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Dave Pack: This Is Going To Be One Hell Of A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG Day!


From an RCG source:

Prophetic Update    April 1YESTERDAY

The Last Day of Unleavened Bread is fast approaching. As explained earlier this week, this Holy Day is the one we are all waiting for—the “season (time)”—“last season”—“last day”—also the “evil day”—the “day of Christ”—and “that day”!

Many may be wondering, how can so much be compressed into a single day? Could everything we know about really fit within a single 24-hour period? Mr. Pack has long battled this problem. The answer came to be no—this must be a long day! First, recall what we have termed “Joshua’s long day,” when “the sun stood still, and the moon stayed [in its place]” (Joshua 10:13), stretching a normal 24-hours.

Enough knowledge developed that Habakkuk 3, centering on verse 11, in fact teaches that God intends to do this again on the day He arrives to set up His Kingdom. Carefully reading all of chapter 3 in the context of chapter 2 about the Man of Sin actually reveals 3:11 cannot be the Day of the Lord. (But of course the Day of the Lord is also long—Zechariah 14:6-7.) The language and events described now make this impossible to believe! A couple of examples are that the chapter describes resurfacing this earth, not burning it up and replacing it. It is also when salvation comes and when Habakkuk receives his own. While a bit of the language can be tricky to the less-trained eye, the chapter is in fact loaded with evidence that the day it describes starts the acceptable year, not ends it!

This makes the timing of God’s arrival almost of no concern. It also settles why we cannot know or think up the hour that Christ arrives (on what is the same day the Father comes later). Consider. There are 24 time zones in play, including Headquarters, but also Jerusalem’s time zone possibly at the center of God’s thinking or not. Now couple this with the fact that God intends to stretch this day, making the time He chooses to send Christ less critical. Then remember that almost all verses describing the time of Christ’s arrival use parables! The result is that Mr. Pack has stressed there is now very little guidance we can give on any particular “timing scenario.” We are all left to watch with our spiritual “lights burning.”

Time fails to tell of other powerful indicators/proofs we have learned about the apparent certainty of this year versus one or more years to follow. The broad metrics of timing leave little or no room to doubt 2021! May knowing this much encourage you.

Finally, how exactly God’s Kingdom begins—the complexity of things that come first in His Plan—became plain at last! The long struggle to pin down the difficult matters of what happens “out of the gate” suddenly vanished for all those who were patient to the end. (The long struggle ended with correctly locating the first long day.) Mr. Pack wanted it stressed that those who have left us are almost certainly still in play within God’s Plan, although the fire is now their path to eternal life! In the meantime we are left to “judge nothing before the time, until the Lord [God] come” (I Cor. 4:5).

Aaron Dean Responds To Comments

The following was sent to Dennis. I am more than happy to post this and also deleted comments directed towards Aaron. There will be NO COMMENTS allowed in response to this post in order to keep it civil. Due to Google's method of posting comments can be done anonymously and cannot be attached to a name unless people want to use their name.

I just finished reading about Kevin on Banned by HWA and saw comments about myself. Your name is listed but do you know who hosts this site as I would like the slanderous comments about me removed. 


I can prove they are false...some factual errors: I never went to camp as a camper or staff, even though I was promised by Dr. Lochner each year for 5 years but because ministers kids came in they took my spot. (one exception, the HWA fly in/fly out to speak and leave, so anything there couldn't happen. 


I wasn't ordained till late 1979 so I couldn't have given a sermon in 1978 for someone to 'remember', or anytime near that since I was with HWA 365 days a year and didn't give sermons till after he died with a couple rare exceptions and they were historical travel I couldn't give the sermon this person talks about. (And never have given any sermon on 'self love'. ) I never said to 'my members' cause I didn't have any members. I also never said I was promiscuous as a youth to anyone. Interesting that one said I wasn't a pedophile, even though they said I was having sex all over because of my position. Of course, my wife traveled with me so my inability to do any of this is provable. None of it has any basis in fact or truth, yet follow up comments show they are believed. I would like these anonymous posts removed, or at least the posters anonymity removed. 


I understand anger and hate, but that does not mean anyone can make up things they wish to believe with created 'facts' that sound reasonable but are absolute falsehoods. It is interesting that Rader, in 1980 when I witnessed against him after I wouldn't accept a 6 figure offer to shut up, did a slander campaign with all his money and getting people to write falsehoods because they owed him (Jack Kessler) could not find a moral charge, yet if what these people state had any basis at all he would, by these posts, have had tons of material to destroy my testimony. Interesting Rader's often stated comment, "throw enough mud, some of it will stick". The only accurate statement is that Kevin was my brother. (We had totally separate jobs and he left the church 35 years ago. I guess I am the Virgin Mary in reverse. I cheated without ever cheating - before or after marriage. 


