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Harold Reimann: Armstrongisms' Biggest Racist and Bigot?

Harold Reimann was an employee in Pasadena who worked in landscaping for many years and then in the archives area after he had ticked of too many people with his weird rantings.  By exiling him to the archives he was isolated away from people.  The problem with that was, he had access to hundreds of thousands of Church documents that he went through during the period he worked there.  He was particularly interested in the Churchs'  use of doctors and medicine.

To Harold it was a sin that HWA let doctors treat Richard.  It was a sin that Rod Meredith let doctors treat his eye. To Harold it is a major sin to go to a doctor or use medicine.  If you do so, you are are faithless scum who have turned your back on God because of your unfaith.

He was eventually fired because he was becoming extremely weird.

Reimann has had various blogs over the years where he has voiced his hatred for medicine and doctors.  His blogs also contained lots of racist comments.

Reimann thinks he is so enlightened towards the word of God that he thinks he could be Elijah III.  In fact, that is what he calls his blog.  It is a long screed against doctors, false teachings (according to him) by Meredith and the Church concerning healing.

He also still writes his racist comments with loads of bigoted and hate filled remarks against blacks and Mexicans.

If racist language bothers you then do not read the rest of this.  The reader should be aware that this is NOT an isolated case in Armstrongism.  While less and less people in the COG fell this way, there are still quit a few that do.  All thanks to the British Israel crap and being told for decades that the Anglo Saxons race is special above all others..

Here is a sample of the filth from him.

Day 7. There was a time when Anglo-Saxon Israelites in America were the head and blacks were the tail. The South before the Civil War. Blacks were commonly called niggers then. niger is latin for black. Now, it's worse than taking God's name in vain to use nigger. In fact you can be accused by a christian of taking GOD'S NAME in vain if you use nigger. The reasoning is Christ wouldn't use it so you say you are following Christ but are really not, taking his name in vain.

Now since i'm not disobeying God, i'm not under the curse of the tail becoming the head. I am the head, blacks are the tail. so i continue to use nigger.

One reason why is because blacks use nigger and say we can't. Blacks don't give me orders! Blacks and mexicans are the biggest racists and they are in abundance in OUR COUNTRY. this country isn't theirs. yet they have the GALL to call us racists in OUR OWN COUNTRY. they should be kicked out. all of them. and reparations should be given the South by God for losing its tail! Plus all the destruction incurred by the South from the North. In the White Throne Judgment it is my hope that those abolitionist basturds will be made slaves of Southern plantation owners for a good while.

Day Eight. 11-26-11. i like to show the comparison of America with Nazi Germany from time to time.
when i see BO smile, first i see a black man who should never be president of an israelite country. then i see abortion, sodomy, woman's lib and multiculturalism!

i see something worse then the Nazis ever were. the nazis had a German rule over them. they killed 6 million Jews. we killed 50 million unborn. God will resurrect the Jews. the unborn killed are gone forever. they persecuted sodomites. we marry them. men ruled the roost in Germany. we have been feminized, soft hearted and soft headed. also, just plain SOFT. and you can bet GERMANY WAS FOR GERMANS! no damn minority enemies living in their borders like the blacks and mexicans in ours. PLUS, they almost beat the world ON A BALANCED BUDGET! HAS ANYONE ELSE MADE THIS COMPARISON?

 You may need a mind washing after reading his blog: Elijah III

Women, Know Thy Place....

The Supreme Cult blog has an entry today about abuse in LCG of some men towards their wives.  I remember this same attitude being prevalent in Pasadena.  When ever a sermon was given for men to be rulers of their households, the women cringed.  They knew what was coming down the line over the next several weeks.  Their  husbands would be reclaiming their authority as rulers of the household.  Single men could be heard telling women that they wanted to date that the women HAD to date them because they were under men's authority.

The funny thing for me is that I know women in LCG who know their Bible better than a lot of the men and who could make better preachers!  That would go over like a lead  balloon though.

My husband went off to the sabbath today after threatening  me with a peace order whatever that is, and being arrested if I continue to “yell at him”.  I woke up this morning asking him to look at something that was malfunctioning and when I went to see why he wasn’t coming he accused me of ordering him and that he was the boss and he would not be disrespected. I was shocked and when I tried to explain myself that’s when it really hit the fan.  He has this weird idea that he is not the leader in the house and that I’m trying to take over, which couldn’t be further from the truth, however I can’t seem to do anything right, it’s like walking on eggshells.  He actually walked in the other day when my daughter and I were sitting together and stated that he was the boss and we were to obey him, he would not allow his God given authority to be challenged. My problem is that I’ve been married for almost 30 years, have no job, and no health insurance without him, so it’s really scary to think about leaving even though I think I’m being boxed into a corner.   He’s doing that living university college course and he is shorting his money in the stock market thinking the world is coming to an end soon.  That was working last year but now it appears he’s losing a fortune.

Check out the entire entry for another small story from another woman: 100% of Living Church of God ex Goers Say Meredith Changed Their Lives

Friday, January 20, 2012

Another UCG Minister Goes Over To The Darkside

 Today, another UCG "minister" spills his guts on how he was brainwashed into coming over to the dark side.  This so called "minister" is Vidal Wachuku.

But before we get started, Davie is orgasmicly delighted at this latest revelation.  He writes breathlessly:  [The following letter, in its entirety, is a “must read.” -]  Strangely, this is the same thing he said about Schurter.  But Schurter then had to go and embarrass the hell out of him.

Before Vidal starts his story, he and RCG's PR department, want to make sure  that you are not being swayed by the rampant criticism of Schurter's mind washing that has spread around the world over the last week and a half.  Davie Pack and his Restored Church of God cult are circling the wagons in order to save the minds of people who have been turned off by criticism of Davie and Schurter. Schurter has come off looking like a complete fool with the things he has been forced to write about after he was exposed for  many of his aberrant beliefs that went against Davie's revealed knowledge.

Before telling the story of my previous affiliation with the United Church of God (UCG), I first want to urge you, brethren: do not allow slander and false accusations against Mr. David Pack, Mr. Dale Schurter or RCG to keep you from returning to the “faith which was once delivered” (Jude 1:3)!
Vidal/RCG PR Department goes on to write:

Have you ever considered that ignorant and mischievous people falsely accused Jesus Christ of all types of sins? True servants of God have over the millennia similarly been attacked, including Mr. Armstrong!
Since Schurter never once discussed Jesus in his letters and Davie is largely silent about the man, I find it laughable that Vidal equates pointing out the hypocrisy and lies of Pack and Schurter as persecuting Jesus. Plus, Schurter, Pack and you Vidal, are NOT true servants and in no way, shape, or form are anything like martyrs down through history.  Turncoats, backstabbers, and hypocrites, yes, martyrs no.

Vidal goes on to write:

To provide some brief background on myself, I am a Prince of the Royal Wachuku family of Nbawsi in Abia State of Nigeria. My grandfather was the Supreme Head of All Ngwaland, presently constituting 7 of the 17 local government Areas of the State. I come from a large extended family of lawyers, judges, doctors, engineers and other professionals. My legal career commenced under the tutelage of a late Uncle, Dr. Jaja Anucha Wachuku, who was Nigeria’s first Foreign Affairs Minister, the country’s first Permanent Representative to the United Nations, and First Speaker of the Nigerian House of Representatives. He later served two terms as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Over the years, I have also had the privilege of serving in distinguished capacities in my country.

