Thursday, February 20, 2014

Stephen Flurry Riverdances As Daddy Goes Banana's

From a reader here:

I think we need a different approach rather than just getting away from this destructive charlatan cult. I was a member for many years and was being prepared for the ministry before I woke up and left many years ago. These criminals don't care if you leave, they have your money in secret bank accounts and trusts. Stephen Flurry knows his dad is a psycho but has become the damage control legal aid waiting to get his inheritance from the blood of the people while learning Riverdance in his estate. This whole cult is disgusting and has destroyed thousands of lives and families. These sadistic criminals need to be brought to justice. These are the most disgusting people I ever came across in my life. Is Gerald Flurry Purging Ministers As PCG Starts Imploding?

Robin Webber: Prospective Members Driving 14 Hours To Church Equivalent to Queen of Sheba Visiting Solomon

Robin Webber says:

Are people searching today for that “pearl of great price”? Recently in a trip back to Cincinnati, I was struck by a conversation with a fellow minister. He shared how prospective members recently traveled 14 hours to attend our services. Hearing the eternal truths of God and fellowshipping with like-minded people was so important that they made the trip! They obviously believed the drive was worth it! It reminded me of the Queen of Sheba coming so far to visit Solomon to see if what she heard was true. Were these folks seeking a “pearl of great price”? You fill in the answer.

James Malm In Financial Straights. Send Him Your Money! NOW!!!!!!

Apostle and prophet James Malm claims to have thousands who follow is legalistic muttering and who are supposedly dedicated to preserving the "truth" as Malm declares it.  You would think that if there were thousands out there supporting his legalism that they would be sending in their money.  That's not the case.  He is in serious financial straights and needs immediate income otherwise his world girdling awesome work will face huge difficulties.  Since he does not do any real work and sits in front of his computer or bible all day long; he is reliant upon mooching off of his few followers.

PERSONAL:  Our accountant, who volunteers his unpaid services, has just informed me that: “As of now we have $1,091.46 in the account”.  We need an average of over $5,000 per month just to meet our monthly expenses and we are also in debt to do this work.  We are also now approaching renewals of our web sites in spring, and we need to build funds for the Festivals. We do not have millions like other COG Groups, and operate by faith that God will provide; on an almost daily basis.  This means that we are in serious need of your financial support.  I know that God will provide, however you have the opportunity to help us continue to share the whole word of God with the brethren.Yes, you can say:  “Let someone else do it”  and God will still provide; but in doing that, your opportunity to have a part in preparing God’s people and exhorting them back to a passionate loving zeal for God and his word is lost. Please support those who speak the truth of God’s word.  James Malm

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blog Trolls

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Every once in a while we get hit with a series of asinine comments that are directed towards certain people who post or reply here.  They are deleted.  There are some directed towards Dennis or myself and they too are delete.  Most are hilariously so stupid that I almost post them, but don't want to give the mentally disturbed people a platform.  Others are racist in nature and they too go down the rabbit hole.  All in all, it is quit entertaining to see the rapidly rotting minds of these men.

There was a recent study done on the type of people who do this.  Here is what it said:

"Narcissists, psychopaths, sadists or Machiavellian? When it comes to
online trolls, you can take your pick: Researchers say habitual
electronic provocateurs have several of these serious personality

One of the biggest studies yet into such behavior has found that Internet “trolls” — those who post deliberately provocative messages to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument — may need some intense therapy."

E.W. King Worlds Foremost Authority on UFO's

Eric King now claims to be the worlds foremost authority on UFO's.  He knows all, just like Bob Thiel knows all concerning prophecy.

The Science of it all

So what have we here at SOCT learned in our studies regarding the physical manifestations of this UFO phenomenon?

1-Intelligently Controlled Craft are visiting our planet.-

2-These craft are using a special type of nuclear power (perhaps nuclear fusion) and are using Hydrogen and Helium propulsion systems.-

3-They can travel 0-600 miles an hour in less than a second putting them at 30 G’s.-

4-Any being can survive any ‘G’ as long as the duration is extremely short.-

5-Most all of these craft are inhabited and are using electro magnetic charge systems.-

6-These craft adjust ionized air plasma using magneto propulsion systems.-

7-Craft have been witnessed traveling 1800 miles an hour and making up to 2200 mile an hour turns.-

8-Some of the fastest speeds are around 7000 and then able to “stop on a dime”. Extremely fascinating….to say the least.-

9-After 1950 an increase in craft numbers and bolder appearances of the crafts began.-

10-President Ronald Reagan was concerned about the beings being hostile.-

11-True Christians have to deal with the fact of their existence.-

12-True Christians are aware that some of these beings are seeking worship and are the source of all false religion.-

This information written by and released into the public on February 12th, 2014 by;-
Mr. Eric William King [founder of COGSR & SOCT]

Get Over It! " Your ugliness, your unforgiving, your hatred, your self-centered pity parties ..."

