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Dave Pack: Good News, But Not For Us


Good News


“The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 419)” can be summarized this way:


David C. Pack finishes the Mystery of God by heralding "good news" about the rise of Elijah to rule the First "Kingdom to Israel." Jesus Christ rules the Kingdom of God after.


Dave first. Jesus Christ later. Got it?


The rest of this good news is additional color, texture, and flavor out of the mouth of the Pastor General of The Restored Church of God.



Dave reminded everyone how prophetic understanding can easily intrude on Christian living.


@ 17:25 “Hallowed be Your name. Your kingdom come.” Now, are you praying for (we could ask) are you praying (this is important to know) are you praying for the First Kingdom to come? Or you praying for the Second Kingdom to come when Christ told all saints to pray for this?


Dave insists on inserting his perversions into “the model prayer” from Matthew 6 and Luke 11. Since he says the Kingdom to Israel is NOT the Kingdom of God, we have to be careful.


When this was first brought up years ago, I made a point of not letting Dave get into my head while praying. I actively rejected him.


“God, please bring Your Kingdom.” End of story. First, second, third, or tenth was inconsequential on my knees. “Father, let your will be done.” That was the only way I knew to cope. Ignore Dave and not let him into my prayer closet.


That continues to be my advice for the members of The Restored Church of God. His speculations do not need to invade your prayers. It will only introduce doubt and confusion, which is the spirit he serves.



David C. Pack is Elijah-Elect and is more super-fantabulous than you realized.


@ 1:00:22 Which Lord made the wise and faithful servant, Elijah, ruler over His household for a couple-dozen years? Well, God did. God selects apostles. He selects every saint. He selected every one of you.


Dave reminds the audience God placed him in his current position. If you mess with him, you are messing with God. He has been ruling over the household since RCG was founded, but he will be elevated during the First Kingdom.


This statement is past tense. He HAS BEEN Elijah for "a couple-dozen years." Elijah is a prophet, making Dave a prophet. Being wrong once makes you a false prophet. Did Dave just slip up again and admit he is a false prophet?


@ 1:00:55 Which Lord had him ruler over His household a couple decades ago? Almost 24 years ago. God. Well, now, the same Lord is described as making him ruler over all that He has.


During the First Kingdom to Israel, David C. Pack will be the ruler over all God has. That will make things a tad awkward for yours truly.


@ 1:06:53 So, the householder [the Father] can come early on and be here for the parable of the wheat and tares and gives all that He has to Elijah. That is not Christ. Christ has to go and get a kingdom.


One thing I always found curious is how Dave is woven in and out of the Bible. He is mentioned in one verse but is suspiciously absent from the next.


Matthew 24 and Luke 12 describe Dave until things turn sour. Then, the identity of the servant changes.


“But if that evil servant…” is suddenly NOT David C. Pack.


The flow from Matthew 24:45-51 and Luke 12:42-48 is seamless. But not according to Dave because that cannot be him. Why? Because he said so.


Dave is in Matthew 24:45-47, but not in :48-51. Got it?


Dave is in Luke 12:42-44, but not in :45-48. Got it?


Keep the good. Throw out the bad. Easy peasy.



David C. Pack reframes the context of the entire Bible. Nobody has ever read it in the way it was intended. Not Herbert W. Armstrong and not anyone inside The Restored Church of God. Until today.


@ 1:29:12 What I'm gonna tell you is true of the Old Testament and New. The Gospels, the Epistles, Revelation, the Prophets, and Psalms. And I never saw this. I wish I had.


@ 1:29:30 So what happens is, now follow this, all of those Epistles, Gospels, Prophets, Revelation, all start from a position talking to saints from inside the First Kingdom.


@ 1:30:23 The New Testament starts from the presumption that Christ already came, spoke, and everybody in the grave stood up, and you're in the First Kingdom.


The First Kingdom is “The Kingdom to Israel” and is NOT the Kingdom of God. That is what Christians are really waiting for. For Elijah to be the ruler over all God has during the First Kingdom.


Boy, is that some good news or what? More so for Elijah than anyone else.


