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Merry Feast of Tabernacles! The COG Christmas Season

Its time for the joyous season of gift giving and magnificent banquets of food prepared in abundance celebrating the season of peace ever lasting.  In the Church of God the Feast was a time of giving gifts to children left out from the Christmas celebrations.  Fabulous and exotic destinations were traveled to and wondrous foods and alcohol consumed. 

There was little talk of Jesus at this time though. Since Jesus always gets short shifted it the COG here's a great song to remind them of what they are pseudo-celebrating.

Thin-Skinned Bitter Bob Lashes Out At Wallace Smith and Rod Meredith In Another Fit of Rage

Its starting to sound like a broken record when it comes to Bob Thiel and Rod Meredith.  Thiel has been extremely bitter since Meridith publicly rebuked him over a year or so ago for his delusional behavior.  That public rebuke reached Thiel's eyes from this web site BEFORE he heard it from anyone at Living Church of God.  That certainly has to be the most humiliating day in Thiel's apostolic life!

The LCG has been swift to rebuke and warn LCG members to be wary of delusional men who self-appoint themselves to positions of power and authority.  The constant public rebukes by Meredith and other LCG leaders strikes a raw nerve in Thiel's delicate personalty.  Apparently Thiel is not thick-skinned like Herbert Armstrong was who ignored his detractors.  Thiel lashes out whining and moaning every time he is labeled as false leader and an usurper in the faith.

The other day he lashed out at Rod Meredith AGAIN though a bitter come back at Wallace Smith regarding an article he wrote telling LCG members to be wary of self-appointed men in the church claiming that they were prophets sent by God.  "Plain truth about "Prophets" from Herbert Armstrong."

Smith writes:
I was just studying a topic and came across, once again, Mr. Armstrong’s plain and simple explanation of what it means to have the office of Prophet. Ironically, it is given in a statement he makes explaining that he, himself, was not a prophet. And given that Christ prophesied that there would be “many” false prophets in the world as the end approaches (Matt. 24:11) — including those aiming to deceive God’s own people, specifically (v.24) — I think the clarity of his words is terribly helpful.
In the February 1972 Tomorrow’s World (nice title!) magazine on page 1, He said (bolding mine):

“Emphatically I am NOT a prophet, in the sense of one to whom God speaks specially and directly, revealing personally a future event to happen or new truth, or new and special instruction direct from God — separate from, and apart from what is contained in the Bible. And I never have claimed to be.

There is no such human prophet living today!

“The Bible is the written Word of God — and, for our time now, it is COMPLETE! Never have I believed or claimed that God reveals to me new truths not contained in the Bible — in addition to, or apart from the Bible.”

That description of what it means to occupy the office of Prophet is both simple and completely consistent with the lives of those who held that office in Scripture. I’ve seen the definition of a Prophet messed with many different ways by individuals who were, essentially, trying to craft lists of “qualifications” they could claim apply to themselves, and, in doing so, do great violence to the Bible — contorting it with all their might to make it say something that it simply does not say. (More specifically, contorting it to make it say something about them.)
 Later Smith writes:
Those who would wish to make the office of Prophet about having unique and special insight concerning biblical understanding or seeing who in the world is represented in the Bible would find themselves doing (or claiming to do) no more than Mr. Armstrong did in his own life. And, as he said clearly and simply, that isn’t enough to make you a Prophet like, say, John the Baptist, Elijah, or Agabus.

For instance, I’ve seen Self-Appointed Prophets claim that the ability to “predict” some things and to understand the prophecies of the Bible are the fruit of a prophet. Cherry-picked scriptures (against Isaiah 28:9-10) are sometimes used to support this idea. Mr. Armstrong’s life and work — he did both, himself — contradict that statement, however, and clarify the meaning of those scriptures (as do other scriptures), and his personal example highlights to us that this is not enough to grant one the title of Prophet. He did those things and was not, himself, a Prophet. In fact, he did those things far more impressively than any of the pretenders I see in today’s crop of fake “prophets” and, yet, recognized that such things did not qualify him to bear that title.

