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Church of God Murderer/Pedophile David Renz Spared the Death Penalty After Murdering Mother As She Tried To Stop Daughter From Getting Raped

A New York man has been sentenced to life in prison without parole Friday for raping a girl and killing her mother after cutting off his ankle monitor last year.

David Renz learned his fate in Onondaga County Court after a judge said he hoped the penalty would comfort the victims' family.

The 30-year-old had pleaded guilty to first-degree murder, admitting that he carjacked Liverpool librarian Lori Ann Bresnahan and her 10-year-old daughter March 14, 2013.  
Renz stabbed and strangled the mother as she tried to stop him from raping her daughter.

He had been under federal monitoring on child pornography charges but cut off his ankle GPS. 

Renz was sentenced earlier this year to 30 years in federal prison for possessing more than 11,000 images and 1,100 videos of child pornography.   Daily Mail

Renz will be sent to a special prison where he will be separated from other inmates because he had his nose broken his first day after arrest.

"SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- David Renz, the murderer and rapist who was sentenced today to life in prison, will live in a special housing unit when he is transferred to the New York State Department of Corrections.

There, Renz won't be locked up in a single cell all day and night, as he has been at the Onondaga County Justice Center jail, his lawyer Ken Moynihan said"

"The day after his arrest, Renz was attacked by another inmate in Onondaga County's jail. His nose was broken. Since then, he has been in protective custody. Moynihan said he's been kept separate from other inmates and locked up almost all the time.

Part of Renz's agreement to plead guilty included the condition that he be kept in a prison program where he would be safe, but less confined than he has been, Moynihan said."

Even Renz attorney was shocked by the things he heard and made him more vigilant in protecting his family.

Defense attorney Ken Moynihan says: “I know this last 14 months has been hard on the entire community. Nothing I can say can bring satisfaction to them. Mr. Renz has accepted the harshest penalty available under law.”

"This case has shaken the community," David Renz' defense attorney said in an interview with Michael Benny. "It's shaken me personally. It made me more vigilant with making sure my wife and children are safe."  CNYCentral

Renz mother says she prays for the family every day:

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Kathleen Renz, David Renz's mother, said she prays every day for the woman her son killed, the child he raped and their families.

Kathleen Renz spoke following her son's sentencing this morning in Onondaga County Court for murdering Liverpool school librarian Lori Bresnahan and raping a 10-year-old girl March 14, 2013 after abducting them in a parking lot of Great Northern Mall.

"We continue to pray for healing and restoration for the Bresnahan family," Kathleen Renz said.
She said her family was relieved to hear the news that her son would not be subject to a death penalty trial for his crimes. But she said her primary relief was not for herself and her family, but for his victims' families.

2,000,000 and Counting!

Who would have ever dreamed that this blog would garner over 2,000,000 hits!  We all knew about the silliness of Armstrongism, but when it is pointed out in black and white (and color) it is glaringly obvious on just how sick it all was and still is.

Bitter Bob Offers To Teach LCG and PCG Correct Doctrine IF "...they truly will love the truth over improperly published positions"

Bitter Bob Thiel is still stinging from the rejection of Rod Meredith to his "correct" versions of prophecy.

Thiel is upset that while he was part of LCG they "acquiesced" to his demands, but since he has left they ignore him in all aspects.  I am sure that Meredith would agree that he "acquiesced" to Bob on doctrinal matters.  As if!

Sometimes, when I was part of LCG, LCG published something similar to the above, and I would work with them to realize that the Bible does not teach that it must be 10 current nations.  LCG used to acquiesce, but now that I am out, it seemingly is insisting on a position that is not required by the Bible.  LCG needs to change and properly teach prophetic sequencing.  I am still willing to assist LCG as well as other groups on this, if they truly will love the truth over improperly published positions.

Then to get his point across AGAIN to PCG and LCG, Prophet Thiel shouts out a warning:

As I reported a couple of days ago, both PCG and LCG have the wrong end-time prophetic sequence involving the battle between the King of the North and the King of the South.

Poor PCG and LCG!  While Thiel is flying to Petra in a DC10 with cracked wings held aloft by angels, PCGer's and LCGer's will be going about their merry business when the Germans, Muslims, and Chinese come knocking at their doors.  What a sad day that will be!

LCG could not wait for Prophet Thiel to leave the church and as soon as he did they changed their booklets in order to piss him off.

It appears that since my departure from LCG, certain items I was told were literature errors, were intended by some to be actual doctrines of LCG.  LCG is publishing several positions on prophetic doctrinal matters in conflict with the Bible as well as positions that its Dr. Meredith personally told me that he agreed with.  Now is the time for LCG to change.
Days of Our Lives and All My Children pale in comparison to the Church of God dramas!