@ 1:35:39 But it [Revelation] does need to tell you, there was this fella who was making things clear.


Yes. Central to God's plan is to have David C. Pack spell all this out. Like we need constant reminders.


@ 1:37:05 Boy, I wish I'd have understood the story of all of Paul's writings was from inside the First Kingdom. If I'd have known that and Revelation and that Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, but base all the parables of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, and particularly particularly were all inside the First Kingdom. Wow. What a difference that would've made. So I'm explaining to you a great mystery nobody else knows.


Nobody else knows because it is not true. Dave has taken a razor blade to the Kingdom of God in the Bible to cut out “the Kingdom to Israel” in Acts 1 as being separate. And that Elijah will rule it. The good news keeps rolling.


@ 1:37:33 And I defy anybody who knows anything about the Bible to come and tell me otherwise.


If anyone in The Restored Church of God attempted this, they would be out the door before their coffee got cold. This is an empty threat with no teeth. Dennis Diehl has been offering to talk things over with Dave for years.


Brad, he can be reached at Yes, we can all laugh because he still uses AOL. He is up for taking on Dave with this open challenge.


Only a pure coward throws out a dare like that, knowing he will never accept it when it comes. That coward is David C. Pack.


@ 1:39:06 So, this opens and explains a giant key to Bible prophecy. All these books start from a position that Jesus Christ already came with the Kingdom to Israel.


And then Elijah gets to manage it.


The All-Believing Zealots should allow the blood back into their faces. Dave once taught that the Book of Hebrews had one audience and one topic: The Restored Church of God and "The Prophecy." All Brethren Back Together Soon. Elul 24. 2013. Nothing happened, and Hebrews was tossed back into the cell with the other New Testament riffraff.


I suspect that by Passover, this “the entire Bible is about” shtick will fall into the “we thought” bucket.



Dave took a detour to explain how significant Dave is in Revelation. Okay, he said Elijah, but we all know who that is by now. He preaches about himself in the third person as if he is somehow disconnected from the concept that he is teaching a ton about himself.


This next bit is odd but goofy at the same time.


@ 1:32:44 404 verses are in the Book of Revelation. Do you know how many verses in those 404 verses in the Book of Revelation speak at all…of a period (any kind of period) before the First Kingdom or the Second or the Third, or even on beyond that, beyond the Great White Throne judgment?


He spends a full minute winding up the world's most extended question. Someone call Guinness.


@ 1:33:41 How many verses in that book speak of any kind of period before the First Kingdom? One. Now, how big does this become? “In the days of the voice of the Seventh Messenger.” Revelation 10:7.


That 1 of 404 had to be for today. That 1 of 404 had to be about Dave. Good grief, Charlie Brown. He then speculates on insignificant information suggesting significance. This is the goofy part.


@ 1:34:03 “In the days of the voice of the Seventh Messenger.” 170 verses in and…some 233 after it…It's almost in the middle of the book.


170 verses in. 233 after. By that logic, there are 64 verses qualifying as “almost in the middle of the book.” When you frame it that way, the point seems pointless. It almost sounds like he was making something out of nothing to give more weight to his stale hot air.


@ 1:34:19 That's the only time anything is said that's before any of the kingdoms it describes. That should sober you. That makes the importance of that verse where the Mystery of God has ended when he's about to sound loom like the icebergs rearing up in front of the Titanic. It's huge. It is literally a Titanic verse.


The words fall from his lips, and he has no idea what he is saying.


Yes, Dave, your teaching about this is like the Titanic. It is big and heavy and was boasted as being unsinkable. However, it will sink and kill most of the people who are on board.


Fun fact: There were more people on the Titanic than currently attending The Restored Church of God.


@ 1:34:43 And I take it tremendously seriously that I had better fulfill that. It's called a charge, where I'm fast and granular and make it plain.


Would you like to know what else is fast and granular, Dave? Heroin. Heroin is fast and granular. You word junkie, you.


@ 1:34:54 That's the only key that particular book gives of how to know you're at the end. The other 403 verses speak to once it already started from start to finish all the way to the end of the book. "Come, Lord Jesus," that's the Second Kingdom.


