Saturday, February 11, 2017

Dave Pack: It Is Confusing As We Are Exiting Confusion. We Are Returning To Simplicity

Dave Pack says his current string of teachings is returning back to first century simplicity and that he is exiting confusion.  What??????  Seriously?  Unfortunately he is not done being simple.

Now a lot of what I am explaining and beginning today, I’m simply going to explain in greater detail, but it’s what the Church always believed. Because we are looking at so many fascinating and detailed things, it became the natural time to explain an awful lot of things in detail that the Church did believe, but never got into detail, because we were never forced to look at certain things. But what we are learning has forced us to do a lot of that. And so, for those of you who are newer or older in the Church—particularly, those of you who are older in the Church—there’s an awful lot that I am teaching that’s exactly like what we taught. We just never broke it down and sifted it like wheat in looking at it.
I will submit that we are exiting confusion, and the process can be a little confusing, and we are returning to first century simplicity. And believe me, the journey is not done. Staggering things are still ahead that I am going to explain to you. We are not leaving simplicity that was right; we are leaving a simplicity in error that, ultimately, involves what you may come to believe are giant tweaks of our understanding.

Giant tweaks is putting it mildly.

Dave Pack: I am going to ask Christ About Facebook...It is the tool of the Devil!!!!!

Dave Pack is NOT happy that ministers in various COG's are on Facebook.  FB is the tool of the devil.  Dave is so irritated by ministers using FB that when Jesus Christ walks onto the Wadsworth compound he is going to to walk right up to Jesus Christ and ask him about Facebook. His "christ" is going to tell him to throw FB down the toilet.

Now, God is upset with the ministers. We saw that…Haggai 2 and Malachi 2, “And now, O you priests”…That’s a different group than the “sons of Levi.” It’s a longer discussion, but they’re not completely the cause of the atrocious spiritual condition of thousands of people in 400 groups. They’re not. They’re a big part of it, but people are big boys and girls. They go get a tattoo—they did it themselves. They break the Sabbath, commit adultery, go on Facebook and just celebrate vanity—look at me, look at me, look at me. I’ll tell you what, I’m going to ask Christ…But when the kingdom is established, He’ll tell us Facebook should be flushed down the toilet. There’s nothing on Facebook that you should ever do publicly. It’s a tool directly of the devil. Now, if you can use it privately in some way, fine. But here’s Facebook, let me summarize it—me, me, me, me, me, me, me—everybody, see me—see me. See how wonderful I am. See my pictures. See everything about me, me, me, me, me—that’s Facebook. Now, those are its good points. You want me to give you the bad points? [laughter]

Dave Pack: Jesus is coming in "spirit" clouds shaped like a chariot with fire to scorch the earth (except for Wadsworth compound)

For many years various ministers in the church taught that the Pasadena campus was so extraordinary that when the invading armies of Germany came over here that they would be sooooooooo amazed at the sheer beauty of the Pasadena campus that they would never allow it to be bombed or destroyed.  In fact, they would take over the campus and use it to their headquarters.  A headquarters where they would design concentration campus, sell Americans off to be slaves of the Europeans and organize other atrocities while enjoying some wonderful music in the Ambassador Auditorium    Of course this all happens while the church is in Petra being protected by a cloud over the entire area so that the European Union armies cannot bomb it due to the fact that God's special people were holed up there.

Now the second most amazing campus in the entire universe is going to be protected from the wrath of Jesus and war.  Jesus is returning to Wadsworth there He operates the First Dominion from Dave's Hall of Ad.