So?  What's the point in all these personal accolades?  You sound like Davie who is the biggest narcissist in Armstrongism today.  There was a Prince in Ambassador in 1975 from Nigeria also. He too came from a large family with a father that had 20 some wives. So what! As Yoda says, "Not, we are impressed."

Vidal then goes on to throw more accolades around about his wife:

As an Attorney-At-Law (Solicitor & Advocate of the Supreme Court of Nigeria), I was admitted to the Nigerian Bar in 1984. My wife, Christine, is a professional colleague who was admitted to the Bar in 1986. She served as a State Prosecuting Counsel for some years before joining me in private legal practice..
Davie must be soooooooooo impressed!  Yoda still is not.

Vidal then tells about how he also started a splinter cult in Nigeria called The Narrow Way Church of God.

In time, with the Church’s doctrines being watered down and eventually thrown out by apostate leaders, some members, including two other faithful ministers and I, later formed the Narrow Way Church of God (NWCG), with our base in Abuja, Nigeria.

Next Vidal  throws around a recurring phrase that Schurter and others have used, "anointing our eyes".  The paragraph he has supposedly written below sounds exactly like what Pack and others have repeated over and over.  Can these guys ever come up with an original thought that does not have Pack's hand all over it?

Even though some followed his advice, the majority decided to individually investigate RCG, and came to the conclusion any discerning inquirer will reach: that in the cacophony of dissenting and disagreeing voices among the “COGs,” RCG, by its fruits, stood out (and still stands out) as the only genuine continuation of the Work led by Mr. Armstrong. For us, the process started with several days and sleepless nights of investigating the over 300 splinters and slivers on the Internet, followed by several weeks of intense study. Despite all the attacks launched against Mr. Pack and RCG, our studies revealed that it alone held to and taught the precision of doctrine as restored by God through Mr. Armstrong. In the circumstance, my wife and I, after anointing our eyes (Rev. 3:18), along with our children, became reconnected to what we once all knew and believed. So did more than two-thirds of the membership of the now defunct NWCG. This was a homecoming that immediately rejuvenated many who were beginning to be discouraged.

Vidal next writes:

I have first-hand knowledge of what Mr. Schurter and others are battling as they return to the Body of Christ. He looks forward to resuming his posts on this site, but as he continues to work intensively with members, I and other ministers will relate our own personal experiences. Recognize that deceivers (II Tim. 3:13), including many “long-time ministers” thought to be “faithful,” will do everything in their power to cloud the real issues and distract us from what really matters—truth, traditions, standards and fruits!

Translation:  I have seen first hand how Schurter got ripped over the coals by THE Mr. Apostle Davie and there is no way in hell I am going to write something here that would lead me into the same reeducation and mind washings sessions that Schurter is going through right now.  Please bear with us during this reeducation process, once he has been  mind washed completely he will return with glorious pre-chosen words from The Dear Leader.

He then goes on to smear United Church of God with rather angry words.  It looks like not all of his  small cult followers went with Vidal to RCG but stayed with UCG.  That was because these foolish members had NOT "anointed" their eyes.  They were too dumb and blind to see that the worlds largest and most important Church of God  on the face of the earth was calling them.

At the time we made contact with RCG, the aforementioned UCG minister immediately flew to Nigeria and came to Abuja to try to persuade us not to go with RCG. He and the former WCG minister (who had so recently passionately disavowed UCG) succeeded in convincing some (15 out of 55) who were not willing to study and anoint their eyes. The attacks on Mr. Pack got so personal that even the UCG Pastor in Nigeria sent text messages to one of my daughters, claiming that Mr. Pack would lead her astray and advised her not to follow us to RCG.

Vidal ends with :

I urge you to take time to find out what RCG is. Determine to dismantle the mythology that others have woven about Mr. Pack—just as my wife and I did, along with many others! There is not space here to tell you all that I discovered and how life has taken on a new meaning since we returned to God’s Church.

Thank God!  It would be hard to read much more of this kind of silliness.  The back stabbing and whoring out of ones self to Davie is appalling.  These letters just get weirder and weirder.  I can't wait to see who the next back stabbing UCG minister that has defected over.  Will his letter be just as dumb?  Will his be written and approved by Davie and RCG's PR Department too?

You can read Vidal's entire letter here.  Another Voice Speaks Out
There is more that was just to dumb to make fun of.

Guest Writer Andrew on "What Is Wrong with the COG's?" UPDATED

What Is Wrong with the COG's?

In short, the thing that is wrong with the COG's is they are crazy. Crazy does not describe the splinters themselves, so much as it describes what you become when subjected its many contradictions. When I say contradiction, I mean, when your senses, your instincts, and your innate intelligence all tell you one thing, and every human being you come in contact with offers a totally contradictory account of the same or similar experiences. You become divided, one half believing your observations, the other half believing the social proof. We have good reasons to believe both, even though we know, somewhere deep down, that both cannot be true simultaneously, nevertheless, we bend everything else around to rationalize them, to try to make them both make sense simultaneously. That is how people who are searching for something, can become more lost than ever. Organizations that they trust will help them make sense out of life, instead create environments that facilitate the twisting of young, naïve, or weak people's psyches until they resemble a carnival's hall of mirrors. For anyone who has seen the film, just like the talking computer HAL from Stanley Kubrik's "2001: A Space Odyssey," who went crazy from contradictory instructions, so too do we became "crazy" in exactly the same way.

The biggest example of crazy I have come to perceive within Armstrongism (the recognition of which has begun to shepherd me in the general direction of sanity) is as follows:

1) The only things that are recognized as sins in COG's are not tithing, not keeping the sabbath or holy days, keeping the world's holidays, eating unclean meats, murder (that's criminal), not showing sufficient deference and respect for a minister (the eleventh commandment), and sexual dalliances (although those are "private" matters, which should be covered up). And then there are the pet peeves that are splinter-specific, like sacred names, new moons, calendar, etc. Everything else is just a shoulder issue, like hair length, proper attire, substance abuse, or not praying and studying daily, which might be regarded as sin technically, but in practice no one ever makes a big deal about. That's the whole enchilada right there.

2) But by anyone's standard, you can lie, cheat, steal, and abuse others in COUNTLESS other ways, and no one is even going to raise an eyebrow, so long as you otherwise put on a show of niceness, reasonableness, and otherwise general respectability. The Golden Rule is, "Do unto others before they do it unto you." Even though the bible is pretty clear that these things are all sins too, (lying and stealing are part of the Ten Commandments even) the reason why this is not recognized as being sin within the COG's is because this type of behavior is the "minister's" bread and butter. They make their living off of abusing other people and making it seem "reasonable," and as a result, it becomes "normal" and "acceptable."

When we try to rationalize these two sets of facts, and force them to make sense in relationship to the bible, the result is we start to become "crazy." And rightly so, because if we succeed, then we have lost touch with reality. It doesn't matter whether you're talking about Armstrong, Meredith, Pack, Flurry, UCG, COGWA, or the bounty of self-appointed prophets and apostles. They are ALL like this.