How many times has Dave warned in video and literature over the years not to base a doctrine on a single verse?


How did he prove this 1 of 404 in Revelation is for our present time? Because he said so. Mic drop.


Hopefully, nobody in RCG wrote this down in ink. Everyone should be well-trained in pencil by now.



All Laodiceans are going into the Fire during the Great Tribulation.


None of them can escape, in case you were wondering. That is because those dummy jerkfaces refused to listen to Dave year after year. So, they will get hammered in the coming weeks as Dave stares out his Third Floor Tower with peaceful satisfaction.


He is speaking to you Splinter folks out there: LCG, UCG, PCG, COGwa, CGI, etcetera.


Dave weaved that good news with some of his personal resentments.

@ 1:52:31 And I have written thousands of pages to them [Laodicea]. I don’t know how many messages to them. They’re so hypocritical they take all of our material and use it for years because their organization’s so lazy and covetous…


The concept of “freely you have received, freely give” is for suckers. Dave must own the copyright on God's truth. If anyone outside RCG wants to use the material he helped write, that is a sin.


David C. Pack did not write ALL the literature by himself.


Just because his name appears alone on the covers today does not erase the group of men who were instrumental in crafting the books and booklets over the years.


If anyone knows Bruce Ritter, you need to shake that man’s hand the next time you see him and thank him for his incredible contributions to the legacy material of The Restored Church of God.


James Turck and Gabe Lischak once had their names on the covers, too. Remind Dave about that and watch his nostrils flare and ears turn red.


Rather than being flattered and humbled by God’s True Church spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, and that wonderful knowledge is reaching outside the corporate walls of The Restored Church of God, Dave is pissy about it.


With that sour face, Mr. Poopy Pants snatched his toy and stomped home. “Mine!”


What a whiny little bitch Dave can sometimes be. Who is the covetous one here?


Instead of being proud that RCG material is cherished by those outside the organization, he attacks. By their fruits, you shall know them. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. And Dave’s mouth speaks volumes.


@ 1:52:43 …they spend it all on their ministry.


Instead of horses, trees, gardens, and unnecessary $500,000 houses like The True Church does.


@ 1:52:46 And then we're accused of wanting their money, but they use our literature for free because their own literature's junk. And it's full of junk. It's printed with the quality of junk, and it's fully of junk. And they know better because they're all on our websites and have been for years.


@ 1:53:02 They’re not gonna get a pass. You can’t recover in 15 days for what you blew off for 30 years.


@ 1:53:21 So, the Seventh Era is destined for arrest, prison, torture, and death. And they're gonna have to endure to the end, and it says it one way after another after another after another, and I didn't necessarily wanna tell you that…


Yikes. I can hardly wait for this guy to rule the First Kingdom. The whole world having to listen to Dave sounds like a living nightmare. Check me out early.


Why tell those in RCG when it does not apply to them, Dave? Why not warn the people who need to be alerted if time is so short and your message is so urgent? In an interesting twist of circumstances, the website is doing what is not.


If he were seriously concerned about the well-being of the people in the Splinters, he would rush out a new video or letter posted publically as one-last try at helping them before the door slams shut.


But instead, he rants at the lectern to his paid audience. And then applies the money pressure again.



Common is now tied to the 1335 of Daniel. Common is “selling all” and connects directly to salvation.


@ 1:54:02 Now, some among us have not adhered [to the 1335]. It isn't "blessed are they those that come to the 1335," and I explained this the other day. "Blessed are those who adhere," they hold on, and they're doing the right thing. I know there are people among us who have not “sold all.” They haven’t adhered. They didn’t quit. But, they haven’t adhered. It’s not too late.


Pay-to-play. The brethren enjoying the blessing of the 1335 still need to give up the extra funds even though RCG will not have time to spend them. Then why give? A show of faith.


It is about the money with Dave. Is that an accusation or a statement of fact?


Think about those who “gave all” around Pentecost last year, and time rolled on.


