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Dave Pack: Trust any of his words at your own peril. Even when he quotes himself.


Quoting. Or Misquoting?


For those interested in analyzing the mind of David C. Pack, this article will be right up your alley.



David C. Pack's messages are no longer edited by The Restored Church of God. The raw recordings are live-switched with a title graphic overlaid at the front and posted “as delivered.”


I do not bother to mention the issues with the audio because I accept the flaws as the new normal. Nobody notices over there, or nobody cares. Even if they did, they would not know how to fix it.


The quality of work has dropped like a stone at The Restored Church of God. All the talented employees who excelled at quality control have already exited. The C-Team is what remains, and Brad is too busy.


Competence and precision have left the building technically. And doctrinally.



Urgency drives the ship at Headquarters. Dave is continually “rushing to call it out,” creating a host of problems for The Restored Church of God, as confessed during “The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 413).” His piss-poor reading comprehension skills create a cascade of “overreading” mistakes.


That rushing lives inside Dave’s head. His neurons fire so fast he can barely spit out a cohesive sentence without injecting another thought. Those listening to him speak for any length of time recognize the parenthetical inside a parenthetical inside a parenthetical. It is annoying, to say the least.


When he blends this compulsive affectation with numbers and then changes it halfway through a sentence, the audience thinks, “I have no idea what he is trying to say.”


Is this the type of mind-mouth combo God would choose to teach His people the most critical and timely truths since His Son walked the earth two thousand years ago?


Moses initially had Aaron as his voice. Later, Moses developed enough to speak on his own with boldness. Jeremiah said he was just a child, so God touched his lips and put His words in his mouth. There is biblical support for a poor speaker to be chosen to say God’s words with power and clarity.


But that is NOT David C. Pack.


His quotes are cleaned up for these articles so the man can make some sense. The stuttering, stammering, and repeated words are edited out in print so the audience can comprehend his teachings. 


In other words, I edit David C. Pack more than The Restored Church of God does. I present the words of David C. Pack in a better light than David C. Pack does.


Some of his verbatim quotes would drive you mad.


As Delivered:


Part 413 – January 4, 2023

@ 1:21:55 Now, I was surprised. I was I was trying to figure out Sabbath morning. Where are we? Friday night, I just had this funny feeling before we ever got to the the moment I was hoping for. I I it just it, but then, all of a sudden, everything just just just just appeared right at the perfect time. All these things lined up.




Part 413 – January 4, 2023

@ 1:21:55 Now, I was surprised. I was trying to figure out Sabbath morning. Where are we? Friday night, I just had this funny feeling before we ever got to the moment I was hoping for…all of a sudden, everything just appeared right at the perfect time. All these things lined up.


Would you prefer to read the edited or raw version?


For brevity and comprehension sake, it is a common editorial practice to present quotes in a more-polished fashion while maintaining the speaker's original intent.


Cleaning up Dave is a chore, but the benefit of understanding trumps exactness. Note that the editing does not misrepresent his meaning.


The point of this setup is: David C. Pack’s quotes are edited but still accurately maintain the integrity of his purpose.


But, when it comes to David C. Pack quoting David C. Pack…not so much.



During Part 413 this week, Dave quoted himself.


@ 1:23:44 To end 410, I said, just a little while back, “If it’s not in Tevet,” that was I a little different than the way I put it, “I’ll have no idea,” this an exact quote, “I’ll have no idea the year God’s Kingdom comes. I’ve done all I could possibly do.” That's what I said. I think the very last or second-to-last sentence of Part 410 just a few days ago.


The casual listener and the RCG on-the-fencers would let this slide, wanting the message to just be over already so they can move on with the rest of their day. This is a gnat not worth swallowing.


However, this small moment encapsulates so much of who David C. Pack is. It stands as an example of the corrupted thinking behind “The Greatest Unending Story!”



The guy cannot just spit out a simple quote without mangling it. But that is the least interesting aspect. He injected two parentheticals for two short sentences. Rushing mind. Rushing mouth. But more than that, those parentheticals expose the deception of his words. Verbal trickery.


These are the original statements from Part 410. The words he selected are in bold.


Part 410 – December 17, 2022

@ 1:44:21 Now, if Tevet 2 comes without Jesus Christ, I just wanna say something very plainly. I want everybody to hear me. I’ll have no idea the year God’s Kingdom comes. I won’t. I don’t believe that’s gonna happen, but I’m telling you because I don’t believe it’s gonna because I’ve stress-tested the living daylights outta this picture. I have no idea. There wouldn’t be a 411 explaining something. I’ve done all I can possibly do.


At first glance, you could argue that David C. Pack should leave the quoting to the professionals because he is terrible at it. It could be dismissed as incoherent words due to the incoherent thoughts delivered in an incoherent manner by an incoherent man.


The Part 413 misquote of Part 410 is a calculated deception executing precision of intent.


The first parenthetical states the quote was altered. Then, the second states it was exact. For any listener to understand what he truly meant, they would have to fact-check him and compare the words from the original. Otherwise, it sounds like a misspeak he is correcting. It is not.


He intentionally altered the first sentence. He did not change the second.


Why is that interesting?


Dave was not referring to the whole month of Tevet during Part 410, but specifically to the day of Tevet 2. A day that failed. But now he needs it to apply to all of Tevet to make his current theory appear valid.


