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Jesus H. Pack

Davey Pack has been going on and on over the last several months about how he is taking on the mantle of Joshua.  In every single article he writes you can tell he is pointing the finger right to himself as being Joshua.  However, he has not had the balls to really come out and say, "I am Joshua."

We know for certain that Davey is NOT picturing in his mind that Joshua would be someone else in his church, say....Dale Schurter.  If it is someone else in Davey's cult then it invalidates Davey as the true leader.

Could something far more sinister be in the works with Davey?  Is he about to proclaim himself something beyond Joshua?

You all remember  what Joshua is a derivative of don't you?

The English name Joshua is a rendering of the Hebrew language "Yehoshua", meaning "Yahweh is salvation".[6][7] The vocalization of the second name component may be read as Hoshea - the name used in the Torah before Moses added the divine name (Numbers 13:16).[8]

"Jesus" is the English of the Greek transliteration of "Yehoshua" via Latin. In the Septuagint, all instances of the word "Yehoshua" are rendered as "Ἰησοῦς" (Iēsoūs), the closest Greek pronunciation of the Aramaic "Yeshua" (Hebrew word #3443 in Strong's, Nehemiah 8:17).[9][10] Thus in Greek Joshua is called "Jesus son of Naue" (τοῦ Ναυή) to differentiate him from Jesus Christ. This is also true in the Slavic languages following the Eastern Orthodox tradition (e.g. "Иисус Навин" (Iisús Navín) in Russian).

Since Davey says salvation cannot be found outside his group and that he has the power to grant  salvation if you join his new superfantabulous church,  is he ready to declare himself something greater?  Is Davey going to become Jesus before long?  Only Jesus has the capability to reunite the church.  Does Jesus live in Wadsworth?

Davey Pack's Emasculation Camp For Incoming Ministers

Above is the first photo from Davey Pack's reeducation camp of a man who decided to join up with Davey.  This is what happened when he lowered his standards and took Davey's 35 point test to determine if he was qualified to kneel at Davey's feet.

No man in his right mind would submit himself to Davey's 35 point questionnaire.  No wife of a real man would ever let her husband do it either.

 Byker Bob wrote:

This is self- defeating. He's just limited his pool of ministers to zero. I'm sure he will provide a path around the obvious for any high profile ministers from the past who could bring additional status to his organization.

We would hope this would be self defeating, but there will be some weak men who will lower their standards and let themselves be humiliated.  That is what Armstrongism has taught them to do.  They have no voice now and certainly will not when they jump over to Davey's side.

Dennis  aptly wrote:

Dave has created a TERRIBLE Dilemma for any suck up fake minister that wants in. Now we know the process. He could have at least kept it to himself and in house but this will prove to be his biggest blunder of all. Well except from thinking he is spoken of in the Bible or Haggai had him in mind in the 500's BCE.

Dave wants the glory days back. This means that anyone that wants back also wants those days of pay, cars, respect not earned (there were many very sincere and respectable men and wives in WCG in my experience. You just never heard of them and they have since disappeard in disgust and lessons learned) and such.

I love "Are you willing to be an Associate Pastor?"

Dave was made an associate pastor under Steve Botha in NYC because of Dave's antics and offenses to people in Buffalo. Finally WCG had had enough of DCP. Ask Steve how well Dave was willing to be an Associate Pastor. Read Dave's won autobiography where he moans and bitches about his unfair reduction in RANK to an associate Pastor.
DAVE NEVER DID WHAT HE DEMANDS NOW OF OTHERS. I think his sub conscious mind wants revenge.

Steve told me when I asked how Dave was doing. He said, "Oh..fine...and he'll go back to his old ways when he gets free of this."

Prophecy comes alive. 

I would like the names and phone numbers of any man who submits to this little exam. I'd like to meet a man who could share all their inner thoughts that no doubt they would be making up to appease the High Priest to get a job.

This really does limit Dave's ministerial options because now we all know what any man, falsely so called would have had to do to get back into David C Christ's good graces.

What a mockery of reality.

Official Davey Pack Great Church of God Reunification Countdown Clock

Counting down the days till
Davey Pack is an epic failure!

It is also on the right hand sidebar under the polls.

False Prophet Bob Thiel: Tribulation Will Not Begun Until At Least 2018

Bob Thiel, the non-ordained self-appointed false prophet of the Continuing Ed Church of God has proclaimed that the tribulation cannot start until at least 2017.  Thiel has no more credibility that Dave Pack has.  Both are certified liars that use the Bible as their weapon of choice.  Both weld it as a tool of destruction and damnation.  Both are impotent little men who have regressed to bullying boys who are both deeply embarrassed by Jesus.

When is the earliest year that the Great Tribulation can?

While a false prophet has apparently taught that now is the time to now get pregnant as the end supposedly is near (see PCG allegedly going further over the edge, plus proclaiming time to flee is imminent and pregnancy should now be avoided), how near is the Great Tribulation?

Those who believed and understand what the Bible actually teaches realize that the Great Tribulation cannot begin before 2017. (Actually on those in the cult of Thielism believe this baloney.  Those who understand the Bible know for a fact that Bob is a liar.)
At this instant, unless we see more major conflict in the Middle East between now and the end of the Summer, it is unlikely that the Great Tribulation can begin prior to 2018.

The Great Tribulation is coming, but it will not begin in 2013. And, as I announced shortly after Barack Obama was re-elected, I do not believe that it can begin prior to 2017.