Think about those who "gave all" at the Feast of Tabernacles last year, and time rolled on.


Think about them before you do it now. Because when Passover and Unleavened Bread roll around, those fresh green envelopes will not stuff themselves.


Vote with your checkbooks and your feet, brethren of God. Dave cannot hear you otherwise. He only speaks in dollar signs.


@ 1:54:54 We find people leave, and they say, "There were a lot of things I didn't agree with." Well, they were lying to us. And they were lying, maybe lying to themselves. They took all the literature like they were members. But, it didn’t belong to them because they weren’t in agreement, and they shoulda left, and eventually, they always do.


Maybe stop giving away the literature for free on the website to the general public.


What about the people who AGREE with the literature but do NOT AGREE with David C. Pack? The literature DOES NOT MATCH what the sermons teach. It is impossible to keep up. The material is outdated, and they continue to offer it because they need to keep fresh wallets walking in the door.


@ 1:55:15 So, now I’m gonna just say to you one last time, there iddn’t much time left. If you’re not squared away, get there.


Ha. This is not the last time.


For those who continue to hold back your Common, reread this quote on March 23 and email me how thankful you are.


Dave is wrong. He will always be wrong. And for all our sakes, that is some good news.

Marc Cebrian

Dave Pack: Agent of Darkness/Angel of Light?


Angel of Light


Some who left The Restored Church of God suffer a particular condition, and it has to do with listening to David C. Pack. They cannot stomach the sound of his voice, even for small 1-minute clips highlighting a moment of madness. Some kind of PTSD is triggered.


Others listen to him for long stretches, taking in his entire message so they can laugh or scream, depending upon the content. But everyone agrees: his words are filthy and very difficult to endure.


There is a reason angels of lights are hard to discern. They could be easily identified if they were the agents of burps and farts. Not so much those who appear to be from God.


David C. Pack really knows how to string verses together to make his point. Those verses are in the Bible. During Part 419 of “The Greatest Untold Story!” I wondered at times if Dave had it right. He connects a string of verses that feels like he is preaching about the Kingdom of God.


If you give him enough time, he can sound very convincing. Well, except when the dictionary gets involved, then his cardboard façade ruins the suspension of disbelief. 



David C. Pack is a master of blending truth with error. As you would expect the Spirit of Error to inspire. The man is not fully evil. The man is not fully wrong. No human being is. Sometimes he makes a strong case, then botches the point with a fantastically stupid conclusion.


We can all be grateful for his piss-poor reading comprehension skills reminding us how his neurons fire. Those are the dusty plastic flowers in the centerpiece. The wax fruit in the bowl on the bookcase. Yep, that is fake, all right.


When it comes to Bible prophecy, despite dozens of failed dates in our rearview mirror, I sometimes let David C. Pack have moments of legitimacy. And that is frightening. The “old” Mr. Pack comes through from time to time. The man who spoke the truth with clarity and authority on “The World to Come.” He sometimes reminds me of the undeniable words in the RCG literature that sang in harmony with my Bible.


The only way to stave that off is to be reminded of facts and reality. The quotes on the website originated as a personal Bible study. I needed to prove whether Dave was of God or not. I transcribed his words and sorted them into twelve different documents. The words HE spoke.


When I was in RCG and contemplated leaving, I read portions of those documents, and it quickly reminded me that David C. Pack is a biblical fraud. He is a prophetic sorcerer. He is not a man of his word. He does not teach the truth. My opinion is irrelevant at that point because God was not guiding David C. Pack or The Restored Church of God. History and his own words bear witness.


The man is not Elijah. He is not That Prophet. He is not a goodman. He is not the faithful priest. He is not the rod of Jesse. He is not the Seventh Angel. He is not the man in linen. He is not the only good and faithful servant. He is not an apostle. He is not unsealing Daniel. He is not finishing the Mystery of God.


He is not. He is not. He is not.


His own redacted literature condemns him in the harshest possible language. He attacks his future self in a way I shudder to think of doing.


No matter how convincing David C. Pack is that he finally has the Kingdom of God laid out correctly, I must be reminded of ten years of failure, excuses, and blasphemy.



