work". The stupidity can't get any stronger with this guy than this.

Loma and Herbert Armstrong were married in 1917. They were specifically told that they would have a work to do. Furthermore, the bright lights in the dream may have had to do with doing a work (cf. Matthew 5:16)–a work that seemed to vanish and return (flash). Thus, there was a dream from God given to a woman in the 20th century that preceded the start of the old Radio Church of God that Herbert W. Armstrong led. The Radio Church of God represented the start of the Philadelphia era and the Philadelphian work–a work that is not finished (cf. Matthew 24:14-15)–and Herbert W. Armstrong claimed that a dream given to his wife was from God, prior to the start of the Philadelphia era. 
Since the Philadelphia era was raised up years after that dream, a question to ponder is, would God do anything similar to point to the continuation of the end-time COG remnant of the Philadelphians? Consider that in Loma Armstrong’s dream that there were two sets of flashing stars–there were two parts to the dream. Herbert Armstrong is now dead and there was a pause between the work God had him to do and the completion of the final phase of the work to finally fulfill Matthew 24:14 (cf. Isaiah 29:14). 
Herbert Armstrong mentioned the dream from time to time publicly, here are two nearly identical accounts:

I’m usually pretty skeptical about God speaking to anyone today in visions or dreams. God speaks to us thru His Son, Jesus Christ — the WORD of God — and the Bible is the written Word. I didn’t really believe it then, 38 years ago, but subsequent events have verified that God did speak to my wife at that time, shortly after we were married, revealing thru an angel that He was calling us to the mission of WARNING the world of the fast-approaching END OF THIS WORLD, the Coming of Jesus Christ, and the world-ruling Kingdom of God. At the time I was unconverted, not bothering to attend church, interested only in business and making money. I was embarrassed — a little awed — but immediately tried to put it out of my mind. But at age 30 God took away my business, struck me down, took away my idol of money-making and business prestige. (Armstrong HW. Co-worker letter, November 25, 1955) 
I’m usually pretty skeptical about God speaking to anyone today in visions or dreams. God speaks to us thru His Son, Jesus Christ — the WORD of God — and the Bible is the written Word. I didn’t really believe it then, 38 years ago, but subsequent events have verified that God did speak to my wife at that time, shortly after we were married, revealing thru an angel in a vision that He was calling us to the mission of WARNING the world of the fast- approaching END OF THIS WORLD, the coming of Jesus Christ, and the world-ruling Kingdom of God. At that time I was unconverted, not bothering to attend church, interested only in business and making money. I was embarrassed — a little awed — but immediately tried to put it out of my mind. But at age 30 God took away my business, struck me down, took away my idol of money-making and business prestige. (Armstrong HW. Co-worker letter, February 21, 1956)

Notice that the dream was to go until the end of the world and the coming of Jesus–since Herbert Armstrong has been dead since January 16, 1986–if the dream was from God then, does it not make sense that the second half of the dream would be fulfilled by another in the 21st century? We in the Continuing Church of God are fulfilling that second part of stars. 
Eyes of a vast multitude suggest that the dream was saying that the work to be done was to have a witness to many. This happened with the old Radio and Worldwide Church of God under Herbert Armstrong’s leadership in the 20th century. The second set of stars in the dream, which he did not mention in the August 1958 Plain Truth, article, but did in his published Autobiography, may pertain to what I have called, for years, The Final Phase of the Work. But even if it had applicability to the ministry of Herbert Armstrong only, the dream, which shortly before his death he confirmed he believed was from God (per Aaron Dean, who I discussed this with on October 30, 2015), shows that one did precede the COG work he was involved in.

The Great Bwana to the Gentiles of Africa and 304 Israelitish Caucasians then trots out Dale Schurter as a reliable source. Given Schurter's track record of church hopping and ultimately embracing the Restored Church of God as the final true church proves Schurter has no credibility. 

Dale Schurter, a former WCG minister, reported that Herbert W. Armstrong stated the following in 1984/1985 (shortly before he died in January 1986). Here are two accounts of this:

