Friday, October 12, 2012

Craig White Says: " Massacre and Butchery Unimaginable Soon To Be Unleashed on US, Australia and New Zealand"

Before Bob Thiel ever hit the scene as the Church of God's greatest theologian, world renown prophecy authority, and British Israel proponent, there was Craig White.  Craig seems to slip by the wayside with his rants as most people seem to ignore him.  He has scores of articles on British Israel bunk.  He is also rabidly anti-American.  Even when he vacations here he seems to find everything wrong that he comes into contact with.  He hates it, yet he sure loves to come here and vacation!

Craig is promoting today his latest article about the end times.  Specifically how the British Israelite nations will soon be German fodder as we are bombed into oblivion.  Those of us unlucky to remain alive will become the slaves of the Europeans.

He writes:

Ephraim and the tribes of Israel (not excluding the USA) will be lulled into a false sense of
security, possibly believing that their New World Order of One World Race, One World
Religion and One World Capitalist Economic Free Trading System would bring world
peace. Instead, the Europeans also believe in a New World Order - but one which is
radically different to the model proposed by the Anglo-Saxon Powers. Theirs is a Fascisttype of system endearing so-called Christianity to the State, thus reviving the Holy Roman Empire. It is completely different and opposed to the Anglo-Saxon version of a New World Order in such fundamentals as immigration/race, religion, finance, economics, social
attitudes, personal liberties etc.

But many today scoff at this (II Peters 3:3-4; Jude 18; Jeremiah 20:8). The scoffers and
mockers (both within and without the Church of God) who do not see the signs of the times
will be taken unawares.
Here we go again.  Anyone that disagrees with him is a mocker of his "god."  That is a convenient tool  that Armstrongites love to sling at those who no longer follow the stuff of Armstrongism..

Craig is all about The New World Order, the Roosevelts, Illuminati and other crackpot theories that have dominated Armstrongism over the decades.

It is of little benefit to the Anglo-Saxon-Keltic nations to build a New World Order realigning the world to gradually bring about One World. This globalisation process merely
weakens these nations and strengthens those that will eventually turn upon them. For they
despise the Anglo-Saxon model for world governance and prefer their own. These gentile
peoples respected the old Anglo-Saxon world leadership that followed in the tradition of
Theodore Roosevelt, Churchill, Menzies, Reagan and Thatcher. They both feared and
admired their hegemony, admitting that this hegemony led to world stability and prosperity.

Now they sense that a new realignment of political forces has been gradually taking over
the West – forces that do not believe that the Anglo-Saxon peoples should be world
leaders (except in political correctness and globalisation). Forces that believe that the
Anglo-Saxons are bad and should be integrated into a New World Order. These traitors
and perverts follow in the tradition of John F Kennedy, Carter, Clinton, Blair etc.
 Don't think those of you that are heretics in Australia and New Zealand are getting of the hook:

Yes, the Anglo-Saxon peoples will be destroyed and enslaved by her "lovers", principally a
German-led Europe. Do we dare ignore this warning by God? Meanwhile in the Orient,
Europe’s global allies will be given the nod to invade Australia and New Zealand.
The nations to Australia’s north will invade the continent and bring Australians to their
knees. One third of White Australians will die from disease and famine; one third will die
directly because of war; and the remaining one third will go into captivity: "and a third part
... shall scatter in the wind; and I will draw out a sword after them" (Ezek 5:2). Massacre
and butchery unimaginable will be wreaked upon Australia.

Which are the gentile nations which will be involved with the coming terrible invasion of
Australia (and probably New Zealand)? Prophecy indicates the strong probability that the
various invading nations will partition the spoils of Israel among themselves. One in Joel
3:2b speaks of the scattering of Israel and the parting or dividing of Israel amongst her
enemies (Amos 7:17b; Micah 2:4; Dan 11:39 seem to tell a similar tale). So every
indication is that several nations will be involved in this bloody and bitter exercise.
 Australia itself may be divided up by secret agreement between India, Japan, China and
Indonesia. For instance, Japan may take the Eastern States; Indonesia and China the
Northern Territory and South Australia; and India Western Australia.

This is the scenario he sees in store for the United States.  Note this is from some Russian idiot:

This is what Craig predicts:
You and your family in Australia are aware that America is in the process of being
subsumed. Internally there is race war and massacres. One race of men is tearing around
killing and raping. Others are claiming properties and forcing your peoples to work in the
fields. Caribbeans are pouring into Florida by the boatload. Japan has taken over Hawaii
and other outlying islands before China can get to them.

German-led European forces representing the new fascist National European Social
Empire are invading via their ally, Quebec. The effects are devastating and final.
Carnage, confusion and slaughter are everywhere! Nothing in world history has ever
occurred like this before.
 There is no one left on the entire planet to intervene to help Australia. The country is being
swamped on a massive scale.

Troops from Japan are smashing their way down the coast of Queensland after destroying
the city of Brisbane. Meanwhile, Indonesia has unleashed hundreds of thousands of its
poor on to the shores of the Northern Territory – they are swarming in and setting up camp
wherever they can. Behind them are heavily armed Chinese troops hoping to carve out a
part of Australia to populate.

The Indonesians find the new land wonderful and are able to spread out, building new
dwellings from the natural environment and are easily able to live off the land and fish
along the coastal areas.
Like any really good Armstrongite he has to get some sex in there.  No good Armstrongite prophetic prophecy can get by with out rape, pillaging and sex slaves.

