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Apostate Bob Thiel: Rod Meredith Needs To Repent And Acknowledge Me As The True Apostle

Well that did not take long.  After publishing the story the other night on Rod Meredith's rant on there being no prophets and apostles alive in the church today, I took one of my favorite swipes at Almost-arrested Elisha Elijah Amos Habakuk Doubly Blessed Dreamweaving Chief Overseer Bob Theil. (Apostate Thiel imagines himself as the world's most converted and dynamic prophet ever.) Of course the delusional false prophet took exception to Meredith's words, because HE, Overseer Bob, is the true legitimate prophet of the latter day Church of God. No ministry in the course of Church of God history has ever been as astounding as the improperly named "continuing" Church of God. Dave Pack now whimpers at the mere mention of Bob Thiel's amazing name.

Elijah Habakuk Thiel writes:

While the Bible does warn about false prophets, the Bible also teaches that there will be prophets in the last days and that God will grant them dreams:
17 ‘And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God,
That I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh;
Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
Your young men shall see visions,
Your old men shall dream dreams.
18 And on My menservants and on My maidservants
I will pour out My Spirit in those days;
And they shall prophesy. (Acts 2:17-18) 
I, and others affiliated with the Continuing Church of God have had prophetic dreams that have come to pass...
Amos Elijah Thiel has a huge hangup on the relevance of dreams in his improperly named ministry.  The false prophet talks more about dreams that validate his "calling" than he ever does about that mystery man who was a carpenter from someplace over there.

Dreams are necessary in the wild kingdom of the Bob's mind.  Dreams are just one more tool to "validate" his "ministry."  Why?  Because Herb and Loma had dreams and the Radio Church of God was the result.  Delusional Elisha Bob thinks that his "ministry" will be bigger and stronger than anything Herb and Dave Pack ever dreamed of.

Despite the fact that the Bible shows that God uses dreams and the members of the old Radio and Worldwide Church of God used to accept that the dream from Loma Armstrong was from God, most today do not wish to believe God still uses dreams.
Shame on all of you lazy Laodiceans who refuse to acknowledge Overseer Bob's prophethood!  You are sure to burn in the lake of fire for that!

False prophet Bob then makes the claim that Rod Meredith does not keep the 10 Commandments.  Only doubly blessed self-appointed prophets are able to do that!  Elisha Thiel is the only church leader who leads a blameless life. in spite of that, Elijah Bob still is suffering major butthurt over Meredith stabbing him in the back a few years ago when he publicly refuted everything Thiel stands for.
In the Continuing Church of God, we also do teach AND practice the Ten Commandments–which is not something I can say that Dr. Meredith fully does. He should realize that God’s people keep their word, even when it is not popular:
1 Who may worship in your sanctuary, Lord? Who may enter your presence on your holy hill? 2 Those who lead blameless lives and do what is right, speaking the truth from sincere hearts.
3 Those who refuse to gossip or harm their neighbors or speak evil of their friends. 4 Those who despise flagrant sinners, and honor the faithful followers of the Lord, and keep their promises even when it hurts. (Psalm 15:1-4, New Living Translation).
Dreamweaver Bob is still stinging from Meredith's rebuke of him.  Meredith was like a Dad to prophet/apostle Bob, and to suffer such a public rebuke was devastating to the soul of Thiel.

The self-appointed non-ordained false prophet Thiel is demanding that Meredith apologize to him now that Meredith is on his death bed. Meredith is expected to publicly announce that Almost-arrested Thiel is a TRUE prophet, an apostle, that he is DOUBLY-BLESSED, that his dreams are valid and that God loves him more than any other Church of God leader alive today.  On your knees Rod!

