Friday, November 19, 2010

Another Sad Legacy of Armstrongism: Flurry Cult (Philadelphia Church of God) Members Abandoning Their Children

The Painful Truth has a letter about a young teenager who was kicked out of her home because of Flurry's filthy teachings.  This is not an isolated case in Flurrydumb. This has happened to others.  If the child is older and does not believe in Flurry's filthy message then they are kicked out.  Flurry teaches parents to do this to their kids. He teaches them to cut  off all ties to family members who are not part of PCG.  Families have been destroyed, grandparents have been cut off from grandchildren, young adults from parents, and the list could go on and on.

Satan's Human Face

Philadelphia Church of God Parents

Abandon Minor-Aged Daughter

When my 17 year-old niece told her parents she no longer wanted to participate in the Philadelphia Church of God, her cult-member parents abandoned her to the streets. "God's Will," her mother said. For some time, my niece has been disillusioned by the Philadelphia Church of God. Her first awakening occurred when she asked her parents if she could stay with a non-cult-member relative who lives on the East Coast, (that would be my wife and me), for two weeks, as part of her summer vacation. A boy her age, (a non cult-member), who was enrolled in an accelerated program at school studying to become a doctor, was staying with us. My niece particularly wanted to meet this boy because she is also interested in studying medicine. The relative, that would be me and my wife, planned on taking the boy and my niece to see NYC and the NJ shore. My niece's parents adamantly refused to let her visit with us. My niece's "God ordained head of the household father," who had been barred from practicing nursing in several States for violations (I believe he showed up at the care facility in which he was employed, intoxicated. First, he was suspended for 2 years, then he had his license revoked permanently), especially wouldn't even hear of the idea. My niece became distraught. Instead of letting their daughter enjoy her summer vacation with a like-minded teenager pursuing a career in medicine, her parents forced her to stay at home in the company of another girl from the Philadelphia Church of God. My niece says this cult-member spent most of the time on her cell phone, bragging about having a three-way with two Mexican boys.

When my niece continued to press her parents to be released from the abuse of the Philadelphia Church of God, her mother said she was "dead to her," and turned her photo face down on her bureau top. Her parents told her to leave the house, as they wanted to concentrate their love and affection on their other daughters, who wanted to remain in the cult. My niece said her parents told her she was infecting the household with her "evil." While kicking her out of the house, they refused to drive her anywhere, and threatened anyone who helped her with legal action for harboring a minor. My niece was forced to walk a busy highway for over an hour alone, until a classmate saw her and gave her a ride.
 Read the rest of the story here:  PCG Parents Abandon Minor Daughter

Hat tip to Felix....Why We Don't Get Over It

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jesus Humor

One of my favorite blogs is "Jesus Needs New PR" a site the exposes the silly side of Christians and legalistic thought.  One of his side links is "Jesus Pictures"

"It's so cute that your daddy thinks he has himself a little football player, but sadly, you're going to be a dancer, a really good dancer." -Jesus

"Oh, don't let the sparkles scare you. This is just what happens when I'm around white people." -Jesus

"What did you say? Does your mother know you use the word, 'sucks'? And better yet, would she approve? I don't think so. Maybe we should walk over and ask her. You want us to do that? You realize your brothers are judging you, right? I can read it on their hearts. And I'm gonna let it slide for now." -Jesus

"Sometimes I pretend there's a staircase to earth. And I like sliding down its banister. I'm Jesus, okay? I can do that if I want to. You pretend there's a staircase to Heaven! You're just mad because you can't slide up." -Jesus

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

UCG HQ Threatening South America Ministers Who Follow Leon Walker

The ax is ready to fall on all ministers in South America that have aligned with Leon Walker.  Disunited United continues it's downward spiral!  How good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.......Ha!

November 11, 2010

Via email: the original will be arriving via postal mail

RE: You affiliation with United Church of God, an international association

Greeting from Dennis Luker, from the Home Office in Cincinnati.

It is evident that there is actually more than one organization that is now operating in what before was one Church of God that was united in the Hispanic area under the name the United Church of God, an international association (UCGia).

