Sunday, February 12, 2017

Dave Pack: Two Evil Women To Arise Before Two Witnesses

and women shall rule over them...the COG nightmare.

Close to the end of Dave's First Dominion of 1,000 years, two really evil women will rise up and cause some serious issues.
Then you have these two women. I could not understand why there are two women. We always said that’s the Catholics and the Protestants—the Catholics and the Protestants. How could you have those two women after the First Dominion? Well, once you understand the seventh resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire precedes Christ’s coming to Jerusalem; the king of the North, being the civil ruler, and the last pope, the spiritual ruler, alongside him—and they’re not the Beast and False Prophet—well, you still have the Catholics. In every sense, you have the Catholics, and you have these two women, right here, in the second half of chapter 5 being positioned to explode in the very near future.
That’s why, if you’re following the headlines out of Europe…I read, this morning, one writer said Europe is simply infuriated…Those were his words; not long before I came to services…infuriated at the Brits for what they did. And by the way, the only two candidates—the only two candidates—to lead the British Empire are both women. I’m not against women; but at the very end, as children are their oppressors and women will rule over them, all the other male candidates are out. Two relatively obscure women, one being the leader, a 59-year-old lady; they’re both conservatives. One of them is going to be the Prime Minister, since David Cameron, of course, resigned…and we may have a woman president here.
The time is close. Everything’s being positioned. We certainly…No one would disagree that Sodom and Gomorrah is here. Think of Isaiah 1, and many other places; but here these two incredibly evil women being positioned in this place called Shinar, which we always believed was probably Rome, but maybe Berlin, and of course, it will be a Rome-Berlin axis just like World War II—Hitler and Mussolini, and the Pope had signed a concordant with Hitler to kind of get out of the way and not condemn him, so that Hiller wouldn’t come and kill the Pope. That’s what whores do. They perform tricks. Hitler was perfectly happy to leave them alone, if they were perfectly happy to not fight the Nazi empire.


Frank said...

Shinar, Rome. Maybe Sandusky Ohio or even Wadsworth.
Again I ask what IS a wad worth? We may never know but we do know that Dave, who preaches all tribulation all the time, will probably tell us eventually when he becomes the king of everything.

What a nutjob this guy is.

Byker Bob said...

Yeah, Dave. Ain't it just awful? Jerry Sixpack tells us that black people will soon start a race war, Marijuana Mark insists that homosexuals will be taking over, and Muslims will be blowing things up! Seems like fearful folk just can't catch a break!

You ACOG leaders somehow never seem to instruct your people in matters of proper respect for God's green Earth, such as in leaving as small a personal carbon footprint as possible. A person'd almost think you guys are actually rooting for things to get as bad as possible so that an apocalypse can happen! I bet you even have an old Black Sabbath "Paranoid" T-shirt in your closet!!!


Anonymous said...

There are plenty of evil women in LCG, PCG, UCG and RCG. There will be easy pickings for the two harlots to come forth.

Hoss said...

A few weeks before his demise, GTA gave his thoughts on the 2004 election and the imminent fall of the USA. Sarcastically speculating on Hillary, he remarked that having a woman president would be a fitting end for the USA.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

We were taught growing up in 1960s/1970s Worldwide Church of God that in a cursed USA "Children would be your oppressors, and women shall rule over you!" About ten years ago, my mother, who was longtime WCG/LCG, tried to usurp herself over me on a matter. Knowing Armstrongism as I do and the reaction it would have, I quipped back, "I will not allow a woman to rule over me!"

To my surprise, after decades of indoctrination with false meaning by the WCG ministers, my mother quietly and meekly said, "It's a mis-translation. It should read 'women CAN rule over you'"!

Lake of Fire Church of God