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Gay Cattle, British Israelite Modest Cows and Armstrongite Bull

A blast from the past on how incredibly stupid Armstrongism makes some people:

The post below is from a Yahoo group that claims to uphold all things taught by HWA prior to 1986.

This one is just too mind-boggling stupid to pass up:
Friesian Bulls are app 100 % Homosexual and bi-sexual.
They come from Holland.

Where all British bred Cattle are app 100 % none homosexual.

As the British milking cows drop in percentage of cows milked, the Friesian percentage rises. 
Could this have something to do with the rising Homosexual human population?

???? Makes a person think???

Then, when he is questioned about his posting, he had this to say:
I would like to make it clear.
Friesian Bull’s are highly charged with the male hormones, this makes them very aggressive and homosexual.  
They are not effeminate in any way.
 Then, if you think things could not get any stupider, this person writes:

Years ago some WCG Ministers preached about British live stock being descendent of Jacobs’s livestock.
As Animals go, British livestock are quite sexually modest. Under normal conditions nothing is seen.
Mr Dad said that they must breed in the night time.

As God calls himself the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, I am sure we will reap many curses as move away from the things God Blessed.

British Israel cows who are so modest that they cannot screw around unless it is dark??????????  Can Armstrongites really be this stupid??????????????

Thursday, August 15, 2019

"To put it bluntly, McNair's program got censored not because of Australia's evil, but because of McNair's (and Weston's) laziness and arrogance."

This was too good to leave just as a comment:

Some years ago, my son attended an LCG Teen Camp led by Gerald Weston.
My son, because of family circumstances, had to take on a lot of adult responsibility even in his teen years. He was a good kid, mature for his age, and instead of driving himself to Teen Camp he selflessly went out of his way to pick up some other boys who needed rides to camp. He generously took responsibility for these younger teens, despite some inconvenience to himself.
When my son arrived at Teen Camp, Weston confiscated his car keys. What a statement of distrust! Favored counselors were allowed to drive to nearby stores when they liked, and sometimes took favored campers with them. To make matters worse, during the two weeks of camp my son saw counselors driving our family car more than once! It's not that my son had wanted or expected to go driving during camp. He wanted to take part in all the activities with his friends, and he didn't even know that driving away during the camp was an option until he saw counselors doing it.  
At the end of camp, my son saw that our car wasn't where he had parked it. Shockingly, instead of praising my son's sense of responsibility for his parents' car, Weston denied any knowledge of counselors using our car, and treated my son very badly for asking about it.  
Weston seems to live in a dream world where he is always the victim of childish brethren or malicious outsiders. Accountability and self-examination do not appear to be his strong points.
As for Australia? Rod Meredith, whatever his other problems, seemed to know how to push the limits effectively when dealing with censorship. Weston and McNair come across as crybabies by comparison. If you look up Australian broadcast regulations, they are strict about what kinds of programs can air at different times of the day, and about the different kinds of disclaimers required of producers whose programs may address certain sensitive topics. To put it bluntly, McNair's program got censored not because of Australia's evil, but because of McNair's (and Weston's) laziness and arrogance. 

Gerald Weston: Australian Government is Attacking Rod McNair and Gods Only True Church

Gerald Weston writes on August 8th about how Australia is picking on Living Church of God and poor little Rod McNair for running off at the mouth, again, as he was attacking people on LCG's TV program recently.  Given the horrendous track record of McNair in Living Church of God, he should NOT be condemning others of sins when his sins grieve Living Church of God members.

On top of that, Weston dares to quote Isaiah 59:14 as evidence of how much they are being persecuted!  Seriously?  Given the trail of death and destruction Rod Meredith has left in his wake through the decades as he wielded his autocratic sword of legalism and Weston wants to talk about justice?

Where is the justice in the lives damaged by Meredith and LCG's strict legalistic interpretation of scripture handed to them by Herbert Armstrong?

Where is the justice for those slaughtered in Milwaukee by a deranged man pushed over the edge by Meredith's foul sermons?

When has the Living Church of God ever dealt in truth?

When has it EVER been equitable in its dealings with others?