A Very Short Essay on Unintended Consequences

"Perhaps I Should Have Kept My 35 Loyalty Questions to Myself"
A Very Short Essay on Unintended Consequences
The law of unintended consequences pushes us ceaselessly through the years, permitting no pause for perspective.
Richard Schickel
Everybody, soon or late, sits down to a banquet of consequences.
Robert Louis Stevenson

Friday, July 12, 2013

Davey Pack: Peace, Peace! When There Was No Peace

Davey wants the ministers to know that once they have completed the year long reeducation camp that they will be part of an amazing group that will be as big and as peaceful as the old WCG.

Davey truly is delusional if he thinks the WCG was a church where "peace" existed.  That was the period of time that the church was the most corrupt!  Who wants to go back to that pig slop?

You may soon find yourself pastoring larger or much larger numbers of brethren after reunification. God’s Church will again enjoy more and larger congregations around the world. This means greater service and greater reward—for you and those you serve. Do not jeopardize this!

God’s people can again experience the peace that existed during the Worldwide Church of God while it was on track. Realize a wonderful place—an awesome future opportunity—awaits you. We all look forward to thousands of people returning to God’s Church. Brethren will again “dwell together in unity” (Psa. 133:1), walking together in the “bond of peace” (Eph. 4:3). The I Corinthians 1:10 picture of complete unity will again be the case for ALL God’s people. These verses will be fulfilled a second time in this age, and your role will be crucial. You will again be helpers of people’s true joy, working together with brothers in the ministry you have not seen for years. Leaders have kept ministers divided as much as they have the brethren.
Davey said three weeks ago that he only had two weeks of messages left.  This will make over 5 weeks worth of new messages.  I cant wait to mock him for 5 more weeks!  Idiot!
Be sure to read the remaining three Friday announcements. Next week will be short, with the final two longer—and some of the most fascinating knowledge you will ever learn. This will be an extraordinary August—like none other in Church history…

Davey Pack: God Sent His Servant But You Are Too Stupid To See Its Me!

Words fail me.....
Your leaders once claimed to be searching for God’s servant. One was sent. Yet humanly I am no more special than any of you. God’s pattern of government starts with one leader. You once believed this. You also once professed to know an apostle when you saw one—meaning by the fruits. Just like you did not ask to become a minister of Jesus Christ, I did not ask for my responsibilities. Who would? But God’s flock is before us, along with the greatest Work the world has ever seen.

Davey Pack: Even Gerald Flurry Knows About This, But Is Too Stupid To Really Understand It

Davey is adamant that his August 30 prophecy WILL happen.  I can't wait till September 1, rolls around and Davey is proven to be a liar.
Some or many ministers may be torn over these announcements, wondering if I could be right. Haggai is a book in your Bible! His prophecy WILL soon come to pass. No other explanation of it fits—and none but Gerald Flurry is even offering an explanation. (When has that man gotten ANYTHING about prophecy right?) The only thing you could question is whether the timing of this year is correct. Last Friday’s announcement made this plain, revealing many reasons (there are almost 40 more) that the prophecy is “on” for 2013.

Davey Pack: I Am Not A KOOK!

Davey does not want anyone to think he is a KOOK because of the kooky things he has written for the last several months.  No Sir!  Davey is NOT a kook!  A jackass maybe, but not a kook!

Always remember that you are not educated enough nor are qualified to understand the mantle I am taking on. Just submit and things will be OK.

Be careful you do not write me off as another “prophecy kook.” I am not a prophet and have never claimed to be. The fruits of my office show it to be different. With the passing of years, most ministers have grown confused about even some of the very biggest points of prophecy. Almost all have grown even worse with the details. Be careful you do not quickly dismiss a complex prophecy, one you are no longer equipped to readily grasp. Just think about how you probably could not even remember that Mr. Armstrong was the Zerubbabel of Haggai and Zechariah 4—never mind WHAT THIS MEANT.
Would someone get Davey some Coco Puffs.....

Davey Pack: Only I Have The Ability To Give You Eternal Life, Your Splinter Group Leaders Cannot

Davey wants the membership to know that only HE has the right to give salvation to those in his group.  Salvation cannot be found outside Packism.  Members risk their calling, as dot he ministers, if they ignore Davey.

If you want your ministry to continue, think carefully about the men you currently support. To pooh-pooh this announcement is to risk your calling. Think it through. The leaders of your organization cannot give you eternal life. They will soon be unable to even continue your employment as a pastor or associate pastor. I will reference in the final two announcements how God will deal with certain leaders. As we leave Haggai for other books and passages, the prophecy is about to grow MUCH more serious.

Davey Pack Says You Will Loose Your Eternal Life If You Refuse To Join Up With Him

The sheer arrogance of Davey just gets weirder and weirder as his article goes along.  Davey now has the authority to make you loose your salvation if you do not join up with him.

Related to this, realize that God cannot stir His Spirit in ministers and members who do not have it. Sadly, this describes many in the splinters. And it means a tremendous battle of wills may soon develop. You must be ready to help defeat the devil’s attempt to continue the status quo. Confusion and division will temporarily reign. God’s people will be unsure of what to do. Satan will attempt to deceive them about what is happening. Recognize that God’s Church—HIS Headquarters—will back you up during this difficult time. Reread John 10:11-15 to understand what is about to fall upon YOU.

Tragically, some will make the wrong decision and lose eternal life. Consider carefully your actions. Your record is being written. Judgment is now on the house of God (I Pet. 4:17). You know human beings. You know they will broadcast what happened in your pastorate. (Future announcements will explain EXACTLY what God says will happen to everyone who does not come—one of three things, none good.)

Oh goody!  I can hardly wait to see what fate Davey Pack has poured on my head for refusing to join his dumb-ass cult.  One of three things?!  Is this a multiple choice punishment?