“A few months before Mr. Armstrong’s death, my wife and I had the opportunity to spend several hours with Mr. Armstrong in his home in Pasadena. He spoke freely of the mighty work God had commissioned him to accomplish, and related certain heartfelt comments: ‘I can say that I have finished the work God has given me to do, and am at peace about it. I have preached and taken the Gospel of the Kingdom of God into all the world as a witness to all nations.’ 
“Mr. Armstrong went on to say, ‘I have come to realize there will be an even greater work to follow—to go again, to “prophesy again” to all nations tongues and peoples (Rev. 10:11) before the work of the two witnesses—but with more power and with a stronger warning message. But that will be for others to do.’ He continued, ‘It will be a short work (Rom. 9:27-29), compared with the longer time to complete the work I was given, and it will be cut short. That’s when the Great Tribulation will begin, as will the work of the two witnesses. These will last for three and one-half years, at the end of which Christ will return in glory.’” (“The Greatest Work Lies JUST Ahead…” as stated in RCG letter of May 31, 2013) 
When Mr. Armstrong was age 91 — about 1984 — Mona and I had opportunity to spend several hours with him in his home in Pasadena to visit and further report on work he had commissioned us to do. We were to report directly back to him. He talked freely of the mighty work God had given him to accomplish. He went on to tell us there was yet a bigger work still to be done, to go again and repeat what has been done, but with more power and with a stronger warning, just before the work of the two witnesses would begin. He said it would be a “short work” (Rom. 9:27-29) compared with the longer time to complete the work he had been given, and that it would be “cut short.” That’s when the great tribulation would begin, as would the work of the two witnesses. These would last for three and one-half years. (January 7, 2012 Dale Schurter Speaks Out: UCG Resignation Letter)

The Great Bwana then claims that because Herbert Armstrong did not preach about the second part of Loma's dream that it then points specifically to Apostate Bob as that "second set of stars".

Consider that since Herbert Armstrong did not teach that the second part of his wife Loma’s dream was fulfilled and that he also taught a greater work was going to happen after his death. It is greater because it will fulfill Matthew 24:14, etc. That is the work that we in the Continuing Church of God are leading. It appears that the second part of Loma D. Armstrong’s dream was pointing to the Continuing Church of God–the group that best represents the remnant of the Philadelphian portion of the Church of God.

Um, no it doesn't! 

The Great Bwana then continues his mythological storytelling of his major butthurt over Rod Meredith's rejection of him and how that justified his ascendancy as the one true final work.

Many years ago I had a dream, which while I did not understand it at first, as it became more and more fulfilled over the years, I began to understand it and believe it was from God.

I was 50 at the time (which essentially makes me an ‘old man’ per Numbers 8:25; cf. John 8:57). In my dream, there seemed to be two parallel lines. Living Church of God (LCG) evangelist Roderick Meredith was on the top line and I was on the line much below. In the dream, I kept calling up to Dr. Meredith, but he never would respond. This lack of response made no sense to me during the dream. Then after what seemed to be a long time, the lines-crossed with his line dropping and my line going up.

One reason that I did not understand it at the time was that I was on relatively close speaking terms with Dr. Meredith then (he repeatedly told me he considered me to be his friend, plus he had appointed me an adviser to LCG on matters of doctrine and prophecy), so that aspect of the dream made no sense. Also, since I had no intentions of leaving Living Church of God then (and certainly no plans to start a separate church), it was not clear what the dream was saying. Another reason I was unsure about the dream then was that I had not had any anointing for the Holy Spirit beyond baptism when I had that dream.

Right on cue, here comes Gaylyn Bonjour and his so-called double blessing.

But these matters changed eventually. For one, I was unexpectedly anointed for a ‘double-portion’ of God’s Spirit (cf. 2 Kings 2:9) on December 15, 2011 by an LCG minister named Gaylyn Bonjour.

Furthermore, over time, Dr. Meredith became more distant from me, would not keep various promises to me, and ultimately stopped speaking with me. And after I got a letter from him on 12/28/12, it was clear to me that there was no way that the Philadelphia mantle could be with him or any of his leaders. These subsequent events showed me that the dream was being fulfilled.

The butthurt and batshittery just keep getting deeper and deeper! 

Then he goes on to blame lazy Laodiceans and their bad attitudes for ignoring him:

Despite what the Bible supports, most Church of God groups do not seemingly accept that there are any prophets today, nor do they seem to accept that God actually sometimes speaks in dreams in the 21st century–some, oddly, seem indignant of the very idea. Part of the reason for this is that those self-proclaimed ‘prophets’ outside of the Continuing Church of God have tended to be proven to be false. 

Well, I wonder why? Is it because every single one of them has been lairs and certified false prophets? Could that be the problem, Bob? 

But that does not mean God doesn’t ever use dreams or have any in the office of prophet or ever pour out a ‘double-portion’ of His Spirit (cf. 2 Kings 2:9-15) as happened when an ordained minister so prayed and anointed me on December 15, 2011.

Gaylyn Bonjour had no idea Bwana Bob would twist this so-called blessing into using it to start a new splinter group of the Living Church of God. 