A reader here responds to the demolition of the Academic Center on the former Ambassador Campus in Pasadena and the angry bitter people he thinks reside here.
As an outsider, who followed the WCG for over a decade in the 80s, I am shocked at all this. I guess the one major proof above all others, that this whole endeavor was a fraud, is simply by just looking at you people - its fruit. Your ugliness, your unforgiving, your hatred, your self-centered pity parties and your disdain for anything that may be good out in the world - is rock solid proof, to me, of a false prophet that HWA may have been (I do not know). Still, you are the product of your own choices, yet you never say this - your focus, to this DAY, is still on a flawed human (who is now dead). You JUST WILL NOT LET GO OF HIM will you? Move away from all this and find peace if you can. You are in charge of your life. Forgive yourself and start finding peace with God. Although, many blame God more than they do HWA, so be it; time may even heal that wound as well. Ambassador College Campus Demolition

Philadelphia Church of God Single Ladies Get To Ask Men Out Once A Year

Looking all pretty for Friday night bible study.

Woo Hoo!  Single PCG women have a great opportunity coming up this Friday, February 21.  They get to ask men out and they have to PAY for it!

This tradition dates back to Ambassador College and gives women the opportunity to “take on the responsibility of planning for and asking men on dates,” as the Herbert W. Armstrong College Student Handbook states.

Ladies, this is your opportunity to pack a weekend full of dates! Women typically ask a different date for each of the three days: one for Friday night, one for Sabbath, and another for Sunday. The women plan, ask and pay for the dates on the weekend. Spring Turnabout

Only in Armstrognism would one seek to include this relic from WCG's past as deserving of discussion in a "college" handbook.  Are any of these buffons capable of doing ANYTHING original?

E.W. King: I Can Open The Portal of the Fallen Matrix You Live In

In Eric's own words:

To enter true Christian reality and see the light on the other side of this current fallen matrix you must keep the feasts and the true Sabbath. You must be in God's time...not pagan time. Let Mr. E.W. King give and intro to this topic:

You must understand that God's time works together like perfect gears in motion. When we begin to keep God's time and live in God's time a "door way" or "portal" is open up to us. Our spiritual clarity increases. Feast Portals

Who in their right mind would want to live in a world dominated by King or other COG splinter cult leaders as guides to spirituality?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Eric King Says First Humanoid Apes Were Fallen Angels and Meteor Craters In Arizona Caused By Fallen Angles Hitting the Earth

Now please understand. During the first earth age there were animals that were not brought back in the seven day re-creation of the earth. Dinosaurs existed on the first earth age. When the war broke out [about 65 million years ago] the dinosaurs started to attack each other, plants started to die, everything became corrupt. God preserved the bodies of all life on the first earth age as fossil fuel. God is very detailed in His great plan! He always thinks ahead!-

Many of these first earth age cities now lie under the oceans. The original bodies of the fallen angels are buried under the ocean. This helps us to understand this Scripture: “And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell [the grave] delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works.” [Revelation 20:13]-
Early beings during the First Earth Age

God began to create many life forms over a long period of time. The angelic beings [IB’s] who once had the opportunity to inhabit glorified bodies and take care of our planet were now left going through the process of exchanging body for body and witnessing the effects of their sinful rebellion.-

The angelic beings wished that they could have remained the care takers of creation. About 47,000,000 years ago God created the lemur-like creature. These had forward facing eyes and were small little fella’s. They loved to climb things. And then about 30,000,000 years ago monkeys of all sorts were created. God placed most of them in what latter became South America and Africa. These creatures had hands and feet and good brains. The angels were hoping that God would create a more usable body for them. ~5

Did you know that the craters in Arizona were caused by the fallen angels hitting the earth when they battled with God?

If we want to know when the angelic rebellion occurred all we have to do is find the time of the dinosaurs destruction. We now know that this angelic “super war” broke out around 65 million years ago. When war broke out in heaven we have Lucifer and his angelic horde leaving their physical bodies and trying to war with God in heaven. They were eventually cast back down to our planet and they left four giant craters when cast down. One of these craters can be found in the state of Arizona.-

When they were cast down much of our planet was destroyed including the dinosaurs. The earth became covered with dark clouds and many things died.-

So now the angelic host that had fallen lost their capability to take back their regular glorified physical bodies so instead God began to create a host of animal like creatures that they became stuck in. Simply put, these angels were placed in physical bodies which resembled ape like creatures. They could stay invisible and get by but they missed their first glorified bodies so they tried out all sorts of animal like creatures. This was the beginning of their punishment.-

E. W. King Discovered The Secret of the Universe While He Was Playing In The Sand Box As A Child

Eric King is God's greatest gift to humanity!