And as far as I go, yes, Dr. Meredith put out several false and misleading statements about me and he even flat-out denied telling me that he said if he would accept the role of an apostle, he was considering ordaining me as a prophet–even though he did, in fact, do that in January 2009. Plus he broke numerous promises to me related to correcting literature and doctrinal errors that he and others at LCG had acknowledged. He also falsely libeled my character. Yet, I have stood for and told the truth. And Dr. Meredith, if he still has the mental capacity, should realize that, publicly repent, and tell the truth.
False prophet Bob also claims that he has all of the signs of being a prophet!  Read it and weep folks!  It is true because Thiel says so!
As far as Dr. Meredith writing that no one at LCG ever proclaiming himself an apostle or prophet, after he told me that GOD may consider me to be a prophet when I was part of LCG, Dr. Meredith later told me he was considering calling himself an apostle. And when he said this, he certainly did not have the “signs and wonders and mighty deeds” he is alluding to. 
But I did have the biblical signs of being a prophet and he knew at least some of that...
The next sure sign of apostle Thiel's prophethood is that he claims his personality cult is growing a 30%.  30% was the number that Herb and crew used to blare out to the gullible church members as "proof" that the church was growing and that God loved it immensely.  That 30% moniker was made up by men in the accounting and publishing areas to "prove" that the church was growing exponentially.  However, that number has always been in doubt as a department head of accounting said some years ago that they could make any "figure" they want "mean" anything they want.  Many of those people were intellectually dishonest.  Much like Elisha Thiel.
We in the [improperly named] Continuing Church of God have been walking by faith and have had vastly more than the 30% growth that the old Radio/Worldwide Church of God once had and the 15% growth that Dr. Meredith has asked his followers to plead for. We in the [improperly named] Continuing Church of God do have the type of fruits that Jesus said a true prophet would have.
The [improperly named]  Continuing Church of God is the only Church of God with this type of growth in the 21st century. This is a fact and is the truth.
Read it and weep Rod Meredith! 

Rod Meredith is an impotent leader compared to Elijah Thiel. The false property and Mayan authority said that he is adding to scripture just like Herb did. Mayan authority Thiel claims he is adding more truthful details to the mix.

Unlike Herbert Armstrong who restored truths to the Philadelphia era, and Bob Thiel who added more details to those truths, Dr. Meredith has not done that. Nor has he fulfilled the prophetic office. And it was Bob Thiel, and not Dr. Meredith, who was anointed to receive a ‘double-portion’ of God’s Spirit...
Gaylon Bonjour never had any intention of doubly blessing apostate Thiel to begin an idiotic ministry based in Arroyo Grande that would be used to deceive sincere African peoples.  Those are the people being taken advantage of.  Those are the people being lied to and being unjustly used.

God's most merciful apostle ever has been praying for Rod Meredith.  The apostate false prophet Thiel has been praying that God would keep Meredith alive long enough:

I have prayed for Dr. Meredith and prayed that he would publicly repent of his false statements. The Bible teaches that the Lord “is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance” (2 Peter 3:9). Yes, Dr. Meredith is getting old and will die someday–but God may have kept him alive these past four plus years for him to see that the CCOG is the only COG this century that has had the type of growth he claimed showed God’s blessing.
The chief bastardizer of the law (after James Malm, of course) and scriptures is demanding that Rod Meredith repent because his time and the time for humanity is short.
He and others are getting a witness, but sadly the Bible shows that the bulk of the Laodiceans will not repent as they should (Revelation 3:14-18 ). It is time for Dr. Meredith to repent and it may be that his time to do so is getting very short. 
You can read the long screed by the apostate false prophet Thiel here.  It includes 44 "truth's" that set him apart from Rod Meredith, the Laodicean.   LCG’s Roderick Meredith, Apostles, Prophets, and the Truth

Musings: More Closure or More "Ugh"?

In a couple of weeks, details escape me at the moment, there will be a Ambassador College Reunion held in Las Vegas.  I assume what happens in Las Vegas won't stay in Las Vegas with regards to this blog, nor should it.  Attendees at the reunion are asked to drop the church talk and just enjoy seeing old friends again.  I like that.  As an add on to the reunion and probably not for the faint hearted is an additional last day sponsored by the original authors of Ambassador Report.  This event is completely separate from the reunion and will cover the how and why of Ambassador Report back in the day.

Ambassador Report was the bane of the ministry including my own in my days of naive belief in the message of WCG and by extension, my part in it.  I thought it was where I was supposed to be and as corny as it might sound, felt "called" to the ministry for personal family reasons going back to some things my dad told me years after the facts.  Nuther story.