But I wrote "by anyone's standard" because, if you go to any other religious organization, the Catholics or Protestants, or any other Christian outfit, some of the things in the FIRST paragraph are going to change, but NOTHING in the SECOND paragraph will change. (Notice that I numbered these paragraphs for easy reference. I will keep referring back to them.)

Jesus said that the pharisees were hypocrites because they tithed and were careful about all the nitpicky observances, but completely neglected "the weightier matters of the law." And that is my point. The FIRST paragraph is the obvious, but "non-weighty" portion, while NOT DOING the SECOND paragraph is the less obvious perhaps, but definitely "weightier" portion. If the general outlines I have laid out here are essentially correct, then Christians, by and large, are basically hypocrites. Using that definition, there are approximately 2 billion Christian "pharisees" in the world today. How sad.

But why stop there? Let's consider all the secular organizations too, including for-profit corporations, governments of all sorts, and, heck, why not even throw in the Mafia for good measure. Hey, there's honor, even among thieves. Just change the FIRST paragraph. Simple. Everybody does the SECOND paragraph. Everybody.

Christians are different though. No, it's true. Just not in the way that they would have you believe. They will TELL you they're different because they play by the rules of Jesus, instead of the world's rules. They would have you BELIEVE they are different UNDERNEATH. But this is just a charade. Certainly at the organizational level, if not the individual level, people don't play by Jesus' rules. The only thing that makes Christians different is the charade. The REAL difference with Christians is that they're the least likely to be HONEST about themselves. The real difference with Christians is the charade. Al Capone may have been a murderer, but one thing he wasn't, was a hypocrite. The bottom line is we're ALL the same underneath because we all do the SECOND paragraph. Yes, even Christians.

HWA and all the COG's trying to preserve his legacy have always thought of themselves as being so DIFFERENT from the rest of Christianity, but from this point of view, they are actually quite MAINSTREAM. Perhaps even ORTHODOX. From this point of view, there's just as much difference between a COG and the Catholics as there is between the Catholics and the Mafia. Which is to say, the differences between all three of them are superficial. When it comes to how they LIVE as opposed to merely what they preach, COG's have much more in common with everyone else in the world than they would like to believe. For example, during the process of copying and pasting the Evangelical's FIRST paragraph over to become WCG's FIRST paragraph (becoming "doctrinally" mainstream), the Tkach's made HEAVY use of the WHOLE SECOND paragraph as though there was nothing wrong with doing any of that. And no one even noticed.

How come? Because Christians, not just the leaders, but the lay members too, think the stuff in the FIRST paragraph is ALL there is to being a Christian. They are literally BLIND to HALF, the more IMPORTANT half, of what SHOULD BE their doctrine! Maybe it's not half, but let's just say half for simplicity's sake. Anyway, because they are blind, they cannot see anything wrong, AND because of their blindness they DECEIVE themselves into believing they can see BETTER than anyone else! Tragic really.

I could here use the bible to eviscerate not just the COG's, but also the entire establishment of Christendom regarding blindness, being deceived, Laodicea, Emperor's new clothes, and so forth, but will limit myself to the earlier statement of Jesus that I have already cited, regarding hypocrisy, which is my point.

Not being distracted by all the petty "doctrines," non-religious people can see both halves clearly, but generally think that avoiding doing the SECOND paragraph is the only part that is important, and so they merely DISPENSE with the entire FIRST paragraph. Not coincidentally, while that wasn't exactly what Jesus said to do, it might be CLOSER to what he said than what Christians do.

Is it possible that non-believers who don't participate in formal religious observance, but nonetheless make a good faith effort to live moral and ethical lives, are actually better at practicing the teachings of Jesus Christ than those who profess to be Christians? I didn't say they were perfect. True, they don't tithe on their mint, anise, or cumin. Also, don’t forget that everyone practices the SECOND paragraph. But here's the rub: non-believers don't have the same vested interest in being DISHONEST about that fact.  Unwittingly, they are free to be MORE observant of the "weightier matters" both because they are not blind to it, and because they believe that is where the emphasis should be placed. I suppose there remains the issue of faith still to be resolved. I wouldn't expect even a "good faith" non-believer to claim faithfulness. On the other hand, are they any LESS faithful than the pharisees? If we just called that particular death-match a draw, it seems that the "good-faith" non-believer comes out ahead of the average professing Christian by a fair margin. Notice, I stopped short of declaring any "winners" here though.

If it were not for this terrible example of hypocrisy that Christianity sets, there would probably be a lot fewer atheists and agnostics. Christianity certainly puts a lot of wind in their sails. I am sure part of the calculations of the typical non-believer include the fact that they find the abuse in religious institutions morally and ethically objectionable, and can't fathom that any higher power could possibly be at work there because the whole thing is so sickening. That sickening feeling may be the foundation upon which they then conclude that the religious are silly people who will believe anything without good reason, atheism's major talking point today. Or maybe it's just the main reason why people wind up leaving Christianity to become non-believers.

Despite all the money Christians spend trying to get out the "gospel," their example powerfully negates their message. What a waste! How counterproductive! But isn't that exactly what we should expect from people who are so deeply divided within themselves? Shouldn't we expect self-sabotaging behaviors to be among the symptoms of being diagnosed as a certifiable Christian?

Whenever people form any organization, secular or religious, the scum always seems to rise to the top. Everyone else either follows or they get forced out, thus purifying and concentrating the scum. But only the Christian variety of scum claims that the only suitable preparation for an environment (heaven) where no "sewage" can seep in, is to spend the rest of your life soaking together in "sewage!" But then the COG’s declare that not just any "sewage" will do. No, it must be THEIR specific concoction of "sewage!" Did I say crazy already?

If Jesus is who he said he was, then I cannot imagine that he would sponsor ANY Christian organization, because such organizations don't seem to be able to stop themselves from teaching through their example that a life of systematic lying, cheating and stealing is "God's way." They don't seem to be able to help but to lead people AWAY from what everyone EXCEPT Christians intuitively seems to know are the weightier matters of life. Organizations always seem to be hostile environments for practicing the teachings of Jesus Christ. They're great places for practicing Christianity though. Isn't it crazy that those two should have so little in common?

Crazy, yes, but when you are finally able to sit down and think it all through clearly, and in the proper context, it all winds up making perfect sense. That's when the confusion subsides and you can begin moving to the next stage of the grieving process: anger.

"Men go crazy in congregations, they only get better one by one." -Sting, "All This Time"

Speaking Truth

ht: Dennis

Are You " Lukewarm, Wishywashy" Tired and Listless?

If you are you need a healthy dose of Elijah Message

The Apostle is on a tear this morning about the Elijah work and sinful, filthy, pagan embracing, commandment breaking, do-gooders in the Church of God.  I think he is a little ticked that no one is paying any attention to him.  He certainly is NOT an apostle nor is he here with any Elijah message.
Elijah did not preach some watered down message about a coming Christ or kingdom! NO indeed: he preached repentance and a turning back to the Holy One of Israel!  He did this with POWER and AUTHORITY ; the AUTHORITY of God’s commandments!
 Any man who comes up with a prophetic interpretation and then uses the teachings of the pagans to support that position IS a false prophet! (Three guesses on who this is aimed at: Bob Thiel!) Any man who teaches to tolerate and overlook sin IS a false prophet and will be destroyed by Christ if he does not repent.
Elijah was a true man of God, because he was passionately zealous for his God! He was not a fearing to offend wishy washy spiritual wimp, nor was he preaching a tertiary gospel about a coming kingdom:  He preached REPENTANCE and OBEDENCE to ALL of God’s commandments!
The primary commission of God’s people is tp teach all men to keep ALL of God’s commandments (If Malm is setting himself up to be some kind of Elijah he is mistaken and a liar!)
Or are we  lukewarm wishy-washy and  careless about God’s commandments.  Do we boldly declare what sin is and boldly preach repentance from sin?  Or do we present self help messages and speak of a coming kingdom that will solve all our problems, without any real reference to the need to keep ALL of God’s commandments?