What caused the Big Bang? Here is where I would like to relate an experience that I had in first grade. In the play ground of our school there stood two poles that we could climb in the sand box. I remember one day on recess climbing one of these poles and looking down on all the kids playing. I do not know why but I asked myself: “What was before all of this?” I looked at all the busy bodies running around playing, I looked at the trees and the birds and I listened to all the noises. I answered my question with; “Space, black space was here before all of this.” I then found myself even more frightened, yes, it seems strange but these questions started to scare me. I then went further in my questioning. I thought: “Well, what was before space? And if everything was all dark blackness what was before black…black is a color?” Now I was left to ponder but it did not take long for me to come up with an answer. I reasoned that something must have always been here and that something was God.-

From that point on I never really denied the existence of an Intelligent Creator. My mother took me to church every weekend and the process began. Many of you know that as I grew older I searched high and low for just who this God was. Now, in my late forties I have peace and rest in my conclusion. No, I still haven’t figured everything out but God has given me enough to have some peace. God is a God of relationship. I believe in the God of the Christian Bible. I am writing this article to share the awesomeness of my God. I hope you will read this whole paper. J~4

You Are Still Required To Circumcise Your Children or God Is Not Going To Let Them In The Millennial Temple!

James Malm continues to babble on in his rundown on what he thinks Genesis 17 and Jeremiah 4:4 mean.  Malm has been spending a lot of time going through the Bible and adding his own interpretation to scriptures.  All of his interpretations are all made to back up his erroneous belief that Christians are required to keep the "law."

Malm's latest on circumcision is that since little kiddies cannot keep the law perfectly like baptized men can they must be circumcised so that in the kingdom they will be allowed into the temple.

God’s people are  commanded  by this covenant with God and again in the law given to Israel to circumcise all males on the eighth day of life, and that commandment is still binding as a physical lesson and reminding sign that we are to also become circumcised in heart.  
In the millennium no uncircumcised person may enter the millennial temple [oe the spiritual Family of] God.

Ezek 44:9   Thus saith the Lord God; No stranger, uncircumcised in heart, nor uncircumcised in flesh, shall enter into my sanctuary, of any stranger that is among the children of Israel.

Paul said that adults who are already circumcised in heart, need not go through the physical operation; but our children are not converted and circumcised in heart and we are still to obey the command regarding our children in the hope that they also may become circumcised in spirit.

Ron Weinland Requires His "ministers" To Submit Sermons For Approval By His Wife

Imagine being a ministurd in Ron Weinland's "church" where you have to have Laura's permission before you preach. Then to add insult to injury you have to have the approval of another woman before you speak.  That has to be pretty rough on the "men" who have to submit to these women given the culture of Armstrongism.  Laura and Anne Wrozek will then give suggestions on what to say and how to say it.

They also admit that their church is shrinking rapidly while Ron is having playtime with Bubba.

Some of you are most likely not aware of the process and format we have been using for the organizing and delivery of those split-sermons, so I think it would be good to share this with all of you. In the Worldwide Church of God, some very few who gave sermonettes (10-15 minute mini-sermons that were given before the primary sermon) were sometimes asked to give a sermon (or sermons). Now, due to our small size and ability to enhance a stronger unity in what is presented to the Church in a split-sermon format, the new speakers are asked to first submit an outline of their split-sermon. Sometimes suggestions and/or corrections are made. Once this step has been completed, then the individual prerecords their split-sermon. After this, it is transcribed into a PDF file so I can read it. Laura (and sometimes one or two others) then listens to it. We then discuss the contents and give suggestions, ideas, and/or corrections that will make it a better split-sermon. Finally, those specific sections can be addressed by the speaker and edited into the written PDF file and into the prerecorded portion in order to have a completed sermon that will then be played for everyone at Church.

We have now asked Anne Wrozek to assist in this entire process as she has a real talent for picking up on some of those areas that can be modified to make for an even better split-sermon. This is all about a teaching/training process for the new speakers, as we have no other programs in place to train new speakers.  God's Government In Action

Monday, February 17, 2014

Ron Weinland: My Children Are HIGHLY INFORMED, Submit To Them!

Imprisoned felon Ron Wienland, aka Weinerdude, has passed on the latest power structure to his rapidly shrinking cult.

