Saturday, February 11, 2017

Dave Pack: It Is Confusing As We Are Exiting Confusion. We Are Returning To Simplicity

Dave Pack says his current string of teachings is returning back to first century simplicity and that he is exiting confusion.  What??????  Seriously?  Unfortunately he is not done being simple.

Now a lot of what I am explaining and beginning today, I’m simply going to explain in greater detail, but it’s what the Church always believed. Because we are looking at so many fascinating and detailed things, it became the natural time to explain an awful lot of things in detail that the Church did believe, but never got into detail, because we were never forced to look at certain things. But what we are learning has forced us to do a lot of that. And so, for those of you who are newer or older in the Church—particularly, those of you who are older in the Church—there’s an awful lot that I am teaching that’s exactly like what we taught. We just never broke it down and sifted it like wheat in looking at it.
I will submit that we are exiting confusion, and the process can be a little confusing, and we are returning to first century simplicity. And believe me, the journey is not done. Staggering things are still ahead that I am going to explain to you. We are not leaving simplicity that was right; we are leaving a simplicity in error that, ultimately, involves what you may come to believe are giant tweaks of our understanding.

Giant tweaks is putting it mildly.


DennisCDiehl said...

Dave has a complicated way of leaving confusion to get to the simplicity of the complicated BS he slings in a simple yet complicated way... Does that make sense?

I think Dave knows all about the criticism he gets on Banned.

Black Ops Mikey said...

David Pack is simply a totally selfish man who has no idea of equality in relationships.

What he really wants is for everyone to live in the stone age, providing him all his wants and needs, while he lives in the 21st Century.

No sacrifice is too big or too small to serve him and him alone.

Such people have absolutely no worth.

And they will never be Christian.

Anonymous said...

“I will submit that we are exiting confusion, and the process can be a little confusing, and we are returning to first century simplicity. And believe me, the journey is not done.”--DCP

I will submit that David Pack is leaving 1st century simplicity and entering into 21st century confusion, and the process is much more than merely a little bit confusing. And I certainly do believe his warning that he is not done. I strongly suspect that there will be much more.

Hoss said...

Sometimes I misread exiting as exciting. Using the latter as a verb rather than an adjective, I'd say Dave probably is exciting confusion.

Some protestant churches, such as my mother's family church that started at a camp meeting during the restoration movement of the early 19th century, claim they recreated the primitive church of the first century. From what I've seen, they'll have to dig a bit deeper for that, as they seem to be stuck in the 4th century.

Byker Bob said...

If indeed HWA was able to get inside of a certain percentage of his "dumb sheep's" heads, metaphysically, as shamans were reputed to have been able to do, there is still great hope, because obviously some were able to resist. The ones we will always wonder about, the "zombies", apparently found their Shangri La in the Armstrong communal experience, and have never come back.

This theory sounds bizarre, I know, and has all been speculation on my part. However, there must be some explanation as to how HWA was able to entrap so many, and to cause one of the worst kinds of life-altering experiences known to man in the lives of his followers. As stated earlier, the members of the deity could not have been involved even from the get-go in the 1930s, because They were not involved in the transition following the death of HWA. The church splintered into pieces, losing the power and presence to get out any sort of end times message. People forget over a span of 30 years. So much of the world's population wasn't even born in 1986. Warning the world about 1975 turned out to be both bogus, and a collossal waste in the first place.

The idyllic ideal of the WCG millennium was always a return to an agrarian society, with racial groups clearly separated, and my way or the highway governance. A Stepford-like existence for beings who are conscious of their own free will, but "qualify" for something or other by attempting to become automatons. It is as if they believed that God disapproved of any sort of deep thought or advanced technology. The ACOGs have always believed in the gradual degeneration, or de-evolution of mankind, when it is plain that mankind has demonstrated a clear capacity to learn, accumulate and utilize knowledge in ways that advance human existence. It is ridiculous to believe that a Creator who wrote the laws of the universe would restrict beings to whom He gave intelligence from learning about those laws and applying them in beneficial ways.

So, Dave, go ahead. Reset the clock. Take your people back 2,000 years. It's been done before. The destruction of the Alexandrian Library, and, later, the ushering in of the Dark Ages, the suppression of the advanced knowledge once possessed by Islam, and other similar historic events have been perpetrated to accomplish the same goals. Control. I'm sure, Dave, that you would love to be unilaterally in control of all information, much the same as the priestly ones were during eras of extremely limited literacy. This is why you object so strenuously to freedom of information and expression on the internet and Facebook. But, know this: so long as knowledge and second opinions are readily available, and people can make up their own minds, you will never acheive your goals! There are very few people that would willingly follow you. Your so-called leadership skills are woefully inadequate! In fact, they suck.


Black Ops Mikey said...

"we are exiting confusion," he said as he plunged them all into entropy.

Regress 2,000 years? Really?

Make that 4,000 years and it will be more accurate.

And be sure you take your paddle with you so you can cover after relieving yourself.

Anonymous said...

Here's something I wrote on Facebook two days ago that pretty well sums up the whole situation:

As I was eating breakfast, my mind reflected on the self-centered approach we humans are prone to view things by. To the average person, especially in ages past, the whole world revolved around them. They were sure, and many still are, that there was an all powerful god out there in the ether who took notice of their every word, action and thought. It cared about what they ate and every other incidental thing they did and thought about doing every second of every day. It also decided on the basis of those observations whether to bless or curse them. Through the "authorities" who assumed the right to interpret that god's judgement, it could mean life or death, literally.
It was a little universe in their limited view, and they were certain that god was just like their tribal chieftans and religious leaders who took great pains to try to know what everybody in their little community was up to and take steps to keep it all in line. Those steps could be, and often were, brutally cruel and drastic.
That's all a comforting fantasy, but at the same time, it's an horrific concept of total supernatural fascism that would make Nazi Germany seem benign by comparison.
Think about it. I do. And, that's why I rejected the whole concept decades ago. It's superstitious, impossible nonsense.

Allen C. Dexter