COG Splinter Leader Shaves Head in Scalplock and Adorns It With Feathers to Commune With Indians and Nature

Eric W. King lives in the wilderness and has shared time with the Chickasaw Indians. Here we witness Eric after a hunt with dogs.  Eric always rewards his dogs with love after the hunt. Eric has Cherokee heritage and was privileged to share living time with fellow Indians. Eric still shares time with fellow Indians every summer.

All of the head hair of the Cherokee men was plucked out but for a small patch from which grew the scalplock, which sometimes was ornamented with wampum of shell and beads, feathers, or stained deer's hair. In the above video clip Eric wears his hair in this traditional style.

For further proof that Eric King is the only TRUE COG leader, he even has the letters COG in his Indian name.  His Cherokee name is.......Coga Gawaniski

There's one thing about E W King, he is unlike any other COG leader in the history of Armstrongism.  Even the craziness of Bob Thiel and Dave Pack pale in comparison.  From preaching Bible studies in a rocking chair with ripped and patched jeans to making hundreds of silly prophecies stolen from the headlines, King is the MAN!  His masculinity exudes from him.  Rod Meredith approves!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bitter Bob of the Improperly Named Continuing Church of God Calls Flurry A Liar

Bitter Bob Thiel is striking out at Gerald Flurry  trying to discredit him so that members will jump ship to Bob's personalty cult.

Thiel is trying to use his miraculous and unlimited knowledge on prophecy to disprove Flurry.  Of course this will not work as every single COG splinter group leader, including Thiel, thinks their interpretation of prophecy is correct.

Meredith discredits Thiel, Theil discredits Meredith, Flurry discredits Pack, Pack discredits Flurry, Thiel, Meredith, UCG, COGWA and everyone else, Thiel discredits Pack, Thiel discredits UCG, UCG makes dumb videos and does worry about discrediting anyone.  On and on the cycle goes.

Gerald Flurry’s prophetic sequence is in error.  He has many prophetic errors and people should not rely on his prophetic interpretations on many matters.  He will be proven wrong on many points and people need to realize this. Another false PCG prophetic pronouncement related to the Arab nations

Who's telling the truth, who's a liar? 

Actually, who really cares what these morons think any more!  None of them have ANY credibility.

How to Trick the Public Into Giving Money to Your Cult

These days, because of the increasing cost of media, it is ever more difficult for the Church to fund its warning message. In order to reach all nations it is absolutely necessary to boost resources, considering that contributions from members and co-workers seem to have leveled off.

The good news is that it is possible, with creative presentation and promotion skills, to funnel contributions from outsiders who do not actually intend to donate to the Church. One such method that has proven effective is to conduct a charity 5K run which offers prizes, fun and an outlet for those members of the uncalled public to satisfy their desires to contribute to a “charity.” This is where zealous members can secure not only their excellent standing with the Church, but certainly a higher position in the Kingdom.  And eventually the individuals who contribute will someday see that their money was given to the greatest cause on Earth!

In order to conduct a charitable 5K run which will maximize income for the Church, there are some general principles and guidelines which are important to follow:

·         Remember that the audience consists primarily of carnal human beings who are not being called and who really do not wish to support God’s Work. Keeping this principle constantly in mind will help you craft marketing material that points away from any direct mention of the Church and any of its resources such as websites and literature. Remember – this fund raising effort is targeted at those who would not otherwise directly donate to the Church. Such an audience would actually tend to be less interested in the activity if they felt that you were pushing the Church on them. So, it’s best to leave the evangelistic efforts to the ordained ministry, and let your light shine through your example.

·         While disclosure regulations require that you mention to which “charity” proceeds will be donated, it is not necessary to mention the parent organization. This means that you can simply mention one of the Church’s programs, such as a youth program, or a performance arts program. Historically, the youth program approach has been the most profitable because even uncalled people like to feel that they are doing something to help children.

·         Focus on the “get.” Even though it is necessary to have a “charity” which the participants of the event will be supporting, the real draw should be the fun, food and prizes. This means that the disclosure about the “charity” should be minimal and tucked away deep inside the information pages of your marketing material. What you are trying to do is appeal to the participants’ vanity, appetites, and desire to win, while at the same time making them feel good about themselves for supporting the “charity.” In reality, all it takes to make them feel good like this is to simply mention that they are supporting a good cause like children, or arts. Of course if anyone wants to know about who they are supporting you must have the disclosure located somewhere in your material, but the vast majority of participants will not bother with digging any deeper than the material you provide. REMEMBER: Maximize the get!