I spent many a day and night getting hammered by members who received their copies in the mail.  I got my own of course compliments of someone and promptly threw them out.  Denial truly is not just a river in Egypt.  It was a most confusing time for me personally as a very new minister and pastor in Chicago and then Ohio during the 70's when  the corpulites hit the roting wind machine.  Between the demise of GTA, the Receivership  ("Not many Wisemen now are called" for those who understand) and the Tkaches, Ambassador Report was causing me personally unending stress and conflict of mind.

It was like having molasses on one hand and feathers in the other, smacking them together and then being told to pick out the feathers.  Not possible.  What a mess.

I recall knowing that the 60 Minutes expose' with Stan Rader etc was coming on Sunday night and I made a point to be out visiting to just keep it off my dreading mind.  Of course the phone rang off the hook all Sunday night.

In the hind site of age, change , drama and trama along with dis-illusionment mixed with not a small amount of anger at both myself for being so stupid and naive and those over me who seemed even more stupid and naive or just lying to me, was killing me with anxiety and depression while having to wear the faithful minister mask.  My own brother in law, as pastor, who stayed with WCG thru it's change to GCI died of the disease his son said was actually his broken heart over how it all went. He was a very sincere and well loved guy. He gave up the love of his life career, forest ranger in Idaho , to go to AC.  I know he regretted that .

Weeks ago, I determined not to go to Vegas for the Ambassador Report portion.  I might could do the reunion but time is money for me in my practice and no one pays me for being gone etc.  I also got to thinking about what's really good for me personally.  Forgo it for the sake of moving on and not having all my past anxieties and memories about those days stirred up, or go face them and learn the story behind the story?  There are men who I would love to meet and only know because of correspondence or through BannedHWA and they have expressed a desire to meet.  Would it be "fun" or ignite personal issues once again?  Would it bring more closure or resurrect unnecessary memories and issues once again?

Currently I am content with my simple life here in beautiful Portland.  Simple living , a career where I still work 5 days a week , 40 hours being the caretaker I am and earning every last penny honestly without criticism.  I can sit quietly with my 4.5 Billion year old meteorites that were around before the moon formed or there was life of any kind on earth and appreciate what is actually true as opposed to what I naively was led to believe in my youth.  It's nice to not even mind being stardust with consciousness studying itself .  :)  Do I want to risk that banging my head on the table in Las Vegas?

We all handle our experience with WCG and all that occurred and followed differently.  At this point I am opting to pass on Vegas for all the above reasons for me personally.  I admire those men who took it on back in the day to confront the Armstrongs and WCG excesses at the top and problems with ministers and churches.  I wish I had helped them then but I was not the man then I am now.  I never thought WCG had a proper vetting process to put a truly caretaking , balanced and teaching type personality into the ministry.   ALL the splits, splinters and slivers,  Gerald Flurrys, Dave Packs , Bob Thiels, Rod Merediths, James Malms and countless horribly informed men who claim to be theologians is the end result of that and our lunatic entertainment here on Banned.

Joe Tkach Jr reacted very "ain't going to happen" when I suggested personality testing etc for those going into ministry.  It took me a very long time to wake up.  I stayed way too long for many reasons.  I

I believe I will pass as an exercise in good mental health for me and maybe meet the gang sometime in LA in the future.  I would encourage anyone to go if it can bring understanding and closure to your own experience.  It's not too late.  No2HWA can supply you with all the details I am sure if interested.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Rod Meredith on False Prophets in the Church Today

It is always entertaining watching various Church of God leaders calling other Church of God leaders "false prophets" when they have lied through their teeth for decades with one false prophecy after another.  Rod Meredith has been one of the main culprits in spreading false lies, though this does not clear the other COG liars like Pack, Flurry, Malm, and Thiel who are equally culpable.