(Note: This is all aside from discussing the fact that many Prophet Wannabes list “successful predictions” that are far from actually being actual, successful predictions in any meaningful and relevant sense of the words. I’ve seen various lists of “predictions” and put them to the test. Literally not a one has ever passed the test like they claim to do. None. Always examine such lists closely; the failure to meet the standard of “Prophet” is usually pretty clear. The points I am making here are broader than this, but it’s still a good point to make as an aside. I have simply never seen a list of “predictions” or a video from a “Prophet” making such predictions that are of the sort sufficient to qualify them as a Prophet. Ever. It would be exciting to see one, but I haven’t seen one yet.)
Poor Bob, that must REALLY hurt to hear that!
Those individuals today who claiming the title and office of Prophet are, judging by Mr. Armstrong’s biblically consistent words, sadly self-deluded or purposefully being false (I prefer to believe the former).
Delicate thin-skinned Thiel lashes out with this:
Wallace Smith has repeatedly attacked me--and the above was intended as another attack against me.
Like any good prophet, splinter group leader or wanna-be apostle Thiel then has to have SEVEN PROOFS that he is for real.  Seven, that magical number in Armstrongism of perfection.  Since Thiel leads the greatest work the COG has ever seen in 1,900 years, and is the worlds most accurate prophet, perfection perfectly describes him.

Next, Thiel brings in Aaron Dean's opinion on why he (Thiel) is a prophet:
 First, I spoke at least twice to Aaron Dean about Herbert Armstrong's position about prophets. Aaron Dean said it was Herbert Armstrong's belief that there were at least two alive when he wrote the Mystery of the Ages (with Aaron Dean's assistance) who God would later use as prophets. No one should imply that Herbert Armstrong did not believe God would raise up any prophets in the last days.
Then Thiel uses an old article by Meredith that prophets would arise in the end time.  Thiel believes this is the second  proof he is a prophet.  Logic dictates, at least in Thiel's mind., that since this is the end time he is one of those prophets.
Second, Dr. Meredith, current head of LCG, decades ago wrote that the church was to have prophets (Meredith RC. How Church Government Really WORKS. Good News, March 1964, pp. 4-5). So, does it not make sense as we get closer to the end that there would be at least one?
Thiel's third proof is that his prediction of God striking down Meredith and his wife came to pass.  Meredith had a stroke and his wife died of cancer.
Third, I did tell LCG's Davy Crockett in August of 2008 that I believe God revealed to me that a top leader in LCG would be struck if he would not implement certain corrections that he promised to implement, and that happened to Dr. Meredith the next month. This was an 'outside of the Bible' prediction that came to pass.

Fourthly, I also tried to warn Dr. Meredith in December 2011 that his wife was to be struck health-wise and several weeks later it was reported by him that she was. This was another 'outside of the Bible' prediction that came to pass.
Next Thiel uses the dreams he and a woman in his personality cult had as the fifth proof that he is a prophet:
Fifthly, it was the position of the old Worldwide Church of God that God would again use dreams (Personal Correspondence Letter). Yet, the old WCG never reported any, hence the belief was that this would happen in the future, and it has. God has used dreams several times for at least three now part of the Continuing Church of God. For details, please study the article Dreams, the Bible, and the Continuing Church of God.
 Next Theil gives the sixth proof just because he assumes so:
Sixthly, I do have the other fruits of a prophet Jesus spoke of. For details, please study the article How To Determine If Someone is a True Prophet of God.
Then Thiel drags Rod Meredith back into the equation:
 Seventhly, it was LCG's Dr. Meredith who called me up and told me that GOD may consider that I was a prophet in October 2008. Wallace Smith neglected to share that part of the truth in his post. I was NOT going around for years telling people that I was. Prior to my 'double-portion' anointing by LCG minister Gaylyn Bonjour, I never told any LCG leaders I was a prophet. I told them what Dr. Meredith said and told them that I felt that I must receive a further ordination to accept that.
It is Wallace Smith who is clearly reporting a lie. And he remains too cowardly to name me by name--yet he is being a false accuser of the brethren.
Thiel is so incensed at Meredith and others actions in the Living Church of God that he claims that NO ONE in the LCG will ever be able to understand when the end times gets here.  That is only possible through Thiel's personality cult.  Unless you are a member of the Continuing-Ed Church of God you have NO HOPE of salvation.