The Great Bwana then goes on to quote dreams of various African followers and stories to legitimize his apostasy. He then ends with this:

But many do not believe that God will work using dreams in the 21st century, despite the reality that most once part of the old WCG supposedly believed that God did in the 20th century. 
Of course, some will discount dreams and their confirmation as proper proof of anything they do not wish to believe. Many want more dramatic signs (Matthew 12:38; 1 Kings 19:11-12), but God does not always do it that way (Matthew 12:39-42; 1 Kings 19:12-14). 
Laodiceans seem to think that even though they claim to believe the Bible, that God really is not using dreams in the 21st century. According to Jesus, Laodiceans need to repent (Revelation 3:14-22)–yet, sadly, few will in time. 
Satan and his allies do not want you to believe that God has actually been using dreams–he wants you to rationalize away the prophecy in Acts 2:17-18–otherwise you might take action he opposes. 
Can you believe?

Bad Laodiceans! How dare you not believe the Great Bwana?????? 

Monday, February 14, 2022

You Aren’t Ezekiel, and We Aren’t Israel!


You Aren’t Ezekiel, and We Aren’t Israel!

Unfortunately, most of the Armstrong Churches of God are operating under the delusion that they have been commissioned by Almighty God to preach a message of warning to the English-speaking peoples of the world. They claim that they are the only TRUE Christians extant on this planet (some will allow that a few other Sabbath-keeping Christians are brothers and sisters in Christ), but they completely ignore or reject the commission which Christ gave to his disciples! How did this happen? Why aren’t they doing the work which Christ gave his disciples to do?

It all began many years ago with a man named Herbert Armstrong. Unfortunately, Herbert was a man with very little background, formal education or experience in the study and practice of religion and history. That, however, didn’t prevent him from becoming obsessed with those subjects or eventually proclaiming himself to be an authority in both. In short, Armstrong was struck by what he saw as the Bible’s preoccupation with the people of Israel. “This book is all about Israel,” he reasoned. This awareness led him to wonder why such a book would be of so much interest and concern to the English-speaking peoples of the world.

Herbert immediately began searching for an explanation for this enigmatic phenomenon and quickly stumbled upon a theory that had gained some traction in Nineteenth-Century England as an explanation for the success of English-speaking peoples on the world stage. Based largely on myths, legends, questionable etymologies, and notions of British superiority, some folks had decided that the Anglo-Saxon people of Britain must be one of the long-lost tribes of ancient Israel! They reasoned: Hadn’t God promised that Jacob’s descendants would one day possess great wealth, power, territory, and the “gates of their enemies?” Ancient Israel had never received those blessings, but Great Britain certainly had – the people of the United States had received those blessings! Hence, the English-speaking peoples of the earth MUST be Israel! Never mind, that history, archaeology, linguistics, and genetics made such a notion absurd – it explained so much!

From there, it wasn’t a big leap to start imagining that all of those Old Testament prophecies must also apply to modern Israel, the English-speaking peoples of the earth. As Armstrong studied those prophets, it dawned on him that they were always warning Israel of God’s impending wrath for their many sins and general wickedness. Well, he reasoned, there certainly was a lot of sin and wickedness extant among the English-speaking peoples of the world. Could it be that God was raising him up to warn these modern Israelites of their impending doom?

Armstrong stumbled across the thirty-third chapter of the book of Ezekiel, and he read there: 

“So thou, O son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the house of Israel; therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth, and warn them from me. When I say unto the wicked, O wicked man, thou shalt surely die; if thou dost not speak to warn the wicked from his way, that wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand. Nevertheless, if thou warn the wicked of his way to turn from it; if he do not turn from his way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul.” (Ezekiel 33:7-9)

Armstrong turned to the book of Isaiah and read: 

“Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.” (Isaiah 58:1)  

“God must intend for me to warn modern Israel of his impending doom!” Armstrong reasoned. The logic appeared so compelling to him. Hadn’t his conclusions been reached by carefully building on each new revelation that had been given to him? Armstrong had constructed this edifice by building line upon line, scripture upon scripture; and it explained so much! This all had to be from God – how else could he have figured all of this stuff out? And, if others couldn’t see it, it must be because God hadn’t revealed it to them!

Nevertheless, although Herbert now believed that he had his commission from God, he still wondered about how this could be reconciled with the traditional message of the Christian Church. Wasn’t the Church commissioned by Christ to preach the gospel? And wasn’t the gospel about Christ and salvation through him?

After his resurrection and just prior to his ascension to heaven, Christ had told his followers: 

“All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.” (Matthew 28:18-20) 
How was Herbert to get around what had always been characterized by Christians as the “Great Commission?”

“They are ignorant of the TRUTH of the Sabbath and Holy Days (and they observe pagan days), and they don’t even know who they are (Israel),” he reasoned. From there, it wasn’t hard to imagine that they hadn’t been preaching the correct gospel! Armstrong read that Christ had preached “the gospel of the kingdom of God” (Mark 1:14-15), and he was off to the races! After all, wasn’t the kingdom all about the government that God would set up on this earth to displace all of humankind’s Satan-inspired kingdoms? “Traditional Christians must have had it wrong all along!” he thought. They had been preaching a message about the messenger and had ignored his message!