Meredith has an article out in the January/February issue of Tomorrow's World published by the Living Church of God. Like almost every single article he writes, he starts off with negativity mixed with doom and gloom.  This time it is geared directly towards the various splinter cult leaders of Armstrongism. These vile men are just waiting to snatch the crowns from LCG members heads. You hear that Almost-arrested Bob Thiel?
These self-willed, vain men may even affect the lives of thousands of you Tomorrow’s World subscribers, if you allow them to. We in this Work have repeatedly taught you the very “way” of life that Jesus Christ taught His own disciples. We have sent out—absolutely free—millions of magazines and booklets explaining the Ten Commandments and how to keep them with God’s help. We have repeatedly encouraged you to embrace the “Original Christianity” of Jesus Christ and the apostles—all based upon obedience to the law of love and the way of God.
But, as time goes on, many false teachers will rise up and try to turn sincere people away from the true Work of God. It has always been so. The Apostle Paul had to warn the Corinthian elders: “For I know this, that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock. Also from among yourselves men will rise up, speaking perverse things, to draw away the disciples after themselves” (Acts 20:29–30). Jesus Himself warned us: “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles?... Therefore by their fruits you will know them” (Matthew 7:15–16, 20). 
Every single COG is filled with "self-willed and vain men."  Just like  Thiel, Pack and Furry.  Has the church ever had three more vain men? What about the false teachers? Is not Meredith also a false teacher?  He certainly has led people astray over the decades. He is just like the other wolves, Thiel, Malm, Pack and Furry.  Has the church ever had a more dishonest and corrupt cabal than with these men?

According to Meredith there is no other church on earth who has as much love as does LCG.

He writes:
What is the “fruit”—the result—of sincere people being taught to follow the example of Christ and the original apostles? It is a people who genuinely try to love and to serve one another. It is a people who love the Creator God and joyously observe His weekly Sabbaths and His annual Holy Days and—through Christ living within them—walk in the way of the Ten Commandments.
Do you notice the one thing that is missing?  Not a single word about following that most inconvenient dude.  It is more important to keep sabbath and holy days.  Apparently Jesus only indwells in those following old event rules.

Meredith then tells his followers to not get upset over his many failed prophecies and inane rantings.  Besides, his inane blathering are just minor "technical" infallibility's.  It is wrong for church members to get upset over such silly things as failed prophecies and inane utterances that Meredith has made over the decades.
By contrast, when a spirit of doubt and discouragement is sown among God’s people, often over minor and disputed “technical points” of prophecy or chronology, the “fruit” is not good. Paul warned Timothy to emphasize “sound doctrine,” telling him to “remain in Ephesus that you may charge some that they teach no other doctrine, nor give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which cause disputes rather than godly edification which is in faith. Now the purpose of the commandment is love from a pure heart, from a good conscience, and from sincere faith” (1 Timothy 1:3–5).
When has Rod Meredith ever loved with a pure heart and a clear conscience?   Apparently he and his ministers are the most loving, humble, and best examples to their flocks that could ever imagine. More importantly, because these men are so great it is a requirement that members SUBMIT themselves to them.  When LCG members submit themselves to the ministry they are humbled.
All true doctrines come back to God’s commandments being based on love (v. 5) and service. All true ministers of Jesus Christ emphasize that approach—that way of life. True ministers of Christ will humble themselves and try in every way they can to encourage and to serve God’s people. In his letter—as recorded in the Bible—the Apostle Peter told the ministers he was overseeing not to be, “lords over those entrusted to you” but rather to be “examples to the flock” (1 Peter 5:3). Then, Peter continued, “Likewise you younger people, submit yourselves to your elders. Yes, all of you be submissive to one another, and be clothed with humility, for ‘God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.’ Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time” (vv. 5–6).
Meredith then warns his members to be wary of liars and self-appointed false teachers like Bob Thiel, James Mam and Dave Pack.
Back in apostolic times, when one of the original false apostles began to deceive people, your Bible records that this man went around “claiming that he was someone great” (Acts 8:9). Ultimately, the final great rebellion against God will be led by a vain, self-willed man, “who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God” (2 Thessalonians 2:4).
 Have we ever seen to more vain men than Bob Thiel and Dave Pack?
So, when any individual tries to “appoint” himself as an “apostle” or proclaim himself as a “prophet,” watch out! For God warns us, over and over: “And whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted” (Matthew 23:12; see also Luke 14:1118:14).
Then Meredith makes a statement that the will surely set Thiel and Pack over the deep end.  No one alive today has EVER produced the signs that indicate apostleship or prophethood.  Bob Thiel will suffer major butthurt over this.
None of us in this Work, which brings you the Tomorrow’s World television program and this magazine, has ever tried to proclaim himself a “prophet,” or an “apostle.” For the word of God describes the “signs” of an apostle as, “signs and wonders and mighty deeds” (2 Corinthians 12:12). No one living today has produced those types of “signs” to indicate true apostleship—or prophethood! 
You can read the rest of Meredith's spiel here:  FALSE PROPHETS ARE COMING!


