Saturday, September 3, 2022

More Record Shattering LCG Presentations


Recent and Upcoming Tomorrow’s World Presentations
Last week, we held eight Tomorrow’s World Presentations—two initial presentations, in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada; and Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada; and five follow-up presentations in Fargo, North Dakota; St. Louis, Missouri; Cookeville, Tennessee; Blue Ridge, Georgia; and Springfield, Illinois. These presentations had a combined total of 68 guests. This week we have two follow-up presentations in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada; and Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. One initial presentation is scheduled this week in Southampton, England, United Kingdom. Thank you all for your continued prayers for these presentations.

St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada.   113, 948

Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.  167,162

Fargo, North Dakota.  123.550

St. Louis, Missouri    2,807,338

Cookeville, Tennessee.   33.922

Blue Ridge, Georgia.   1,245

Springfield, Illinois.  205,950

These cities provided a potential field ripe for the harvest of 3,433,115 souls with only 68 people showing up. Of that 68 attendees at least 40-50 of them were LCG members padding the audience. One presentation had ZERO guests!

Never fear though, LCG will bring in hundreds if not thousands of new members when they do a presentation in Southampton, England next week.  They will have a captive audience of 1,547,000 people. The field is ripe for harvest!


Friday, September 2, 2022

Dave Pack's New $500,000 Eyesore


RCG’s $500,000 Eyesore


Dear Members of The Restored Church of God,


Your fundraising efforts ARE making a difference!


God’s people have been so creative with how they raise funds for The Work, it brings a tear to Kenneth M. Orel’s eyes. Yes, even the Chicago Heavy has a soft spot when it comes to money.


What an inspiring show of faith and determination when senior citizens knit doilies to sell. Ladies create their own cookbooks. Some make jewelry. Congregations organize swap meets together. Do not forget about those lucrative garage sales.


If you searched between your couch cushions with a flashlight or combed the beach with a metal detector to help out during the August Loose Change Challenge, David C. Pack salutes you. Every penny helps grow The Work. But you better give more than a penny.



A mother of four daughters sold her children’s winter clothes and gave the funds to The Restored Church of God because she fully expected Jesus Christ to return during the Feast of Tabernacles as Pastor General David C. Pack said. In 2019. When winter rolled around, her fellow Canadian brethren collected their spare winter clothes and donated them to that family.


This same woman was expelled from RCG when she did not spend her third tithe assistance “appropriately.” She begged them to let her come back. Headquarters chose judgment over mercy and pressured the field minister to abide by their decision. Then she died of cancer.


Her name is Manon Chaisson and her daughters are delightful. Real lights in this world. This story illustrates the destructive “fruit” of what David C. Pack teaches.



Common is a “command of God” and all members are expected to give as much as possible to RCG so that the Work of God can continue to thrive. David C. Pack has taught in the past that reverse mortgages and taking out loans for the sake of giving more to RCG are "okay." Your salvation is tied to Common and members of RCG take it seriously. I certainly did.


We should acknowledge these other unsung heroes of “cheerful giving.”


·      Those who “gave all” of their Common just before the imminent return of Jesus Christ on May 30th.

·      Those who “gave all again” just before the imminent return of Jesus Christ on Pentecost, June 5th.

·      Those who “gave all again even more” before the imminent return of Jesus Christ throughout July.

·      Those who “gave all again even more again” before the imminent return of Jesus Christ throughout August.


All of that money is going exactly where you would expect it to.


Not really. But that sure sounds nice.


It would be unfair to acknowledge the faithless, greedy wretches who have been holding back their own money waiting to see if the Day of the Lord really occurs on the Feast of Trumpets later this month. Perhaps they are waiting to see if David C. Pack changes his tune. Again.



In early August, I received word from members of the Wadsworth community that RCG was selling their property at 799 Hartman Road for $269,900. At that time, I published the article, Is RCG Strapped For Cash? The offer on that house is still listed as “pending.”

