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Norbert Link: Voting Is A "GRAVE" Sin and When You Vote You Are Electing Satan To Power

One thing that Armstrongism did decades ago was to adopt the Catholic view on "sin."  There are "major" sins and "minor" sins in the Church of God.  Who determines what is "major" and what is "minor" is always up to interpretation by the splinter group leaders.

Many years ago Rod Meredith made the absurd claim that he had not committed a "major" sin since baptism.  What's "major" in his eyes and what those around him see as his sins and who have suffered under his sinful reign think are two different interpretations.

Now the Church of the Eternal God has come out and said that when a person votes they are committing a "grave" sin.  Voting apparently is on par with adultery, murder, theft, and child abuse, among other things.

To be blunt, voting in governmental, national and presidential elections violates God’s plan for true Christians and constitutes a grave sin. It manifests the absence of faith in God; reveals a complete lack of understanding as to what the role of a true Christian is today; and shows utter ignorance as to who is ruling this world. We will not mince words in this Q&A, because FAR TOO MANY Christians are deceived and are deceiving others on this topic, foolishly thinking that they are serving God and their country by voting in governmental elections. ...

Many other Church of God's realize that voting is not an issue and let their members vote.  The Worldwide Church of God did this for almost all municipal elections, particularity in Big Sandy. The CEG feels it is the only COG out there that is really preserving the truth once restored under HWA and therefore condemns all COG members and Christians who vote.

Why is this? WHY do we take such a strong stance against voting in national elections, while other Christians do not seem to see any problems with this? WHY do we claim that it is part of the Christian DUTY NOT to vote in governmental elections?

The simple answer is: We will NOT water down the truth of God, even though many others do. We will NOT swim with the stream of national pride, patriotism and nationalism, if it involves violating God’s Law. We WILL obey God rather than man, not being afraid of men and their antagonistic reactions and hateful persecution, but being FEARFUL of becoming luke-warm and compromising with God’s Will, even though many Christians do.

These church along with all the other COG's bow down to the rules, laws and ideas of men.  What they think is God's way is only their own interpretation of what they want it to be.  Anything they can do to look down upon others and cast them in a bad light is done.   If they truly followed God then they would not be preaching most of the crap that they do.

Satan is the one who runs all countries around the world and that is who you are voting for when you vote.  You are electing Satan!

We also explain in our booklet that it is SATAN who rules this world and EVERY country, WITHOUT exception. It is true, of course, that Satan can only do what God ALLOWS him to do, but generally speaking, God is NOT getting involved in the affairs of this world, and neither should we. God will ONLY intervene and see to it that certain individuals end up in governmental positions, if they are temporarily needed to fulfill aspects of God’s plan. But this would be GOD’s doing, NOT ours.
Another reason why a Christian is not to vote for a candidate in governmental or local council elections is because he understands the truth about this being Satan’s world at the present time. It is Satan who, with the general permission of God, places candidates into governmental offices. If we were to vote, we might involve ourselves quite directly in Satan’s system. Hosea 8:4 gives us God’s warning in this regard: ‘They set up kings, but not by Me; they made princes, but I did not acknowledge them.
 See:  Is It Really Important  To Understand That We Must Not Vote In Governmental Elections?

Friday, April 17, 2015

COG Member Says Lets Cheer Isis and GCI's Taking Down of the Illegal Videos so that the SWINE Cannot View It!

To show you how warped the thinking is of the diehard legalists, here are two comments that were sent to me tonight from an HWA idolatry site.

Herbert Armstrong's teachings are so precious that they should not be made available to the "swine" that will read it or watch it online.  Some in COG land are clapping for GCI's decision:

All I can say is that many of these materials that are on line should not be for public use. Mr.Armstrong never made his sermons or Bible Studies available to the general public and for good reason. I think only the material that was made for public use should be made available to the public and that which was for the church made private for those who truly want the truth so we don't cast our pearls before swine.

Then another person replied with this idiocy:

While we are cheering on the taking down of these videos lets cheer on ISIS for destroying all the pagan statues at the archeological sites as well…….

Day of Fasting Declared Because "Famine of the Word " Is Here!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The idiocy continues.  Fasting is the weapon of choice in Armstrongism by those that think it has magical powers. Their god is going to whip GCI's butt for this while it lets starving children die from hunger and Christian be slaughtered in the Middle East. God is more concerned about some idiots plagiarizing HWA's materials than these dying people. Idiocy at its finest!