The Obedient Church of God Are you on the God Train? Are Your Swords Sharpened For The Slaughter?

Never in a million years would Herbert Armstrong ever have imagined the sheer number of lunatics that would break off from the mother church and start some of the craziest splinter cults the church has ever seen.

One of the more absurd splinter cults is the "Obedient" Church of God.  Lawrence A Nowell is the leader of this weird group.  Nowell, is much like splinter cult leader James Malm, in that he bellows on and on about being filled with "zeal."

"God's Train don't carry nothin' 'BUTthe righteous and the Holy".
God's Train don't carry nothin' "but" the OBEDIENT to God! Rev 22:14.
Wake up to "be Obedient" to every jot, so that "you" can be carried onboard to the Place of Safety and the Kingdom of God by "THIS TRAIN".
PS: This train carries only the 1st Resurrection people.
1st Resurrection people do not have to go through the Tribulation, "because" they are already OBEDIENT. Rev 12:14 and verse 16.
Nowell is also much like the lunatic Neville Steven's, the certified false prophet from Australia who claims his members would be given swords so they could slaughter all of the rebellious sinners of the world, especially the lazy laodicean Church of God members who refuse to submit to Neville.   Nowell's little band of nut jobs will also be joining forces with other men to slaughter the unrighteousness.

with Swords are Arriving!!
As the kids would say: You are all going down, UNLESS you start to OBEY every jot of God's way/Shop Manual/Bible. 

Nowell is also a proponent of the new moons malarky embraced by a few of the more legalistic members of the church who come up with everything imaginable for not following Jesus.

Christ is returning 
10,000 Men
Jude 14
To execute Judgment on “your” un-Godly deeds
to Kill
“YOU” The Disobedient.
Show me how tough / stupid you are!
Think you "still" want to work on His Holy Days
Do you "still" not want to follow His Crescent Moons that “He Himself” followed and 
He “set the example” to follow, to walk “AS” He walked!!
Again for emphasis: Do you still want to work on His Holy Days!!
= Do you still think you can disobey Him and live?
Read 2 Kings 19:35 185,000 humans Killed by 1 man/angel.
Christ is returning with plagues, and with 10,000 Men!!! Jude 14
Christ’s Men will Kill “200 MILLION” of you in just 1 day. Rev 9:16
Do you FEAR God yet? The beginning of Wisdom is the FEAR of God. Prov 1:7
When Killing 200 Million 4 Angels will kill another 1/3 of YOU Earth’s inhabitants Rev 9:18 
2.5 “BILLION of 
Ho hum.  Blah, blah, blah.  This is the same old tired story that the legalists have been spouting for decades.  Everyone of them proven liars.

We should stand in awe of all the men in the splinter groups that have direct communication with their god's.  Where would we be without Nowell, Malm, Almost arrested Thiel and Pack?

Cal Culpepper! Set Your Captives Free!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Cal Culpepper and His Philadelphia Church of God Gestapo Making Life A Living Hell for Members

From a reliable and confidential source:
My Cincinnati source has revealed that there is a great deal of fear in the local congregations. You come into church on the Sabbath and your name is immediately put on a pre-printed Church Attendance Form by some brown nosing Church lackey. This form is sent into Cal Culpepper and if you miss to many services - regardless of Health or Wealth - you are suspended.The rule is that you cannot miss more than 1 service a month or not too many in a year. This suspension lasts for 9-12 months if your lucky. If not so lucky say goodbye to your PCG family and friends and say hello to the Great Tribulation and the Lake of Fire.

The men are "encouraged" to attended Spokesman Club. If you cannot attend due to finances or work then you are labeled unofficially as not committed fully to "God's Government" and lukewarm. Many Spokesman Club members from Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio have to drive at least 2-3 hours one way to meet in some VFW hall or rented Motel room. Imagine sitting there for 2 hours and hoping Culpepper does not see you make a wrong move or perhaps slightly nod your head in weariness as you have been up for 12 hours because you got off of work and had a 4 hour round trip commute just to attend Club. Can you imagine getting up and giving a speech in from of Il Duce Cal?

