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David Passover Pack: I Trained In The Backseat Like Joshua

Back seat training is never easy!

Apparently the entire Bible was written as forerunner of David Passover Pack and his amazing life.  Who knew that we were reading about him all these years!
43 – This is a personal point, but a big one I believe, nevertheless, and the record of what I'm gonna tell you is there for all to see. I have for over thirty five years been fascinated with and preached about Joshua and how he tutored in the back seat under Moses the prophet. I started in the 1970s giving sermons everywhere I ever went – many sermons – every church I ever pastored, including in Restored to the whole church in about, I think, 2002 maybe it was. Joshua trained in the back seat; what was it like to train under Moses? It was just always an interest I had. You assign that to value you think it deserves. 

David Passover Pack: Make the stupid people realize I am the ONE and ONLY!

A real speaker who has prepared his material before hand always has a concluding statement that summarizes what he has been speaking about.  David Passover concludes with a sentence that has no meaning or connection to his precious two hours of blabbering.  Yes, we know you are an awesome dude.  There is no other like you on the entire earth.

Good night Gracie...

Brethren, somebody was going to be this man, we were willing to believe it was Herbert Armstrong, he was a man. Somebody was going to be Moses, turned out that was Mr. Armstrong. Like Elijah and John the Baptist he was going to look – they were different from one another – this man was going to look, and talk and be a certain way. I come as one particular human being. God could've picked others, maybe I was one candidate out of many, I don't know, I don't know how the mind of God would be on those things, but this is the way I am. So it was going to be somebody, and you'd have to get used to and settle on and accept the strengths and weaknesses of whoever it was. Now, final sentence, we are nearing the end of all things, just read the news of last week, an enormous prophecy has been fulfilled, how many more enormous prophecies are soon to follow? Good night.

David Passover Pack: All manner of healing will ONLY be taking place within the Restored Church of God

Only David Passover and his little band of merry makers will be healed by God of ALL MANNER of sickness and disease.  Nothing is too great or too small for David Passover's god to heal  Healing cannot come through any other Church of God.  It is only through the miraculous presence of David Passover Elijah Pack in the Restored Church of God is this healing possible.

Sermon 2   1:50:00
Now, some of you must have wondered what the last point was that I left out of the sermon two weeks ago when I said we don't have time for a longer point, it would last several hours? Well, you just heard it, you can see why I couldn't put it on that list, but one of the great proofs – and I sort of alluded to it earlier on – one of the great proofs that there will be a mass healing in the church is it's part of a restoration under my office. And I couldn't say that two weeks ago before you understood what my office was. So, this series of sermons takes its place in that sermon, adding tremendous weight to why all of you brethren around the world, and those who are coming with us, can look forward to God healing all sickness and disease. The term "manner of" by the way, isn't there, men added it, when they came the apostles and Christ healed all sickness and disease; small stuff, big stuff, everywhere in-between. and if God heals you, man it's a small thing to others, it's probably pretty big to you, and that's why we want to announce things no matter how small they are as long as they're a legitimate healing to the degree that we're not overwhelmed with numbers, because God in all ages is going to heal all sickness and disease,

David Passover Pack: To those outside the RCG there is no other ONE possible than ME!

Dave is still stinging from the fact that tens of thousands of COG folk did not jump to his ship the past two to three years.  There is no human leader in the Church of God or anywhere on this earth who is as great and as important as David Passover.  He's younger, he's better, he's more important!  There are NO other candidates and there is NO possibility of others arising.  There is no other way to salvation but through David Passover!

To outsiders – those outside the Restored Church of God, a few final thoughts here – if you reject these 130 points, then where are your candidates for Elijah. Who is on your list? The answer? Likely no one. Those who might have a list are looking for ones like themselves. Put your money where your mouth is and go find Elijah. I'm not talking to us, I'm talking to those outside. Sooner or later those who claim to be looking for Elijah will have to get accustomed to having the one that God chose. No other man is coming. Two reasons: 1, all that would have to be done – who would do it? A lot of the men are much older; I don't think I could write everything all over again. And 2, there's no time, even if the man had started five years ago, and no one did. Think of where we are, there are no candidates, there's no possibilities, there's no other way, and God waited until there was no other possible way to see this to reveal even to me what my role was. 

David Passover Pack: Will He Be Unleashed On The World At Supper Time As He Pokes His Poker Around Causing a Fire?

David Passover says his job is to be a hot poker from a fire poking around.  He is still butt-hurt that some many ministers and members have left him.  He is shocked that they did and of course has to berate them and belittle them for doing so because they do not understand his magnificence.  It's all their fault.  Dumb idiots never understood how important he was.

