Saturday, March 29, 2014

New Movie PLASTIC: Thievery, Lesbian Sex, Killings - All Taking Place On God's Bricket Wood Campus

Filming has finished for the new movie PLASTIC which is soon to be released.  Who would imagine that God's most holy Bricket Wood campus would be used for murder, sex, and mayhem!  So much for the idealistic representation of the kingdom.

Film crews set up camp in Hanstead Park - the site of the old HSBC training centre - which proved a fruitful location for production, with woods, an office building, and a university-style building readily available.

Terry Stone, founder of the production company behind the movie, Gateway Films, enthused about the filming location this time last year: "Somebody contacted us about it and said it has just come on the market."

"When we looked at it, it was just brilliant. There was big mansion we used as a five-storey hotel." Herts Advertiser, UK

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Samuel Kitchen Says: "...stop urinating down our backs and telling us that it is rain."

There is a Facebook page about Ambassador Auditorium.  It was started for those who worked in the building or enjoyed concerts there as a place to reminisce.  That went along pretty well till the Kitchen Trinity hit the scene with their uber-HWA worship.

Anyone who does not agree with their HWA idolatry are pawns of Satan.  Those that are no longer part of the church and speak out against abuse are in "rebellion" against his god.

Its all about TRUTH, bitterness, rebellion, satan and disrespect

Samuel W Kitchen Here's something to think about guys and girls. Lucifer one day told his angels. "I was there man. I was right there at HQ, right at the throne of God. I touched the throne. I smelled the air. I heard the music. I pondered what I saw. You never were there man firsthand. Now, here is what God said. And here is how he was so wrong. And look at all the mistakes he did. He's up there, and we are down here, and there is no way he knows what we are going through. And you know what? we need to grow in the grace and knowledge. God always says we must grow right? So here is how God has been so unfair and here are some new doctrines in replacement of those doctrines that are so unfair."
And you know what, Lucifer was in REBELLION against God and HQ. But he was there firsthand, and he was taught God's way and laws, BUT again, that means NOTHING if that person is embittered and in rebellion!

A kid who flunked out of Harvard, cannot go around and say he attended Harvard, as if that places him in some kind of prestige and in some kind of authority. He flunked out, never learned anything the school was teaching! The same is with college at Ambassador. If you don't live and do what you was taught then, then you wasted a seat. And you have no authority over what happened or what was taught! Because you didn't learn it. And if you consider that time a waste of time, then you flunked out! 

Listen, If you don't like your past experiences, then don't come onto a forum(Facebook group) that will daily remind you of them. You guys love all the gossip, but you can't stand anyone presenting the truth and teachings you rejected. I say, if one attacks Herbert W Armstrong and the Church, they must bring documented official church material to prove their point. Then the documents proving what was taught, that proves their case or disproves their case will be displayed, and people know the truth. But this thing of saying, "we were there. We know what we are saying." IS POPPYCOCK!!! Bring proof, and stop urinating down our backs and telling us that it is rain. simply put...I feel this forum was set up to trap people. Look at what has transpired. Everyone can have their free voice here, but nothing for the Church or Herbert W Armstrong. People can voice their bitterness towards it all, but no one is allowed to voice the Truth of it all. 

I have looked at how this forum treats those who still believe the same way. Whenever one speaks up "for" Mr.Armstrong, or whatever was taught in defense towards another slant someone said against it, they are bullied until they are beaten into submission or they leave.

We will reap what we sow. This group at one time said "no doctrine", but then quickly changed their mind, and allowed people to bring their doctrine that undermined and disrespects, and goes contrary to what this Auditorium was built for, and against all of what the Church taught and stood for. That is highly disrespectful!

Anyone can look back at what was taught AND LEARN. They can find the Truth. And if God is calling them they will find the truth, and every lie will be exposed!

Remember Satan was right there in person at HQ. It doesn't make him an expert witness.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Joel Hiliker the Philadelphia Church of God Hypocrite

Joel Hiliker of the Philadelphia Church of God has an article up about what he calls  "...the most important responsibility you have in your life right now..."

Is it to go forth into the world healing the sick, feeding the poor, clothing the destitute,  and proclaiming the Good News?  Nope, he say it is honoring your parents.  While that is certainly a good thing and should be done, it is a hypocritical stance of PCG to make such a claim.