David C. Pack is an angel of light warned of in 2 Corinthians 11. That is the only explanation that makes sense. The man is a walking contradiction. A vain and vicious person preaching world peace and godly love. A covetous man desiring the wealth of others for the sake of righteousness.


He is a living blend of truth and error that looks and feels like Christianity. The worst kind of deceiver has to appear legitimate to be a real threat.


Worldwide Church of God. Herbert W. Armstrong. Over 50 years in the ministry. Hundreds of books and booklets. A world-class Headquarters Campus. He speaks with God’s authority. He studies the Bible in his sleep. He has preached the truth to more people than Paul. He knows prophecy like nobody else on the face of the earth. He proves how he is all throughout the Bible.


David C. Pack is far more dangerous than Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, and Benny Hinn combined. They have rubber skin, and we spotted them easily. But Dave is surrounded by living flesh. He looks human. He looks like a Christian minister.


Listening to Part 419 reminded me how good David C. Pack can be at spinning a tall tale using the Bible as his Erector Set. The three kingdoms. The Gospel. This is the Father, not Christ. This is Elijah, not Christ. Bitter is sweet, and sweet is bitter.



Many wonder why people continue to stick with The Restored Church of God and ignore the mountain of evidence proving David C. Pack is a fraud.


He was not always like this. He became this over time. His teachings were not always corrupt but became so slowly. The long con is the most effective. Even men know that.


THAT minister is still here, which must mean we are okay. THAT person in my congregation is still here, which must mean we are fine because they were in Worldwide under Mr. Armstrong. The Headquarters ministers all agree, meaning this is how God wants it.


The disbelieving person stays looking at the other disbelieving person in their congregation, and they both legitimize the scam by continuing to attend. The field minister who remains for the sake of his sheep is telling the sheep, This is the right place to be. Is that helping or hurting?


Person X knows things are wrong but keeps attending. Person Y knows things are wrong, but sees Person X is still attending, meaning things are still on track. Choosing to stay inside RCG when you know God is not behind it hurts the person beside you.


Person X and Y are waiting for God "to do something" about the situation. Person X and Y are waiting for “Mr. Pack to figure out the timing.”


Person X and Y will be waiting for a very long time.



The true danger of an angel of light is introducing errors in small degrees. Not that the Sabbath is Sunday. That is a great chasm fixed and triggers the alarm bells.


Instead, David C. Pack teaches error of 1% multiplied over two hours multiplied over 419 Parts. Draw a line across a world map but alter it one degree every five hundred miles. Where you end up is far from where you intended. The biblical fraud of RCG is compounding exponentially.


That word is not what we thought it was. That kingdom is not what we thought it was. That gospel is not what we thought it was. That is not Christ. That is Elijah. Common is required for salvation.


David C. Pack nudges the truth and nudges the truth and nudges the truth until it is unrecognizable.


Being off by 419 degrees over seven years will lead you to the same destination as a straight line. It just takes longer.


David C. Pack wants you to believe that.


The mosaic of what is going on in The Restored Church of Another god leads to one conclusion...


David C. Pack is an angel of light.


Marc Cebrian

See: Angel of Light

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Dave Pack's Biblical Molestation


Biblical Molestation


With “The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 419)” on February 14, 2023, everything David C. Pack has taught The Restored Church of God for over seven years has finally come together. The long, winding road now makes sense.


This content will stand still and never be changed because the truth of it is so inarguable. This knowledge is impossible to misunderstand. The Bible is made plain. The Gospel is fully understood for the first time because the context, order, and number of kingdoms just over the horizon have been solidified.


The Mystery of God has never been more clear and more complete.


Things are so on-track that Final Part 420 is coming in the next few days. Be excited, brethren.


That is what Dr. Timothy Ranney would have written in the press release.


Depending on your passion for biblical truth, Part 419 would either pop a gasket in your head or make you scream. David C. Pack filled his one hour and fifty-seven minutes with enough prophetic perversion you need to shower with an S.O.S. pad after hearing it.


