Saturday, August 16, 2014

Is Gerald Flurry Preparing His Gullible Followers to Build Satellite TV Stations in Petra?

The two witnesses ready to go forth with the Arab translator.

God's greatest Church of God leader ever (after Dave Pack, of course) is Gerald Flurry.  All knowledge is revealed through Gerald.  His god has personally handed him several books to write and the rest were dictated by him directly from his god's mouth.

Gerald is back today with an article about The Place of Safety, The World Tomorrow in Embryo.

Is Gerald preparing his flock to flee once again?  He did this previously and people sold homes, cars, and businesses to send to the church.  Like Dave Pack's recent epic prophetic failure, Gerald's failed also.  Of course in the 80 some year of Armstrongism every single Church of God leader has been one epic failure after another.  Prophecies have failed over and over through the decades, yet the gullible still give them  money.

Gerald writes:

If you knew God’s people were to be in a place of safety, what would you think they would be doing? God has a great plan wherever He has His people, and He always has a tremendous Work for them to do. This place of safety will not be an exception.

During the Great Tribulation, many people will be hopeless, suffering as never before—and they’re going to need hope. God has a plan to give them this hope, certainly when He begins the Millennium, but also, even during the Tribulation. God has a vision for this world, and the people in the place of safety during the Tribulation will be developing this vision like it has never been developed before on this earth. It will cause the whole world to look and see how to build and beautify this earth—to make it blossom as a rose. This will all begin while God has His people in a place of safety.

Gerald still thinks he and his little group will be the only ones in Petra.  The silly man failed to remember that most other COG's think they will be there too.  Who's going to be over Petra?  Gerald? Thiel? Pack?  Weinland?  The tribulation will be happening inside Petra while they all fight with each other over who is the rightful true leader of the Petraites.

Some COG's have rejected the Petra myth, others like Gerald still embrace it.  Gerald has this to say about Petra:

One thing we know about the place of safety just from reading Revelation is that it’s in the wilderness. Isaiah was written so we could understand this book in these latter days (Isaiah 30:8). Notice this prophecy:

“Let the wilderness of the cities thereof lift up their voice, the villages that Kedar does inhabit let the inhabitants of the rock sing, let them shout from the top of the mountains. Let them give glory unto the Lord, and declare his praise in the islands” (Isaiah 42:11-12). Kedar refers to the Bedouin Arabs. “Rock” in the Hebrew is Sela, meaning a great rocky fortress. Sela translated into Greek is Petra.

Gerald has take the Petra escapades one step further than the rest of the COG's.  Even Dave Pack failed to think of this.  Gerald is going to have electricity, satellite transmissions, and computer technology emanating as a witness to the world from his cave in Petra.  Poor Dave, humiliated once again by another COG leader.  Poor thing!

This passage in Isaiah goes on to talk about the return of Christ. There is a chronology here. God says there is going to be a work going on in this great rocky fortress—this place of safety. His people are in a wilderness where there are Bedouin Arabs. The inhabitants of this rocky fortress are going to give glory to God. This means they know the true God; that’s why they are there. They trusted the true God to take them there, and they are singing and shouting to Him.
While Gerald and lil'Stevie are gallivanting around Jerusalem as the two witless witnesses, a small group of Gerald's minions will be sending out broadcasts from Petra. To do this they will need studios, electricity, recording equipment, Internet access, and much much more.
In this place of safety, this great rocky fortress, God’s people “declare his praise in the islands.” There certainly are no islands in the wilderness areas of the Middle East—especially in the area of Jordan. So there’s some kind of a work going on from the wilderness, something more than just what the two witnesses are doing during the Great Tribulation (Revelation 11:3-12). God has a message and these people are declaring it, probably via satellite and other technological means. A powerful Work will be done somehow.
So who is this great message going to?  England and the rest of Europe, none other that Gerald's lost 12 tribes of Israel.  They will be so in awe of Gerald's fabulous work in Petra that they will know first hand that Gerald is the true one.  Gerald and his minions will be making the desert "bloom like a rose."

Now who will declare His praise in the islands? The Bedouin Arabs? No. God’s Laodicean Church? Of course not. They are spewed out and will go through the Tribulation because of their rebellion toward God and because they were overthrown in the spiritual wilderness as ancient Israel was physically. They had the truth and then they lost it.

God says, “Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert. The beast of the field shall honor me, the dragons and the owls: because I give waters in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert, to give drink to my people, my chosen. This people have I formed for myself; they shall show forth my praise” (Isaiah 43:19-20). In context, you’ll see this is during a time of great suffering. God is giving drink to His chosen, and He is making the desert blossom as a rose, even before the Millennium.