The last, and maybe most crucial point maybe, announcing Elijah is a catalyst to events about to happen or even the catalyst to the remnant prophecy, we'll see. They have to know, it's who they're waiting for. And if they'll listen and hear the case then where does that put us? Elijah is sent. [By an] apostle? Is this publically known when he's sent at supper time? Could this be soon? I don't know. Do people know who he is when he comes? I'm not sure, but remember that today waiting for Elijah; we'll see what God intends. Joshua is called a "brand plucked from the fire," but he's not just plucked from the fire he's a brand, he's a poker plucked from the fire. My job is to poke around, maybe I can cause a fire, we'll see. How interesting. The fuse may have been lit with men who were sent away, they'd all gone beyond the pale, more than you can know. How long we bore with them, I wish I could've gotten rid of them sooner, they turned out to be worse than we thought, but it's been its own interesting experience to see how God is just gonna turn certain men – just wham! in the splinters – and they're gonna scatter, and they're not gonna come with us. Wish I had more time to tell you that. I've learned a lot more about exactly how God is gonna just scatter everybody, it's gonna be very quick, but that's another subject.

David Passover Pack: Disappointed that nitpickers don't appreciate the TIME he puts into his sermons!

Passover Dave's mantra

Poor Passover Dave.  He has pastored thousands and thousands of people over the decades and they are nothing more than a bunch of nitpicking whiners who fail to appreciate the amount of time he takes to prepare for his sermons.  Ungrateful bastards! It's hard work being a Elijah but someone has to do it!

Sermon 2:  1:45

 A very few have left, but it's in their interest to tell those kinds of stories. Maybe a few will leave, but I doubt very many, and if they do they're idolaters, they should leave. Look, when God brings a very pure remnant over here, do we want people here who understand, for instance, the "common" doctrine? They're gonna have to make decisions on short notice. We have people who've sat here for years and rejected it, or people who've sat here for years and heard about the remnant and rejected it, should they stay here, and others have to make a relatively quick decision over a period of weeks once this prophecy breaks? They shouldn't be allowed to stay, they need to move on. I still believe there'll be very, very few. But some of these who've left, and others out there, will almost certainly say, "We've got him now, he's claiming to be Elijah, he's a megalomaniac!" or whatever. They will use and fan emotion in the hopes that people will not remember the avalanche of facts heard today. And the splinters will not grasp or hear this in any great measure because of thousands of poisonous tares all through them until God just separates them. Nitpickers need reasons to refuse understanding. I almost hope I gave them something real or just perceived to leave; if they're a nitpicker they're gonna leave. I've been watching this for decades; I've pastored thousands and thousands of people. There is a lot here. Just try to imagine the hours spent preparing these sermons. It may not be perfect in every detail. May the natural born nitpickers find those things, criticize me and leave so we don't    
have to put up with them anymore. If you can't find something, make sump'n up – I'm having fun here – there, uh oh, there I sound like Elijah again mocking them. But there may also be important or even vital points

David Passover Pack: Will He Soon Kill 102 Pursuers (Critics) and 50 COG Ministers?

Elijah's carnage

If he doesn't think he will do this then why mention it?  Oh wait, he does....make up your mind Elijah Passover!!!

Sermon 2    1:10:00   

120: Elijah executed a hundred and two pursuers with fire and slew four hundred and fifty prophets of Baal with his sword after using fire to light the offering. Could there be a modern parallel of at least using God's Word as a sword? I don't I kill four hundred and fifty people with fire, but you  understand the point, Christ comes with a sword in his hand, the false Christ with a bow; the sword is the Word of God, we understand that, and I'm going to have to deal with these men.             


David Passover Elijah Pack: Will soon be preparing 70 million people for the marriage supper.

David Passover Pack cannot even get 1,500 people to follow him let alone 70 million!  No one is jumping ship to his group even after releasing 130 points on why he is so superfantabulous.

119: The final Elijah prepares both remnants for the Lord. The spiritual remnant, but a remnant of seventy million people; the remnant leaders who Christ refines that will go on to help him reach and prepare both are within his assignment described in Malachi – Elijah's assignment. But Mr. Armstrong never fulfilled any of this. Luke 1:17, "Make a people ready for the Lord," simply could not apply to Mr. Armstrong going so early. Those who are described as ready and are taken into the wedding supper are so defined at the time we are taken; that's when the group is "ready." Mr. Armstrong was in no position to make "ready" a people for the Lord. He laid a tremendous foundation, and then he broke off and other things had to happen. 

David Passover Pack: Will The Islamic Nations Soon Honor Me As The Real Elijah?