Sites should be responsible for the posts they allow, and either bear responsibility to remove false statements or give the names so all can see they are not in a position to have facts or have them prove their statements, which of course they can't., and face any legal charges. 


Anyway I would like to put the site on notice about allowing and posting this slander. Aaron


ps. I have had close friends who have known me since my youth and directed me to these comments express their sorrow for what is written when seeing these lies. and the availability of this garbage on social media for my kids and grandkids.

Dave Pack: Stretching Things a Bit, Again...

"Many may be wondering, how can so much be compressed into a single day? Could everything we know about really fit within a single 24-hour period? Mr. Pack (Note: I think he wrote this)  has long battled this problem. The answer came to be no—this must be a long day! First, recall what we have termed “Joshua’s long day,” when “the sun stood still, and the moon stayed [in its place]” (Joshua 10:13), stretching a normal 24-hours."
David C Pack


Doug Winnail Says Some LCG Members Are Guilty Of SPIRITUAL MURDER!


Are LCG members guilty of spiritual murder?

It's Friday in the United States and time for the weekly Sabbath smack-down on things LCG members are doing wrong. 

Apparently, the motives of LCG members are wrong. 

Some are ensnared by Satan's devices. 

Some have doubts. 

Some are causing divisions.

Some rebel against authority.

Some are tuned into Satan's wavelength.

Some have clever thoughts.

Some have clever ideas.

Some have bad attitudes.

Some complain.

Some criticize.

Some question decisions of church leadership.

Some harbor animosity.

Some are resentful.

Some make hurtful comments.

When LCG members do this they are guilty of SPIRITUAL MURDER!

LCG members are being asked to examine themselves to see if they have the mind of Christ in them.

That's pretty hard for them to do since most of the year the inconvenient dude is never discussed.

It is no wonder so many COG members feel so depressed anymore when they are bombarded with such negativity on a weekly basis.

Here they are after Passover when their slates are wiped clean and they have another opportunity to make a new year more joyful and appreciative of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. That thankfulness and joy are already gone since it is time to hammer the members once again for being such failures.

Who needs that inconvenient New Covenant? LCG sure doesn't seem like they need it.

Anyway, always remember to have a "profitable Sabbath", Doug's God expects that.

Satan’s Subtle Devices: The Days of Unleavened Bread provide us with an opportunity to carefully examine the motives in our own heart (1 Corinthians 11:29–32). Are we truly motivated by God’s Spirit or by the attitudes of this world? Unfortunately, after years in the Church, we can still be snared by Satan’s devices (2 Corinthians 2:11; Ephesians 6:11)—even without realizing what is happening. Satan, who is the accuser of the brethren and the source of doubts, divisions, and rebellion against authority, can cleverly beam thoughts, ideas, and attitudes into our minds (Ephesians 2:2), stirring us to criticize, complain, and question decisions, actions, and guidelines of those around us and over us in the Body of Christ. When we remember that Satan tempted Jesus (Matthew 4:1–10) and then stirred Peter to rebuke Christ (Matthew 16:22–23), we should realize that we are not immune to Satan’s devices. Jesus warned that harboring animosity and resentment against others and making hurtful comments is the equivalent of spiritual murder (Matthew 5:21– 22). At this time of year, we need to ask ourselves if we have the mind of Jesus Christ to esteem others better than ourselves (Philippians 2:1–8)? If we spread doubts and division among others, we have been snared by a device of the “accuser of our brethren” (Revelation 12:10). Let’s strive to be real Philadelphia Christians who show love and promote peace among our brothers and sisters in the Church of God. 

Have a profitable Sabbath and Holy Day, 
Douglas S. Winnail

DW quote from an LCG source, comments mine. 

Thursday, April 1, 2021

LCG HQ Hit With COVID Again


From an LCG source:

Here in Charlotte, we have a small outbreak of COVID-19 as three employees have tested positive and have mild symptoms. Others have been exposed and are self-quarantining. We will be working remotely for two weeks for all but a few essential personnel. Also, although we know of no one who has contracted the virus from services, out of an abundance of caution and because we do not know the full extent of who may have been exposed, we will hold services this week online.
This situation highlights the fact that COVID-19 has not yet gone away. It also shows how one person can impact many more. No one can fault someone who does not know he is sick, but once that is known, quarantine is essential. Please brethren, do not fellowship with others when you have symptoms, even if they are mild.—Gerald Weston

The Book of Revelation: Are you tired of all the crap COG false prophets say that is in it?


