Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Is Gerald Flurry Purging Ministers As PCG Starts Imploding?

The COG's most important man, after Dave Pack of course, is Gerald Flurry.  His angry jowl flapping face rages continually against his members and the world around him.  Flurry has always held always held his lower echelon members in contempt:

So where does Flurry get off saying no one has the right to teach but him? He also told members that other people are "so much dross floating down the river; they don’t matter." If that was true, then why is he trying to get them into his group? In all actuality God died for the whole world. But Flurry cuts off people from their families, no matter how they cry for help. Elderly mothers or fathers, their own children, no matter who. If they're not in the PCG, forget them! But I read that you are to lay down your life for your brother. [I John 3:16]

The Exit and Support site has several letters from former members that have been detailing upheavals in the Trinidad PCG and of various PCG ministers getting canned.  Apparently the Turgeon and Culpepper clans are waging war against those they perceive to be disloyal.

March 15, 2013
Cal Culpepper has been given Aaron Eagle's duties by GF. This means that Culpepper is going to have to move to be more centrally located in his area. Culpepper is more dictatorial than Aaron, and members are dreading him taking over. They are expecting him to "clean house" on the members once he takes over. --Informer

With his rapidly falling income, disgruntled members, and rebellious ministers, Flurry's cult is on a downward spiral.  All is no longer glorious or righteous in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Recent PCG ministers canned/or told to resign have been Aaron Eagle - who "...disfellowshipped members right and left"; Craig Winters, Regional Director Florida and Bryan Weeks, Mail Processing Manager.

Other letter writers talk about the abuse they have been receiving from various COG ministers with one person even detailing how Brian Davis disfellowshipped their 13 year old son.  Brian Davis has a long track record of spiritual abuse towards members.  One write to E&S says:

February 22, 2013
If we are to go strictly by the PCG teachings, Brian Davis thinks he has "taken my crown." (Revelation 3:11) This is how callous they are to let you think you will be thrown in the "lake of fire" if you do not submit and come crawling back to them. I no longer believe this! After a final disfellowship by Brian Davis, I got back my critical thinking skills and came to the conclusion that PCG is a cult that I was part of. I was mentally, verbally, and spiritually abused. They all live a life of luxury at PCG Headquarters in Edmond, Oklahoma. In the meantime, back at the farm in the real world, all those poor cast out members who believed all that bull are trying to pick up the pieces and get what's left of their lives back together. I want to warn others that any group that leaves Christ and His teachings out of the picture as the PCG does is a big fat lie! --Ex PCG

Another writer to E&S has this to say about the PCG layoffs and hierarchy:

April 23, 2013
These recent "layoffs" sound like cost-saving measures; i. e., as the membership drops, you don't need all those paid ministers. Just so long as the Flurry, Turgeon, and Hilliker families (related to GRF by blood or marriage) are financially secure and taken care of with luxury homes at HQs, most of the rest of the ministry are just "expendable." Then they sugar-coat this reality by saying that these ex-ministers are "still a member in good standing." Any minister or paid staff not directly in the Flurry "bloodline" should be nervous! --Former PCG member
E&S has a lot of information about the PCG Trinidad upheavals.  The regional director there is particularly incensed that things happening there are being made public:

April 23, 2013
Samuel Seebran boldly stated on the podium that the husbands in the church are hypocrites and also the wives in the church are hypocrites!!! And that they can solve their own problems instead of getting the ministry involved. Seebran's expression is that of disgust and disdain as matters concerning the Trinidad PCG is being exposed openly for the world to know Via ESN. He is raging mad as he has been exposed as a liar and deceiver as more members begin to question and demand answers about what's really going on in the congregation. Seebran cannot quench the "fires" of problems and insecurity existing in the Trinidad congregation and appears to be distancing himself from brethren's personal Problems (marital) as his faulty and questionable administration is under observation from PCG Headquarters. His failure as a leader to address and handle the situation is escalating as more families are being torn apart--instead of love, peace and unity there is distrust, fear and uncertainty. --Resigned member (Trinidad)


Anonymous said...

By now, there has been enough information available to the people who still hang on to their one man personality cults about their leaders attitudes that any who still stay with it deserve what they get. They are truly beyond deceived. They are asleep if not totally brain dead.

Vote with your feet folks. Vote with your wallet. No god is going to punish, hurt or not love you if you wake up. She may pat you on the back for finally standing on your own two feet and tell your guru he does not have your brain in his back pocket any longer.

You have only yourself to blame after all these years now of having these men shown to be far less than spiritual and closer to mentally ill.

Here is the rule:

When your sermon notes tell you one thing and your stomach tells you something else, your sermon notes are is lying. Your stomach is telling you the truth.

Dennis Diehl

Anonymous said...

I believe this blog has reached a tipping point in attracting thousands a day who are quietly educating themselves . They are quietly seeing their personal doubts are not so uncommon and their thoughts about how it all is going with their one man Apostalates and Prophets may not be all there is to know about Christianity.

