Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Introducing "Worldwide: The Unchosen Church" - Podcast Preview


Worldwide: The Unchosen Church shares first-hand accounts of growing up inside of a doomsday apocalyptic cult. It's a series about the costs and rewards of high-demand religious group, dispels many of the myths about what types of people join cults, and showcases the beauty, comedy, and tragedy of life inside Herbert W. Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God (WCG). 
Hosted and created by a former WCG member.


This preview of the upcoming podcasts on the Worldwide Church of God promises to be exciting, revealing, and disturbing as people share how they were abused in Armstrongism...and still are in the various splinter groups.

Worldwide: The Unchosen Church shares firsthand accounts of growing up inside of a doomsday apocalyptic cult. It's a series about the costs and rewards of high-demand religious groups and dispelling many of the myths about what types of people join cults. Join host and former WCG member Dr. Tricia Jenkins, as she and other former church members showcase the beauty, comedy, and tragedy of life inside and outside of Herbert W. Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God (WCG).
Series premieres Wednesday, June 15 with new episodes every week. Follow us on Instagram @worldwidepod for additional content. 
Hosted and created by Dr. Tricia Jenkins with editing and sound design by Thirteen Media.

We are thrilled to share that the teaser for Worldwide: The Unchosen Church is now out on Apple Podcasts! To hear the whole trailer, check out the link. We’d appreciate a five star rating to help us move up the charts. We believe the story of the WCG is an important one to be told! Series premieres June 15th. You may want to follow us on Instagram @worldwidepod too.


Anonymous said...

Blogs and podcasts etc are a valuable tool in warning people about Armstrongism and its variants.
I have watched a number of documentaries about JWs and the similarities between wwcog and this cult, and that is what JWs are; are very recognisable to whose of us who were in wwcog.
I think many of us got off lightly but high control groups like pcog lcog + rcog and others are wwcog at its worst.
Fortunately these groups are in decline,but unfortunately cults will always find a market, such is the human condition.

Anonymous said...

Good for her for doing this! If it prevents just one person from joining an off shoot, or helps even one person get out, then she has saved a family!

Anonymous said...

Are you going to be contributing your own experience NO2HWA?

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. Just as I was thinking that the former Armstrong empire had shrunken to the point of final irrelevance, another spotlight suddenly shines on the history of damages done to those who were once "all in".

Never again! Never forget! Never let up on the heat which prevents their reemergence!

Tonto said...

Armstrongism often gets confused to be a cult by doctrine being the error. Jews keep the Sabbath, Holy Days, Kosher, non - Xmas/Easter et al. and in general are not considered a "toxic cult".

So one can be a Sabbath Observing Christian et al and not be a cult member.

It gets destructive and toxic, when a few factors enter into the mix.

1- Centering around an iconic leader who is the "gate keeper" or exclusive franchisor of the truth.

2. Demanding monetary contributions as the authorized agent of God, or be cursed.

3. Taking on any kind of Biblical Title, such as Prophet, Two Witness, Apostle , Jesus, Elijah et al.

4. Exclusivity as the only portal and group that God loves.

5. No mechanism in place to remove the leader by the laity.

6. Fear of harm, by either the tribulation or "curse of God", by failure to conform to edicts.

7. Shunning and marking anyone who disagrees.

There are more , but this is a good start. Frankly, my experience has shown me that in all aspects of human life, (including non religious ) where there is money, power and ego involved , there is ALWAYS sexual misconduct, and cultic elements.

Anonymous said...

Is that David C. Pack's voice in there?

jim said...

Yep Tonto, observing a Saturday sabbath and such doesn’t make one a cult. I think I would list your #3 first. Good points.

Anonymous said...

Never again! Never forget!

This is what people yammer when they never knew what went on in the first place because everything they are told to remember is BS.

Anonymous said...

Good for her!
Hope she digs in to the PCG and exposes them for their culty, family destroying, money hungry dance church.

Anonymous said...

@tonto πŸ’―
You nailed it.

Phinnpoy said...

Tonto, I'd have to disagree with you on the sabbath thing. Sabbatarianism in any form is sectarian. Church history shows that from 33 AD, Judaizing was regarded by the Church as sectarian, and hostile to Christianity. And the history of the Judaizing sects show they fell into error about other Christian doctrines, such as Anti-Trinitarianism, denying the deity of Christ, and in general, claiming the Church fell into heresy, and they preserved 'the truth'. In other words, they behaved just like our present day Adventist and Hebrew Roots sectarians.

Anonymous said...

Sadly some people have not yet learned the lessons of Worldwide and have tried to recreate it in the form Living, United, PCG, etc. If Worldwide was taken down; how long before these others fade into oblivion??????? T H I N K!!