Date: April 15, 2015


1. The Real Elijah TV
2. Herbert W Armstrong TV ARCHIVES
3. The Worldwide Church of God ARCHIVES

These channels, housed hours of video and audio content from our church- The Worldwide Church of God, under the leadership of Herbert W Armstrong, Christ's chosen apostle.

A Dr. Kenny Ryans, a media manager for "Grace Communion International" , has been reporting the videos on these channels as copyright infringement, and because of this,YouTube deleted several videos, and in order for the channels to not be totally removed, we had to switch all our videos to "private".

On Youtube, if you receive 3 strikes against your account, Youtube totally bans you.

Because of Mr. Kenny Ryans' actions, we received 2 strikes per channel, and in order to not receive a final and third strike, we had to close down the channels for the time being.

Now, In being notified from YouTube, that our videos were reported, they provided the email for Mr. Ryans. So we contacted him yesterday, asking for the proof of ownership.

Now, these works are made available under Fair Use copyright law, for research purposes and for the preservation of the works.

Now, we have not edited, nor have we changed any of the material, nor are we receiving any monetary gain from such works.

But because of recent actions, done by representatives of "Grace Communion International", our channels are now temporarily closed, until further news.

We do apologized for this grave inconvenience, as we do want to make God's Truth available for everyone to learn and grow from.

So far, we have had no correspondence from Mr. Kenny Ryans, nor from Grace Communion International.
And we do wish to do so as soon as possible, to get these things resolved.
I predicted it and here it is!

We are entering into the Famine of the Word.

This channel is about the preserving of the works, and literary, and video and audio productions of the "Worldwide Church of God, a unincorporated spiritual organism". We are apart of this church, and we wish to protect and preserve the teachings of this "Church". And we wish to make them available, for our fellow brethren worldwide. And this is protected under the fair-use provision of the copyright regulations, as defined in 17 USC 107.

Under Herbert W Armstrong, The Worldwide Church of God, was also attacked with attempts to muzzle the message they brought. God's apostle, Herbert W Armstrong, preached around the world, the true gospel of Jesus Christ, the gospel or good news of the coming Kingdom of God!

These fools believe that since they call themselves the Worldwide Church of God, an unincorporated spiritual organism, this absolves them of their illegal activity's.  Unincorporated spiritual organism?  Sounds like an STD!

GCI's actions is none other than a direct attack against wimpy god the father and the thing they call "jesus."  What an impotent god they must follow if it cant preserve its message after 1,980 years!
And we, The Worldwide Church of God, an unincorporated spiritual organism, support him in God's Work. And we are still supporting him today, and that is why we make such materials available. And such attacks, from Grace Communion International, is an attack, believe it or not, on "The Worldwide Church of God, an unincorporated spiritual organism", and if God's Church is attacked, then the attack is on Jesus Christ and God the Father!

Those pesky demons are behind all of this!  Never-mind the fact that they illegally did something wrong, its all Satan's fault.
This world does not know what spirits lead them to do such deeds. They actually think they are doing God's will to destroy, and to censor and to muzzle the true gospel message, which was delivered by Herbert W Armstrong, and supported by "The Worldwide Church of God, an unincorporated spiritual organism".

So continue to pray brethren. Pray even for our enemies. Pray that God can bring them according to His Will to a place, where He can bless them for obeying Him.

The god of Armstrongism is always testing the people. A law based god does that.  A grace based God does not. Its no wonder most COG members are worn out by it all!

Because time is short, and we are entering it seems, the famine of the Word. But if that is God's Will, it will be done. But, perhaps God is testing His People Again, to see if they really love Him and His Truth, and to see if they are truly backing and supporting the delivering of the true gospel message, which Herbert W Armstrong preached?!?! 

Nevertheless, Satan the Devil is ANGRY!

A week or so ago, we received a news article speaking of Pope Francis' words of knowing "he has a short time", and that he must work harder than ever. Satan the Devil knows he has a short time!(Rev 12:12)

And his men are working feverishly towards the Devil's goals, in destroying that true gospel message, and God's Church along with it. ARE WE ON FIRE FOR GOD BRETHREN? If the Devil and His instruments are working hard, WE OUGHT TO BE WORKING HARD AT GETTING CLOSER TO GOD! God alone will fight our battles. But we need to clean up our lives, and draw close to Him and He will then draw close to us as He promises in His Word.

