Saturday, July 30, 2011

LCG/Meredith: God Caused the Norway Killing Spree

The sickness continues to spew from Rod Meredith and the Living Church of God, particularly in regards to the killing spree in Norway.

Did you know that Spanky says that GOD caused the deranged madman to blow up the offices and kill the kids on the island!? This is the reason LCG gives for saying God did this:

The sad fact is that despite the trauma and sadness, the Bible has long predicted events like this would occur in the Israelite nations when they reject God and His way, “if you do not obey Me… and if you despise my statutes… I also will do this to you: I will even appoint terror over you…” (Leviticus 26:14-16).

Besides the British Israel crap he still holds on to, Spanky cannot get his mind out of the Old Testament and the vengeful, blood thirsty god that he is always excited to find there. For some reason, blood lust is a favorite topic of Spanky and LCG.  Their eyes seem to glaze over in orgasmic delight  at the thought of death and destruction that they WANT to happen to people around them.  It makes them special that they are different, called out, chosen, blah, blah, blah.......

Here is further reason for the shootings:

Norway is a nominally Christian nation, however a 2005 barometer poll revealed that only 32% of Norwegians even believe there is a God ( and only 12% attend church each month. In 2009, 54% of all births in Norway were “out of wedlock” situations ( Norway has also legalized same-sex marriages. It is a nation that needs to repent of its ways and truly turn to God. Jesus said that tragedies like this would occur and get worse before He returns to bring peace to this earth (Matthew 24:8)—may God speed that day!
Armstrongism, as does most of legalistic Christianity, always equate bad things with the fact that the person or peoples have done something wrong to cause God's wrath to be dished out upon them.  Armstrongite preachers are especially good at this as it lays the blame on everyone else but themselves. "Because we are God's CHOSEN, these kinds of things do not happen to us."  It's YOUR fault that God has cursed you.  It's YOUR sins that caused the hurricane to destroy New Orleans and the south coast.  Its the YOUR gays that you allow to live in your societies that cause earthquakes.  It's YOUR horny Norwegians that give birth without marriage and marrying gays - which is really ironic that the gays in committed long term relationships chose to get married while the rest of the population is jumping from bed to bed but Spanky ignores that part.  It's YOUR fault Japan that YOUR ancestor worship is what cased the Japan earthquake and tidal wave.

With that kind of logic you would think Spanky would have realized that HE was the cause of the shooter that came into LCG Sabbath services and went on a killing spree.  But that was quickly covered up by LCG. It was a mentally disturbed person that killed God's elect, not endless, hopeless, and discouraging sermons by Spanky and crew that pushed the shooter over the edge.

So where is Spanky and the rest of the Church of Gods in this matter?  Are they offering help and prayers of the Norwegians?  Not on your life!  It is not LCG's problem.  They are not of this world and cannot get bogged down in worldly matters.  God is going to fix it all later on.  So in the meantime, Catholics and other Christians are offering support.

Who is making a bigger impact to the Norwegians? The COG or the deceived, sun worshiping, idolatrous, sabbath breaking Christians? What about atheists, agnostics and non-Christians who see needs and reach out with healing hands hands?  It makes no difference to LCG/Meredith who are giddy with delight at the prospect of rampaging Germans, Chinese, Muslims, concentration camps and meat-hooks raining down upon the British Israelite nations? God is coming to take care of it all.

As a post script:

So wheres does Chiropractor  Bob Thiel weigh in on all of this?

Is he offering a helping hand?  Words of encouragement?  Financial help to the distraught families?

Nope.  Dream on!  It's conspiracy theories all the way.

Chiro Bob sees an angry God pissed off at Norway and the potential rise of the Antichrist!  He is scared that the Catholic Church's' emissary that it sent to Norway to assist people in need is going to meet with a certain Cardinal that is potentially the Antichrist. The stupid conspiracies that occupy Armstrongites minds continue to amaze me!

