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Craig White Says: " Massacre and Butchery Unimaginable Soon To Be Unleashed on US, Australia and New Zealand"

Before Bob Thiel ever hit the scene as the Church of God's greatest theologian, world renown prophecy authority, and British Israel proponent, there was Craig White.  Craig seems to slip by the wayside with his rants as most people seem to ignore him.  He has scores of articles on British Israel bunk.  He is also rabidly anti-American.  Even when he vacations here he seems to find everything wrong that he comes into contact with.  He hates it, yet he sure loves to come here and vacation!

Craig is promoting today his latest article about the end times.  Specifically how the British Israelite nations will soon be German fodder as we are bombed into oblivion.  Those of us unlucky to remain alive will become the slaves of the Europeans.

He writes:

Ephraim and the tribes of Israel (not excluding the USA) will be lulled into a false sense of
security, possibly believing that their New World Order of One World Race, One World
Religion and One World Capitalist Economic Free Trading System would bring world
peace. Instead, the Europeans also believe in a New World Order - but one which is
radically different to the model proposed by the Anglo-Saxon Powers. Theirs is a Fascisttype of system endearing so-called Christianity to the State, thus reviving the Holy Roman Empire. It is completely different and opposed to the Anglo-Saxon version of a New World Order in such fundamentals as immigration/race, religion, finance, economics, social
attitudes, personal liberties etc.

But many today scoff at this (II Peters 3:3-4; Jude 18; Jeremiah 20:8). The scoffers and
mockers (both within and without the Church of God) who do not see the signs of the times
will be taken unawares.
Here we go again.  Anyone that disagrees with him is a mocker of his "god."  That is a convenient tool  that Armstrongites love to sling at those who no longer follow the stuff of Armstrongism..

Craig is all about The New World Order, the Roosevelts, Illuminati and other crackpot theories that have dominated Armstrongism over the decades.

It is of little benefit to the Anglo-Saxon-Keltic nations to build a New World Order realigning the world to gradually bring about One World. This globalisation process merely
weakens these nations and strengthens those that will eventually turn upon them. For they
despise the Anglo-Saxon model for world governance and prefer their own. These gentile
peoples respected the old Anglo-Saxon world leadership that followed in the tradition of
Theodore Roosevelt, Churchill, Menzies, Reagan and Thatcher. They both feared and
admired their hegemony, admitting that this hegemony led to world stability and prosperity.

Now they sense that a new realignment of political forces has been gradually taking over
the West – forces that do not believe that the Anglo-Saxon peoples should be world
leaders (except in political correctness and globalisation). Forces that believe that the
Anglo-Saxons are bad and should be integrated into a New World Order. These traitors
and perverts follow in the tradition of John F Kennedy, Carter, Clinton, Blair etc.
 Don't think those of you that are heretics in Australia and New Zealand are getting of the hook:

Yes, the Anglo-Saxon peoples will be destroyed and enslaved by her "lovers", principally a
German-led Europe. Do we dare ignore this warning by God? Meanwhile in the Orient,
Europe’s global allies will be given the nod to invade Australia and New Zealand.
The nations to Australia’s north will invade the continent and bring Australians to their
knees. One third of White Australians will die from disease and famine; one third will die
directly because of war; and the remaining one third will go into captivity: "and a third part
... shall scatter in the wind; and I will draw out a sword after them" (Ezek 5:2). Massacre
and butchery unimaginable will be wreaked upon Australia.

Which are the gentile nations which will be involved with the coming terrible invasion of
Australia (and probably New Zealand)? Prophecy indicates the strong probability that the
various invading nations will partition the spoils of Israel among themselves. One in Joel
3:2b speaks of the scattering of Israel and the parting or dividing of Israel amongst her
enemies (Amos 7:17b; Micah 2:4; Dan 11:39 seem to tell a similar tale). So every
indication is that several nations will be involved in this bloody and bitter exercise.
 Australia itself may be divided up by secret agreement between India, Japan, China and
Indonesia. For instance, Japan may take the Eastern States; Indonesia and China the
Northern Territory and South Australia; and India Western Australia.