Do we even keep God’s commandments ourselves with any degree of zeal?  We walk all over God’s Holy Sabbath day and His Holy Days and we exalt the traditions of men; above the word of God.

Those who are NOT as passionate as Elijah was, could never do an Elijah work!  If we are not filled with that same spirit of passionate love for God and his Law  it would be impossible to do a similar work!

If Elijah were to appear today: He would be rejected and called: Extremeist; Self-righteous; Pharisaical, Over Righteous;  and the COG Groups would demand of him:  Just who do you think you are to criticise God’s church and people as being less tan spiritually perfect?  If he were to try to turn them to the Eternal they would just declare: We are spiritually rich and have need of nothing,  you are crazy to disagree with us!

Van Robison on "Why Are So Many People Religiously Seduced?"

Why Are So Many People Religiously Seduced?

When I was 18-years old and in the Air Force, I heard the "World Tomorrow" broadcast on radio for the first time (about 1961).  The voice on that program was either Herbert W. Armstrong or Garner Ted.  They offered "FREE" literature, booklets and a "Bible Correspondence Course."  I was intrigued that I could get this material for "free."  I was captivated by what I heard on this radio program and so I sent for various "free" booklets and the Bible Correspondence Course.  Little did I know at the time, that what I was hearing and reading was the "mind-set" of Herbert W. Armstrong and those who influenced him.  I was young, gullible and naive and thought I was learning "Biblical truth."  I read the material and devoured it with zeal.  I was indoctrinated and programmed to believe a great deal of false doctrines and teachings, based upon Herbert W. Armstrong.

After my honorable discharge from the Air Force, I made a beeline for Pasadena and within a few months became an employee.  Twelve years later, my wife and I and two children took an exit from this cult, and found great relief of mind to no longer be associated with a religious organization that controlled the lives of so many gullible and naive people and families.  Many years later and thinking about it, I still wonder what it is that causes people to be seduced by man-made religions (?).  Perhaps it is partly that people need social contacts, need something that is missing in their lives and find comfort in just being a part of something.

Another strange aspect is that there is something in many people, that seems to find comfort in being told what to think and what to do with their lives.  Maybe it is the lack of having parents in their lives, as I did.  My dad and mom divorced when my two sisters and I were very young children and we lived with our loving Dad and then he passed away early in life at about 32-years of age.  We were lost sheep in the world.  Perhaps it is that reason that I found comfort in the Worldwide Church of God and one of my sisters found "truth" in the Mormon Church.

Sometimes perhaps we are driven by reasons we simply don't understand, at least at the time we become involved in cults.  Perhaps the need is fellowship with other people.  Whatever the reason, the odd and strange thing is that in time many will exit these church groups and yet others will stay within for life.  The same is true of so called "main-stream" churches.  One can find on the Internet websites by ex-church goers of almost any group, including not only the Worldwide Church of God and its many clones, but also ex-Roman Catholics, ex-Mormons, ex-Jehovah Witnesses, ex-Church of Christ, ex-Seventh Day Adventists, ex-Gospel Assembly, ex-Pentecostal, ex-Charismatic, ex-Baptist or name your religious flavor or fill in the blanks.

What drives many to exit while many others never do?  There are many ex-Christians who have turned to atheism.  There are some former atheists who are now Christians.  Indeed life is strange!  Many are convinced God does not exist, while many others are totally convinced He does.  Why is that?  Some are Deists, meaning that they believe in God based upon observation in the world and universe, but not in revealed knowledge, such as "the Bible." And then of course there are religious beliefs outside of the realm of so called "Christianity" (which I call man-made Churchianity).

The religiously indoctrinated mind is in my opinion a closed mind, meaning that this person can only think and "reason" within the parameters or walls of their particular programming, and cannot entertain alternatives.  I have found that so called Bible apologists are in this category and it would seem apparent that their house of cards comes tumbling down, unless they believe that "the Bible is infallible and inerrant."  Their faith in Jesus Christ is based upon "Bible infallibility."

Perhaps one of the strangest things to contemplate is why so many people are like sheep that bah bah bah to religious leaders, thinking that these people represent God Almighty/Jesus Christ for no other reason than that they stand in pulpits and spew and spout forth their personal  opinions on what "truth" is.  Is it because humans are taught from birth to "obey" and to NOT THINK?  It is the same with the world of politicians, politics and human governments, and none of them have the answers to human issues, human problems or represent God on earth, even though they may proclaim that they do.

I would suggest that one of the greatest weaknesses in human beings is to follow men or women who speak in public and vocalize that what they teach is what "truth" is.  Millions fall prey to those who stand in pulpits.  Millions fall prey to those who speak from political platforms.  However, if indeed Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life, then no one else is.  Does anyone grasp this?  For those who think the "apostle" Paul was God in the flesh, and infallible and inerrant, does it seem strange that in the four Gospels, Jesus NEVER mentioned the name of a man named "Paul?"

It is a great human failing to follow men who themselves will wind up kissing the grave and all the financial sacrifice to support these clowns, will wind up blowing in the wind.

Van Robison

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lou Maschio: Going "Knockers for the 'Vigilant' Church of God"

I received a letter today from a reader giving me some information about Lou Maschio, the guy that runs the Christ's Knock web site and  the originator of the Vigilant Church of God.  One would get the impression by reading the Christ is Knocking web site that the Vigilant Church of God is a powerful ministry run by thousands of members doing a mighty work.

It looks like the VCG is not as big and important as they let on.  Is it just another living room church that seeks to con members out of money?  Is it another out of work COG man who is eking out a living by living off of gullible church members money?  Armstrongism has a long history of men doing this.

There is not a lot of information about Lou Maschio online and weeding through his incredibly BORING films and articles is  mind numbingly dull.

Like so much in Armstrongism, first appearances are deceiving.  Read on:

Thought you might be interested in a small fish in a small pond already mentioned in one of your blogs early last year.

Lou Maschio formed his Vigilant Church of God to Seize the Hour and Knock for Christ as Christ's spokesperson. He is another one that believes Jesus Christ directly communicates and inspires only him.

He joined the RCG in 2002 where he was ordained a church elder in short order. While in RCG, he was the proverbial pompous, brown nose type (you know, sitting in the front row, raising his hand every opportunity, laughing at poor jokes, kissing butt repeatedly, etc).

When Lou came into RCG, he was unordained with a very brief history in the greater Church of God. Although he somehow claims differently at times (when advantaged to do so) to have roots in the WCG, he was never a member; and in fact did not become a member of any organization until 1998, when he went into the PCG. It was there he was baptised. It took about two years for their autocratic leadership to begin to direct Lou, at which time he left to go off on his own.

