Tuesday, April 23, 2013

James Malm: There Will Be NO Dissent In My Church - It's My Way Or the Highway

The Church of God's greatest Pharisee is its greatest proponent of the law.  Grace and love are tools of Satan that allow unbridled "sin" to take over a persons life.  Being shackled to the law supposedly stops that wantonness.  In my decades in Pasadena that belief has been proven wrong many times over.  The laws never stopped anyone in the Church, in most cases it caused them to do more things. the more the church prohibited the more people rebelled.

Apostle Malm is setting himself and his splinter cult up for failure.  He is not bringing anyone closer to God.  If anything, he is driving a wedge between them and the God they seek to follow.  Begin shackled to law and being told what to do 24/7 is very comforting to some.  Being allowed freedom is an unknown concept to many.  Freedom brings insecurity and the ability to ask questions.  That in turn can lead to doubt and doubt is a four letter word in Armstrongism.

Apparently one of Malm's acolytes dared to question the teachings of the apostle.  Retribution was swift and public.

The apostle writes:

While Larry assured me that he was of like mind with me when he offered to set up the Facebook site last year, I have been hearing otherwise.  I therefore wrote him yesterday to ask his positions, and he responded by saying that he is not against me, he just does not agree with me.

Larry has taken a stand on the calendar, however he does not agree on the meanings of the Festivals etc, and has said that he will not attend our Feast site because I will not allow dissent  He has chosen to attend the Feast with UCG [Do they allow sermons  dissenting from their teachings?  I expect that this means that Larry wants to attend with UCG because he agrees with their teachings on the Festivals.] and is trying to set up for the true Eighth Day [by the Biblical Calendar]  a few days after UCG holds theirs.

In case some believe that Larry and I are on the same page doctrinally and about the Feasts; I feel c0mpelled to issue this clarification:

Larry does not agree with the teachings on this Blog concerning the Festivals, and is doing whatever he does on his own:  He does not represent me,  nor is he associated with me when he diverges from the teachings and doctrine at TheShiningLight.

Those who want to attend a Feast site for the whole eight days, based on the positions and doctrines presented at this Blog, should write me at jddm3@hotmail.com  for information about our Feast site in Oregon.


Byker Bob said...

He's just defined his group as not being Christian. He apparently thinks that he and his followers are going to be admitted to the KoG because the Holy Spirit makes it possible for them to keep "the law". If that isn't Old Covenant, I don't know what is. Who would want to be in their Kingdom? Apparently they're not allowed to use their brains to think, analyze, or reason.

All I can say is, good luck on that, James.


Sweetblood777 said...

Though I realize that you meant to say 'Its my way OR the highway' you do nail it right on the head.

James is yet another egoist that feels that just because he copies and pastes scripture and then adds his stupid opinions to it, that what he says is scripture.

For crying out loud, please James, crawl back into your hole.

Anonymous said...

This bring to mind the movie, Fahrenheit 451 where the fire department doesn't put out fires, but sets fire to books, which were illegal to possess. There is a scene where the fire chief tells Montag. that books just make people miserable and they contradict each other. He says to his subordinate, "We must all be alike, Montag." I remember my first week at AC we all went down to the printing area and walked back with armfuls of literature. We thought we had struck it rich.

NO2HWA said...

Thanks for the catch Sweetblood77!

Anonymous said...

I wrote Malm for FOT info...he said no. Bummer

Dennis Diehl

Anonymous said...

Dennis that is too funny. Did you ask if you could be a guest speaker?

Head Usher said...

"He apparently thinks that he and his followers are going to be admitted to the KoG because the Holy Spirit makes it possible for them to keep 'the law'".

There are a substantial number of well-meaning people still caught up in Armstrongism's wrongheaded way of thinking about everything who have accepted and believe exactly this.

I used to believe this too before my religious "bubble" burst and I realized that I had absolutely zero evidence that there was any such thing as "the holy spirit" or "conversion" either from my own life or from having observed the lives of other church members, whether low status or high. Some people go even further to conclude they must attain perfection in that they have reached a point where they no longer commit any sins anymore before their life is over, otherwise they will not "qualify." This is the setup for a neurotic existence culminating in sheer panic when your health begins to ultimately fail.

Part of Armstrongism was the phrase "it's not a 'religion' it's a 'way of life.'" If it were a healthy or "godly" way of life, I would expect it to lead you toward peace and sanity, but it doesn't; it only leads you away from mental health. And James Malm is one bat $&@# crazy cat. Armstrongism promotes a "way of life" that does not work at all.

Anonymous said...

I didn't get that far. I tripped over the first hoop and hurdle.

But it would be a great sermon!


Head Usher said...

Their loss!

Anonymous said...

If Larry is deacon in the UCG, why was he in questionable collaboration with the enemy?

The UCG is a crippled ship of fools, without a pilot.

Captain Flurry would've canned his ass from the very start of his little spy mission.

Joe Moeller said...

Ive heard of "SUPER MOM" , but it looks like we now have someone who thinks he is a "SUPER MALM".

Looks like Cody, WY is on the way from Eastern Canada (where Malm lives) when going to his Oregon FOT.

He is welcome to come on down to the ranch, and have some steak and beans. Afterwards we can light farts around the campfire , and the loser can quit posting to the internet.

This is not as good of a challenge as Dennis offers to Pack or Malm, but it is the best I could come up with, so Im doing my part on behalf of Banned.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

Wow, Joe. Such converted activity as lighting farts would have to be a major incentive to Malm's visit to your ranch. I mean, that was almost officially sanctioned activity in the Ambassador College mens' dorms back in the day.

Nice to see the sanctity of farting preserved in UCG! I've always said that flatulence is positive evidence that the Lord has a sense of humor!

~Flavius Cutwind III

Assistant Deacon said...

Damn. I was going to advise Malm not to hold his breath waiting for anyone to contact him about his Feast...and Dennis had to go and spoil it by writing to him.

Bastard! Just for that, Dennis, may he change his mind and let you attend.

Anonymous said...

Larry who?

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought of a nice heavenly view of the skies as the indoctrinated sit around the campfire at the ranch...

Dennis Luker could fly around on his broom and write "SURRENDER COGAWA" in the sky, and then land to defend another stalker in his nutty church, with help from the flying monkey Council of Elders buddies of his!