Saturday, May 14, 2022

Did the Magi keep the commandments when they bought swords to cut fruit off trees at their secular marriages?????

Our very own crackpot self-appointed prophet is currently in Ireland for 2 weeks spreading his message around the Emerald Isle while he does some research. Before Bob Thiel left he set up some timed posts to appear on his blog. Unable to preach anything of relevance he resorted to rewriting old Worldwide Church of God literature, because he had a better interpretation, and dumped a load of that crap on his followers this morning. Does ANYONE outside of his 305 Caucasians care about this kind of crap anymore? His African followers indeed don't. They have more important things to think about than this pathetic drivel plagiarized out of the mother church literature bank.

Is there any COG minister or leader out there that has an original thought in their head? Can they not preach something new and relevant instead of looking back into the glory days for something to preach about?

CCOG Q&A: Fruit, Priorities, Marriage, Weapons, etc.
In this sermon, Dr. Thiel goes over questions and answers that the old Worldwide Church of God received. He provides additional scriptures and comments related to the answers that the old WCG provided. Topics covered include when you should have fruit from fruit trees, buying swords, whether or not the Ten Commandments were done away, prioritizing God over relatives, whether or not the Magi of Matthew 2 were pagan astrologers. incremental healing of the blind man of Mark 8, Peter being called Satan, parables, God’s plan of salvation, validity of secular marriages, whether people should get married during the last days, Peter as the stone, John and the keys, binding & loosing, the first being last, being a Nazarene, and keeping all of God’s commands.

Friday, May 13, 2022

God's Most Highly Favored COG Leader Wants You To Know All About HOPE!


It's another sunny day in California and temperatures are set to heat up in the central coast area this weekend. Our most highly favored COG leader, who was set apart at the foundations of the world to appear in these horrendous end times, is back today letting us all know that we need HOPE in our lives., and he is here to deliver it!

Mind you this is coming from the most miserable COG leader who spends countless hours in a day trying to find everything he can that is bad in the world. Droughts, fires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, terrorism, you name it and Bob Thiel goes into orgasmic fits of delight at finding PROOF of his prophetic backtracking.

The greatest doubly blessed self-appointed prophet in the history of Christianity has delivered his message of hope today.

He writes:

Christians are supposed to have hope. The NKJV has the word “hope” 68 times in the New Testament. The Apostle Paul mentioned hope 6 times in the following:

18 For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. 19 For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God. 20 For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it in hope; 21 because the creation itself also will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. 22 For we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now. 23 Not only that, but we also who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, eagerly waiting for the adoption, the redemption of our body. 24 For we were saved in this hope, but hope that is seen is not hope; for why does one still hope for what he sees? 25 But if we hope for what we do not see, we eagerly wait for it with perseverance. (Romans 8:18-25)

He then quotes Andrew Solomon (a prolific author and activist for LGBT rights) from a POCKET article:

Look for meaning in the most challenging moments. 

For some, pessimism is not a passing inclination but a near-constant outlook shaped by difficult, maybe brutal times. Even negative events can end up having positive effects, according to writer Andrew Solomon
“Avoidance and endurance can be the entryway to forging meaning,” he says. Solomon transformed a childhood marked by bullying and emotional torment into a life of helping others communicate their own stories of growth.

Have you ever seen Bob Thiel or any COG leader ever look at negative events or even horrific events and find meaning and hope? 

All these little miserable cretins do is look backward in their big thick Bibles that they love to wave in the air and mark up in its wide margins to find something to fit their imagined end-times scenarios. Everything in the world is miserable and Satan is on the warpath. 

Ho-hum. Been there, done that, heard it over and over and over and over.

Never fear though, Bob Thiel has a way to find joy and hope in your life every day:

‘How to Change Your Life in 5 Seconds’ 

Inc. magazine posted an article online titled ‘How to Change Your Life in 5 Seconds.’ In it, Mel Robbins explains how she developed a technique to be more productive. She observed that 95% of decision are based on emotion instead of logic, and how and why adding a five second countdown helped her life. She mentions that fear, anger, and other factors often interfere with our ability to be better people. In this video, Dr. Thiel quotes a lot from that article, including some of the science behind the technique. He also quotes Jesus as well as many passages from the Bible. He also teaches a 5 second statement to say and pray to use as a five second spiritual statement to help Christians change.

I can trump that "5-Seconds" idea with an even better one...IGNORE Bob Thiel and ALL COG leaders and your life will improve drastically! 