The role of being a prophet in the Church of God is certainly messy!

I Am A Prophet Ordained By Jesus Christ!

Bob Thiel is constantly being belittled and questioned about his self-appointment to the role of church leader and prophet.  Thiel claims he is just like Paul in that he has not been directly anointed by a human apostle as prophet but by the mighty hand of Jesus Christ through Gaylyn Bonjour.

Notice the following:
1 Paul, an apostle (not from men nor through man, but through Jesus Christ and God the Father who raised Him from the dead) (Galatians 1:1)
1 Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God (Ephesians 1:1)
17 And Ananias went his way and entered the house; and laying his hands on him he said, "Brother Saul, the Lord Jesus, who appeared to you on the road as you came, has sent me that you may receive your sight and be filled with the Holy Spirit." (Acts 9:17)
Paul was ordained an apostle and prophet by God and had hands laid on him by a man who apparently was a minister--there is NO indication that Ananias was an apostle or prophet himself. I was ordained a prophet by God and had hands laid upon me by a man, a minister, who specifically asked that God would grant me a 'double-portion' of His Spirit.
Since was not an original apostle, a lot of Christians apparently had trouble with Paul being an apostle/prophet (2 Corinthians 11:22-29, Galatians 1:1, etc.), but the God viewed it otherwise.

My Prophecy That God Would Strike Down Mr and Mrs. Meredith Came True!

Armstrongism has always been filled with men that have great delusions of grandeur over its 70- some years of existence.  None can ignore the delusions of David C Pack and his superfantabulous Restored Church of God with the worlds biggest religions web site to ever exist in Internet history.

There's Gerald Flurry and his mini-me empire that has to imitate every thing related to Herbert Armstrong because he has never had an original thought in his alcohol impaired mind.  Even though he has plagiarized countless books and articles he still feels he is Elijah, Joshua, one of the Two Witnesses and more.

And then we have Bob Thiel..............the self-appointed prophet, church Overseer, the worlds best authority on Mayans and Catholicism,  and leader of the only TRUE Philadelphian COG to exist in the end times.   Narcissism and delusion mixed with all those traits presents to the world the most idiotic and silly man the Church of God has ever know!  He has become the laughing stock of the Church of God.

Thiel feels that his role as a prophet in the Church of God is divinely inspired and God given, all thanks to the stupid "double blessing" given to him by Gaylyn Bonjour.

Bob feels he is so significant and filled with prophetic insights that he prophesied that God was going to strike down Rod Meredith and his wife because Meredith was no longer following God's word.

Thiel writes:

...I did tell LCG's Davy Crockett in August of 2008 that I believe God revealed to me that a top leader in LCG would be struck if he would not implement certain corrections that he promised to implement, and that happened to Dr. Meredith the next month (details are in the article How To Determine If Someone is a True Prophet of God). This was an 'outside of the Bible' prediction that came to pass.

Fourthly, I also tried to warn Dr. Meredith in December 2011 that his wife was to be struck health-wise and several weeks later it was reported by him that she was (details are in the article How To Determine If Someone is a True Prophet of God). This was another 'outside of the Bible' prediction that came to pass.

As if!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thiel is completely nutters!

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Was The White House Fence Jumper Trying To Take Eric Kings Message To The President?

Just when you thought EW King couldn't get any crazier......…/climate-craziness-of-the-we
Watts Up With That?
 – jumper was “concerned that the atmosphere was collapsing” and ….. Sounding more and more like the Fence jumping, White House door …
Was white house wall jumper trying to bring President a SOCT message of “The Shift” which talks about the possibility of the atmosphere collapsing?
“It could happen now at any moment…and your government knows it! What could happen?The greatest shift of the ages! In fact, it has already started. This planet is ready to go at any moment. The earth’s ozone is collapsing and may fold in on itself at any moment. Your scientists have known this since the early 80’s.” ~E.W. King

This is the message that King thinks the fence jumper was taking to the POTUS:

The Zerubian Myth, page 125

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I'm Doing An Earth Shattering Work Yet None Of You Cretins Send Me Money! You Are No Longer Zealous For The TRUTH!!!!!!!!!