With Gerald ready to drop millions of dollars in buying a mansion in England for a new cult college, how is he going to fund TV studios, internet access and electricity INSIDE Petra?  Will he be living in the luxury hotels outside the entrance to Petra?  What kind of lies will he tell the Jordanian authorities to get them to do this? The silliness of this myth gets worse every year.

You can read his entire article here:  The Place of Safety: The World Tomorrow In Embryo!

David C Pack Tells Disabled Member to "Un-disable" Himself So He Can Work And Give More Money

Silenced has a great post up today about the epic failure that is David C Pack.  Dave's number one concern is the amount of money that comes into his coffers. It makes no difference who you are in the Restored Church of God.  You are considered a money machine and expected to keep the elite in Wadsworth in their expected pinnacles of luxury.

Salvation in the Restored Church of God is dependent on how much money you give.

I’ve had the same experience and when questioned about it I was put out of the RCG. Of course, I was planning to leave anyway as it’s clear the RCG is a cult, and of the worst kind!

I remember in a sermon and a Bible study where Mr. Pack said that if “your retired… you have to un-retire yourself, and if your disabled, you have to un-disabled yourself’, or you won’t get salvation. Basically, because if you didn’t give more money to the RCG it was simply because you were just being ‘selfish’, etc.

Ron Weinland: My Next Post To You Depends On Whether You Pray Enough For Me To Write It

The narcissistic mentality of Ronnie Wienland comes through in the following quote from his latest letter to his members.  He feels his messages are the most earth shattering thing of importance that has ever been.  His message is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO important that if his members do not pray enough over the next couple of weeks he may not write it out for them.  Even the words he will write are dependent upon the earnest prayers from his dwindling membership.  The bigger and better the prayers the better the message.

The fact that any of his members sit there and put up with this nonsense is beyond reason.  It has always been the members fault for everything in Armstrongism.  Look at the hundreds and hundreds of letters and articles that Herbert Armstrong penned threatening the membership with their salvation because of one reason or another.  Every crisis in the COG was the members fault, not the asshat ministry and leaders fault.

The next post for me, personally, is another exciting one to be (possibly) written, as it is to be direct, candid, corrective in nature, highly revealing for use as a powerful mirror, and for the deeper, far greater change and final refining transformation it can potentially produce. However, whether or not it is written, and to the depth and magnitude its impact can potentially have upon us, is dependent upon each of you in the Church. God is clearly showing me that whether or not it is even written, as well as its very content and depth of strength and revelation that it can potentially contain, is fully dependent upon each person’s petitions (prayers) that reveal such desire to receive what God can give to us. So my parting admonition and encouragement to you is that you pray for this next post in a zealous, fervent, and highly desirous manner.

Imprisoned Felon Ron Weinland Loses 25 Ministers and Makes New Endtime Prediction

Sitting in a Federal prison has given Ron Weinland lots of time to rethink his strategies and message.  Weeks go by now while he struggles to come up with something relevant.    With two weeks of deep mediation behind him, he has come out that his god has been cleaning house in preparation for the end of the age to start in December 2015

Ronnie feels that his god has been cleansing the outhouse temple, which has been happening with the recent resignations of 25 ministers.  This also includes countless members who have left, including his own mother and sister.  Ronnie feels this "measuring" by his god cleaning his temple (Weinland's cult) to be God's mouthpiece when the end times hits, which he declares to be December 2015.
The Church now has only 16 months remaining in the prophetic 42-month period for measuring the temple. As stated in the last post, this measuring process first involves a primary focus that is upon the ministry, which includes those who are to be cast out and “not measured at all.” Thus far in this period, there are now 25 ministers who have been cast out of the court and given over to the gentiles.

God has primarily worked to remove those who are in the ministry, who have not been serving Him in spirit and in truth.
Ronnie claims that more ministers have left than member so far, which is a total fabrication of facts.  Now that these ministers have been removed his impotent god is ready to clean house with the members of Ronnie's cult.

In the time remaining within this prophetic period, God will continue working within the entire Church, which still includes the ministry, to bring to light those who choose to refuse to fully worship Him in spirit and in truth. Although this process has been working first and foremost within the ministry during the first two years of this period, God has begun to more fully manifest others who have been lingering in the area of the court, or becoming lukewarm in the temple, who are to be removed and/or chastened for doing so. Yet it needs to be mentioned again that the equivalent percentage this is happening to, within the overall church, compared to what has been revealed within the ministry is far, far less, and even when some are exposed, God is granting them to receive more mercy and grace through being chastened and thereby giving them the opportunity to repent, rather than being removed from the temple. If chastening does not bring swift repentance and change, then they too will be removed from the temple and cast beyond the court and directly to the gentiles. 

Things are moving so swiftly in Ronnie's cult that he has to get his wife ready to fulfill her roll as the second witless witness of the two Wienland Witless Witnesses. Once his cult has been cleansed of the evil ones then God will smile favorably on them and they will loose no one else.