There are ever increasing fund raising drives to make more money for Flurry. One is where they bring in large "Change Jars" right into church and "encourage" you to empty your pockets of any "loose change" in order to support the work. Most of my PCG friends are too broke and actually need every dime they can get with paying 3 Tithes to the Church. But you are told from the pulpit that you "cannot out give God" and the faithful member who sends cash into That Prophet will be blessed in health and finances. Empty your pockets this Sabbath so Wayne Turgeon's kids can Riverdance across the stage and perform for a half filled auditorium.

Every Christmas time in the months leading up to the Holiday Season there is a "Fruit Sale". A very large amount of Fruit is bought wholesale by the Church and the individual members of each congregation are to "sell" as much fruit to their neighbors and family members. In all actuality most people are too afraid of not showing enough loyalty to the Church in this cash raising endeavor and when they fail to sell enough fruit to other people they spend their own money and buy the stuff themselves. Another way the PCG milks their members. Just a backdoor Tithe on people. 
Worst of all are the congregational snitches and gossips. You have to be careful what you say, who you say it to, and who is around to hear it. People in the Cincinnati Church are morbidly afraid of ANYTHING getting back to Cal Culpepper. Cal gets the wrong word in his ear about you and you are toast. There is one little snitch in particular named L____. L____ goes to Culpepper with every little tidbit of information he can get on a church member. Steve Witt is the local Deacon/Contact Person and he has said that he can't stand L_____. Steve said that most people dread being around him and try and stay away because they know X____ is Culpepeprs little spy. X____ was very new to the Church and pushed hard to be "somebody" with a congregational job or duty. He was heard saying on the way to Spokesman Club that any man who does not attend club should be cast out of the Church. Ahh the LOVE. He also has boated how he was only in the church for a few months when he was put on the Sound Table duties. Wow what a guy.

My PCG friend said that one Passover he had to drive 2 hours to have to attend Passover services. If you miss Passover Services it is like committing the unpardonable sin. Well my friend was driving in a thunderstorm to get there and he hydroplaned and almost wrecked his car. Needless to say he was very shaken up when he walked into the Service. Guess who he sat down next to? Yeah, L_____. My friend was still reeling from his almost Fatal car crash and he tried to play it cool but you know you are only human. L___ went straight to Culpepper and reported my friend for being "too nervous" during the Services. Culpepper took my friend aside and said that Passover Night is NOT about "being nervous". L____you nasty little fink. My friend though about telling Culpepper about almost slamming into a Guard Rail at 65mph but thought better of it. That could be interpreted by Cal as a "sign" that God is displeased with you and tried to kill you on the way to Passover. Sick but true story. 
There is also a Opening Prayer list of men who are authorized to say the opening Prayer before Services. If you go to Spokesman's Club and your Church Attendance is good and if you are a good enough little Borg you get picked to pray. If you are not looked upon as totally loyal to "God's Government" then you will be passed over to pray as if you are some sort of spiritual Leper. It is all about some sort of sick depraved pecking order. Everyone strives and strains to get some sort of job or title like Door Greeter or Sound Person to make themselves feel good and righteous and that maybe God will not turn them into ashes during Armageddon. 
I asked my friend about some of the people I have known from back 20 years ago when I attended. Most of the PCG members in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana are 60+ years old. Quite a few that I knew have died. Some have been put out forever. I asked about new members and he said that there is always announcements from the pulpit that "The Ministry is counseling potential new members". However this "counseling" never seems to produce much fruit as the new members coming in has all but dried up. The retired and elderly are the thin red line holding up the entire Flurry edifice. 
For the young people and singles it is almost intolerable. Too many Teens have been put out by Culpepper for seeing "worldly" members of the opposite sex. Going to the High School Dance or a Movie with a Tribulation bound boy or girl is tantamount to spiritual suicide in Culpeppers book. And as a young teen when you get put out in the PCG you just don't sit home while every one else goes to Church on a Saturday - you loose your happy home. Many a teen is sent off to live with a Grandparent or other family members because Flurry's new Disfellowhipment policy has no mercy on anyone regardless of age. Yes some have been put onto the street.