He began to distribute some of his own sophomoric material to the general public in the Chicago area, although he was loosely associated with Don Roth and his group for a couple of years until joining RCG.

Now that would not be a problem, were it not for his current agenda.

He has acquired a small following claiming to be knocking, and asking scattered COG members to "rise". Anyone that was with PCG in the early 1990's would hopefully see that this "knock" ideology was preached by Flurry long before Lou reused it with a twist. He has also somehow managed to translate some of his propaganda into spanish,as well, with uneducated, Latin America the obvious target. It is clearly a stategy to decieve some of the most simple.

The Seize the Hour videocast is an irritating, amateurish flurry of over-dramatised speaking theatrics, complete with exaggerated head bobbing, including an introduction that reminds older men of old Italian WWII recruitment films.

A late development concerns his name. Previously Lou Maschio, but now "Frank" Maschio. The website has changed all bylines to "L Frank Maschio". This should afford him more opportunity to rewrite his own past, as Lou Maschio will not be as searchable.

I don't think there's any other modern  instance in the churches of God of someone claiming to be THE minister for Christ that has had such timidity, and been as pigeonhearted so as to use a fake name in order to keep his personal life inconspicuous.

You can see from his history that he seems to be one that has never taken direction, but certainly wants to give it.

Is Dave Pack Doing His "Utmost To Deceive You?"

Apostle Malm has a letter on his site today from a person that claims to have known Dave Pack before he started Restored Church of God and was then with him as he started RCG. It's in the post where Malm plagiarized my earlier post about Schurter "washing his mind."  Dale Shurter repents: Bob Thiel Justifies: One Accord out

This person has one very telling observation about Pack that many have recognized over the years. Notice particularly the last paragraph

We were one of the first brethren to join Dave Pack in this exciting new venture, we loved his enthusiasm and great oratory but soon and I mean immediately soon, trouble began. As time passed, my only comment I can say to the brethren is the Dave Pack has built the Restored Church of God on spiritual blood and many brethren have been murdered along the way financially. It is a sad organization of brutality, enforcement, immaturity and greed via the many sermons and messages based on ”the get system” which is the opposite of what Mr. Armstrong taught in the 1980’s.

HERE IS WHAT IS REALLY INTERESTING: In the “early years” just months after he started the church he gave a sermon and said, in quote, that if he ever proclaimed he was an apostle or some greater position higher than being a humble minister….he would be deceived”. Further, he said, “that if he was deceived, he would do his utmost due to his dynamic personality to deceive YOU the brethren AND that we should not follow him”.in quote.

What a narcissist! Dynamic personality?

This dude is a case study for the next edition of DSM 5.

Dale Schurter: "I Have Strayed From The Truth," "I Have Washed My Mind"

Never underestimate the power of these blogs.  As much as we are hated by many of the diehard Armstrognites, they are regular readers here and elsewhere.  I guess they love to be titillated, or they silently admit that their news sources are not as good as ours.

On January 14th, I published the comments of a reader here as a blog post, Dale Schurter: The Master of Flip Flopping (Updated)   It has went viral through many COG networks and has landed at the feet of Davie Pack and  Dale Schurter.  You may have noticed the week long absence of posts from Schurter during his reeducation process when Davie got wind of his many heretical beliefs.

Today Schurter and RCG's PR machine had to answer some of those accusations.  His comments are very telling of the cult mentality he has jumped ship into.

He starts off by laying blame at UCG's feet for his actions. He claims he was not following "true church government" and that he sinned by sharing his papers with his congregations on various topics.  Ministers only write papers on subjects that are dear to them. Schurter is being disingenuous by trying to pass the buck.

Those in the United Church of God understand that this group allows, or encourages, local ministers to present “study papers” and include input from local members before sending them on “up the ladder.” I personally have worked on several research, study projects, and would sometimes share the study with the local congregations I pastored. The idea was for brethren to be like the Bereans, who “searched the scriptures daily, whether these things were so,” and to give feed-back and input, etc. It was always my intent to help broaden and deepen our understanding of a doctrine (if doctrine were indeed involved). While well-intentioned, I now realize this was wrong.
Obviously Schurter has had to deal with the wrath of Pack on the various weird beliefs that he had when he jumped ship to RCG.  Schurter has had to "repent" of his grievous and erroneous beliefs that have watered down church doctrines

Without church government as we understood was restored to God’s True Church through Mr. Armstrong, this type of confusion occurred. And, yes, through anointing my eyes with more oil and eye-salve, I found that I had some repenting to do…and I have; and as I continue to see more clearly, I continue to restore the full truth in my life, lifestyle and teachings. This includes repenting of my slow changing and watering down of church doctrine, traditions and practices because I had lost sight of how---through which office---doctrine is placed into God’s Church.

Schurter goes on to say he had to "wash out his mind" in order to fit in to Dave Pack's off the wall  beliefs. Washing ones mind sounds a whole lot better than saying "brainwashing."  It is quit obvious that we are all first hand witnesses to a real brain washing by Davie Pack and what it does to his followers.

While the “modern” approach appeals to the typical twenty-first century, democracy-oriented mind, it is wrong---and the fruits make this plain. Just this practice makes it impossible to follow Paul’s exhortation in I Corinthians 1:10: “Now I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.” This is the environment that I realized I had to come out of, after learning many hurtful lessons from inside it. And I have had to wash out of my mind the approach used there---so different from what God established and used through Mr. Armstrong’s tenure as Apostle and Pastor General of the Church of God. Mr. Armstrong’s---and the Bible’s---approach, and this washing is an ongoing process.

Through Dave Pack's miraculous, mind boggling inspiration, Schurter has had to admit he has "strayed" from truth.

Some of what has been reported of my past beliefs is true. Thus, I found I had strayed, although unintentionally, from truths in a number of areas. I realized from scripture that one cannot be “partially” in a Laodicean era condition, we are either Laodicean or we are not.

One of the things we nailed him on was his widely know belief in the "sacred names" malarkey.  Many Armstrongites have gravitated to this legalistic belief system.  Schurter was one of them, no matter how much he wants to gloss it over.  Too many people have heard him talk about it.

For example, I developed an incorrect focus on the Hebrew names of God. I did not intend to be part of any “sacred names” movement (and I never taught that it is “evil” to say “God” or “Jesus Christ”). Our Father’s and Savior’s names are pronounced differently in many different languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, German, Hebrew, etc. However, I often over-emphasized the Hebrew to the point of creating a potential stumbling block. I firmly believe that we should speak God’s names in our native languages…wherever we live around the world. Those who make Hebrew names a point of contention become self-righteous and divisive. This can be seen among some groups that make the “sacred names” their sole identity. 

 The next thing we had reported on him was his belief in a "young earth."  This did not sit well with Davie and as a result, Schurter has had to repent of that understanding and return to what Pack believes and HWA taught.
I had also moved toward the idea of a “young earth,” based on certain Bible translations. I had a certain line of reasoning driving my thinking. I had forgotten that Mr. Armstrong was settled in his mind on this by explaining the time “gap” between Genesis 1:1 and verse 2, and re-confirmed it in his final book, Mystery of the Ages

Next he calls those who made claims about new moons and other astrological events are lairs. I guess Dale seems to forget that there are countless people that have heard him talk about this.