Since Weinerdude has been in prison for one year now he has had to "rely" on his wife, Laura (the second witless witness), his money laundering daughter Audra and Beamer driving Jeremy to carry out his wishes.  Since Ron is spending many fun nights with Bubba, Laura has had to travel around the world collecting tithe money.

Now that Audra has divorced her first husband and has remarried to a new submissive European "elder" she is being sent out to collect all the money she can too.  Likewise, Ron's Beamer driving son Jeremy is also taking daddy's word to the unwashed masses few members remaining.

Since Audra married her European man so quickly after her divorce she has made plans to move to Europe - at church expense - to rule of the tiny members of her daddy's personality cult.

Because there are some in Ron's cult who are not taking kindly to these three interlopers coming to correct them, Ron has had to lay down the law on submitting to authority.

Laura, Audra and Jeremy have secret insider knowledge that the regular members  do not have.

All this brings up another matter of importance that I want to share with all of you in the ministry. As both Audra and Jeremy work full time for the Church, their jobs involve being in contact with many of you directly because of the work they do for us (Laura and myself), which is the government structure over all the Church. There is structure that is a matter of ordinations and there is another structure of government that, even regardless of ordination, is a matter of administration of government more directly from both Laura and myself, through them, to the rest of the ministry (as though directly from us). It is important to understand that both Jeremy and Audra are often “highly informed” as to that governing and functioning process and how it relates to many of you in the various areas you are located. Much of what they do is fully directed from us, while other aspects are not as direct, but still a matter of administration that comes from us. For that reason, I want to make certain that all of you understand that in their positions of service to both Laura and myself, they represent us when they are in contact with you. That contact may be by way of a visit to the region you are in or by direct contact with you via phone or email. That contact should be received as being directly from Laura or myself, as much of what they work to accomplish is part or our communication and service to the Church as well.  (soon to be ex) Elder-PKG

Here we have once more the typical Church of God power structure.  Sniveling, privileged, snotty kids ruling over gullible members.

Eric King: UFO and Aliens Caused The WCG Apostasy In the Early 1970's

Eric King has discovered the real reason for the 1973 WCG "apostasy."  It was ALIENS!  They came down on UFO's and deliberately disrupted the idyllic lifestyle of the Worldwide Church of God causing a great upheaval.  Apparently President Nixon was involved too.

Our SOCT studies have discovered an interesting correlation regarding the time of the great apostasy and UFO activity. In 1973 there was a huge increase regarding UFO sightings not just here in the United States but worldwide. We find this extremely interesting because the great apostasy (those trying to destroy God’s true church) became extremely aggressive during that time.-

In October of 1973 there were UFO abduction incidents. In October right around the anniversary of Radio Church of God (October 7th 1933) there was a famous sighting. On October 11th 1973 there was yet another famous abduction case. This was all during President Nixon and the great apostasy.-

Some history: As early as October 7th 1933 God was calling Mr. Armstrong to get ready to go “worldwide” with the restored gospel message. Mr. H.W.Armstrong began broadcasting on a 100-watt radio station which offered 15 minutes of free daily broadcasting.-

We here at COGSR mark our beginnings on October 7th of 2011. So October 7th is an important part of our history as the true Worldwide Church of God.-

1973 became the “Year of the UFO’s”.-

We could include other strange activity that was going on globally at this time but we at SOCT thought we would share this UFO data with our students.-

SOCT staff

Eric King: We Have Friends In High Places In California Therefore We Will Pray For Rain

E. W. King says:
Our God can do as He pleases. California has been punished for all of its sodomy and illegal activity. In God’s mercy we have strong friends of COGSR in California. We have decided to ask God to bring late rain to California.-

Isn't California blessed to have Eric King on its side!

Between him and Bob Thiel praying their prayers we are guaranteed to get rain!  However, most churches I know are praying the same thing.  Unlike Bob and Eric, if it does rain, they will not claim credit for the rain.  They will instead thank God for the rain.

If it does not rain in the next month or so, then Bob and Eric will start spouting that their god is angry and is punishing the state of California.  That COG mantra is tired and worn out.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Offical Church of God Bobble-Head

Bob Thiel has his latest "sermon" out whining about Mardi Gras and Carnaval, two events that the majority of the United States and the rest of the world don't worry too much about.  Only Armstrongism, Fred Phelps and a few crazy evangelical groups seem to get into a tizzy about these two events.

Bob starts out immediately with his jerky body motions.  With his black shirt, black necktie, black sweater, black jacket and black chair he ends up looking like a bobble-head bouncing around. Learn some fashion techniques if you are going to present yourself as God's greatest gift to the Mayan's and the Church of God.