You will learn more in 24 minutes with these two videos about the book of Revelation than you have ever heard in 80 years in the Church of God. You will soon see why the crap being spewed by Bob Thiel, Gerald Flurry, Dave Pack, Ron Weinland, and others is nothing more than a load of useless bull.

Ex-Church of God 7th Day Info Needed


I have a request from a person who is asking if anyone knows of ex-COG7 member sites like Banned, The Painful Truth, and other exmembers sites. There are hundreds of exJW and exSDA sites but no one seems to know of any for COG7.

I am asking a favor - because CoG7 is making an inroad into Sydney, I would like to know the other side of this Organization. 
Many old WCG/splinters members had been so ps-off with Organised Churches
Is there something like Banned somewhere for CoG7?
Great to be forewarned so that others don't jump into the fire?
Thanks a lot and appreciate your thoughts

Gerald Flurry Cracks Down On Smartphone Usage By Ministers and Church Members


There is nothing that infuriates Church of God leaders more than people having access to the internet. The internet had a direct impact on the spectacular implosion of the Worldwide Church of God into hundreds of hundreds of little worthless splinter groups, starting in the early 1990s and onward. Various members started newsgroups on AOL, mailing lists like Good News Grapevine, and other sites. Church of God members could no longer be kept in the dark and church leadership no longer had control of how information was dispersed.

During the 1960's all kinds of books started being written about the church but they had little impact upon church members. Most never even knew they existed. That all changed with the internet. Information flowed freely and swiftly as more and more people began to own computers. 

Today there are numerous websites, blogs, and Facebook groups dealing with COG splits and spiritual abuse. All of those groups exist thanks to the groundbreaking work of the Ambassador Report starting in 1975. Church members were no longer afraid to spill the beans on anything happening in the church. 

The next big leap in information technology was cell phones with internet access. As primitive as they were earlier on, they still allowed quick access to information. Then, smartphones hit the scene. Who could have imagined that a little phone held in your hand was more powerful than the WCG/AC computer system at HQ that took up an entire floor of a building!

Smartphones have led to the dissemination of Church of God shenanigans faster than anything else. Members have instant access to the latest COG news, prophetic utterances, and some of the most idiotic ass-numbing sermons ever delivered.

In spite of all of this, most COG groups embrace this amazing technology and make use of it. Some don't though. Dave Pack has railed on and on about the internet and how demonic it is. Bob Thiel says the technology is tuned in to Satan's wavelength but yet he prostrates himelf at the feet of that technology multiple times a day as he ignores his family.  

And then there is Gerald Flurry, who is in a class all by himself.

Gerald Flurry has tried many times to get all the ministry and all members to stop using smartphones. Many have blatantly ignored him and continue owning them. In one of his fits of rage recently, he lashed out again at ministers and members using smartphones. Exit and Support Network has this up:

March 30, 2021 
Smartphones were forbidden to be used by those on campus last year (read November 19, 2020 letter: “PCG Ruling Says No Smartphones Allowed“). It was January 24, 2020 when Andrew Locher gave a sermon about “Technology Use” where he said using smart devices will “destroy our teenagers.” That was the time G. Flurry put in place policies that would eliminate Smartphones on campus to “set the example for the brethren,” even though some did not obey that policy at the time. 
The February 21, 2020 phone policy update said full time ministers were “expected to switch from their Smartphones to a future phone.” However, if some needed a Smartphone for their business, that was okay. G. Flurry “approved” the use of i-pads if you needed one. Then the April 2020 Pastor General’s Report reiterated again that the cell phone policy for ministers was that ministers should not be using Smartphones unless they were required to use one for their business. There were no exceptions for this policy. Minister’s wives were likewise expected to make the transition away from Smartphones. 
Not all members have been following this policy because this subject about Smartphones was brought up again at the recent PCG Ministerial Conference when Stephen Flurry gave a lecture. He talked about what he called “the signs of warning and danger” for the congregation if they used Smartphones. One of the warning signs he said was “too much technology.” 
Wayne Turgeon on day two of the conference gave a lecture on “Materialism” [Note by ESN: Why then did Turgeon in a 2021 sermon refer to all the materialism, riches and luxuries at HQs as “perks and fringe benefits” for being the few first fruits on this earth?] and said, “Materialism [not Charles Darwin] is the father of evolution and what we call human nature is really Satan’s nature. [Note by ESN: Human nature is that which makes us distinctly human] … People change a little at a time in the direction of the masses as they are influenced a little at a time.” This sounded to me exactly how PCG members change a little at a time as they are influenced by the leader’s mind control. 
I know several members in PCG who all have Smartphones. But if G. Flurry continues his crack down, the day could come when we’ll see them with a flip phone again. It’s ridiculous to what lengths PCG will go to in order to keep members from finding out the truth about PCG. I know GF is also worried about someone recording their sermons with these Smartphones. 
Members have been told that if they want to overcome they must hear what God (i. e., PCG government) is saying about this. 
Members, however, are still using Smartphones. –[name withheld]