After the article went live, I was notified of an even greater story that filled in the blanks. This has now been substantiated.


The big question: Did they WANT to sell the property or did they NEED to?


The answer: They NEEDED to.


The fruit of the membership’s generosity and tireless efforts have reaped a tangible reward. The Campus is now able to welcome a new addition to the RCG Family. No, not a future God being.


The Restored Church of God just purchased the property at 786 Akron Road for $500,000.


It was listed at $600,000 but Dave said, “Come on, man, we’re just a tiny little nonprofit. We can only afford a half-million dollars. Do you think money grows on brethren?”


How does a $500,000 house on Akron Road help RCG? How does a $500,000 house support the Work of God? Does this $500,000 house assist in preaching the gospel? How will all the brethren across the world benefit from this $500,000 house?


The single logic-rich answer is the same for all of these questions.


This house will be as useful as the horses are.


Since this is no turn-key property, do not let your fundraising efforts wax dull. There is still a lot of work yet to do! Be not weary with well-doing. After all, have you seen the exterior?

Yikes. The entire exterior will need to be replaced and that will not be for free.


The good news in all of this is that David C. Pack will no longer have to suffer an eyesore during his evening walks.


The property line is visible in aerial shots where the well-manicured Campus grass ends and 786 Akron Road overgrowth begins. That has been a thorn in the flesh of David C. Pack for years. That one sight was a source of constant irritation.


If only he could get those people to make the lawn and tree line look better, the Campus would be even more “millennial.” RCG even offered to the previous owner that they would maintain the grounds for free. That offer was rejected. Maybe just to spite them. Only they know for sure.

Dave wanted this house to get a more-perfect lawn and a more-pleasing tree line. That is all. Having a four-bedroom, four-bathroom house in the mix is just the cost of doing business.

Looking at that ugly line in the grass for years is enough to piss off anyone. Paying a half-million dollars seems like small potatoes compared to having that eyesore dealt with. Especially when it is funded by the sacrifices of brethren via bank loans.


Maybe in Dave’s mind having evenly cut grass all the way to the corners will help get members of The Restored Church of God closer to the Kingdom of God. Ha. He has never thought that.


For someone to claim they are God’s servant and then take the hard-earned and faithfully-given money of church members so he can have a trimmed lawn really takes gall to the level of spectacular. Maybe even craptacular.



The purchase of this property is a three-fold abomination.


First and foremost, it is solely a David C. Pack vanity project. He has coveted this property for years and the men close to him at Headquarters know it. Dave likes to “win” at all costs and having the previous owners accept a check from him is a feather in his cap.


Rest assured, he was the only one at Headquarters pushing for this deal. My poor friend Carl is probably losing sleep over the situation. Plenty of Tums are being passed around the Business and Accounting Office these days.


Secondly, it is a faithless and hypocritical act on the part of The Restored Church of God leadership. The bid for the house was placed on July 20, 2022.


What was going on in RCG right before this date? Well, I am glad you asked.


David C. Pack said this three days before The Restored Church of God put a bid on the property.


Part 382 – July 17, 2022

@ 09:38 …and I’m gonna tell you why I still believe that Jesus Christ may just be, in essence, hours away…brethren, you cannot change July 28th…about eleven and a half days from now.


He was teaching that Jesus Christ was “hours away” and that the Day of the Lord would occur on July 28. Eight days after the bid was placed.


David C. Pack did not believe what he was preaching. That should be one of the dozens of red flags for the members of RCG.


Thirdly and most importantly, to put a bid on a $500,000 property, you have to make sure you have the funds to cover it and secure the bank loan. Who did all of that? The brethren.


As of September 1, the property was listed on the M. C. Real Estate website for 78 days. Using a calendar and counting (as Dave can appreciate), you land on its listing on June 15.


Why does June 15 sound so familiar?


It was the day after a “Jesus Christ is returning” failure during the Ministerial Conference. You know, the one after May 15, May 30, and June 5 all also failed to produce anything of substance.