“Bless the LORD, O my soul, O LORD my God, you are very great; you are clothed with honor and majesty. [This is a description of God.] You cover yourself with light as with a garment: who stretched out the heavens like a curtain: Who lays the beams of his chambers in the waters: who makes the clouds his chariot…” (Psa. 104:1-3).
You’ve got a couple of possibilities. What clouds?…Cirrus? Stratus? Nimbus? Cumulus?…Back to ninth grade science there…I know some of those get mixed in. You can have some of them work as a hybrid…or are they the “clouds of heaven?” Well, they have to be the clouds of heaven. First of all, these are clouds that can move at the speed of thought, so these are divine clouds. They are spirit clouds. They are not clouds from Earth. Now, if they are, since Christ travels in clouds, He has to travel to Earth, drop off His clouds and pick up some locals…[laughter] You understand? I’m not trying to be funny here. I’m just trying to tell you, you have to think through. Because remember, we are going to see some verses when Christ comes to the earth, it says He comes with the clouds of heaven. So it’s not the clouds of this first heaven. There are no clouds that I know of in the second heaven. But He makes the clouds His chariot. Now this is fascinating…
Are these billowy clouds? Well, they’re not like clouds we’ve seen. So the best you can probably speculate…That’s all it would be…these are chariot-shaped clouds. If they are not, we don’t know. But they are spirit clouds. They’re the clouds of heaven, unless in the third heaven, they have clouds that can rain or look like the clouds of Earth…and if that happens, then I guess we’ll learn. But those clouds all have substance in them. I’ve never heard anything…Mr. Armstrong has never said there is anything in the third heaven that’s not spirit…everything is spirit. So these would be spirit clouds…and that’s kind of an interesting thing, because there are many other places that talk about Christ coming. Remember in Acts 1 and verse 6…verse 9, he was taken up by a cloud…
“When he had spoken these things, while they beheld, [Acts 1:9] he was taken up; and a cloud received him out of their sight.” Now…I’m going to show you later, that can be a cloud or clouds. But it says a cloud received Him out of their sight.
First of all, let’s imagine it’s incredibly hot fire…Is this a question for us someday when Christ comes to His Temple? It would scorch everything, even if it was regular fire. You would have to have it far away. If it came to this campus, or stood over the tabernacle…bye-bye tabernacle…very fast…unless it’s a fire the size of a match and then it might burn a little bit of it or something, and nobody would see it. So it’s a pillar of fire. So I would submit to you that it’s fire that does not consume unless God wants it to.
I would submit to you, unless there’s some other verse you can turn, to these are divine clouds and divine fire that will not burn or do not carry moisture. It isn’t Christ brings…Well, if My fire gets out of hand, I’d better have some clouds with moisture to kind of calm Myself down. You see? I’m trying to make it facetious a little bit. This is the sign of the son of man, and…it’s what we’re waiting for. Over and over and over again, as I said earlier, the apostles told the brethren to wait for Jesus Christ. And we get a little bit of the picture here…There a little, here a little, there a little…you put it all together…we’re waiting for quite a picture.
And now you have a bigger idea of what’s coming, and why the campus won’t be scorched, and There will not be rain out of these clouds…and why it works day and night. Are these clouds that glow during the day in some way? The answer, brethren, is I would not speculate. Christ made clouds—they may be chariots that can be turned into clouds. Wouldn’t it be interesting if it was a giant chariot? I have no idea. It says it’s a column, so I doubt that. But I’m just going to tell you these are not clouds from Earth. It says He comes from the clouds of heaven, and Daniel 7:13 says those clouds are in the third heaven. And you have to have Him…He’s like a bus commuter…He takes the bus a certain distance, gets off with His ticket and takes another bus. And I just leave you to think about that—for multiple reasons.

Seven requirements to be Saved in Dave Pack's First Dominion

Dave has laid down the law to his dwindling flock on what they MUST do in order to be saved in Dave's First Dominion.  Everything they own is his.
Now, obviously, there are three other fees that everyone would naturally think about, which begin your Christian walk: Believe the Gospelrepent and be baptized. Those three plus four make seven. You can’t get anywhere unless you believe the Gospel…Think of Mark 1…and then repent and are baptized, Acts 2. There are seven things that are the gateway to how to get into the kingdom, but first, you have to figure out who Christ will even let into the flock. Do you understand? Pay my price—there’s a certain price. It doesn’t mean you’re in the kingdom. Reading this gives it…Oh, that’s a lot clearer…but they’re allowed to continue to be His disciple now. I gave you seven admission fees—think of them that way.
1. You’ve got to do everything God says
2. You have to love God more than others in your family
3. You have to take up your cross and follow him, and
4. You have to sell all that you have, or what we call Common
5. You have got to believe the Gospel
6. You must repent
7. You must be baptized
Or you can’t even be in the flock. Now, at a point, you’ll leave because you know you don’t belong—or Christ will evict you. But there would be no point in staying in the flock, because if you don’t belong in the flock, there’s not a chance if you don’t do these things, all of them, just like going to college. I remember paying a whole bunch of fees. Today, there’s more than four—books and tuition and room, board…All kinds of fees, application fees…and that’s just to get into the college, and then you flunk out or you can pass magna cum laude with high honor, or anywhere in between, and that’s why some get ten cities and some get five.
But you’ve got to get into the college, so all discussions, brethren of God around the world, all discussions about whether or not you can be in the kingdom do not start with the verses about that. They start with how to be in the flock—to be a disciple, student, pupil, learner. How to matriculate into God’s college, so that you can be saved if you do other things.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Dave Pack: Three COG Leaders Were Born To Be Possessed By Satan and His Demons