He is watching our choices. We are truly being judged right now.

We all have fell to sin, and have found each of ourselves off track.

God corrects those whom He loves, and He allows calamities and trials and persecutions to come on His people, to test them, and to strengthen them. Faith is like a muscle, it must be used in order to grow and build. But unlike a muscle, we cannot work up faith, but it must be given by Jesus Christ. The Living faith of Jesus Christ is what we must have, and God has promised in His Word, that if we ask for faith, He will give us the LIVING faith of Jesus Christ.

We are not battling with human beings, but with spirits in high places, who do not want God's Truth made available, who want to see it destroyed, who want every single one of us DEAD forever. We have a large target on our backs. And Satan and his demons are zeroing on God's Church, and wanting to destroy us, any way he can. DO you have a sin you don't think matters? Satan will use that to destroy you forever, if you do not repent of that sin, and turn and begin doing it God's Way! The same is with us. We are in perilous times brethren. And we need to get each other back on track.

We are awaiting correspondence from Kenny Ryans, who reported our videos, and we are praying that God delivers us, and protects His truth.

Perhaps our job is coming to a close? You better make sure you have as much as these materials downloaded for yourselves if you want them. Because they are being taken down, as we speak.

Please keep us in your prayers brethren. You are in our prayers.

Please set aside a day for fasting, and take all of this to God. Examine yourselves and make sure you are on track with God.

Thank you. And may God bless.
In Christ's Service,
The Herbert W Armstrong TV ARCHIVES staff

Grace Communion International Goes After Web Site Illegally Posting Herbert Armstrong Videos

When the Worldwide Church of God began to implode in the mid-1990's various people decided it was up to them to preserve all the writings and videos that Herbert Armstrong ever produced.  Most of these web sites illegally posted copyrighted material that belonged to the Worldwide Church of God.  Gerald Flurry was particularly guilty of this and eventually had to settle out of court and had to pay the WCG over $3,000,000.00 for copyright rights. No matter how much Stephen Flurry claims it was a victory for the PCG in securing these rights, they had to PAY for them after suffering one humiliation after another in court.

In spite of PCG's costly escapade, others started plagiarizing HWA's books and booklets and posting his videos as "fair use" and "educational" materials.  One of these  idolatry sites was the site.

On April 15, 2015 Grace Communion International went after the HWAlibrary site.  GCI filed copyright infringement accusations against them with YouTube.

As everyone knows by now Grace Communion is considered Satan's agent by most of the splinter groups.  Before long these sites will be belching out, "famine of the word!"

This afternoon around 2:00 PM on April 15, 2015 we noticed a few videos were missing. After checking, we found that "Grace Communion International" (formally the "Worldwide Church of God") had filed several copyright notices with YouTube concerning the Telecast section of YouTube stated we were not to upload any more videos which we did not. The notice from YouTube also stated we needed to file a counter notification through a YouTube form they provided. After checking into the matter to make sure we could legally file a counter notification we did so around 5:30 PM just hours after receiving the first notice from YouTube. At around 7:00 PM after we did exactly what YouTube asked us, they (YouTube) deactivated our account.

We are not sure why YouTube gave us no time even though the counter notification we filed stated it would take 10 days, but they did and we are checking as to why. spent years building the YouTube channel, we want everyone to know we have all material archived and are looking at all our options of getting all audio/video files back up as soon as possible. used YouTube because of the cost savings, but we have always known the risk of allowing a third party to handle the material, but the cost savings was the only way at the time was able to handle the large volume of bandwidth required to handle the 1.6 million hits a month. believes the use of the material is legally protected because it falls within the "fair use" provision of the copyrightregulations, as defined in 17 USC 107. Herbert W Armstrong Library ( is also a non-profit educational library.

At very least YouTube should have given us the time stated (10 days) or simply let us know before deactivating all 1,335 Videos, there were only 143 Telecasts in question, we did everything they asked.

We are sorry and please pray that everything works out for us all! We will keep everyone updated on this page as to what is happening or what fixes we come up with; cost is a factor on all this.