Being born tot he world's most favored parents, David Passover Pack has such an important lineage to his name that even the Muslim hoards might soon be looking to him as the Elijah they have been waiting for!  Say what??

Sermon 2: 1:05:00 
Number 117: This longer point has many points or sub points within it; it speaks to numerous parallels, forerunners and types – quite a number; a series of facts. John was almost entirely a Levite; his mother was part, maybe half Levite, maybe half Jewish, because her cousin Mary delivered Christ as a Jew – the Bible says, "Our Lord sprang out of Judah." But John the Baptist's father was a priest and therefore a Levite. He was named Zechariah – remember the Hebrew – which of course means God is Marked. My name is Passover, and that's likely Levitical; kind of an interesting parallel to me. But John's father is introduced as a "certain priest," meaning a regular priest or person, not a high priest. John's mother must have also been descended from David; she, again, shared the same Jewish roots as Mary. My actual genealogy might be a kind of parallel, and I've wondered if my extraordinary parents form a parallel with John's in some way. The angel Gabriel told Zachariah of John's coming, or Elijah's coming – the first Elijah – and miracles surrounded the birth. Now, John's parents are obviously much honored in scripture; they must have been unusual to have been given John as their only child and coming at a great age. Even Islam honors John the Baptist's parents, partly just because they are his parents. John himself is revered almost everywhere including holding a very high position within Islamic thinking. Brethren, I guess we'll just have to see if this becomes a bigger point in time. And again, recall from earlier sermons that the name Zechariah means God is Marked; certainly this is prophetic in light of Zechariah's son's future role in introducing Christ's first coming. Of course, it was a prophet of this same name that announced the voice that came in Haggai. And recall that I said some weeks ago that the ancient prophet Zechariah carries out a type of my duty in this regard. This point grows in meaning because the prophet Zechariah's now seen to be a type of the final Elijah. I knew he was sort of typing what I was to do; well now I understand my role and therefore the greater sense of what he types. Certainly his fourteen-chapter book – now think about this – is foundational to the final Elijah's message. Brethren, surely this is not coincidental that the father of the first Elijah, John the Baptist – not the ancient one, but John the Baptist – has the same name as the ancient prophet who was himself a type of Elijah. Re-listen to this point in the sermon when you go back through all of it, maybe a couple times, to get it straight, but let's go further.                  

David Passover Pack: I Have Not Been Tired For 190 Days

Since David Passover Elijah Pack is the world's most superfantabulousus man running the world's most superfantabulous work it is in inconceivable that he would EVER get tired!
I told you at the Feast that I thought God was going to begin to pour out more power in his church. Would you say that's happening? I haven't been tired for a hundred and nine days – I was just calculating it – my voice should be giving out, but it's not.

David Passover Pack: I Need To Perform Miracles! Will He Raise The Dead?

David Elijah Passover Don Knott's Pack:  Will he soon raise the dead?

Sermon 2  around 55:00

Point 111 – twenty two to go, then some concluding points. I have personally seen and proven for years that the remnant will not move without miracles. Only an empowered Elijah, with the two witnesses as men of wonder, could bring them. It was a resurrection of the dead – I'm not saying that that'll be involved here, but I'm just trying to get you to understand something – that convinced the widow of Zarephath, who harbored him during the drought, of Elijah's credentials. Not the miraculous drought – he dried the heavens for three and a half years – nor his years-long miracle of food provided for her, her son and himself. It was the resurrection of the dead. Now, it's just an interesting point which I throw out there. Elijah came with enormous power; he could call fire down, he could resurrect the dead, he could dry the heavens, he could multiply food for years out of a small amount, and take care of her son – resurrected her son when he died – sobering point. I've often said the false prophet would claim to be the Elijah. I have no doubt of it now. How much more could this be said with me claiming the same office with miracles in the false prophet's time? You understand? He's got to! Why do think in Revelation he's called the false prophet? Now, I know he's called the man of sin in other places, but when he works with the Beast he's called a false prophet. Which prophet are hundreds and hundreds of millions of people all over the world waiting to see? The entire Islamic world venerates Elijah; they venerate John the Baptist. They even revere John's parents for having given birth to John the Baptist, who was a type of the Elijah. Billions are waiting for Elijah. Recall my words about the final false prophet; considering my role it seems more certain than ever that he will claim to be Elijah before claiming to be God himself. We're into implications and ramifications. I do not come as some kind of academical Elijah; I make some nice assertions and it just sort of rests, which was one of the problems with Mr. Armstrong. He didn't look like Elijah, but he sort of did some restorative things, but didn't do powerful miracles – didn't need to. I'm gonna need to. Try to imagine, by the way – try to imagine, did you ever think of this? – I travelled between the two that stand there described in Zechariah 3 and 4, and here's this man of wonder on the left, Arnold Schwarzenegger, on the right is Hulk Hogan, and I'm Don Knotts standing there in the middle; I can't do anything. How would that look? It would make God's leaders look like fools, "What, you're Elijah? You can't do anything? You've got these two wunderkind on either side of you here, they're doing everything?" It doesn't make sense. I mentor them because I can do those things; when the time is right we'll see. 