Dave is warning his flock that three COG leaders will soon be possessed by Satan and his demons.  They were preordained to be possessed.  Since the moment they were born their destiny has been to be possessed by Satan and some of his lesser demons.  These three then will rampage thought Church of God casting spells and doing miracles.  Miracles done so well that thousands of COG members will start following them instead of going to or staying with Dave.
The man of sin is likely a short period, but I don’t know. I don’t know, and I want you to understand. The one—or all three—I would suspect, of these men will not invite Satan. No one asks the devil to possess them. I want you to realize there are three men today that God will literally send the devil and probably other demons, into the other two. They will be as stunned and unexpecting—but having been born to be taken and destroyed—as stunned and unexpecting of what’s going to happen as everybody around them.
They’re not three men plotting to be devil-possessed or demon-possessed. God is going to do this to them. He’s going to put the devil in them exactly the way Christ put the devil in Judas to carry out His will. I want to just say, again, I’ve cast demons out of people many times. None of them ever sought possession. When the devil hits these men it will be WHAM. They will not see it coming, but their character and their evil nature invited it. They were born to this task, just as you were born and God called you, way back, in some cases, like John the Baptist or Jeremiah—almost from the womb. These men were pre-selected for this purpose, and they may get salvation someday.
Dave has had extensive interactions with demons throughout his magnificent life.  He has talked to them and rebuked them  He knows they can be powerful.
What does “all power, signs, and lying wonders” mean? What does it mean? Let me give you a sense. I’ve dealt with so much of this through my life. I want to give you a sense. All power, signs, and lying wonders…I’ll give you a combination of what the Scriptures show about tricks the devil pulls, and things I have seen in my life. There will be visions, voices, and calling fire down. The devil poured fire out of the sky, and you know that the devil can do that. In the book of Revelation, with the False Prophet, he may do that. He can cause storms. He’s the prince of the power of the air. He can foretell things and get a lot of them right, like soothsayers do. He can use false tongues. Perhaps many of his followers will be possessed…You can go back to listen to this when you have more time, later.
He can levitate objects and teleport them, and travel them around. Pharaoh’s magicians could turn sticks in the snakes. Now—God did it, too—but so did they. And they could turn water into blood, and when they do it, they can claim “We’re like Moses.” They’re certainly not going to say they’re like the magicians of Egypt. You understand. Satan gave boils to Job, God’s servant. He can create loud noise for fear and effect; destructions, temptations, accusations, lies, and subtle deceptions of all kinds. The devil can do all of these things, and a whole variety of tricks that only the devil could think of…statues bleed, all kinds of things, possess animals. This is the powerful reality of what’s coming when God says this man will have all power, signs, and lying wonders.
Just imagine if one of these three is Doubly Blessed Bob Thiel!  With all of that anger and frustration pent up in his delusional mind, all hell will be released.  Interesting times are ahead!


As far as I can tell, those who have been able to break free from the original Worldwide Church of God and subsequently all those splits (UCG,GCI), splinters (LCG) and slivers (PCG, RCG and way down the line CCG) , are the only people who have actually grown in the graciousness and knowledge that was always emphasized that we had to grow in. You certainly don't see it in any of the leadership and congregations we tend to examine here on Banned.

We later came to realize that the Grace and Knowledge was that according to others view of it all and not allowed to be something of our own realizations and homework.  You grow as you are told to grow and the knowledge you grow in must be approved from above.

Mostly now the various COG Grand Masters simple are caught up in "Crowing and Over-gumming", if you get my drift.  David C. Pack is master of the crowing and over-gumming concept.

I'd like to think that most of us here at BannedHWA are here because we care and are concerned about the spiritual, emotional and even physical well being of those still trapped by their own fear, guilt and shame abundantly stoked by their theological leaders, falsely so called.