This said, some of what has been presented regarding my past is either misrepresentation or pure fiction. I did study new moons from the agricultural perspective, as astronomical events related to growing seasons, and the way to mark the beginning of a month, years, etc., using God’s calendar. Most of this stems from when I was asked by Mr. Armstrong to lead the agricultural department at Big Sandy. But I never advocated new moons as holy days for the church to observe, as some have proposed. And, I also continue to believe and teach that the Sabbath begins and ends at sunset, not at any other time. Recent reports to the contrary in order to discredit me (and RCG) are simply invention, or perhaps the intent of what was spoken/heard was communicated poorly, not understood correctly, or both.

Schurter writes:

Many of you may believe that, “in your own way,” you are holding to what you learned from God through Mr. Armstrong. But I have learned how far one can drift from his teachings, traditions, and example and not realize it!

No where in his entire letter did Schurter mention following Jesus.  It is all about following Dave Pack as he follows the teachings of Herbert Armstrong.  You have to look far and in between to find Dave Pack talking much about Jesus too.  It's all law, all the time.  But have no fear, Schurter is just like Hebrew prophets and leaders.  They were sinful men used by God and he (Schurter) is a sinful many being used by God.  Through Dave's almighty instructions he has come to see the error of his ways and has repented.

I am encouraged when I recall that mistakes made by Moses, King David, and others are recorded in Scripture for our learning---and that, because of their repentance, they still will receive great reward in God’s kingdom. It is good to again be in the Government of God. Again, the good fruits of The Work He is accomplishing through the leadership of the Pastor General of the Restored Church of God, Mr. David Pack and his support team, is both encouraging and inspiring. On a more personal note, I have heard Mr. Pack say, just as Mr. Armstrong often said both publicly and privately, “I have made mistakes in the past for which I have repented and also, when proven wrong, I changed and corrected the error.” Good example.

Dave Pack has used this heretical beliefs of Schurter as a tool for reeducation and publicity.  Schurter says he has repented and had his eyes anointed.  Lo and behold, Pack as a booklet on that same topic!

Brethren and friends, if my public admissions, needing to anoint my eyes, repent and change will help others to do the same, this would be a rewarding joy. I do urge you to seek God’s help to anoint your eyes. You will find Mr. Pack’s book, “Anoint Your Eyes – Christ’s Warning to His People,” contains all of the scriptures to recognize where one stands, and how to go about the anointing.
Schurter signs off by letting you know that other ministers who are "chomping at the bit to write about their exodus from pagan, filthy UCG into the glorious light of the Restored Church of God.  Besides, these men will need to write as Schurter continues his reeducation at the feet of Apostle Pack.

Please understand that I am deluged with emails and calls, and that other RCG ministers who were formerly in UCG (and some in other splinters) will be writing posts for the next period of time. It was always the plan to include other voices on this website (as outlined in “About This Website”). These men are “chomping at the bit” to add support to what I have written over the last week and a half.
Not once has Schurter mentioned he was following Jesus.  That alone tells a whole lot about what a fool Schurter has turned into.  Maybe I should not have said that, now we will get to see a flurry of posts from Schurter and other defecting Ministers all talking about how they are following Jesus.

Why anyone in their right mind would continue to follow this man now is beyond belief.  Members of UCG know exactly what this man was like, what he believed and taught.  Even though he was widely liked, they know exactly what he taught no matter how much he denies it.  Now he has done a 180 degree turn and seen the light; in one of Amstrongism's more aberrant cults.  Since he made such a dramatic turn around and has now repented of countless beliefs, what is there to make us want to believe him now? The mind washing and reeducation in Restored Church of God must be mighty powerful.  Especially since it has been revealed that RCG only has 2,100 members.

To read Schurter's entire letter click here:   The Choice God’s People Face

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

COGer Teaching Other COGers about Cults

I guess it takes one to recognize one.  The only trouble is that cult recognition usually happens when a person leaves an Armstrongite splinter cult and their eyes are opened at the abuses they have just left behind.  It is worse when it is an Armstrongite who sees these things and then justifies it all by remaining in their respective splinter cult thinking their group has none of these traits.  Then there is also the group that claims that the early Christians and the Catholic Church was originally considered a cult therefore COGs are in good company..

So now we have another group in Armstrongism who thinks they have all the answers. Of course this is another Church of God like all the others. Just like all the other splinter cutls, its all about the law.  Law, law, law, hardly anyting about Jesus but tons of crap about the law.

This one is another Church of God but has attached Remnant to it's name: Church of God-Speaking to the Remnant.  Why do all these splinter cults think they are something special?  Remnant?  Really? REALLY?

Like in true Armstrongite blinded to reality in the church,  they have to start off bashing all the web sites and blogs that point out the foibles of Armstrongism.  This person has listed all the different character traits of those who expose Armstrongism. For all of you that expose the crap of Armstrongsm you are suffering from one of the following:

Sadly, many who know anything about the true “Worldwide Church of God” have gotten their information off of websites or out of books by people who no longer even believe in God. Many of these misfits were told to leave the Church because they abused their wife, practiced homosexuality, taught false doctrine, etc. After refusing to admit their sins and become clean in God's eyes, they instead chose the path of sin and began to make false accusations against the true Church. Anger consumes them! “For their heart studieth destruction, and their lips talk of mischief.” [Proverbs 24:2] 

Then he goes on to uses HWA's favorite method of reasoning: "Don't believe me, believe the Bible."   We have all seen how well that has worked out! 
Most of the hateful information found on these websites and books is arrogant jargon. They make claims that all true members of the Church are “evil”, “confused”, “lost”, etc. The fact is, these people should be testing all claims based on what the Bible says, not what any man says. I challenge all people who visit this website and read my articles to test it all against the Word of God. The fact is, these people just do not want to live the Christian life. Thats okay but why so much anger against the truth? This should not surprise us. These types killed almost all the apostles and hung Jesus from a stake. Making a clean break from false worship may not be very fun. Jesus warned that one's relatives may oppose such a course. But if we are called of God this should make no difference in our decision. [Matthew 10:32-37] If we truly love God we will run to Him. We will throw away all of our false doctrines and cherish the TRUTH!
This much he got right.  After Herb died hundreds of splinter cutls were formed.  Just a a few are: LCG, PCG, RCG, GCG, CBCG, UCG, COGWA, CGG etc.

It is true that after the first latter day apostle's death many broke away from the true Worldwide Church of God and started cults. Many of these groups have leaders who use scare tactics, power tactics and even pay people to help them control others. This also should not surprise the true Christian. The apostle Paul from the Bible warned: “For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock
His qualifications for cults are as follows. Most of these are truly irrelevant. 
Cults Have False Apostles and Prophets: False groups teach false doctrines and their leaders have some sort of egomaniac problem. Instead of putting God, His Law and His Word first they seem to stress importance in themselves.

Cults Try to Control: Another aspect of cults is the fact that they use fear to try and control their people. Now we must remember that there is such a thing as “healthy fear”. We should be afraid of those trying to hurt us...Just because true Christians do these things does not, from a Biblical standpoint, make them “cult” members. God leaves it up to you, the individual to make the choice. No true Christian is commanded to control you or some how force you into believing the TRUTH. But cults do indeed try and use psychological tactics and sometimes physical tactics to do just that....