David C. Pack quoted himself but changed the wording and context.


He does that with the Bible all day long, so it is easy-peasy to distort his own words.


His original point was that if Tevet 2 (December 25 – Christmas Day) was incorrect, he would not be able to come back with further explanations. Yet, before Tevet 11 (January 4), he had further explanations.


Changing the meaning and context from applying to a month instead of a day enabled him to save some face. The Pastor General manipulated the brethren.


He also excised a considerable amount from the repackaging of his own words. The “stress-testing the living daylights outta this picture” proved utterly worthless. This screams that even when Dave puts in “maximum effort” beyond what Deadpool exerts, it still adds up to nothing.


He also conveniently left out the embarrassing point that there would be no Part 411. To leave that in for Part 413 would have been pure comedy. Especially when Part 414 is already on the horizon.



David C. Pack misquoted and misapplied his own words. But, he also expressed a distorted reality that is one of the foundational traits of his existence.


He lives a self-deception and sucks everyone in RCG into it. The Headquarters “ministers” experience it the worst but still choose to support it.


Note the last sentence of his statement.


Part 413 – January 4, 2023

@ 1:24:04 That’s what I said. I think the very last or second to last sentence of Part 410 just a few days ago.


The gap between Part 410 and Part 413 was eighteen days. That is a liberal interpretation of “a few.” On its own, that would be nit-picky, tapping for a loose brick. But, it is not alone.


The Part 410 quote ended at 1:44:54. The message finished at 1:49:06.


Dave spoke for an additional four minutes and twelve seconds. But that does not matter. He felt like it was at the very end; therefore, he presents that it was at the very end. The brethren listening will believe it was at the very end. But reality and facts prove it was NOT at the very end.


David C. Pack creates his own version of the truth and declares it to RCG as fact. The Chinese launched an artificial sun into the atmosphere. Nobody ever looked up the word “pale“ in Revelation before. All the ministers agree. The members of RCG are the first to ever understand this. The Open House was well-attended. This is clearly Elijah talking with Daniel. You will not be going home from the Feast. Salvation comes in November of 2022. I’m gonna absolutely prove ABC. I will never XYZ.


David C. Pack is not a man of his word. Facts and physical reality do not matter to him.


This is why a brief moment where Dave misquotes Dave is a cautionary tale.



The presented points are not worth discussion if they were isolated incidences scattered across time. But collectively, they paint a disturbing and consistent pattern of thinking.


Dennis Diehl aptly made this observation this morning:


Dave does not have a past or a future. His delusion lives in the present.


This blew my mind. Dave cannot recall the past accurately. Dave does not consider the consequences in the future. He thinks what he thinks at the moment and says what he says at the moment, truth be damned. His words BECOME truth.


Failures of the past are promises of success in the future. Mistakes from yesterday are proof of accuracy for tomorrow.


The past is what he makes it. The future is what he makes it. Reality has nothing to do with the thinking of David C. Pack. Accountability is for those who have a present. Dave has zero accountability.


He cannot be trusted with the big things, and he cannot be trusted with the little things. The hireling enablers at Headquarters allow it to be so. They know but do nothing.


David C. Pack has no control over the corruption his mind is capable of. Trust any of his words at your own peril. Even when he quotes himself.

Marc Cebrian

See: Quoting. Or Misquoting?

Little Crackpot Prophet Tooting His Little Horn Once Again

(available at Walmart)

Just when you think things can't get any crazier on COGland, the great Bwana to Africa and 150 Caucasians starts tooting his little horn on how magnificent he is and how awesome his little group is. Never in human history has there been a COG that has done such a mighty work in these perilous end times where persecution has been so intense. We regularly mock him that he is so special that he was envisioned before the creation of the world to arise in this age. Now the narcissistic tooter claims Jesus foretold of the rise of Bwana Bob's little group in this day and age.

Of course, the magic dream machine has to rear its ridiculous head as more proof of Beto's magnificence.

Continuing COG’s 10 Unique Years
The [improperly named] Continuing Church of God (CCOG) was publicly proclaimed as a separate organization on December 28, 2012. What has happened in the 10 years since? Could it best represent the Philadelphian remnant as it prepares for the “short work” of Romans 9:28 and leads the “final phase of the work”? Has information been restored on doctrine, prophecy, and church history? Did Jesus point to that happening? Were there dreams that preceded the start of the CCOG? Any parallels to the start of the old Radio Church of God? Does God use dreams? Are there supposed to be any true prophets in these last days per Acts 2:17-18? How should you distinguish between false prophets and true ones? Does Bob Thiel have the fruits and meet the criteria of a true biblical prophet? Will there be costs to Laodiceans who refuse to accept that God has any prophet alive today? Which Christians are not protected during the Great Tribulation? Does the CCOG have unique signs of God’s restoration? Dr. Thiel addresses these issues and more.

Bwana Bob is not leading a "final" work. Jesus no more pointed to Bob and his church than he is to Dave Pack or Gerald Flurry. The only parallels to the old Radio Church of God Beto has is that both of them were born during a fit of rebellious apostasy because of a certain group they each were tied to refused to listen to them and follow their demands. 

Beto is not a true prophet and in fact, spreads lies. Beto is as far from meeting the criteria of a biblical prophet as Gerald Flurry is possessing the coronation stone Jesus will return to. Neither will happen.