The bottom line seems to be that we'd like those beginning to react to the feeling in their stomachs to realize that is what is really true as to what the reasonings in one's heads might be as they are pummeled every week in church with the latest shoulds, must nots and you better realize this, messages.

Here are a few things I believe we'd all like those questioning their involvement and place in any COG congregation, watching their own particular three ring circus unfold to realize or make real in their thinking.

Your minister is not really a type of any Moses, Joshua, Zerubbabel or spoken of in the scriptures Old or New. That's simply crazy and delusional thinking with religious content. 

Your minister is not one, both or supervisor of the Two Witnesses of Revelation who will work a marvelous work in your day that you won't believe.

In time, you won't believe you fell for that.

There can't be 300+++ Splintered One True Church

Your minister's approach to Bible Study of "line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little," is called proof texting and by it all manner of mischief can be conceived of and shows he can't  even accept the fact that Isaiah 28:9-10 , in context, promotes no such cut and paste method of drawing proper conclusions

Narcissistic men, in positions of leadership, can well hide in a church environment because their illness looks like a weird form of obedience, dedication and sincerity.

Organizations are full of lessor yes men and women who don't and won't protect you from what they suspect is so themselves, if they have a position and enjoy wielding fake authority.

All of these men will grow old and die with nothing of what they predict or fashion themselves to be ever remotely comes to pass

Properties purchased and colleges built with your tithes and offerings  plainly show your leader doesn't believe his own press about "time is short".

These same properties, in time, will be sold to others to use for the exact opposite purpose you thought you supported them for in the first place.

If you can step back a bit and admit your doubts you'll end up wondering "what was I thinking?"

Dreams do not a theologian make

"And yes brethren, I am an Apostle" also does not an Apostle make

"God knows that 'that man'...." always means "ME" when the minister is letting you in on his ill drawn conclusions about himself easily

"But I'll save that for next week" always means "Please don't leave the church"

Too many words and phrases in a sermon like, "overarching", "Awesome", "Never before understood", "I never realized this until writing this sermon", "Will leave you gyrating in your seats", "Will stun you' and "I don't think I have ever given a sermon quite like this one" and so on simply means, "I'll keep you praying,  obeying, paying and staying anyway I can".

...and so on. You know it when you hear it.

We are a mixed group here having come out of the homogenized environment of the Worldwide Church of God.  Good for us.  We're not evil. We're not scoffers (Noticing is not scoffing. Scoffing is what those not wishing to be called out on their abuses call noticing.)  We are ok to ask, "Where is the promise of his coming" because ,'s been 2000 years and that's not our common view of "things which must shortly come to pass', and "behold I come quickly."

No one is going to any ever burning or burn you up Lake of Fire for not belonging to this or that True Church of God and it's ok to each have our own unique experience and outcomes with the Worldwide Church of God, the Armstrongs, Tkaches and all those that followed.  We all process our shortcomings, experiences, perceptions and lessons learned differently.  

If everyone who participates here on Banned got together for a pot luck, with the singles bringing the watermelon of course, it would be one amazing night out!

Church of God Evangelists: "They bailed out, ran for the men’s room"

There is no room for mercy in Dave Pack's dominion for any evangelists in the Church God's which may want to join his movement in the future.

I’ve wrestled with, what if evangelists come back into the Church? Do I just receive them as evangelists? I would pray about it…Father, what do I do? These are senior men. They wake up. Do they just come back, and they’re over our ministers? And the answer is absolutely not. On the surface it almost seemed insane. They were terrible. You would be rewardingendorsingunderscoring, and validating making no proof of their ministry in this time that is in the context there, II Timothy 4, of the last days—evil men and seducers waxing worse and worse. Here’s what the evangelists did: They bailed out, ran for the men’s room; but a lot of them are going to wake up, they’re going to feel horrible, and they’re going to go on to wonderful positions. And before we got here, that’s what a lot of us did.…

BOOM—now you’re over London...It doesn’t make any difference whether people want it or not……

And the Restored Church of God 
members will be there to restore it...

Dave and his crew are going to be busy, whether you like it or not!