The worlds greatest theologian in the Church of God (sorry Dave and Bob) who has been trying to interpret the bible according to his own imaginations is still desperately seeking money from his few tens of followers.  Despite the hundreds of thousands that have checked out his web site, only a fraction of 1% have even made an attempt to send him money.  He is ignored in the COG's  and most assuredly by the world.

PERSONAL:  TheShiningLight is the only COG site that I know of, which is zealous for and teaching the truth of the whole Word of God, proclaiming the true Gospel of warning and repentance,  restoring that which has been lost or forgotten, revealing new things from God’s Word and bringing you the news that really matters.  

Poor Bob Thiel must be quivering in his boots right now!

While we have thousands of visitors, who each have family and friends, very few send help because most are fence sitting. I know of many, even elders, who are carefully studying and counting the cost of taking a stand in their own groups and for now are taking a waiting studying approach. 
That means that we are doing a work reaching nearly all of the church of God brethren, and convicting many, but we are always in serious need of your prayers and financial support.   This work is doing a vital job in preparing the brethren for the trial imminently ahead.  I know that God provides, but he does use human agents.  
In other words, God has NOT provided and now Malm has had to lay a guilt trip on his very few followers.  For someone who pretends he has reached the entire Church of God he is as impotent as Bob Thiel!
You too can have a part in this essential work of preparing the bride for her Husband, through your zealous prayers and by sending in your tithes and offerings to support doing the work of God today!
If you do not send Malm your money you will be accused of not being zealous for the word of God or the soon coming kingdom.  Armstrongism is always a no-win situation.

No Other Work On Earth Is As Great As Mine!!!!!!!

God's greatest prophet and Chief Overseer to ever run a Church of God has released his online magazine for October.  In it were these morsels of narcissistic arrogance.
The Continuing Church of God does not claim that all its members are Philadelphian, but we do believe we are a uniquely Philadelphian remnant. Can one find a more faithful or more effective “corporate body” which retains the truth as taught by Bible and Herbert Armstrong, without adding non- biblical “revelations,” relying on traditions above the Bible, or diverting its members from making their top priority the Great Commission of proclaiming the Gospel as established by Jesus Christ?

God is soon going to open the hearts of the poor deceived Laodiceans in the various COGs so that they come over to Thiel's group.  Since none of them went with Dave Pack they must now go to Bob Thiel.

One can expect that Philadelphians, who care about doing an effective Work, fulfilling Matthew 24:14 and Matthew 28:19- 20, and holding fast to the Truth, will ultimately be led by God to support the Continuing Church of God. Of course, simply attending and/or supporting the Continuing Church of God does not make one a Philadelphian; individual members must do their part, and must not allow their lives to be cluttered by the cares of this world so that they themselves become lukewarm (Laodicean).

Right now no one cares about Thiel's ministry, much like they are doing with Malm's ministry.

And SHAME on those that remain INDEPENDENT of any corporate church....

With all the confusion and misreporting that has occurred in the last several years, we can appreciate that there are Philadelphians outside the Continuing Church of God. However, this is not an excuse for zealous Christians to become “independent.”

UCG Now Declares That It Is An Authority On Abuse

If you have ever thought that Armstrongism was full of assploading hypocrisy, UCG now makes that all come true.  The United Church of God is holding a "seminar" at the Wisconsin Dells Feast of Tabernacles site  on "How to Recover From the Ravages of Abuse"

Special Seminar: Wednesday, October 15th at 3pm - "How to Recover From the Ravages of Abuse"

Abuse comes in different forms, including verbal abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse and emotional abuse.  Satan the Devil is the originator of abuse, and its pain, suffering and devastation are his handiwork. Abuse is very prevalent in our society today as a social disease, since it affects not only the one abused, but also his surrounding social environment such as family, marriage and work. The road to healing from abuse is long, hard and challenging. This seminar will give information on how to recover from abuse.  We will also have an interactive discussion about how you and I can help other people who are progressing through the stages of recovery from the abuse they have experienced. The coming Millennium pictures the return of our Messiah to bring about fantastic healing from all types of abuse! Come to the seminar and join our discussion about the subject of abuse – and about opportunities that you and I may be given to assist Jesus Christ as He brings about huge changes.