If Bob Thiel, the greatest prophet the church has ever seen, was filled with hope and sincerely wanted to help his followers, 98% of whom live in poverty-stricken Africa and constantly have to live with 3rd world problems,  and who don't give a rats ass about issues in the United States or any of the other British Israelite countries Thiel consistently rags on about, they would not be wasting their lives with such hopeless articles as these on a daily basis. Jesus is never presented as an alternative. Only gloom, doom, and death is the godly way.

  • WND: Yellen ‘demonstrably wrong’ on claim abortion helps economy
  • VOA: How Russia Tries to Counter Moldova Separatist Region’s Westward Drift
  • ‘Russian-Captured Ukrainian Territories Will Soon Ask To ‘Join Russia’: State Media’
  • Will Philippine President Marcos Choose China Over US? Maybe According to VOA
  • CG7-Denver needs to correct prophetic misunderstandings
  • Is there any scriptural support for ‘Aliens from outer space’?
  • ‘Fertilizer Prices Continue Rising, Increasing Fears of Global Grain Costs and Shortages’
  • Russia-Ukraine and gold fallout
  • Isaiah: What did he teach?
  • ‘Warning Signs of America’s Destruction – Jonathan Cahn’
  • Dr. Ben Carson to Newsmax: Celebrating Abortions Is ‘Pure Evil’
  • BibleNewsProphecy: These Signs of the 4 Horsemen Have Begun
  • The Atlantic claims, despite election results, Northern Ireland is ‘stuck’; COGwriter claims it will end up under control of the Republic of Ireland
  • Sermon: Cancel Culture and Christian Persecution
  • I365: Jews begin building Third Temple on Israel Independence Day; COGwriter: Not really the right conclusion
  • PCG again wrong on Revelation 17:12, nor did Gerald Flurry’s related speculation come to pass
  • Mike Gendron on the Islam-Roman Catholic Connection
  • I365: On Israel’s Independence Day: Lawmaker calls to build Third Temple; HWA on the Temple
  • ‘Normalizing Perversion’
  • Was the Archangel Michael Jesus as the SDAs and JWs teach?
  • DW: Russia’s military struck power sites near five railway stations … to interrupt the flow of Western military aid to Ukraine
  • AP: With abortion in jeopardy, minority women have most to lose; Nick Cannon: Planned Parenthood formed to terminate black people
  • TBW: We are “that last generation” spoken of in the Bible
  • ‘US Official: Russia Plans to Annex Parts of Eastern Ukraine Read more: US Official: Russia Plans to Annex Parts of Eastern Ukraine’
  • Leaked document points to US Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade abortion decision: Could this spark civil unrest?
  • Information on Dating, Sex, and Marriage
  • ‘Will the war in Ukraine spell the end of neutrality for certain states?’
  • BBC: Falklands War remains ‘an open wound’ in Argentina, says ambassador
  • Digital ‘Ten Commandments’ heresy and the coming Beast of Revelation
  • ‘Time for the United States of Europe!’ ‘Euro Conference Approves ‘Joint Armed Forces’’
  • Roman Catholics dedicate the month of May to Marianism
  • BibleNewsProphecy: Russia, Ukraine, Food, & the Ride of the 3rd Horseman of the Apocalypse
  • Is Vienna, Europe’s unofficial green capital, going red?
  • Pope: Protestant religions are inspired by the devil
  • Sermon: Romans 13-16: Obedience, Gentiles, Love, and Women
  • ‘Authoritarianism Emerges in Response to Threats of Pandemics and Famine’ like after the 4th Horseman of the Apocalypse
  • CNN: Could there be war between Russia and the West? HWA: Why Russia Will Not Attack the United States
  • Real Christians do not celebrate Walpurgis night
  • BBC: German energy giant Uniper gives in to Russian ruble demand
  • WND: Biden DHS creates unit to police speech
  • Have any popes supported abortion or infanticide?
  • ‘Oklahoma Governor Signs Ban on Nonbinary Birth Certificates’
  • I365: White House admits: Iran will have nukes in “a few weeks or less”
  • ‘On Top Of Everything Else, Drought … Are you ready for more bad news about our food supply?’

LCG: If you would submit to being teachable you and the church would not have so many problems!


One can always count on the Living Church of God and Doug Winnail to always be positive and grace-filled in their messages to the faithful. Usually. Well, not often, actually.

Are LCG members remaining teachable? 

Are LCG members malleable enough to receive the word from on high or at least from Charlotte? 

Are LCG members responsive to instruction? 

Are LCG members humble enough to be teachable?

