Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Malcolm Heap Leader of Midnight Ministries Claims to Have Brought the Dead Back to Life (Only in Africa, of course)

One of the crazier splinter cults of Armstrongism is Midnight Ministries, based in the UK but operating out of Africa, that also has an affiliate branch in the US.  It is led by Malcolm Heap.   Heap apparently has LOTS of dreams and visions from the thing he calls god.  Some of his dreams are geared to warning the Worldwide Church of God that they are a bunch of apostate fools.

One of his dreams was this silliness that sounds more like a kindergartner throwing a temper tantrum:

Tony Lodge (a WCG local elder who opposed us) had a very small kitchen garden. It was totally impractical, on a 45 degree slope, and so very small! He should have been letting Tonya or me grow things in it, but he didn’t. He let someone else use it, but it was totally neglected. It was just breeding wasps!

Meaning: The dream depicts the useless impractical teaching of false ministers in the WCG – and there are plenty of them! They are not giving truth to the people and are under judgement from God.
45 = 5 (preparation) x 9 (God’s judgement). They should be producing food to feed and nourish their hearers. And that food going to the people should have been ‘ours’, as God points out through the symbolism of the dream.

Because they don’t accept us, and have rejected the truth we ‘produce’ in MM literature, their ‘vegetable plot’ is only a breeding ground of demons (wasps)!
All of his dream warnings to the WCG can be found here:  WCG Dream Diary

Having hallucinations and interpreting them as dreams is nothing compared to what else the man can do. He and his group can resurrect people from death to life!  Here is a woman they resurrected:

She is one of three they have brought back to life:

David Isaac Ohuoba wrote to me recently to let me know that another person has been raised from the dead. A young pregnant lady died and a friend brought her body to him. She knew that David had prayed and brought other people to life previously, so she had the faith that all was not lost in this instance.

David prayed in tongues for two hours over her and God raised her up. His fuller account is below.

This is now the third such person brought back from death by David, and there are significant reasons why God is doing this. I want to explain, so that you can be in the position to do similar miraculous feats by the power of God.
As I was about to say "Carry her out to the mortuary," a lady named Joy Sunny, who had heard about the supernatural ministry through Ishmael N Nwankudu [whom David Isaac raised from the dead earlier] said to me:

"Please, prophet, we know that she is dead. I am the person that told them not to go to the mortuary. 'Let us first go to the man of God to confirm.' Please, I have faith that your God is the living God."

As I was standing looking at her, I heard a voice that said to me, "Don't shrink back. My righteous one will live by faith. And if he shrinks back, I will not be pleased with him. But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who believe and are saved." [The Spirit of God quoting to him from Hebrews 10:38,39.]

God revealed to me that the evil spirit of death was holding her. Then I started to pray in tongues.

As I prayed for two hours, I went off in spirit and saw a cat holding her. I cried out loudly, and the cat made a loud noise and then suddenly released her. The life of this woman was restored as the cat was cast away [the cat represents a demonic form that David saw in the spirit realm by the power of the Spirit of God].

There was a big disturbance in her body which caused the baby to turn inside her at about 3 am. The baby's condition had been bad, so I prayed for God to restore the baby to its normal position which He did immediately. She was with me in prayers [and teaching the truths of God] with her husband and sister Joy, for seven days before she went back home.

According to her, she told me that she had had a problem with an occultic woman in the police station who had put a curse upon her. The woman told her that she would die within 21 days.

On the night of the 28th February as she went to bathe in her bathroom, she said: "I saw an evil naked [power or being or man?], as black as coal with a rod, beating on my neck. I fell unconscious and didn't know what had happened until I saw myself in the house of David Isaac Ohuoba, man of God, whom God used to restore my life. As he was praying in tongues, the demons that were holding me ran away, leaving me alone. I had shouted out to my husband that they are beating me to death. But I am delivered from their grip. Praise God."

People from Bible College Road, who heard the good news, came to witness this miracle of God and I gave them our literature Why Trials? Why Suffering? and others.
God apparently only brings people back to life in Africa, though he is still trying to do that here in the United States.

The American branch of this splinter cult is called  Midnight in America.  It's leader died in 2013.  His wife has had a dream that he is coming back to do a mighty end time work:

The reason is because my husband Steve Thompson died on February 11, 2013. It was unexpected to me as well as to his children and all who have known him. The devil took his life through a sudden tragic illness.

However, I believe that God will bring him back to life - for His purposes, not because Steve is better or loved more than any other Christian. A number of different signs and dreams have been given to me and to our friends to confirm this.

Malcolm received the following dream from God on 22nd March 2013: Steve’s life was portrayed as a go-cart / wooden box, taken up into the sky, and then plummeted down into an Arctic sea. I was worried because he could die in that cold.

Meaning: It portrays his life being taken to heaven, and the change in him – dying to self – that will occur when he comes back down to this spiritually cold earth.

I received a dream on May 2, 2013: In this dream Steve came to me. I was very happy. We were doing something together, going to some places. I was thinking, “What effect will this have on those who know he died?” Then I wondered if Malcolm and Helena knew that Steve was back. I didn’t know how long he had been back from the dead.