This is the scenario he sees in store for the United States.  Note this is from some Russian idiot:

This is what Craig predicts:
You and your family in Australia are aware that America is in the process of being
subsumed. Internally there is race war and massacres. One race of men is tearing around
killing and raping. Others are claiming properties and forcing your peoples to work in the
fields. Caribbeans are pouring into Florida by the boatload. Japan has taken over Hawaii
and other outlying islands before China can get to them.

German-led European forces representing the new fascist National European Social
Empire are invading via their ally, Quebec. The effects are devastating and final.
Carnage, confusion and slaughter are everywhere! Nothing in world history has ever
occurred like this before.
 There is no one left on the entire planet to intervene to help Australia. The country is being
swamped on a massive scale.

Troops from Japan are smashing their way down the coast of Queensland after destroying
the city of Brisbane. Meanwhile, Indonesia has unleashed hundreds of thousands of its
poor on to the shores of the Northern Territory – they are swarming in and setting up camp
wherever they can. Behind them are heavily armed Chinese troops hoping to carve out a
part of Australia to populate.

The Indonesians find the new land wonderful and are able to spread out, building new
dwellings from the natural environment and are easily able to live off the land and fish
along the coastal areas.
Like any really good Armstrongite he has to get some sex in there.  No good Armstrongite prophetic prophecy can get by with out rape, pillaging and sex slaves.

Through your binoculars you see some being taken to become slaves and shipped off to
Asia, Africa, South America or central Europe to work in mines, factories or in the sex
“Perhaps we shall be able to link up with other families and individuals fleeing the
slaughtering and raping” you think. “Perhaps, by some miracle, the invaders will one day
allow all the Anglo-Saxon-Keltic and Nordic peoples a little homeland somewhere.”

But little did you realise that their intention is murderous. They are intent on ‘killing a
people’ after using what is left of them as slaves scattered across the world. They will
never allow your peoples to re-assemble and to arise again – their jealousy and
vengefulness will see to that.

You can read the rest of this sickness here:  WHEN THE BAD NEWS FINALLY REACHES YOU! A scenario for the worst time in human history

Bricket Wood, England Campus For Sale (Again)

Poor Dave Pack and Gerald Flurry!  If they had only saved their members tithe money they could have bought a ready made original COG campus that would have a place of honor close to the European Union. Imagine having a front row seat to film the rise of the Holy Roman Empire in Europe!  Instead these poor losers are stuck now in the boonies of Oklahoma and a wooded lot in Ohio.  Ohio! Puuulease!

Sources from England have informed me that the Bricket Wood campus is for sale yet again.  The WCG sold the property around 1974 and shipped off those students who were willing to Pasadena.

The property is now called Hanstead Park.  HSBC ceased using the property in 2011 and was purchased by a another company managed by St Conger Land  Limited.

The 185 acre property would be an ideal home for a Church of God minister with a big ego and a fat wallet.

A brief history of the property:

  • The Hanstead Park site at Bricket Wood has a rich and varied history. Hanstead House was originally built in the 1860′s using new merchant wealth. Richard Harrison, a wealthy landowning Yorkshireman, was the owner and builder of Hanstead House. The property was sold to three or four families throughout the next forty years until Sir David Yule, a Far East Jute magnate, purchased the property in 1902. He died in 1928, having re-built the house in which his wife and family continued to live until 1958.
  • An American evangelical religious movement called the Worldwide Church of God bought the estate in 1958 and established the site as a Theological College, developing the property further, building the Sports Centre, the restaurant building, a teaching block and what is now called Wayfoong Hall. They also excavated the land and created the lakes in 1966.  They raised the land outside the Sports Centre to create the running track and sports pitches. The college closed in 1974.
  • The Central Electricity Generating Board bought the site in 1978, creating their Central Staff Training Centre and adding the glass fronted Training Building in 1993.
  • The site was acquired by HSBC in 1994, after which it was used as a management training college until its closure in late 2011.
  • St Albans City and District Council closed Bricket Wood Sports Centre in 2010 because it was performing very poorly in both financial and usage terms.
  • In April 2012, the site was purchased by a company managed by St Congar Land Limited.