Stay focused on what is wrong with these fake ministers teachings, methods and goals. They will hang themselves with their own words and here is where one can read their own words even if was not meant for our consumption.

NO2HWA is the best forum available to those who need what they need, including the courage to make a life changing choice for the better.

Sharon said...

I agree Dennis and Anon. This is the best forum out today exposing the day to day operations of the various splinter groups. They are hanging themselves and are too stupid to see it.

People are leaving all the splinter groups daily. Pack, Thiel, Flurry can no longer draw in members like they did when they started their groups. Abuse is rampant in their organizations and people are sick of it. People are getting tired of being told what to do when they see that the Scriptures grant them freedom.

Corky said...

I hope they disfellowship so many people that they disfellowship themselves out of business.

When is a church not a church? When it doesn't have any supporters. Cut their money off, show 'em who really has the power.

Anonymous said...

NEVER NEVER NEVER allow another human being pretending to be a minister of God nor allow a church organization stand between God and the person himself. We call God to be our Father to show that we have a direct relationship with Him and even Christ said a time would come we need not go to a temple to pray, but we can communicate to God in spirit and in truth. Our salvation does not lie with any of these WCG remnant leaders and churches.

Anonymous said...

"By now, there has been enough information available to the people who still hang on to their one man personality cults about their leaders attitudes that any who still stay with it deserve what they get."

Well, I wouldn't go that far. Some are still in the dark. Some are afraid to read the blogs, some feel God does not want them to, and some old timers never surf the web.

Joe Moeller said...

LEAVE any organization... if over a course of a month, you can tally the name of your orgs leader more times than you can the name of Jesus Christ in the course of the sermons and other messages.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Byker Bob said...

Someone in Edmond ought to have custom bumper stickers made up that read : "Fear and Terror are not fruits of the Holy Spirit!"

This stuff is just so wrong. You'd have to actually be George Orwell to even half-way understand the rationale behind Flurry. He's twisted just about every Christian value known to man, and renamed or redefined it all.


Joe Moeller said...

They are disfellowshipping 13 year old teens for having a Facebook page and talking to their friends on it.


Why dont they just ban talking, while they are at it, and writing with paper and ever reading ANYTHING!

Soon Flurry is going to require Lobotomies to be in his cult. If you were a serious user of sniffing airplane glue back in the day, it looks like you are potential recruitment material for PCG.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Assistant Deacon said...

The funny part is, Gerald Flurry as a television presenter ain't worth shit.

Watch him sometime. He stammers. He stutters. He flounders around. He repeats meaningless phrases. He blinks rapid-fire while he searches that pea brain of his for the right word or thought, which rarely comes to him.

He misinterprets and/or misrepresents entire passages of scripture. He talks about things that have zero meaning to anyone outside of traditional HWA theology. His topics are largely irrelevant, and the things he says are trite. He acts like people are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to hear his latest insights, when they couldn't care less -- and couldn't possibly understand what he's talking about even if they did.

But "Ohhhhh" this and "Ohhhhh" that, and he thinks he's getting through.

Flurry is a blowhard. Meaningless. Powerless. Clueless. And he built his church on a book he claims to have written, but didn't.

If you're in his group and you're reading this, trust your head and your heart and get away from that clown as quickly as you can. You'll be the better for it.

He is no more "God's man" than my dog is. What a presumptuous buffoon. He's the Joe McCarthy of Armstrongism, cruelly blacklisting former church members by telling their still-observant families to shun them. ("At long last, sir, have you no shame?")

The sooner that imposter is left with a shell of a building on the plains of Edmond, the better.

CJ said...

To Anon 2:46PM and 4:06PM all I can say to that is:


And to BB I love your bumper stickers idea!! I think it'd be appropriate not just to ACOGs but our society as a whole what with the Fed and media blabbering about "FEAR and TERROR" every night and then other alternative media online like Alex Jones, etc spreading this disease as well! I getting to the point where: "I'm Mad as Hell and I can't take it anymore!" ;-)

RSK said...

"The funny part is, Gerald Flurry as a television presenter ain't worth shit."

Funny you say that, as I actually watched a clip of his show for the first time ever today. You're not kidding. He isn't very coherent, the outline he's apparently prepared makes little sense to anyone but him, he flips pages in view of the camera, and his physical presence is all wrong. He hasn't studied the art of presentation very well.

I'm a television director by trade, and if I had a presenter doing as bad a job as this, I'd have to stop taping and have a long talk with them.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen his auditorium? I wonder how long before someone goes bonkers and take a 12 gauge to his fancy chandeliers in the lobby. The PCG seem to be going down and once the momentum picks up, it will go down as fast as the Berlin Wall. Then perhaps another cult will buy the property like when Parson College in Fairfield, IA was bought up by the Maharashi Yogi and turned it into Maharashi University where they practice transcendental meditation and try to levitate. This will be an exciting year ahead for PCG if the income is really going down.