  Meaning: The dream came when I was praying and wondering about God’s plan with Steve. God answered my concerns.

  Steve will come back to life to do the job assigned to him by the Lord. He will be one of many others whom God is going to bring back (some of them after years of being dead) to wake up the Church and to highlight the truths He wants to restore to His chosen people. These are the truths expounded in the MM literature, which we promote and advertise via this website to all who seek God’s restored truths. You can read the revelations given by God to Malcolm and Helena Heap, as well as to others, about raising the dead in the end times in a number of MM publications, specifically in Waking The Dead  and Raising the Dead: Testimonies in Our Time.

  In the meantime, I will do my best to serve Him who raises the dead and to provide good spiritual food for you, dear friends. May God bless you while you are seeking the fullness of His truth.

In Jesus’ name,

Mila Thompson.
 The legacy of Herbert Armstrong at its finest!


Anonymous said...

How in the hell do you find all this stuff?????????

Connie Schmidt said...

All sounds like a "HEAP" of manure to me!

old EXPCG hag said...


DennisCDiehl said...

When working at the hospital I grew suspicious of a guy and when he came back through the lobby I asked him what he had been doing. He said was a prophet and in two weeks his friend, who had died, would be resurrected and they would come back to heal the sick and raise the dead at Bon Secour St. Francis.

I told him we had a problem. (He didn't know the buttons he pushed) I said..."You're a prophet?.....hmmmm That's the problem. Bon Secour St. Francis is a non-prophet hospital" I waited for him to get mad but he said, "Really...." I had him. "Yes really...but Memorial Hospital on the other side of town is a for prophet hospital. He said,..."Thanks! I'll go there..."

I thought my boss was playing a trick on me but it was just a whack job guy.

lol Really happened!

DennisCDiehl said...

PS This man is either delusional or lying for profit. Perhaps a new Nigerian Scam is in order. Send him a body and for $777.98 he'll send it back alive and well. Please send the fee first before shipping the body.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Why not a cat?

After the nine lives, that is.

How well I remember over a decade ago that my friend Jim who had been in the WCG had cancer and really hoped that there was something about the Midnight Madness Ministries and asked me what I thought.

I read a booklet and it reminded me the book I read at K-Mart years ago where the author claimed that he had visited people on other planets in the solar system and described their characteristics. I get confused which are more hospitable -- the people on Jupiter or the ones on Venus (I would guess Jupiter because they would be 'Jovial').

This is right up there with people living inside a hollow earth coming out the North Pole in their flying saucers. Demons coming to earth through the Stargate at the bottom of the ocean, anyone? UFOs? Zombies?

I want to see people who have lost limbs regenerate. If you can bring back the dead, regeneration should be trivial.

And Dixon Cartright didn't want me to believe that Armstrongism was full of narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths when I went to advertise that DNA refutes British Israelism because maybe there may be as many as two ministers who seem sane (he was non specific about the numbers, so I assumed two was the number he claimed, since I cannot conceive more than that appearing to be rational, based on my experience with the liars, deceivers and false prophets). Ten would be a real stretch and what's really disturbing is that they advertise in The Journal.

Anonymous said...

I was in the same class as Malcolm Heap at AC Bricket Wood. He was such a shy mild kind of guy, who would have guessed? I can't even imagine him as a minister. Reading this makes me sad.

Head Usher said...

"And Dixon Cartright didn't want me to believe that Armstrongism was full of narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths when I went to advertise that DNA refutes British Israelism because maybe there may be as many as two ministers who seem sane ... Ten would be a real stretch ..."

I think what you meant to say was that Dixon wanted you to believe that Armstrongism was not full of ...

The First Book of Usher
Chapter One
1 T'was the eve before Y2K, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, because everyone drinks champagne for New Years, not cocktails. Suddenly, I was taken up in the LORD,
2 And in a vision I was carried away by an angel who had a lot of eyes (it was kind of awkward actually, because I didn't know which one to look at),
3 And he showed me the flat earth and its four corners at the four compass points, and at each a mighty pillar supporting the dome of the sky,
4 And lo, beneath me were all the kingdoms of Armstrongism stretched out across the face of it.
5 And I said to the angel of the LORD, "Behold," (because that's how I talk to angels) "the glory the LORD hath brought unto the world through his one-and-only latter-day apostle."
6 And the angel of the LORD said unto me, "Whajubetalkinbout, mother#&$%er? The LORD hath purposed to pop a cap in all they cracka asses cuz they too $%&#ed up for words."
7 And I said unto the angel of the LORD, "Peradventure, will the LORD spare Armstrongism if there be five sane found amongst them?"
8 And the angel of the LORD said unto me, "$%&@ you, mother#&$%er. We are not playin' that game, b*tch."
9 And I said unto the angel of the LORD, "Word, mother#&$%er! WTF was I thinking?"
10 And that was that.
11 And I awoke with a hangover, and all through the house, I was told I was lit like a xmas tree and shouting profanity at the top of my lungs. Oh my! Mustabeen the bubbles...

RSK said...