Here is another reason June 15 rings a bell. It is probably just a crazy coinkydink.


Part 378 – June 15, 2022

@ 30:57 But I would just say to all of God’s people, you know, you’re gonna hafta sell all.


@ 32:10 And God’s people around the world, I’m telling you, if you’re sitting on funds, don’t! You’re gonna lose it soon after, anyway. So, why not gain eternal life with it?


David C. Pack has often tied eternal salvation with Common even though the Bible never does. Some unbelieving skeptics may suggest that Common is “buying your way into heaven” which is a call-back to what the Catholic Church did for centuries.


He urged the brethren to give Common immediately so they could “gain eternal life.”


Where did that money go?


David C. Pack used Common and Pentecost offerings to buy a house.


Let that sink in.


When you connect the dots, the events look something like this:


·      On May 28 during Part 371, David C. Pack pushes Common with Pentecost approaching so that he could pump up that Holy Day offering.


·      On June 15 during Part 378, he pushes Common again while telling the brethren that Jesus Christ was returning soon and their salvation depended upon them taking action.


·      On July 17, he tells the church that the Day of the Lord is July 28th and Jesus Christ was only “hours away.”


·      On July 20, RCG submits a $500,000 offer on the 786 Akron Road property.


·      On August 4, RCG puts the house at 799 Hartman Road up for sale at $269,900.


·      On August 31, RCG begins work on the 786 Akron property after closing the deal.


Hopefully, that helps to put this house-purchasing situation in the "proper perspective."



The Restored Church of God is now revealed to be not as financially sound as Dave and the Enabler-in-Chief would have you believe. They have just exposed their precarious financial situation. They HAD to sell the Hartman house to purchase the Akron house. Period.


Not enough cash on hand. Not enough reserves under the mattress. Not enough “Scout’s honor” promises for the bank. They sacrificed one house for the sake of another.


David C. Pack has passed the Rubicon. This current development exposes that RCG has reached its purchasing power cap. The Campus expansion has come to an end.


Here are some reasonable scenarios. The bank could have told RCG:


“We will not give you any more loans unless you can provide more funds to cover the new property.”


Selling one house helps pay for the other.


“We will cover the purchase, but not extend the loan to cover the remodel and landscaping.”


Despite spending a half-million dollars, the house still needs a lot of remodeling inside and out. None of it is up to the current “RCG standard” and will take tens of thousands of dollars to do. So, they sell one entire house to fix up the other.


“You have maxed out your line of credit.”


RCG has to put more money down on the house than they would have liked and needed the Hartman house to decrease the loan amount. A hand-shake overlap was allowed so that the sold house did not need to close before the purchased house.


Or perhaps the pressure was internal.


“Mr. Pack, we cannot support that additional cost as an organization.”


Regardless of whether or not the decision was bank-dictated pressure or self-inflicted, the outcome is the same. They have reached their financial saturation point.


The walls of RCG are now set and fixed. They can only recede in the future. Or crumble depending upon how many more Common “big fish” they can land.


This cannot be good from a business standpoint. Try living on maxed credit cards, even with a great job, and see how much economic security that provides.


Ignoring the financial risks, Dave had to have it. What a prime example of how a wise steward handles God’s money.


How many of the brethren did Headquarters call privately and ask, “Hey, can you give a little extra?” The Common Task Force has been on high alert.


If this happened to you during July and early August, then congratulations on your new home. Okay, not YOUR new home.


For those interested in helping The Restored Church of God during these tough financial times, please consider donating and participating in “the blessing” of fundraising.


Increase your efforts, brethren. Look around your home. What can you sell? Gold, jewelry, memorabilia, artwork, furniture, or even clothes. There is still so much left to do for God’s Church at the end of the age.


Why did The Restored Church of God buy this $500,000 property?


To satisfy the arrogant covetousness of one man.