Truth has certainly "fallen in the street" and it has been cast there by Living Church of God ministers and leaders as it continues to deny Christ and what he taught.

Gerald Weston writes, August 8th:
“Another of Mr. Rod McNair’s programs was censored in Australia. Apparently, any comments about traditional marriage or pro-life are not suitable for children. To see what we had to remove from his program in order to air it in Australia, go to the Tomorrow’s World YouTube channel and watch “25 Seconds Banned by the Anti-God Agenda.” Brethren, when you look at the 25-second clip that had to be removed, I think you will agree that “truth is fallen in the street” (Isaiah 59:14), and that we are rapidly moving to a time when there will be a famine of the word. “‘Behold, the days are coming,’ says the Lord God, ‘That I will send a famine on the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord. They shall wander from sea to sea, and from north to east; they shall run to and fro, seeking the word of the Lord, but shall not find it’” (Amos 8:11–12).
Australian TV companies do not have “Anti-God Agenda”, but entertainment organizations are mindful of the attitudes of their target audiences and sponsors.  COGNews

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

COG Government: "Men tend to say whatever is necessary at the time to attract the followers they covet. They then change their tactic in order to control and keep those people."

Concerned Sister writes:

The example of HWA's 1939 article as mentioned above (in the post Welcome to COG, Incorporatedillustrates the flip-flop of reasoning he did on not just the issue of church authority and government but also on the control of financial resources as well.

"There is not one single HINT in the NEW TESTAMENT of any Church BOARD with authority to rule, to govern, to decide doctrine, or to handle tithes and church finances (the whole church)..."

He is lashing out against a centralized "board" since that is the type of organization the COG7 utilized at the time. He pushes for local autonomy of each congregation, with no single congregation or authority having centralized control over the others.

It is indeed damning to go from teaching that the principle of church government is the "image of the beast" basing itself on the "IMPERIAL MODEL" with the church being defined as "...the collective body of individual saints who are sanctified and CLEANSED by Christ!" and a plea to "Let us stop speaking of some organization as "the Church", or "our Church!", and "let us drop all effort to BUILD UP A MOVEMENT or AN ORGANIZATION! Let us quit working FOR organizations, and work FOR THE LORD ---and the salvation of souls!" to seeing the rigid hierarchy of the WCG and most of the splinter groups we are all familiar with, where one guy is primarily in control of the group, and a "council of elders" at least in theory is consulted occasionally over administrative and doctrinal issues.

This however, is not the only time a minister has done this kind of bait and switch on this subject over the course of time. It usually happens when an individual or group of ministers leaves one organization and needs to justify to the congregants the creation of another. I have in my possession a booklet published by Rod Meredith in 1995 called "When Should You Follow Church Government?" This booklet was in circulation for just a little while during and after the split of the WCG, but then ceased to be published and made unavailable. A PDF of this document can still be found online.

In this booklet, Meredith reveals that he and Herman Hoeh were instrumental in helping to shape the direction on church government that WCG took.(pg.5) He then has this to say concerning church government on pg.9... "But, we unwittingly went too far. We began to compare Mr. Armstrong with Moses-a special prophet God talked with face to face. “...”We confused the position of Herbert Armstrong with Moses..." And on pg. 10... "Many ministers began to use the example of Korah's rebellion and similar examples to imply that if anyone ever left this Church even in hurt or confusion-they were REBELLING against the "Government of God" just as surely as Korah and his followers..." Later on pg.11... "If we look into the New Testament with an open mind, we find a warm, brotherly, service-oriented approach to church administration. This different approach affected the way the early brethren and ministers interacted with each other, and the way they handled disagreements." Pg.12... "Was there in the New Testament Church any example of a human leader acting as a "Moses figure" or a "Pope Peter," who towered over the other apostles and elders, giving them orders, threatening to "fire" them? I cannot refer you to any Scripture illustrating this style of "church government" because it IS NOT THERE!"

Men tend to say whatever is necessary at the time to attract the followers they covet. They then change their tactic in order to control and keep those people. When they leave a group the "church" becomes a "spiritual organism" not to be confined to a single organization. Later on the "church" is contained within the new group, and those that dare to question that "authority" are charged with rebellion against "God's government" 

Finding Your Own Way: The Art of Being Yourself

You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist. 