I feel like Elizabeth Shue curled in a ball crying in the shower.


Part 419 puts its hand on your knee and shouts in your ear:


·      The Gospel is NOT what you were taught.

·      Jesus Christ has never been a king.

·      The Bible is written for being inside the First Kingdom.

·      No Laodiceans escape the Great Tribulation.

·      In the Kingdom, there will be 10 languages.

·      David C. Pack is even more significant than previously thought.

·      The Headquarters ministers are clueless.

·      Covetous people use RCG literature and the website for free.



The very beginning of Part 419 hinted that the ride would be wild.


Part 419 – February 14, 2023

@ 00:44 Good afternoon, everyone. There's a question that has to be resolved once and for all. Or we would all agree (yet again), as I like to say, that the Mystery of God is surely not over. And the Mystery of God, by the way, includes the Mystery of God, the Godhead including Father and Son, and where they are and Who they are through the Scriptures.


While working at Headquarters, I could stomach the endless prophecy updates and constant schizophrenic babbling, but what I could no longer abide was when David C. Pack and his minions started to meddle with Who and What God is. The Father and Jesus Christ are central to a Christian’s heart. Proving where and what is of paramount importance.


Dave occasionally put his hands on the Gospel's knee in a pervy fashion, but I did not see him blatantly molest her before. Until Part 419.


Others who left would state emphatically that RCG has been preaching “another gospel” for years. Former members are welcome to bite that off and write an article. Please contact me at


@ 01:08 We often think of prophecy. But, explaining the Mystery of God ties directly to the Kingdom of God and Who’s Kingdom comes when. Christ’s Kingdom and the Father’s Kingdom and the First Kingdom [Kingdom to Israel].


Yes, we are back to three is the magic number.


@ 01:25 Christ is not the God of the Old Testament, as we used to teach. So, that’s been a big part of the Series.


Less than 5% of Herbert W. Armstrong's corpse just turned in his grave. When this statement was first uttered years ago, it set one of my friends off. He and his wife stopped attending shortly thereafter. He was put out for his "attitude" about the subject, and his wife quit the day that went down.


@ 01:41 When does Christ receive His Kingdom? Is His Kingdom the First Kingdom or the second one?


Do you “seek ye first the Kingdom of God,” folks, or do you seek the kingdom in front of that? Well, if there was ever any doubt, Part 419 clears it up. Big time.


@ 02:24 …are we waiting for the Kingdom of God or for Christ to bring something else? We’re certainly waiting for Christ.


@ 02:42 The very term "gospel," which is "good news" or "glad tidings," preached as a witness. You know, “word of the Kingdom” is a big clue. A great problem has been, Why or how would you announce or herald what’s already here? That has been a problem tied directly to how many kingdoms are there.


In storytelling, that is called "foreshadowing." Inside the first three minutes, Dave alerts the audience he is going to put his greasy hands all over Who God is, but he is also dropping roofies into the Pepsi he handed to the Gospel.


What is going on inside The Restored Church of God is vile. David C. Pack is molesting our understanding of God and the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.


This junk is not found in any of their public literature or sermons. New people should be aware of what they are committing to when they join up with RCG. Hopefully, they will read some of this before the check clears.



While considering my ways, I wonder if I am the wicked who shall not understand, but the wise shall understand. One of Dave’s early points was that the Gospel’s kingdom parables compare what the kingdom is LIKE, meaning what the verses describe is NOT the Kingdom of God.


If it is LIKE something, it cannot BE something.


Therefore, all those parables about the Kingdom of Heaven are NOT talking about the Kingdom of Heaven. His First Kingdom to Israel IS what those verses are talking about.

Like means NOT IS.


If this makes sense to you, then you are more righteous than I. Rejoice not in that…the bar is pretty low.


My wicked serpent brain processes those parables as the Kingdom of Heaven NOT being an actual pearl, net, or leaven, but LIKE them.


He sees the comparison as the Kingdom of Heaven is NOT the First Kingdom to Israel because the first is LIKE it, but is not it.


My head hurts. Moving on.