No Christian should ever fear for their salvation if they refuse to acknowledge Beto Bob and his little group as the true remnant or that he is a real prophet. What absolute lunacy! Does any COG member in any of the other COG's actually believe this tripe?

Will there be costs to Laodiceans who refuse to accept that God has any prophet alive today? Which Christians are not protected during the Great Tribulation?

Living Church of God members were the first to understand Thiel to be a liar and a false prophet when they refused to follow him. Tens of thousands of other COG members in various groups also refused to follow him because they recognize him as a false teacher and false prophet. 

Bob can toot his little horn all he wants. He still remains a false prophet and a liar leading a rather pathetic imitation of a Church of God.

To the Enablers of the False Apostle David C. Pack: Time for a Bit of Parenting of Your Man-Child

I am sure that all of us who have children have experienced times when they were little just full of it. Constant noise and questions. Toys scattered everywhere and whinings galore.  If it was one thing it was another and their demands of us were endless and not to meet them would simply end up with more constant noise, questions, scattered toys, and whining. 

Finally, after much "tone it down please", "I want you to sit and read a different book for now." "Please don't throw your toys"  "Could you pick up the ones you are not playing with and put them away?" And "I"m not deaf! Please stop whining!", we had had enough.

"Ok now!   THAT'S ENOUGH!

Nap time! 

By now, you men, and let's throw in your wives, need to confront your Man-Child and rather Evil Shepherd and put him to bed. This lunacy, and it is lunacy or perhaps a personality disorder on parade as we might say today, about Jesus' Second Coming is going nowhere, never did, never would, and never could. Your Man-Child is on a delusional toy-throwing, milk-spilling, pants-pooping party with the occasional whining that YOU are the problem and not him. 

If you do not heed this call to Parent and reign in your Man-Child, Evil Shepherd, and False Apostle David C Pack in the very near future "Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda" will be fulfilled in your ears.

Just DO IT before it is too late!

...or kiss your fish goodbye...

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Little Waffling Self-Appointed Prophet Claims HWA Only Had "Misunderstandings"


Now we know how God's most perfect latter-day prophet makes excuses as to why none of his prophecies ever come to pass. They are only misunderstandings, like HWA's false prophecies apparently were.

According to Bob Thiel, the greatest prophet the church has ever seen and who was deliberately sent by God in these perilous end times, HWA never was a prophet because he never said he was one. Soooooooo, his utterances were only "misunderstandings".

As far as false prophecies go, Herbert W. Armstrong had misunderstandings related to WWII and sometimes pointed to dates that he should not have–and we do not attempt to defend his errors. To his credit, however, he asserted that he was not a prophet. 

It makes no difference to God whether a prophet has false prophecies or utters misunderstandings. They are still false teachings. Men filled with deceitful manipulative lies. Lies meant to mislead people.

2 Corinthians 11:13-15 ESV / 

For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds.

Thiel continues:

We in the Continuing Church of God, believe that God used Herbert W. Armstrong to raise up the Philadelphia era of the the Church that Jesus discussed in Revelation 3:7-13. We believe God used him to restore various truths that the true church lost by the early 20th century.

The god of Thiel and many others in the COG is the weakest, most impotent, powerless god ever imagined. It has been incapable down through the centuries in its inability to preserve through the power of the Holy Spirit, his own word.  For nearly 2,000 years, God could not preserve his truths, meaning millions upon millions of Christians died in vain for what they knew and understood as the unshakable Word of God. The entire world was deceived until Herbert Armstrong spent six months in a public library to rediscover God's lost message. Does anyone realize how stupid this really sounds?

Now, Bob Thiel expects us to believe that he has stepped up to the plate after the Worldwide Church of God's supposed apostasy and Rod Meredith's refusal to change doctrine, to restore God's lost truths once again that had gotten lost. It's like an endless Groundhog's Day.

The waffling prophet then says this about himself, which is not unusual since almost all of his articles are about himself and his super-dupper understandings:

And I will take it one step further. Irrespective of how any may view the role that God has for me, unless I am directly quoting the Bible, or preface a statement to something of the effect of “thus saith the Lord,” I am NOT necessarily stating anything that is not subject to later correction. 

Apparently, we are to give the Great Bwaana a free "get out of jail" card every time he lies. After all, what was said was only a little misunderstanding.


Dave Pack: Three COG Ministers (Shepherds ) Might Die Before Saturday

Mistakes Were Made


David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God delivered “The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 413)” on January 4, 2023. During his 85 minutes, he announced Tevet 21 as the start of the Day of the Lord but mentioned Sabbath morning.


To be super-thorough, in case he meant at sunrise instead of sunset the night before:


Tevet 21 – Sunrise in Jerusalem is Saturday, January 14, at 6:39 AM.

Tevet 21 – Sunrise in Jerusalem translates to Friday, January 13, at 11:39 PM EDT on the east coast.

Tevet 21 – Sunrise on the east coast is Saturday, January 14, at 7:50 AM EDT.


Maybe this is why Jesus said no man knows the day and the hour because time is relative to your location. The author of confusion must have a field day with these dates factoring in the sunset the night before, midnight, sunrise, and Jerusalem time versus local time.


This was not the only “time sensitive” declaration Dave made during Part 413.