Friedrich Nietzsche

Not every way that seems right to a man ends in death.  Not all wisdom men can come up with is foolishness.  Not all knowledge of human discovery make the gods laugh.  Not all ways of man are contrary to the ways of the gods either.   And not everyone that says there might not be an actual God is a fool.  And too, the gods are not easily perceived by just looking around at the physical world and all it contains. We have more specific answers to those things given by those who went the way of science that either give those that went the way of theology and religion pause or simply piss them off.  What the God of Job challenged him with, if he was so smart, could mostly be answered today by any high school kid without invoking the supernatural.  The way to be and think changes as knowledge increases.  Some think the increase of knowledge to be a bad thing and a sign of the end of time.  The one tree denied to humans in the Eden myth was the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil and that way was not for humans in those times.  Those ways were just for the gods as was the way of living forever, so out you go.

In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs, it is the rule.

Individuals often know how life works and what the truth really is. But tragedy happens when a large number of people believe the lies. For example, a large number of people buy products sold by corporations that have no regard for the health of their customers.

There are no facts, only interpretations.

You don’t need to know the big truths of life, but you need to know the truths that apply to you. It is important to learn about life from our own perspective and know that there’s nothing as the absolute truth.

Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truths than lies. 

Keeping firm opinion about something means that you aren’t willing to change and expand. But change is the nature of life, so always question things and expect them to change over time.

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who couldn’t hear the music.

In life, some people will love your work and your creativity, and others will hate it. Just because some can’t see your light doesn’t mean you should stop shining.

No one can construct for you the bridge upon which precisely you must cross the stream of life, no one but you yourself alone.

Everybody wants to find the magic pill for success. The truth is that it doesn’t exist. You need to build your own path by making mistakes and relying on your intuition.

Personally and speaking only for myself, finding "the way" in life via organizations or bodies of believers in this or that has not really been finding any way that I would want to follow. I grew up in the way to be as a Presbyterian kid. It was the way for my parents and being we are all born in the box our parents came from, that seemed to be the right and expected way to be.

 I then, at the ripe old age of 14,  found the way to be via the Worldwide Church of God and for decades settled on that being the way to be.  Other ways to be were suppressed only to have those ways  resurface as the years passed and my own life unfolded.

In time and through all the mud, the blood and the beer of being not only associated with the WCG but one of the coaches on the team, that way faded and was more than unsatisfying.  I read  books on other ways to be.

I found "No man can come to the Father except by me" to not be my way anymore. That makes no sense in my way of thinking. It actually seems weird and arrogant. Scary thing to think or say isn't it?

 I don't find any one person being the "Way, the Truth and the Life".  One person, real or imagined is not THE light to the world and one book  on the history, real or imagined, of an insignificant cultic folk who possess the only words of life does not convince me.  That's just my way.

 A way to be, and for me still is, was found in the writings of Eckhart Tolle who simply taught that being present in life, not living in the unchangeable past or the unknowable future, was not only wisdom but reality.  That is one way of being for me. He reminded me we all have a pain body that we feed if not careful and to our harm and for no good outcome. That helped me move on from the way I was and the potential to get stuck in the way I was, to the way I now am which is a far better way.  Many authors have come to the same conclusions about that being a better way to be.

Of course, the Bible being less than inerrant and the story less than I always was told and thought it to be is also my way. Decades of soaking in all made me this way.  This way angers some but another of my ways of being is not to care very much about that either.  It's ok if my ways are not your or anyone else's way or yours not mine.  We'll all live longer if we accept that there is no one right way to be.  There are no one true churches or any ONE faith ONCE delivered anymore than there are one or two chances in life to get it right and accept that one way.   At least that's my way of seeing it whether it is yours or not, and it's ok.

My way is a fascination with origins.  I like what we are learning about the Universe, it's origins and that of our own star and earth. I don't mind that every atom and mineral in my body came from the core of an exploding star. Makes me feel big not small and part of the one grand thing. That's just my way.