Why are LCG members' hearts so hardened...or, is it really the ministry and leadership whose hearts are hardened?

If LCG members remain teachable then they and the church can avoid problems and make it into the glorious Kingdom to come...soon. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but soon. Within 15 years, at least. Maybe earlier, maybe later, but soon. 

Regardless of when, send us your money to prove you are teachable.

Are You Teachable? The Bible reveals that God is looking for an important quality in Christians and future leaders in His Kingdom—teachability. Abraham was responsive to God’s instructions (Genesis 18:19). Moses was a capable leader, but he was humble and teachable (Numbers 12:3). David exhibits this same attitude when he writes “Teach me, O LORD, the way of your statutes” (Psalm 119:33). Solomon asked God for wisdom and an “understanding heart” so he could learn to rule wisely (1 Kings 3:9). When Jesus said the “meek” and “poor of spirit” will be blessed, He emphasized the need to be teachable and willing to learn (Matthew 5:3– 5). The Scriptures also reveal that when we harden our hearts to God’s instructions, we will reap serious consequences (Proverbs 28:14). Let’s strive to be teachable so we can avoid problems and gain a reward in the Kingdom of God.
Have a profitable Sabbath, Douglas S. Winnail

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Offending the weak...


David C. Pack Is All Throughout Your Bible!

David C. Pack Is All Throughout Your Bible!
Marc Cebrian

It must be very hard for Dave Pack to do any type of Bible study without seeing himself "pop" off the pages. God has granted him more titles than any other human being in Creation (take that, Jesus Christ). He has preached to more people than anyone on the face of the earth (take that, Paul) AND he has studied the Bible more than anyone on the face of the earth (take that, everyone). After all...SOMEBODY has to do it.

Here is a list of the titles and scriptures Dave Pack has preached that are about him. He's walked some back, but that would mean God did NOT inspire him to see it in the first place.

Elijah is Mr. Armstrong / Mr. Pack / Not Mr. Pack / Mr. Pack / Not Mr. Pack (yet) / “I know who that is” / Mr. Pack
Elijah is That Prophet 
Elijah is “like Moses”
Elijah is Joshua the High Priest
Elijah is Ezekiel’s Watchman
Ezekiel is a type of Elijah
Elijah cries out to the Ten Virgins the Bridegroom is coming
Elijah is the porter
Elijah utters the Seven Thunders to six other Messengers (maybe)
Elijah is David, the righteous king (but not any more)

1 Samuel 2:35 – Mr. Pack (Elijah/Joshua) is the “faithful priest”

Psalm 50 – Mr. Pack (Elijah)
Psalm 89:19-37 – Mr. Pack is David

Isaiah 11:1 – Mr. Pack (Elijah) is the “twig”
Isaiah 11:2-5 – Mr. Pack (Elijah), not Jesus Christ is described
Isaiah 40:1-3 – Mr. Pack (Elijah) “speaks comfortably to Jerusalem”
Isaiah 41:2 – Mr. Pack (Elijah) is “the righteous from the east”
Isaiah 41:25 – Mr. Pack (Elijah) is the one “from the north” who “from the rising of the sun…call”
Isaiah 58:1 – Mr. Pack (Elijah) is the one to “Cry aloud, spare not…”

Ezekiel 34:23-24 – Mr. Pack (Elijah) is “My servant David”
Ezekiel 34:29 – Mr. Pack (Elijah) is “a plant of renown”
Hosea 3:5 – Mr. Pack (Elijah) is “David the King”

Joel 2:23  – Mr. Pack (Elijah) is the “teacher of righteousness” mistranslated as “former rain”

Zephaniah 3:2 – Mr. Pack (Elijah) Jerusalem “obeyed not [his] voice”

Habakkuk 2:2 – Mr. Pack (Elijah) is “he may run who reads it” “rush to call it out” “making it plain”

Haggai 1 – Mr. Pack (Elijah) is working with Jesus Christ to talk to the people

Zechariah 2:3 – Mr. Pack (Elijah) is “another angel”
Zechariah 3:1 – Mr. Pack is “Joshua the high priest”

Malachi 3:1 – Mr. Pack (Elijah) is the messenger
Malachi 4:6 – Mr. Pack (Elijah) will remove the “curse” of Revelation 22:3

Matthew 24:43 – Mr. Pack is the “goodman of the house”
Matthew 25:6 – Mr. Pack (Elijah) gives the cry announcing the Bridegroom

Luke 12:43 – Mr. Pack is the servant “to be found so doing” and Jesus Christ comes to him
Luke 14:17-24 – Mr. Pack (Elijah) is the servant of the Great Supper