The Three Shepherds of Zechariah 11:8 might die before this Sabbath. But more importantly, Parts 411-413 fulfilled a prophecy of Zechariah 11:7.

@ 1:14:44 So, Bands is broken to start the ten days. Then, who got fed while the two staffs were both in God’s hands?...but it's impossible now to read it other than things were made plain. The Mystery of God was cleared up. And it looks like three messages over a period of 14 days


@ 1:15:41 Now, if it's sequential, and I say if. 'Cause, this is a cryptic verse. If it's sequential, let me tell you something that would be true. God says, “I fed them," and “I also cut off three guys in one month.”…They haven’t died yet. Do they die in the next three days as a signal?


@ 1:16:46 God would know that I would know them. And, ultimately, be able to deduce some things. Three that I think of do abhor the true God…And I’m certainly not going to say to you. But RCG might need to know this. If these guys die in the next three days, we've removed all doubt. And God would know this, and I can't tell because it's so cryptic. If they die in the next three days, nobody will doubt that Christ is coming.


Anyone in RCG from 2012 on knows about the Three Shepherds very well. Zechariah has been covered so much that some Bibles probably look like coloring books.


The younger, bolder Dave dropped hints of who these men were over the months before Elul 24, 2013, but never declared them. He was more open with the staff than the church. Among the Headquarters members back then, the top contenders were: Gerald Flurry, Dennis Luker, and Roderick Meredith. Two of those men are deceased. For the last one, slipping in a bathtub two months ago does not count.


More recently, Dave all but said the names of three ministers who left RCG around Trumpets during “A Non-Prophetic Sermon” on September 25, 2020. That message was retroactively renamed "The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 268)” if anyone wants to find it in the Sermon Library of Member Services.


I already talked to Dennis Diehl to cover all the bases. He assured me he is not planning any scuba or skydiving excursions until after Sunday. Just to be safe.



Dave finally addresses what went wrong with Christmas and New Year’s Eve. He admits to making mistakes, which is unusual for him. I cannot help but wonder if external influences are necessitating that behavioral shift.


Regardless of his motivation, the Dave-Whisperer in me screams he is trying to win the sympathy of RCG members, so they do not bolt out the door in increasing numbers. Property Tax season is upon us, and that has a loud financial voice.


@ 37:31 I was haunted, we'll say, by God's Spirit guiding me. Now, haunted is a bad word, but troubled. Just uncomfortable. Unsettled about what did we have Daniel 7 right? So, I just stayed with it. I started looking at it from a kind of a whole-earth perspective. Are we looking at the right year?


That uncomfortable feeling is back. Interesting that Dave did not describe it as being vexed. He must avoid the King Saul comparisons.


@ 40:46 So, it became obvious that I had that wrong. I had Daniel 7:12 wrong. It did not have anything to do with New Year’s on a Roman calendar…we’re gonna look at the midst of the years. It became clear.


Though he starts in Daniel, he realizes that some parallel verses in Revelation used the word "to," and therefore, he was in error. So, without saying it, his piss-poor reading comprehension is the reason for his public embarrassments.


@ 41:21 This is TO a season and year. It’s like, “Come on. Don’t miss this. This is easy.”


Maybe instead of rushing, he should have slowed down and read carefully, accepting every word in the Bible as if they were meant to be there.


Speeding through with terrible reading comprehension skills does not a Bible scholar make.


@ 41:29 So, there are other things I could walk you through, but you’re not authorized to jump out of context.


"You're" not authorized instead of "I'm" not authorized. Nobody throughout the membership of The Restored Church of God took upon themselves authority that was not granted.


Everyone listening said to themselves, “He’s not talking about me.” No, he was not. It only applies to him. But do not say it that way, ye rebels.


@ 43:16 It's impossible to believe that you could have Tevet 10, and it's some type of new year of God. Impossible. My mistake, coming off of Daniel 7:12 wrong…was it does not say that’s when it happens. It just told you when it was. Which is interesting. It does not say New Years IS the day. I had to accept that.


But, out of every mistake and error comes a new pathway toward the ultimate truth.


@ 47:24 So, I’m gonna give you about six or seven places that will just flat change you. You’ll just change you. You’ll feel much better. You’ll realize we’re right on track.


There were no “changes” for anyone else in the audience, just Dave. He finally understands what a Bible word means, catching up to the members. His great crime causing these mistakes is “overreading.” He repeats that word throughout the message. His overreading was the cause of timing problems.



To read over, or peruse. (transitive) To interpret something to a greater degree, or in a more positive way, than appropriate; read too in-depth; over-interpret; overanalyze. To read too much or excessively.


This summarizes The Greatest Unending Story! It creates a toxic cocktail when blended with psychosis and demonic influence, which is what the brethren in RCG have been drinking for a long time.


If overreading sounds mild, think of your doctor or mechanic telling you that and see how comfortable you feel.


@ 50:44 It’s [midst] just a general term. Finally, and now I hope you’re still here at Habakkuk 3:2. Well, here's where we might feel a little silly. But fun. Three verses before this, and I never saw it. Right before 3:2 in 2:19, the word “midst” is used. Midst. There it is. Wow, why didn’t we just look there?


This is how the Spirit of Error operates. Skip words right in front of you. Add words that are not there. Misinterpret. Misapply. Misunderstand. Overread. By his own admission, this is what happened.