  I like that I am a hairless, conscious ape that has evolved over the past 2 million years from less conscious apes.    I don't mind that being my way of being and seeing the world around me through my own mind and musings. The why and how are the stuff of future discovery and not knowing everything is also a good way to be. It's not the destination so much as the journey.  That's my way.   In church I knew everything...just ask me.  That is not my way now.

There's no right way to be a woman; there's only a right way to be a human, which is to have respect for others. 


In the past, there was only one way to look at relationships, that is not my way now. There was only one way to see the world. Ditto.  There was a need to all speak the same thing, correct or not. Not my way anymore. There are many ways to speak about many things depending.

I'd like to share a helpful article that is a nice balance to the concept,  "My way or the highway" we all grew up by those with real or imagined authority over our intellectual, moral and spiritual lives.

Sometimes There Is No Right Way

"I was raised in a home where a very common phrase was, “There’s a right way and a wrong way.”
The right way was the way my parents wanted things done. There were a great many rules surrounding the right way for nearly everything, in an attempt to ensure that we got it right, and, when the rules weren’t enough to enforce the rightness of our behavior, there were punishments, harsh words, and sometimes very public humiliation.
I’ve spent most of my adult life learning to deal with the fallout of this type of ingrained thinking, once important for emotional survival and physical safety, but no longer useful.
I work, now, to examine the precepts I live by, and whether they are helping me toward my goal of living a peaceful and conscious life. But there can still be some pretty huge blind spots in my view of things—places where I, myself, still expect those around me to conform to my concept of what is right. 
Three years ago, when I began to practice the base principles of radical unschooling, I fell headlong into one of these traps. It caused a great deal of pain, and nearly cost me my oldest and dearest friend.
We altered the way in which we interacted with our children from an authoritarian style to a partnership model. And I decided I would be a missionary for every other family who showed a glimmer of dissension (as all families, even mine, do, sometimes).
I had found a piece that was missing from the puzzle of my own life, and I was awed by the rapid and wonderful changes I saw within my family once I placed it.
I hadn’t yet learned that zeal and epiphanies in our lives can also be pitfalls; that not everyone will benefit from what benefits us. I was certain my way was perfect and even necessary—for everyone.
It can be easy to believe, when we find the answer to our life’s dilemmas, that they will solve everyone else’s problems, too—that we have found the one and only “right way.”
We may come from a place of positive intent, but we are no less invading another’s life or suggesting that they might not find their way, without us. We do not trust them to find their own answers, and that awareness can sting with unintended fierceness.
I believe now that these deeply rooted judgmental places may be within all of us who grew up judged, and dependent on the verdict of that judgment for safety or survival. 
What once helped us to survive the harsher places in our own childhoods can become a heavy and cumbersome burden, once we are grown.
It can hinder our relationships and our ability to create or maintain close connections, because, in insisting that we know what is right, we are also saying that the other is wrong.
I’ve never believed the phrase  “the ends justify the means.”
It seems so unfeeling of the harm, perhaps irreparable, that can be done to other beings, and to our relationships with those beings. And yet, I inflicted just this type of behavior on my dear friend, as though her life, and her ideas of right, must echo my own, else she would be forever wrong in my eyes.
I realize, now, that I was being invasive; I was thrusting myself and my brand-new “right way” upon another who had not asked for my judgment.
I didn’t stop to think, at the time, that my goals left no room for her to learn and grow at her own pace, in her own way, and for her own reasons.
I didn’t consider that my insistence upon my own version of the right way might bring her more hurt than healing; nor that my right way, which works such magic in our lives, might be absolutely wrong for her and her family—and that even if it was right, only they could judge that.
Now, I’ve learned (I hope, for the last time), that I can’t make others believe or live as I do; that I might cause irreparable harm to relationships when I react to their choices as though I had the “one true path.”
My friend and I needed to step away from each other’s lives in order to heal the damage I had done with my insistence and certainty about the right way and the wrong way. This freed her to find her own way, like mine in some aspects, and very unlike in others, but not ever mine to judge.
I have come to understand that she would not have had this certainty without making the journey she was called to make, with the obstacles and vistas she encountered along the way.
She always had the strength to make it; she was making it, in her own fashion, even while I was so forcefully urging her toward my right path. The true problem was not with her, but with my inability to see that.
Each of us makes decisions based on personality, beliefs, values, circumstances, ability, and many other factors that are diverse and variable.
None of us can see clearly enough into the life of another to see all the hows and whys of their living.
Any time I find myself thinking that I can, it has become a warning beacon alerting me to ingrained and unwanted attitudes.
Maybe the true value of these moments is in giving us yet another chance to ferret out those ingrained, black-and-white patterns so that we can see each other as-is, and to give others the space to determine for themselves their course in those nebulous areas that are neither right or wrong. 
Each time I remember to do this, I find that my own life opens up with possibilities I might have considered wrong, and so dismissed without even noticing them. My mind opens also to the reality that there are as many right ways as there are people and circumstances.
Letting go of judgments about right and wrong helps my relationship with my friend and others with whom I do not always agree; and it helps me to keep my awareness framed in possibilities rather than limitations.
So, these days, whether I agree with your way or not, I acknowledge that it is your way, and not mine.  
I will tend to making the choices and choosing the path that leads my way; you may have yours, and, perhaps, we will meet at some point along the journey, greet each other, and share the way for a while.
When our paths diverge again, I will bid you well for the portions of the journey we cannot share.