Davey Pack: COG Ministers Have One Last Chance To Repent And Join My True Church

Davey lays it on the line for ministers in the various COG's.  Don't assume when you leader dies that you are going to waltz over to the Restored Church of God and start giving sermons.  You will be sent to RCG's reeducation camp like Dale Schurter was subjected to.  You have to repent on bended knee with trembling lips, just like Raymond Buffy McNair had to do at Rod Meredith's feet.  You will need to kiss Davey's feet and wipe his ass for many months before you are even allowed to assume any position.

God forbid if you were ordained AFTER the the COG breakup in the 1990's, you are lower that the snake that crawls on it's belly!

For those ministers that refuse to receive correction Davey's god has a special warning for you.  You are nothing more than bastards because you are illegitimate in his god's sight (Hebrews 12:7-8)

Consider this, and how it relates to your ministry today: If a minister left God’s Church in the 1960s, 70s or 80s, could he later return and immediately re-enter the ministry? Of course not! There would be a transition back into service, and only then if he had not permanently disqualified himself. Also, if someone were ordained outside God’s Church his ordination would not be accepted in the Worldwide Church of God. Why would these things be different today? Now add another factor: the man was gone from the Church for decades. If brethren must be reinstated into the Church, so must ministers into the true ministry. (Again, a series of questions later in this announcement will explain this process in more detail.)

Christ is about to bring all those with His Spirit out of the other groups. He has a plan to gather His scattered flock. But what has not yet been covered is the crucial role that YOU can play in this gathering. Before full reunification of God’s people occurs, you will have one last opportunity to repent from a degenerate spiritual condition in order to assist Christ. It will take a jolt to awaken everyone to their condition—literally worse than wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked because this describes people inside God’s Church, and they have not yet even returned. Read Hebrews 12:7-8 and remind yourself of how God describes those who will not receive correction. Soon you will either help with Christ’s regathering process, or you will hinder His work. There will be only gatherers or scatterers. (Read Christ’s words in Matthew 12:30.) When the opportunity to do the right thing presents itself, do not blow it!

Davey Pack: Every Single COG Member Outside the RCG Have Been Disfellowhipped By God

 Davey wants to make it clear to every COG members out there, that since you left the WCG to form your own group that his god has disfellowshipped you.  Only the frozen chosen in RCG are in fellowship with God.

Never fear, Davey's god MAY be ready to take you back into the fold.  It all depends on whether you are in a good attitude or not and are willing to be reeducated.

We saw God’s people will soon be reinstated into His Church after having been disfellowshipped for about 20 years. Recall what Mr. Armstrong taught YOU about the status of the disfellowshipped. None of the WCG ministry ever believed that a disfellowshipped person was still a member of the Body of Christ. We all understood and taught that such individuals did have God’s Spirit but were outside His Church. If the person did not eventually return to God’s Church, to be reconnected to the True Vine, he would gradually lose the Spirit of God. God has mercifully reserved thousands until many or most of these would “consider their ways” and be able to be reinstated by the “Great Shepherd and Bishop of their souls” (I Pet. 2:25; Heb. 13:20). God MAY be ready to reinstate YOU—even though you now almost certainly do not believe such reinstatement is necessary. This is about to change.

Davey Pack: As I Take On My Role As Joshua, Jesus Is Going To Come Down And Take Over The Church So I Can Do My Work

As Davey prepares to be Joshua he warns the ministry that he will soon stop writing these love letters to the ministers and members.  When he officially takes on the mantle of being Joshua he will no longer have the time to be writing letters to the dumb sheep.  Never fear though, as he assumes Joshua's mantle, Jesus will come and take over the Restored Church of God and lead it into glory.
...these announcements will soon end and with them my role for now. The living Jesus Christ is about to personally “shepherd” His flock. As ministers, this should be on your mind. Scattered into divided, competing organizations, Christ’s people collectively have not been listening to Him. This will soon change. Through His Spirit, He is about to start powerfully working with you, as well as laymembers, no matter their group or whether they stayed home after the apostasy.

Davey Pack Says Those In The COG Ministry Under 40 Years of Age Are Ignorant

Davey is trying sooooooo hard to live in the past. To him, the Worldwide Church of God prior to 1986 was the most fabulous era of Christianity.  Over 1,800 men were ministers in the Church.  Now due to deaths and apostasy the COG is a do-nothing church with do-nothing ministers.  Only the Restored Church of God and its ministers who are doing any work worthwhile.

He whines that those 40 and under have no idea of the past and apparently don't care enough to find out.

The group this announcement addresses should most be able to recognize the fingerprints of God working in His Church. It was the ministry—1,855 ministers and elders the day I was terminated in March 1993—that helped build, lead and manage God’s Work for decades under Mr. Armstrong’s leadership. With the passing of time since his death, this number has of course dwindled (and many never left the WCG), with groups having ordained many “replacements” who have no sense or knowledge of the ministry as it existed under Mr. Armstrong. So many today simply can no longer recognize God’s Church and Work when they see it. This includes ministers and laymembers alike. (A note to ministers under 40: You have not really seen what God’s Church is supposed to look like. Those under 30 have never seen it. GRASP THIS before proceeding!)

This is what Davey hopes to resurrect in August when his angry god kills the leadership of LCG, PCG and UCG.   The glory days are more important than remagining the church so that it relates to the 21st century realities.  The 1950's, 60's 70's and 80's will never be recaptured and are eras filled with disgusting actions by the COG leadership, its ministers and it's membership.  It certainly is NOT something to be proud of.  Sexual scandals, murders, suicides, rapes, destroyed marriages, child molestations, rampant alcoholism, and countless other deviant acts make up our history.  Who in their right mind wants to relive that?