And because of your willingness to sacrifice, Dave does not have to. 


Marc Cebrian

See:  RCG’s $500,000 Eyesore

LCG Friday Night Smackdown: Are you thankful for the "truth" LCG has?


LCG members always are presented as a people who are never thankful for anything, particularly when it comes to the church. Satan is so powerful that he is constantly blinding some LCG members to the "truth".

Christ is coming back, but only to usher in a magical kingdom, never having to discuss again what his ministry on earth was doing and what the crucifixion/resurrection accomplished. Normal Christians understand that but now so much the LCG.

Far too many LCG members seem to forget their goal is to be gods and goddesses in that magical kingdom. This is the truth that so many do not understand.

What is that "truth"? It is not what they think it is.

Are You Thankful for the Truth? The Sabbath is a good time to thank God for the tremendous privilege we have been given to understand the Truth—that there is a real God who is guiding the course of history (Daniel 2:21; 4:17), there is a real purpose for life (1 John 3:1–3), and the true Gospel is that Jesus Christ is coming back to bring peace and justice to the earth in the Kingdom of God (John 14:3; Isaiah 9:6–7). Few today know that those who are called now to be saints will reign with Christ in the Kingdom of God and play a major role in changing the world in the years ahead (Daniel 7:27; Acts 3:19–21; Revelation 5:10). This capacity to understand the Truth is a gift that God is making available to only a few (1 Corinthians 1:26). However, Satan has blinded the rest of the world to these important and wonderful truths (2 Corinthians 4:3–4). Are you thankful for the opportunity to understand these Truths that have been hidden from the world?
Have a profitable Sabbath, Douglas S. Winnail

LCG claims its ministry is building a culture of counseling

Did you know that the Living Church of God has built a culture of "counseling" through its ministers?

Seriously, dude? 

Oh, and they are making disciples of all nations. Who knew! Bwana Bob Thiel begs to differ. 

110 Ministers and Wives at Final U.S. Regional Ministerial Conference
Charlotte, North Carolina, was the host city for the fourth and final Regional Ministerial Conference held in the U.S. in 2022. The conference began on Sunday, August 28, and concluded on Tuesday, August 30. The 110 ministers and wives who attended came from the Eastern portion of the country. Mr. Gerald Weston and Dr. Douglas Winnail conducted the meetings, focusing on the purpose and mission of the Church, making disciples of all nations, developing leaders, and building a culture of counseling. Mr. Ames gave an update on the Work and covered other topics, and Mr. Rod McNair also gave helpful lectures. Regional Pastors Dan Hall and Lambert Greer spoke on the role of a minister’s wife and the importance of the body of Christ. Many expressed appreciation for the valuable training sessions as well as the opportunity to be together and grow as brothers and sisters—evidenced by the smiles, laughter, and warm embraces between friends old and new.

I wonder how many lectures they had on Jesus Christ and what his life, death, and resurrection meant. How many lectures did they receive on grace? How about going into great detail with the Book of Galatians? Most likely all they had were lectures on some magical kingdom soon to come where everyone would be keeping all of the law while Jesus twiddles his thumbs somewhere in Jerusalem.

Let's get back to that "counseling" bit. How many LCG ministers have legitimate training in counseling? Not the crap that the church has traditionally done, but REAL counseling. Look at the fields that are littered with the bodies of church members who have been subjected to that counseling. Look at what counseling did for Terry Ratzman.

How many LCG members actually counsel with ministry any more? Can you trust them?

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Gerald Weston Asks: Would God choose your church? The answer to that is NO, he has already chosen LCG as his own!