HWAlibrary updates:

Update: April 16, 2015
Today we called YouTube and was told we had to send an email to their "Copyright" email address, which we sent.
Also today we uploaded 111 Sermons back to (hosted on servers)
We also was able to get 144 Broadcasts back online. They are in "mp3" format only, they can be accessed through this link.
We will be adding videos everyday until we get them all back online. We will try to give an update as often as we can on the progress of YouTube and videos back online.

Update: April 17, 2015
Today we were able to get around 800 audio and video files back online. We also got this week's Sabbath service up and running for everyone. We will keep you posted on our progress!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Rod Meredith's Deep Seated Racism Comes To The Surface Again

Rod Meredith is still wailing on about blacks rising up against whites in this country.  This has been one of his fear tactics for 60 some years. He has always referred to African-Americans as "Gentiles in our midst."  Since they are not from the chosen seed of the 12 tribes they cannot share in the glorious truth of British Israelism.  That doctrine is at the very core of the racist polices and teachings of the Living Church of God, United Church of God, Philadelphia Church of God and the Restored Church of God.

Living Church of God members will soon be cowering in fear of their black neighbors.  After they have slaughtered many of the white LCG members, demons will be unleashed to finish wreaking havoc.
We in God’s Church will soon be surrounded by situations where whites are killing blacks, blacks are killing whites, and almost no one truly loves and trusts people of other races or ethnic backgrounds. We will come to the place where increasing numbers of demons will be “set loose” and unleash truly powerful attitudes of hate and violence. Literally millions of people in Europe will become so deceived by Satan and his demons that they will literally “make war” against Christ Himself as He returns to this earth as King of kings! Remember, as I have explained a number of times, Revelation 17:12–14 makes this very clear. Those brainwashed young men in the coming army of the “Beast” will “make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb will overcome them, for He is Lord of lords and King of kings; and those who are with Him are called, chosen and faithful.” This very real “war” against God Himself—in the person of Jesus—will occur within the lifetimes of many of you! It will be a time like that described back in Genesis 6:5–10. Personal - Will You Walk With God?

The Sins of UCG, LCG, PCG and RCG

There is an ultra-conservative Armstrongist group on Yahoo Groups that only discusses HWA and church teachings prior to 1986.  Their god was only at work in HWA's life and the Church of God till he died.  No truth has come since then.  They tend to be appalled by everything happening in the COG today.  From women dressing like hookers to talking about football, the grievous sins abound in the various COG's. Heaven forbid if you dare to go out to lunch or dinner on a Saturday after church for a nice conversation.
These are some of the sins in the church today.
In addition to immodest feminine apparel, the following sins have been quite common in congregations I have attended through the years:
  • Talk about sports, celebrity gossip, or politicians instead of whatever topic the minister might have presented in his sermon.
  • Going out to eat at restaurants on the sabbath.
  • Multi-level sales drop offs, (everything from ladies cosmetics to nutritional supplements to precious metals and coins), recruitment, and the collection of email addresses or other contact information for further sales efforts.
Oh the humanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Talking about sports on Saturdays!  What else can one do when he/she has just sit through 1.5 hours of the most incredibly BORING sermon ever preached expounding point after point?   If a minister can't deliver his message in 20-30 minutes then he needs to quit.  These bloviating windbags need to give it a rest!

Dave Pack Continues To Suffer One Humiliating Episode After Another

It been three months now since Dave Pack preached his weirdest sermon series ever. This is the series where he had 130 points on why he was the reincarnated/channeled Elijah.  At that time he also made another sermon that went into detail the miraculous "healings" that were supposedly are ONLY happening in his personality cult.

He was widely mocked by various web sites and church groups for his arrogance and extreme narcissism.

Dave felt his sermon was so magnificent that tense of thousands of Church of God members would leave their respective groups and come running to him - along with their money.

Dave continues to suffer one humiliating episode after another.  After two years of making boastful prophecies about three COG splinter group leaders would be killed by his god and that their members would come running over to the dark-side his side, nothing still has happened.  All three leaders are still alive, none of their members have left to join Dave.  None of their money made it into Dave's coffers.  With his membership holding at around 1,000 for contributing members, Dave's empire is on the verge of collapse.