Davey Pack Bitch Slaps LCG, PCG and UCG

Davey Pack, leader of the worlds most superfantabulous Church  of God ever to exist in the realm of humanity, has slapped LCG, UCG and PCG big time today with his latest proclamation.  Today he is filled with such huge amounts of boastfulness and narcissistic ego that he comes across looking like a buffoon.  He expects to be taken seriously when he writes this stuff, but all he comes across as is a complete moron who is out of touch with reality.

The Churches of God and specifically the ministry have been ignoring Davey for years.  People are not flocking to his personality cult and that really pisses him off.

Davey wants the ministry to know that he and he alone is doing a worldwide ministry of the last days.  He and he alone has such a powerful ministry that he is close to reaching 1 1/2 billion people worldwide, something the pussy COG's cannot do.

He writes today:

TWO new open doors—one BIG!—unexpectedly presented themselves to us to expand TV coverage in the United States and around the world. The first involves a network called theWALKtv where we have secured a prime Sunday morning time slot—11:30 a.m. ET—beginning July 21. It has 209 affiliates (many in small markets) in the United States, which reach 50.2 million households through antenna, an additional 37.2 million through cable and all Free-to-Air satellite viewers in North America and the Caribbean on the Galaxy 19 satellite. This is about three-quarters of all television households in the United States (plus more internationally). Outside North America, theWALKtv reaches the U.S. Virgin Islands, Finland, Curacao and India. And viewers can now watch The World to Come™ on the following streaming devices and services: ROKU, Film On, iPoint Television, Jericho Christian Television, Omniverse and Seen on Demand.

Another absolutely wonderful slot just opened on Word Network. We took it yesterday. The World to Come will begin airing on September 1, 2013 at 10:30 A.M. ET SUNDAY MORNING! This network has over 800 U.S. affiliates (broadcast and cable) covering 134 DMAs (Designated Market Areas), and reaches over 90 million TV households in the U.S. It also reaches over 100 million households in Europe and 610 million more worldwideperhaps close to one and a half billion people with a prime slot. Word Network blankets over 200 countries and territories via satellite and/or cable. Its fleet of five geostationary satellites spans the globe, covering everywhere except South America. This network also is on DIRECTV and Sky Angel Faith & Family TV in the United States, Sky UK, Sky Italia (Italy), Tata Sky (India) and Flow TV (Jamaica).

Davey apparently thinks just because some TV stations gives him the potential number of households reached that that is the number of people that will see his program.   He is too stupid to realize that 99.999% of humanity doesn't give a rats ass about him or his TV program - and that's being generous!  If 99.999% of the COG membership is ignoring him why does he thing the world will be interested?

Then he resorts to more hyperventilating bullshit.  Apparently he assumes we are to be impressed by some weird looking buildings in the middle of Wadsworth and with his other media adventures.

Oh, and he makes sure to point out that his members are being healed of all kinds of diseases and infirmities.  Those sill in the various COG's are not experiencing dramatic healing's because his god has spit them all out for their rebellion against Davey.

Again, ask why you never hear such announcements about the “Work” in your organization? Now think of our buildings, college, literature, vast television reach beyond all the splinters put together, healings, other open doors, outside media exposure, and so much more. Think of fruits in abundance seen nowhere else.
I think what people need to do is contact these cable religious stations and ask them why they are allowing a cult to broadcast anti-christian hate on their networks!  It is always amazing to me that Armstrongism despises Christianity so much yet whores themselves out to their TV and Cable networks  like a Two-Dollar whore on a street corner.

Bible Sabbath Association UK Founder Says "There is now a laser beam on me, with voices coming from the sky,..."

Robert Taylor, the founder of the Bible Sabbath Association in the UK, was featured in a previous article here in November 2012.  Bible Sabbath Association UK Founder Hearing Voices From His Computer .

Yesterday he contacted me with the following information about the continued harassment he is receiving from the UK government.  Given the recent exposure of the spying scandal here in the US by the government, this may not be as far fetched as it sounds.

Here is what he wrote:

A short article followed by my story is in the
Do Not Call it Kosher article
The people now use a laser beam and send me voices daily, they were convinced I was a candidate for one of the Two Witnesses based on my numerical chart where the number 10 would keep turning up, and my name adding up to 1947, the year Israel was created.

There is now a laser beam on me, with voices coming from the sky, then voices to the skull with a litany of abuse having to endure on a daily basis, for two months enduring death threats. This started soon after studying the occult and secret societies for research purposes, visiting occult bookstores (for research). The voices and laser beam came soon after studying occult knowledge. There are also "microwaves" -- it is satellite surveillance which is covered by Dr Robert Duncan in his book: Project Soul Catcher.

It is satellite surveillance. The US and UK governments have secret programmes which use mind control against their own people. The US, has 2000 mind control projects, the UK has 70. They use technology originally created by the Russians, and further developed by the United States, to monitor, track, harass and torture people around the world. People are secretly put into programmes against their will. They use satellite surveillance which uses laser beams, microwaves, software capable of reading human minds through EEG brain mapping. They read electric impulses of the brain and convert it to thought and sound. The software so fantastically wicked, they can hack into human minds and bodies, with the eyes and hears turning into cameras and microphones. Voices, can be placed into people's head through voice to skull technology sending people mentally insane. So, sophisticated are these weapons, they can induce heart attacks, strokes, cause depression and many other medical problems.

The Satellite Surveillance
For over 3 months or more, I have been followed by laser beams, began hearing voices from the sky, receiving threats on a daily basis, to name but some of the nightmare. The people doing this believed I was one of the Two Witnesses, but quickly labelled me the Antichrist. The electrics starting blowing out in the car, the computer can be hacked into without internet access, they can remotely hack into the CCTV camera, and hack into the tape recorder if they want to prevent me listening to a tape.