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The Pre-Axial Age Prophet Amos: Why the Church of God "Prophets" are living in the wrong age.


Dr Bob Thiel really seems to like the Prophet Amos. The reason seems clear.  Amos was just your average guy sheepherder. He did not go to the school of the prophets. He wasn't trained in it. He just are one evidently. Some think he spent too much time herding his sheep with nothing much else to do those lonely days and nights.  Maybe he had a dream or got doubly blessed somehow and ...Viola!  I am a prophet!  I can see why Bob likes that tale. 

(For my own general view and examples of mental illness in the Biblical Characters see:,-Apostles,-and-Mental-Illness&id=90708)

Amos is also used by those who study the psychology or lack thereof of the Biblical characters. Some seem very depressed such as Jeremiah. Some almost defy description with their schizophrenia such as an Ezekiel. All hear the voice of God in their heads. Few seem to act on their own volition.  And all were not as conscious in their thinking as we are today.  

The theory of the just how conscious human beings were up until three thousand years ago when writing came into the picture is a fascinating study. I personally found Julian Jaynes perspective on Consciousness and the Bi Cameral Mind telling and explained a lot that I had always noticed in the personalities or lack thereof in the OT prophets and characters. They seemed like robots. 

The basic premise is that the personal "I" was not present in the recent past.  Humans were more robotic and obeyed the voice of the gods in their heads more than thinking it through themselves.  You see this plainly in the Old Testament. And if you know the text well enough, you will see that those who were the bad boys of the OT were the more conscious ones and the less conscious types punished them for stepping out of line.  The less conscious who just robotically repeated "Thus saith the Lord...", were inevitably the priest craft.  As God evolves from walking in the Garden with Adam and Eve to the cry of "Why art thou so afar off...?"  , Jaynes does a magnificent job of showing how humans woke up and lost that voice of the gods only in their heads.  Today in religion the fix is to "just have faith. Trust and obey for there no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey"

So how did Amos think?  Was he as conscious a human as we are today? No he wasn't. He simply was a conduit for the voices in his head he ascribed to God.  He belonged to what is called the Axial Age.  He was slow to adopt ,or never did or could, the changes that were coming to human consciousness

From Psychology Today...

"According to many scholars of the era, before about 550 BCE, human personality was different than it is now. The conscious, aware, self was simply a different and more limited entity. It was not until the Axial Age that reflective self-awareness, reflective consciousness, and a modern sense of identity emerged.

Three differences in particular separated the pre-Axial from contemporary personality.

The first difference was in how people perceived their thoughts. Pre-Axial peoples often attributed their ideas and motives as coming from outside themselves, from other people, from nature, or emanating from Gods.  (Ahem...Bob)

Secondly, Pre-Axial peoples were almost exclusively aware of the outside world of the land, people, things, and the gods they perceived around them.  They tended to ignore their inner ideas and feelings almost entirely.  Their psychological thought processes remained mostly unexplored territory.  One exception: under some life-threatening circumstances, their attention could be captured by extreme feelings of fear and terror.  (Ahem....)

Third, for a pre-Axial person, identity was limited to one's name, parentage, occupation, and personal life history. By contrast, for most of us today, our identities include also a sense of our thoughts, beliefs, goals, and moral characteristics.

Many pre-Axial written works (e.g., before about 550 BCE) though richly detailed, lack introspective, reflective words, descriptions or accounts. (See here for evidence beyond the literature of the time).