For most Christians, however, Herbert Armstrong had gone down a heretical rabbit hole that was impossible to reconcile with that clear language at the end of the Gospel of Matthew. Christ had commissioned his disciples to go out and make new disciples and to baptize them – NOT to berate Israel for their sins and warn them about their impending doom! Most Christians also realized that it was impossible to reconcile Armstrong’s “Warning to Israel” and promise of “The World Tomorrow” with the message that Christ’s apostles had preached.

The first sermon that Peter delivered on the day of Pentecost was ALL ABOUT CHRIST (see Acts 2:14-36). Paul preached to the Romans about Jesus Christ (see Romans 1:1-5). Likewise, he wrote to the Corinthians about the one who had made them Holy, Jesus Christ (see I Corinthians 1:2 and 23). Paul wrote to the saints of Galatia: 

“May God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ give you grace and peace. Jesus gave his life for our sins, just as God our Father planned, in order to rescue us from this evil world in which we live. All glory to God forever and ever! Amen. I am shocked that you are turning away so soon from God, who called you to himself through the loving mercy of Christ. You are following a different way that pretends to be the Good News but is not the Good News at all. You are being fooled by those who deliberately twist the truth concerning Christ.” (Galatians 1:3-7) 

He also wrote to the saints at Ephesus that 

“God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. This is what he wanted to do, and it gave him great pleasure. So, we praise God for the glorious grace he has poured out on us who belong to his dear Son. He is so rich in kindness and grace that he purchased our freedom with the blood of his Son and forgave our sins.” (see Ephesians 1:5-7) 

Indeed, all of Paul’s messaging was about this salvation that we receive through Jesus Christ!

Now, in hindsight, it is easy to see how Herbert Armstrong went astray – how he came to believe that he was doing God’s work. This should serve as a parable to all Christians of how Satan can lead us astray and divert our energy and attention away from the work which God has given us to do. We must never forget that Christ commissioned us to preach the good news about salvation through him. He said NOTHING about warning Israel about the consequences of their sins! That was a commission which God gave to his prophets of old – it has NOTHING to do with the work currently before the Church of God!

 Lonnie Hendrix

Ron Weinland (That OTHER Crackpot Prophet and Second Witless Witness) Says His Group Is At The End Of Its Training Completing The 144,000


Ron Weinland isn't known in the COG movement as the brightest bulb in the box and apparently more and more of his followers are waking up to that fact and abandoning him and his looney Witless Witness wife Laura.

Weinland has less than 1,500 people left in his cult and those numbers drop by the day. It's amazing they have lasted this long since his 2008 prophecy failed with a massive public mocking and his imprisonment for 3 1/2 years.

Like Bob Thiel, Windland raves about his massive outreach on the internet thanks to technology. It's kind of the same empty boasting that Theil does. Never has the church seen such a great and awesome work proceeding from the mouth of the holy anointed one. God has been constructing a mighty work in Ronnie's basement so that Laura can buy more diamonds and wear them as they travel. Laura wears those diamonds as they travel in case they have to flee immediately to Jerusalem where they can cash them in so that she and Ronnie can witless witness in the streets of Jerusalem. 

Why we’re not 5,000 people. If we were 5,000 people we would not be nearly as unified and at one as we are. If we were 2,000 people we would not have the ability to be nearly as unified as we are. This is the end of a process of training, of molding and fashioning, of completing 144,000. Doesn’t take a lot to accomplish it. And it’s being done in an environment of greater unity and oneness in a sense, in the Church has ever had in a long, long, long, long...

It really hasn’t had what we have ever to this degree because of technology. Because I can speak here, and it goes around the world. Incredible. People watching it already this morning, early this morning in Australia, New Zealand, some staying up late to watch it in the UK, in The Netherlands because they can’t wait until next week! Which is great! And then they listen to it again and build upon what they heard last week (or this week). Incredible. Awesome.

But to understand God has given us this at the end to finish something, to complete a process of construction because of what He’s constructing, it’s an awesome thing that we’re all a part of. And it’s hard for us to grasp how great this really is sometimes and our part in it. 
So, God’s word is not confined. God’s going to do what He’s going to accomplish. It’s going to get done. And we have the blessing of being part of it, with it, or not. But every year people choose the “or not.” It’s hard. It’s hard to watch that. Rips it apart inside here sometimes. It really does. It rips apart. It’s difficult to watch those choices being made. To walk to God’s house side by side, counsel blended sweet. Some who were with us for so, so long and then stab you in the back. It’s human beings, human nature.

Sunday, February 13, 2022

No One Respects Me!


I checked out the polls on the blog the other day 

and guess who out of all the current COG leaders is at the bottom of the cesspool?

It's pretty bad when even Dave Pack and Gerald Flurry are considered not as bad as he is.