Saturday, April 9, 2022

PCG: Doctor's...Good enough for me but not for thee as major illness hit the church


The Philadelphia Church of God is a dying aging church filled with people over 65. There have been a lot of reports coming out of the cult compound in Edmond that many HQ personnel, ministers, and regular church members are suffering from major illnesses.

For the everyday folk, those people are told to stay home and put their faith in some kind of god that Flurryism follows. That god will heal them from all trials and tribulations, and if it doesn't then the members need to look at it as a test of their faith.

For the Flurry clan, most of these rules do not apply. They hit up doctors whenever they want, just like Herbert Armstrong did while telling us to wait for that anointed cloth to arrive.

Brad Macdonald had this to say the other day:

At first he brought up how earlier that day they heard about how some members there locally (in Edmond) are “really struggling with some pretty major health trials.” One is Janet Dattolo (wife of Fred Dattolo–yes, that Fred, the minister whom Dan De Gennaro held responsible for the death of his daughter Janet and who also gave a sermon warning singles). Brad said Janet Dattolo is having more difficulties and pain because of her cancer. He briefly mentioned that others had the following happen: a stroke; a fall; kidney failure (John Krueger); diabetes (Andrew Locher). These were “just a few of the brethren here locally” he said. But added that he is “sure there are others out there.” And there are brethren around the world, he said, “who are experiencing similar health trials.” (No mention of how the “shun doctors ruling” is contributing to their suffering.) 
He quoted verses in I Corinthians and said God “uses trials and tribulations to grow our faith and develop patience and test our patience and grow us in godly character, to shape and mold us into perfect god beings.” 
This kind of verbiage is exactly what HWA spouted to members repeatedly while he was trotting off to doctors. This whole study made me sick because of the way members have been brainwashed since day one into not going to doctors but “trust Christ” and are now suffering much more than if they had availed themselves of one. Exit and Support Network

Friday, April 8, 2022

LCG Has To Pull Back Some From Spreading Its Gospel As Income Drops


There are priorities brethren but the gospel is not one of them. We appreciated that so many of you turned over your stimulus checks to us but now that that well has dried up we have to tighten our belts. Never fear though, God owns EVERYTHING and will provide for our needs! 

Since we are drawing close to Passover please humble yourselves to impress our God so that he grants us all favor.

Infrastructures in many Central and South American countries have deteriorated to the point where we are unable to send magazines and literature to our members and subscribers. To solve the problem, the Spanish Department embarked on a digital alternative, and on Monday, Mr. Cristian Orrego presented to us an update on the project. El Mundo de Mañana magazine, Viewpoints, Whiteboards, and Living Education classes will soon be available in Spanish on a new website and app. Growth in the Work continues strong, with the Tomorrow’s World magazine going to more than 578,000 subscribers. Demand for booklets, Bible Study Courses, and other materials are also remaining strong, but we may need to pull back a bit as income is not keeping pace so far in 2022. We suspect the end of government stimulus checks of the last two years, along with high inflation, is much of the reason. However, as we all know, God owns everything and can provide for our needs, so let us draw close to Him as we approach the Passover and Unleavened Bread, now only a week away.—Gerald Weston

Thursday, April 7, 2022

PCG Singles Now Need To Prepare To Be Servants In The Place Of Safety


The lunacy that comes out of the Philadelphia Church of God has no end. Brad Mcdonald gave a Bible Study recently and part of his discussion was about the Place of Safety and how due to the aging and usually sick PCG members, they would have great difficulty in climbing up to their assigned caves once they arrive there.

He has a solution for that. PCG singles must now start training to be servants in the Place of Safety so they can assist those infirm members. They will also be there to prepare food, clean the bathrooms, plan showers and provide counseling for the distraught members. 

So where exactly are the showers, restrooms, and cooking facilities going to come into play? 

Oh, wait, due to Herbert Armstrong's work in Jordan over the years they will be so impressed by HWA and the church that the Jordanian government will bring in mess tents, portable showers, water, food, port-a-potties and a LOT of ladders.

PCG singles will be wiping the butts of the infirm PCG members, climbing ladders to bring them food, and other duties expected of personal slaves of the church.

Isn't it great being a single COG member!!!!!!!!! Such opportunities! 

Just think how amazing it will be to be able to clean  King Gerald and Lil'Stevie's caves! We all know neither of them nor their privileged wives would ever dare lift a finger to do any work in their own caves. Imagine the fun deleavening their caves for them too! Such humbling opportunities!