David Elijah Passover Pack: Moses Was Too Ignorant To Know That I Was The Elijah To Come

Color in Elijah Passover Pack on his fiery chariot
(That's Rod Meredith left behind on the ground.)

David Passover Pack is doing everything in his power to make his dwindling flock of followers believe that he is a reincarnated Elijah who has come to restore all things before he is whisked away in a fiery chariot.

Sermon 2:

110: Now think of both men again. Even the correct and full definition of who and what is Elijah would have to be restored by that man; by Elijah. I'm actually restoring the correct understanding of what is Elijah. Also the ancient Moses died never knowing of Elijah the prophet, or of John the Baptist, but the final Elijah would know of all three, and of Mr. Armstrong. This would include correctly seeing Mr. Armstrong's time setting and his role as a Moses. Moses never saw any of these other men; I see all of them. You'd have to have a man with the lookback perspective to put it all into perspective. The modern Moses would not be in any position to see the Elijah fulfillment; he would have to see the coming apostasy, and Mr. Armstrong never did or he would have picked a different leader.

David Passover Elijah Pack: I Am A Type of Christ

David Elijah Pack Our Passover

Around the 50:00 mark in sermon 2:

Elijah actually does restore all things, thus creating a second powerful parallel with Christ. So Moses compares himself to Christ – you just read it. The best way to see this is that Moses directly described himself as a type of that prophet – read his words, this means Mr. Armstrong would be as well. Mr. Armstrong would be a type of that great prophet. If Moses was so is Mr. Armstrong. Just think of the many millions of people – what we just read there in Acts who would hear Christ – the many millions of people everywhere who heard his voice, his words. How then is Elijah, who does an even greater work, in an even bigger world not coming in the same way? So that Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Pack, if you will, come side by side, with Mr. Armstrong taller; he should have been six-seven, and I'm five-seven, that part's not right. How is Elijah not also a type of that prophet? But this is just another way of saying both men are types of Christ. No wonder these men are talking together with Christ in the transfiguration. They work together in a unique way at the end of the age. Christ is an apostle and a prophet, that's what it says; there he's called a prophet, you know in another place he's called an apostle. Both of these two men – these final two apostles, unique in all history – are both also apostles and prophets. See the parallel?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

David Passover Pack Sinks To A New Low: Claims His "god" May Blow Up One Of His Nemesis's Feast Sites

I received this appalling information about David Passover Elijah Pack today.  Passover Pack is sinking further and further into mental illness and depths of depravity.  The fact that his ministers stand by him as he says this proves to the rest of the Church of God how emasculated these "men" are. Shame on them all!

You probably noticed Pack has a new 3-part sermon out “Malachi, God’s Final Warning”
Pack apparently thinks (or more likely hopes) that God is going to blow up a feast site of the other splinters.  The hatred this guy has for anyone who’s not subservient to himself is just phenomenal.
If there were to be a calamity on any group of people assembling, most of us would find that horrifying.  Instead, Pack finds it “interesting to see” if that were to happen.  Classic psychopath.
Part 1 around 1:27:00
"Now this is critical.  Ministers have a choice.  At some point we're going to have a lot more ministers and I don't know the number... And if they make the wrong decision it turns really bad for them... because some of them are going to be cursed.... [God says] ‘I will spread dung on your faces.’  Now I don't think God is going to literally spread dung on their faces.  God isn't going to spread literal feces on their faces.  But he does say what he has in mind... ‘Even the dung of your solemn feasts, and shall take you away with it.’  Now, this is an interesting point.  This part's pretty obvious.  God views their sabbath services, and their holy days and their feast sites as dung, as excrement.  You can't make it anything else... So it's not a literal dung it's a dung that's described as their feasts, which they think is probably the best of what they do.  And God considers the best of what they do when they come together, misusing his name, as so much of that 4-letter word.

He has not yet done this.  You wonder if he's going to blow up one of their feasts.  Is it Unleavened bread, is it Pentecost, I don't know.  Is it their Passover, is God going to spread it over them in some way like that?  I don't know, it will be interesting to see.  Is the spring feasts because God plans to do this this spring or next spring?  Whenever it is, that's interesting."