The original structure, which continues and is the only one recognized by the UCGia, is the one administered under me as the Director of the Hispanic Region (Director). According to the Rules of Association the subsidies of the UCGia continue to help the elders and member of the congregations that have maintained their association with the UCGia and recognize me as the Director.

During the recent month of June, a new organization was formed under the leadership of an elder that before was part of UCGia and was the Regional Director of the Hispanic Regions, Leon Walker. This separation began about the time that Mr. Walker was removed and no longer employed as the Director, this occurred on June 22, 2010. In spite of the removal of Mr. Walker as the Director, and after the Council of Elders of the UCGia (from here on referred to as the COE) authorized the removal of his ministerial credentials, he continues to claim that he is the Director and he has ministers and members following him, and we understand your are one of those elders.

Under the Rule of Association (ROA) of the UCGia, the pastors and elders should be ordained ministers whose credentials are recognized by the UCGia and they should continue in that status if they want to be affiliated with the UCGia (ROA 2-100). However since the ministerial credentials of Mr. Walker have been revoked by the UCGia he cannot continue to serve as an elder (or Regional Director) of any congregation or religious entity/group of the UCGia, in Latin America. It should be pointed out that under established guidelines, an elder that is appealing cannot be exercising or performing his ministerial functions while he is appealing the revocation of his ministerial credentials. This also applies to the ministers/pastors that were part of UCGia, Saul Langarica, Lauro Roybal, from Chile and Mexico respectively (and of the area they previously administered), whose credentials have also been revoked by UCGia. (1)

In no region of the world can two entities (in this case competitors) exist both affirming that they are part of UCGia. There can only be one representative of UCGia in each country or in each designated geographic area (ROA rule 3-110). Only those elders and those congregations in Latin America that accept me as their Director can be considered part of the UCGia.

However, I understand, that you want to continue to be affiliated with Mr. Walker's group (no matter what name this organization is given) and you do not recognize me as Director, although sufficient time has passed to give you the opportunity to reconsider your decision to continue you association with this group.

Under the Ministerial Code of Ethics, all of the elders of UCGia should support the Constitution and the Bylaws of the UCGia, which grant the COE jurisdiction over your ministerial credentials (which includes who can serve as Regional Director—which is a ministerial post) and also which groups or entitles are recognized by UCGia, and can be therefore affiliated.

To refuse to respect these decisions, and continue affiliating with a group that is not recognized as part of the UCGia, you give the COE of the UCGia no other option than to suppose that you do no longer want to be a elder of the UCGia and that you openly defy the decisions of the COE. Since you are listed as an elder of UCGia, when in reality you are not a part of UCGia, this only causes confusion in the church in Latin America and this situation cannot be permitted to continue.

As a result, we advise you that at the next teleconference of the Council of Elders, the agenda will include an item to revoke your UCGia ministerial credentials through the authorization of the COE and also your removal as a member of the General Conference of Elders. You however have the option of resigning as an elder of the UCGia in which case it will not be necessary for the COE to revoke your ministerial credentials.

On the other hand, if there has been an error and you are not affiliated with Mr. Walker's group or assisting it, and you want to continue as a elder in the UCGia, and you accept me as the Director of Hispanic Areas of the UCGia, please do not delay in advising me immediately so that I can inform the COE. You may communicate with me using the following email address:

Yours faithfully

United Church of God, an International Association

Signed: Dennis Luker

President of UCGia and

Director of the Hispanic Region, UCGia

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Naked Gospel Quiz/Obsessive Christianity Disorder

Here's a quiz for you. Many of these questions are staples of Armstrongism thought. How many are true and how many are false?

The Naked Gospel Quiz

Below are ten faith-related concepts that don't seem to be regularly discussed in many churches today. But our view on each of these concepts affects our relationship with God, our spiritual growth and our fulfillment in life. So for each of the ten concepts, decide whether you think each is true or false, and you'll be presented with the answers at the end of the quiz.