Ron Weinland Court Documents

Mike has done another great job on Don't Drink the Flavor-Aid with a new entry The Government’s Case Against Ronald E. Weinland.

Here are some excerpts:

We’re here today, ladies and gentlemen, because Ronald Weinland attempted to evade his taxes willfully during the years 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008. During that period of time, he used his church to fund an affluent lifestyle and he used the instrumentalities of that church to conceal his true income from the Internal Revenue Service and shield himself from further taxation.

There’s a duality here that I think the evidence is going to show you about the nature of the Church of God and Ronald Weinland’s role in it. On one side we have the spiritual nature of the church and the congregation. That’s not what we’re focusing on. What we’re focusing on and what the evidence will speak to is the organizational function, structure, and income sources of the church that are legitimate as they relate to their employee, Ronald Weinland. There’s a duality with regard to Mr. Weinland. He is the spiritual leader of the church, but he is also the business leader of the church. And the church, like any other organization, has a legal component, a structural component, a hierarchy of organization, functions, and area that it covers, which all give the basis for what are ordinary and reasonable expenses.

Despite Weinerdude's lies that this is a direct attack on his splinter cult, the court action was NEVER against the church.  It was directed directly at him.

The church is structured just like any other corporation might be. There is a board of directors and there is a president of the corporation, and that president and board, of course, sets the policies and decides what the corporation will do, how it’s organized and where it goes, et cetera.

The only difference about this corporation and many others is that Mr. Weinland is the only board member and the only officer of the corporation with any legal authority in the corporation. Now, there is an advisory board of directors and they are called evangelists and elders.

On the legal side of the house, they have no authority, only what Mr. Weinland allows them. And interestingly, they can be dismissed from their positions by Mr. Weinland at his discretion. There’s no regulation on that, it’s up to him. And there’s nothing inherently illegal about any of that, but that is the legal structure of the Church of God – Preparing for the Kingdom of God.
Advisory councils in Armstrongism are in name only.  They operate at the whims of the Evangelist in charge.  Deviate the slightest from the golden path and you ass is grass.  That is part of the reason all the various COGlet splinter groups still live in the 1980's and cannot cross the portal  into the 21st century.

Generally, the way the church operates – because I think what the evidence will show you is the vast majority of the expenses are related to Mr. Weinland’s travel – is Mr. Weinland or his wife, Laura, would put church expenses on their personal credit cards. Over this period of time we’re talking about, they had seven different credit cards with three or five different institutions. So if Mr. Weinland is going to Melbourne, he’s going to put the travel, the flight, the hotel, the meals, everything that’s a legitimate expense on his American Express or some other card.

He might also put on that American Express an article of clothing or some other item he might buy while he’s there. The — when he comes home, he might put on that American Express dinner out with his wife and so on. So what he’s doing is, and Laura does this too, Mrs. Weinland, is they’re commingling their business expenses and their personal expenses on these credit cards. So when the credit card bills come in to Audra — By the way, I forgot to tell you on the Church of God accounts, there are three signatories, Robert Weinland, Laura Weinland, and Audra Little. When the Church of God — when the bills come in, what Audra does is she pays them, every credit card gets paid off every month.

And here’s what she does: She looks at the amount of the credit card, she’ll testify to this, she takes money from a Church of God account and she puts it into a Weinland account. Ronald and Laura Weinland over this period also have, I think it’s about, ten or 11 personal accounts, checking, savings, money market accounts that they use and put money in. The three signatories to that account — those accounts are Ronald, Laura, and Audra; the same three people. When the credit card bill comes in, the money gets transferred by Audra from a Church of God account into a Weinland account and then it gets paid in full.
You might hear some testimony that then it goes to Laura Weinland and she then determines what were the business expenses, what were the personal expenses, and you’ll see some checks going back into Church of God accounts and you’ll see some checks made out to Laura Weinland going back into a Weinland account, but when it comes out in the wash, there isn’t enough money of legitimate income for the Weinlands to cover the costs of all of the money that we’re talking about.

Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about. Just on the credit cards alone, the evidence will show you from 2004 to 2008, the Weinlands had over $500,000 of personal expenses paid for by the Church of God. And that’s excluding anything that is arguably a Church of God expense. The evidence will also show you the same thing happens from their accounts.

I have always wondered why they never went after Weinerdude's wife and daughter Laura.  These two appear to be accessories to Weinerdude's criminal activities.

What are the things that Mr. Weinland spends money on other than the legitimate church expenses? And this is what the evidence will show, I’m just going to tick down this list.
  • Dining out for himself or Laura Weinland;
  • expensive clothing for himself and his wife;
  • Mrs. Weinland’s travel with him everywhere he went;
  • his mortgage and utilities;
  • his adult daughter, Audra’s, mortgage and utilities;
  • health and auto insurance for himself;
  • health and auto insurance for Audra;
  • a security system for his home;
  • and a security system for Audra’s condo.
  • He bought jewelry for Laura and Audra,
  • and we believe he bought his son’s wife’s engagement ring.
  • Also, he bought automobiles. He bought an automobile for himself,
  • and he bought an automobile for Audra,
  • and he bought an automobile for Jeremy, which he eventually shipped over to Germany, because that’s where Jeremy lives.
  • And in addition to all the world traveling he did, he also took vacations during those period of times, including a trip to Germany to celebrate Audra’s wedding and a cruise to Alaska.
All these things and more are paid for ultimately by church funds. Now, that in and of itself, while it’s not really good business practice, is not inherently illegal. The crime here is willfully evading your income tax.

Check the above link to the article for the complete article.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Terrace Villa On Pasadena Campus Soon to Go Up For Sale

Those of you out there that have deep pockets and money to burn can get ready to buy Terrace Villa on the old Ambassador Campus.  Terrace Villa was one of the few buildings that the Church did not destroy it's architectural heritage.

For decades it served as a women's dorm.  The kitchen was removed, it's previous shape left in tact. It had a huger basement that even included a small "hidden" room that was behind a bookcase.

If you are planing on buying the house you need to be prepared to dump a lot of money into restoring it.  It needs a new roof, a complete kitchen installation and a means to keep people out of the garden area on the West side of the house.  It was recently declared to have historical significance which means loads of issues with Pasadena Heritage.  You won't be able to use the bathroom without these meddlesome people telling you what kind of toilet paper to use.

Terrace Villa declared historical landmark.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

E. W. King On Why Guilt Leads to Hatred of His Cult

E. W. King, the great leader of the Worldwide Church of God Speaking to the Remnant is not happy with those that pick on him in their BLOGS!  He hates these BLOGS because he thinks they are attacking whatever it is he calls "the truth."

One condition I find amazing that I wish to bring up in this article is the fact that there are some people who have dedicated their entire lives to attacking the true Worldwide Church of God [Christ’s Church]. Why? They are running deeper and deeper into denial of the Truth. This is how they are dealing with their guilt because they have not been shown how to properly deal with sin. It amazes me that those who deny the Truth of the WCG continue to go on with their hate BLOGS. If they do not believe in what we teach then why cannot they just move on with their lives? But they continue. This means that they must have some sort of inner struggle with the Truth.
The effects of a disturbed conscience have been experienced by everybody. Troubled conscience can display itself in numerous ways. It can even manifest itself in various physical ways [what psychologists refer to as, physchosomatic issues]. Actually, God states that physical death itself is due to sin. [Genesis 3:3] We read in the Psalms how David’s body actually began to hurt because of his iniquities. When the brain can no longer carry the load of guilt it then moves it to the human body. Sin is a deadly practice!
Some symptoms of guilt may manifest as;

Obsessions [such as hatred toward WCG/COGSR]
Escapism [as through drugs]
Fantasy [such as New Age beliefs]
Blaming others [such as picking on Christians]
Rituals [such as counting things, obsession with cleaning and or controlling specific issues]
Intoxicants [can also mean ‘toxic’ or ‘false’ teachings]

I assume from his list above he is describing the typical hard-line Armstrongite who call Christians "fake," who are alcoholics, over eat, commit suicide, are fatigued from useless and worthless laws rules and regulations on how to follow God, are depressed because they can NEVER measure up to the lofty standards that their "god" expects of them, blame others for their church issues and split into hundreds of self serving splinter groups.  The list could be endless when applying the above to Armstrongites.