The seminar will be conducted by John Cafourek. John was born in South Dakota. He attended Ambassador College in Pasadena, California, from 1965 to 1969, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He received a Master’s Degree in psychological counseling from Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, in 1978. Mr. Cafourek has pastored churches in Nebraska, North Dakota, Missouri, Mississippi, Washington, and Oregon. He is currently serving as pastor of the Salem, Eugene, and Roseburg congregations. He has given seminars on abuse and addictions, and traveled as an international speaker in Canada, England, New Zealand, Jamaica, and Australia. Mr. Cafourek has been married to his wife Sandy for 44 years, and they have two daughters and seven grandchildren with one on the way.
Did you notice with "abuse" was missing above?  Where is spiritual abuse?  If Carfourek got his Master's degree in psychology then he knows for a FACT how abusive the UCG and COG environment is.  He also knows how alcoholism and other addictions are rampant in the UCG.  Will he talk about that?

This hypocrisy is coming from a church that has a huge track record of abusing its members with threats, intimidation and aberrant theology.  This abuse includes the 20 year old UCG and its harlot mother the Worldwide Church of God.  The "new and improved" UCG is still the same old pile of steaming shit but with new deodorizer sprayed on it.

Will Cafourek talk about how the Church of God has abused its members through legalism?

Will Carourek talk about how the church has abused members by telling them that they are required to tithe 30%+ of their income?

Will Cafourek talk about who the COG has abused members so badly that hundreds have committed suicide over the decades?

Will Cafourek talk about how the COG has destroyed families, and marriages with sick doctrines and bad theological stances?

Will Carfourek talk about the child molesters, stalkers, rapists and murderers in the Church of God that the church covered up over the decades?

Abuse in Armstrongism, including the UCG, is masked by throwing around the word "trial" or "God is testing you."  That is how the UCG and the rest of the COG's control their members.  Why would a member go and report abuse when they have been told that God is "testing" them to see what they do?"

Wives have been beaten to blood pulps by UCG and COG husbands and told to stay in their abusive marriages because it was all  a"test": to see how they submit.  Besides, their reward is coming in the Kingdom so persevere to be held worthy.

Pedophiles have been protected in the UCG and COG because they were ministers kids or adults that were "well liked" in the church and it would be embarrassing to see that brought to light.

What about the rampant alcoholism in the UCG that leads to all kids of abuse?  Why does the church cover this up?  Some of its current leaders are raging alcoholics!  This was well known when they were still in Pasadena, yet they are given positions of power in UCG.

Sadly many will attend this "seminar" and start gushing on what an "amazing" thing it was and how God is enlightening the church.


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Sad State of Affairs In The COG's 2014 Feast of Tabernacles

Gone are the days of 10-15,000 COG members in one location.  

The eight COG's below will be lucky if they have 1,500 total between them all!

screen shot

Who could have ever imagined years ago that there would be EIGHT different Church of God's meeting in the same city with each one telling their members to NOT attend the other group's site.

Church of God in Truth
Church of God Ministries International
Church of God a Worldwide Association
Eternal Church of God
International Congregation of Yahweh
Providence of God Outreach
United Church of God

United Church of God and Church of God Worldwide Association will both be there together in the same city.  Two splinter personality cult both claiming they are the ULTIMATE authority on God's word and truth.  Both are just as heretical as the other.

Then there is Living Church of God and Church of God Worldwide Association in Park City Utah.  Can one little town handle two of most self-righteous COG's ever in the same city?  The Mormons look half way sane in the face of these two splinter personalty cults!

From: Bringing Feastgoers Together   (This list is only a partial list of COG sites.  Most do not publicly post their locations.)

Common Roots and Extreme Exclusivism Between Armstrongism and Jehovah's Witnesses

The common denominators of Armstrongism and the Jehovah's Witnesses