Through your binoculars you see some being taken to become slaves and shipped off to
Asia, Africa, South America or central Europe to work in mines, factories or in the sex
“Perhaps we shall be able to link up with other families and individuals fleeing the
slaughtering and raping” you think. “Perhaps, by some miracle, the invaders will one day
allow all the Anglo-Saxon-Keltic and Nordic peoples a little homeland somewhere.”

But little did you realise that their intention is murderous. They are intent on ‘killing a
people’ after using what is left of them as slaves scattered across the world. They will
never allow your peoples to re-assemble and to arise again – their jealousy and
vengefulness will see to that.

You can read the rest of this sickness here:  WHEN THE BAD NEWS FINALLY REACHES YOU! A scenario for the worst time in human history


Byker Bob said...

Scientific speculation is that cockroaches will be the last surviving species in the event of a thermonuclear war. Apparently they'll even survive nuclear winter.

We live in a time when genetic manipulation is not only possible, it is rather common. Fish genes introduced into corn, etc. I've always wondered about my own immunity as far as conversion to Armstrongism is concerned. But, I've got a totally new theory. Perhaps extraterrestrials landed in Oregon and other places sometime during the early 1930s and infused humans with cockroach genetics. These people became "converted" Armstrongites, while for others it just never took.

Certainly explains why the stupid, stupid ideas never seem to die out!


Corky said...

Dem olde big bad Germans sure have taken a beating by Armstrongites over the decades since the 1930's. Hitler would be an old man now, wouldn't he? But, I'm sure he's still alive and living in Argentina somewhere. Maybe those German scientists discovered a way to move Hitler's brain from his old body into a young vibrant body...yeah, that's the ticket...

Still, the Armstrongites use the old scare tactic to skin members alive and frighten children and mess up their minds for life.

I figure if HWA hadn't had the trouble with wife #2 and the state of California - he would have established blood kinship for himself with Jesus Christ before his death. He was working on that, you know, and he was already finding prophecies about himself in the Bible. Yep, he actually believed that he was somebody important to "God's plan". He was a crackpot, he was a nut is what he was.

Allen C. Dexter said...

"Anyone that disagrees with him is a mocker of his "god.""

I sure am a mocker of his "god." I mock Zeus and Thor too. Excuse me while I tremble in fear for doing so. You should vainly hope to live long enough to see that.

Everywhere I turn, I hear god, god, god, even here on this site where people long ago should have grown out of that nonsense. It was even in the debate last night.

What a stupid, god-haunted nation we have become! Fits right in with the plans of those who want to enslave us to their theocratic system, starting with stupid creationists, tea partiests and evangelically controlled school boards making an idiotic mess of our educational system.

Anonymous said...

Just like it was in 1975.

DennisCDiehl said...

The phenomenon is that rather than give up failed beliefs or prophetic timetables, the hardcore rework them and double their efforts in trying to get others to see their point of view. It's the "well not this time, but next time for sure," problem.

Have we ever in our lives heard a COG head of his own splinter or any of the WCG types utter the words "I was wrong..."

Even the usurper Paul finally admitted he had fought a good fight, finished his course and had a big reward waiting...good luck to the rest of you. lol

DennisCDiehl said...


However, "Paul" is said to have said that in 2 Timothy and few believe the Timothy's were written by Paul.

This was probably said by a later writer in the style of Paul who had to find a way to address the failed "soon" "time is short," "the day is far spent," etc of Paul who was the "we" who would be changed and not die. Paul had to be hussled off the scene and this was the best the later church could do.

Painful Truth said...

Craig White. Not a original thought can originate in his little head.

Anonymous said...

This could be beneficial if the new Japanese Rulers Broaden the Queensland Railways to 'Standard Gauge'. Maybe the trains will finally run on time.

Anonymous said...

After standardizing the East Coast rail gauges (so messed up by the British colonists) and exporting our large corn-fed ladies to Asia, the next thing the Japanese overlords could do for Australia is speed up the introduction of Broadband Internet into every home, like they have in Tokyo.

Anonymous said...

Japan pays the US to protect it militarily, and does not have much military to speak of since WWII. Mexico taking over the South of the US? They've already taken over California. That's why all of our lawns look so nice. Seriously, this is too silly to comment on.

Allen C. Dexter said...

Nobody, Germans and Japs included, are interested in taking over other nations. They know that would precipitate a nuclear holocaust that would basically sterilize the earth, including their present real estate.

I'm not saying a madman couldn't ignite such a war just out of hatred or mental psychosis, but that is more likely to come out of the paranoia and faith-based stupidity of the Middle East, not truly advanced and civilized nations.

Wherever bronze age thinking holds sway our greatest dangers are to be found. And, that bronze age thinking infects far too much of our own nation to keep me feeling comfortable. I fear idiots like Romney and Ryan and the "tea Party" far more than I fear anyone in Berlin, Rome or Tokyo.

Kathleen said...

Did I understand White to say that the Germans will unleash atomic weapons? And if it's the US, Australia, and NZ, how did the British manage to escape this "prophetic" scenario?

Travis Underwood said...

George Orwell was the one who came up with the divided America scenario.
It is in "1984"

Anonymous said...

Craig White has never been a member of the Church of God.
He doesn't seem to be a member of any church just seems to hang around telling sabbatarians what to believe and not believe.