1. Christians should ask God to forgive and cleanse them when they sin. *
2. Christians struggle with sin because of their old self within. *
3. We should wait on God even before making everyday decisions. *
4. When we sin against God, we're out of fellowship until we repent. *
5. Old Testament law is written on Christians' hearts so we want to obey it. *
6. The Bible tells us that Christians can obtain many rewards in heaven. *
7. Christians will give an account for their sins at the great white throne. *
8. Christians should tithe at least 10 percent of their income to the church. *
9. God gets angry with us when we repeatedly sin against him. *
10. God looks at us as though we're righteous, even though we're really not. *

 If 'Submit' does not work, check out the web site:  The Naked Gospel Quiz 

Is Your Life Safer in UCG or LCG?

Chiropractor Bob, Armstrongism apologist extraordinaire,  is giddy with excitement over UCG's latest round of upheavals.  In his eyes this is further proof that UCG is a heretical church and that Living Church of God is the one true preserver of faith (pre-1986, of course).

In Bob's eyes, UCG has departed from the truth in their church governmental structure, in their  watering down of COG specific doctrines, in rebellious ministers, and other heretical COG viewpoints.

Bob would love to see the disillusioned UCG folk jump ship and join LCG under God's true end-time leader Spanky.  According to Bob there is no dissent or heresy in LCG. The ministry is one big happy daisy smelling group of men skipping  though the pastures of the Lord.

However, one needs to take into consideration that your chances of dying, being sexually molested, or beaten rise considerable by being part of LCG.

So far, LCG has been the only COG church to have experienced killings during a church service.

A member of LCG went on a killing spree one Sabbath morning killing seven members and wounding  four others, all because of Spanky's aberant teachings.

“Tragedy puts spotlight on small, obscure church: Illinois-based pastor is among those killed in shooting”

The community rallied around the LCG folk with sympathy and Christian crosses in the snow.  Chiropractor Bob went into apoplectic melt down over the crosses.

According to Bob crosses are idolatrous and anyone who uses them are pagan imbeciles filled with heresy:

The early church is warned not to associate with any "Christian" who is involved with idolatry. The New Testament warns that idolaters are considered to be heathen and will be judged as such (please see the article Hope of Salvation).

Prior to that sad incident, various web sites had reported about LCG covering up for a sexual molester in Washington state.  Others talked about a certain high up leader of LCG who had a penchant for young boys from Imperial Schools.  He was well known with the boys at Imperial for wanting to see them naked on camping trips to Camp River Glenn.

Spanky's nickname is not something that was though up for no reason.  He got that name after he bragged in a Feast of Tabernacles sermon years ago that he spanked his wife when she was rebellious.  He was also a strong advocate for child spanking over the decades.  Everyone one of his sermons refers to spanking in one form or another.  "God is coming to SPANK the world!";  "God is spanking the church."; "God is spanking the United States", etc, etc, etc, etc, etc,.

The only safest place to be for any UCG or LCG  member is OUTSIDE the COG.  With Armstrongism's bloated desire to be martyrs for the 'truth once restored', it will not be long till some deviate evangelist in charge of some splinter cult will lead his members to their deaths.

Six-Pack Flurry has been preparing his members to flee to the desert in Jordan. Neville Stevens (Australia) has a minuscule following of exCOGgers that boasted a few years ago online that they were ready to lift up sword to kill anyone who disagreed with Steven's teachings and that they would willingly kill all who opposed them.

Various splinter cult leaders have rained down edicts of death on bloggers and web site owners around the world who mock their silly organizations.  "He Who Cannot Be Named", Dave Pack, Ron Wienland are just a few of the useless idiots who spit out death threats towards critics.

I can't forget Neville Stevens either.  He and his little cult of idiots pronounced a horrible death to me years ago that would occur on Passover night.  I would be struck dead in the most horrific way on Passover night for daring to mock Neville and his moronic teachings.  So far over 10 Armstrongite 'passover's' have come and gone and I am still here.

The Couch Potato Neville

So the questions remains. Are you truly safer being in a COG splinter group or not?  UCG certainly is safer than LCG.  But, UCG also has some truly WEIRD ministers who have the potential to influence other mentally disturbed members to do extraordinary things.   It will not be long till another person snaps in one of the splinter cults and more will die.  Ultimately, life is safer outside COGdom.