What’s the most important responsibility you have in your life right now? Do you know?

Actually, your biggest responsibility at this time in your life—like it or not—is your relationship with your parents! More specifically, it is that you treat your parents with proper honor.

It is a well known fact that the Philadelphia Church of God, at the direction of Gerald Flurry, has broken up families, turned children against parents and parents against children.  Families have literally been destroyed by the PCG.  Marriages have broken up and several suicides have happened because of the way the church treated some people.

God wants families to be happy, unified and fulfilling. Children honoring their parents is so important to strong families, that God made it number five of the “big ten”—the Ten Commandments.

Families in the PCG are unhappy, broken and unfulfilled all thanks to the strict and abominable stance that the PCG has taken.

If you do not believe that PCG destroys families take a look at the following page.  It contains 14 years of letters from people who's lives have been ruined by the PCG.  Letters of those impacted by  PCG

Robbers Cave, Philadelphia Church of God's Most Sacred and Holy Site

I still never cease to be amazed at the idolatry that the Philadelphia Church of God practices. From imitating all of Herbert Armstrong's books and booklets, from building a fake "college", an auditorium named after HWA, digging up HWA's supposed "prayer rock" and hauling  it all the way from Oregon, to buying various Armstrongite memorabilia to be placed in positions of honor. The idolatry practiced by the Philadelphia Church of God knows no boundaries.

The most appalling thing they now do is place historical significance in lil'Stevies reading of Malachi's Message and the location where he read it.  Malicahi's Message was a book that god supposedly guided Flurry's hand to write. However, it is well known now that he plagiarized much of it from Jules Dervaes.

The cabin that lil'Stevie read the "book" is not considered sacred to the PCG.  They take annual trips to Robbers Cave Park each year along with lil'Steveie. There are reports that some come and stand in front of the cabin where he read the book and pray that God gives them the same knowledge that lil'Stevie received that day.  Others set on the steps of the cabin and pray.  Others flock to have their pictures take in front of it.  Regular PCG members stay at the pack at other times of the year and ask to stay in that particular cabin seeking spiritual renewal.

How could any rational adult or "college" student ever do such a cultish thing?  In all my years in the cult and even working in HWA's home,  never thought those kinds of things.  I found it very uncomfortable to see the worship of HWA.  People would get tears in their eyes at being in the very presence of him.

In their latest online posting the PCG had the following: A Significant Historic Landmark

EDMOND—“So what do you think?” the minister asked when his son paused while reading the manuscript. “Well, that definitely will get you fired,” his son responded.”  It was July 1989, and the young 19-year-old was on a Y.E.S. camping trip with his father at Robbers Cave in southeastern Oklahoma during the summer break. But this turned out to be more than your everyday summer camping excursion. It became a pivotal moment in the history of God’s Church and marked Robbers Cave State Park as an important historical location for the Philadelphia Church of God.

“My dad picked me up at the airport and we drove directly to Robbers Cave in southeastern Oklahoma,” Evangelist Stephen Flurry wrote in Raising the Ruins. “For four months, my dad had been working on his paper, telling no one about it. When he picked me up on July 14, he had a rough draft of Malachi’s Message tucked away in his briefcase, in the trunk of the car. During the drive, he told me about a number of other things going on in the Church—again, things I was totally unaware of. He later said he wanted me to read something he had written that explained all of this.”
Stephen Flurry put off reading the paper until Sunday morning, a few hours before they left the campsite.  “After getting a synopsis of its contents from my father, I was nervous and a little scared about reading it. That’s why I put it off,” Mr. Flurry said.  He sat down to read inside their cabin, the one next to where he and his family now stay when they visit Robbers Cave every year along with the rest of Herbert W. Armstrong College.

Before it was time to leave, Mr. Stephen Flurry read through about half of the manuscript.
Right there, in that cabin at Robbers Cave Campsite Number One, the revelation in Malachi’s Message was being shared for the first time. After the death of Mr. Armstrong, the Worldwide Church of God was being torn apart; yet off in remote rural Oklahoma, the first person besides Mr. Gerald Flurry was learning God’s revelation about what was really happening.