“We might feel a little silly,” instead of “I should be filled with shame.” No, this was a collective mistake and not the fault of any one man.


The admission of mistakes may come into play right here, but critical thinking applied to dozens of other doctrinal teachings will be exempt from the same level of scrutiny. The can of worms was opened, but he just picked a few out and threw the rest away.


That would be too frightening a road for Prophetic Ichabod to travel upon.


Overreading Revelation and Daniel had further implications, but Dave still found a way to be right when he was wrong.


@ 52:33 This doesn’t mean it’s New Year’s Day. Those all stay the same. You know, go up year to year. There’s two ways that it’s correct. Two ways it’s correct. And both of them take you to the exact same place. It’s somewhere between God’s year and what was a new year…


This is what funneled him into Tevet 21 being in the midst of the years and the calendar's reset to Shevat 1.


@ 54:07 So, there's a new year, and somewhere between that and The Day of the Lord, ten days begins. All you gotta do is know the month. And it’s easy. But not if you’re splitting hairs like I was trying to be faithful. I’m trying to be faithful.


Dave was trying to be faithful, which was another motivation for his errors. Just like when the field ministers parrot, “Mr. Pack sometimes gets overzealous,” when members ask questions.


Let's summarize David C. Pack's reasons for all the timing errors of the past seven years: He was trying to be faithful. He was overreading. He was overzealous.


The concept of being a biblical fraud is not brought up. The idea of being a false apostle and a false prophet cannot be entertained. That would be the most straightforward answer that is never considered.



Dave revisits the New Year’s Eve debacle in light of his mistakes and troubled spirit.


@ 1:21:55 Now, I was surprised. I was trying to figure out Sabbath morning [December 31]. Where are we? Friday night, I just had this funny feeling before we ever got to the moment I was hoping for…all of a sudden, everything just appeared right at the perfect time. All these things lined up.


His latest biblical deadline is approaching. He is troubled in his gut. The handle on the escape hatch magically appears. How can anyone not trust this methodology for prophetic understanding?


I recommend Dave starts reading these articles rather than the summaries. If he wants a dose of reality and a voice of reason, this might be as helpful to him as it is for current and prospective RCG members.


@ 1:22:40 I’ve done the best I can. I know that. Every endeavor has a reasonable and natural limit. I know ten days, seven years, a thousand years, and winter, and I can tell you everything about the resurrections and all the internal spaces inside there. I know all the other dates and spaces, yet the saints were never to know.


Look at all he knows. Yet, he knows nothing.


@ 1:23:22 So, now it appears we did back into the only option. [Tevet 21] Or we must be willing to break or bend or discard metrics. And I'm not willing to do that, and I don't think any of you are. So, I’ve done the best I can. I know God’s plan.


412 Parts filled with mistakes. 36 failed dates since June of 2022. But is #37 a lock?


@ 1:24:16 There’s no way these are gonna line up again. They’re just not going to do it. Not in any way this man can understand.


@ 1:25:05 …we wait for what no one else knows ‘cause you’ll never ever, a nuclear blast wouldn’t change me, and I think, most of you from the simple fact that it's ten days, seven years, a thousand years, and winter. You can't change that. But I think we backed into the date, and it's not far away. Good night.


Tevet 21. Mic drop. Suck it, haters.



Three men will not die biblically before tomorrow. Tevet 21 will come and go. Dave will lumber forward, stumbling over his arrogance from one embarrassment to another.


The question is not whether Part 414 is coming but how soon. There is no way Dave will sit quietly until the Tevet 21 deadline passes eight days from now.


Oops. As with quantum physics, my observation may have just affected particle behavior. Dave will talk if I say he won’t. Dave will sit when I point out he stands. A Pathetic Update won’t be posted when I say it will. From now on, my guesses about the future need to consider that.


I may be an unordained non-prophet/non-psychic, but I possess no preternatural insight. Other former RCG members see what I see and can guess, with a fair amount of accuracy, what Dave will do next. Jessica Brown and Elizabeth O'Leary-Noble have independently, at differing times, commented, "I knew that was coming."


When you have seven years of behavioral models to draw from, extrapolating a predictive outcome is not magic. David C. Pack is reasonably predictable. The more you pay attention, the more you can see where he is heading.


Unless God intervenes or Dave's chest pains are far more severe and frequent than he lets on, 2023 will burst at the seams with more failed prophetic dates. The Restored Church of God will continue to bleed slowly as more members anoint their eyes and exit. The fascinating thing about bleeding is that with enough time, an anemic can die from a pinprick.


The fate of David C. Pack and The Restored Church of Another god is in the hands of the brethren. Their decisions set the course for the future. They hold the power as a collective body. Their action or inaction moves the tide.


Do the brethren accept what their eyes and ears perceive, or do they ignore it? Do the brethren believe what the Bible says, or do they make excuses? Do the brethren accept the prophetic errors as simple mistakes or as a fraud?


Their answers will shape what 2023 turns out to be for RCG.


You might be waiting on God, but He might be waiting on you.

Marc Cebrian

See: Mistakes Were made

Thursday, January 5, 2023

Dave Pack: Great Tribulation Begins Thursday, January 21


52 Pickup


David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God announced a new date for your calendar: Tevet 21.


Depending on how you calculate, it could start at 5:21 PM EDT on Friday, January 13, or at 9:21 AM EDT if this is based on Jerusalem time. That remains a mystery because he did not say. He just threw the date out there and walked away.