How You Live Your Life Matters: You have a choice in these Last Days...days of confusion and spiritual battle, to make a choice about your future. You can live a happy future or a miserable one. No man can make that choice for you. No cult leader, no denomination, no “spiritual” teacher. You must make the ultimate choice. How you live your life does not just effect you and others...IT EFFECTS GOD.

Fault Finders & Accusers of the Brethren: For those who have the true Gospel be prepared for hard times! We [true Christians] have the TRUTH, not “a truth”. When we fail sometimes to live up to the truth we find many around us begin to swarm in like flies to begin the “breaking down” process. These are nothing but demonic attacks to try and discourage you and make you turn from God's truth. Just because a Christian fails sometimes to live a perfect life it does not change the fact that Saturday is Sabbath, Jesus is Lord, and His one true church is the one and only Worldwide Church of God....There are many instances in the Bible where the people would judge the messenger instead of the message. This happened with the prophets. King David murdered, worshiped false idols and many other sins he committed but through him God wrote part of the Bible. King David wrote many beautiful Psalms. When we look at the type of people Jesus chose to be His apostles we see some sinful men. But no matter who God ultimately chooses God continues to tell them to not give up, to continue to try and follow His commandments no matter what anybody else says.   

He never touches on the dangerous aspects of cults and how they damage the person mentally, spiritually and physically.  Instead it is just superficial fluff.  If he exposed the falsehoods, lies, the mental manipulation, the physical abuse and spiritual abuse he would have to condemn his own splinter cult. But no, it is better to keep one's head in the sand with their butt in the air as they continue to make asses of themselves.

"Gentile Idiots," "Nincompoops," and Pretend Jews: A COG Wallet Drainer

Just when you thought Armstrongites could not get any crazier along comes another one out of the woodwork.  This one comes to us based out of the Philippines.  When you read through it you have to ask, is this for real or is it a parody?  It is just so off base that it could be parody, especially when it starts talking about "Sweet young things" donating money.  :-)  Though, it is just crazy enough to attract COG members over to it!

This site claims to have been aorund since 2000.  This one is unique above all others though because they claim to be neither Christian or Messianic Jews.  They despise Messianic Jews as frauds and the same for Christians.  Like any true Armstrongite splinter cult they know all. They are the ONE and ONLY "congregation" that follows the truth of Jesus that is wrapped up in all the useless laws of Judaism.  This should appeal to the hardliner Armstrongites that try as hard as they can to be Jewish while worshiping HWA's teachings.

On September 10, 2000, Adonai Eloheinu placed in the possession of Rav Yeshua Ed a book written by J.R. Church titled ‘Hidden Prophecies in the Psalms.’ Rav Yeshua is able to decode the Sefer Tehillim better than Mr. J.R. Church on account of the prayer he asked face to face before Rabbi Yeshua that his eyes could see clearly. There are many authors of prophetic books who wrote of things they did not fully understand like Michael Drosnin of The Bible Code 2. Some people are given understanding and knowledge that many people do not have.

The New Jerusalem congregation started as a religious organization with the Key of David in its possession already. The Key of David is a key that helps us understand biblical prophecies and their fulfillments in the latter days of mankind.

I wonder if Gerald Flurry knows about this?  Two crackpot Armstrongites both claiming to have The Key Of David.  Only in Armstrongism!

Remember this. When you worship, worship God like what the Orthodox Jewish people are doing. Flee Christianity. Set yourself free from Messianic Judaism now. Worship God not in the same way that the born-again Christian group are doing. Even though they believe, God will not welcome them in the coming Kingdom of God.
 For instance the Jewish rabbis have confused all of the believers in Jesus Christ as Notzarim or Christians and Catholics alike. They think of all the believers as Roman Catholic Church members.  Christians do not follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. Christians worship God in the spirit of rebellion and idolatry. Therefore, it must be Jesus who taught the Christian people to do what they are doing in the past and in this present time, they conclude.
The New Jerusalem congregation is not a Christian congregation. Only idiot (sic) believes the words ‘congregation’ and ‘church’ are different from each other. If your group is sporting the word ‘church’ you must be Christian or if you are a congregation, you are Jewish. 

You only convert once with us.

 Then to appeal to a small segment of Armstrongism they get into the sacred names crap:

Rabbi Yeshua Bar El heads and leads the New Jerusalem congregation in a way the people on earth would not be able to comprehend. The righteous and knowledgeable people on earth know that this Yeshua is the son of Miriam and Yosef way back on his birth at 5 BCE.

Yeshua Ed is the Hebrew name of the administrator of the New Jerusalem congregation. The title ‘rav’ means a teacher. The Hebrew word ‘rabbi’ explicitly means ‘my teacher’ or ‘my master.’ In the New Jerusalem congregation we only have one master and that is Rabbi Yeshua Bar El a.k.a. Yeshua Ben Yosef veMiryam.

We have two entities in the New Jerusalem congregation with the Hebrew name of Yeshua. Yahshua is not the name of Jesus Christ in Hebrew even if it seems the same. But once you learned Hebrew language you will realize Jehovah is not the correct pronunciation of YHVH. Yahweh is not also the proper pronunciation of the name of God in its transliterated form. Only the uncircumcised Gentile idiots and nincompoops of this world use the names of Yahshua, Jehovah, Yehovah and Yahweh as the names of the G-d they worship. (emphasis mine)

Since their leader uses the name "Yeshua" in his title he is referred to as "Jesus". Only true truth is revealed through this lunatic.  Again, this should really appeal to the Armstrongites.....

However, I do have to hand it to them for being "different" from the other COG's.  This one uses Katy Perry videos in their web pages......The Seven Churches    Now all we need is Rod Meredith to start using "Pet Shop  Boys" on his web site......oh wait, that's too obvious....

If you are a believer in Jesus the Promised Messiah of Israel, what generation among the seven Churches do you belong to?
 Are you a Philadelphian or a Laodicean?
 Are you an Ephesians or a Smyrnians?
You will now know the truth about the seven Churches of God.
 You need to register so you can access the true interpretation of the seven letters of Jesus to the seven Churches. But the creation of account in our website is not accessible to the public at this point. I am not in my best mood at this time. Account shall be created personally by Admin for a donation of $ 10.00 to our Paypal account.
 Otherwise, you wait until I finish writing the little book of Revelation.
 So if you want to access articles concerning the content of the Book of Revelation, contact us after you have sent your ten dollar donation. Give us your email account and we will register your e-mail address for an account in this website.
 A young and beautiful thing can get a free registration here. The dead and dying can also get a free registration. Simply send us your picture and we will register you personally. If we owe you money or any thing, you are entitled also for a free registration. But consider our debt paid.
 The Two Witnesses are also entitled for a free registration.
 If you donate, $ 5,000.00 to our Paypal account you can consider this website yours. Your name is going to be in the by-line of all the articles that will be created starting from the date of your donation.
 Shalom Aleichem to all who would land in this page!