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Living Church of God refuses to practice "Iron Sharpening Iron" and is now blocking questions on Instagram

Hello Banned,

I wanted to share this with you and your audience.

Well, a funny thing happened to me today (08/13/2019, @ 7:00 AM). It appears that I may have had my comments deleted, but was definitely blocked from the Tomorrow's World Instagram page which is administered by the Living Church of God (LCG).  Yesterday LCG posted something on John 3:16 on their Instagram page and asked the question, "how many really know what it means?"  I replied that it doesn't mean that humans will become God or God beings.....  My comment was then met by a comment from one of their followers asking me if I thought my comments would really convince "true Christians" to leave "the Church of God" and why I would follow the TW page since I disagree with them. I replied to the questions letting this individual know that people who follow the false teachings of proven false prophets are not "true Christians" and are not members of "the Church of God" and that the reasons why I follow that page is to share the truth about God and His Gospel, expose LCG's false doctrines and their spiritually manipulative and spiritually abusive tactics, etc.

I then later received a comment from TW.  We were exchanging comments and I thought we were having a good and respectful exchange about what the Scriptures actually say and mean, but then they blocked me. So I decided to send them a direct message through Instagram saying, "Really? You delete my comments and then block me. If you guys really have "the Truth" you wouldn't block me. Let's keep the conversation going on public forums or even privately. You're not going to get rid of me." 

Maybe I shouldn't have said "You're not going to get rid of me." But really??!!!  C'mon! LCG makes big claims in an absolutist fashion and then doesn't like to be challenged on their forums or anywhere regarding those claims or their behavior.  If this gets posted on your blog, there is something that I would like to say to those from LCG that may read this.

LCG Members - Go back and read the weekly update on your website from July 18th, 2019. In it Dr. Douglas S. Winnail wrote the following:

Prove Your Beliefs: Many today assume that simply “believing in Jesus” and “accepting Him into your heart” are all that is required to be a Christian. However, the Bible teaches differently! The Scriptures warn us that false teachers will also talk about believing in Jesus and will deceive many people (Matthew 24:3–5; 2 Corinthians 11:1–4). The Apostle Paul advised Christians to “Test [examine carefully] all things; hold fast what is good” (1 Thessalonians 5:21). Luke writes that the early Christians’ belief in the resurrection of Jesus was based on “many infallible proofs” of many witnesses who saw Jesus alive after His crucifixion (Acts 1:1–3). Josephus, the famous Jewish historian in the first century AD writes, “Jesus…[was] condemned to the cross…[yet] he appeared alive to them on the third day” (Antiquities of the Jews, 18:3:3). Peter emphasized that the apostles were eyewitnesses to the things they were teaching (2 Peter 1:16) and that Christians should be able to give sound reasons for their beliefs (1 Peter 3:15). Paul confidently provided a defense for his beliefs (Acts 26). If we take time to carefully prove what we believe and understand the evidence upon which our beliefs rest, we, too, should be able to confidently defend and explain what we believe to anyone who asks. Have a profitable Sabbath,   Douglas S. Winnail