The "work" marches on forward in power and glory, so much so that there is only ONE COG doing such a work today. Gerald Weston is so sure of this that he dares to ask if God is as pleased with your group as He is with LCG. This is a group so stupendously mindboggling that the gospel continued to go forth to the world even while 110 ministers and their wives were in Charlotte for a conference

Greetings from Charlotte,

The big news for most of us here in Charlotte this week was the last of the four United States Regional Ministerial Conferences (see below for more details). But the preaching of the Gospel to the whole world continued amidst this needed activity. The Work in the French language posted a new voiced-over telecast, “What Does God Want of Me?”; the Spanish El Mundo de Mañana magazine arrived for mailing; Editorial is putting the final edits into the October–November issue of Tomorrow’s World magazine; and I recorded a future telecast, “Would Jesus Choose Your Church?” Our small writing staff here and abroad continues to quietly research and write new articles, our Television Department edits and sends programs to stations, our social media staff prepares ads, and Mail Processing, Internet, Information Technologies, Record Information Services, and a host of other departments tirelessly do their jobs as we work together to fulfill God’s calling for His end-time Work. To a greater or lesser degree, this is also happening in our Regional Offices around the world. And, of course, there are all of you who pray and support this Work. We all have our part and every part is necessary. Thank you, to all of you.—Gerald Weston

Weston also brought up the question of whether or not God would choose your church in his co-worker/member letter in mid-August. Perhaps Weston should be asking himself if God would choose LCG above all other COG's.

The reason I ask that is that in his August letter he writes about how he was in Little Rock Arkansas recently where he had 48 guests (the majority LCG members) show up for his presentation. Weston remarks how shocked "some" of these guests were to find out that there was an actual congregation in Little Rock. Here is a church that claims it is preaching the Gospel in a powerful manner and yet people do not know anything about them. Here in LA, their presence is nonexistent. No one knows who they are.

Although we mention it from time to time, we find that many people do not realize that there is an organized Church behind Tomorrow’s World. I was in Little Rock, Arkansas recently for a Tomorrow’s World Presentation and spoke on “Signs of Christ’s Return.” Several of the 48 guests were surprised to learn that we have a congregation in their city. Our congregations mostly go unnoticed since we choose to give the Truth away rather than spend money to build or buy meeting halls. We instead rent rooms and halls according to the size of each congregation.

LCG and most COG's go unnoticed because they do not care to integrate themselves in their local communities as people so filled with love and grace that they do endless good works. It is like the COG is embarrassed by its message and prefers to hide in the shadows all the time. Seriously, who really wants to attend church in a Masonic Lodge, a school gym, or a dirty movie theatre? None of these places are really that conducive to worshipping God.

Weston continues with this tidbit:

We admit that we don’t fit the mold of most Sunday morning religious programs. Some televangelists represent a single-city megachurch. Other ministries send viewers to “the church of your choice.” Sadly, some are mere charlatans hawking books, DVDs, prayer cloths, hats, and t-shirts. Tomorrow’s World is different. We have nothing to offer except the Truth and we give it away free of charge.

The bullshit is really deep with this one...

LCG hawks its booklets, its telecasts, magazines, and magical anointed cloth to true beleivers. The same magical voodoo that many other churches do. LCG booklets, telecasts, and magazines give you a direct conduit to God who will then convict your heart to say out loud that Herbert Armstrong and the Living Church of God is the correct true church... just like the Mormons do with their myths.

Sure they may give away things free of charge, but little do people know that once they commit to following Weston that their pocketbooks and wallets will soon be empty as they are made to tithe and give endless offerings and other money to the church. There is a LOT of baggage to that "free of charge".

Weston admits that their magazines are essentially useless tools in converting members into the one true church:

The overwhelming majority of our nearly 600,000 Tomorrow’s World subscribers benefit from the spiritual content of our magazine, telecast, and other resources, but never become members or co-workers. And that is perfectly fine with us. Only a few like you—and how precious you are—have voluntarily chosen to contribute so that hundreds of thousands can receive these free resources.

So let's ask ourselves, would God choose the Living Church of God as his own? 

UCG is asking its members if…"Is what we are writing, publishing and presenting beneficial to our members, coworkers and others?"