That is the most significant point of "The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 413)," given on January 4, 2023. So, if that is all you have time for, thank you for stopping by.



Dave opened with five “interesting” little points he discovered recently. They will not be listed. However, the first one was strange for a few reasons.


Part 413 – January 4, 2023

@ 00:54 Everyone knows that the Two Witnesses are going to prophesy in Revelation 11, it says, in sackcloth. In sackcloth.


@ 01:24 We know they’re in the God Family, and they're dressed in black cloth, more than sackcloth. Now, the reason people think that is no one, including me and I’m sure none of you ever looked up the word “sackcloth.” Did any of you ever do that? Anybody ever look up “sackcloth?”


How the Two Witnesses are in the God Family and yet, will be murdered three and a half years into their testimony is something I missed from previous parts. Have fun thinking about that, though.


This is another contender for entry in David C. Pack’s Gallery of Stupid for stating that no one ever looked up the word “sackcloth” in Revelation. Do not make me Google search that, please.


The most fascinating angle was the classic Dave-taking-a-poll maneuver. The former members at Headquarters remember this well. If you could even understand the question, raising your hand could have consequences if he did not like the response.


With the way this question was worded, if NOBODY in the room raised their hand, he would have commented because it would have shown how correct he was. With neutral questions in the past, if some raised their hands, he would comment, “Okay, a few.”


He already set this up as an absolute he was sure of. The pressure was on for members at the front of the room to decide whether to make him look foolish by expressing the truth or quietly be still and deny it.


If some did raise their hands, Dave could not comment, “Okay, a few,” because it would have thrown egg on his face and stolen his thunder.


The audience is not visible, but I theorize at least one raised their hand because he opted to move on without commenting. (Dr. Ranney, let me know if that is true. If not, I will retract it.)


Of course, people in RCG looked up that word. The Packian Triad of Fraud are not the only ones deeply studying their Bibles. What a stupid and condescending thing to assume on Dave's part. He is the only one in any room who cares about whatever it is he cares about. That is stupid.


This poll is another Dave all-or-nothing concept. If he never read it, nobody else ever did. If he never looked up the word, nobody else ever did.


If you let the moment pass by, it may seem insignificant. But this is unfiltered hubris at work.


Due to his unique office, his superior mind was moved by the Creator of All before any other human being on the face of the earth to see that the Two Witnesses are dressed in Angora goat hair. Incredible. Why the members of RCG are worthy of such bestowed knowledge is beyond me.


This quick moment is a flash of light, exposing what kind of man he is.


Part of me thinks he used his five points to pad the message to show the brethren how much he has been studying the past week. “See how legit I am.” You are such a good boy, Dave. Because you doodie in the toilet, not in your pants.



This is a summary for those who want to know what their family members are learning.


@ 13:25 So, the Mystery of God is already resolved. I mean, it simply is. It’s done.


@ 14:04 The plan of God is ten days, seven years, a thousand years, and winter. That’s all inarguable. But timing would just never settle down. It wouldn’t. Partly because it took us a while to figure out the number of Kingdoms and durations. But, integrating many timing points was sort of like Einstein having to sort out relativity.


Dave is a Biblical Einstein, and his fraudulent prophetic construct is as factual as relativity. Ha.


Even he admits the challenge all along has been timing. Harold Camping feels your pain, Dave.



Meat Puppet explained on Saturday how difficult Bible prophecy can be. It is more challenging than competitive chess but also ever-changing, with infinite possibilities like a kaleidoscope.


In Part 413, Dave uses an unintentionally laughable analogy.


@ 16:30 So, sorting out all of the timing points was like 52 Pickup. If you open the deck, there are all the diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades. All lined up perfectly. Shiny and new. But, once you play 52 Pickup which is what God did when He threw all these timing points into the Bible. There they were. And I was left with, “How do you sort these out?”


Wow. Just…wow. Sackcloth is not the only thing Dave never looked up before.


52 Pickup

52 pickup or 52-card pickup is a humorous prank which consists only of picking up a scattered deck of playing cards. It is typically played as a practical joke, where the "dealer" creates the false impression that a legitimate game will be played, then simply throws the entire deck into the air so the cards land strewn on the floor and instructs other players to pick them up.


Out of David C. Pack’s own mouth, God played a prank on him and the entire ministry of The Restored Church of God. This admission is on the scale of Dave admitting God blinded him, he repeatedly spoke presumptuously, and called his own previous teachings ridiculous.


It really was a ruse by Dave’s god. That same god is a prankster playing practical jokes on all the members of RCG. I thought “The Greatest Unending Story!” was inspired preaching. So, inspired by what?


Are you reading this RCG on-the-fencers? Did you hear what the man said? Do you consider his words?


Here it is again, condensed:


@ 16:30 So, sorting out all of the timing points was like 52 Pickup…But, once you play 52 Pickup which is what God did when He threw all these timing points into the Bible.


Is this the god you want to worship?


52 Pickup is the PERFECT analogy. It is perfect. Ironic and spot-on. David C. Pack and the enabling hirelings at Headquarters are creating a false impression of a legitimate endeavor. They keep members away from preparing for the Kingdom by focusing on building holy, righteous character—but instead, get them wound up and off-balance by shoving prophecy and timing and date after date after date in their faces.