So, you’re probably thinking, in the kingdom of God…And this is where you’ve got to get this out of your head. We all used to think and talk and meditate on this…you enter the kingdom of God, you’re an administrator…Not just the ministers are or the deacons and the elders are—they are under youYou administer. You are up above cities. So, there are hundreds and hundreds of people today…Now, I’ll come back to that in a moment. Then there are great numbers coming out of the ground to help us—and the entire number drastically increases…
Now, does God want women in the very first phase of the kingdom?..Just like the men, once you have received salvation, you are administrators, ladies—one way or the other—it won’t make a “lick of difference,” as they say, whether you’re a man or woman. The numbers explode.
……I’m trying to paint a picture here. Get out of your head that we’re coming to a time when just the ministers guide everything. You are going to join the administrative governing structure of the kingdom. There will be plenty of people when the kingdom starts out so small you can barely see it on the end your finger. Remember the picture. I’m trying to create a difference in your mind.
We’re going on to salvation. It’s different. Everything is different. You’ll have enormous authority in cities over all those who are learning about the kingdom and coming in. Later on, just—BOOM—now you’re over London. BOOM—now you’re over Johannesburg. It doesn’t make any difference whether people want it or not……

Jesus Will Have His Second Coming In Wadsworth...It's the plan...Always Has Been...

News Flash!   Jesus is coming to Wadsworth! First he came for the Mormons and now for the Packites! The second coming will happen at the most beautiful campus ever in the history of the world!

It is hard to believe that since the foundation of the world was laid, Wadsworth was included in the plan of salvation!

Now, think about Joshua, who is Elijah. Think about this for a moment. That man, unique above all others, would have to know his role years and years in advance. I learned this seven years ago in the summer of 2009, if you didn’t know that. He would have to know his role for years, and be tested by Christ to know—to know—that he was going to walk in His ways and keep His charge. Would he faithfully do the broadcasts? Would he teach the truth? Would he shepherd the Church as much as the leader can? There are many other faithful ministers. But would he pass the test? So that when the time came, his salvation is settled.
Try to imagine the other way through. Now, Christ starts through…and let’s say they run parallel…Instead of, I have to prove myself before the time where Christ comes to this campus and I have access to Him, try to imagine it parallel. We sort of start inching forward and Christ says, all right…Now wait a minute. Here we go. Let’s see…I’m going to let him judge My house for a while…Ooo, ooo, okay, but I’ve got to watch. Is he still obeying me? Wait a minute now. Okay, he’s keeping My courts, and I’m letting him come in and talk to Me personally. I’ve picked him as Elijah, but I hope he doesn’t mess up. Is he walking in My ways? Is he keeping My…oh, oh, oh…No, that’s ridiculous. That’s ridiculous! I have to prove like every other human being that I will be faithful to my calling, and then I learn about certain things I do as an administrator just like you do.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Have You Been Snookered? Dave Pack Says So!

It really must be amazing to be God's right hand man on this earth and know everything about everything.  No man on this earth (other than Bob Thiel) is able to understand the mind of God like Dave Pack.  Dave just cannot face the fact that he and his group may actually be the ones being "snookered."
God would never tell the splinter brethren “Well done, you good and faithful servant.” If He did, He is lying to them, or He has lied to us about what it means to be a good and faithful servant. If He’s telling them that what they did is good and faithful, then we got snookered. If He told us the truth, He could never tell them the same thing—the difference is too vast. No, they are not Catholic, but I think you understand the point. The potential—that I could dwell on—just on what we get to do, is not the subject here, but the chasm is……

The Journal, Issue 191

The latest issue of The Journal, News of the Churches of God is out.

This issue has an article about the Amy Allwine murder by UCG minister Stephen Allwine.
United Church of God president Victor Kubik released a statement after police charged a UCG elder with murder in the death of the elder’s wife.
President Kubik, who works out of the church’s headquarters in Milford, Ohio,
expressed “profound shock and sadness” upon learning about the arrest of Stephen Allwine, 43, of Cottage Grove, Minn., on Jan. 17, 2017, on charges of second-degree
murder of his wife, Amy Louise Zutz Allwine, two months earlier on Nov. 13, 2016. 