Brad then said he was thinking lately about the Place of Safety and the logistical needs. He talked about the thousands of caves in Petra but only about five are on ground level. (The rest were several stories high.) “Not a great place,” he said, “for the Philadelphia Church of God, which has 50% elderly people, and a good portion of us has some kind of deficiency (overweight, broken hip, etc). How are we even going to enter these caves?” (What happened to Adullam where the Place of Safety was supposedly changed to?)

So, he said, if you think about 10,000 people (the number PCG thinks are going to the Place of Safety), entering the Place of Safety in that 30 day period (the time they have to get there), and “within a few hours those individuals have to eat, go to the bathroom, going to have to shower; they are going to need counseling; and that’s just a massive logistic issue.” In that moment. he said, there is going to be a desperate need for servants. … In that moment, I think there will be a particular need for healthy servant-minded converted singles in particular. Those who are “locked in to God’s government” to help God’s people. (How many singles are going to stop right here and begin to really think about this scenario? Not necessarily about the “need for servants” at this time, but how in the world any of them are going to be able to maneuver across a desert area and get to these caves and then live in them?

But before they could even ponder this, he went on to say, “The need is only going to get stronger. You singles have your own tests, trials, and struggles.” (That’s it, move their focus to themselves now.) “But God wants us to still develop this mindset.” (I.e., mind controlled mind.) It’s easy to get “self-focused” and not think a lot about other people’s problems. He said even if you injure yourself, you are being selfish because you think about your injured toe, or whatever.He said, “Don’t just serve on your terms.” He told them that if they struggle with unhappiness, loneliness or discouragement, to think, “Whose feet can I wash?” “Who needs my help right now” “Who can I serve?” “That will bring happiness and blessings.” “Make service and sacrifice a way of life. (Sounds similar to the buzzwords “God’s way of life.”) This is how to put themselves in a position to move toward finding a mate. “It’s service constantly. Marriage is service. To serve that person every day for the rest of your life. You are preparing for marriage because you will be asked to serve even more after you are married.” (Who will serve even more? The man or the woman?)

He states: “The more of the mind of Christ we have, the more we will serve because the mind of Christ is the mind of service.” (Read: How Can I Have the Mind of Christ? from Got Questions, which shows exactly what this means and it is not what Brad is saying. In fact, you can’t even have the mind of Christ if you don’t have the Spirit of God!)

To think of others and serve them is well and good, but this study covered not only the lunacy of entering a so-called Place of Safety but encouraged them to sacrifice themselves to the point of forfeiting their own basic needs. –Bible study critiqued by AJW Exit and Support Network

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Church of God Network Podcast On Former Restored Church of God Member

I have mixed emotions about this podcast, but it does illustrate how the old boy's network that runs so many of the Churches of God is irrelevant in their actions and completely out of touch with the younger members of the church. It takes the younger members of the church to start making a difference.

The podcast starts off by making a point that the Restored Church of God, Philadelphia Church of God, and Church of God Preaching the Kingdom are NOT representative of the broader Church of God community and they do not include them in the COG Network links and materials.

Her take on Dave Pack's new sermon series and failed prophecies is interesting in how he confuses everyone. This is also what started her down the path of leaving the cult.

Carisa's story is fascinating to hear.

I am interested in what your take is on this.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

We Would Have Died For The Old Man


Exit and Support Network has up an interesting letter from a person who points out the similarities between the Church of Scientology and the Philadelphia Church of God. The similarities are striking, not only with the actions going on in the Philadelphia Church of God but with Armstrongism as a whole. Mind you, this is not doctrinally, but with attitudes and leadership idolatry.

Having been a part of the church since the late 1950's, I have seen firsthand the worship of Herbert  Armstrong over the decades. People back then would have died for him, without giving it a second thought. In the meantime, people dumped their money into the church coffers without hesitation as they were being called to a final push, even though the church reset the goalposts every six months or so with a new co-worker letter or some screaming sermon from Pasadena was sent out.

Sadly today in 2022, we have people in the COG movement in the PCG and the Restored Church of God who would be willing to die for their leader. That demonstrates how sick Armstrongism is at its very core.

PCG Similar to Scientology in Its Tactics:
April 4, 2022

In re-watching the documentary, “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief,” its similarity with the PCG is remarkable.

Let me first qualify that in terms of core belief (purpose and doctrine) there is no comparison and Scientology is totally cuckoo. But the tactics of governance and control are incredibly similar. For any ex-PCG members, I dare you to watch it and not immediately make the connection as though you were watching a documentary which could easily be made about the PCG.