The Philadelphia Church of God was raised up less than five months after Malachi’s Message was first delivered to his son at that wooded campsite. Because of this history-shaping event, Robbers Cave has become a significant landmark for the pcg. Herbert W. Armstrong College has retreated to the campsite almost every year since 2002, and Mr. Stephen Flurry has never missed a campout.

Every year, he returns to the campsite with his family and dozens of others whose lives were also changed by that book he was the first to read nearly 25 years ago: Malachi’s Message. 

“Every time I go back to Robber’s Cave, I can’t help but think about all that has happened since that initial reading,” he said.  “What a work God has raised up!”

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Malcolm Heap Leader of Midnight Ministries Claims to Have Brought the Dead Back to Life (Only in Africa, of course)

One of the crazier splinter cults of Armstrongism is Midnight Ministries, based in the UK but operating out of Africa, that also has an affiliate branch in the US.  It is led by Malcolm Heap.   Heap apparently has LOTS of dreams and visions from the thing he calls god.  Some of his dreams are geared to warning the Worldwide Church of God that they are a bunch of apostate fools.

One of his dreams was this silliness that sounds more like a kindergartner throwing a temper tantrum:

Tony Lodge (a WCG local elder who opposed us) had a very small kitchen garden. It was totally impractical, on a 45 degree slope, and so very small! He should have been letting Tonya or me grow things in it, but he didn’t. He let someone else use it, but it was totally neglected. It was just breeding wasps!

Meaning: The dream depicts the useless impractical teaching of false ministers in the WCG – and there are plenty of them! They are not giving truth to the people and are under judgement from God.
45 = 5 (preparation) x 9 (God’s judgement). They should be producing food to feed and nourish their hearers. And that food going to the people should have been ‘ours’, as God points out through the symbolism of the dream.

Because they don’t accept us, and have rejected the truth we ‘produce’ in MM literature, their ‘vegetable plot’ is only a breeding ground of demons (wasps)!
All of his dream warnings to the WCG can be found here:  WCG Dream Diary

Having hallucinations and interpreting them as dreams is nothing compared to what else the man can do. He and his group can resurrect people from death to life!  Here is a woman they resurrected:

She is one of three they have brought back to life:

David Isaac Ohuoba wrote to me recently to let me know that another person has been raised from the dead. A young pregnant lady died and a friend brought her body to him. She knew that David had prayed and brought other people to life previously, so she had the faith that all was not lost in this instance.

David prayed in tongues for two hours over her and God raised her up. His fuller account is below.

This is now the third such person brought back from death by David, and there are significant reasons why God is doing this. I want to explain, so that you can be in the position to do similar miraculous feats by the power of God.
As I was about to say "Carry her out to the mortuary," a lady named Joy Sunny, who had heard about the supernatural ministry through Ishmael N Nwankudu [whom David Isaac raised from the dead earlier] said to me:

"Please, prophet, we know that she is dead. I am the person that told them not to go to the mortuary. 'Let us first go to the man of God to confirm.' Please, I have faith that your God is the living God."

As I was standing looking at her, I heard a voice that said to me, "Don't shrink back. My righteous one will live by faith. And if he shrinks back, I will not be pleased with him. But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who believe and are saved." [The Spirit of God quoting to him from Hebrews 10:38,39.]

God revealed to me that the evil spirit of death was holding her. Then I started to pray in tongues.

As I prayed for two hours, I went off in spirit and saw a cat holding her. I cried out loudly, and the cat made a loud noise and then suddenly released her. The life of this woman was restored as the cat was cast away [the cat represents a demonic form that David saw in the spirit realm by the power of the Spirit of God].

There was a big disturbance in her body which caused the baby to turn inside her at about 3 am. The baby's condition had been bad, so I prayed for God to restore the baby to its normal position which He did immediately. She was with me in prayers [and teaching the truths of God] with her husband and sister Joy, for seven days before she went back home.

According to her, she told me that she had had a problem with an occultic woman in the police station who had put a curse upon her. The woman told her that she would die within 21 days.

On the night of the 28th February as she went to bathe in her bathroom, she said: "I saw an evil naked [power or being or man?], as black as coal with a rod, beating on my neck. I fell unconscious and didn't know what had happened until I saw myself in the house of David Isaac Ohuoba, man of God, whom God used to restore my life. As he was praying in tongues, the demons that were holding me ran away, leaving me alone. I had shouted out to my husband that they are beating me to death. But I am delivered from their grip. Praise God."

