UPDATE: On March 9, 2021, I posted this about Dave's ongoing lies and how almost all of RCG's literature was then obsolete. Here we are in February 2023 and the lies continue unabated. Jesus still has not returned. Dave's material is still outdated. No great secret of God has ever been revealed. Every time Dave opens his mouth he discredits himself, invalidating any previous words of wisdom.

We are in a Serious Dilemma!

From an RCG source:

This is perhaps one of the more shocking quotes I have seen in the series yet. I would ask that the Website team post this on the homepage somewhere just so new members understand that nothing they read is actually what the church teaches. This is a long quote but stay with me!

All the RCG material on the “Gospel” is wrong in Dave’s eyes. (This was discussed for years while the series was going on, some small changes were made, but now it’s obvious to church members). In effect, God needs to use material filled with lies and inaccurate information to get people into His TRUE CHURCH. 

An important question for the members of RCG, “Does an all-powerful “God of Truth,” need to use lies and deception to get people into His organization or True Church?” If so, then where is the Biblical precedent for this? Especially, when Christ is “the Way, the Truth, the Life”? 

At the judgment seat, could you imagine God or Christ condemning people for deceiving others, when they themselves actually deceived people to get them into the church?

Dave states at the end of 294:

“Finally let's imagine that the kingdom of God did not come this year. Let's imagine it. This church is in a serious dilemma, and I want you to think about it. And I ran it by a half dozen ministers, and here are our options, because all of our literature currently teaches that the kingdom of God is built the way my Baptist father-in-law believes, Christ comes and builds the kingdom. All of our literature is written that way. Now here's option "Number One," Ready? Let our literature say that and it's FALSE! I've written, I don't know probably a million words about the gospel. I've got to alter those. When would I do it? We can't let it go out. It's not true! So that's option number one would just let it stay there out of the question. 

Option "Number Two," withdraw all of our literature on the subject of the gospel. The Awesome Potential of Man, What's the Kingdom. What's the True Gospel, How World Peace Will Come. And all the booklets that I wrote years ago that had been so productive. Hundreds of millions of our pieces of literature have gone out, just withdraw them and never talk about the Gospel again? Well, that's a problem because we have an open door in front of us and nobody can shut it! So we wouldn't be expected to do that. So neither of those options are realistic. Here's the third one. God says he wants to come as a "thief", as a "snare." He does not want the world to know it. He wants a little group to know it. So then what do I do? Rewrite the literature and tell the world what it appears. God does not want them to know? That's option "Number three," that doesn't sound like a very good option, but we'd have to do something, unless God revealed this extraordinary mystery that has been this series right before he intended to solve the problem Himself. Because here they are, again, leave the literature that's up--it's wrong! It was "a present truth." Mr. Armstrong taught things that were wrong and he taught all the other doctrines of God correctly. We believed them. We held to them, but I no longer could. What would our ministers counsel people who were reading booklets that are wrong? "Well, this was actually wrong, but we need to understand it should say this." Well, they'd say, if I were a prospective member, like I was 55 years ago, I'd said, "Well, why hasn't it changed?" Or the alternative? Remember, second alternative? Just cancel all that literature and never talk about the kingdom of God. Well again, no one could consider that a viable option.

And the third one is start rewriting it. Now that would even take a while. And then we would do, because the Work is booming. Make no mistake. We are booming right now! I've never seen anything like it! And we're poised to do big stuff. So what would we do just sit on that we're wonderfully positioned to explode! But then we would be telling people what God doesn't want known. So, there was no box on that list where you could check "none of the above." You got to go one of the three ways. Now I never mentioned that as a metric because I never thought of it as a metric until I came to understand the "mystery of God" is that the kingdom of God arrives in a totally different way than anybody we or anybody else ever thought.

But it's a "fact" and you've heard the proof. So the only solution it seems to me is that the kingdom has to come, or I got to choose one of those three things because I'm not going to sit back. Our "reserves are," I mean, you just can't believe how well we're doing. We never done this well! We're 22 years now and I mean, we're not going to go build more buildings. There's no time for that. What would we do? We have a wonderful staff. We don't have to spend time hiring more staff. We're well positioned. We're poised, we're oiled. We could go out and do a much bigger work, but the problem is we would be disclosing a secret God does not want it out. I don't know how I could do that in good conscience. So, God speed the day! It looks like our weight is very short for one more reason. And the "Mystery of God" has gone away in a greater way. For one more reason. Good night.



Anonymous said...

Who is David Pack?

Anonymous said...

A former minister of the original Worldwide Church of God, and a continued follower and teacher of that church’s false doctrine regarding God and Christ.