Having read through his page of "dreams" of importance in regard to WCG being corrupt, ministers being assholes, etc... I had to ask "did he really need a dream from god to give him that opinion?" Meh.

Black Ops Mikey said...

I think what you meant to say was that Dixon wanted you to believe that Armstrongism was not full of ...

didn't want me to believe that Armstrongism was full of

Not sure these are not fundamentally the same with the negative in different places but maybe I'm missing something.

As for the book, it was entertaining, but I think the vision was really of hell and the Armstrongists in it. It's nice to have a nod, but maybe we should stick to 10 sane just to be compatible with Scriptures and to be on the safe side.

Maybe you should give up drinking (you might be one of the alcoholics who didn't have symptoms because you didn't drink before Armstrongism). Or maybe I should say you are an alcoholic who had symptoms before joining the WCG, but that might (or might not, depending on your point of view, be the same thing).

Byker Bob said...

Malcolm Heap. Was he any kin to Uriah? I loved "Easy Livin'" and "Stealin'". Synthesized guitars are amazing.


Anonymous said...

Raising people from the dead isn't necessary; I would like to see God regenerate a missing hand.

Paul Ray

Anonymous said...

Claiming to have brought the dead back to life is an old religious trick.

There was even someone posting here claiming that the dead had been brought back to life recently in Florida, but he went into meltdown/hatred mode when he was asked for even a shred of evidence that the alleged grandiose event he'd championed had in fact ever happened at all.

Do you like stories by wacko nutcases who claim that people are now being raised from the dead in Jesus' name?
No problem! There are lots of them!
(Just don't ask for any proof...or look too closely.)

Anonymous said...

I don't recall seeing that meltdown hatred mode. Please post evidence of it, if you would.

Anonymous said...

Steven Thompsons' s website does not allow for comments. They critique others yet others must jump through hoops to share their critique of his views/prophecies. I must say this, he seems kind and encouraging, even helpful to those seeking guidance but biblically he is considered a false prophet. He interpreted a dream he had of Pope Benedict dying on April 6, 2005. The pope resigned on Feb. 28, 2013. If he has died since then he was not the pope when doing so...thus false prophecy. This is exactly why, to me, it would be scary to be a prophet. If any of you have thoroughly read the Bible and seen what God thinks of such behavior-false prophets- you (meaning those claiming prophet status) would think long and hard about proclaiming such.
As for the anonymous commentor who knew him, this is very sad indeed. Someone may begin with good intentions but get caught up highly in themselves in the process. It truly is sad. This is why we must become less so Christ can become greater. There is no other way to go that won't eventually corrupt us.
With regard to healing, growing a new limb would definitely clear all doubt about a healing or someone being pronounced dead by a professional and being raised a week later or like Jesus 4 days later when the body begins to decompose. These would clearly show that healing was taking place physically but do not forget that the evil one can also heal. Be discernful, know the bible and do not seek out signs. The evil one is full of signs and lying wonders. May God open your eyes and guide you through the times ahead.

Oscar Masaai said...

THIS GUY has spreed a lot of money in Kenya to some scams know as john Ongoro and George from Ndhiwa who are the grandsons of Lukas. He think that he is penetrating to Kenya but some of his book were being burned the other day by those scams

Oscar Masaai said...

Malcolm is being mislead by John Ongoro and George who are playing their tactics from Lukas their grand father. His books were burned by these guys here in Kenya and he have the photos as i do

Anonymous said...

malcolm has raised many people from the dead in Kenya, more than 100 now as you read his newsletters, most of his dreams come true too only in Africa. HAAA. he knows that all this are not true but protects his interest through his books that he has placed a bank account details to get support and move his life on. He has never made it to Africa to be a witness of all that he writes,
Isaya Owak visited him in the UK and could not paform the miracles that he was posting on to Malcolm. What a shock.

Anonymous said...

I just read an article on Midnight Ministries website literally saying that Evangelist Reinhardt Bonnke is not in God's will. I was going to respond to several points, but couldn't find any e-mail address on Malcolm Heap's website. Of course not. I have read Reinhardt Bonnke's autobiography and followed his ministry and find Midnight Ministries "out to lunch". Then this struck me. Why would any good Christian call their ministry Midnight Ministries? Sounds a little dark, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

I have just received some emails from this Malcolm Heap. As someone who has traveled extensively to Africa and am actually aware of the situation on the ground and what God is doing, this is an absolute joke. Even the names are fictitious. Oh, but wait, 7 angels are telling him all of this

And, anyone who even contradicts Midnight Ministries dies and not just any old way - fireballs and lightning from heaven and real Sodom and Gomorrah stuff. Unbelievable that people give money to things like this. I wonder how many millions of pound sterling have gone into the pockets of whoever is on the other end of the farce?

It's so disappointing to see people like this contradicting the real work of God that mighty men like Reinhard Bonnke and and Daniel Kolenda are behind.

For those interested, here is Malcom's email address: mbh@midnightministries.org.uk

Good luck getting a rational response or any proof of any of the so-called Mighty Miracles of God.

God is surely in the business of miracles, but these are pure fiction IMHO.