 You can read more of Robert's ordeal and other writings here:  Bible Sabbath Association UK


Dennis on "Stardust"

Dennis Diehl - EzineArticles Expert AuthorLet's face it, THE reason anyone gets involved with Theology, Bibles, Churches, Torahs and Synagogues or Korans and Mosques is because just below the surface of EVERYONE is the fear and concerns about not living, but dying.  We are the only sentient beings on the planet that know we will die sooner or later.  Chewie my hilarious Shih Tzu has no sense or her yet to be announced passing so lives the carefree life of a dog unconcerned about attending church or holy day services or being absolutely sure of ending up in the absolutely true only Church of God under the only true leader on earth.  Christianity has that kind of pressure behind it, at least in the Churches of God, Splits, Splinters and Slivers.

The other pressure is to become perfect or mature as our heavenly Father is perfect or mature but I can't deal with that either.  I have a looooooooooooooooong way to go and always did.

Billions of human being have come and gone to date.  But as long as it is not us, no problem.  They no doubt thought the same way back in their time.  When I see a picture from the 19th century of crowds of people in Times Square or during the depression, my first thought is, "they are all dead."  That picture is a slice in time that has come and gone.  All pictures are that way.  I know the answer to my youthful question or musing over what would happen to the Worldwide Church of God when Herbert Armstrong or "even" Garner Ted and others were DEAD?  I never for a moment thought any of us were going to live and be the exclusively changed in a any moment or twinkling.  I am too Dutch and too practical for that.  What was the chance?  Zero mostly!

My lovely, kind, generous, compulsive, small world dear mom died a few months back.  I have her cremains right over >>>>>>>>>>>.  All that she was is now reduced to star dust again from which we all sprang.  As Physicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson notes.  "None of us would exist if stars had not had the courtesy to puke up their guts into the universe and provide us with all that became us."  I like that.  I don't mind going back to being stardust someday.  I like it better than getting planted in an expensive box in a concrete vault in a boring place wearing a suit and tie!  Blech! It's easier to think of mom as Star Dust again and more philosophically correct.  I suppose if we buried the dead so they could nourish the earth I might feel better about that but we don't.  

Pause....Ok, back.  My sister just called and said my dad has gone into the confusion and angry stage, he is 97, but had a nice talk last night with his own mom and dad who came to visit him.  He wanted to know why his room was purple. It is not uncommon for those entering their last days to have such conversations with their long dead parents or grandparents, or even children. It is common.  My mom talked to her father just before she passed.  Somehow that is encouraging and seems unconnected with them being in good or bad places.  He also threw the wastebasket thru a window so I know he wants out.  Sigh...   You can live too long in our culture I suppose.  I really love my dad and will miss him....  Both my parents were very nice editions of Stardust highly organized and conscious of itself. the bigger picture, all this COG leader bluster about being an Apostle, a Prophet or of all crazy things, an Elijah to come yet some more or a Joshua the Dumb Ass Fake High Priest of 2013 is all related to our knowledge that our lives are limited in scope and have an expiration date.  All religion, sane and insane stems from this knowing.  The Wonderful World Tomorrow helped me cope with the not as Wonderful World Today.  The Kingdom of God raised my hopes and lowered my fears while living in the Kingdoms of Men.   

I'd like to share some thoughts on death and dying that are not grounded in religion or hoping something is true but having no actual proof of it being true.  Proof to one is mere belief and wishful thinking to others.  Faith, in my actual experience is what we have before the facts change it once again.  

I really love the perspective in this commentary on dying. I include just the introduction to interest those interested in such things and where to read the rest of it following.


Part I: Meditations on a Cemetery

I have always wanted, when I die, to be cremated rather than buried. The living, not the dead, are the ones who have need of the space and resources that would otherwise be used for a burial ground. On the other hand, if there are to be graveyards, this is how they should be – a good place to be at peace, to be alone with one’s thoughts, and to remember. They are, after all, for the sake of the living and not the deceased.

It is a warm, peaceful summer afternoon. Serried rows of headstones rise from the expansive green lawns, interspersed with flowers and hedges; great trees shade the graves at their feet in musty reddish-green and cool dappled gold. Other than the soft chirping of crickets in the grass and the gentle rustle of the wind, drowsy in the late afternoon sun, it is still and silent, creating the impression that this is a place separate from the world. 

Most of the graves are plain white headstones engraved with the names of those who lie buried there. Some are polished granite or marble markers, the letters carved in them as sharp as if chiseled yesterday, while others are softer limestone, their inscriptions weathered and dimmed by time. Among the headstones is the occasional tall white mausoleum; some are freestanding, their sides clad in ivy, while others are built into hillsides. Some of the older graves are covered in beds of moss, while a few – I notice one or two – are freshly dug, plots of raw earth in the peaceful green. Where the land rolls, worn stone steps lead up from the winding main path to enable visitors to walk among the gravestones.

Small, colorful flags ripple in the wind at the head of each veteran’s grave. I note in amazement how many there are, and I am reminded that blood is the eternal price of liberty. While most other people have engraved headstones, many of the veterans have only small, flat metal plaques set into the earth, paid for, I presume, by the government for their service. It seems strange, and yet somehow fitting, that they should have such humble memorials. 

In this place, with thoughts of transience uppermost on my mind, I inevitably reflect on the words of others who once pondered the same things. At such times, I think of the question posed by a long-ago psalmist – “What is man, that thou art mindful of him?” – or the Buddhist who meditated on the crematory smoke arising from Toribeyama. Walking through a cemetery, one is forcefully reminded, above all else, of the fragility of human life.