For the past seven years, I have been asking you all at LCG to thoroughly explain and defend what you believe.  Instead what you do is you suppress what you all believe to be "the Truth" in public and in private by using loaded terminology and twisting Scripture. Why are you ashamed of what you believe to be "the gospel"?  If you believe that you all are going to become God, then say that and say it loudly and clearly in your telecasts, your publications and in your sermons each Sabbath.  Don't block those of us who disagree with your theology, especially those of us you regard as "Counterfeit Christians" that follow a "Counterfeit Christianity" and are destined for the lake of fire.  Truth matters and Theology matters, so why do you reject following through with your own comments to "Prove your Beliefs" and to "confidently defend and explain what we believe to anyone who asks"? 

It's because you don't really believe what is actually written in the Holy Bible. Instead, you choose to believe what Herbert W. Armstrong, Roderick C. Meredith, John H. Owgyn, Gerald Weston, Douglas Winnail and many others tell you should be written in the Bible and what they say it means.  In other words, you believe man rather than God.

I love all of you in LCG, I really do, but I challenge you all to finally step up and let's talk. Don't block me or shun me and say things like, "don't cast your pearls before swine".  I am not scoffing or ridiculing what you all believe to be the gospel. I believe that you all are sincere people, but are sincerely wrong theologically. All I'm asking you to do is to thoroughly explain yourselves, and allow for those of us that disagree with you to engage you in dialogue regarding our disagreements and why we disagree. Additionally, I'm also asking you to look within your organization and stand up to the spiritual manipulation and abuse that often comes from your own leaders and laymen.  If you want to talk, send me an email through my website. I won't bash LCG or its leaders, but I will speak the truth in love.

Kind Regards,

Mario Espinosa
Social Media:

Welcome to COG, Incorporated

Double click to enlarge

Welcome to (Splinter Name Here), Incorporated. You have been accepted into this Super-Secret Corporation for the sole purpose of backing up and supporting (Splinter Leader Here)  on his mission to "Warn the World". You will also be responsible for the financial support of any and all projects that (Splinter Leader Here) deems necessary. 

Unlike most corporations, we will not pay you. You will pay us. The reward for you will be knowing you are contributing to (Splinter Leader Here)  "Warning the World", and the chance of your qualifying for eternal life. 

Please familiarize yourself with your Job Duties. You will be responsible for following the Code of Conduct of the Corporation, and following all rules and guidelines set for you by the Church and by your Direct Supervisor. 


These are required attendance Job Events. You must attend required Corporate Meetings as scheduled. Attendance is mandatory. Failure to attend these Job Events will result in discipline up to and including termination of employment. 

Sabbath and Holy Day Observance begins at precisely Sunset on the required Day and ends at precisely Sunset the next evening. Sabbaths are always observed Friday Night through Saturday Nights. Holy Days are observed as scheduled. 

Dress Code for Job Events is Professional Dress only. This means Jacket and Tie for men, Dresses for ladies. You must bring required Job Guidebooks to Job Events, as well as pen and notebook. Your children are required to attend as well. 


You must contact your Direct Supervisor to inform them if you are sick and unable to attend Job Events. Repeated failure to attend Job Events may result in Discipline up to and including Termination. 


You must not fraternize deeply with non-Employees of the Corporation. You also may not marry, date, or otherwise romantically fraternize with non-Employees of the Corporation. Failure to follow this policy may result in Discipline up to and including Termination. 


You must submit and obey the directives of your Direct Supervisor, and any other Supervisor of the Corporation. Failure to follow any directive of any Supervisor of the Corporation may result in Discipline up to and including Termination. 