Bob Thiel Publishes New Book On Hillary Clinton - 'Is She The Antichrist?'

Bitter Bob is back with a new book.  After bringing the wrath of Rod Meredith down on his head for publishing his absurd book on President Obama, Bitter Bob is back now trashing Hillary Clinton from a Church of God point of view.  Regardless of anyone's point of view on Obama or Clinton, no Church of God leader has any right to be speaking out about the President or  presidential hopefuls if they do not vote.  The day these "men" start voting then they can have a voice.  Till that happens their viewpoints are worthless.

Bitter Bob for some reason holds himself up as the worlds foremost authority on the Bible, prophecy, Mayan's, Catholicism and politics.  He floods numerous web sites with his drivel that he posts as "news commentary."  Since he was doubly blessed by a Living Church of God "minister" the Bitter Prophet has been trying to get his word out to all the world.  The only people that seem to listen are people in African nations who are looking for gullible Americans to dish out money to them.

Now that the United States is heading into another mind-numbing political showdown for the White House, non-voting Bitter Bob feels his opinions about the presidential candidate is worthwhile.

These are the exciting topics that Bitter Bob has included in his ebook.

Its ten 10 chapters answer these exciting questions:
  1. Hillary Rodham Clinton: Background, Morality, and Hebrew Prophecy
  2. Hillary Clinton, Islamic Prophecy, and Related Biblical Prophecy       
  3. Is Hillary Clinton the Antichrist?      
  4. The Names “Hillary,” “Diane,”“Rodham,” “Clinton,” and Her Faith 
  5. 20 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton is Apocalyptic
  6. Buddhist, Native-American, and Other Prophecies       
  7. Nostradamus and Hillary Clinton     
  8. Immorality, Republicans, and Prophecy
  9. The King of the North, Hillary Clinton, and the End of the United States, and its Anglo-Saxon Allies
  10. Hillary Clinton is Fulfilling End Time Prophecy

Regardless of all the dumb things Rod Meredith has said and done over the past 80 some years, getting rid of Bob Thiel was his best decision ever.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

COG Splinter Group Leader Says He's Not Crazy Even Though He Is Talking To Aliens

“We come to bring you the Truth in this final stage of human development on this planet. This message you must receive. It is absolutely important for your survival and your advancement. If you are to entire [fill up] a new phase of growth a number of brids [human hybrids] must arise to bring stability and equilibrium to your current situation. Only this will be able to create extended preservation. Humans have the opportunity in this time to emerge in the Greater Community, that of the extraterrestrial. The choice is yours.” ~ Anoh

Its been a while since I had anything up on Eric King, that wild and crazy leader of the Church of God Speaking to the Remnant aka The OFFICIAL Worldwide Church of God.  King has been through so many different versions of his own church it is hard to keep track of them all.  He has now officially named his group the Science of Christian Thought.  As unbelievable as it is, he actually has a few followers.

Of course adding Herbert Armstrong's name to any variation of the Church of God will draw in gullible members.

SOCT thus comprises an international organization dedicated to bringing what it calls the “Seventh Message” to planet Earth. SOCT religious beliefs encompass the teachings of early Christianity as confirmed by Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong, the sixth era apostle. SOCT teachings also contain advanced understandings of physics (science in general), astronomy, neurology and the controversial subject of UFO’s and extraterrestrials. SOCT makes the claim that we have received ET contact and information. ~

Unless you heed this message from King and Anoh the earth will be "recycled."  

Have no fear though, just as HWA  gave lip service to Jesus, King does the same.  King also claims to use the Christian Bible just like Meredith does...Meeting the Aliens

We believe in a literal person popularly known as Jesus Christ which appeared on this planet a little over 2000 years ago as of October 7th 2011. He brought advanced knowledge and took the religious books of ancient Israel; the Torah, the Prophets & the Writings to use as his foundation to begin the upgrade. Why these books? These books were already the result of multiple religions. They contained a basic compellation taken from many stories which circulated in ancient Mesopotamia. We believe that these compilations were guided by Divine Intelligence. SOCT students still use the Christian Bible to study and teach from. We understand the Christian Bible to be our “religious” and “spiritual” book. ~We believe in a literal person popularly known as Jesus Christ which appeared on this planet a little over 2000 years ago as of October 7th 2011. He brought advanced knowledge and took the religious books of ancient Israel; the Torah, the Prophets & the Writings to use as his foundation to begin the upgrade. Why these books? These books were already the result of multiple religions. They contained a basic compellation taken from many stories which circulated in ancient Mesopotamia. We believe that these compilations were guided by Divine Intelligence. SOCT students still use the Christian Bible to study and teach from. We understand the Christian Bible to be our “religious” and “spiritual” book. ~