An example of a pre-Axial personality depicted in the Hebrew Bible is of Amos. The Hebrew Bible is a collection of books, some multiply-authored, and others authored mostly by a single individual. These books began to be assembled into what is known today as the Hebrew Bible around 600 BCE.

One of the earliest singly-authored book is that of Amos, which may have been written in 800 BCE (and transmitted orally before that).  Amos is one of the 12 minor prophets.

Consistent with ideas of the pre-Axial identity, Amos possesses a name, occupation, and a sketch of a life history, but little more. A brief introduction to the book states simply:

The words of Amos, a sheepbreeder from Tekoa, who prophesied concerning Israel in the reigns of Kings Uzziah of Judah and Jeroboam son of Joash of Israel, two years before the earthquake.

The book continues regarding Amos, that "He [Amos] proclaimed:"

The Lord roars from Zion,
Shouts aloud from Jerusalem;
And the pastures of the shepherds shall languish,
And the summit of Carmel shall wither.

Thus said the Lord:
For three transgressions of Damascus,
For four, I will not revoke it,
Because they threshed Gilead
With threshing boards of iron,
I will send down fire upon the palace of Hazael...

The book of Amos begins, in other words, with Amos' repetition of what he believes to be the Lord's words to him, without alteration. The psychology of this is clarified in Chapter 3, when Amos pauses from his recitation with the following commentary:

Can misfortune come to a town
If the Lord has not caused it?
Indeed, my Lord God does nothing
Without having revealed His purpose
To His servants the prophets.
A lion has roared
Who can but fear?
My Lord God has spoken,
Who can but prophesy?

Amos then continues to further describe transgressions and the consequent punishments by God, each verse concluding with "...declares the Lord."

In Chapter 7, Amos recounts that he had a conversation with God, asking God to restrain several of his most severe punishments so that Israel might survive, and that God relented. In the same chapter, Amos describes how the priest of Bethel advised him to leave the area as he was stirring up trouble. Amos replies, basically, that he is not in control; God is:

"I am not a prophet, and I am not a prophet's disciple. I am a cattle breeder and tender of sycamore figs. But the Lord took me away from following the flock, and the Lord said to me, ‘Go, prophesy to My people Israel...'"  (Or maybe "I got doubly blessed?)

From one perspective, Amos exhibits the many qualities of pre-Axial human beings. When he hears voices he obeys. He responds with little or no internal awareness, and he possesses little or no identity beyond a name, life history, and occupation.

This conception of the pre-Axial mind could all be wrong, of course. The Bible's redactors might simply have focused on the prophesies, omitting anything further about Amos and his character as irrelevant.  Alternatively, Amos may have been fully aware, but have lacked words to describe his awareness. 

A religious interpretation is also possible, of course (one that takes us outside science today): that God was directing Amos and that Amos, although aware and conscious, is simply reporting what occurred.

Yet Amos' apparent lack of awareness is similar to the descriptions others of the pre-Axial period have provided of their own and others' acts."

For the continuation of the concept the follow up article can be found here:

Crackpot COG Prophet Now Claiming Satan Is Entering Your Brain Through Zoom, 5G, Laptops, TV Signals And More


Just when you think self-appointed COG prophets can't get any more desperate finding things wrong in the world, we find our favorite self-appointed deluded prophet getting all hot under his sacred holistic knickers about Zoom, Twitter, Radio, and TV waves, and much more.

COG deluded prophets are never content in proclaiming the good things of God's creation and the capacity that God gave to humans to create beautiful and useful things that contribute to society. Since they deny most things that God has done they instead turn to the god that they feel is really in charge and much more powerful than the God they claim to follow.

Today our resident crackpot here in California is hyperventilating over Zoom, Twitter, radio and TV sound/signal waves, GPS devices, cellphones, satellites, and other amazing inventions that are in use today. Because all of these things use the air surrounding us to work effectively, our crackpot prophet claims these are devices under the control of the "Prince of the power of the air". Yep, you heard that right, good old Satan, the powerful god of the COG is behind all of this.

The disappointing "son" of Rod Meredith has long been a regular subscriber to far-right newsgroups and conspiracy sites that are his "go-to" sources for "news" that fits the weird and conspiracy-laden COG belief system.