 We tend to take for granted that our lives will continue indefinitely; rarely do we think about how we all – you yourself, everyone you know, everyone you love or care about – will grow old and, one day, will die. Through familiarity, we begin to believe the people, places and situations that surround us to be permanent. It is a natural and human tendency, and a habit difficult to break – difficult, that is, unless one is confronted inescapably with the truth of our own mortality. A quiet walk in a cemetery will accomplish that....

It is rather long so you can find the rest of it here:

At 63 and with my Dutch heritage , parents who lived into their upper 90's and aunts and uncles who lived to 99 or the one who still lives at over 100, I am a bit panicked.  lol.  In their world they worked where Kodak and Bausch and Lomb actually made good on their retirements.  We'll just leave it at that.    The last time I was in Rochester to visit dad I stopped at Mount Hope Cemetery which has amazing grave sites.  Some headstones are 40 feet high and their are whole streets of Mausoleums which are creepy and beautiful. I stumbled upon Frederick Douglas's grave which I had not idea was in Rochester.  I found one that said "Bausch" on it and wondered where Lomb was if this was "The" Bausch.  Low and behold....Lomb's mausoleum was right next to it!  Together in life. Together in death.  Same street!

Maybe it was just a coincidence...

At any rate, so many if not all of the current COG gurus and goofballs are selling hope.  They are doing what religion is meant to do but I think they do it very badly in their case.  All kidding aside, it is obscene that a Gerald Flurry sees himself in the Bible as "That Prophet" and then proceeds to stick his theologically ignorant nose into everyone's business.  Ron Weinland, who followed me after I left Ohio has been the same kind of arrogant and deluded minister since way back.  It just got worse and ended badly.  His hope is hopeless and also ignorant of actual theology as actually presented in the Bible.  And what can we say more of Dave Pack who now epitomizes both theology and title taking gone nuts.  In my world the more one needs titles , the less of a genuine human being and servant to all one can actually be.  Any man who sees himself spoken of in the Bible in these days is one to be avoided.  It is not so and all 25 proofs aside, Dave is not any Joshua the High Priest of Haggai nor was HWA any Elijah to come or Zerubbabel.  That is just nuts and over reaching if there ever was any.  It would be merely silly if it wasn't actually dangerous to your spiritual, financial and emotional health. 

Gotta go...Doing chair massage for the employees of a local health food store this morning.  If I ever rubbed any of you the wrong way...or do..come see me now... :)

Let me leave you with my favorite and to the point short overview of in just what way we are stardust.  In my next life, if there is one, I want to reincarnate as Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson.  This knowledge in our time bring tears to my eyes and absolute wonder, far more than anything any minister could ever deliver.  Do yourself a favor and watch two short sermons that are 100% true and deeply encouraging no matter who you are or where in life you reside along the very thin line we call the times of our lives. 

Certainly better by far than the long winded and self serving sermons of a Ron Weinland-Dave Pack or Gerald Flurry.  These men are also stardust but currently with excessive amounts of hot air and baloney mixed in my humble and yet experienced opinion.

Contact Dennis at

Joe on: "Beware of the Troopers"

The most dysfunctional people in any organization, and this includes those in the Churches of God, are not necessarily outwardly evil, or criminal.  People like Dave Pack or Gerald Flurry and a whole host of minor COG sociopaths who rule with one man, unaccountable authority, indeed are evil and are sociopaths.  However, these men would be impotent without the help of the most dangerous people alive. This person, for the sake of this article, will be called “The Trooper”.  Without Troopers , sociopaths would be powerless and without arms and legs.
Troopers are the kind of  person killed all the Jews who died during the holocaust. He was the one who killed all the innocent civilians on both sides of World War II and all other wars. He dropped The Bomb on Hiroshima and he flew aircraft into the World Trade Centers. Troopers never question, they simply follow orders.
The Trooper will kill. The Trooper is not necessarily strong or intelligent, although he can be both. The Trooper has no conscience, or if he does have one, he does not use it. The Trooper simply just believes. He believes unconditionally.  Facts that contradict The Trooper’s beliefs are considered false by definition. The Trooper has a weakness for sociopathic monsters. The Trooper follows orders and has never heard an order he will not try to obey. The Trooper dominates, and uses force to ensure that others cannot do as they please. The Trooper believes what he does to be glorious and is the utmost in respectable duty.
The Trooper is self-replicating. His actions lead to the creation of other Troopers. He is particularly bolstered by unconditional praise and small tokens of gratitude from the sociopath, often a person who do not know him or anything specifically he has done.
To be successful in stopping Troopers, it is important to know what things can cause a normal person to become a Trooper. Sociopathic monsters, like a Flury or Pack, who are found in their lofty spiritual  positions, need Troopers to be their henchmen. For this reason, they use the resources of control, guilt, extortion and falsely self- attributed Godly authority,  to attempt to turn normal people into Troopers. Their propaganda makes becoming a Trooper sound righteous, adventurous and glorious. The false religious leader will claim to provide valuable training and teaching to normal people that become Troopers, and also claim that becoming a Trooper will give one discipline and direction, and most importantly, glory and love from God.
A person who is looking for specialness from God, relief from guilt, glory or adventure is at risk of becoming a Trooper. If someone you know is looking at, or considering ANY church that is ran by an unaccountable, unelected leader, talk to them. Let them know that it is not glorious to be a henchman for a sociopathic monster.
If your loved one needs discipline or direction, show them how to polish their shoes. Have them do some pushups. Have them sleep on a cot. Show them that one does not have to join a cult to love God and to do his will and study his word. 
God can love them without the sociopathic intermediary. Your loved one might be looking for camaraderie. Don’t be afraid to show them the love you have for them. Do things together. Demonstrate how fulfilling it is to spend time with one’s family and friends. Remind them that you love them and want them to remain close to you and safe, and not in some cult becoming human fuel for a mad man.
Talk to your loved one about self-respect and self-reliance and that one can have a personal relationship with his Savior without the intermediation of a man or a cult. Assure them that as friends or family you will stick together and ensure each other’s spiritual well-being. Explain to them that someone with their motivation and the willingness to sacrifice that they have can find a way to provide service to God, others, themselves and their family, and that they won’t have to sacrifice their self-respect and self image to a sociopath to do it.
The task is not easy, but working together, with love and perseverance we can prevail. Sociopathic church monsters will still exist, but they will be impotent and easily managed , once the liberty of Christ Jesus is understood, and that all can come to the throne of God, and can be reconciled to him, without need of any human being.