United Church of God's Rick Shabi is asking his followers to be honest and truthful when they respond to a questionnaire asking how well the UCG doing with its operations and care of members. 

Many times over the decades the church has asked similar questions and never once in the entire time did they ever take to heart the concerns of members. If it did the church as a whole would not be having the deep issues it is having today.

We will soon read a glowing report on how superfantabulous the church is and how its ministery and care of the membership is the best it has ever been in 2,000 years.

The real question is:  "Is what we are writing, publishing, and presenting beneficial to our members, coworkers, and others?"

Let UCG know!

At the August Council of Elders meeting, I began my presentation with Proverbs 27:23, which states: “Be diligent to know the state of your flocks, and attend to your herds.” 
For the last few months that’s exactly what we have been doing. 
Taking stock of what we do takes time. It’s something we should be doing continually in our personal lives, comparing our actions and behaviors to the standard set for us by Christ. Paul admonishes us in 2 Corinthians 13:5: “Examine yourselves as to whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves” (emphasis added throughout). 
In order to remain viable and focused on their mission, vision and purpose, organizations, families and God’s Church need to take the time to examine themselves as well. Otherwise they can get off track, leading to dire consequences. 
Poignantly, Judah took the time to assess their actions and behavior after their defeat and captivity by the Babylonians: “Let us search out and examine our ways, and turn back to the LORD” (Lamentations 3:40). 
And who can forget God’s warning given in Haggai 1:5 and 7: “Consider your ways!” 
Individually—and as God’s Church—we must examine ourselves regularly. We are to be growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, and we are to be doing His will His way, using all the resources He gives us wisely. 
As we at the home office examine our operations and our methods, and as we assess the state of the resources God has provided us spiritually, technologically, financially and personally, we ask for and need your help. 
God gave His Church the commission to preach the gospel to “every creature,” to make disciples of all nations, to baptize them, and to teach them to observe all things that Christ commanded. So, we are asking ourselves and seeking God’s input as we consider our ways. Are our congregations being cared for and taught the truth in the manner and with the zeal God expects? Are God’s sheep being fed a spiritually rich and edifying diet? Is the body of Christ growing in the “one-ness” and agape love that we must develop? How can we, as His servants, do better? 
As we preach the gospel of the Kingdom of God to a world that so desperately needs that message of truth and hope, are we using the tools available to us effectively? Is what we are writing, 
publishing and presenting beneficial to our members, coworkers and others? Are there better ways, better methods, other “doors” we should be trying? Are there things we have historically done that are no longer effective in this 21st century world? Are we using the financial resources He provides in the way He wants them to be used? 
We don’t have all the answers to those questions, but we are looking to Jesus Christ who does have the answers. He knows where He wants His Church headed, and how to get there. So, we seek His way through prayer, studying His Word, in reflection and in asking questions. 
As we go through this assessment and examination process, we ask for and would appreciate your help. 
Beginning this Sunday, Sept. 4, we are launching an online member survey at this link: The survey is intended for people of all ages who are associated with the United Church of God. We plan to close the survey right before the Feast of Trumpets, on Sunday, Sept. 25. 
Please, as part of your service to God and His Church, make the time to take the survey and answer the questions truthfully and completely. Feel free to record your comments in the spaces provided. We welcome your honest, heartfelt input as fellow workers in this building of God’s spiritual temple. 

Ha, Ha 

The apostle Paul explains our role in the growth of the Body of Christ: “From whom the whole body, joined and knit together by what every joint supplies, according to the effective working by which every part does its share, causes growth of the body for the edifying of itself in love” (Ephesians 4:16). 
We all have our part to do in that “working” as members of His body. Taking the time to complete the survey is just one of the ways you can help and participate. 
Thank you, pastors and elders, for announcing and encouraging your congregations to participate in this important survey, and thank you, members and others, for taking the time to help us assess “the state of our flocks.” 
Have a wonderful day of preparation and an inspiring and uplifting Sabbath.

Rick Shabi