Anonymous said...

I contacted the UCG, and they said "Fear and Terror are not fruits of the Holy Spirit!" bumper stickers are not available from them.

Maybe they DO have bumper stickers such as, "Fear and Terror- glad we're gaining control your mind. Don't forget to join and tithe!"

Anonymous said...

"Gerald Flurry as a television presenter ain't worth shit."

It does not matter anymore because the TV program is not bringing any people in anyway, and nothing they can do will fix that. It exists just to make the PCG members think they are reaching the world with a message. Flurry would probably love to cancel it and save the money but then he can't pretend to be following HWA. Perhaps he's just going through the motions.

Anonymous said...

"This is the best forum out today exposing the day to day operations of the various splinter groups. They are hanging themselves and are too stupid to see it"

There are various sites and forums which expose COG errors, and they complement each other, as no one site can cover everything, and each brings to the table a somewhat different perspective.

Anonymous said...

"I believe this blog has reached a tipping point in attracting thousands a day who are quietly educating themselves..."

Where do you get that number from?

Judgement day said...

I think we need a different approach rather than just getting away from this destructive charlatan cult. I was a member for many years and was being prepared for the ministry before I woke up and left many years ago. These criminals don't care if you leave, they have your money in secret bank accounts and trusts. Stephen Flurry knows his dad is a psycho but has become the damage control legal aid waiting to get his inheritance from the blood of the people while learning Riverdance in his estate.

This whole cult is disgusting and has destroyed thousands of lives and families. These sadistic criminals need to be brought to justice. These are the most disgusting people I ever came across in my life.

Anonymous said...

Assistnt Deacon, You painted a picture of Flurry perfectly. It's hard to believe some could sit through and listen to him. I did at first for a while hoping he will say something of value, he never did, it was simply a long drawn out boring repetitive talk every time he spoke.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me there are a lot of posts on this site from people who have never been in the PCG and others who are like a laxitive who have gone through about every splinter group there is.

Anonymous said...

There is no such office as an assistant deacon in the PCG.

Bob Branam said...

I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO JOIN PCOG FOR the last 6 months. After a visit by nearest pastor and regional director ,I have been ignored and contact attempts have been rejected. I write study booklets and share them with anyone interested. I assume I have been rejected because they think I am trying to start my own church because I gave them a title "The Philadelphia Mission."

Ely DJ said...

I see the PCG following down the road of what the WCG did, and that is a falling away from GOD. I was young and very naive. But I saw a lot of brethren treat and talk bad about others because they were not up to their standards. I was always mad and upset. I really couldn't say much, because of "WE HAD TO KEEP OUR MOUTHS SHUT" or otherwise that would be considered Rebellion against GOD himself. But I was always in question about many things. I read all these comments and it is sad that the many people, "Brother's and Sister's were treated with such treachery.It is sad to say that all this has lead up to us falling away from GOD. The many that have awoken from being sheep to strong beings, shows the Lord that we all have a calling and are capable of holding, steadfast, and by prayer and meditation, keeping Sabbath and the holydays close to our hearts, we can make it in the wonderful world tomorrow. I have seen from first hand, "Pride, Vanity" Lust, and hatred all in one place, and that is not just the world itself, but in the CHurch. I had this minister, whom would smirk, mock, and snarkle at what I had to say, when we spoke or counseled. I would get upset. But the one thing that really had me, was reading all this literature, and taking Bible Correspondence tests to prove my loyalty to God to become a baptized member was very frustrating on account, of in the Bible one could become baptized by the faith they had and the love they showed Jesus. I don't recall Jesus making those men and women study; for months and years to prove loyalty. I am mad and upset that no one in the church really loved one another.
To all, that are here, May God Bless each and everyone of you for the sadness, heartache, loneliness, anger, frustration, hatred and poison we all endured.

Mark Stead said...

Examine yourselves, these aren't very Christian comments but bitter ones, now where does that bitterness come from? I too feel I am sub human and (although this is the point where I myself loose credibility) and it's very self-righteous for me to say, but given well over ten percent multiple times and in multiple occasions even into the hundreds . My last offering into the hundreds I sent directly to my local branch but I fear that because it was inside a separate envelope (in cash) and it had my name on it, it probably went into the trash.. I'm not even worthy to get paperback books, I can only fund others to. You may all hate me or even have pitty well don't bother. Prophecy is true and who else has the power and balls to go on national TV and proclaim it? Who could say the things about Putin and get away with it without some degree of protection? At the end of the day what will we say to our judge when he questions us? Will we say we gave it our best shot, we got behind what we thought was his work and stuck to it no matter the discouragement, the sheer lack of human support? I get bitter too that's why I read all the comments above but everyone of them has fault and so does mine.