Is Imitation the Best Form of Flattery?

Bob Thiel, the "unofficial" Official spokesman for the Living Church of God, the world's foremost authority on prophecy and Mayan gibberish, has posted an article justifying the use by WCG and LCG of using the Psalms instead of Christian hymns for church singing.

My first reaction was to the picture of LCG's hymnal.  Why is it that none of the 700 some splinter groups can EVER come up with an ORIGINAL idea?  They took WCG's old purple hymnal, changed the color and added a picture of an old school house.  I guess that is very appropriate since that seems to be where many COG's meet.  I do think a Masonic Temple or Odd Fellows Hall would have made a better picture though. 

Why is it that none of these hundreds of splinter groups could come up with original names for their groups, magazines, colleges, etc.?  It's 2012, the old RCG/WCG is 70 plus years in the past and yet none of these groups have moved into the 21st century.  Ministers preach the same recycled sermons, evangelists preach the same things over and over and never open themselves up to new things.  The old guard still rule and the younger leaders are considered potential heretics.  The COG's have turned into tired, worn out, useless organizations that are strangling their members spirits.

 (Yes, I know it is their weird looking HQ building. Good taste in architecture is not a strong point of the splinter groups anymore.)

Chinese Buy Ambassador College Pasadena Hall of Ad With 2 Day Escrow

Harvest Rock, the weird charismatic personality sect that bought the Ambassador Auditorium had high hopes in buying the Hall of Administration so they could start a School of the Supernatural and a preschool.  They were constantly bragging on how the Holy Spirit was leading them to buy the Hall of Ad.

Apparently the Holy Spirit pulled a fast one on them and helped a consortium of Chinese to buy it with an offer of a two day escrow that left Harvest Rock flailing in the dust.  All of the prophesying, pogoing, and barking members never had the inspiration to know what was going on.

It is almost assured that condo's, a hotel or some other large complex will be built there.  There is no historical significance in preserving the building.  The inside is in fair condition and still actually contain some of the furnishings from the old WCG that are in that "Mad Men" style.  The biggest use of the building was a few years ago by the cable series Fringe where they made it into a museum.  Harvest Rock was renting rooms from Maranatha High School, then owners of the building.

I have to wonder how long it will be till Prophet Bob Thiel finds some prophetic reasoning behind the Chinese buying the building.  Crazy COG ministers decades ago used to claim that when Germany invaded the U.S. they would be so in awe of the magnificent buildings and grounds that they would make it their HQ for the destruction of the western United State.  Since that turned out to be an abject failure, now they will start claiming the Chinese will use the campus for their HQ when they invade the U.S.

Fun times are ahead!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Why Do Armstrongite Legalists Love "Wild Assed Tangents of Bibliotary?"

It has been ages since I was on the WCG Alumni group.  It used to be a lively place with the legalists wielding their KJV /Moffet Bibles against all of us heathens who were no longer sabbath keepers and who ate pork and shrimp.  

They love to throw scriptures and spittle around as proof that Sabbath keeping, clean and unclean meats and holy days are still required.

Checking it out tonight there was a comment with the following quote that the legalistic Armstrongites still refuse to answer to this day:

When exactly is sundown in Heaven?  If you think Jesus is still observing the Sabbath from Heaven, please tell us what time zone He is in? Would that be GMT?  Or EDT?  Or maybe you should set your watch for Jerusalem time?
Your problem is that you believe in the Gospel of Jesus++.  You can't just accept the fact that you don't need to add anything to His salvation at the Cross.  You have to add the O.C. rules of "Touch not, taste not, handle not!" thinking you are earning "legal brownie points" with your Maker.  But He doesn't care about your brownie point scoring system.  Because all your efforts at keeping the law are as filthy rags to Him.

Let that sink in before you decide when your "day" starts and you go off on yet another wild-assed tangent of biblioalatry, dressing yourself in those filthy rags of self righteousness and your idea of sun-up.