As an Employee, you qualify for the following benefits:

A chance to qualify for eternal life, subject to job performance and obedience to Direct Supervisors
Attendance at Yearly Convention
Attendance at Corporate Social Events
Free Subscriptions to Church Corporate Periodicals
Weddings, Funerals, and other Ceremonies conducted by your Direct Supervisor
A chance to qualify for third tithe financial support, if absolutely needed
A Free Convention Parking Sticker For your Car
A chance to qualify for Advancement
Square Dances
Taco Salad and Vegetarian Beans at Potlucks
Dwighty Songs


You must not date anyone of the same gender, or of a different race, at any time. 
You must maintain approval of your Direct Supervisor to date, propose, or to marry any other Employee.
You must follow approved Policies on all romantic or sexual activities, in or out of Marriage, at all times. 
You must refrain from profanity, coarse, or unallowable conversation at all times. 
You must never call the Minister by his first name, ever. He is to be referred to as "Mr." at All Times. 
You may not refuse advancement; nor may you ask for advancement. The decision is solely up to your Supervisor. 
You must not applaud for any reason unless approved at Job Events. 
You must not observe any non-Corporate events at any time. This includes any worldly celebration, unless approved. 
You must not watch any television programs not approved by Corporate at any time. 
You must not listen to any music not approved by Corporate at any time. 
You must not dress in any way not approved by corporate at any time, whether at or not at Job Events. 
You must adhere to Family Hierarchy at all times.
You must not listen to or support other Corporate Leaders from outside of This Corporation at any time. 
You must keep your house clean at all times. 
You must avoid all other Corporate Buildings from "Worldly" Corporations at all times. 
You must avoid anything deemed "pagan" by Supervisors, unless approved by Supervisors, i.e. Wedding Rings. 
You must avoid all vaccinations. 
You must not vote or be involved politically for any reason. 
You must maintain appropriate gender-based hair lengths at all times. 
You must read the full list of rules and regulations, too long to be listed here. 
You must use words such as "Behoove", "Incumbent", whenever possible. 
You must only pray to your "Father in Heaven".
You must shake hands firmly at all times. 


You are required to PAY US ten percent of your Job Paycheck each period. This is for Herbert Armstrong. 
You are required to SAVE an ADDITIONAL ten percent of your Job Paycheck each period. This is so you can attend the Annual Convention. 
You are required to PAY US, every third year, an additional ten percent of your Job Paycheck each period. This is to support those who are not doing their part, but are trying to. 
You are required to PAY US, seven times a year, an amount of your choice at various Job Events. 
You are required to PAY US, when asked, for specific SPECIAL PROJECTS as required by Herbert Armstrong. 
You are required to PAY US, when asked, for funds required for Local Activities, for your enrichment. 
You are required to PAY US, when asked, for any other reason in the support of the mission of Herbert Armstrong. 


You must abstain from physical sports that can cause bodily harm as determined by the Corporation. 


You must abstain from foods deemed "Unclean" by the Corporation. A list is available on request. 


You must, upon Baptism, attend "Passover", and partake of broken Matzo and Red Wine. This is mandatory. 
You must, for seven days a year, remove leaven from your house and eat only unleavened foods. This is mandatory. 
You must, once a year, completely abstain from food and water. This is mandatory. 
You must, once a year, attend the Annual Convention. This is mandatory. 


"Worldly Events" and things that are forbidden include the following events (and all associated material objects):

St. Patrick's Day
Valentine's Day
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Your association and attendance with the Corporation is completely voluntary and at your own discretion. You are free to leave at any time. The Corporation makes no guarantee as to fulfillment of Benefits. The Corporation reserves the right to make any changes at any time. The Corporation may terminate your association at any time. Prophecies, Speculations, Opinions, and Statements of any event, present or future, are subject to change with little or no advance warning. Prophetic statements are not to be taken as absolute. All corporate statements are the opinion of the authors and may or may not reflect actual fulfillment. Ordination not necessarily required for Direct Supervisors. Direct Supervisor training only meets general criteria as required by the Corporation. You further absolve the Corporation of any damages that may occur as a result of involvement with the Corporation. You proceed at your own risk. The Corporation is not an equal opportunity employer. Certain bookcases may be crooked, and curtains may be ragged.

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