King is has been posting endless "revealed' prophecies that he claims are coming true.  100% of his predictions are coming to pass every day; something that Dave Pack, Gerald Flurry and Rod Meredith are inept at doing. Every single thing these three buffoons have predicted has failed to came to pass. King 100% - Pack, Flurry, Meredith 0%

King says his alien personally visits him now.

King writes:

As many of you know I have had the privilege of communicating with extraterrestrials since I was a child at age 12. I have been in contact with many different types of ET’s. It wasn’t until July 14th 2014 that I had special contact with what is known as “the Keeper class”. These are the highest most evolved and advanced ET’s within our universe.

Shortly thereafter I was contacted by one special and particular ET who is called Anoh. He still makes contact with me periodically when there is a special and direct message to be given. I have no warning of these visits, they simply happen when and where they are supposed to.
 Thanks to the fact that his dogs had to "pee and poop" King was able to make contact with his alien.

So this first of my ‘latter year visits’ occurred during the month of July of 2014. I walked outside and my dogs came out, started barking and immediately ran back into the house. I let my dogs out to go pee and poop. Out of curiosity I shut my dogs in and walked further out from the house. My ears started ringing and popping. There were no apparent clouds in the beautiful nighttime sky. The next thing I realize is that I am probably in a dream. Why? Because all of a sudden I am sitting in a large circular type couch with many other humans, male and female all adults. We are asked [by whom I did not see] to please look into the viewers that were dropping down on us over our heads. These pipes came down with something like binoculars on the end of them. We all tilted our heads back and began to look into these viewers. ~

Then my consciousness jumps to another place and time. Now all of a sudden I am trying to hide in a small room. I hear somebody else say; “Here they come”. But I am alone and wondering where the hell I am. Then a doorway appears and small beings start walking up to me. I couldn’t really make out any facial futures but they appeared thin and small. I remember I said; “Please don’t kill me.” And in my head I received the answer: “Your person prevents us from such a thing.” They informed me that they were what I know as “the Keeper class”. One of the shortest of these beings informed me that I would - from this point on - receive a more conscious experience in a series of visits from a being I would come to call Anoh.” ~

That’s it. I woke up on the floor next to the door I originally let my dogs out to go to the bathroom. Since that experience I have been contacted by a human looking being. As a matter of fact you cannot tell him apart from any other humans other than he does move a bit peculiar…much more fluidly in his movements. He goes by the name Anoh [pronounced; On-oh]. He visits at night with no particular warning given. I have discussions about what I am supposed to write about and so I write it. I am not a highly educated person and in fact I am quite simple. I have been informed that many humans are having ‘visits’ for different reasons and some from different classes of extraterrestrials but I am informed not to be preoccupied with such cases. I have a different mission. ~
Now I know all of you are thinking that King is bat-shit crazy, but he's not!  He says so!

So does all this sound crazy? Well, I lead a fairly normal life considering all of these experiences and information. Surprisingly most people experience me as a ‘normal’ person. There are many people who have experienced strange things in their life’s but that doesn’t necessarily make them strange – or crazy. ~

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Beware the Leaven of the Pharisees

Here are some excerpts from an article written by a former COG member.  Its food for thought for those sincerely seeking to follow their God.  From by Richard of Decatur - Beware the Leaven of the Pharisees

Over forty years ago, I got involved with an organization in which I was initially miss-lead by its literature and ministry concerning its top leadership.  The membership was "conditioned‟ to not read or listen to any negative information concerning the church or its leadership.  After ten years, I finally discovered irrefutable proof that its founder was perhaps one of the most ungodly men who ever walked this earth. Yet, nearly everyone in that organization, ministers and members alike were "brainwashed‟ into reverencing that evil man.  The shock I felt when I heard of the hypocrisy and ungodly behavior of the leadership of that whole organization literally made me sick then and even now as I remember what I learned was taking place at headquarters while I kept to a very tight budget and continually gave all I could to that organization. 