People from Bible College Road, who heard the good news, came to witness this miracle of God and I gave them our literature Why Trials? Why Suffering? and others.
God apparently only brings people back to life in Africa, though he is still trying to do that here in the United States.

The American branch of this splinter cult is called  Midnight in America.  It's leader died in 2013.  His wife has had a dream that he is coming back to do a mighty end time work:

The reason is because my husband Steve Thompson died on February 11, 2013. It was unexpected to me as well as to his children and all who have known him. The devil took his life through a sudden tragic illness.

However, I believe that God will bring him back to life - for His purposes, not because Steve is better or loved more than any other Christian. A number of different signs and dreams have been given to me and to our friends to confirm this.

Malcolm received the following dream from God on 22nd March 2013: Steve’s life was portrayed as a go-cart / wooden box, taken up into the sky, and then plummeted down into an Arctic sea. I was worried because he could die in that cold.

Meaning: It portrays his life being taken to heaven, and the change in him – dying to self – that will occur when he comes back down to this spiritually cold earth.

I received a dream on May 2, 2013: In this dream Steve came to me. I was very happy. We were doing something together, going to some places. I was thinking, “What effect will this have on those who know he died?” Then I wondered if Malcolm and Helena knew that Steve was back. I didn’t know how long he had been back from the dead.

  Meaning: The dream came when I was praying and wondering about God’s plan with Steve. God answered my concerns.

  Steve will come back to life to do the job assigned to him by the Lord. He will be one of many others whom God is going to bring back (some of them after years of being dead) to wake up the Church and to highlight the truths He wants to restore to His chosen people. These are the truths expounded in the MM literature, which we promote and advertise via this website to all who seek God’s restored truths. You can read the revelations given by God to Malcolm and Helena Heap, as well as to others, about raising the dead in the end times in a number of MM publications, specifically in Waking The Dead  and Raising the Dead: Testimonies in Our Time.

  In the meantime, I will do my best to serve Him who raises the dead and to provide good spiritual food for you, dear friends. May God bless you while you are seeking the fullness of His truth.

In Jesus’ name,

Mila Thompson.
 The legacy of Herbert Armstrong at its finest!

Undead Ted the Zombie Who Will Never Die

It still is fascinating to checkout the Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association web site and STILL see GTA preaching as if he were alive.  A person has to look long and hard to find out the he is no longer alive.  He has been dead since September 15, 2003.

Part of the reason the site is till up is that GTA's voice and writings are the bread and butter for Shirley, Ted's living wife and his son Mark.  Everyone knows that Mark, their son, is NOT a driving force as his father was.  While I am sure Mark is a pleasant guy to be around and a great family man he is not a calling card for the Intercontinental Church of God.  Like most of the other COG's, it does not draw in people from the world, but exists because it is made up of old former Worldwide Church of God members who either went with him from his beginning in 1978 or church hopped.  With 700 other Church of God splinter personality cults out there, all claiming they carry the true mantle of truth, the Intercontinental Church of God no longer is able to draw in members because of the Armstrong name.  Even though they try mightily, undead Ted just cant bring them in any more.

Browsing the ICG web site you will find a section called Church Library. There are no books on religion, spiritually or Jesus there, but there is this:

Stoopid just about says it all!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Peaches and Herb and the Former Ambassador Campus

Michael North, a former WCG member from Pasadena and a prolific gospel singer, recently worked with Peaches and Herb for a concert they did in the Ambassador Auditorium in Pasadena.  Michael is also the worship leader at the 10,000 member Shepard of the Hills church in Porter Ranch, CA.  He is also involved with Shushybye a program geared towards 2-5 year olds and has been featured on KCET (PBS).

 What most will find interesting about this video is his tour of the old college campus.