There is also an excellent article by David Antion about the 1974 "rebellion."
Another minister who was there tells about the so-called rebellion in the WCG in 1974 
I present here the memories I have of the experiences I went through during those times.
I am dealing here with one phase of the complex and many-faceted interactions that took place from 1972 through 1974 in the Worldwide Church of God. This represents only the dealings of my talks with the leaders of the 1974 crisis and a little of what led up to it. Here’s some background that led up to 1974. 
At last Helen Stiles told me I could go in. I thought this was strange because Mr. Armstrong usually came out to greet anyone who had an appointment. Nevertheless I went in.
When I opened the main door to his office, to my surprise there was Herbert Armstrong flanked by Garner Ted Armstrong and Stan Rader. Behind them were the head- quarters evangelists—Dibar Apartian, Norman Smith, Wayne Cole, David Jon Hill, Ronald Dart, Roderick Meredith (as I remember)—and Robert Kuhn.
(Robert was trying hard to keep a lid on the explosion that was about to happen. He was understanding and sympathetic because he knew the need for changes in doctrine. Later he was the primary force in changing many of the church’s teachings on healing and D&R. To this day Robert and I are still close friends.)
I felt alone, like I was standing before the Sanhedrin. 
There are also the usual advertisements by several of the extreme COG splinter groups with each one proclaiming they alone have the truth.

Don Billingsley is back with his off the wall comments and predictions...all of which have been failures.  This time he is predicting that because of Donald Trump being elected President this will allow the building of the end time temple in Jerusalem.
The Third TempleAnother major reason for his presidency will be to make possible the building of the third Temple in Jerusalem (more about this in a future article in our magazine). This will lead to the count- down of Jesus Christ’s coming back to this earth (Daniel 12:11-12). 

You can red the latest issue here.

Dave Pack: The Splinter COG's Are Practically Death Camps

Overly dramatic Dave.  What would we do without him?  He is correct that they are all dying though.

The splinters are awaiting someone with miraculous power. Now they, commonly, would describe that man as Elijah; but, they are set up for someone to come and do awesome miracles. They’re desperate for miracles. One reason is they have none over there. There are no healings. They’re dying; they’re dropping like flies. Most of the big splinters are practically death camps. Nobody’s healed. Nobody is delivered. You just don’t hear about it. People get over the sniffles, and they declare it a healing, they’re so desperate for miracles.

The Number One Need Of All True Christians Is To Have One's Heart Set Firmly On....

Herbert Armstrong made the following comment about the greatest need church members must have.  If there is any proof that the church knows not the man they claim to follow it is this.  If you are a Christian, you heart is geared to one person and one person only, not some human man or his organization parked in Pasadena, Arroyo Grande, Edmond, Cincinnati or Wadsworth. Everyone of these places have been cesspools of degeneracy, abuse and spiritual malfeasance.
“In my over fifty years’ intensive, rich, active experience, since God changed MY direction into HIS WAY, I have observed that the very first need of every Christian, who is to GROW and develop…spiritual character, is to have his heart completely in THE WORK OF GOD, which the living Christ has called His servants to do.”
The focus in the all of the Church of God's has always been upon human leaders, not on that most inconvenient dude who always remains unnamed.
“The very Work which is THE REASON God has called you NOW—before He undertakes to SAVE THE WHOLE WORLD!” 
Dave Pack is using Herb's comments to prove to his members that the focus should always be upon HQ.  It is government, after all.
In 1980…
“We must sacrifice now as never before for this Work that we may FINISH the Work.”
Another time in 74…
“Unless we fulfill God’s SPECIAL PURPOSE for our calling now, [we’ll] never go into [the] Kingdom. THIS FACT MUST NOT BE TAKEN CARELESSLY!”
“You are…admonished to ‘make your calling and election SURE!’”
And that includes… 
“…how much we have CONTRIBUTED to His Work – the PURPOSE for which He put us in His Church NOW!”
That is a tiny smattering of what Mr. Armstrong said. Whenever I want to feel zeal, I just go read what Mr. Armstrong said. Pretty energetic fellow, but still you understand. So, Point 7: Do vast numbers really enter the kingdom of God having never done God’s Work, or not for decades? Absolutely not. It would repudiate everything Mr. Armstrong believed for all the years and decades he did the Work. 
It is hard to imagine that we once believed that one's salvation was dependent upon how much money, labor or obedience one had to headquarters.  The lies we swallowed are appalling. Sadly, thousands of COG members still believe this malarky.  Herbert Armstrong (or Dave Pack) is your key to the kingdom.  Utter bullshit.


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

COG Members In Splinter Groups Will Have 2,000 Years To Relearn Everything

Dave has set some new conditions for the tens of thousands of COG members who will flock to his church during the "first dominion."  These poor deceived souls will then have 1,000 years under Dave's educational sermons to get it right.  Then they will move into the Kingdom of God where they will have another 1,000 years to still try and get it right.  What an exhausting prospect!  The licking flames of the lake of fire sound pretty good compared to 1,000 years with Dave and his flock of jackbooted Hilterians.