When I left that evil corrupt church organization,my faith was almost in shambles.  I honestly was not sure of which beliefs I had accepted while associated with that organization that were really of God and which ones were the false teaching of a man? Only as I learned that the top leader had plagiarized and stolen Biblical truths from others and other organizations and then claimed them as his own was I able to begin to sift through God‟s Word trying to hold on to those that I could independently justify apart from that organization.  No one needs to experience something like that.  Sad to say, I have seen that many people who eventually learned the terrible truth and left that organization had their faith and trust in God destroyed.  They were so damaged spiritually they could never recover. Truth is the faith of many was really in a man and an organization and not in God and His Word.

  • The first thing we should learn from this scripture is to be wary of the leadership of religious organizations.  
 You want to get other‟s attention.  Make some comments about the leadership that might be possibly construed as not flattering or is downright negative.  It does not matter that the comment is absolutely the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  This is applicable to virtually all organizations.  Do this while a member of the armed forces and you could get yourself court-martialed.  Do this at work and you might be fired.  Do this in many religious church organizations and you will probably be excommunicated, marked,and kicked out. 

Let us further consider the last situation.  In addition to being kicked out of your church organization, you will find out that no one still in the organization will be allowed to have any further contact with you under penalty of having the same thing happen to him or her.  This creates a very difficult situation because often those still in the organization you were removed from had been for years your dearest and closest friends and some might even be family members.  Almost always, sad to say, these people will chose the organization and reject you.  Individuals in many church organizations are systematically brainwashed to think that membership in that organization is synonymous with salvation.  They fear the church leadership and are compelled to forsake those who leave rather than be subject to also being kicked out and losing their salvation.  This kind of teaching and behavior in church organizations is absolute proof they are not serving God and have become an abusive church and possibly a cult.
  • Many religious leaders say they have compassion on others but they sorely lack actual works to that effect.  Some ride in limousines and expensive airplanes.  Others live in mansions full of luxurious amenities.  Many dine in elegant and expensive restaurants.  There are some religious leaders who have secretaries and outer offices full of an inner circle of elite who guard access to them almost as extensive as the President of the United States has.  Am I the only one that thinks something is seriously wrong when leaders of a religious organization have as their closest friends and advisers those who are not members of that organization?  How can the membership support leaders who generally keep themselves from direct contact with rank and file members of their own organization?    
If you see the leader of a religious organization when coming before groups of the church‟s membership,enter at the last moment and leave immediately after they speak amid an entourage of their inner circle, flags should start waving in your head, SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH THIS ORGANIZATION!  When it becomes customary for everyone to stand and applaud religious leaders as they enter or leave pompously strutting not even feigning any signs of humility as they wave to the audience like nobility, alarms should be sounding, SUCH LEADERS ARE NOT OF GOD! Let me be clear, if you ever witness anything even remotely, like what I have just described, you are seeing the workings of a cult.  If you are a member of a church organization with any characteristics of this kind of leadership, GET OUT NOW!
  • The second aspect of the warning against the „leaven of Herod‟ relates to heredity.  Often we see the spouse and children of leaders treated with the same regard as the leader.  Usually we are speaking of men and their sons but this can also be characteristic of women and daughters who are leaders.  It is common practice in many leadership roles that a son automatically inherits the throne, title, or ownership.  While there is usually some kind of preparation as the son is "trained‟ as heir apparent to assume the leadership role, often it is not sufficient.  
In business, this inheritance often results in the total collapse and bankruptcy of the business as the heirs run the company "into the ground.‟  From the Bible we find the kings of Israel and Judah generally brought the nations to destruction and slavery. This scenario repeats itself so often it makes one think that there should be some kind of law that actually prevents this from happening.  The heir must be able and prove they have been prepared and are of the same kind of ability to rule as their father.  Of course, we are talking about good leaders, no one would want lousy leaders to be followed in kind by lousy heirs. 

Rod Meredith Disgusted By Traditional Christian Hymns

Songs of Praise at the Royal Albert Hall. 