The veil has indeed been ripped. The sociopath wants to deny its importance as it is the secret to destroying him. Remember this always in faith.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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Dennis on "Six Weeks to Unification!"

Gallows humour, East European-style - Telegraph

Dennis Diehl - EzineArticles Expert AuthorI am so pleased.  After decades of splits, schisms, splinters and slivers, the True Church is on the cusp of reunification.  I can hardly believe it but I know it is true.  The Bible and specifically the minor prophet Haggai has made this awesomely clear.  Only the unregenerate and uncalled cannot see it.  Not only is the text clearly speaking of our times today, but Joshua the High Priest, a mere type in Haggai, is a living human incarnation today in our own times has declared it.   What a time to be alive!

I am so looking forward to the Feast of Tabernacles once again.  While I have little second tithe saved because I did not know in time that this Fall unification would come, I intend to feast off the spiritual messages that I am sure will inspire beyond all measure.  I may have to apply for 3-T assistance, but I'm sure it will flow to help those who were hoodwinked and deceived over the years by their liberal and lazy assed ministry.   "Round Up 2013," as I like to think of it.   I so want to be rounded up!

All Pens Become ONE!!!!

Personally I have six weeks or maybe a bit more time to get my own act together. I really want to speak at this first feast of unity and the rebirth of the True Church.  I know I have been kind of a stinker having learned many things that I wish I had been taught as a younger man, but all will be forgiven I just know!  I will act sorry as I can...

sorry for how ive been acting

BUT....we need some compassionate rules is this unification is going to go well from the gitmo..git go.   The huddled masses yearning to be even more confined than in the past but breathing to be "free" need to be treated gently but also FIRMLY!.  They have been starved and are spiritually emaciated so it is simply not wise to feed them too much too quickly.  There will be spiritual puke all over the Festival Floors and that is just not a way to get unification going.  So...some rules please for the FIRST real FOT since the death of Herbert W. Armstrong and the rise of the Apostle Joshua C. Pack who is now in place to bring all things spoken of in the prophets and really the whole Bible to pass shortly..finally!   This is the real "shortly" and "soon brethren," as long as you don't ask about the long term building programs and such, and how they fit into shortly and soon.  

TV evangelists | cathywagnerblog
Ok here goes.

Rule  1
References to the newbies being blinded, deceived, mislead, trashed, lied to, watered down or luke warmish will not be used often if at all.  They now know this but it is a salt in the wound thing.  So please, watch your mouths.  However, if necessary for effect, the Apostle reserves the right to rub it in and reinforce badness especially in the ministry

Rule 2
References by the Lord of Restored to Watcher/Apostle/The Chosen/Joshua the High Priest etc shall be limited to just three per hour of sermon time.  Of course, this rule must be approved by the Apostle and subject to change and will probably be ignored which is fine, just a suggestion.  This will insure no more than 12 to 15 reminders of who is in charge now and why in any one day.

Rule 3
Joshua the High Priest shall not use the words "I", "Me" or "My" more than three times per hour of sermon time to limit a sense of ego centric ministry.  Again, subject to Apostle Approval.   God/Christ and the Holy Spirit should be referenced often with careful use of the name "Jesus" so not give the impression the Church has already slipped into nicey Jesus mode and is already off track before the end of the first day.  The Apostle does have the right to over ride the frequency of me, I and my if necessary to teach just where all the blessings of this Festival came from. 

Rule 4
Even thought it is an awesome idea and the Apostle Joshua is irritated he did not think of it sooner himself, offerings will not be taken up every day of the Feast.  Long standing members of the Restored Church are exempt this year from having to give anything since they are learning you can only send it all in once and have little left to give. 

The Dust Bowl

Rule 5
There will only be 17 Orange feast stickers this year.  One for each member of the council of agreers and one for the Apostle.  To distinguish the Apostle from the Agreers, the Apostle's car will have one of each sticker beginning with Orange, going to Red and then mere green in that order. This is the only vehicle that will be allowed to park either behind or on the stage.  

Feast of Tabernacles 2011 - Get Feast Stuff

Rule 6
Only current, in good standing RCG members will have green stickers.  Those flowing unto the feast in reunification will receive NO sticker this year.  You will park in Row E with Row A being one space for the Apostle if needed.  Row B having 16 spaces for the Council of Agreers and Row C having 120 spaces for the local church.  Row D for the 100 visitors from out of state and Row D with 49 spaces for those in the returning diaspora. 

Parking in small spaces | Joke Overflow - Joke Archive

Rule 7
All RCG members will meet and greet each returning saint wearing rubber gloves.  We must not kid ourselves.  These folk still have the stink and dirt of their grievous ways and experiences all over them.  After the Apostle Joshua gives them a washing by his words, gloves use will be a personal choice and not mandatory.  You may NOT take the cost of your own gloves out of Second Tithe!  The more excess 2-T you have, the more you can throw in the final offering. 