Dave has a history of throwing his own ministers under the bus. If he can do that with God, then who cares how the men around him take it?


He goes out of his way to make this comment. How is this edifying to anyone?

@ 08:32 We have a lot of very zealous ministers who study their Bible. I probably asked half of our ministers in recent days, Which Kingdom is Christ’s? Almost none of them (I don’t think any of them) could say with certainty which one it was. They would stake stabs at it, and that's probably, at least, partly my fault. Maybe mostly my fault because of getting the number of Kingdoms straight.


This statement was unprovoked and unnecessary.


Partly my fault? Mostly my fault? That is being self-generous.


So, brethren in the field, do not bother to write Headquarters with questions like this. They do not know. If they do not know, your field minister certainly does not know. The ministry of The Restored Church of God did not know which Kingdom Jesus Christ would bring. Put that in the pot and marinate it.


Part 419 goes into great detail, and the men all know how to toe the line NOW. They will have their cookie-cutter rote responses ready for emails coming their way. There will be a lot of “copy and paste” from this transcript going forward. It may even receive Boilerplate status in CAD.


If Dave asked "half," that means half of these men did not know which Kingdom is Christ’s. The other half dodged the bullet by not being cornered with such an exact question. Being on the toilet on the third floor at just the right moment was a blessing from the cosmos.


Unless Dave asked one of the men as he stood at the urinal. A very comfortable place to be quizzed on doctrine. And I fully believe that is possible. It is not a joke.


Count half of these men as ignorant of some of the most critical information in all of human history as taught by David C. Pack, spanning over seven years and 418 Parts.


Bradford Schleifer - Edward Winkfield - Ryan Denee - Jaco Viljoen

Kenneth Orel - Carl Houk - Timothy Ranney - Salasi Jezhi

James Habboush - Andrew Holcombe - Frank Lydick - Raymond Garb


Have fun with which six had no idea. My choices are in RED.


Brad, please let me know how accurate I am at


Dave should know by now NEVER to ask Ken questions about prophecy. He is the “who cares” guy letting information flow in one ear and out the other. He counseled Jessica Brown and me to "not worry about prophecy" before we left. Seventeen months apart, but with the same advice.


This comment illustrates the teaching incompetence of David C. Pack. Those closest to him have no clue what he is teaching, and they get hours more slop tossed on them than the brethren do. This should scream they do not pay attention or care. They just want to keep their heads down and mouths shut, collect a paycheck, and get through the next deadline without being stopped in the hallway with a tricky question.


Nobody outside Headquarters would know this happened if it were not for the loose lips of David C. Pack.


But, I am the wicked one for passing it along.



Dave reads Hosea 3:5 as a tenderizer for a bigger blow to the head later.


@ 09:12 “Afterward, (after thousands of years) shall the children of Israel return, and seek the LORD their God, and David, their king, (and, of course, you can put your own name in there) and shall fear the LORD and His goodness in the last days.” Where’s Christ’s name? You would list this man and not Christ? That’s strange. Why no Christ?


Dave knows very well the word “Christ” is not in the Old Testament. It does not mean He is not there. Dave is playing word games and knows this. He has done it before.


Jesus Christ IS David their King. He is identified as the “Son of David” throughout the New Testament. The Gospel of Luke says this so plainly. Perhaps half of the enablers at Headquarters might know it.


Luke 1:32

He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest: and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David:


David C. Pack has the most astonishing piss-poor reading comprehension skills of any man I have ever heard. It cannot be repeated enough. For a Word Heroin guy, that does not bode well.


Listening to him carefully as he explains John 18:36 exposes which spirit guides him.


@ 11:43 “Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world.” Uh oh. So, the First Kingdom IS this world. Christ’s Kingdom is NOT of this world…But, I’m gonna drive this tremendously, maybe all-important point home. But, if the First Kingdom is not of not this or is this world and Christ’s Kingdom is not of this world, His Kingdom cannot come until the First Kingdom is over.


I suppose that defining statement was not worth repeating to ensure it was said cleanly, so brethren understand perfectly what he meant. Thus are the verbal muttering stumbling of David C. Pack.