Anonymous said...

What as bunch of incoherent scribblings. Pack is not only completely deranged...his writings are in very poor English grammar, not to mention incoherent. I thought he graduated from Ambassador? Did they not have any English grammar teachings? Wow. None of what he said made any sense whatsoever. I have s dear friend who follows Pack, and I feel very sorry for her. She is completely blinded by his ramblings. How she can not see that he is also making predictions that are certainly, 100 percent not coming true, is beyond me. It is now New Years Eve, 2022. Tomorrow will be the start of 2023. This appears to have been written sometime before 2021. How long is "soon", goin to be? Christ makes it clear, when the disciples asked him, how they will know false teachings, He said, "If they make predictions which do not come true, they are not of me. I did not send them". That statement there...is proof Herbert W Armstrong, (the "W", stands for nothing), and David Pack himself...are false prophets. Both, along with ALL Worldwide Church of God splinter leaders, are false prophets...NOT sent by Christ. It amazes me how blind these followers of these cults, choose to be. It is sad, and evil at the same time. Wow. Just wow.

Unknown said...

Tried to show Bob League the truth about the Father's Name and Messiahs Name but he would not understand it because Herbert Armstrong did not know it or teach it. They revered him. Go to www.houseofyahuwah.org to learn the truth. Elder Tom Browand

Anonymous said...


This blog post illustrates a basic problem with the FALSE PROPHETS like Gerald Flurry and David Pack that Satan sent against the Worldwide Church of God people. They started off claiming to be holding fast more faithfully than anyone else to everything that Herbert W. Armstrong had taught at the time of his death in January 1986. They accused everyone else of having gone astray in various ways. They fussed and complained about every little point that they could think of. Then, they themselves went on to edit, change, warp, mangle, and totally pervert the major teachings of Herbert W. Armstrong much worse than anyone else ever did or even dreamed of doing.

The FALSE PROPHETS like Gerald Flurry and David Pack turned out to be so twisted and evil that they made even the APOSTATE Tkaches who did the GREAT APOSTASY of January 1995 appear to be more reasonable and decent by comparison.

The Devil's APOSTATE Tkaches and Satan's FALSE PROPHETS like Flurry and Pack worked together as a team in actual fact. The APOSTATE Tkaches openly threw out of the Worldwide Church of God virtually everything that HWA had taught. Some WCG people looking for a new place to attend fell for FALSE PROPHETS like Flurry and Pack who totally buggered up everything that HWA had taught while falsely claiming to be holding fast to it.

Anonymous said...

What exactly of HWA's era did they "bugger up"? Asking for a friend

WOWFJI said...

That statement there...is proof Herbert W Armstrong, (the "W", stands for nothing), and David Pack himself...are false prophets>>>>> I can think of one very good word the 'W' could stand for!

Dorian Cook said...

I knocked heads with Dave Pack way back in the Global Church of God Days. I was in the Cincinnati GCG and seemingly doing well... no issues with our pastor, Charles Knowlton. I was one of three men giving sermonettes. One of those three was a practicing freemason who somehow got our meeting location moved from a nice FREE meeting room in a bank in Northern KY to a Masonic Hall just five minute drive from his home that cost $200 per week in rental and... was terribly inconvenient for 95 percent of the congregation who lived 25 or more miles away. This freemason GCG member saw me as "competition" for his coveting to be ordained the first deacon in the congregation. I was not competing for any position as I had already been set apart into the ministry way back in WCG days and was choosing to keep that unknown to GCG and just serve in whatever way I was asked to. My wife and I walked into services one sabbath and the pastor, met me as soon as I got in the door and asked me to step outside. I did and he explained that he had gotten a call from (then) regional pastor, Dave Pack and was ordered to put me out of the church. I asked what the charges were and pastor Knowlton said, "I don't know." I asked him if I was causing him or anyone in the congregation any problems. He replied, "NONE... I was going to use you more." I responded, "And yet you are going to put me out without even telling me what my offense was?" His reply, " I have to... he said he would fire me if I did not and I am almost 70 years old. What would I do for a job?" I wrote Dave a letter calling him to repentance for not using the solution Christ provided in Matthew 18 for handling offenses in the church. He got up at his home church in Akron, Ohio and told the congregation that Matthew 18 does not apply to the ministry. Turned out, Dave Pack is a practicing freemason also and my adversary in GCG Cincinnati had contacted him and asked him to put me out and... brother masons ALWAYS put helping each other above doing what is right End of story.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of your treatment in that church
. Such is not surprising however of a corrupt system lead by men who came out of a corrupt system - yet they falsely preach they are chosen
Jesus warned believers of the same