Wear Rubber Gloves Photo 1

Rule 8
Opening night of the Feast will begin ON TIME at 7 PM and end around 1 AM depending.  Any employees who fall out of the window or their seats and are injured will cover the costs of their own medical care and not charge the church.  Members who fall out will be left where they lie so others don't miss the dynamic revelations that up to now have not been revealed.  Those in the Diaspora who fall out will be revived IMMEDIATELY, placed back in their seats and slapped in the face until they recover to continue taking notes. 

Rappers make me fall asleep like lectures in class   Word

Rule 9
Services the first holy day and all subsequent days will begin at 9 AM and end at Noon.  Afternoon services will begin at 2 and run til 5 and evening services will be from PM to 1 am or there abouts.  In the spirit of restoration, all services are mandatory.  We have much ground to cover and the Apostle feels he has never quite given a sermon like these, well maybe back in December of 1988 but really not quite like this one.

Rule 10
Lunch and dinner between services will be held in the hall with all attendees bringing a simple bag lunch.  Singles should bring watermelons.  There is NO sense in spending God's money in the community when we have much better things we can do with it right here at HQ.  Please keep your lunch expenses to $2 per family member and dinner at $2.25.   The differences between that and what meals eaten out would cost can add nicely to the Holy day offerings if you get my drift.

From Fast Foods to Fad Diets &To Eating for Health | Akins Holistic

Rule 11
All free time by those in the returning diaspora shall be spent in reviewing sermon notes .  If you have any questions, you must ask one of the 16 on the Council of Agreers for the answers as only they have the answers.  The Apostle Joshua will take no questions during the Festival and none after, or ever.  Trust and obey, for in RCG, there is no other way...but to trust and obey...

GAGBAY - Just relax and trust me

Rule 12
There will be no first aid station as the Apostle Joshua has one of the best healing records in the ministry in all splinters.  Pre-anointed cloths will be available in the lobby for a love offering of at least $25.  The monies will be used to purchase the Steuben piece, "Joshua Fits the Battle of Jericho" for the Apostle Joshua, who has his eye on it for years.   No refunds if you do not feel healed.

Do You Need a Miracle? | RodParsley.

Rule 13
There will be A Youth Basketball Camp after evening services every other day of the feast from sometime after 1 AM to 3 AM.   Prospective Ambassador students will meet with the Apostle and the Council of 16 Agreers alone every morning from 5-7AM by appointment only. 

Rule 14
Those wishing to take the Restored Church Bible Correspondence Course need to sign up this Feast and submit a 7 page paper explaining just why you wish to take the course.  You MUST also sign an agreement to return all Correspondence Course Materials to the Restored Church of God if accepted to take the course or flunk big time.

Finals Schedules Out, Mass Hysteria - Onward State

Rule 15
All returning COG former members who were disfellowshipped by God himself, and that is all of you, will meet with the Apostle Joshua in a private reinstatement ceremony.  You MUST all be rebaptised into the Father, the Son (Christ), the Holy Spirit, The Apostle Joshua and the Council of 16  to be washed of your past affiliations.

Rule 16
Returning "ministers" not properly prepped before the Festival this year will wear the "Shoddy Shepherd Shirt"  you were sent when you applied for the Festival and to return to God's Church.  Since there are so many of you and naming you all publicly would take up precious sermon time, this First Festival requirement for all ministers so called is required as part of your journey back to wholeness.  Any non-RCG minister or not yet officially forgiven and sanctioned newbies caught speaking with the brethren without the shirt on will be dismembered once again for good.  Don't make us hurt you.

Good person with bad attitude T-Shirt | Spreadshirt | ID: 10875914

Rule 17
All food stuffs MUST be purchased from Giant Eagle located adjacent to the property.  We have made special arrangements with GE and they will kick in some money for the "Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho" Steuben Ware, if we sent them some business.  So, if you are not in need of healing this Feast, you can still help get that Steuben to our Apostle Joshua with giving Giant Eagle your Feast business.

Rule 18
Once you come on to the property for the Festival, please do not leave again until after the last song of the PM to 1 am service.  If you have used your free time efficiently you will have no need to waste expensive gas driving around town looking for something else to do.  There is NOTHING else to do in Wadsworth but be at God's Feast and brainwashing each other into believing all you will hear is so. 

Rule 19
Please consider sleeping in your cars or perhaps bringing a small efficient tent to use on the property.  With as little time as you would actually be at motel, those monies can be used for God's work and Holy Day offerings.  Quiet time for sleep will be from 2 AM to 6 AM unless you are a prospective AC student seeking counseling from the 16. Then you will be allowed to be up and about by 4:45 AM

Rule 20
Clapping and standing ovations are ONLY ALLOWED for that which the Apostle Joshua says or does.  At no time shall you clap for sermons given by any others.  You MUST clap for the Apostle Joshua's sermons.  And please sound sincere.  Clapping is also encourage when the Apostle Joshua enters the Tabernacle.  You may line up after the services to speak with the Apostle in turn as long as the Apostle is available.  Please keep any bad attitudes in check should the Apostle leave before being able to speak with you.  Please try again.

yourliferules | rules for life philosophy inspiration satisfaction

Rule 21
There will be a special "Ministers Falsely Up To Now So Called" luncheon for returning ministers and their wives.  After the Festival, the Apostle Joshua C. Pack will send out a list of approved returning ministers and their ass-ignments if there are any.  Returning ministers who fail to return well or properly will be marked and named for the protection of the Church.  Of course, we wish them no ill will and are not messing with them ever again. 

Rejected without Review: Here's why it happens | Max Bingham

Well, I think that pretty much overs it.  Reunification and the best Feast ever...Just six weeks away!

Thank You Je....Christ!

contact Dennis at