While his intentions to visit Norway are probably fine, I have had concerns about Cardinal Koch (Ecumenism: Cardinal Koch and the Eastern Orthodox and Kurt Koch Made a Cardinal: Might He Become the Antichrist?) including before he became a cardinal (Swiss Bishop Appointed as Ecumenical Head: Antichrist Role?).  If he ever gets close to Karl zu Guttenberg (see Might German Baron Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg become the King of the North?), my concerns will likely intensify.

The Buffoons Are Still Trying To Be In Control

The "new and improved" Church of God a Worldwide Association is nothing more than a name change for UCG.  The old guard of UCG has jumped ship where they continue their legalistic self righteous "look at me, I'm in charge!" government over the little ones.

Here is the list of upcoming nominees to COGWA'S new power structure.  Of these "men" seven will be chosen to serve on the Board of COGWA.  No new blood, just the same old power hungry men trained under HWA to be enforcers of blind obedience.

This includes the following UCG henchmen who worked behind the scenes while still employed by UCG to form their new splinter cult (repeating the same pattern they did when they planned UCG while still employed by WCG.)

These men are the power hungry potentates that still want to rule over members lives with as much legalistic bullshit that they can lay on the people.  Got to keep that standard of living up in order  to keep that fancy home and car.  Since these men were ethically and morally bankrupt while part of UCG will they have a change of heart and stop their corrupt ways?  I certainly will NOT hold my breath on that one!  Their track record proves otherwise.

Jim B. Franks - MAJOR ethics issues
Clyde L. Kilough - MAJOR ethics issues
Richard Conerly Thompson - Not impressed with the guy after seeing           him perform in his Ohio churches years ago. BAD!
Leon Walker - MAJOR ethics issues
Richard Robert Pinelli - Major ethics issues
David L. Register - Major ethics issues
Leslie L. McCullough - Les has to be up there in years now. Can he survive another Board?

Larry R. Salyer - how long will it be before Salyer jumps ship to form another church?  How many has he been in since being kicked out of WCG? 3? 4? 5?  Somehow in each of them he weasels his way up to the top.

Joel Christopher Meeker - poor Joel, that mustache still does not make you a man!  Isn't it about time you write another "Open Letter" complaining about how you are constantly getting picked on and over looked as the little guy?

Lyle Eugene Welty  - we got to see first hand how you ruined peoples lives when you were in Dayton years ago.  You continued that in WCG in your other church areas and then on into United.  The COGWA members need to toss you out the door as fast as possible!

I don't know much about these guys. I am just surprised that Horcheck is still buying into the garbage!

David Lawrence Baker
Arnold Jerome Hampton
Michael James Hanisko

Douglas Robert Horchak

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tribulation Could Begin Nov 30-Dec 1, 2012 -BUT I AM NOT SETTING DATES! So Says The Apostle

The hypocritical circle dancing continues with Apostle Malm.  After over 70 years of literally HUNDREDS of documented failed prophecies by Herbert Armstrong and minions, the Apostle thinks he knows MORE than anyone else out there.

Malm's logic is just like a really good attorney who utters something he knows he shouldn't during a trial, the Judge strikes it off the record, but that comment is stuck in the minds of the Jury.  Malm attempts to set a date, but then denies that he set a date, all the while the date he set is ingrained in his readers minds. Most COG members do not have the capability to check out Malm's predictions with an in depth study in eschatology  Their biblical education goes no further than some booklets, a correspondence course and the rantings of a lunatic minister or self appointed prophet/apostle.. 

There is a very high likelihood that the tribulation will begin late next year; with the abomination being set up on or near  September 16th 2012 with the tribulation beginning on 30 Nov ~ 1 Dec time frame.
I am not setting a solid date here.  I am merely pointing out that  the signs of the times in the world and in the COGs ,tend to point to next year, or a subsequent year; rather than to 2011.
I do NOT know the exact year!!!  It will come when ALL the biblical signs are present; and NOT before!!!
I do believe that this next year will be one of momentous events both in the world and in the COGs.

In 2016 the sixth day of Unleavends will fall on March 29th and a 45 day count to the 1,335th day would end on 13 May, with Pentecost on 15 May. There is a very high possibility that the tribulation will begin next year as the 1,335th day would be on the Friday immediately before Pentecost.