·         Always avoid any mention or hint that the “charity” only supports the members and efforts of the Church, especially when it comes to children. Again, all that is needed to make the public feel good about donating is to mention the name of the Church’s youth program (without mentioning the Church’s name). The vast majority of the public will not even think to ask if the youth program only benefits a small exclusive segment of children – they will assume all children are welcome, especially disadvantaged children. Eventually when these people are raised in the Great White Throne Judgment, they will at that time realize that they were actually being used as tools to help bring joy to the godly offspring of the elect!

·         When dealing with the unconverted, it is okay to present material in a way that could be mis-characterized as deceptive. Jesus set the precedent for this by speaking in parables that were intended to deflect understanding of the truth from the minds of the unconverted. "To you it has been given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God, but to the rest it is given in parables, that `Seeing they may not see, And hearing they may not understand.' (Luke 8:10)

·         To present the appearance of a valid charitable cause, consider having a separate 5K run that benefits a real charity. This way you can mention the charity more predominantly for that run, which will boost your credibility and reduce questions for the 5K that benefits the church.

Here is a wonderful real-world example:

You’ll notice right away how appealing the visuals are on this website. There is not only food, but ICE CREAM! And there are a multitude of prize categories, again appealing to the vanity of your participants. When you find the page Race Info, you can scroll to the bottom and read the well-done “charity” disclosure. Here it is:

“Out of the proceeds, Stinky Feet Running Company will make a donation to benefit Living Youth Programs. Living Youth Programs, its affiliated youth camps for teens and preteens, and other activities form a part of its effort to provide great opportunities to create lasting friendships and unforgettable memories. The camps consist of classes and programs designed to expose teens and preteens to activities they may not normally experience and empower them to grow to lead responsible and healthy lives.

Right away you will notice that the above disclosure has all the great wording that is needed to deflect attention away from the fact that the money will be given to the Church! There is no need to mention that Living Youth Programs is merely an office of the Living Church of God. Also notice how it appears that “Living Youth Programs” seems like a name of an entire organization  while not actually stating so. The statement also wisely and carefully plays up the wonderful benefits to “youth,” “preteens,” and “teens.” These statements are technically accurate, and it is not your fault if the public ASSUMES that the children in the world are excluded, and the only beneficiaries of the youth programs are children of Church members.

The members who coordinate the above 5K run have very wisely coordinated another 5K run that benefits a real charity. Here it is:

And here is the disclosure for the charity for this race found on their race info page:


“A portion of the proceeds will benefit Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) research through the KU Endowment. PWS is a rare disease that affects an estimated 12,000 to 15,000 people worldwide. Click here for a fact sheet about this condition. Click here to directly give for this cause.

A key difference here is that there are no problems with letting people know they can donate directly to the charitable cause if they want – a link is even provided. Of course, this must not be done when the primary “charity” is the Church, as you will notice there is no link in the first disclosure for the Church or even any encouragement to donate directly to is as this could unnecessarily detract from participation.

Above all, show them that you care! In our world, intentions are everything. This is why wearing colored ribbons and bumper stickers are so popular. The more you care the less people will ask difficult questions. Here is a great example from a member in very good standing, of letting everyone know they care.

by Assistant Coffee Maker  5/13/14

Bitter Bob Thiel Lashes Out At Rod Meredith AGAIN Saying He Is In Error And That His Church Is An "Improperly Named" Church of God

Bob Thiel just cannot get over the fact that Rod Meredith has IGNORED his messages and words of "wisdom" over the last decade or so.  For many years Thiel thought he was in the god graces of Meredith and crew.  He met with Meredith and others many times in formal meetings and in private dinners.  Theil claims that Meredith was always in agreement with the things he had to tell him.

That swiftly came to an end a year or so ago when Thiel appointed himself as a leader of a new splinter personality cult.  He was not ordained into the COG nor was any "mantle" passed on to him.  Thiel misinterpreted a prayer by Gaylyn Bonjour and then set himself up as the self appointed prophet of the Church of God.  When Thiel did this Rod Meredith quickly swung into action and wrote a letter to the LCG members ship about Thiel telling them to ignore the man.  Ever since then Thiel has been filed with bitterness towards Meredith.

He has lashed out numerous times and did so again today.

Nearly all who are part of the improperly named Philadelphia Church of God (PCG) and Living Church of God (LCG) believe that their leaders understand end time prophecy.

Yet, the reality is that on many prophetic points the teachings of those groups are in error.  Some of their errors have to do with Daniel 11.