To note some of the most obvious similarities:

• Never ending undulation and worship of a dead man. PCG is obsessed with HWA (died January 16, 1986). Scientology worships L. Ron Hubbard (LRH) (died January 24, 1986) as though he is still alive. 
• Ecstatic claims made when they won their court battle. Scientology declared “the war is over” as they avoided a billion dollar tax bill. GRF claims divine intervention and prophetic fulfillment because they could print a version of MOA. 
• Both have sunk millions in building an exclusive compound. 
• PCG’s use of catchphrases like “disfellowship” and “marked” being their version of Scientology’s “suppressive person.”

• “Us versus the world” mentality and exclusivity for members only to be granted eternal positions of power.

• “No contact” rules of PCG being their version of Scientology’s “disconnect” when cutting off anyone who left, got kicked out, or disagrees.

• Preventing members from having contact with the world, or reading anything that might criticize the church. Members seem ignorant to what’s going on around them. Questioning the church or its leaders is strictly prohibited for fear of being disfellowshipped. Members must have unwavering loyalty to a man.

• Always saying that “time is almost up” and “last minute of the last hour,” to keep members loyal to a carrot on a stick.

• Prolific writing where members simply cannot read or digest any other literature. Have a look at the massive list of PCG literature every member is required to read, re-read and memorize. That is added to HWA’s entire catalogue. LRH is credited with the Guinness World Record for most prolific writer because of his years writing science fiction.

• Always pushing for more and more income from its members. Leaders live in absolute luxury while no assistance is ever given to the poor. Just keep milking them.

• As one ex-Scientologist said, “we would have died for the old man [LRH].” This is exactly how most, if not all PCG members would think about GRF. This is what they are being conditioned to think when some crazy announcement is made.

• No matter how cruel a minister is, the finger of blame is always on yourself.

• Claiming to have a great positive presence in the world when those who know you think you are a crazy little cult.

As I said earlier, there is no doctrinal comparison between the two, but the blend of worshiping a corpse (HWA vs. LRH) and mad hunger for power (Flurry vs. Miscavige) is remarkably similar. The devil’s tactics can be found everywhere. –B. A.

Monday, April 4, 2022

When Parents Regret The Impact Armstrongism Has Had On Their Children

Sent in from a reader:

I come across many parents who have left religion or currently in the throes of their deconstruction. Many of them feel regret about religion's impact on their children and are struggling to know how to encourage a more sound and healthy spirituality in their kids.

Most of us feel like we are falling short as parents. We all wish we had more time, more money, more (fill in the blank) to give our children. But the greatest gift we can give our kids is love. None of us does it perfectly, of course. But our love is what will shape our sons and daughters more than anything else we do as parents. What follows are several ways you can love your kids by helping them develop healthy independence and self-confidence.

Teach your kids it’s okay if they don’t adopt all your beliefs, values, views and opinions. Express confidence in their ability to work out their own ideas and points of view. Let them know they can question what they hear. Stress the importance of being open-minded and teach them the skill of critical thinking. Let your kids know that their deepest thoughts and feelings are worthy to be expressed, heard and understood.

Create a safe space for your kids to be authentic and real. Don’t judge them based on what they “should” be thinking, feeling, and experiencing; get interested in what they actually are thinking, feeling, and experiencing. Don’t think you know everything. Be willing to see and understand the world through their eyes and experiences. The world is no longer what it was when you were growing up; it’s time to truly understand their world.

Instill in your children timeless virtues such as wisdom, justice, integrity, hard work, compassion, and the inherent and equal worth of every human being. Teach them to respect others, and not to demean those who are different. Encourage them to avoid labels, generalizations and stereotypes, and to press deeper than the surface to touch the humanity in others. Let your kids know that being “good” doesn’t automatically mean being obliging, docile, meek, inhibited, compliant, and restrained but could also mean being passionate, original, heroic, and nonconformist.

Let your kids know that there is no higher aim than to live life well, and that the greatest joys of life are naturally available along the everyday paths of life. Help them understand that happiness is not something you "find" or suddenly appears, but a reality you cultivate through daily choices. Help your kids appreciate the value of simplicity and to understand that more isn't necessarily better. Let them know that fame and fortune are not reliable paths for well-being and happiness. Teach them there is no substitute for dignity, self-respect and living honorably.

Tell your kids every day that you love them unconditionally. Find them doing things that are right and good. Be liberal in your affirmation. Let them know they don’t have to be perfect and it’s okay to make mistakes. Admit your own mistakes. Tell them they are beautiful inside and out and be specific about what you see that is good and beautiful about them. Let them see your own passion for life, love for yourself and others, and your example of goodness, wisdom and virtue.