Now, get on your knees and pick up that mess.


The Greatest Unending Story is an unending practical joke. But this is serious business.


Consider for a moment that David C. Pack is God’s chosen apostle commissioned under penalty of death to teach God’s people the truths of the Bible and to reveal the Mystery of God so that Jesus Christ can return. Instead of carefully guiding and correctly inspiring him, God sends Dave running to and fro, never to get any date correct to the point some sheep are disheartened and leave the flock.


Instead of answering his prayers with truth and knowledge, God sent him on wild goose chases, keeping him and the brethren constantly confused and in motion. Then, He throws a cruel fake-out here and there, so His chosen servant works late into the night, struggling to understand and obediently serve Him.


Instead of rewarding the faith of His people, this god compels his apostle to falsely declare, “Salvation will come in November of 2022,” then takes a step back to snicker. This god whispers in Dave’s heart, “It’s Christmas. Totally Christmas. Look at the math.”


Boink. Got ya!


“It’s New Year’s Eve. Totally for real this time. New Year’s Eve. In the midst of the years.”




This is the god David C. Pack presents to the brethren of The Restored Church of Another god. This god plays practical jokes at your expense. This god is playing 52 Pickup with the Bible.


The most amazing things fall from the lips of David C. Pack. His own words expose what he is. His own words expose which spirit he serves.


There is the Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Error. Which one plays 52 Pickup with God's people?



Dave created a sixty-point list concerning timing that gave all the members a chance to rest their hands and ponder if the iron was left on this morning.


These all funneled into Tevet 21 being the start of the Day of the Lord.

@ 1:01:31 In other words, the 21st of this month [Tevet – January 14], which is next Sabbath, ten days away, not quite ten, the 21st begins the Great Tribulation.


@ 1:01:54 So, there's a three-and-a-half-day period that God carefully depicts as starting on the 24th [Tevet – January 17]. And it ends when the 24th does. And a new month arrives.


@ 1:02:23 A new moon and two weeks. 7th and 14th [January]. Longer than we thought. We needed patience.


And a healthy dose of denial sprinkled with willful blindness.


The reset of the month and year is still in play. Instead of Tevet 8 going back to Tevet 1, Tevet 24 now jumps to Shevat 1. Doc and Marty no longer have to worry about time travel paradoxes.


@ 1:03:43 Not next month and not last month, and not next year. It doesn’t even sit right in Tevet next year. These are the problems I balanced. I been studying the calendars for years to come. The next time all of just what I’ve told you lines up is 2034. But, the Mystery of God is over now.


@ 1:21:34 There is no math, none, that allows even one more week, or you burst into Shevat and "in one month" crashes. You only have five days left. You can't go another week.


This has to be it. No more chances, according to Dave. Yet, somehow I see Part 414 in our future.


As a professional unordained non-prophet/non-psychic, I use Magic 8 Ball and not a deck of cards. Maybe that is why calling David C. Pack a biblical fraud and every date he declares a failure before it happens stands at 100% accuracy.


Nothing will happen on or around Tevet 21 and I do not need 85 minutes to prove it.


I would never want to worship a god who plays 52 Pickup with his word or his people. Would you?



Part 413 coverage will continue tomorrow.

Marc Cebrian

See: 52 Pickup

UCG: Cringe Worthy Video To Rope Millennial's And Gen X Into The Church


What were they thinking?

Since the United Church of God is afraid of comments on the video, you can share them here:

Bubonic Plague, Massacres, Captive Women and What this Means for British-Israelism


(From: Nature. 2015 Jun 11; 522(7555): 207–211.)


The Latest Findings on the Ancient Migrations into Europe:

Bubonic Plague, Massacres, Captive Women and What this Means for British-Israelism


By Scriptor

It is inevitable that as genetics is used in synergy with archaeology that British-Israelism (BI) will fare poorly. Evidence against the non-scientific idea of BI will continue to accumulate and the advocates of BI will have to meet the challenge with counterposed and credible data and scientific research. A recent wave of findings has revealed events in the history of human migration into Europe that depart from what has been traditionally believed by archaeologists. This new migration scenario will be described and its impact on BI will be discussed.

The people of Europe are a mixed population. They are an amalgam of three groups of people who invaded Europe at different times. The first occupiers of Europe were Hunter-Gatherers and are identified with Y Chromosome Haplogroup (Hg) I. The second group to invade were Neolithic Farmers from Anatolia identified with Hg G. And the third and final group of invaders were Steppe Pastoralists (Yamnaya people who later became the Corded Ware people), who came out of Eurasia, are identified by Hg R (R1a and R1b). The ancient Hg R people were cattle herders on the Russian Steppes. Hg I survives in south Scandinavia. Hg G survives in Sardinia and other circum-Mediterranean locations. [Otzi, the prehistoric man found in the Swiss Alps and living circa 5000 years ago (YA), is Hg G.] Otherwise, Hg I and Hg G survive in small numbers throughout Europe. The great majority Europeans, from Russia to Britain, are Hg R. (Note: While these three populations are at great variance genetically, actually different races, they were all Caucasian in appearance. The Hunter-Gatherers, closely connected genetically to modern southern Scandinavians, had blue eyes and dark skin as recently as 7,000 YA. Light skin is a relatively recent mutation. This is known from genome sequencing done on excavated skeletons.)