So Flurry and Meredith are wrong but guess who is right.......Thiel himself.  As the greatest living COG prophet to ever live he is the end all authority on all things Mayan, Catholic and prophetic.  Truth be told, he is just another blithering idiot in the history of the COG. Thousands have come and gone over the decades.  Bob Thiel is just one more of that long line of liars and frauds.  He is in good company though, Pack, Weinland and Flurry are right beside him.  Idiots all!

Notice that LCG teaches that after Daniel 11:40-43 is fulfilled, that Daniel 11:31 will be fulfilled.  This is a major problem because Daniel 11:31 is the sign that Jesus pointed to to warn that it would be time to flee and that the Great Tribulation was about to begin:
15 “Therefore when you see the ‘abomination of desolation,’ spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place” (whoever reads, let him understand), 16 “then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains.  17 Let him who is on the housetop not go down to take anything out of his house.  18 And let him who is in the field not go back to get his clothes.  19 But woe to those who are pregnant and to those who are nursing babies in those days!  20 And pray that your flight may not be in winter or on the Sabbath.  21 For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be.  (Matthew 24:15-21)
For years I tried to work with LCG on this point as they had a publication written by John Ogwyn that agreed with the sequence that I have taught–that the King of the North invades the USA and Anglo-Saxon nations prior to the invasion of the King of the South.
LCG also has the Great Tribulation beginning when the King of the North invades the King of the South. Here is what its Official Statement of Fundamental Beliefs teachings:
The Bible speaks of a time of great catastrophe, called the “Great Tribulation” (Matthew 24:21-22; Daniel 11:40-45; 12:1; Luke 21:19-36) (viewed 05/14/14)
LCG is teaching that Daniel 11:40 is the first item in the sequence in Daniel 11 to start the Great Tribulation.  And this is a FUNDAMENTAL BELIEF, which is in error.
Poor guy, he just cannot  get Meridith to listen to him!  Later in his latest screed he lashes out again at Meredith:

I tried to work with LCG on this for many years, and although they seem to have agreed (and at least once it was agreed in a meeting by one of their leaders that WCG had changed its view to the position I held by the 1970s; see also December 2011 Proposed changes to LCG’s Official Statement of Fundamental Beliefs), they never changed their publications to reflect this.
Even though LCG has ignored Thiel he is hoping they will fall in line and listen to him this time.
Since I was unable to get LCG to change while I was with it, despite agreements by its leaders to fix LCG’s errors on this point, hopefully pointed this error out again will assist them to correct it.  Otherwise, this will be another area where those in LCG will misunderstand prophecy.
Thiel is also wanting Gerald Flurry to listen to him and change their teachings. They too have a history of ignoring Thiel.  Theil says that the ignoring of his message is " their peril."  As if PCG gives a rats ass about Thiel.  They probably line the bird cages of PCG members in the PCG compound.

I would make a similar appeal to PCG, but as they improperly believe that Gerald Flurry is a prophet, nor have they ever agreed that I was correct on this, they seem less likely than LCG to consider this–but they ignore what the Bible teaches to their peril.  Sadly this likely means, then, that they will not know when the Great Tribulation will begin, and that would then indicated they will not be protected from it.
Everyone is doomed to be put in a German, Chinese, Muslim, German concentration camp because of their rebellion while Bobby and family jet off to Jordan where he becomes one of the two witless witnesses.  What is Thiel going to do when he shows up in Petra and finds Flurry, Pack, and Weinland are already there and have all the caves reserved?  It is not going to be a pretty scene! 

Especially when he says this:


I can hear it now: "Don't you know WHO I am??????????????????"  " I had a double blessing of the Holy Spirit and you did not!"  "I am a prophet who knows everything about the Mayans, Catholics and prophecy, YOU do not!"  "Get out of that cave and give it to ME, Its MINE, I deserve it!  Its all about ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

RIP Harry Sneider

from Harry's wife:

Dear Friends,
Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers! It is with much sadness that I must tell you about the recent passing of Harry Sneider surrounded by all his family. Words cannot describe our loss. He was always God-fearing, positive, caring, selfless, a motivator and an inspiration. He touched the lives of many people in a very positive way, an amazing man admired and loved by many around the world. So thankful for the 45 plus years we've had together, the decades we worked side by side in the fitness field, and the last six months almost 24/7 during his health challenges. He packed a lot into 73 years including coach and trainer of Olympic champions and trainer and 35 year friend of world chess champion Bobby Fischer, recently completing a manuscript to be published. He was a world champion powerlifter, bench pressing 451 lbs at age 61. But even more he was a champion person! So thankful he will live on in our children and grandchildren. He fought the fight, kept the faith, and there is a crown laid up for him. I look forward to seeing him again and spending eternity with him!

I have the address for cards if you are interested.  Contact me privately.