We can talk to people anywhere in the world live, on facetime or Zoom and it costs nothing and this remarkable device is only a little bigger than the palm of your hand and fits easily in our pocket 
The atmosphere around our planet is covered by thousands of satellites that monitor us and help us constantly with GPS tracking devices. Millions of messages are being beamed around the world every second in the blink of an eve. We are being monitored in our cars, on the street, shopping, eating or at work. Back home we have flat screen high definition televisions in most rooms, (which also watches us). Even more gadgets, laptops, tablets and PC’s allow us to stream or download anything we may desire. Radio waves, TV signals, communication, entertainment networks. Every day, billions of invisible messages, images and videos are being transmitted all around us. The air and atmosphere is the highway of our wonderful technological world but, who owns it?

Our resident fear monger continues on with this quote:

The following is an excerpt from Ephesians 2. 
And you were dead in your trespasses and sins, in which you formerly walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, (the devil) of the spirit that is now working in the sons of disobedience. 
And again in Ephesians 6. 
For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. 
“The Prince Of The Air” 
Satan controls that highway. Satan, known in the Bible as “The Prince Of The Air,” he is in control of our airways. He is the Prince of tech and has established the foundation of his empire here on Earth through airwaves, radio waves, TV signals, communication, entertainment networks, streaming. From two black and white TV stations and an analogue radio back in 1957 to a sophisticated interconnected communication network capable of getting into the heads of almost 8 billion people today and talk about deception, we didn’t even realise, brilliant!

And it is only going to get worse! 5G phones are here as are sex robots and robot truckers! Shocking! Though considering some in the COG ministry, sex-robots will be a welcome thing to utilize, then they can really claim they never committed adultery.

Prophet Thiel continues on with more of the quotes from Censored News. Gone are the good old days with black and white TV. That is when things were pure, just like the COG was pure in the glory days of the 1950/60s.

In just over 60 years the devil has cleverly outsmarted our society and replaced the innocence of black and white tv shows and radio programes with a diet of sex, hate, violence and magic. Good old, Rock n’ roll, known back in the day as music of the devil, has been replaced by foul-mouthed rappers singing about rape, murder and drugs. Sex has exploded onto our screens. Teen Vogue and other children magazines have run articles teaching young girls and boys how to enjoy anal sex. Every second of every day 30,000 Americans are watching porn. Every day, 25% of all online traffic is directed at pornography with many thousands of them in search of child porn or rape. Some sexual transmitted diseases such as Gonnharea have become so widespread in people it is now immune against even the strongest antibiotics. Almost 70% of people aged between 1-49 are living with herpes and there is no cure. Most suffer oral infection but nearly 200 million have genital infection. 
Satan didn’t just take over the airwaves he took over our heads…

Bob Thiel got that one thing right...Satan has taken over his mind. Never has the COG had such a crazy deluded prophet than we have in Bob. Satan scored a big one with him. Dave Pack and Gerald Flurry are in the minor leagues compared to Bob.

His post is filled with much more conspiracy-laden doom and gloom meant to scare his 299 white followers into giving more money so he can keep his African followers aware of how crazy Americans are.

All will be well though if you submit and acknowledge the one true prophet leading the one true COG. When you do that you will be saved.


Dave Pack sets new date for return of his "christ"


The merry-go-around is still spinning in the Restored Church of God. The creature Dave calls "christ" keeps changing its mind and now has a new day for its return. The new date is Saturday, April 3, 2021! Dave's creature is set to return on the Sabbath!  Woo Hoo! Not only that, real Christians will be celebrating Holy Saturday. This is going to be fantastic!

I will make a more sure prophecy right now. This will be an astounding FACT! Dave's creature will NOT return this weekend, or by this time next year. Guaranteed fact!

Update. March 30, 2021 
In closing Part 300, Mr. Pack stressed our wait could extend all the way to the Last Day of Unleavened Bread. It will! While the case seemed unlikely then, it now appears impossible that anything can occur until that day. The reasons for this are many. Every question can be answered. 
The LAST day tells the whole story. Christ is revealed and our salvation comes in the last season. The saints are raised on the last day. The day (singular) tries every man’s work. You can no doubt think of other relevant verses that fit this scenario. Let us continue the process of deleavening our lives as we await this most special Last Day of Unleavened Bread!

Monday, March 29, 2021

The Real Truth: Why Dave Pack's Creature Called "christ" Has Been Delayed....

From a reader:

Various denominations have the title “Right Reverend” for certain of their dignitaries (compare to “Right Honourable” in British usage, “right” carrying the sense of “very”) who merit such distinction. David Pack doesn’t get such a title —even if the COG allowed such titles — because he is not very “reverend” and he is so very wrong much of the time, the opposite of the another use of the word “right.”