I was outraged to find out that only Black man in the Cincinnati Church was put out by Culpepper. His name is David McClain. He was a super nice guy and he and  I talked every Sabbath. He had very bad kidney problems and had daily Dialysis just to keep alive. Due to his Health David was staying with Family members and could not live on his own. However those family members were old WCG people from years back. Culpeper and Aaron Eagle found out about it and he had a choice to either leave his home or be disfellowshipped. David had no place to go and was a very sick man and he was put out anyway with no mercy. I know this sounds like I am making this particularly sad story up just to demonize Cal Culpepper but it is all true. You can't make this depravity up. 
In conclusion I think we can say that the PCG of 2017 is a shadow of its former self. I remember 80+ people attending just 10 years ago in the Cinci/Dayton congregation alone. There were quite a few young couples with children and more than average Teen attendance. I also remember of around 13,000 to 14,000 people attending the Feast at Chattanooga, Tenn, Charleston, West Virginia and Greenville, SC. Now at the Feast in Lexington Kentucky they barely had 800 or so in greatly reduced facilities. 
I hope I did not write too much info. This is only the tip of what I have heard but if you want more let me know.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


"Dennis, You Are a Satan Led Anti Christ. It is The True Christ Who Will Judge You, You Foul Mouth Pervert."

Somehow... I feel better in sharing with those who might understand the process of maturing in youthful naivete, searching out a matter and drawing conclusions from information not available when it might have been more able to lead to better informed decisions in life. 

Never needed to offend beliefs
Always hoped to stimulate thinking

I am so grateful to live in a time where knowledge  actually is increased and available and where I don't have to take the ideas of others as the way things actually are. It is no coincidence the Dark Ages were dominated by the ignorance of literalism and those ahead of their times in science who feared for their lives bringing reality to their attention.

I'd rather be authentic and true to self in this life than merely and outwardly religious.... 

Definition of catharsis



  1. 1:  purgation
  2. 2a :  purification or purgation of the emotions (as pity and fear) primarily through artb :  a purification or purgation that brings about spiritual renewal or release from tension
  3. 3:  elimination of a complex by bringing it to consciousness and affording it expression

Examples of catharsis in a sentence

  1. She has learned to have her catharsis, take a deep breath and move on.  … she does not dwell on the negative anymore. —Selena Roberts, New York Times, 24 June 2001
  2. … malevolence is expressed in his decision to absent himself from the courtroom, thereby denying some victims of his torture the catharsis of compelling him to hear their stories of survival. —George F. Will, Newsweek, 25 May 1987
  3. … there's the need for catharsis. If you play it all back a second time, you may wear away some of the pain, as you wear away a record with replaying. —Anatole Broyard, New York Times Book Review, 14 Nov. 1982
  4. As soon as we emerged from the gates of the White House, I became aware of that sea of faces.  … I wanted to cry for them and with them, but it was impossible to permit the catharsis of tears. —Lady Bird Johnson, 24 Nov. 1963, in A White House Diary, 1970
  5. Acting is a means of catharsis for her.
  6. Painting is a catharsis for me.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

They Will Soon Succumb To My Awesomeness!

From a reader....

World is too stupid to know that Jesus created the Internet for the COG's!

UPDATE from Lee Clark see comment below.

This post was from December 24, 2016

More nonsense from Lee Clark:

God created the Internet for the Gospel

I am absolutely convinced that this is a massive door that Jesus Christ has swung open on an unsuspecting world to get His final warning message out to a suicidal planet!! And if Jesus Himself has unlocked this door, then NO MAN CAN SHUT IT!! It will only be shut when Jesus Himself decides to shut it, and then no man will be able to open it!! So we can look to the Philadelphian letter and take courage in the fact that it is God Himself who has opened this door! No man can shut it on us, so we can walk through it with courage and confidence!
This reminds me of the nonsense that the church taught about the printing press and airplanes.

It was widely taught that the printing press was created for the sole purpose of HWA printing all of his booklets, magazines and books.  Any other type of book is just peripheral nonsense compared to the truth of HWA.

Once Herb started gallivanting around the world after the death of his wife Loma, he started claiming that airplanes were created for the express purpose of the apostle to be able to fly to the ends of the earth with the "gospel"message.

Both claims are entirely false, as is Lee Clark's claim about the Internet.