Mark 13:34 – Mr. Pack (Elijah) is the Porter (the Watchman)

John 10:3 – Mr. Pack (Elijah) is the Porter

Revelation 10, 11 & 16 – Mr. Pack (Elijah) is the Seventh Angel/Messenger (now)
Revelation 10:3-4 – Mr. Pack (Elijah) utters the Seven Thunders (maybe)
Revelation 10:7 – Mr. Pack ends the Mystery of God
Revelation 10:9-11 – Mr. Pack (Elijah – as John) eats the book and “prophesies again”
Revelation 11:1-2 – Mr. Pack (Elijah – as John) measures the Temple
Revelation 22 – Mr. Pack (Elijah) is the angel talking with John
Revelation 22:10 - Mr. Pack is the one to “unseal” Revelation

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Introducing "Worldwide: The Unchosen Church" - Podcast Preview


Worldwide: The Unchosen Church shares first-hand accounts of growing up inside of a doomsday apocalyptic cult. It's a series about the costs and rewards of high-demand religious group, dispels many of the myths about what types of people join cults, and showcases the beauty, comedy, and tragedy of life inside Herbert W. Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God (WCG). 
Hosted and created by a former WCG member.


This preview of the upcoming podcasts on the Worldwide Church of God promises to be exciting, revealing, and disturbing as people share how they were abused in Armstrongism...and still are in the various splinter groups.

Worldwide: The Unchosen Church shares firsthand accounts of growing up inside of a doomsday apocalyptic cult. It's a series about the costs and rewards of high-demand religious groups and dispelling many of the myths about what types of people join cults. Join host and former WCG member Dr. Tricia Jenkins, as she and other former church members showcase the beauty, comedy, and tragedy of life inside and outside of Herbert W. Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God (WCG).
Series premieres Wednesday, June 15 with new episodes every week. Follow us on Instagram @worldwidepod for additional content. 
Hosted and created by Dr. Tricia Jenkins with editing and sound design by Thirteen Media.

We are thrilled to share that the teaser for Worldwide: The Unchosen Church is now out on Apple Podcasts! To hear the whole trailer, check out the link. We’d appreciate a five star rating to help us move up the charts. We believe the story of the WCG is an important one to be told! Series premieres June 15th. You may want to follow us on Instagram @worldwidepod too.

UCG: Can You Advance Up Its Progressive Steps To Salvation?


Like most mystery religions and works-based belief systems, the United Church of God has a progression of steps that members need to observe in order to receive salvation. It is an uphill climb that most will never be able to advance up the steps on. Scripture even states that people cannot do this. Yet, here we are.

Christianity for centuries has understood that salvation is from one source and that is granted freely. Yet the COG and others make it a burdensome load to carry and try to accomplish. The COG is always in an uphill battle trying to please its god.

Dave Pack's Latest Craziness: Is Today (Wednesday) The Day?


Tell me if you can make any sense of Dave's stupidity below:

In light of how the last sermon ended, and that MORE clarity arrived, the “evil day” (Eph 6:13) finally appears to close 3.5 “evil days” (Eph 5:14-16).

This accommodates a “dawn” starting everything, which would be on a Wednesday (Jerusalem time) as halfway through every week.

Immediately factor this into which night you regularly watch.

From an RCG source 

Monday, May 9, 2022

Part 2 Video of Interview by Dawn Blue Diving Deeper Into Restored Church of God's Invention of "Common"

Join host Dawn Blue as she interviews a former member/employee of The Restored Church of God, headed up by David Pack who calls himself Christ's apostle. Its origins stem from Herbert Armstrong’s controversial Worldwide Church of God. 

Answering questions posed by the locals & around the globe.


Part 2: Diving deeper into The Restored Church of God's invention of "Common". Allowing the church to make substantial economic gains & still not disclosing financial records to its members. We also discuss David Pack being a self-proclaimed Apostle & the impact of his doomsday preaching.

CGI Vance Stinson: "the Bible nowhere teaches that the Bible is the sole source of truth"

A reader wrote in to CGI''s The International News writer Vance Stinson and asked if the Bible anywhere says that Saturday is the seventh day.

He then goes into a short explanation. I only highlight the first couple of paragraphs as it states two things that CGI thinks about the Bible. This is sure to short circuit a few diehard COG leaders and members.