However, I do see, thanks to some scurrilous website, that he has made the following remark:

“But if somehow God wanted to do that and let things drift out of Unleavened Bread, but "raise" everybody for the “Great Supper” on that day, then that's his prerogative. I don't see how it fits but I don't want to preclude it“
This is an important statement for several reasons: “I don’t see how it fits,” is probably the truest and rightest thing Pack has said. Secondly, if God wants to do something, that’s God’s “prerogative.” Two true statements in one sentence. Is this a personal best for Mr Pack?

Further, he doesn’t “want to preclude” God’s right to do whatever the hell God wants to do. I can’t think of a greater example of modesty and humility.

I offer up another possibility here, Coming from the East, on His way to Wadsworth, Christ’s ship was delayed by that mess in the Canal. Surely we can find a prophetic verse to back this up. But failing that, I revert to my often voiced prophecy that Pack will “discover” that Christ has indeed returned, and is presently dwelling in Mr Pack’s body. He has resisted the truth of this simply because he was being modest, but now (or when) all other possibilities are exhausted, it’s the only logical possible solution.

Stay tuned.

Dave Pack Moves The Goal Posts Again: Wild Elephants Can't Stop us from a 1 Year Wait!

“Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.” – Judge Judy

The craziness in Wadsworth continues as Dave moves the goalposts once more concerning the timing of his creature he calls "christ" and the date of his second coming.

From an RCG source:

(This message was given on the First Day of Unleavened Bread, where Dave skipped the double service so he could prepare these 45 minutes explaining why RCG’s predictions were wrong again. The quote is the conclusion to Part 300) 

Now I want to just say this because I've been wrong before on timing. Let's allow that somehow, all these points [the previous 45 minutes of points] could, somehow suggest a Last Day of Unleavened Bread, start of the “84 hours.” ...But if somehow God wanted to do that and let things drift out of Unleavened Bread, but "raise" everybody for the “Great Supper” on that day, then that's his prerogative. I don't see how it fits but I don't want to preclude it, because if we got through Tuesday, the question is the same. “Do you think we're going another year or maybe another three and a half days? Or through to Wednesday morning?” Therefore, we may speculate that sometime midweek, about Tuesday night through Wednesday morning, mirroring “Christ's Last Supper” we'll see God and Christ for the "Great Supper."

The 84 hours were described in Daniel as opening with a resurrection, some unto eternal life, others would go on to everlasting shame and contempt. That's the start of it. Everything begins with the "Great Supper." Now, I guess, after all was said and done, this is Part 300. All right. I guess it was destined to be. Would this "short message," in fact, be the “final ration,” “given in due season” before Christ is revealed in the same season, before on the last day of that season, we see all Israel and all the saints. On the first day of unleavened bread, the message would be given, that I unexpectedly had to race, rush to review and then assemble, through nonstop study beginning last night at the dinner table with some ministers. And I went home late into the night, got up this morning and stayed with it all day long. And didn't get to hear what I'm sure were, two wonderful sermons and sermonettes to others.

And then that message would be delivered after which we are to "watch." It would seem so. We're still more on track than the whole church knows, you now know it, but everybody else does. And if I go too long, it's too much translating and too much other time loss of time and then others may not hear this. But if Unleavened Bread totally all of it ends, then "wild elephants" cannot pull us back from a full one-year wait. That's why I wanted to throw in, in case I'm wrong on the timing that everything on the last day, rather than Tuesday night or Wednesday, I wanted to say only then would we have a one-year wait, not because as we got through, um, Passover a couple of nights ago, and we were somehow still here. I hope this helps, godspeed Christ's return sometime the middle of this week before we all are together, on the last day you now know of Unleavened Bread.


Sunday, March 28, 2021

Kevin Dean Molestation Victim Speaks Out - - - LET THE HEALING BEGIN!!!

One of Kevin Owen Dean's victims speaks out:

This is my the post I made this morning on Facebook.

I have been dealing with other things and was delayed in posting about the court case with my predator from high school. I had no idea about this article until my friend sent it to me this morning.