Wanted: Deacons, Elders and Ministers...Endless Job Opportunities

Have you ever wanted to be over your own church ready made area?  The superfantabulous Church of God is on the look out for deacons, elders and ministers right now.  They will soon be ordained to pastor the hundreds of thousands of COG members and public who will soon join Dave Pack's Restored Church of God.  Send in you resumes!

So here is the other thing—the other assignment you have along with praying for more laborers—what if God wants YOU to be one of those laborers? Because in a few months, again, if the Kingdom doesn’t come relatively soon, we’re going to need a lot of laborers because things could really take off…because I also know where the budget is going a little bit down the line, not just this month and let’s say next month’s jump. So I’ll leave you with those inspiring thoughts. Anybody that wants to be in any other church is led by some other spirit, I can tell you that.
We absolutely are going to need leaders, and we have a lot of fine men coming along. Some of you men out there, keep your eyes open, keep your ears open to the fact that we might be ringing your phone one of these minutes and talking to you about what we think could be your potential. So I’ll just tell you those things. We are scouring the landscape, as we’re supposed to do. If we’re going to be diligent to know the estate of the flock, we had better know something about the estate of shepherds that Christ would send.
If we’re praying for laborers in the harvest, there better be part of our plan that’s looking for those laborers, unless we just don’t think Christ meant what He said. And if we do believe Him and we’re praying about it…and some of you may be trying to grow in every way you can…so that IF God wanted to use you in some role, then we ought to have a plan to kind of search you out or see where Christ has provided people in every corner of the world. Well, I’ll leave you with that. I hope you find that exciting.

Dave Pack Will Soon Be Converting Scores of Muslims Throughout The Arab World

Dave is setting his sights on converting hundreds of thousands of Arabs in all of the various Arab nations.  They will be coming over to the dark side as they join forces with Dave. There is only one Church of God on the entire earth who has the capability of converting these Muslims and it is NOT the improperly named "continuing" Church of God. It is Super Dave to the rescue once again with his superfantabulous message.

God’s people at that time…“Then let them which are in Judaea [get] to the mountains…[I’ve been to Jerusalem. I’ve been all around it. I’ve taken walks. It’s surrounded by mountains. Get out of Jerusalem and even get out of Judea, if you can. And this is a curious statement]…and let not them that are in the countries enter thereinto” (vs. 21). No one could ever explain that. I never could. Who would want to go there?
Why would any of God’s people be right around Jerusalem and want to go in there? How are we going to have a lot of people in the Church in Jordan? Nobody ever understood that. How could you have a lot of people in the Church in Egypt? That’s never happened. How could a lot of people in the Church in Lebanon and Syria? Huh? Who are the countries right around where God’s people would be told, “Don’t go in there”?
We never had any brethren in any of those countries. Saudi Arabia…are you kidding me? Or any of the countries there. How does that apply? This a giant question—that’s now answered—that I could never answer. I just had to read past it. The answer is, in the first phase of the Kingdom, there will beconverted people all through Jordan…because they’re “all nations”…and in Egypt, and in Saudi Arabia, and in Lebanon, and in Syria, and every nearby country. In a time of amazing trouble, though, God is going to call a people—Palestinians; others. Now we can understand.
Under Mr. Armstrong there was never anybody in those countries, unless they were sent from Worldwide to go work in Jordan. I don’t know if we’ve ever had a soul in those countries or any of the other countries around. Throw in Oman, Yemen, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates…how far should we go? Turkey. We never had any brethren in those areas. They’re Islamic and the odds that you could send them there—with jihadis everywhere now—somehow, and do it now—the Restored Church of God could do it—is impossible to believe. And yet, God is warning people in the countries around Judea, don’t go in there—and if you’re there, get out.
There have to be great numbers of people—or, at least, some—in all the countries around Jerusalem, who are converted. Yes, the first phase of the Kingdom—when sheep and goats from all nations are gathered—at the end of that period. Now, it makes sense. For 50 years, it didn’t. That’s before most of you in this room were born. Why would God be warning Muslims, don’t enter into Jerusalem? Muslim don’t even read this! They don’t believe it! Would He be warning worldly Christians? Would He be warning…you know…tourists? No, He’s warning God’s people, who are in the countries around Jerusalem. But there are none today and never have been. But there will be in the first phase of the Kingdom. Isn’t that amazing? Another great question. Put it on your list of questions that have been answered..