They do have one rather LARGE character trait that sets them apart from the rest of Armstrongism. This should really make Gerald Flurry and Meredith boiling mad that they never thought of it.  They have a link on their web page for people to send in "Offerings for Sin".    Maybe our Yahooists can join up and tell us the details!  :-)

That is what the little orange (yellow?) button is. It is a test that only the true Philadelphians can pass. A $100.00 donation means you are ready to enter the gate of righteousness where only the righteous can enter in. Please send us a note stating the amount of your sin offering for we want to know who you are. It is like, we will go through hell and high water to bring you people to the place of safety we know as Eretz Yisrael—at the border.

Entertaining, to say the least!  All power to the Nincompoops!

Dennis on Weinland: "Oh Ye Of Little Faith?"

Oh Ye Of Little Faith?

Dennis Diehl - EzineArticles Expert AuthorLast weekend I had the rare Saturday afternoon off from the spa where I work in therapeutic massage.  Januaries are like that.  So I tuned into Ron Weinland's sermon to hear what Witness One had to say.  Ron , as we know, is one of the very true Two Witnesses of Revelation 11 and Pastor Only of the Preparing for the Kingdom of God Church of God. 

I'm am writing this to those of you from Ron's congregation or who follow him as if he really was who he thinks he is....but is not.  

I would have hoped that most would have learned by now to question their minister when he claims to see himself written of and spoken of in the pages of the Bible.  I mean really, what's the chance?  I suppose believing such things goes back to when we got "Waterhoused" over who and what everyone from HWA to GTA to Joseph Tkach were in the pages of the Bible and the mind of God, but look back and see how well that went.  

If HWA brought the hearts of the father's to the children and the children to the father's," etc, I guess I don't see it.  If Joseph Tkach was a "Weaver" then all i got from that is that he used lousy material, mixed his fabrics and it all fell apart as a very inferior garment.  What i mean is that if you look at what was supposed to be what, it was not and still isn't.'  Personally, if I have to be under a Ron Weinland, Dave Pack, Gerald Flurry type in the Kingdom...well,  can I just have a log home in the mountains and be left alone?

Ron thinks that holding back your money over the next few months, "just in case," is a total lack of faith.  Those of you who do this, congratulations, it is a total exercise in common sense and proper care of yourself and your family.  Don't quit your day job as they say.  

Somehow, Ron had found out that some of his very own congregation were holding back on their offerings and funds that he would really like to get his hands on "just in case Jesus doesn't return " in May of this year. (2012)  I expect that a year or so from now, this article will seem prophetic, but I spare you.  Don't confuse prophecy for Common Sense.

He chided you for your lack of faith.  I think he must of said, "incredible" in there somewhere because that is what Ron always says when he simply can't understand why others do or don't do what he does or doesn't do.  

But we have to talk...

Please don't put all your hopes, dreams , faith and resources into Ron's opinion, and it is just an opinion, of what the immediate future holds for you. No God is going to chide you for your caution.  "Prove all things.." remember?

 I listened to Ron totally misuse the original context and meaning of the Book of Daniel to motivate you to see the error of your ways on this putting all your eggs into one basket thing.  Ron does not really know the historical context , setting of or even the actual time and peoples to whom the Book of Daniel was written, so of course he can't get it right to begin with.  But please, please, do your own homework and draw your own conclusions.  

Anyone can be a Bible reader.  When you read the Bible like a newspaper, which you should not do, you can come up with all sorts of hope that "time is short," "the day is far spent," or it is time to reveal things "which must shortly come to pass."  Ron never notices that ALL those verses were addressed to people 2000 years ago who just knew the end of the age was upon them and Jesus would soon return.   From our perspective, we now know that they were wrong.  How badly it hurt them, their families and resources we don't know.  The Bible never really tells us the rest of those kinds of stories.  I always wish Paul had not just told us what a loser he was ("The things that I should not do I do and the things I should do I don't," but what exactly he did or did not do that made him such.  But alas, I know the trick.  I'm a bad person, I do bad things but don't ask for specifics.  We'd probably all feel better if Paul had told us specifically how he was just like us.

 Ron, like most, read the New Testament as if it was written yesterday to all of you today, but that would be wrong wouldn't it?  Ministers get around that by fooling you about the idea of "types."  Remember when Ron was wrong about a date or event awhile back that you all had been earnestly looking for and when he had to finally speak up about his failure, HE BLAMED YOU!   I remember him saying something to the effect that "You people took it all wrong.  I didn't mean it was physical, I meant it was spiiiiiiritual.....incredible."   Evidently most of you bought it as you are still there waiting for the next shoe to drop. 

I prophecy ahead of time you will hear, "God is giving us more time," or "Who knew God had even MORE to reveal to me!   I never know until we get to that time where God talks to me and tells me more!!!"   Of course, Ron is full of bullshit on this, but it's a great technique and keeps you in your seats doesn't it...

I don't question (maybe one should) Ron's sincerity, perspectives, motives or way he filters his world both Biblical and currently, but I do question his common sense and wisdom.  Do you?  You do realize that every prediction about the imminent return of Jesus, every date set, every expectation expressed, sermon given, shortly, soon and almost ever expressed on this topic over the past 2000 years has been 100% wrong 100% of the time don't you?  What's the chance a real Deity is talking to Ron and will get it right this time.

I will spare you from the entire argument that Jesus is not coming back at all and all of the Bible including the New Testament is past history but that is terribly hard for us all, me included to accept.  Even in the New Testament after the Apostle Paul had told the married to be as they weren't and those that were not married to forget about dating and marriage at that point, (hmmm, sounds familiar?), we find Paul was dead wrong. 

Real people listened to Paul, adjusted their lives accordingly and ended up with nothing to show for it but less funds and broken relationships.  Of course, Paul never said, "I apologize,"  "I meant well,"  "I thought that voice in my head and light in my eyes that spoke to me was real but I guess not,'" or anything like that.  He turned on the church and accused them of being "scoffers who asked where was this coming of Jesus we keep hearing about."  Please stop and realize that to Paul these people of common sense were scoffers, but in fact, they were right.  Time was not proving to be short nor was the day shown to be far spent.  Life went on, Paul said basically, "oh well, I fought a great fight. It was fun while it lasted.  I kept the faith.  I came up with and I know there is laid up for ME a crown of righteous which I guess you get too maybe someday...gotta go."

I know you will have a hard time with this, but from all we can see and read in the New Testament,  the Apostle Paul, Peter, James, John, all the Elders, all the opening prayer givers, all the closing prayer givers, Deacons , Deaconesses, False prophets and false apostles and yes....even Jesus as presented to us in the Gospels was wrong about the arrival of that Kingdom and just how soon it would be upon them.  "We shall not all sleep but we shall be changed, " for them and every prophecy haunted minister and church since has turned into "We shall all with it."

I am speaking to you with a sincere heart.  I suppose in some way, I am ministering to you in a really weird way from what you have always thought of what ministers do.  Actually I am no longer a minister but go with me on this concept.  :)  








Well, I think you get the point.  I promise that if the real Jesus really really returns on Pentecost of this year and you really really are the only true church and Ron was truly truly God's faithful witness of two, I will write a humble letter off apology and recognition of this as being so.  I'll renounce my own insights over the years and sit quietly in church and never never want to be a deacon, elder or minister ever I promise.  I'll just give what I have not got, or should not give and call it even.

Well, I guess this is the Forrest Gump moment.   And that's all I want to say about that.....

Dennis C. Diehl