Using genetics and traditional archaeology (excavations and artifacts), a new migration scenario for Europe has been recently developed. I will summarize the scenario here and give references at the end of this article leading to greater detail. At one time Europe was occupied by the Hunter-Gatherers. Later another group of people came out of Anatolia and invaded Europe (5th Millennium BC). These people were agriculturalists and are referred to as Neolithic Farmers. They ceased their invasion when they reached the forested areas of Europe because this type of terrain was not conducive to farming. The Hunter-Gatherers remained in the forested areas of North Europe. The Neolithic Farmers began to mix with the Hunter Gathers after their arable lands reached carrying capacity. The Neolithic Farmers developed large, well-organized cities and were successful in their settlement of the arable land. They developed proto-urban mega sites – cities of more than 10,000 people. Then disaster occurred. An early ancestral form of bubonic plague started in the Ukraine and decimated Europe leaving vast stretches of land with very much reduced populations of Hunter-Gatherers and Neolithic Farmers (4,900 YA).

The depopulation caused by the bubonic plague gave opportunity to the Steppe Pastoralists to take over Europe (4,800 YA). The Bubonic Plague was also among the Pastoralists but they had developed some immunity to it. They sent expeditions of male warriors into Europe. In the conflict with the Neolithic Farmers and the Hunter Gatherers, they wiped out the indigenous male population and took the women into captivity for labor and reproduction. Mass graves and massacre sites have been excavated. This is unfortunately an ugly picture. The Pastoralists also altered the environment. In Denmark for instance, they burnt down forests and converted the land into fields for grazing their herds. When they reached the Atlantic shore of Europe, they acquired maritime technology from the Bell Beaker people, a related Hg R people, of Spain, and invaded the British Isles where events proceeded much as they had on the mainland, with the displacement of indigenous populations. This migration pattern may sound familiar. It is essentially what happened when the Hg R people invaded the New World. But instead of bubonic plague, the diseases transmitted to the indigenous population were smallpox, measles, and other common diseases that Europeans had already adapted to but Native Americans had no resistance to.

The result was that the Europeans are a composite of principally these three peoples. The chart at the top of this essay illustrates the population composition. The part of the chart labeled “Modern” shows the composition of modern European nations. Europeans have Neolithic Farmer and Hunter Gatherer genes principally from the women who were taken captive but the European Y chromosome lineage is primarily from the male Steppe Pastoralists. It is as if a painter had three colors of paint: white, red, and blue. These three colors were mixed to form various shades of purple. There can be some variation in the mixtures but all the colors are basically purples. And the European people are all about the same genetically from Russia to Britain and from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean. Variation in admixture of the same basic genetic components is what causes local differences in the people of Europe.

What is absent in these findings is any support for BI and other ideas espoused by Herbert W. Armstrong and Herman Hoeh. There is no evidence in the migration findings for an invasion of the British Isles by people from the Middle East. The R1b peoples of Britain have the same composite genome as the rest of Europe. Hoeh believed that Europe was populated by different races of people, some “Israelitish” and some Gentile. For instance, Hoeh believed that the Ukrainians were descended from Japheth and the British were descended from Shem. Shemites and Japhethites were regarded as different racially that there were policies taught in classes at Ambassador College Pasadena in the Seventies that Japhethites and Shemites should not intermarry. Notice on the chart above the British and Ukrainians are nearly identical genetically. The difference between these peoples is cultural/historical/geopolitical not racial.

The fact is that there is nothing about Europe that reflects Hoeh’s interpretation of the “Table of Nations” in Genesis 10. The text “Table of Nations” is a non-Biblical gloss. And God did not say that the Ukrainians were descended from Japheth; Herman Hoeh did. The recently established migration pattern discussed in this essay, when it is paired with the fact that there are no excavation strata in Palestine evidencing a dense population of Hg R people as BI would predict for the habitation area of the Ten Tribes, forms an elegant proof that BI is patently false. And this does not rest on soft arcane and semi-mythological histories and other incunabula but on hard genetic evidence and artifact excavation.

In summary, Europe is not divided up into various nations with greatly differing genetic backgrounds. It is instead a collection of nations with very similar genetic compositions. These peoples differ only in the amounts of the three genetic components in the admixture. The British and other “Israelitish” nations in Western Europe do not stand out genetically in any way from the greater European population. This essential similarity is illustrated in the chart above. And BI as a theory fails to explain the real data.


The cited video on YouTube is very interesting and explains this migration data in greater detail but is sufficiently non-technical to be understood by a general audience. It is well worth watching. The article cited is much more academic.

Towards a New European prehistory: genes, archaeology, and language – Kristian Kristiansen.

Massive migration from the steppe was a source for Indo-European languages in Europe. Nature. 2015 Jun 11; 522(7555): 207–211. 

Personal Note

A particular study in the article listed in References above includes data from seven Yamnaya burials in Russia from around 5,000 YA. The haplogroup for all these burials is R1b-M269, a very common haplogroup in western Europe. This is also my haplogroup and my male line ancestors came from the British Isles. It is remarkable to realize that my tribe of people, the British people, were on the Steppes of Russia 5,000 YA. That is about 1,000 years earlier than the traditional date for Abraham. Since I have a speck of Jewish ancestry, I am also descended from Abraham. He just seems like a recent relative by comparison. -- Scriptor