Jim Palmer

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Prophetic Liver


Would you trust this dude peddling homeopathic pills when he can't even get his prophecy right?

ht: Ronco

At least his bookshelves are straight.

The Most Amazing COG Video Ever Produced On Why You Must Give Holy Day Offerings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prepare yourself to watch the most astounding, hands-flapping, chair-bouncing prophet to ever exist in human history as he delivers the most earth-shattering reasons as to why you MUST 
be giving him your money!

Herbert Armstrong's birth, while so miraculous to many in its ultimate destiny, pales in comparison to this mighty end-time witness to the Gentiles and the fallen Laodiceans.

Never before has the Church of God been so doubly blessed to have such a man in its midst.

More on the Naomi Irion Tragedy


Church of God News has this up about the tragedy of the murder of Naomi Irion. Naomi's father works for the State Department and is currently stationed in South Africa.

Miraculous Birth and Tragic Death of Naomi Irion

Jim Franks of Church of God a Worldwide Association, wrote on the 31st of March 2022: 

“I believe most of you are aware (from social media and local prayer requests) of the tragic situation that has developed in Nevada with the kidnapping of 18-year-old Naomi Irion. Her mother and father, Diana and Hervé Irion, are Church members who live and work in South Africa. I have a special connection with the Irion family, having been their pastor when young Naomi was born. I have been in contact with Naomi’s mother, Diana, to offer encouragement and help from the Church.

Currently, the family members in Nevada include Hervé and Diana Irion and Diana’s daughter, Tamara Cartwright, and son, Casey Valley. They also have with them their three adopted sons from Ukraine. As you can imagine, a family of this size needs a lot of help just taking care of their daily needs. I am very pleased to report that our congregation in Reno has been actively involved in caring for the family. 
Members there not only found them a rental home, but fully furnished it within a matter of two or three days. It was amazing to see this unfold from a distance. I want to thank all the members in Reno for their outstanding work and example.

I mentioned a special connection with the Irion family from our days together in Houston, but I need to explain more, to let you know what happened when Naomi was born. I performed the wedding for Hervé and Diana, who brought her two children (Tammy and Casey) into their marriage. Not too long after they were married, Diana became pregnant with Naomi. Then, well into the pregnancy, they received some very bad news. The baby’s lungs and other organs were not developing as they should. Diana was told that there was a good chance the baby would be stillborn. This remained the same diagnosis throughout the pregnancy, and as she got closer to her due date, it was more and more obvious, from the doctor’s perspective, that the baby would not be born alive. Diana and Hervé asked me to be present at the hospital at the time of Naomi’s birth, in order to anoint her right away. I agreed and was waiting outside the delivery room, not knowing what to expect. 

To everyone’s amazement, upon birth, Naomi let out a shrill cry! The doctor declared it a miracle since the last ultrasound had shown very little lung development. In order for her to cry, her lungs clearly must have developed, and her organs were all fine. The doctor was amazed and came out of the delivery room to tell me I could come in and pray for the baby. His message to me was that the baby was perfectly healthy, and that a miracle had taken place. This was not the outcome that had been predicted by the doctor.

I arrived home very early the next morning, and I couldn’t even explain to my wife what had happened! I was as numb as the doctor. Whenever our paths have crossed over the years, Diana has reminded me of this amazing night. Of course, we all learned a great lesson that night – never underestimate what God may choose to do in our lives. 

But now, I must announce the sad ending to this story. I am heartbroken to announce that Naomi’s lifeless body was discovered on Wednesday, March 30. She had been murdered. The police and FBI believe they have the perpetrator in custody, but that will be determined by the judicial system.

It is surreal for me to know that I prayed over Naomi when she was born and now I will be praying over her at her death. It is probably the darkest moment in this life to lose a child and especially in such a senseless manner. Please remember the Irion family in your prayers. They are struggling to understand what has just happened to their family. After more than two weeks of searching for her in hopes she was still alive, this news has been devastating.

I have received a number of requests from the brethren wanting to know what we can do as a Church and as individuals. Through a “GoFundMe” account and the generous contributions of members, their financial needs have been met to date. The Church will cover any additional cost to make sure the needs of the family are met. The family can be reached through their various social media accounts if you desire to communicate with them directly about their plans and to receive any updates they may have. Plans are being made for a funeral and/or memorial service for Naomi. I plan to be at either or both, depending on the timing.

Each day in America several thousand people, mostly children, are abducted and murdered, but when you know those involved, you feel it in a deeply emotional manner. 

I believe that with everything that is happening in the world and the various trials among the brethren, we have even more reason to focus on this coming Passover and what it means for all of us.”