Before a final “great work” is to begin, that work being accomplished during the final 1260 days, the Church is first (now) to receive a final cleansing as well as a final refining. This refining is a process for being prepared and fitted for each person’s participation in that work. There truly is good news in the midst of all this, as once the measuring of the temple is complete, from that point forward, very few will be lost during the rest of the way to Christ’s coming – and potentially none at all!
Indeed, God’s purpose for measuring the temple is so that His Church functions in stronger unity and purpose to support and uphold the truths He has given it, especially in the fulfillment of events that must come to pass before His Son is established as King. We are to live, reflect, and speak this word (logos from God) in harmony in God’s purpose and the work He will do through His two witnesses. 

Ronnie can't understand the fact that ministers and members have left because of his false teachings, attitude and felonious activities.  Its their fault not his, so it has to be his god that is cleaning house.

With any luck they will have all left by the time Ronnie leaves prison.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rod Meredith Patronizes the Black LCG Members: "...they are dear to us and we appreciate their services, and their UNUSUAL abilities..." Oh, and Jesus Was NOT A Black Man So Stop Saying He Was!

Rod Meredith sent out a letter to the ministers today and wants them to STOP their African American members to stop believing that Jesus was a black man.  That's after he patronizes his black members by telling them  they are a dear to him  and he appreciates them and their UNUSUAL abilities."

Recently we have had a number of people here at Headquarters and elsewhere bring up the issue of Black Israel, and the idea that Jesus was a black man. As you know, we in no way want to put down our black brethren – they are dear to us and we appreciate their service, and their unusual ability in many areas. On the other hand we do NOT want to condone ideas that misconstrue the Bible and deceive God's people into believing ideas that would bring us into reproach before world, and most of all before God Himself. If any of you have any questions about this let us know, we do have the answers.

So is the idea of Charlotte HQ employees talking about Jesus being black getting on Rod's nerves and he has to lay a power trip on them all now?  But don't worry folks! Rod appreciates your service and your unusual winning races at the church picnics or playing great basketball, or cooking super fantastic food.   Really, Meredith said this?  60 some years in the cult and he still has not learned to keep his mouth shut and lets race still remain an issue.  That British Israelism mantra sure does create a sticky-wicket!

Does God really give a rats ass if a follower believes Jesus is black or pictures him as their own nationality? 

Rod Meredith: LCG Is On The Verge "Something Really Big In Growth" Because Satan Is Unhappy With Us

Despite the fact that Rod Meredith believes that Satan is making their lives a pure hell the LCG will soon be experiencing massive growth and notoriety.  Dave Pack predicted massive growth last year and that failed.  Bob Thiel thinks he has massive growth and he is a failure.  Flurry has had no growth either.  Yet, Meredith thinks God is soon going to start sending scores of people to him so that LCG's coffers can be refilled and the final push can happen.  Satan knows this and is pissed!  I mean PISSED!

Satan does seem to be trying to attack us at this time as world events are speeding up and as it appears that we are on the verge of something really big in growth and the impact of God's Work. Satan knows this, he does not like it, and he will always come after us, and when he sees that we may be growing or having increased impact on the world, which is still HIS world, as he looks at it. So let us all pray for our brethren, pray for one another, and ask God to fight our battles, and help us do our part in dealing with this situation.

So now its a "situation?"  Is there more going on in Charlotte than Meredith is letting on?

Meredith ends with this:

I will appreciate your personal prayers for me to be able to have the strength and the energy to face these problems and other issues I have to face in my older age and at this point.

Rod Meredith and LCG: Are Issues With Church Government and Demons Plaguing Charlotte?

The ONLY True Power Structure

The quote below is from the start of Rod Meredith's latest letter to the ministry of LCG.  They are required to play a new "Must Play" tape from Rod that supersedes all the other 'Must Play" tapes.  This is serious MEN!  Your salvation and pay check depends on it!

Dear Fellow Ministers and Video Recipients,

You will soon be receiving a special Must Play sermon that should take priority over any other Must Play sermon. Please be sure to play and make a special issue of encouraging the brethren in your congregations to listen to the special sermon I gave on Church government entitled "Righteous Judgment" (given August 2, 2014 in Charlotte, NC).

As you know, the issue of demonism has come up from time to time and seems to be increasing. I sincerely feel God has guided me in bringing up this matter in the recent co-worker letter.
Is there dissension in the ranks of the ministers?  Has the dissension in the membership reached a new boiling point? 

For a church that claims to be the most highly favored of all Christians on earth, the COG seems to have a tremendous fear of Satan.  They have given the guy more power over them than he ever thought imaginable.  Most believers understand that Jesus fought the battle and won and now follower needs to fear anymore.  That is what the "rest in Christ" is all about, but hell what does the Church of God know about Jesus?

Things aren't kosher in paradise!