ANSWER: The biblical proof you’re asking for doesn’t exist. One cannot determine by the Bible alone that the day we call “Saturday” is the seventh day of the biblical week. But then, the Bible nowhere teaches that the Bible is the sole source of truth—so by what authority do you establish your “Scripture alone” rule? On what biblical grounds do you throw out examination of historical data as a legitimate means of arriving at important truths? The truth is, the extreme form of sola scriptura you have adopted is nowhere taught in the Scriptures.

Make no mistake, the Bible is God’s unique revelation to mankind and therefore must be given first place in our quest for truth, but Scripture nowhere teaches that it is the sole source of all true knowledge. From: Does the Bible say Saturday is the seventh day?

In an answer to another question, he says that:

"The Bible does not directly state that the Sabbath begins and ends at sunset."


Sunday, May 8, 2022

Did Crackpot Prophet Who Is The White Horse of Revelation Started Riding in 2009? He Also Claims That He Predicted COVID 19

 The Great Bwana to Africa and Lord Overseer of his African followers is back letting us know that he predicted COVID-19 and that the 4 Horseman of Revelation are now riding!

Hilarity ensues below as he claims Amos was inspired to say that God is revealing things to Bob Thiel that we need to hear today. As the one and only true living prophet in the Church of God today this can mean that Amos was referring to no one other than Bob.

As a false prophet and now a certified "antichrist"(according to Gerald Flurry) Bob Thiel is back spreading more myths.

These Signs of the 4 Horsemen Have Begun 

Are we at the time of the ride of at least some of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse? If so, are many prophecy watchers missing signs associated with them? History shows that authoritarian totalitarian regimes tend to arise after famines and/or pestilences. Those are events associated with three of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. Could the beginning of sorrows, and the associated ride of the first horseman of false ecumenical religion, have started in the Fall of 2009? What is the significance of this rider having a bow? Is Satan the prince of the power of the air? Did Dr. Thiel warn of a prophetic threat of a “novel” coronavirus back in 2013? Could COVID-19 been related to the taking away the peace from the earth that is associated with the ride of the red horse, the second horsemen of war? What are some of the ramification of the Russia-Ukraine military conflict and the opening of the second seal? Was Amos inspired to write that God does nothing without revealing it to his servants the prophets? Who warned of these matters? The ride of the third horse, the black horse of famine and food price inflation–specifically wheat, barley, edible oils, and wine. Since Ukraine is a major exporter of the first three, could this, as well as fertilizer shortages, have anything to do with the ride of that horseman? The pale horse of the fourth seal mentions one-quarter of humankind being subject to being killed by the sword, hunger, and pestilence–will this be a factor in the rise of the Beast of Revelation 13? Is persecution associated with the start of the Great tribulation and the rise of the Beast? Why is the Beast going to be in charge of a European-based empire? Will the opening of the first four seals and the starts of the rides of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse get Europe to reorganize such as is prophesied in Revelation 17:12-13? What does Jesus say you should do? Dr. Thiel addresses these matters and more in this video.

Gerald Flurry Calls COG Splinter Groups Antichrists


The needle has been skipping in the same spot since 2001. Flurry has been an epic failure in his prophecies just like all of the other COG leaders currently are.

On May 5, 2001, God signaled the beginning of a new phase in this rapidly fading age of man. This new phase is described in vivid detail by the Apostle John in his epistles. You need to understand this deeply to know how imminent Jesus Christ’s return truly is! 
1 John 2:18 in the Revised Standard Version reads, "Children, it is the last hour; and as you have heard that antichrist is coming, so now many antichrists have come; therefore we know that it is the last hour." Last hour is the correct translation of the Greek in that verse, rather than last time, as it reads in the King James Version. 
God began to reveal this truth about the last hour to the Philadelphia Church of God on May 5, 2001. Approximately four months later came the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States. I believe God allowed us to receive this physical sign that we had entered the last hour. The worst terrorist attack ever on American soil powerfully reinforced our new revelation about the last hour. 
In the last hour, antichrists appear on the scene—people who knew God the Father, then turned away and are now fighting Christ! The problem began with that antichrist—singular. But then there were "many antichrists"—numerous dissenting groups from our mother Church. 
John wrote these epistles about A.D. 85–90. He was trying to wake people up and alert them to the war raging inside the Church. That is where the problems were. That is where Satan always attacks first. John sincerely believed he was in the last hour, and Christ let him think that for a short while. When the Church ought to have been really serving God and getting the message out, many of them were turning away and becoming, of all things, antichrist! We Are in ‘the Last Hour’

Well, we knew it all along, but it is nice to have Flurry confirm that Bob Thiel is an antichrist!