Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bitter Bob Offers To Teach LCG and PCG Correct Doctrine IF "...they truly will love the truth over improperly published positions"

Bitter Bob Thiel is still stinging from the rejection of Rod Meredith to his "correct" versions of prophecy.

Thiel is upset that while he was part of LCG they "acquiesced" to his demands, but since he has left they ignore him in all aspects.  I am sure that Meredith would agree that he "acquiesced" to Bob on doctrinal matters.  As if!

Sometimes, when I was part of LCG, LCG published something similar to the above, and I would work with them to realize that the Bible does not teach that it must be 10 current nations.  LCG used to acquiesce, but now that I am out, it seemingly is insisting on a position that is not required by the Bible.  LCG needs to change and properly teach prophetic sequencing.  I am still willing to assist LCG as well as other groups on this, if they truly will love the truth over improperly published positions.

Then to get his point across AGAIN to PCG and LCG, Prophet Thiel shouts out a warning:

As I reported a couple of days ago, both PCG and LCG have the wrong end-time prophetic sequence involving the battle between the King of the North and the King of the South.

Poor PCG and LCG!  While Thiel is flying to Petra in a DC10 with cracked wings held aloft by angels, PCGer's and LCGer's will be going about their merry business when the Germans, Muslims, and Chinese come knocking at their doors.  What a sad day that will be!

LCG could not wait for Prophet Thiel to leave the church and as soon as he did they changed their booklets in order to piss him off.

It appears that since my departure from LCG, certain items I was told were literature errors, were intended by some to be actual doctrines of LCG.  LCG is publishing several positions on prophetic doctrinal matters in conflict with the Bible as well as positions that its Dr. Meredith personally told me that he agreed with.  Now is the time for LCG to change.
Days of Our Lives and All My Children pale in comparison to the Church of God dramas!


Black Ops Mikey said...

It also sucks when you have attention from the person you don't want it from.

Which, for Thiel, would be... us.

Anonymous said...

"Bitter Bob Offers To Teach LCG and PCG Correct Doctrine IF '...they truly will love the truth over improperly published positions'"

Bitter Bob Thiel had better buckle up and brace himself for the fact that nobody needs any more boring and bad prophetic banter. Bitter Bob might be a student of false pagan prophecies, and even a false prophet himself now, but he is definitely not a true prophet of God.

Somewhere along the line, bitter Bob made a bad boo-boo. Better brace for more bitter, because it won't be getting any better.

Byker Bob said...

One popular view amongst theologians is that prophecy is not intended as an advance warning designed to cause large numbers of people to modify their behavior. It is not even intended to identify or aggrandize the "proper" people to follow. It is focussed on God, simply designed to demonstrate His power to foretell His will, and to then bring it to fulfillment. After this has happened, in retrospect, people can look back on the details, and to understand the power of God.

According to that view, Thiel and those with whom he disagrees are arguing about inconsequential details that cannot yet even be known. It is only because HWA's major hook was that he alone had the keys to unlock the book of Revelation, and used that hook to manipulate people into his church allegedly for their own personal safety, that all of his spawn make a federal out of the presently unknowable minutiae that supposedly proves who has "the conch".

Prophecy doesn't matter to the extent that these teachers exaggerate its importance The things being prophesied are far too devastating for a human to launch any type of defense. Also, once people join up with an Armstrong-based group they see as a sanctuary, they are constantly reminded of the daily tenuousness of their status and safety, let alone their spiritual salvation. It is continually fear-based. And, based on the particular management or governance style of their group, members have to at least consider the possibility that their place of safety will not be a place of safety at all, but a place of abuse and possible death. If HWA was right in his preposterousness, and if the Assyrians really did undergo a miraculous change of ethnicity and skin pigmentation, and are in reality the Germans of today, ACOG members would probably end up being safer taking their chances with those Germans than in a dictatorship formulated by their own ministers.


RSK said...

Maybe I'm reading him wrong, but he sounds a little desparate at this point.

Anonymous said...

His ego is unbelievable!

Byker Bob said...

There was a stereotype back in the '60s and '70s. Someone with an unusual personality and a little different filters would suddenly appear in a local congregation or at AC. Over a period of time, that person would express some really unorthodox ideas, and it became plain that he (this always seemed to be a guy thing!) felt really strong about them. A few memorable ones even based speeches on their sacred cow topics in club.

Now, because Armstrongism was described as "truth", and the ministry as seekers of and teachers of the truth, eventually it would irritate these unusual people that the ministry wouldn't accept the particular "truths" which they had brought to the party. Then the cycle of "tone that down" or, "stop sewing discord" warnings would begin. Eventually, there would be the final confrontation, in which the person was asked not to return until they could attend without trying to change the church's teachings. At that point, in most cases, the person would become self-righteous and petulant, and go off by themselves, usually never to be heard from again.

There are some differences in the present case, due to the ability to take one's message to the internet, but I think the old stereotype is pretty much what we are witnessing here. The basic problem is, that absenting some sort of validation, such an experience can become crushing. Unfortunately, counselling or therapy only come into play after some sort of bottoming out experience has taken place. The affected individual generally will not accept the advice or opinions of others that could prevent some sort of catastrophic fall.


Anonymous said...

Byker Bob said...

a lot on May 17, 2014 at 6:41 PM

You have just given an excellent description of the current Laodicean environment on the so-called Church of God scene with its 700+ self-righteous and petulant kooks with all the usual "unusual personality" disorders who have gone off to do their own thing. Look what happens when there is no central control.

old EXPCG hag said...

Always fighting over who's right and who's wrong in >GOD'S CHURCHES<????????????????

They might as well dig up Herbert W. Armstrong and put him on trial like Pope Stephen VI did Pope Formosus and declare all ordinations performed by HWA were annulled.

Makes sense to me!

Assistant Deacon said...

Um, excuse me, Anon 7:12?

"...current Laodicean environment..."

"Look what happens when there is no central control."

Seriously, let it go.

Byker Bob said...

Anonymous 7:12~ The dogma that HWA was "God's Apostle" has been used to "prove" many things for which there is no rational, or scientific proof. However, if you try to apply that dogma to what happened to the church, there is a breakdown. "God's Apostle" appoints and anoints a successor. That successor, presumably God's anointed, makes sweeping changes, eliminating many of the problematic, cultic, conspiracy theory-based, and even cruel aspects of the church. A sizable percentage of the membership does not accept the changes, rejects the authority of the anointed one, rebels and walks away, setting the precedent which leads to all of the splintering. Now, it has filtered down to where even the weird little do it yourselfer guys are getting into the act, and everybody believes that everybody else is Laodicean.

Actually, William Miller, and the Adventists whom he influenced, the source of HWA's church era doctrine, believed that the Laodicean era began in 1844. Oddly, this coincides with the discovery of some very unusual fossils in Europe, and numerous advances in science.

As science, current events, and new research continue to obliterate British Israelism, I believe that unless the ACOGs change at least that approach and HWA's prophecy mold which is based upon it, in coming years they will attract about as many new people as the Flat Earth Society.

Who knows what might have been if the church accepted the Tkach changes in a unified way? As it stands currently, the entire movement has descended into ridiculousness. Some people expect the "true" splinter to be blessed and to rise up and manifest itself, but then ridiculous titles are taken on, and really dumb attention grabbing prophecies are made and fail. If Ussher's chronology is even correct instead of that of prominent Jewish scholars, and if this is the time of the end, God probably is going to need to either raise up the rocks to get out the message, or speak through Sunday-keeping Christians, because the Armstrong movement is most certainly shrinking rather than building a head of steam.