Jesus Christ explained to Pilate His Kingdom was not OF this world. Meaning originating from it. It originates from heaven. The word “of” is in the Greek. G1537 occurs 937 times and it means OF.


Jesus Christ did not say, "My kingdom is not IN this world." Those waiting for Jesus Christ to return know His kingdom comes with Him. His reward is with Him. Oh wait, that is the “old” understanding. My bad.


Dave takes his misunderstanding of “OF” and makes a new doctrine affecting everyone inside The Restored Church of God. His wrong conclusion is the base on which he constructs a shaky narrative. If only reading comprehension were a strength of his.



Of course, Elijah is all over the place. This is familiar to RCG veterans, but some newer folks may not be aware.


@ 26:59 Interesting little point here. A mistranslation which I’ve clarified. Isaiah 11:1, “And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse (that’s Elijah), and a Branch shall grow out of his roots.” Mistranslated.


Elijah is David C. Pack. He is the rod of Jesse. That is NOT Jesus Christ, so get that out of your head.


@ 27:37 So, why is Christ called a Branch there? And the answer is: He’s not. It’s a different word. It’s “a brilliant green shoot.” I mean, He is the Lord Jesus Christ, after all.


@ 27:59 He is what He is. He's just not yet the Branch. But, the translators wouldn't know that, so they translated it "the Branch."


Those stupid translators. It is hard to believe they get a fair shot at salvation, considering all the angst they have given The Apostle over the years.



Dave continues to chip away at what brethren proved from their bibles for years. Oops. Everyone was wrong. It is a thankless job to be the one to tell Christians they have been worshipping the wrong version of God and praying for the wrong kingdom this whole time.


@ 30:34 After all, He’s [Jesus Christ] never been a king. He was not the King in the Old Testament. The Father was. There's no evidence Christ was ever a King. So, He's gonna grow as a King.


I try not to fall into the rabbit hole of debating Dave’s theology. Countering that is not my strength, but when a patently false statement is made so emphatically, I cannot help myself.


Maybe Brad can write these verses down on a 3x5 card and slip it into Dave’s briefcase when he is not looking. He will not have to know they came from me.


Matthew 2:2, 21:2-6 / Luke 19:38-40 / John 1:49, 12:13-16


Dave goes all-out in Part 419. There is no hesitation or shame in what he teaches and the forcefulness with which he declares it.


You would almost think this might be true. Ten years of documented prophetic failure should be a bitter reminder to everyone who and what David C. Pack is.


He is a biblical fraud, a false apostle, and a false prophet. He is not a man of his word. An arrogant charlatan deceiving his way from failure into divine revelation.


But NOW he has it all figured out. RCG has a twenty-four-year history of dopey people like me leaving too early. The picture is complete now. Who is he kidding?



A blend of truth and error is masterfully presented in Part 419.


David C. Pack makes a career out of molesting the Bible by twisting the Word of God into an unclean abomination. A beautiful cake with just enough arsenic.


@ 36:38 The Kingdom of God does not immediately appear. For a few weeks before that…there’s a different kingdom. The First Kingdom could not have been His [Jesus Christ].


The people of The Restored Church of God are NOT waiting for Jesus Christ to bring the Kingdom of God. There is a “different kingdom” in front of that. The Kingdom to Israel.


You can say “The Greatest Untold Story! (Part 419)” is teaching another gospel. That is a fair way to present it. For those with eyes and ears to accept it.


Seek ye first the Kingdom to Israel that kicks all this off. Once that is go-time, then you know the time is short. That start time is soon, but Dave is still not telling.


Another kingdom. Another gospel. With a Jesus Christ who has never been a king. Simple.


Shame on you men at Headquarters. Shame on the lot of you.


And shame on you brethren who believe his blasphemy. Shame on you for giving him your money while remaining quiet. He is preaching another god, and you sit and take it. Shame. On. You.


Do not sit idly by and let biblical molestation occur in front of you.


Get out while you still can.


Marc Cebrian

See: Biblical Molestation