Living Armstrongism has posted an entry about a sermon that Rod Meredith preached in 1953.  Meredith was fresh out of the "college" headquartered in Pasadena at that time. The sermon shows that Meredith's arrogant dismissive disdain for anything outside of the Church of God was formed at an early age and is retained to this day.

Many of the traditional Christian hymns that have been passed down over the last several centuries are magnificent pieces of music praising God in ways that hymns in the Purple Hymnal never did.  Armstrongism prefers hymns that sing about a vengeful god ready to squash and kill all those who are outside the Church of God.  Armstrongism sings it hymns to a god who is a god of war, violence, pestilence, and death. These hymns are usually the ones that are sung the most and with gusto.  Anything that smacks of grace or love from God towards creation or humanity are rarely sung.  If a hymn that is in the LCG hymnal is "protestant" based you can be guarantee many words have been changed to fit Meredith's theology.

Below is summary notes take by the blog owner on the things Meredith said in his sermon.
Condemning Non-Armstrongite Hymns

Now Meredith begins to discuss hymns. Meredith talks about how disgusted he is by the hymns of the other churches because they contain ideas that contradict what HWA has said, (or as he puts it in Armstrongite jargon "lies".) 

You (the Radio COG lay members) were finishing "Praise Him" which he approved of. Must "not let paganism come into this church". Thankful and congratulates Dwight Armstrong for writing the Bible Hymnal. (13-14 minutes.)

The more he listens to other hymns the more thankful he is that Dwight Armstrong has made the hymns in question. Other hymns have been edited.

Onward Christian Soldiers speaks of a cross. This has been changed to a sword. Nothing loving about the cross. Despicable cross. Not to be "worshiped" in any form.

Singing Hymn 33. Have to watch it regarding what is sung. Meaningless poetic language. Draw me to the cross. Offended that it talks about Christ bleeding. Not the Christ preached in the Bible. (17 minutes.)

Talks of how Protestants believe in "Little Lord Jesus", in mocking tone.

Christ did not have long hair. Protestants have pagan pictures -- idols -- of Jesus. With effeminate features. Portrayed as "sickly individual." He was a "he man". Not a sissy. Not a sissy. (He uses that phrase twice very quickly.)

HWA is preaching the word of God. Soundly. Sober.

Not just telling about the person of Christ.

Monday, April 13, 2015

LCG Lied About 2013 Income Claiming It Was Up 5% When It Was Really Down 9.1%

From the current issue of Living Church News:

Estates and Accounting
In the last couple of years, God’s Work has been particularly blessed by the estate donations it has received.  Those who can make such donations are indeed leaving a lasting legacy that can do great good for those whom God calls and to whom He wants to send a message of witness.  So we are very grateful for these donations as they come. Of course, this brings some accounting challenges, as those of you familiar with generally accepted accounting principles will recognize. For instance, our auditors last year required that some estate donations that were made in 2013, but not yet received in full until 2014 or even 2015, would be booked as “income” for 2013, because they were considered to be “receivables.” As a result (as you may remember from the article accompanying the 2013 audit, published in the September-October 2014 Living Church News, p. 20), this had the effect of “overstating’’ our 2013 income. Also, some estate receipts in 2013 were held over so the funds could be spread out for additional TV stations in 2014 and 2015. This had the effect of increasing our stated 2014 expenses and creating an operating deficit for that year.  So, even though we were blessed in 2014 with about a 5 percent real increase in regular income over 2013, the auditors’ statement for 2014 will show a paper decrease in income of about 9.1 percent in total income, largely because of these generous estate donations. The good news is that the reported income decrease and operating deficit will be due largely to established accounting rules.

Update and "Thank You" from the Business Office
LCG Business Office

 A reader here writes:

Ok, wait, I'm confused. So you lied about how much tithe money you brought in in 2013 to make the numbers look good and to profess your all so important "growth" thereby "proving" that LCG is being blessed as God's one and only true church so the deficit that you are running in for 2014 isn't really as bad as it looks because 2013 wasn't really as great as you said it was? And then you "held receipts" so you could spread out TV stations in 2014 and 2015? And the takeaway is supposed to be the income is down 9.1 percent  on paper but it's really up 5 percent?! Sounds like deception to me but what do I know.
As usual, it's likely that a large number of sleeping sheep won't even question this insanity because if headquarters says it, it must be real.