There is another group, by the way, in the middle. Which way do the thousands and thousands of people in the splinters go? Now when people learn the truth in the first phase of the kingdom, I’m going to tell you right now, they come into the Church. They don’t come right into the kingdom. They’re under the administrators in the kingdom; but they’re in the Church. It’s the end of the age. They learn the truth just like everybody else does. They come in and learn and grow and they’re fed like everybody else does. We have to be careful we don’t say “in the kingdom.” They’re not part of the administrators over the kingdom, who are up above them. They are in the Church qualifying or disqualifying, just like everybody else for 2,000 years.
So let’s go back to the question. What about all of the remnant? They know the truth. They were called years ago. Do they come into the kingdom at the time of Christ coming to His Temple? Or do they come into the Church? If you have a toggle period, which is phase one of the kingdom, you also have a toggle group in the middle—which way do they go? Turn to Luke 14. This is an enormous question. Is the remnant coming back to join us in God’s government over the world, or are they coming back to the Church? They are a toggle group—do they toggle into the kingdom or into the Church? Right now, they are in neither, we all know that.
It is going to be a messy time when all of these members come streaming back into the church.
First, I thought back when I began learning this almost four years ago, that there was a remnant that was coming back into the Church. And I thought, boy, there are going to be problems. I used to sit with the ministers many hours trying to figure out…These people are in a wretched condition. How in the world are you going to merge them right in with us? They are overwhelming in number—they believe everything under the sun—they come from different groups—they’re warring and fighting amongst themselves—their governments are all wrong—they can’t even remember what the Church is—they’ve got the gospel wrong—they are shot full of doctrinal errors. How, in the world, are they all going to be merged in with us? 
I’ve worked with too many people…I’ve pastored too many thousands and thousands of people to believe that just because I’m the leader of the Church—or was their local pastor—they’re all going to agree…and you have people coming back into the Church, after a generation out of it, who can’t even remember half the doctrines of God. The potential for chaos, even in a great work, is enormous—but then we saw the kingdom and this quandary continued. Wait a minute! They’re not even in the Church and God is going to wave them into the kingdom? Think about this…Think about what I’m going to tell you. Because here is point one of a long list that explains a quandary and should give you chills, unlike yesterday, because of the thrilling news I’m going to bring you. 
These degenerate Laodiceans who will be coming back will have tattoo's, woren harlot dresses and adulterer themselves.  These sick people even voted!  Oh the horrors!!!!!!!!  Shocking, just shocking!!!!  Even worse, these fools did not help build Dave's beautiful campus and worst of all refused to have two-hour church services!!  Imagine a god that spits you out because you got sick of sitting and listening to morally and spiritually bankrupt ministers like Pack, Malm, Flurry and Thiel drone on and on for two butt-numbing hours.
Number one: These are a people who stole God’s tithes—who rejected His government—who did not do the Work—who rejected the idea that Christ even had one church; wore makeup; didn’t work like we have in this organization…as I like to say of our wonderful staff…in the coldrainwind and mud, building this campus with inordinate numbers of hours. They not only aren’t over here helping us—they are attacking and belittling us.
They married unbelievers as freely as their ministers would permit…and didn’t walk in truth. They walked in utter disunity. They got tattoos—wore rotten dress—adultered with the world according to James 4. They vote—they have false governments. They even rejected the idea of a two-hour service—it was too long—and they go one-and-a-half hours. And I know some of God’s people, today, might think, “Wow, these sermons go a long time.”
Dave is also not happy that they rejected his "all things in common" teaching.  How DARE he be mocked!
I mean, out there, they let unconverted people come to foot-wash and teenagers do the same. They celebrate vanity on Facebook. They accept all kinds of untruths from their ministers, even in the same groups—even within the same groups. They mock and reject the idea of common. They attacked us

All of these "special knowledge" that Dave has makes his few followers think they are the chosen ones. The gods and goddess set to run the universe with all of humanity under their thumbscrews. What a joy the first dominion and the kingdom will be with these fools in charge.

We are instructed to pray for the kingdom to come, yet in this case we need to pray that "kingdom and dominion" never ever comes!