Michael North  Northhouse

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Eric King the Singing None

God'ss one and only end-time true prophet is back spreading his life saving message by singing it.  Imagine hearing the gospel message from such angelic lips! Watch hose fingertips flying over the frets and the hands of God at work in the world.  Several more spine-tingling songs sung by Eric can be found here

Roy Holladay (UCG) Compares His Dread of Baling Hay to the Dread Jesus Felt Before He Was Crucified

Can Roy Holladay of the United Church of God really be this stupid?  He has written a letter to the ministry of UCG to help them prepare for their upcoming version of "Passover."  He starts the letter off by writing about growing up as a youth and the dread he felt when he saw hay fields mown and raked ready for baling hay.  It was hot and sweaty.  He was covered by the prickly chaff blowing back at him from the hay baler.  The bales of hay were wrapped in oily wire.  It was nasty work, but some one had to to do it.  He fully submitted himself to the task. The relief of the day was jumping in the local stream and washing all of that mess off.
We have all faced a task or obligation that we did not look forward to doing, but that had long-lasting benefits. Allow me to relate an example from my youth: I grew up on a farm and over time helped bale many thousands of bales of hay while riding on the back of an old punch and tie baler. In those days, when you saw that a field of hay had been cut and raked, you knew exactly what was soon coming.
Of course, the summer season working temperature would be in the 90s Fahrenheit (32 Celsius), the wires that held the bales together had a lot of sticky grease or oil on them, the baler would kick up dust and debris from the hay and field, and naturally, all of this would get into your eyes and down your shirt.

Now, after baling the hay, you had to load it on a truck and stack it in the barn loft. This represented an all-day job. At night, you could not wait to take a bath. Back then, the only problem was that we did not have indoor plumbing! Consequently, the fastest way to clean up would be to jump in the nearby creek or stream with a bar of soap. As you can imagine, a certain amount of dread crept up when we could see a hay field being cut–we knew what that meant for us.
Ok, I can identify with all of that since I grew up baling hay and straw for many years.  However, he continues with this where he describes the dread Jesus felt before he knew he was being crucified:

Why mention this? Hold that thought for moment.

We will shortly be observing the Passover, which pictures the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for all humanity. Revelation 13:8 clearly states that Jesus (the Lamb of God) was slain from the foundation of the world. Did God understand in advance that it was conceivable for the angels and for humans to sin? Yes, He did! He made room for this possibility in His plan from the very beginning. Notice what Peter adds to our understanding about this in 1 Peter 1:18-20: “knowing that you were not redeemed with corruptible things, like silver or gold, from your aimless conduct received by tradition from your fathers, but with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot. He indeed was foreordained before the foundation of the world, but was manifest in these last times for you…”
Jesus knew what Isaiah 52 and 53 stated: He was going to suffer. With full understanding of what lay ahead in the coming hours, He naturally dreaded enduring that agonizing pain and suffering. But even knowing this in advance, He fully submitted Himself to God’s will. Even though He was not anxious to undergo excruciating pain, He knew there was an eternal purpose for it. As we read in Isaiah 53, verses 4 and 5: “Surely He has borne our griefs [sickness] And carried our sorrows [pains]…But He was wounded for our transgressions [for our sins], He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed.”

According to Holladay, the dread that Jesus felt for his upcoming crucifixion could have lasted for millions of years.

From the beginning, Jesus Christ knew that He would be tortured and executed by the very humans that He created! From the beginning of the physical universe, possibly many millions of years ago, Jesus (then The Word) knew full well what lay ahead of Him and all that it meant.
Somehow Holladay's "hay dread" does not compare to the same dread Jesus had the day before he was crucified and he was sitting down to eat with his disciples.

Bob Thiel: I'm Coming To You From...duh....uh..where the hell am I....oh yeah.......the Mount of Olives

Bob Thiel, God's most important Church of God leader to ever exist (after Rod Meredith and David C. Pack of course) trotted off to Jerusalem to claim his standing as a prophet of God preaching from the Mount of Olives.  Thiel stood here for an hour and ten minutes blabbering on about silly Armstrongite prophecy predictions.

Thiel joins hundreds of other COG leaders and Evangelical prophecy nuts using this same scene to bring their "correct"message to the world.  Or, in Bob's case to a few hundred people.

This is another pathetic video with flailing arms, blowing wind, and even a crooked skyline.  Is there anything straight about this guy?  The great addition this time is that he struggling with his voice.

Around 19 minutes in he talks about how the FCC and Net Neutrality will cause his message to go off the air starting the famine of the word.  As if this will ever happen, particularity to his "ministry."