Jesus said that His yoke is easy and His burden is light.  You dare not add anything as a Pharisee to that, with all your O.C. laws and self-righteous fly swattings.

I love it!

God Punishes U.S. For LCG's Arrogance

Remember the post in a thread that contained Living Church of God's idiotic statement that God caused the gas prices in the United States to fall so that LCG members could travel to the Feast?

Apparently God is royally pissed at the arrogance of the Living Church of God for making such an idiotic claim that was aimed at setting LCG members apart from the rest of the COG's making them far more special in God's sight.Gas prices skyrocketed here in LA right after Living said what they did. You are your own worst enemy.

Los Angeles Times:  Gas Prices Set Record Pace

Living Church of God's "we are sooooo special" posting:
God blesses Feast of Tabernacles travel.
For the last several years, oil prices have dropped right around the time of the fall Holy Days (fall in the northern hemisphere, that is). This year appears to be the same. Gasoline (petrol) prices have been dropping for the last several weeks now. Monday, oil reached its lowest price since September 2010. It ended trading in New York at $78 per barrel. Experts believe it will stay low to year’s end (Associated Press, October 3, 2011).
Thousands of years ago, God gave His people the command to keep His annual festivals, including the Feast of Tabernacles (see Leviticus 23). These days were to be statutes “forever” and blessings were promised to those who keep them, and the rest of God’s laws (Deuteronomy 14:29).

It is both interesting and encouraging to see a trend in dropping gasoline prices (which some would call “chance”) just prior to the “pilgrim” Feast of Tabernacles–a time when God’s people are commanded to travel to locations where He has chosen to place His name (Deuteronomy 14:22-26). In allowing fuel prices to drop, God is blessing the obedience of His people who are willing to travel to worship Him at this very important time of year.

UCG's Bill Bradford: HWA Was RIGHT!!!!!!!!

For some stupid reason I hold out hope that UCG is a little more enlightened than the other COG's.  Every time I think they are moving away from HWA idolatry along comes a fool that destroys that hope.  UCG is just as intellectually bankrupt as the rest of them.  Why do people sit there and listen to this stuff?

A reader here posted this as a comment on Dennis last post:

Would you believe in a LGD sermon on prophecy this past Monday UCG pastor Bill Bradford asserted that, "Herbert W. Armstrong was right! Maybe his timing was a little off, but he's completely correct! Everything he said that would come to pass is happening now!" 

I for one was left gobsmacked that he would utter such baloney! HWA wasn’t correct about anything! He was wrong about tithing, wrong about a Monday Pentecost, wrong about church government, wrong about divorce and remarriage, wrong about masturbation, wrong about the true church, wrong about the British royal family being descended from King David, wrong about Hitler being the Beast and Pius XII being the False Prophet, wrong about WWII being Armageddon, wrong about America and Britain being destroyed in a nuclear holocaust by 1975 and enslaved by a German-led European alliance, wrong about Christ returning by 1975, wrong about water baptism and laying on of hands, wrong about conventional doctors and medication, wrong about makeup, wrong about a place of safety and Petra, wrong about famine, disease epidemics and other natural disasters destroying America, wrong about God commissioning him through a dream to Loma to warn the world of Christ’s return by 1975, wrong about him being the Elijah to come or one of the two witnesses, wrong about so many things that it beggars belief that anyone with any shred of decency or integrity would say such nonsense! And pray do tell what exactly was so accurate about his prophecies that gave him greater insight and divine approval above other Christian groups like the Jehovah’s witnesses claiming Christ would return by 1975 or Bible fundamentalists claiming that the 10-nation EEC in Europe during the 1980s was the Beast of Revelation or the BIWF claiming that the US and UK are going to be punished in a future WWIII?

His record was dismal, he lacked prescience about a lot of contemporary issues of the day and there’s no way he had God’s seal of approval!

I think St. Malachy has a better track record in predicting the popes than Armstrong had in predicting anything! Besides when the Bible prophecies are in the process of being fulfilled it won’t be known by a secret few, but by the whole world!