This article, in a nutshell tells the story of how we got that lame excuse for a man in jail for LIFE!!! We (the ladies that came forward) got to watch Kevin Owen Dean get sentenced on Zoom last Wednesday. We are very fortunate that we got to see justice prevail. We cannot un-ring that bell but it is nice to have some idea of closure in the knowledge that he can't hurt anyone in that way ever again. I have been waiting 36 years for this. Karma is a thing and it will pay you back.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE SAY SOMETHING if anyone ever touched you in the wrong way. The statute of limitations has been lifted. The possibility of catching your predator is REAL. Child molesters are sometimes relatives and/or like to hide in churches, schools, youth groups, etc.

*Special note to parents. When your child, male or female comes to you and tells you a horrific story, YOU BETTER LISTEN AND FOLLOW UP!!!! Lots of people keep molesting because the kids are afraid to say anything because they think they will get in trouble and won't be believed. (That was exactly the case with the 3 of us girls. Our parents protected the predator because he was a high ranking person in our church.)

I am grateful to my friend for reaching out to me back in 2010 to tell me her story. I am grateful to another woman who reached out to me just 2 weeks ago and I was able to put her in touch with the DA. I am grateful that the step-granddaughter told her mother and that mother believed her. I cannot take the pain away from these women, but I love and commend them for their bravery, tenacity and courage.

By law, the prosecution has to share the witness list with the defense. When Dean found out that the 4 of us were coming IN PERSON to testify against him, he caved and switched his plea to guilty.

Special thanks to Lindsay Raynor, Assistant District Attorney -Cobb Judicial Circuit and Jessica Hines, Victim/Witness Advocate, Special Victims Unit Cobb County, District Attorney's Office for all of your help, understanding and perseverance on this case. I also want to give thanks to Sharon M. Fox, the retired Senior Assistant District Attorney who started this case back in 2010. xoxoxoxo

I do offer my condolences to his 2 daughters; I hope he left them alone.


By Lisa Davis 

FOX News Atlanta: Former teacher, pastor sentenced to prison for molesting young Georgia relative


BREAKING: Kevin Dean Has Additional 25-Years Prison Term Added To His Present 20 Year Sentence After Admitting He Molested Numerous Girls/Women

Kevin Dean was one of Herbert Armstrong's stewards on the jet, worked at Imperial Schools, SEP summer camps, and some other offices in Pasadena. In 2012 while waiting for trial for molestation, he cut his ankle tracker off and headed off to Mexico, with assistance from friends and some say, family, who all covered up where he was. Another sad legacy of the Church of God.

A Kennesaw man already serving 20 years for child molestation was sentenced to 25 more years for similar crimes in Cobb County, the District Attorney’s Office said Thursday. 
Kevin Owen Dean, 70, pleaded guilty Wednesday to eight counts of child molestation and three counts of aggravated child molestation for acts committed beginning in 2000 when the girl was 4 years old, the DA’s office said. Dean abused the girl until she was 14, according to investigators, and the molestation escalated over the years. 
In 2010, the victim disclosed the abuse, and her mother contacted Cobb police. In a forensic interview, the teen told investigators Dean had abused her at two residences in Cobb and at his Marietta office, the DA’s office said.

See: Ex-principal and serial molester gets additional 25-year sentence in Cobb 

In 2010, the victim disclosed the abuse, and her mother contacted Cobb police. In a forensic interview, the teen told investigators Dean had abused her at two residences in Cobb and at his Marietta office, the DA’s office said. 
Dean initially denied everything, but eventually admitted to investigators that he had shown pornography to the victim and given and received oral sex with her, according to prosecutors. Dean also stated he was a former teacher and should have known better. 
At Dean’s home, investigators found toys and videos the victim had described. In September 2010, Dean was charged with numerous counts of child molestation and sexual battery, records show. 
When the investigation revealed Dean also abused the victim in a Cartersville office, he was also charged in Bartow County. 
In 2012 while awaiting trial in both counties, Dean cut off his ankle monitor and fled the country, the Cobb DA’s office said. He evaded capture for seven years until U.S. marshals caught up with him in Mexico in 2019 and he was returned to the United States. 
Later that year, Dean pleaded guilty to child molestation in Bartow. He has been serving that sentence at Jenkins Correctional Institute, according to the Georgia Department of Corrections. 
Since the allegations against Dean went public, three other women have said he molested them in the 1980s in California. Dean was then a church pastor, a principal, and ran a summer camp, according to the Cobb DA’s office. 
The victims addressed the court Wednesday before Dean was sentenced, with one of the California victims calling the Cobb victim “a hero” for speaking up. 
Cobb Superior Court Judge Ann Harris sentenced Dean to 25 years to serve in prison without the possibility of parole, plus life on probation.