Sunday, February 12, 2017

We all know what's coming....

Any experienced Worldwide Church of God refugee knows what the outcome of is going to be for , at least, Gerald Flurry's Philidelphia (Ha) Church of God, and Dave Pack's Restored (Ha) Church of God.

Gerald Flurry will prove once again , as did HWA/GTA/JWT that "The first generation founds it, the second generation maintains it and the third generation loses it.  However, with as harsh and evil as PCG is, it probably won't get past the second generation. Attrition will take  it's toll and it will go the way of all flesh.

Dave Pack will prove once again, as did HWA that the One Man Show ,fueled by the kind of personality disorder Dave expresses, is always doomed to fail for those who remain after the one man is gone. No one is going to be able or even want to keep up even the small influence RCG has had on Christianity.   NOTHING  that Dave Pack sees happening in his , now 62 rants,  on how he see's it all coming to pass will actually happen.  NOTHING.  


These convoluted,  ridiculous, proof texted, self centered and mistaken and misused views of scripture will all simply provide a painful look back at "what was I thinking?", or "I knew it!" for future reference as former RCG members struggle to Restore Credible Goals in their real lives with the time they have left to live it.  Dave will grow old and because he has alienated and disfellowshipped his  family, (because NO  ONE can long actually work with Dave) has no second generation to maintain for yet a little longer the Campus and goals of RCG.  It will simply crash when NOTHING that Dave says is the way it will all soon come to pass actually comes to pass and he gets more desperate for that which will never happen.  

The Handwriting is on the Wall



Connie Schmidt said...

Pack's "Restored Church of God" is misnamed.

It really should be either the OVERBOARD or ABHORRED Church of God.

Byker Bob said...

Exactly! And, an outside observer or former member has no need to wait and see, because there are so many ways to prove, and to know in advance that this is true.

"They" apply the scripture indicating that the church will never be snuffed out to themselves, even as they believe that the gospel they preach was forgotten for 2,000 years, as meanwhile, the churches which descended from Paul's gentile churches have continually existed, and even flourished, as an historical testimony against them.

There will always be peoole who are able to tap into some common denominator, to collect and to mesmerize crowds, to get inside of their heads and to take control, to inspire unwavering zealotry for a belief system or a cause. This is an identifiable skill set possessed and understood by a very small percentage of humanity. Few have it, others who crave power or control attempt to imitate it. Evidence suggests that nobody in the "second generation" from HWA has it, although probably the majority of those who are sticking with some form of it are waiting for such a person to emerge, and to reconstruct and rescue the movement. They believe that the philosophy is what empowers, and attempt to preserve it, failing to realize that that changes its status from dynamic and living to static and just as dead as the Latin language.

Dave Pack is a baby boomer. Some who are reading this right now are going to outlive him. Rod Meredith and Gerald Flurry are from previous generations. Some of the people who have rank in other ACOGs are the tail end of the baby boomer generation, often referred to as "baby busters". Those born in the early 1960s are now in their 50s. No matter how we stack it, any of these people's places of safety would be populated predominantly by senior citizens, either approaching or already past retirement age.

Many of this age have infirmities, and are dependent upon the medical profession to continue existing. Forget about how they would govern themselves, Imagine what daily life in any such place of safety would actually look like! It is difficult to imagine such individuals being capable of receiving what they call "final training". The need for simple survival at such an advanced age would become all consuming. Their carrot has rotted and withered. It was intended for much younger individuals, those who lived in fear of the then new nuclear weapons, and had vivid memories of the great depression and World War II. Herbert even made them into pseudoJews to enhance the spectre of a future holocaust.

If indeed, God intended HWA's message and commission to warn the world, why, as global challenges appear to be increasing, why would He allow that message to lose its power, to become virtually inaudible and ineffective, to say nothing of forgotten, for a gap of 30 years?

None of what the ACOGs are saying makes any sense. The time frame in which it almost made sense has long since passed. It has simply become about control, exploitation, and manipulation. The mental communal experience has even disappeared.


Anonymous said...

Good analysis, BB. It was a magnificent flash in the pan, but the gunpowder is all gone and the "wad" has been shot. Religion is steadily dying in the Western world, but fanatics are still determined they're going to save it here in the USofA by political power. If they succeed, it will simply mean the end of the American dream and the birth of a new faith-based horror that just might destroy everything.

Allen C. Dexter